BlackBerry announces BB10 is not coming to PlayBook

PlayBook is Dead
By Simon Sage on 28 Jun 2013 08:24 am EDT


Today on the quarterly conference call, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announced that BlackBerry 10 would not be coming to the PlayBook as previously expected. Apparently the performance wasn't up to snuff, and Heins want the focus back onto core products. It was definitely something they had been working on - we'd seen glimpses of it here and there. It's worth noting that BlackBerry mentioned they'd continue supporting the platform in its existing state. 

Sad times, especially considering the common QNX core to the PlayBook OS and BB10, but BlackBerry has to be super-lean right now and sensibly allocate their resources. BlackBerry did disclose that they only sold 100,000 PlayBooks in the last quarter, which isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things. 

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BlackBerry announces BB10 is not coming to PlayBook



We already knew the PlayBook wouldn't have the right specs. Besides... what's wrong with the PlayBook OS anyways?

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Exactly, I still use my PlayBook like crazy. I still think it's much easier to move around on the PlayBook than any other tablet OS.

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Laggy keyboard. Buggy browser. Lack of modern apps. Barebones media player. Missing basic options (bedside mode, screen on while charging, etc). Gimped Bridge. Old Android runtime.

Am I forgetting anything?

It's a half-baked OS that we were told would be fixed when BB10 came out.

When a company continually falls far short of it's own timelines is one thing. When they straight up promise something is coming then cancel those plans after months and months of patiently waiting is another.
I had a Torch when I first got my Playbook. The two worked beautifully together. I bought a Z10 assuming to have the same experience and was instead punished for supporting their new device. Very little interoperability between the two devices... only the promise of more to come. I accepted that promise indefinitely only to ultimately be let down. My Z10 essentially made my playbook obsolete.

Don't even get me started on BES10 and what seem like beta releases of a product T-support knows absolutely nothing about.
I've been a supporter since my first 7250... I'm really not entirely sure why anymore.

They promised but in the implementation stage the hardware just so outdated, they can't release hardware upgrades to make it happen. So,.. detour.. no os10.

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BlackBerry seems to excel at turning the phrase "under-promise and over-deliver" into "over-promise and under-deliver".

I guess that's what happens when you spend 5 years with your head in the sand convincing yourself that the iPhone is just a figment of your imagination and nobody wants a touchscreen phone, or charging $499 for a 7" tablet with minimal functionality when your competitors are selling 10" tablets with endless functionality for the same price.

But hey, you've got Bridge, so no worries.

Oh wait, that's broken too.... #fail

I Just upgraded from a 16 to a 64 GB because it sounded good, just had to ( in usual BBRY fashion) wait for the update. I will refer back to, I believe it was Kevin's article, that talked about bringing certain features of the new OS over to PB without a complete overhaul. BBM, Android Player Update, Browser updates. Bringing a few fractions shouldn't be too taxing for performance. Maybe they'll open it up like HP did with WebOS?
In any case, I think I will give my 16GB PB to my five year old son instead of sell it ... can't see it being worth much now.

Yup. I figured this would happen. Oh well, as much as I would love bb10 on my PlayBook I'm not too pissed. I still love my PlayBook and use it constantly, I just hope at some point Bridge capabilities get beefed up.

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I don't understand not one comment here... it was promised...yes... clearly shit changed.. you same ppl would be the ones bashing blackberry if they released it and the shit was unable to function properly because the BB10 software uses too much ram thus making it hard to run smoothly...stop crying

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I bought a PB knowing I can have it updated with the new platform however once bb10 rolled out I had a feeling this would happen. Even when when PB 2.0 came out it seemed to push the device to its limits. If it seems like a waste of time to just update the software for current users and at the same time bring in some new PB owners then there is something going on here, the new PB can't support bb10 or Thorsten Heins really thinks there is no future for tablets.

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Well, not the news I was hoping to hear, but I'm so glad our company waited to see if BB would fulfill their BB10 on the Playbook promise before investing corporate wide in Q10s. Oh well, my Playbook is still a good ebook reader and video player, so we'll still keep them until they die.

Anyway, our CEO nixed ALL Blackberry purchases as too risky this morning in response the BB announcement. So now it looks like it's back to an iPhone or maybe try Android.

Good by Blackberry.

All playbook owners have been disappointed beyond measure. There is just one word to describe this kind of behavior... "lousy!"
Everyone here is citing issues related to RAM, that it has 'just' a gigabyte of RAM, old tablet etc. But if they make an operating system efficient enough, I bet it is possible to run BB10 on a 256 MB device. Just look at Apple! Even the iPhone 3GS got updated to iOS 6, and today I am running iOS 7 beta comfortably on my iPod touch 4g, even though it is not officially supported, and both the devices have a measly 256 MB of RAM.

I've had enough of RAM excuses. Blackberry could support the playbook with the current specs if they wanted to. But no!

Now the least Blackberry could do is unlock the bootloader. It would prevent the used-to-be-amazing device from becoming a 300$ paperweight.

.....I have never seen a company that puts it's loyal supporters in a position where they must make excuses for it as much as Blackberry! The sad thing is these loyal fans take the bait every time and make excuses to rationalize their support for this sinking ship.

I don't think I'm crazy when I say it makes sense for them focus on other devices. You can't even find play books on the shelves anymore.

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I knew the playbook would never get BB10 due to its lack of RAM. So this is no surprise at all to me.

However, I can empathize with those who are angry about this given that the upgrade was promised.

The only consolation (if there is any) is that without a doubt if they had released bb10 for the playbook it would almost certainly made it next to unusable.

And before you say "I've seen older versions of bb10 running great on the Playbook", realize that these were never versions with all the features, etc... that a full build would require.

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Nice! I bought a 500$ tablet when it came out, to see it go to scrap a year and a half later. All the best functionnalities of the PB go to the graveyard with the release of the OS10 phones. (Blackberry Bridge, what bridge ?)

PB was an awesome BB extension and replacement for laptops. Screw that now !

lol people are going to be PI$$ED!

I gotta say I figured this out months ago. I'm glad their actually giving closure though.

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I am so glad to hear this! I revel in this my friends! Why? Well I am a huge android fan and I love seeing this company go down the toilet where it belongs. I didn't feel this way but I got sick of Blackberry fanboys and their knee-jerk reaction to anything negative about BB.

Just buy a Nexus 7 and don't waste your money on Playbook...

This is the right call, why focus on a device that has no relevance in the market and no significant sales to speak of.

Delivering on promises and keeping the loyal customers that they have had (until now) is a pretty damn good reason...

What I just love are all the Z10 shills coming out of the woodwork to proclaim how they don't even look at their PBs any more. Nice try, RIM. Got my first BB device in '05---this PB will be my last.

What a disappointment. I upgraded to Z10 and lost both the blackberry bridge and the classic BlackBerry features. Might be going to iphone for my next phone if BlackBerry doesn't change. Thirsten is turning me into a BlackBerry traitor.

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At the end of the day, BB10 is a brand new system, and that makes all of us Z10 and Q10 owners "Early adopters".

This is par for the course for early adopters. If it's too much for you, the options are to jump ship and maybe come back at a future date when things have settled.

That said, I love my Z10, and am still glad I got it. But I, of course, don't speak for everyone.

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I thought the playbook basically was the new os, although not the full bb10 obviously. I would be happy with an update to the current os with a shorter boot time and a better browser. Other then that the playbook works perfect for me.

What a bunch of losers. Thanks for the $700 paper weight. I knew I should have bought an iPad instead of the POS PlayBook.

299 down the drain. I have the 64gb model. This saddens me. I really don't want to buy another tablet on another platform. Dam.

All I can say is that I'm utterly disappointed with blackberrying PROMISING, that 10 would come to the playbook, when they can't keep they're god damn promises. This was one of the remaining factors keeping this damn device alive and not in the trash for many users, I know not all… but many.

Not a big deal for me. My PB will continue to stand in as a crutch for my old 9650 until sprint gets the Q10. I think BlackBerry made the right decision. No compelling reasons to waste resources on the playbook, put that effort into improving BB10 on the phones.

oh yeah? and leave owners, ordinary men and women, feel like completely raped on a flooded rainy day with high hopes and promises.
Why not release the signed keys, there are many competent developers "OS level" like me and many more who can design our own OS, need not be android.
what about that.
Neither they will eat the cake nor they will let us eat it.
what the fuck is that for? care to explain?

