BlackBerry announces 2.7 million BB10 devices shipped

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By Simon Sage on 28 Jun 2013 08:35 am EDT

One key metric that was left out of the BlackBerry Q1 2014 results press release was how many BlackBerry 10 devices were sold. On the conference call, it was mentioned that 2.72 million BB10 devices were shipped in Q1, which is a bit on the light side of what many expected. That's about 40% of BlackBerry's total shipments this quarter. We've also got subscribers down 4 million to 72 million total. BlackBerry wouldn't comment on BB10 device sell-through, unfortunately. 

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BlackBerry announces 2.7 million BB10 devices shipped


Unfortunately none of this surprises me. Great product, but their marketing sucks!

Also, it is time to release the TAT! Stop holding them back!

Posted via me on my Z10

Great product? c'mon man, if it was a great product then why is it such a failure in the market?

It should market itself. Although I agree that their marketing sucks.

Um, marketing affects sales more than you give it credit for. Look at the iphone, it has zero innovations and lack features every other phone has, yet it is one of the top sellers. Look at the movies, a great movie like Dredd bombs at the box office while garbage like transformers makes a billion dollars. Sell itself? You are assuming people are smart enough to care about the products and not about things like what is "cool" or not...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

sure I'm not saying marketing doesn't affect sales but when you have a product that doesn't even compete in terms of what apple, google and microsoft offers with their ecosystems you're dead in the water. Elop realized this couple of years ago and that's why he had Nokia adopt the Windows platform to survive.

You're delusional if you think bb10 doesn't compete with Windows Phone 8. Exactly what distinguishes WP8 as being better than BB10?

You can't send document attachments in WP8 (only links to documents in SkyDrive). Thu UI is stark and barren. If you Forward an email with attachments, it will first strip all attachments before forwarding. It's app ecosystem is no better quality than BlackBerry's. Windows Phone's don't run Android apps.


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I agree Dredd is a great movie, much better than any of the transformers. But Blackberry better than iPhone? No way, maybe back in 2007 it was but not today. BB may still excel in some email functionality but overall the iPhone and the Apple ecosystem is 10x superior then anything BB has to offer. I bet in hindsight if the two stubborn BB CEO's would've made the jump to a more advanced OS like BB10 4 years ago BB would still be a dominant player in the market. But the fact remains that they were BLINDSIDED by Apple and Google and because the CEO's were too stubborn to see the writing on the wall they piddled away years on BB 6 & 7 which led to BB getting there clocked cleaned. Now as I've predicted it's too late for BB at best they'll be a niche player in the mobile devices market going forward.

Because no one knows about it, what it does, can do, etc. All of which have failed in marketing efforts. Some people don't even know it is out!

Posted via me on my Z10

Haha, BlackBerry could have sold 11 devices and the blindly devoted would spin it into something awesome.

How many actually converted to sales? That might explain why I see so few in central London :-(

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Now people will listen when I say that Apps are the number 1 thing holding them back! When I show my Z10 to people they are clearly impressed, but NOBODY switches because there is at least 1 app missing. Blackberry should invest in bring ALL top 300 apps to the platform. ALL of them with no exception. Even if it costs them $1M per app to make it happen!

You're probably right. That'd still only be 10% of their cash, right? It'd be better spent than most money spent on marketing.

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Well true indication of bb10 sales will be known next quarter when q5 and q10 will be available in most markets

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True indication?! I don't know if you are aware but we are in the age where touchscreen devices are in high demand. Fact of the matter is that the Z10 has failed to come even close to the 30 million iPhones or the 60 million Android devices that were sold that quarter. Given the success of such devices it leaves one to believe that the Q5/10 will not help them gain anymore market share. As a result, BB stock has took a major hit. It's time to start realizing that BB is a far cry from the profitable business that is used to be which is in part to marketing, lack of apps and an inability to honor a release date. Face it, hard to lure people back over when you offer them no incentive to do so. BB is going no way fast...

It's sad when BlackBerry has to leave out sales numbers in fear of getting beat up over it. Mismanagement at its finest.

Sad but prob true. I have been more and more disappointed day by day with my Z10 (Glitches, lack of content/innovation). Never thought I'd say this, as with ever only owning BBRY devices that I will be jumping ship next upgrade. I'm never going to live it down either from my friends, after preaching the BBRY gospel for so many years......