I can't stand this response. No offense to you in particular but the big issue is that it was promised. Even if they did a pb10 instead of bb10 and add some of the simple things like the keyboard, browser, remember, story maker, and bb10 blackberry world then we may have had people complaining but they would have kept their word.

I'm not going on a rant of saying that I'm done with BlackBerry but I can say that this puts me in a place where I'm open to looking at other platforms. I don't put much trust in the other platforms so it's not like I trust them more. It does though put me where I won't be an early adopter of any platform because I don't know who to trust anymore.

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Here i was holding out for the Q10 and BB10 for PlayBook to create this killer combo! Now, appearently not the case. It pain's me to say this, but i'm going to free-agent BB and shop out iOS and WinPho. I mean its clear that it'll be easier to replicate the BB experience on those OS's rather than continue to compromise with BB to imitate the experience from those iOS's. I'm not saying they're better, its just today our devices have become more that simple communication tools, and while BB10 was a big step in the right direction... its no leap but more of a baby-step with work still needing to be done.

This sucks... badly. I feel betrayed, forgotten, disregarded, i mean they're going to bring a new OS7 device and not bb10? TO HELP TRANSITION TO BB10??? You want to help people transition? Get bb10 on the playbook, sure we're not a large group of people but if the device can support it watch the demand all of a sudden spike.

It was a fun ride BlackBerry, let's see how you finish up the year.

Okay ok ok I get it, from a business point of view I fu*king get it and with all honesty anyone who considers themselves a loyal and logical blackberry fan shouldn't be surprised with this decision. Nonetheless this is a slap in the face with the fat penis of betrayal. Well BLACKBERRY IF YOUR WATCHING I THINK ALL YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASED YOUR TABLET ON THE PREMISE THAT WE WOULD GET BB10 should be compensated somehow, like maybe half off on the z10 or q10, because honestly. 99 for an iphone from ATT looks really attractive. At this point anything over a bill for any blackberry device just seems downright.....SCAMMY

Because I have a z10 and a Playbook, this is bad news and I will now stop using Blackberry products altogether.
This company is incompetent...bad marketing focus.....very complacent....they should have opened their eyes and gotten off their asses the moment Apple developed the ipod.
I am very disappointed and not impressed at all.
Down from 15 to 10.91
Hope they go bankrupt.
Goodbye and so long.

Two words for RIM!
"Adios Mother Fuckers"
errrrrrrrm counting mistake its three words!
i am done with RIM. Playbooks 2 * 64 GB + 1 * 32 GB, my first and final RIM product.
Life lessons learnt, "If you dont do your act right, everyone labels you WRONG!"
Bye bye RIM.
signing out!

Can't blame you guys for the 'anger' against BBRY decisions. But, if you ask iPhone, Android or WP user they will show same anger. No OS is actually perfect. Don't forget to enjoy the best of BBRY OSes and get your job done at the end of the day. That's important. And if you don't support why shall you be supported? Give to get. So in conclusion lets play nice. :)

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then give an unsigned bootloader, there are too many developers like me and many more who can design our own OS. we dont depend on RIM, or Google or Apple or Microsoft.
no OS is perfect, but everyone deserves the right to own their own device. i feel like paying rent in my own house with RIM's playbook, with bollocks encryption and shits which are utterly unwanted.
no i am not an android fan boy. i design and roll my own custom OS and i keep my OS to myself.
Release an unlocked bootloader, and we will design our own OS. whats stopping them from doing so? care to explain mr fan boy!

What a pile of garbage! Every outraged comment here comes from a PlayBook owner who has been hanging on based on false promises. How is that not supportive? That said, I'll take being previously naive over drinking the Kool Aid and towing the line even after the truth comes out.

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"And if you don't support why shall you be supported? Give to get."

We supported them for years! We gave our hard-earned money for an unfinished product, with the assurances that it would get finished! All we've f**king done is give to this company, with nothing to show for it but broken OSs, broken promises, and a hearty "F**K YOU" for our troubles.

I'm very disappointed but not entirely surprised.

And it's not just BlackBerry, Asus Transformer tablet TF101 is not that old and there are zero update chances that this tablet will get official Jelly Bean.

I still like the PlayBook for surfing but the lack of apps kills me. I want access to a proper bridge!

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This is the biggest mistake they could have possibly made, so short sighted, so deliberately deceitful, I just can't believe it. People like me who have a PlayBook are some of BlackBerry's most loyal fans. We are the evangelists, the people who tell our friends about them, the people who stick up for BlackBerry when others flash their Android and Apple devices, and we were the ones who were first in line to get BB10 devices.

BlackBerry made a promise, not once, but MANY times, that the PlayBook would get an update. If performance truly was a problem, they should have been able to quickly determine that up front with a bit of prototyping. What kind of software development house comes to the conclusion that performance isn't up to par NEAR THE END of the development cycle? I'd be fired if I handled my job that way. Either they are completely incompetent, or once again just selling more lies.

I'm confident the TRUTH is that they COULD make it work, even if there were some limitations, but maybe it was more work than they were willing to spend so they've chosen to cut their losses and abandon the platform. To a loyal BB user like me, that means, they've chosen to abandon me. And it's time that I choose to abandon them.

Ok you've pissed off over half a million should comment and come up with an alternative to BB10 for the PlayBook or lose a lot of customers and loyal fans...

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So why did I buy my PlayBook and wait for the Z10? I picked up the PlayBook because of the ability to bridge to my phone. Was excited about the Z10 and using bridge and that was a complete fail. Was hoping for a bridge update to bring back the previous functionality and for more BB10 awesomeness to come to my PlayBook. Seriously think my next phone isn't going to be a BlackBerry.

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Dear Mr Hiens

Rethink and go back to the drawing board. I will not accept this answer. Seriously send some message that the 100k playbooks sold for Q1 was not some dupe on the customers who paid for them. If you are dropping the playbook get them off the shelves! Or get a new OS update to the Playbook now!

I'm sooooooo pissed!!!!!

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“In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,” BBRY CEO Thorsten Heins.
“Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model.” Heins.

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What a bunch of snake oil salesmen. After three BB phones, bunch of acceessaries and two playbooks I'm done with the platform.

Crossing my fingers so that Blackberry BANKRUPTS...

Having been fooled by a company while buying a product which had expectations (BB 10 update) grown by the company itself, not fulfilled in the end, I just expect that CAPITALISM works in this case, and Blackberry completely bankrupts, so that more competitive and serious companies, can provide us better products, without TOTALLY FOOLING us. Also hope that the people that currently work on Blackberry can offer their services in more trustworthy, decent and honorable companies than BB.

Embarrassing to say the least. Thank God I didn't follow through with buying calls before the earnings report. What a disaster.

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Frankly, I'm glad to have closure to the matter.
Like many of you, I got very excited about the PlayBook when it was released only to be greatly disappointed with the state of the initial product and the long delayed update to the software.
Since getting my Z10, I have not used mine (though this is partly because I've taken a hiatus from gaming of any kind, which the PB still does quite well).
The PlayBook represents, in my mind, the birth pains of the new BlackBerry. In its new software kernel it offered a glimpse of the hope of the future while at the same time demonstrating the nearly fatal flaws in execution and lack of vision that had come to typify Research in Motion. I don't believe that BlackBerry under Heins would have released that product because it simply wasn't ready. He demonstrated that with the BB10 delay.
But because they did release it, and because some of us bought it, I believe they have been trying hard to make it work. As others have suggested above, the performance of the device with the software it already has was a strong indicator that the BB10 experience would never be satisfactory on the PlayBook. In the end, I think they've made the right call.
Time to get all resources working on the future.

Just when I was trying to give BlackBerry a chance and sell their products and even bought one at retail...I will now sell my Z10 and PlayBook and never sell a BlackBerry again. Windows Phone 8 ftw!

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I bailed on PB last week in favor of an android tablet. My patience was wearing thin. It appears the decision was justified. While I'm happy with my Z10, it's astounding how I was forced to regress in compatibility with the PB from a legacy device. BlackBerry is losing its ability to capture users of multiple technology. My long history with this brand is now ending. We lived up to our end if the deal, so how about a little honesty from the BlackBerry brass. They are little more than used car salesman after this latest episode. Liars.

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BlackBerry should have sold off the PlayBook to a smaller tech startup to manage and develop it if they were going to do this. Now it's an anchor around the company's neck.

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It is funny I will get BBM on my iPad and many will not get it for there BlackBerry PlayBook.

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Ha you really think that is coming? What another crock load of dog poo. I'm glad at least you have an Ipad.

BBRY is a complete joke in the tech world and on top of that they are releasing another BB OS7 phone? More sticking and clock faces, complete buffoons.

I bought a 64 gig at a good discount a while back. I have been using it mainly as a video player when going to the gym and hooking up via HDMI to my tv/etc (keep tv shows on one device). I was considering buying a z10 or q10 but I wanted to wait for OS10 to come out on the Playbook. Not that OS 10 isn't coming out on the Playbook I have less reason to consider a z10/q10. I will likely get an android device instead (already have an older Samsung phone but seriously need an update at some point).

This is good news. The Playbook isn't a very good tablet (yes the OS is the best, but that's it), and bringing it "up to snuff" would divert too much resources from other more important projects. The form factor is also not right for a tablet, as it's not much bigger than a phablet and not big enough compared to the iPad. And of course the app issue is a problem as it is currently for BB10, and will likely continue to be so given the limited growth potential of the Playbook.

Better to license BB10 and let others make a tablet, and leave BlackBerry to making phones/phablets and spreading the OS to other sectors (tv's, home monitoring, auto).

I'm very disappointed with this decision. I've been a very big soporter of BlackBerry when others have given up. BlackBerry have the potential to distroid the competition but it quips coming up short for a lack of effort. I have owned every BlackBerry frome a perl to a PlayBook and a z10 and q10 and this is not haw you pay back to your loyal customers

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Just wonderful. I had a feeling when I bought my tablet I was wasting my money but as a Canadian consumer wanted to believe the hype. BIG mistake. I am disgusted with Blackberry, they have let thousands of tablet owners down who have waited in hopes of having some apps that are readily available for Android and IPad but not for BB (including my bank, most department stores and more showing up daily).Sort of makes the tablet obsolete. Suggests false advertising too, doesn't it since this was the longtime promise with QNX

This day keeps getting worse what a waste of the extra long weekend I took.

I at least hope the update the browser, bring back the bridge and a new keyboard.

Ouch BlackBerry ouch

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Holy cow the trolls are on this article like mice on cheese. Good Lord! All this emotional damage just because the company changed it's priorities.

These responses show a bigger trend. Immaturity.

Well what do you say to those People whom just purchased a Playbook ( or 3) based on the promise that it would be support to the new OS ?
I don't care to much as I moved to Nexus 7 but still I was kinda happy to know my Playbook was going to get a new lease on life and NOW .... nope it is just dead.
Not the way to go to keep you user base happy now is it ?

what a shame! It fits whith the sellings ob BB10 devices. Stock is falling falling and falling...

They promised BB10 was coming to the Playbook! Now it's not! Heins and Blackberry are Cheaters! Liars! Rascals! :(

Ok first off ........."BlackBerry didn't make the PB.......... "Rim" did !!!

BlackBerry is doing what's best for BlackBerry not "RIM"

RIM is dead BLACKBERRY is here!!!!!


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I agree. The Playbook was part of the Jim and Mike era of RIM which wasn't doing so well in the end.

I have a Playbook and could care less if it has BB10. Did anyone get this worked up when Windows 7 didn't run well on their old PCs?

So following your logic...

The afghan and iraq wars were from the Bush era.
Now that Obama is in office, all he had to do was pack his sh!t and leave? Really?

A hockey team GM decides to pay Player X, 10 million a year for the next 3 years.
New GM comes in, and he can just cancel the contract because he is not the one who agreed to it?

Put that 420 down for a moment and think about what you wrote there.
Yes, BlackBerry has the right to axe a product but, not for the reasons you stated in your post.

I'm disappointed too. I have a playbook too. but you can't blame crackberry. They just doing their job. It's not their fault if BlackBerry has changed their mind during the course.

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A lot of unhappy people on here. I am greatly dissapointed, but not surprised. The PB was mediocre at best. Makes me wonder what the future brings. I have a hard time believing that ingenuity inside BB is dead, BUT judging from the last 3+ years its hard to believe there is any creativity inside BB.

This really is do or die for BB right now. The next twelve months will tell everything. I don't think a tablet is a must have, but the phones, both hardware and software need to keep moving forward and at a much faster rate if BB is going to survive. I have a Q, my wife has a Z, my company only uses BB, and I have defended them even against my better judgement. I will keep buying 9930's until Verizon is sold out, but I am holding off on BES10 until I feel like BB is here for the long run.

Very sad! The Playbook has been my choice for news at bedside for the past 12 months. I will still use it because it is a very good tablet and keep up the hope that BlackBerry will keep it supported.

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Well, the PlayBook was my last remaining piece of BlackBerry hardware. Don't know why I remained optimistic that BB10 would come to it.

Nice to know you CrackBerry nation, officially fully converting to Android with my pre-existing Galaxy S III and a soon to be added Nexus 10.

Great comment! The people who bought PlayBooks are probably not BlackBerry's most loyal fans. Oh wait...

Exactly! Still a great tablet for the price. I know people that have first gen iPads and they just had to get an iPad2 why? Because Apple wasn't going to update the first gen iPad with the same features the iPad2 would have we all know the story. Not one of them complained to the extent I see on this forum. This is a 3 year old tablet! Are you guys kidding me?!

What's really disappointing is that they're not introducing a better fast Playbook hardware with BB10 directly on it.......that's disappointing, be mad about that otherwise go out and buy yourself a cheap ass Android tab.

Good lord.....bunch of babies!

You are such a TOOL it is hilarious. First of all , my cheap ass " Android Tab" makes the Playbook look like a joke. Not to mention the NEXUS 4 is by far much better then the Z10.

But lets put the BS aside and explain to everyone whom purchased a Playbook WHY ? they do not have the right to be upset with BB ?
Your a fool if you think BB will not come out with a NEW TAB and BB10.
As for your comment on 3yr old nexus 7 will STILL be relevant and up to date in 3 yrs time.
Heck my Nexus S is even up to date running Android Jelly Bean 4.22 on it.

Please go sell your BS somewhere else because it obvious you don't care one bit that we feel like we got burned on the Playbook.

Whether you got your PB for $499 or $149 it doesn't matter. The device has been abandoned, the ecosystem will rot, and with no alternative from BB I'll move on to another platform. Judging from the tone of these comments, I'm not alone.

I love Blackberry, do not think the situation they are in now is completely thier fault (60-85%). My Playbook is I dunno, my second most prized piece of tech behind my Z10. Also own shares. Just really disapointed no BB10 on PB. does it make sense yeah probably, but disapointed non the less. To me this anouncement means they are cutting back barebones to stay alive, great way to go, but for us consumers means more bad news on the way before good. I do not want to leave, I want them to succeed. What make you think your opinion is more valuable than others on here? No expert just my $.02

From a bunch of idiots who cannot put out 10.1 I already expect everything.
Stock sink 25% and sales a big disappoint.
Time to sell and move to iOS.
Thor is a totally lunatic.

It is a shame, I am so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never be able to support AC3 and have a shitty web browser, MAAADDD!!!! Plus it is stupid because it would have relaunched the sells..

And to think that I listened to the Q1 call this morning on my PB while reading and replying to emails and the cbc news site.... multitasking quite nicely! I think they could make it work but have probably lost too much talent and now need 'all hands' working on the BB10 for phones.

Though will continue to use my PlayBook until the battery goes.

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Well, I think it will be fair if they give us root access to PB.
If they don't want to support it anymore, I want to be able to do whatever I want with it.

No BB10 for my 2 PBs, no keyboard layout for my language on any BB device I have - I think getting the Z10 was one of my biggest mistakes.

What a great way to piss off your most loyal fans. The best part about this is that I'll probably get BBM on my iPhone BEFORE I get BBM on my BlackBerry PlayBook! Good job BB management!