The two are pretty different. Palm was in debt up to their eyeballs, had no money (let alone 3 billion) and a user base much, much, much, much smaller.

Thats a seriously uninformed thing to think. webOS phones had a drastically low market share BUT was the most loved OS during ATT survey of the whole user base. By a large amount too!

So when we have that in mind how can you say BlackBerry is going the way of palm? That's 2.7 million Z10s and Q10 should be more than double that number.

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

We don't know that yet. The market won't care until they see results. What blackberry needs is exposure. It needs it so bad. People ask me what phone I'm using all the time. The general public has no idea whereas everyone and their grandmother knows what an iphone is.

Obviously blackberry is a big name but their new devices are very unknown currently speaking.

Posted via CB10

Well, keep believing that the Q10 is fairing better and will turn sales around. You and others have been quick to call people trolls for stating the obvious. You don't want to face reality, so keep calling people trolls and stay in your delusion. What happened to the sell-out numbers in the U.K. and Canada? Where is the legal action against the analyst that stated that there was a high rate of returns? It was all PR cover-up by BB of the actual truth, that BB10 isn't selling and analyst were right. And to top it off, the 2.7 is just the shipment number and not sales. So, there are many BB10 devices just collecting dust in warehouses or in the back of store's stock rooms with little movement.

Please don't even try using logic with these people here. That's a shitty nber of phones sold and the stick is fucking collapsing. I have friends visiting from Spain and we stopped to check out the Q10. Now I'm going to tell them to skip it and get the HTC One.

My GF works at the U.N. here in NYC and she said they are converting ee's to the iPhone.

BB is in major trouble and they really need to start considering and acquisition.

Some of the folks here have blinded themselves to the truth.

Like those who continued to so sip champagne as the Titanic went to the bottom.

Stock Holder Rant over... For good... Will sell at a lose today and take the deduction on my taxes..

I din't quite understand that. Of course it is included in Q1 numbers. Do you mean that it was not a FULL quarter of availability and also not yet available in all regions?

It was indeed available for a full month (so about a third of a quarter but the rosiest 1/3rd in some core strong BB markets such as UK, UAE, Canada etc)

Also since BB's results are to do with shipments, channel sales count (which would presumably lead retail sales by a fair bit).

So yea the FULL effect of the Q10 has not been seen yet but the rosiest/best period was accounted for.

Also note that whilst the results included only 1 month of Q10 sales. Currently, we're 2 months into Q10 sales in the initial launch core BB markets such as Canada, UK, UAE etc. If Q10 sales skyrocketed in the second month, guidance for BB's Q2 would account for that and they would have mentioned it. Amidst, so much bad news, a tidbit about strong Q10 sales would be appreciated. But there was none. If anything, I expect Q10 to sell less than the Z10. The Z10 not only accounted for all the pent up sales from those waiting 2 years for BB10 but also those who wanted more flexible devices and touchscreens.

In the BBM-owned markets, what keeps subscribers buying BBs is BBM/BIS, not the hardware keyboard. With BBM also now releasing for other platforms, I don't expect Q10 to be anywhere near the success people are expecting it (killed mostly by the cheaper Q5, not so much the Z10)

BlackBerry 10 wasn't even available in most of the world these 3 months.
Let's wait for next Quarter.

If in 2 or 3 quarters they manage to get say 12 million BlackBerry 10 devices, that's not bad at all then!

Posted via CB10

Y'up! Since the Playbook, the story here has always been "Let's wait until fill-in-the-blank"...


Last quarter (with an aging flagship) Apple sold 37.4 million iPhones, I think BB needs to do better than 7% of Apple sales.

Better marketing than BB. Have you used an iphone?? I'll switch to any platform except that piece of shined up turd...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Apple is better at marketing but they don't have a better product. 2 very different thing. BlackBerry marketing sucked. Look at their stupid keep moving commercials. No one wants to see a stupid rocket or people running they want to see the phone. No BB10 banners anywhere which should have covered the states since you don't need to advertise in the UK/Canada much. U.S. Should have been their main focus and they messed up miserably

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Plus 1+ People aren't taking into consideration Q10's

Sent via my Z10 support your local paramedics run with scissors.