At this point I'd be surprised if we ever saw BBM on the Playbook. IF they were looking to reduce the number of people upgrading from BB7 to BB10 it appears to have been a successful strategy. I'll be looking elsewhere now.

I've tried to stay positive. Tried to hype up BB to friends/coworkers. But between the ER, this, and still no 10.1 for US Z10s, I think I'm done. I'm tired of being disappointed. More importantly, BlackBerry keeps making me look bad at work. I think it might be time to switch us over to another platform. Problem is I hate the Apple glass wall and the wild west of Android. I like the Windows phones, but is Nokia really any better off?

I didn't really want the full featured OS, but I would like some of the features of 10 to the PB. For example, the keyboard and the hub.

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I'm the PlayBook owner, but not looking forward to BB10 in PlayBook. Whenever it happens it happens since I have my Z10, and my son have Q10.

Reality is a cold thing. This decision kills the fun factor, looking up news and leaks. And it undermines my enthusiasm for the brand. Not a good day at all for BB. Napoleon Bonaparte would have said: 'my dearest General Thorsten Heins, you lost you're fortune.' hahaha, just kidding. I hope they find a way out of this difficult situation. Have we overestimated bb?
I liked Tim Cook at WWDC. Feels like Apple took a kind of vacancy for some month, got rid of all the long Steve Jobs shadows and is back with good energy. Maybe bb should copy this. They did great. The good thing : now accessories for the PlayBook will be available for the lowest price ever.

I'm definitely bummed. I just talked a friend into buying a PlayBook when they were looking for a tablet... Now I feel like I lied to them since I told them it would be getting updates so it would hopefully work great with their new OS10 BB, in addition to buying 3 myself, thinking they would be supported long term.

I can deal with this IF they make Bridge work with OS10 similar to how it works with the older OS. That is what I am really unhappy with...

I've had by Playbook for less than a year
Considering asking for a return based on warranty...Facebook app is defective and now confirmed no support for Playbook ongoing basis.

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Well, that seals it for me. Balmer here I come. Whats the point of having a PB when no significant improvements are coming like, BBM, email folders, any more apps and anything else it lacks. I do love the PB but Tech waits for no one and I have to be realistic because I also use this for my business. Indeed a sad day. Now I question whether the Q10 is worth the investment. Blackberry you let all of the PB owners down.

Such a good technology and such a bad communication. This guys still need to learn a lot about marketing and communication, that's definitly a big failure to deliver wrong promises. It is also a strange day to announce it... 3 billions cash, I hope a good part of it will be used to improve BlackBerry's branding and coolness. It would be so easy to concentrate marketing on user's pride to differenciate from Iphone and Android sheep... They could use it for marketing, that would have a huge effect. That and supporting CascaRun development, of couse :)

F you blackberry same old rim. Time to sell the rest of my shares and leave for good. I am not supporting the joke of a company any longer.

I'm slightly disappointed by the news, but expected as much. Personally, it doesn't really matter if BB10 comes to the PlayBook - mine still works just fine.

What I do hope gets updated is Bridge. They really need to bring back all of the BBOS features to Bridge. If access to the Hub, BBM, and PIM were available via Bridge, then that would make the need for a full BB10 experience less necessary, and probably much more feasible.


Put the remaining efforts to make the playbook interact with the Z10. This should be doable since QNX is designed to easily communicate with other QNX devices.

Sad but not devastated! I love my PlayBook and, yes, I'd have loved the latest BB10 OS too but I thoroughly enjoy my tablet now as it is! Come on folks so what that it couldn't happen...WE LOVE BBRY and we know they're doing the best they can. If they'd have released a less than efficient BB10 update for PB most of you would still be angry and vaunt their demise. Some people can never be pleased! Enjoy the piece of history you own now and look forward to the exciting new products they'll have for us down the pike!!!


I echo sentiments here, but honestly the playbook is still useful... Use it as news reader out on the patio, radio next to kitchen sink... Not happy about RIMMjob's decision, actually frustrated & quite disappointed...

Keeping my 9900 and dumping all BB10 hardware, because those will go the way of the playbook at some point. Blackberry is just not putting in much effort to quickly address issues that should not have been issues to begin with at device launch.

Well... I'm not exactly surprised but it feels like a little bit of a slap in the face anyway. I totally get why a lot of us are upset and about to jump ship. I really hope BlackBerry is watching this and learning a lesson from it. Over and over promises are made, only to be broken. False expectations are created when it comes to hardware and apps and then when reality pans out different, people are upset. If you can't tell for sure if you'll follow through, if you don't know for sure you can keep the promise you make... don't make it.

We'd all be better off left hanging in the dark without a single expectation for what's to come than we are now, waiting for features that were vaguely promised a while ago but that just won't come or will only come with a huge delay.

I patiently waited for BB10 to come out and before I bought my Z10 waited for clarification if the PB would be updated as well which BlackBerry did during the launch. Jumped in and bought the Z10 on the day it was available.

The plan for my sales based company was to have my sales team equipped with Z10s and PBs as their phone contracts came due.

It is hard enough to stick with BlackBerry when you need to wait forever for simple business tools like Salesforce, SugarSync etc., but now with fragmented OSs these tools will never come.

I can't believe I am saying this but we will be switching to apple now, I can't handy cap my company any longer.

The only good news is that although we have a bunch of the PB, I have only bought one Z10 so far.

BlackBerry might not have sold a ton of PlayBooks but the people who bought them were loyalists and we just got stabbed in the back.

Posted via CB10

I was genuinely excited when Heins mentioned mobile computing and such, excited at the possibilities of my phone working cohesively with my home, car, workplace using machine to machine for example. But now, I don't believe anything will come of it, if it does it will be too late. Apple or Samsung will introduce it first, probably in a more practical way, and people will adopt it which is sad because if it were implemented with QNX it would be the most efficient.

I've spent a lot on my PlayBook as a student with expectations, but in a year or two there will come a time when I sell it and get an ipad mini to go with my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Yes, this is a shame, but it had to happen.

I too am pissed off with the fact that they promised BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook, but I am not surprised by this decision. I, as a current customer, am quite pissed, but I do realise that as a business that this is the smarter option for BlackBerry.

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

They lied to move units, plain and simple. Same old RIM! They still haven't even delivered on all they stated on the PlayBook prior to release. Way to take a dump on the loyal people that bought them at release and paid top dollar. Can I at least get an updated browser?

Posted via CB10

Here's my analysis on this... BlackBerry has had a history of pricing their devices. Though i feel the device is correctly priced in North America, in emerging markets and in Europe, its way too high. The Q10 is almost 1200.00 in India. Nearly double that of ours. For a company trying to make a comeback, this is unacceptable. Furthermore, empty promises.... When you say you're going to do something, DO IT. I cant help but think of these endless delays with the Z10 and Q10. Nearly 6 months over the expected date. The fact that only 8 million more users were lost is a shock to me.

PlayBook... That news is the nail for me. You have a loyal fan base who's out there supporting you at every turn. The PlayBook should have been updated with BB10 well before the launch of BB10 devices. When you sell 257,000 devices out of no where in a quarter, take notice that there are now NEW demands for that product. There are many reasons to abandon the PlayBook project. However, when you make promises of updates, YOU BETTER DELIVER!

Lastly, APPS... Well, brace yourselves, TeamBlackBerry... If you wanted Instagram, Netflix, Stopitfy, Snapchat and all the other TOP apps to come to BB10, this suuuurely isn't going to help. We BB10 users have become comfortable with the word "Sideload" and we better, cause right now we have no other choice. With this news, Q2 will without a doubt be a slaughterhouse. They would now need to push developers to BB10, launch the A10 well above their November project as well as open the Q5 and Z5 in A LOT more lower end markets. In short, BlackBerry has to push on the lost grounds. These numbers aren't what we expected. Furthermore, the analysts that have been bashing BB since before the launch of BB10 now have all they need to drive it to the grown. In the next coming months, anything positive done of BB will ultimately be futile.

I'm with BlackBerry till the day the doors close but this doesn't make it any less painful that that possibility of imminent demise is lurking just around the corner. Here's to this being the LAST of the bad news we have to endure.