The fragmented launching of the BB10 probably contributed to the lower than expected shipment. BlackBerry has to be more aggressive to be competitive in this mobile phone market.

Posted via CB10

Really, it's all public perception. That's why Apple can release the same garbage every year and people will line up for it. It's why just about everyone I show the Q10 to actually really like it and several have actually made the comment that they would have rather had this phone than what they got but they listened to what other people said was "cool" to get instead. People fall for gimmicks all of the time, and while yes touchscreens have revolutionalized the smartphone, when it comes to getting actual things done, the keyboard still has the edge in precision and efficiency, but since touchscreens are newer than keyboards that is the "must have." It's why most people will not watch an older movie even if they have never seen it and will instead watch a newer movie just because it is new, even if the older movie is a great movie and the newer one is garbage. People now are so eager to be "cool" and care so much about what other people think... so it really doesn't matter what's a good product or not...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

...exactly, I think it might take another Q or two for people to really get over this old BlackBerry perception and take a good look at the new BlackBerry. I have several friends with Androids (who I sent that article about the rise of malware apps on Android...and how they let fake apps go through) and my wife's iPhone 5, and they all liked using my Z10. I even had to ban the Mrs. use of her iPhone for banking after it almost (bank returned it) $450 after someone got her banking info from her iPhone and withdrew some cash...

Posted via CB10

A great device with a great platform but half baked. I think if they would have the 10.2 features in 10, it was a big hit.

Sad to say but things are not getting so cool with Microsoft kind of buying developers and new lost cost devices.

Maybe it might change once we have 10.2 and also a new device comparable to S4 hardware wise.

Fingers crossed!!!

Posted via CB10

Okay that kinda sucks. Guess Q2 is getting more important now. Can the Q10 live up and be an unexpected seller so Q2 sales get better?

You already have to sideload Android apps to BB devices. That is the main problem right there. Why go through the hassle of sideloading when you can just buy an Android?! Makes logical sense why sales are where they are.

...why would I buy an Android with all the malware and fake apps that can get into its app store, when I can have the power, security, and speed of my Z10?...

Posted via CB10

I don't get why you people are so eager for the company to die. Just because it's not the cool product you want, don't you realize that the more options there are and the more competition there is, it's better for everyone right? This whole "I want companies that make products I don't like to die" is about the dumbest mentality there is...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Keyword is "Shipped" not sold. Who knows how many were actually sold, but I'm sure if we really knew they would fall to $5/share.

Its shipped not sold. Normally I dont worry about it. But they avoid the question of sell through which they answered last quarter.
They also avoided the question of Hardware gross margin decline.

I can't believe 2.7 shipped! The actual number of devices sold and kept (not returned) must be absolutely frightening.

Does anyone know what the total sales for BB10 since January launch ? I fear a bigger app gapp

Posted via CB10

Forget these guys, they deserve to fail, they cannot execute the strategy they laid out. Sell the OS to Samsung or LG and shut the doors. With no service fees and poor hardware sales they are DONE, should have shorted this one.

^YO MOMMA!!! Not my fault BB sux, I'm sick and tired of defending this company just to have it thrown in my face time and time again...

Another person who wants companies that make products they don't like to die. I kind of wish all companies will stop making products except the one you use. Let's see how expensive and how much innovation you'll see in the future, lmao... Small minds cannot think ahead I guess...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

It will take a little bit of time. Corporate customers are just getting phones trickling in,new BES version was just released for mobile device management so as they start rolling over their old BBs for BB10 things should improve. They have a good start but they need to keep delivering on time. Corporates have been impressed with them actually hitting their time lines.

Does anyone know what the historical sales mix was between personal and corporate sales?

Posted via CB10

I think these numbers will be much better by the end of the year, when Q10 and Q5 will be worldwide and we'll probably have a monster device (Aristo) helping the sells! We must keep a positive mind in all situations. This is a necessary transition, but things will get better!

Posted via CB10

"we'll probably have a monster device (Aristo)" Key word = "Probably". I wouldn't hold my breath for that. This is BB after all. As I stated above, touchscreens rule the market. To base their future on a qwerty Q5/10 is a bit naive. Not looking good at all for BB. Compare it's sales to that of movie sales. Essentially, mobile device sells have a 2/3 month window before they drop off drastically. Therefore, it's safe to say that BB10 has flopped.

The overall execution of the launch was poor, that has had a significant impact on the acceptance of BB10. Now you see the results of that first hand. BB10 has problems as does any platforms, but it is siginificantly better. Yet, adoption comes slowly and I see the Marketing launch as the key to that.

So for the quarter that's about 900k devices a month. No matter how you slice it that's terrible. Waiting to release so late in the us killed them because let's face it Samsung and HTC clearly made a release here a priority and it shows as I've seen more s4 and ones that z or q10 and that's really a shame. I have a feeling Thorstein will be on the way out its just a matter of time.

Posted via CB10

Not that bad. Also just remember that the q10 sales where not included in this. The real test will be next quarter. Give them some time they are rebuilding. And also you cannot expect a miraculous change within six months of launch of a new os. Give them some time to build and show what they can do. Remember that this Os is still in its infancy so give it time to mature. I believe that blackberry have so unique ideas and feature for this Os that Apple and Samsung cannot do and will bring back people to blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Not that bad?! No one wants a Q10 at this point. The wait was far too long. How much more time do they need?! Stop making excuses for a failing company.

I got the Bold 9930 the day it came out. I had to wait maybe a little over a month past my upgrade window for my Q10. It was a little lengthy of a wait but at least the Q10 wasn't already old by the time I could get my hands on a discounted upgrade. I don't think things are really all that rosey i'm just saying.

Posted via CB10

Not a good comparison. The intial offereings are not going to just take over the sales of iphone, Galaxy, or HTC high end phones. It should not be expected that z10 devices will sell more than those devices. Being behind in the game it takes time to catch up, and if it happens it will not be overnight.

When will that be MFmonster?! Point is that these are all new sales. Isn't it fair to assume that because of this that the iPhone, HTC One and S4 all outsold the BB?! You don't seriously think that they're going to magically start selling now do you?! It's one thing for a device to sell more and it's another for it to completely dominate the other. So I don't get how this isn't a good comparison, all these devices were released around the same time which was poor execution on BB part. They were a year too late to the party.

Um... take a look at windows phones 2nd quarter sales (not this year, but back in 2010 when it released)... you will notice the numbers were not very good then but look at it now... it all has to do with marketing.

Posted via CB10

Big BlackBerry fan but it's over. Let's face it. Developers are not going to build native applications for a device that has only shipped 2.7 million units. Remember this number is shipped, not sell through. The actual number of BB10 users is lower. How much lower? We don't know.

It's funny how lots of people in the forums will crap on developers for not building native BB10 apps but if they themselves were devs, would they really invest time and resources to a platform with less than 2.8 million users when iOS and Android users dwarf that number? Just be glad some devs are willing to port their apps.

The delusional need to stop spouting the myth that this is a buying opportunity because it's not. At this point, it's more of a roll of the dice than ever.

I'm still keeping my Z10 but lets try to have some perspective. The numbers this morning no matter how they're being framed were damaging.

The numbers don't surprise me, it will take some time to win back marketshare... a lot of people I speak to in Australia have a "wait and see" attitude towards blackberry. Blackberry is slowly gaining momentum... numbers will get better...

With all the buzz happening around BlackBerry the Q1 results are disappointing. Heins is probably feeling a lot of heat right now. The slow release into major markets obviously affected the numbers, but still 2.7 million is lower than expectations. With all the fantastic marketing they've done the problem lies within the lack of design innovation in their hardware.

BlackBerry if you build it they will come. Build a beautiful phone matching the BB10 OS please. If you fail to seduce at the point of sale then all the marketing goes out the window.

I'm not worried at all. Fellow Blackberrians need to relax. Things have to get worse before they get better. A lot of people held out to buy the Q10. I'm disappointed with the PlayBook deal but it is what it is. Keep Calm.

Posted via CB10

I agree with jhspears give them time and they will show the real power of the blackberry 10 os. The os is still an infant give them time. Everything is not going to change in six months it going to take a while yes we are disappointed about the PlayBook and blackberry 10 but at least they did try rather that putting out something bad and have everyone chastised they hell out of it. Remember when android came out ppl where saying that they were going to make and look at them now. Things are going to get better give the sometime.