Ok blackberry has lost me as a customer. No more blackberry, I will spread the word. Thanks for making me a fool, bought both playbook and Z10 on the very first day. Thor , shame on you! Kevin, keep cheer leading blackberry!

I just use my Blackberry Playbook 64GB for Movies and Music mainly.Or for reading books on Kobo app. I generally use my 3rd gen IPad and Samsung Galaxy 2 7" inch Tablet for everything else. I wish Blackberry Bridge would work for more than just an external track pad and keyboard with my new Q10 though. Darn it!

Posted via CB10

I bought a Playbook just because of Heins announcement that BB10 comes to the PB! I also bought a Q10. Waiting every day for a big announcement!

Today with the quarter earnings, I thought the let the big fish out!

And what happened????

What a shame really. You may underestimate this. But this will change everything! This was my last my buy. I need a tablet. Smartphone & Tablet.

But hey, I guess Kevin will just make another high pumping funny video with "Kevion out!" LOLOLOL video where everything is fun and good right? Or another "LETS ALL SIDELOAD ANDROID APPS, YAY!" :(


The only reason I am adding to this is to show BB that there are many of us completely frustrated at their lies. I bought the 32 GB Playbook at launch time paying the full retail price. I have waited for all the "coming soon" broken promises. I bought stock believing the new CEO and company had turned it around. I have been waiting and reading here about the BB10 coming to my Playbook but in the back of my mind I felt it was just another lie. I bought the Z10 for the AT&T network and I was fortunate to get the update before they pulled it. So for the rest of the AT&T customers it still is another "coming soon broken promise". I will never buy another BB product at launch. I will wait and see if they really do release a working product and provide updates. By waiting I am sure they will continue to take advantage of loyal customers by reducing the price within a short time following the release. I am stuck on a 2 yr contract with AT&T so I can tell you for at least 2 yrs BlackBerry will not be seeing any money from me. If the stock prices ever rise to the point where my stock is at a break even point, I will be dumping it. ANDROID or WINDOWS will be choice unless these idiots wake up and really become a new company that does not lie to its loyal customers. I would not recommend a BB phone to any one except my enemies.

That was it. This will seal my decision to completely switch to the W8.1/WP8 ecosystem. Microsoft and Nokia are truly motivated and have the human and financial resources to succeed.

I wouldn't been so bad, if they had been honest in the first place.

I mean, it's not that hard to say "Hey guys, we tried it, but during our development for OS10 we realized that it is not going to work because of...". Fine.

But always those excuses on delays and false statements making it look just bad for BB.
And I'm not saying, that this is only Heniz failure.

That's terrible news, being a Blackberry loyalist for about five years now, the support you all have given to this Tablet has been pathetic, it has so many bugs and lag issues and I don't see any software update and if this continues, God be with you all. Customer satisfaction has to be the foremost on your list since you aren't going to get too many new ones, you've got to at least make sure you all don't lose the ones you already have. If it really did have issues, he should have never commented on it coming to the Playbook until he was quite certain that it would come seems like it was a strategy to clear up their existing stock at that moment to all the fools out there, including me.

I have mixed feelings about this. The Playbook/BB phone combo is still the only one that allows the end user to use the internet connection of their phone without paying the provider extra money. Even with a BB10 phone, the Playbook will still use the internet connection through the bridge. Granted, there are limitations as to what you can access through the bridge. Some apps (mostly android ports) won't utilize the bridge internet connection. However, unless something has changed, you can't currently do that at all with an Apple or Android tablet. Other things that I can still do on my Playbook, include playing most flash games/apps in the browser, still have the ability to remote control my Playbook from my Z10 (works great when the Playbook is connected to a large screen), and I really enjoy playing the games that are available on it since the speaker placement is optimal for landscape viewing.

Now, I am very disappointed that BB10 isn't coming to the Playbook. I will not turn my back on BBRY though. They have provided an excellent new OS, IMHO, and while there are some apps/games that I would like to see on the device natively, apps are not a deal breaker for me. As a phone and a communication device, the Z10 is awesome and it does still connect to my Playbook. I would be pleasantly surprised if they updated the bridge, and added the Android 4.2.2 runtime. Do I expect that? No. With the hackers out in the forums though, who knows what might become just won't be directly from BBRY.

Yes you can. The nexus 4 (android 4.2.2) allows you to use native wireless hotspot to any tablet( or any other device) right out the box as a native function. No extra fee if your on T-Mobile. Unlimited and fast.

Bought it when it first released. BlackBerry wasn't committed to the product. Lots of money down the drain...

Posted via CB10

Shame, but it is one of the products from the old RIM. No point in looking back, I just hope they make a new PlayBook with BB10.

Plus I only use mine for games and word processing, so I'm not at a loss!!

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

I tried, I had faith, and I was let down by Blackberry.
So, I'm done.
No more Blackberry for me.
Starting today, my Z10 is on sale. And I will keep the Playbook as a reminder to NEVER buy a BB product ever again.

Not have BB10 on the PB isn't a deal breaker for me, pretty much do everything on my Z10.
I don't mind the PBOS at all and works well for whatever I use it for.
I do think that that the bridge needs work to bring back features/functions that were available with legacy OS.

I think that this might actually point to the A10 being substantially larger then the Z10, a la phablet (stupid word)

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

And by the way, BlackBerry has been turned around by the new staff. This is one OLD product we're talking about here. Don't get all dramatic over one tablet, suddenly acting as if the other companies have angelic perfect tablets.

Get your head into gear, BlackBerry needs to focus on phones, that's where all its money comes from!

We've gained more with the new BlackBerry company than we've lost. Don't feed the trolls.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

Ordered yesterday a Playbook 64GB... Now i'm canceling my order... So sad, so sad... I have a Z10 and a Q10 too, but this situation is so depressing I'm thinking to sell EVERYTHING! BlackBerry, where are you going???

Just went out an bought my wife an iPad mini to replace the POS PlayBook 16GB I told her was going to eventually be awesome. What a let down.

Fk u BlackBerry

Anyone want to buy my z10 on rogers in canada.

Also my 32gb playbook LTE model.

Just PM Me

BlackBerry your bastards and can go fk u selves

BlackBerry 10 can run on playbook and we all know it

U scoundrels mother fukers.

Crackberry should never support BlackBerry ever again for this bulls hit as heins is a fking lier and BlackBerry too.

Goodbye u pricks

Posted via CB10

Oh and warn me all u want mods I could care shite even cb announced playbook would get BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately this feels like when I bought my Apple computer in 1998. I did a lot of research and with all the literature I had read I just knew I had something that was going to be supported for years to come. 6 months later Apple made a statement that they would not be upgraded the software for that particular computer and several others. I never bought another apple product again. I feel a bit duped. :( What do I do with this PlayBook I bought from BlackBerry? How long until it is not supported at all? Do I have just a browsing device? Is the Bridge ever going to be anything like it was on the OS 7 devices? My disappointment is a bit overwhelming at the moment. I bought a Z10 the day it came out from Verizon. I like the phone very much but I agree with not supporting tablets in Blackberry's future, to be able to get all of your files, apps etc. on your phone, tablet, etc. another platform may be inevitable. Maybe it was/is too good to be true to think that BB was going to turn it around.

I'd offer that the Apple of 1998 is not the Apple of today. The iPhone and iPad are excellent products that do exactly what Apple says they do, with an app ecosystem that is second to none.

If you are looking for a positive user experience, I'd suggest you give them another try.

Thanks for the feedback. I purchased a Windows phone for my daughter recently. That's what she wanted. I end up helping her with it a lot. I like that with this product I could have a tablet, laptop, desktop, and phone that would be very cohesive. I'm sure it is a similar experience with Apple. I'm at a loss for a moment however except for the fact I really enjoy this Z10. I just re upped my contract so I am in the wait and see mode. Hell, I have bought only BBs since 2005.

What I think we all need to realize is it was a long shot. I think with only 1 gig of ram it was practically impossible. If you check on your Z10 and Q10 device you will see that it uses a gig or so of the 2 gig. How could they port it to the PlayBook?