Posted via CB10

I'm not convinced that Q5 will save the day. I read somewhere that Q5 is a low-end device but not a low price one and I second that. Let's assume that it will be priced at £350 off-contract, it will be more expensive than the likes of HTC One Mini and S4 Mini... Looking at the price factor combined with the availability of apps and BBM coming to iOS and Android, BB's future sales in its strong markets (developing countries) doesn't look good at all.

Share Holders meeting July 9th should be very interesting,and, I'm not going.Pissed off,I was expecting much better #'s.Who wants my Proxy? 2550 shares!!

With these numbers apps will never make their way to BlackBerry. They just need to get rid of BlackBerry App store and come to some sort of agreement with Google. Or get taken over by lenovo!

From zeTEN

why would lenovo buy this now? what possible reason do they think that bb is a good buy? the answer to that is there's no good reason to buy it.

Stop sugar coating it. "Oh that's not too bad" It is. You're dreaming if you think they're going to have better numbers next Q. The main push is over.

Posted via CB10

After they screwed me and thousands of others on the PlayBook I could care less at this point if they sink. I love my Z10 but have no confidence in the company.

Posted via CB10

As a BlackBerry user, I'm ok...kept my expectations in check. As a stockholder, I'm pissed! Entirely different ballgame when you mss with the money.

You're shorting the stock aren't you? If you're not then you are hell bent on making this sound worse than it is in all these comments of yours. Comparing it to Android and iPhone sales? You think all those sales are new customers? You don't think many of those sales are people upgrading their iPhone 3Gs or 4s? Or upgrading their old Android 2.3 devices? It's not great but even I knew that 2013 was going to be a transitional year for BBRY. This is Q1 results. They have 2 (now 3) of the 6 devices they plan to offer and are pushing out updates quickly (other than the US and some small carriers) and now everyone wants to jump ship? Why? Because they didn't meet high expectations? Because they just couldn't get BB10 to work well on the Playbook? Ridiculous.

i was only able to listen the q&a session at the end. Thor kept on saying he's not concentrating on the short term, and focused on the long term goals of Blackberry.

This is what I believe. He's so focused on the long term, it made him short-sited of what's really going on in the short term. For his long term vision to work out he has to make sure the short term works first. It's not his vision of the future for blackberry I have a problem with, but it's his execution. There are certain things that need to be fixed before he continues with his long term plans. ie.. fragmented updates, marketing, blackberry essences(core values), value consumer input, especially from crackberry.

THOR, keep in mind.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a step.
-Lau Tzu

The only thing I would add is that each step must be better and stronger than the previous, or else the journey ends.

Time to retrieve the bugle and play TAPS. "Grim" is the word. The smartphone users have spoken loud and clear with a universal "meh".

It used to be that BlackBerry was description of a device. You heard in TV shoes all the time just like xerox or kleenex. I think they need to do done serious product placement.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 's problem is marketing. Most people don't even know what BlackBerry 10 is. Well, this and the lies they sell (bb10 for Playbook!!)

Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C

Think they can recover still just need to focus on marketing more show the try potential of the devices get that 10.2 and jellybean 4.2.2 out onto devices quick and they should be fine there will always be fan boys to bash the product within what 5 months or so they started with new devices I know they can pick themselves up and get into that race strongly work on and focus on marketing show ppl what the device can do and it's true potential..

Posted via CB10

So much close mindedness and lack of perspective... this number doesn't include Q10 and Q5!!!!!! hello???!!

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

Exactly how much do you think that will improve BB10? Most are not waiting for a qwerty keyboard or else, they would have released that first.

The reason BlackBerry put out the Z first is because of the fact that the core BlackBerry users want a physical keyboard. If the Q came out first, the Z would be irrelevant at best. I know I would have bought the Q immediately if it were to be the first BlackBerry 10 release.

Releasing the Z first needed to be done in order for BlackBerry to become a player in the current smartphone market... it's that simple.

On a side note: what the hell is going on today? BlackBerry is still a vital player in the mobile computing arena. It's not all about the amount of devices shipped or sold... most of the byod users will run bes and all iOS / Android users will switch to bbm which will become a cash cow in the near future AND come on... don't be comparing BlackBerry sales to iPhone or Android. They are well known and established products. They don't have to be sold, they just sell and it took both of them years to be there. BlackBerry by never left and it will thrive again.

Everyone who looks at my Z is flabbergasted just by the looks of it. And then once I slide to unlock, start multi tasking, peeking into the Hub, making Time Shift pictures of them and (hardly) typing on the keyboard, people don't know what to say. They will look at BlackBerry when their contracts expire in a year or two or three. By that time BlackBerry 10 will have evolved into a mature OS. It will take BlackBerry years to get back on top and BlackBerry 10 is very much up to the task.

In the meantime it is up to us BlackBerry addicts/hardcore users have to keep marketing BlackBerry in our own communities because be honest, every single one who's ranting here today is very much enjoying their Z or Q or both and is looking forward to the A and will want to stick with BlackBerry...

I do feel sorry for the PlayBook owners who are duped with the news today... but honestly... we all saw it coming. However, I do believe BlackBerry has had the intention to bring bb10 to the PlayBook but it just doesn't compute with the current specs of the PlayBook and the road that we are moving on today towards the future. They should at least bring the core apps and find a way for bridge to work with BlackBerry 10. I think that would make a big difference in how PlayBook owners look at their device.

On a lighter note, for anyone who's contemplating on switching to iOS or Android or WP for that matter... I wish all of you good luck with all the screw ups you'll find there (just check out the Imore and Android Central forums) and the lack of core functions you came to rely on so much with BlackBerry. I guess we'll see you back in a couple of years. But don't worry, you'll be welcomed back by all of us. No hard feelings!

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

+1 People got to calm down. I am a PlayBook owner and today's announcement was a little disappointing but I knew there would be issues. I also knew that BlackBerry needed to focus on BB10 phones and BES10 to survive and that meant slowing their tablet development. Hopefully we can still get some updates to PB. Maybe a final OS2.2 with Android 4.2.2 and maybe an updated browser and bridge. I would be perfectly happy with that.

Except it includes the best full month (launch) the Q10 will ever have in some core BB countries such as Canada, UK and UAE. Results are till end of May right? Then the launch month was included for those countries.

Hard to see this number as positive. My only hope here is that Q10 in the US will start a bigger upgrade cycle in terms of numbers. Q10 just came out so not included in these numbers.

At least cash burn is not a factor.

Posted via CB10

Hey guys, be careful with the numbers. For example, most of you guys are from North America or Europe. These continents are always in the first wave of new devices. I'm from Brazil. I can guarantee you that the bb10 devices are still coming to my country. I'm a big fan of blackberry, so I bought mine in the first week here, but it was REALLY hard to find. And I had to choose the white Z10, because the black was not available yet. We still don't have the Q10, so I don't have to say about the Q5. Brazil is a good BlackBerry market, specially companies. 50% of companies use BlackBerry as their official corporate devices. So, what I really mean is that sometimes we can think bb10 is already in the most countries we see on the Internet, but in fact, is not. After on month, still hard to find z10 here in Brazil, but now I can see more ads about it. I really think these numbers can get bigger next quarter as all the countries received the bb10 devices for real.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should do this:

Bring back BIS.
Don't release BBM to Android and iOS.
Don't be tight on money and spend for REAL marketing and advertising of BB10 handsets.
Sell high end BB10 under 500 dollars and low end BB10 phones for 250 dollars or less.

Only like this they can gain back what they lost. I know it is losing money but in business only money brings more money and if you don't spend, you don't get.

Posted via CB10

Bringing BIS back to BB10 phones means they will have to pay for extra severs and their operations to offer free email and BBM services support.

Spending a lot and I mean LOTS more on marketing, advertising and promotion of BB10 phones perhaps like Samsung spending to market S4 as until now I feel either Thor or his CMO don't know the meaning of marketing and it's correlation with spending as their marketing or complete strategy now is a failure.

Lastly, selling phones that cost more to make cheaper and as making phones that coat less is what attracts new users. Case in point Android phones. More Android users in the world than users of other platforms because their phones simply are cheap and it doesn't matter which country you are in, be it US, UK, Sudan, Indonesia, UAE or other where... people want cheaper phones.

It is a well known fact in business that as a startup you are to lose money perhaps even in the first 3 years to break even after that and in the year 4 make a small margin and from year 5 and on make real margin. Since BB10 is an infant OS, it needs to be helped a LOT in the beginning by BlackBerry by spending/losing money on it, for BB10 to actually turn around to make money for BB.