As much as I am upset about not getting OS10 on my playbook....
Mine is NOT for sale...
I can still put movies and tv shows on it...
I can still listen to slacker(which is still the better app then on my Z10)....
I can still browse all my web pages that I need access to(checkers and all)....
I can still play the games I downloaded...
I can still connect to Wi-Fi on my phone..
I love my Z10...

Bb10 on pb would be nice... but my playbook works. mostly Im using my z10 because better for travel.
And when I want to surf at home without my Notebook, my playbook is enough.

Okay im not an app junkie.

when I want to do anything, I'm using my Notebook :)



Posted via CB10

I think this is the attitude I will adopt. It is pretty much the way I operate also except I have a desk top instead of a laptop. There is a lot to be done with the Z10.

Quite sad....I bought my Playbook the day it came out and paid $499 for a Wifi 16gb tablet...brought it home and it bricked...went back to Best Buy they gave me a new one. Had it and loved it...convinced others to buy it over iPad when I showed what I could do with it. Got tired of the broken promises and dropped all my Blackberry devices. Hung on to the Playbook in hopes that I could have BB10 on tired of waiting...sold it a few months ago and bought an iPad Mini. I have always been an early adopter....from the Palm Pilots, Sony Clie's and Blackberry. I always had to have the latest and greatest. Blackberry wasnt able to deliver what I needed on the road working so I switched. I have all Apple stuff now...they too have their pros and cons but quite honestly there is usually solution and there is an "APP for everything" I always told people I would never switch to Apple....I took a leap of faith and "it just works". There are some glitches but I am much happier on the "dark side" as I have devices that do what I want them to do. Got tired of waiting for Blackberry to catch up and it's clear that they haven't and wont. If they were smart they would roll out BB10 on the Playbook but maybe a dialed back version....similar to what Apple does when it releases their OS versions. Not every device gets all the functionality but it is still running the latest OS.

For all you other Blackberry users.....I hope that you are happy...but dont be afraid to look for something else that will's EVEN more clear now....and I hate saying it cause I am Canadian...but RIM is not listening and doesnt appreciate it's early adopter readers. Tells people that Playbook will get BB10 so that others will go buy it so they can sell out their inventory and then informs aint happening now. That is NOT how you run a business!!!!

People that purchased Playbooks under those False Pretenses should be able to return their device for a FULL REFUND as the company has not lived up to their "stated" obligation.

In the meantime...I am happy I sold my Blackberry stuff and have devices that do what I need them to do.....I would encourage you unhappy users to get out while you can. Whether it be Apple or Android, but at least you are buying something that has some shelf life.

BlackBerry just killed themselves. Also only shipped 100k playbooks; well that's because where do you buy a playbook. Nobody sells them.

Posted via CB10

Well, the good news is I can now make my decision. No Z10, No Q10, no Q5. Blackberry credibility has just gone down the shitter just as RIM did. I was waiting to see if they would in fact follow through and now I believe that if there are issues with the new lines, they will again cut and run.

Don't get me wrong, I am satisfied with the PB as is and it is good enough for what I use it for. I just cannot support a company that has no credibility.

Totally disenchanted. A huge blow to my confidence in Blackberry. So bad to break promises like that :(

I'm not at all surprised. I've had numerous issues with my playbook. This company has royally screwed everyone and I'm def not a fan boy I actually had shares in this company 2 years ago..only to lose almost $8000. So when I'm speaking regarding this company please note it hurts.. NO bbm.. no video chat.. no instagram...ugh the list goes on ...they should just model their phones strickly for business purposes and thats about. I did my rant..peace...NYC

I loved my playbook but it died about a month ago (charging circuit??). Luckily, I had an extended warranty and the store where I bought it gave me a credit for the full purchase price (I was an early PlayBook purchaser). I was going to get another PlayBook, but couldn't find one, so I used the credit to get a Surface Pro. Kind of glad I did now!!

Does this mean that the QNX platform is not that great either if the company can’t even solve the experience and performance issues? What a way to drag QNX through the mud.

have got a playbook a z10 and a htc one. the playbook is a great tablet and really well made but with no support all i use it for is an alarm clock now. the z10 could've been a great phone and most the time its a joy to use,but having to use leaked updates ain't very good really. and a lack of most the big apps is poor indeed!!!!so sod it and goodbye blackberry,good effort but to little to late :-(

Well, I can't say I am surprised. It is sad and a bit frustrating but the PlayBook was not a success. It was the last item of the old RIM so it does make sense. I just hope that they do some updates like they promised, at least the browser and give us back Bridge functionality for BB10 devices.

I truly cannot wait to see what Kevins response to this news will be. I actually don't know how he will be able to defend BlackBerry anymore?

On another note: I've seen people comment on how they can't wait for BBM to go cross platform so they can jump ship. On that note, I know of several people who jumped to the iPhone the minute BlackBerry announced cross platform. Those same people are now so used to using other messaging services that they really couldn't give Damn if BBM turns up or not. TH has really sold this company down the river and todays announcement has just hammered that final nail in the coffin.

Posted via CB10

While I think it makes business sense for BlackBerry to not focus resources on bringing BB10 to the Playbook, especially if the performance isn't up to snuff, the big issue is that they publicly told everyone that they would do this, so now they are liars in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people who bought the Playbook with the assumption that BB10 would eventually arrive.

The smart move would have been to say nothing, and then only announce BB10 for Playbook if they determined it would work. It's a lot better than promising to do something, and then reneging on that promise.

Add to that the fact that Bridge has been broken since the BB10 devices shipped and you're left with a glorified paperweight with a lousy app ecosystem and no future.

Hey, BlackBerry negative nerds the sky isn't falling, it's called business!

BlackBerry like porsche as board has decided to axe the Cayenne from Porsche’s product line after the next-generation of the SUV has run its course. At the same time VW’s board has also voted to kill off the recently launched Panamera sedan after its initial run.

Oh no their going under. They don't sell like a Honda Accord.

For sale : 2013 911.
Wanted : what everyone else has.

Posted via CB10 / Z10

Sorry, but this is a poor analogy. They will still continue to sell parts and aftermarket products related to the 2013 911. You will still be able to customize the vehicle. You can change the seats, the rims, the tires, etc.

Open the bootloader and then BBRY can piss right off.

Not only does your analogy not fit, it doesn't matter. As a consumer I'm left with a device that has lingering bugs, no future and will rot with a dead ecosystem, so I will leave to a competitor. In your view, it's just business, so BlackBerry must be doing so well it can afford to lose customers. In that case, based on today's results they are doing a great job.

I agree with the comment that you ant buy a playbook. I lost my playbook and I went to at least 8 stores and none of them had had stock and had not for months, so i had to buy a used one. They have sold out of playbooks and sold out their customers. Long time blackberry fan and I will not buy another one when my Z10 is up for renewal. I will also do my best to see our entire company switch. Say goodbey to 51 blackberry business users thorston. Any lawyers here do we have a shot at a class action?

There are more PlayBooks out there than BB10 phones... oh yes, but as I recall, Heins has told us that he thinks tablets are a fad. I stuck with the PlayBook for so long knowing that BBRY would eventually give us BB10 on it's tablet. Even after BB10 was delayed over and over again, I knew that their brand spanking new platform would eventually run on the PlayBook, which already runs the QNX software. Apple's iPad 2 is getting iOS7 while us PB users haven't had an OS update for a long time. I thought that finally BBRY understood how to deliver OS updates to products rather than only introduce new versions on new devices (BB7 devices). I believed they had changed and were really ready to do battle. I'm left feeling sad for BBRY and all PlayBook owners... I'm sure I'm not alone either

Garbage decision! Heins should rethink that decision. I want a tablet but why would I have a phone that didn't go with my tablet. Why would I purchase a movie or a game for a cell phone only! Thus makes no sense. Heins get off your ass and make it happen.

Posted via CB10

That right blackberry keep moving forward, no need to remain stagnant with outdated hardware. Build a new tablet and keep evolving the bb10 devices. I never officially heard this bb10 promise on a PlayBook you guys speak of

Posted via CB10

The more I think about it, there are three things that they need to work on for the PlayBook:

1) BES 10 support. They don't need full BB10 to support BES better. One of the people I was talking to at BBLive said they had bought a bunch of PlayBooks, but the level of security and BES support was not enough to deploy them. Even BB 10.0 wasn't enough for deploying the Z10. With the improvements that have come with 10.1 and coming in 10.2, the PlayBook could benefit from that added security.

2) BlackBerry Link support. Currently, the PlayBook still uses Desktop Manager. If the PlayBook OS was updated enough to use Link, it could benefit from some of the added features, like accessing remote folders (which the Z10 gained with 10.1). It would mean needing a new file manager on PlayBook, but the feature could benefit BB10 and BB Link in the future.

3) Bridge. Build up BB10 and the PlayBook to handle full Bridge capabilities. Add apps for the Hub (or at least email), SMS, MMS, BBM (including Groups and Channels, BBM Voice and Video), PIM (Calendar and Contacts) and Remember. This will bring it back in line with BBOS devices, while taking advantage of QNX capabilities. While building this back up, add more features to Bridge, such as better call management. Add the ability to reject or answer a call to the PlayBook call notification, along with a phone dialer, and the ability to take notes during a call. Notes are already a feature on the phone - just add the option to start taking notes (attached to the call log) on the PlayBook. It gets saved to Remember, so there would be full integration between the two. Plus, the ability to have the PlayBook show up as a device in the BB10 file manager (and vice versa).

If they can lay the groundwork through building up Bridge, the next logical step would be to use the same backbone within BlackBerry Link. This could give BlackBerry Link the ability to display the same apps: Hub, BBM, Remember, Calendar, Contacts, phone capabilities - all from the desktop. Then it wouldn't matter what device you had. As long as your BlackBerry was connected, you would have access to everything no matter what system you were on.

Holy crap man ... this is really really BAD NEWS ... and a kick in the balls of every single Playbook owner ... and a huge damage to their brand ...

The only thing I guess could save the Playbook, is if BlackBerry keeps updating Playbook OS with the Native Features of BB10, Stage3D for Adobe Air and add official Qt 5 support. This way devs could still make high quality apps that target more platforms. Without that ... is just a "fuck you very much and goodbye".

Let's say they do everything you suggest... what developer in their right mind would devote any resources to make "high quality apps" for a dead/dying platform? You'll get some scattered apps from disaffected loners, but not much else.

Like Formula 1 is important for car sales for leading car companies, so is the tablet for smartphone companies. People like integration, and it's a shame that BlackBerry doesn't commit itself for the long haul in the ever-important tablet segment. I want to sell my PlayBook for its ancient OS and - yet another fail for BlackBerry - lack of quality apps, but I don't have confidence in selling it without getting a garage-sale price.

It's of no surprise that leading developers and leading apps have yet to reach BB10. They don't commit because they don't have confidence in BlackBerry's commitment to its target market. There is no defined or sustainable business model. Period. And now CB have confirmed that they won't commit to BB10 on Playbook.

We also have to sideload apps like some sort of bandaid solution. Why not just buy a device that can give you native apps rather than sideload and damage the user experience! Are they listening to the consumers??

For the company's sake I hope the next round of devices will be in their budgets for release.

We never forget our bad investments.

Posted via CB10

I expected this event when early this year...Thornton said in an interview that tablets are a dead market...Also if the PlayBook would go to BB10...most of the existing apps wouldn't work; the playbook is already lacking in apps and a BB10 version would decrease that available apps. With the small number of PlayBooks out there compared to other tablets there is no incentive to update/create apps for the PlayBook.

With that said I do think BackBerry should update the browser and the Android player for the PlayBook which will allow current users the best possible experience with the existing OS and be able to side load more Android apps.
My 2¢

Thor was trying to be chivalrous, but we all know who's to blame... Alicia Keys. I knew from the moment she was anointed "Global Ambassador" that she was going to drive this company into the ground. She destroys everything she touches.

Sad, but I'm glad we finally have a answer from RIM.
Now let's see... which tablet am I going to purchase to replace my Playbook?

Well that is a bust. Got a Playbook anticipating bb10. Goes to show you shouldn't buy a product on promises of future performance vs. what it does today. Seems like that's been the story since the beginning.

Posted via CB10

I have been using my playbook on and of for a while now and since the release of BB10 I like it more. Yes the decision to not upgrade the os will hurt blackberry for sure, but I like the fact that now I can use video chat from my Z10 to my playbook and it works nicely. The browser is good and quick. There are some apps on there that I can not get on other platforms so I will be keeping mine. I am not sure what the folks at Blackberry are up to but I am sticking with them. I have used other platforms and to me blackberry suits me best. Best of luck to those that leave the platform.

It's the Blackberry way, let something languish till it dies. BBY left it so long to do anything decent with the Playbook it became obsolete even when it was ahead of its time.
God help those who continue to buy Blackberry, they are an unethical company to the core.

Damn... makes me sad and angry at the same time. Okay BlackBerry - you're making me switch to Android after all.

I don't really care. BB10 would be nice on the tablet, but as long as Bridge and the main applications work well nothing else matters to me. The PlaybookOS looks fine. I don't really use tablets anyway, lol..

It is sad that they couldn't come through on this promise, but I would rather it be because it didn't meet Heins' standards of user experience. That means he's looking out for us. I'd rather that then have a crap-tastic release of BB10 for my Playbook.

Am I the only one not surprised ?

Did you guys really expect BBRY a company with low ressources to hold onto ALL their promises?

There's a reason the Z10 only came with dual core, 8mp and a 1800mah battery, a reason why their marketing sucks, OS7 devices came with a 1230mah batt and the 9900 a fisher price cam. A reason BBM must go cross platform (they will make it profitable), saying it was because of brand confidence is just BS.

Being in that financial position, with BB10 on the PlayBook they had a choice to make; restore brand image or save a couple of bucks. Sadly they chose the latter and now they'll have to pay the consequences.

The only reason I'm still with the platform is because BlackBerry does messaging best and I love their BB10 os. But when it comes to apps I just get a Tablet from the other platforms.

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I originally bought the playbook for 4 reasons. size, hulu, netflix and and skype. All in the original presentation concepts. When that all never came through and we all watched hulu go out of their way to block the playbook access, i knew it's fate was doomed. I also waited very patiently for an opportunity to rearrange my browser bookmarks. you would think they could have figured out how to arrange browser bookmarks by now.

Anyway, I got an additional 16gb refurb recently for under $100 for my parents and we use it for my son to vid-chat to his grandparents. It works great for this. We also load up our 32gb with shows for my son and bring it out with us. I doubt it would have been used for much more with the upgrade. Have long since jumped ship for ios - phone and ipad- and couldn't be happier.

The fact the new CEO doesn't know BB10 won't fit in PlayBook and the fact he needs another person to do demo every time he is on stage tell that he doesn't even use the BB devices much. If this is the case, it is not too late to remove him. He is supposed to be technology savvy, but he is not. He is supposed to pay great attentions on details, but he didn't. Then, let's bring back the Harvard graduated Jim. I don't care whether Jim is savvy on tech or not. At least Jim puts great emphasis on corporate governance. Seriously, shall share holders give the new CEO another quarter? I doubt it. Time to put Jim back before it is too late.

Oh well. PlayBook works for me now. Sorry to all those that have no use for a PlayBook without BB10. There are plenty of Android tablets I would recommend. I'm not going to cry foul. They tried. We knew performance was going to be an issue. They need to focus on their core products. They don't and they tank. And yes that includes a new OS7 device. Judging by the many people not liking the Q10 on the forums, it will sell well. Especially for those business users. It is a balancing act to keep BlackBerry on their feet through this transition. I'll be looking to buy some cheap PlayBooks now. Most likely use them as media/internet devices. It's too bad really. I would have loved some updates too. But I'm not going to cry about it. I hope they can deliver some improvements before they discontinue it for good. It will be my tablet for at least the next few years and I'll move on to the latest Android Tablets as well. I'm not bothered by any of it. I never expected a company the size of BlackBerry to be able to execute as well as I would like them too. Lowered expectations really helps with these things. Good luck everyone.

I don't know what is going on here but I just called blackberry and was told that it will still get the update in a few weeks, so I have to wonder will it have a different os similar to bb10? Or do the employees not know what is going on also?

assume they have no clue. They usually don't. I recall back in the day them working on a *fix for hulu not working.

My PlayBook only gets used to make sure the charger still works. My Z10 does almost everything the PlayBook does, but better.

It's too bad they didn't get Cascades to work on the PlayBook.

After this I don't think I'd buy a new PlayBook it it was to be released with updated specs and BB10.

This is total crap! I 'upgraded' my torch to a z10 and I LOST functionality by being unable to BBM and text through BlackBerry bridge. Totally unacceptable.

The whole point of being loyal to one brand was so my playbook could function as my phone when I was at home.

I won't be coming back to blackberry next time without true phone tablet integration.

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The reaction here is hard to believe. The hand writing was on the wall for the PB at least 18 months ago. I have a PB and use it every day. An upgrade would just increase the redundancies with the Z10 - same with an updated Bridge. If BB survives it will not be because of a PB upgrade. Watch for BB to make a deal with some other company (like Sony) to produce an inexpensive tablet running BB10. In spite of negative reactions from disappointed BB fanboys, BB10 and old Playbook are still useful.

you would think they would atleast fix some simple things like REARRANGE browser bookmarks. in addition, if they can make deals to bring netflix/hulu plus/skype to new blackberry 10 devices, why not playbook? there are vids of them running on it years ago!

My face is sad. Blackberry, I'm embarrassed that I believed the bs from you. If bridge doesn't get un-gimped soon, consider me an ex-customer.

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If you compare the PlayBook hardware to other tablets on the market, specs wise its still extremely good, I can't believe it was a performance issue at all, BB10 ran on the Dev devices which were basically PlayBook hardware, plus the amount of leaked images showing BB10 on PB go back at least a year if not longer. BlackBerry have it all wrong, releasing a new OS7 device and not having fully functioning bridge on BB10? All this vague talk of 'mobile computing' while having absolutely zero to show for it, not even a concept? Claiming the tablet will be dead in half a decade while every other company out there is throwing all they can into the fight? Giving away BBM to other platforms, one of the most iconic and loved things about BBRY devices, and not even supporting it natively on PlayBook after 3 years? No wonder confidence is dropping...

Wow...there is a lot of hate because of this. I've never even used a playbook and prob never will.

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Losers. BB and AT&T. I have been loyal to both. Look what it has got me. I'm no better than them. We are all losers.

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While I understand the commercial basis that this decision was taken I can't help but ponder if the promise to bring BB10 to the PlayBook was made solely to try empty the BlackBerry warehouses of the tens of thousands of unsold PlayBooks.

I'm finding it difficult to stomach the broken promise that was made by senior management to bring BB10 to the PlayBook . BlackBerry should offer some type of redress to those who bought their PlayBooks following this promise. But that will not happen.

On top of this I have grave doubts as to the possibility of significant improvements to Bridge and the PlayBook OS. The ideal time to announce detailed improvements would have been today to offset the negative reaction in relation to the PlayBook and BB10. But there way nothing bar another wishy washy 'commitment' of continued support.

I'll be switching to an iPad mini 2 when released or maybe a Surface RT and will give my PlayBook to one of the kids. I can not in good faith continue to promote and support a company that I feel deliberately misled me.

Fool me once - shame on you. Fool me twice - shame on me.

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I think this is exactly how the angry ones among us feel. If they sold another 100k units, this is definitely a case of leaving the announcement as long as possible to shift their inventory. Very shady and I'm not proud to own or push people to own a BBRY. Only reason I bought it was the promise that it was definitely getting the upgrade. Real shame and totally indefensible decision from them.

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One perspective that may be overlooked is the eco system. A company I worked at decided to deploy tablets for field op's. Since I was higher level I assumed I would get one. For economic reasons they left us out and went with Ipads. Since I could use a tablet both professionally and personally I asked if I could add a personal one. The answer was if it is an IPAD it has to be sent to our main support group to be locked down and vpn installed. If I brought the PB they said fine. We will push out the policy file and set up the VPN. That is how secure they are. An ecosystem is nothing new and has advantages for both the consumer and the manufacturer. It creates a stable platform for growth. It minimizes financial outlay and puts the focus on innovation within that system. For the consumer it creates a platform to do business on, make planning arrangements and reduce financial outlays.

Flash forward to 2013 and I am no longer with that company so I use it for my own business but I need an ecosystem to do invoices, documents, do screenplays etc and the bridge on BB10 phones does not work. So I held off getting one. Thorstein has clearly stated, in his opinion, tablets are not a business stable model and the market will dry up. Sorry Thorstein but you are basing this decision on your lack of resources not the actual market. Tablets are the fastest growing segment and are quickly replacing desktops/laptops every year. Even MS considers them PC's now.
On the other hand he preached about the QNX "system" will revolutionize the mobile market and be on everything. He also said all you need is your phone. One large problem with this analogy is QNX is not everywhere. Yes it is a great OS and very stable but business's look longer term with their investments as it is too financially draining to switch systems very often which is why so many are still on XP.

The other problem is I need a phone to be a damn phone. I do not need to squint, scroll, zoom and page to read important documents or messages. That is the sweet spot for a tablet. Even credit card machines do not so well with writing recognition and speed of the os. So to say my OS will revolutionize the mobile market you have to create your segment or at least have a product line that supports your mission. Relying on phones alone is a suicide note waiting to be read. You have to have a least a tablet in the current market.

Even Crackberry has been preparing us for the likely absence of BB10 on PB. I understood that possibility but now we have a WEBOS tablet with slightly greater app support. No sensible company will write an app for the PB now since it is the bastard child of QNX and OS7. It is not fully formed and has many issues that should have been addressed. I left the Microsoft phones for the same reasons. Worsening software, lack of a coherent product path and apathy towards loyal customers.. Microsoft has now figured it out and have gained momentum and actually have a decent product. They could because they have much deeper financial reserves than BB. BB needed to be daring and creative as well as catering to the core values. They needed to announce new tablets and possibly an incentive to upgrade.They failed here.

I will keep my PB because I still love it but my next purchase which I have been researching will likely be a Surface/small W8 tablet and then the next will be a Win phone because keeping an old BB is not going to work.

This was very disappointing as hell to wake up to...
I really hate to say it as a die hard BB-fan, but with the improvements in iOS 7, BBM coming to Apple, and they clearly have the headway in App department.... Apple and the iPhone just looks better and better.
I need a company that iKnow will follow thru on promises to its products and consumers.

They need to come out with a press interview to community heads cb,berryreview,bbe etc.Why they cant do BB10 on the playbook, are they gonna update the current PB with a diet version, or anything??

If they tell the truth people would'nt be so mad,just tell the truth.If they say another playbook will come out no one will buy it.Since there's no assurance they will look after it.Even if they smooth things over and announce a tablet with no discount,rebate or good price for previous owners they are screwed.Its already a niche product they could of sold it on their web site and shipped it out made decent earner.Now NO ONE will invest in any BB product outside the phones.

They need to address things with statements out ASAP!!!

I agree with you: Being on point at an earnings call and in line with marketing is critical to minimize negative impact on a stock. The messaging:

The premium OS is OS 10, but we need to put out OS7 devices for emerging markets to help with our global sales numbers around the world, as we ramp up our efforts in the USA.

[Off message and therefore an earnings call is not the place for thoughts on the PlayBook, but since it was brought up my take follows:

As for the PlayBook either don't mention it or leave developing the OS further/porting BB10 to it an option or explain why it is not an option, at this point. Personally, I don't buy into not having enough RAM for BB10, as I run OS10.0.10.648 full on on my Dev Alpha A with 1GB of RAM and similar specs to the legacy PlayBook. It is, even if limited as some claim in a very subjective way, a better experience for me than the PlayBook OS 2.x.]

This is completely disappointing. I bought my 32 GIG at full pop on release day in Canada. I'd like my money back. I bought knowing where BB said they were heading. I supported them, and still do with a Z10. However, my playbook is a paperweight.....

We should all contact RIM to return the units as they have broken their word and their contract with Playbook Users...

Anybody know a email address at RIM, that we can spam with this request for our monies back?

I got it early on too, here in the USA and waived the flag! I think that this rigid need not to support the PlayBook with an OS10 update and BBM Channels or even BBM is a slap in the face of the loyalists! Very bad marketing!