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BB10 is a complete fiasco, 2.7 million BB10 devices shipped is ridiculously low and it will not attract application developers. If only I had not bought a Z10 in march!

there base is growing and the sales are just growing and now it's time to show off what BB10 is with commercials and I think they must drop the price a little ,also for the Q5 just to boost some extra users because the OS is not the problem. The prob is that people think about os 5 or 6 when you talk about blackberry. They are suprised when they see my Z10. Show off with and compair yourself with android/ios and show the extra

lol - get rid of the shorts? the shorts are laughing all the way to the bank. I'd short it again from here, the stock will trade between 7-9 during the summer.

Terrible numbers, especially when the Note 2, a complete niche device many laughed at, sold 5 mil in a month.

Shipped!! Same old story! How many are actually sold and in the hands of the customers? That's the question! BB will not answer. BB will go the same way as PALM! :(

I want to see numbers sold. Marketing in the US is horrible. I am the only one that i know that is using a BB10 device.

I must say that this does dampen my enthusiasm at upgrading my Z10 to the A10 later this year.

I really like my Z10 and it's working great for me. Sure more apps would be awesome but I have all I actually critically need.

My contract expires in July (I bought the Z10 outright) so I'll just go month to month and perhaps next January when the new CRTC rules kick in we'll see what the landscape looks like.

CRTC rules take effect December 4th already (PRE-Christmas!!!), I believe, "not" in January.

Just sayin' ...

Shameful & pitiful performance. How can you buy into Heins' stance of making aspirational products when the company is incapable of managing the perceptions of the company and the defense of its brand? More bumble, fumble, mumble, and stumble at BB!

Guys, all these long threads always remind me something from Windows Phone and Android history. It's a bit naive to expect that brand new OS will begin immediately sell in terms of dozens millions units. It will take more time of really hard work and collaboration of marketing/sales, engineers and board to get back on track. Remember early days of Android or Windows Phone? How much sales was in a few first quarters of their market life? I understand that most of you was so enthusiastic to immediately expect avesome device sales, but it's not how it works in general.

You are right. But no one will listen to you... Imagine if Mercury came back and released a fantastic car. There is still no way in hell they'd outsell Honda. Momentum sucks because if its against you it will drag you down before it turns around. But later its quite good :)

Meh I figure if I hold the stock long enough I'll be up again eventually. They're worth more than $10.

I wish they could stickie your comment... you are absolutely right and people here have a hard time figuring that out

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I came here from The Verge where I read BB fans were jumping off bridges, figurative speaking. As a Windows Phone user I'm very used to waiting and hoping and with WP starting to move the needle after struggling for so long it's great to see, but it took Nokia and their rapid device releases and low cost devices to make that happen. WP still has a long way to go but it's growing.

I'd like to say I see the same thing in BB's future, but they just aren't competitive on pricing and the Blackberry name just doesn't carry the weight that it used to. A friend of mine still carries a Blackberry and she's looked upon like she's using a relic. Good luck,'re going to need it.

Thank you. Some CB people needs some more WP perspective on these things. And Microsoft and Nokia have how much money in the bank? C'mon people.

And now it's complete. I left android for a better experience, and instead I get random reboots, no apps, and my stock takes it in the shorts. Thanks RIM, I mean BBRY, I mean retards that have never heard of marketing! Only a year and a half left on my contract till I can dump this thing. :(

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By the time you'll be able to dump your Z10 you'll be in love with the more mature Z11 and stick with BlackBerry either way.. ;)

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I really needed a long nap; woke up this morning with paper loss $12,000 with my BBRY shares. I might have to work up to 80 years old in order to retire. Can not count on my BBRY shares anymore... Houston, I think, I have a problem...

Wow. I didn’t expect that. Pretty depressing. But I still believe BlackBerry can turn this around. Yeah hate me for lovin my z10. :D

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I guess those of us who said upon BB10's release that it was "too little, too late" were correct.

Sorry to say - but no one cares about BB10 - it's obvious now. BB10 is a nice OS, but it doesn't really offer anything major that you can't get elsewhere - while at the same time you have to put up with the lack of an ecosystem.

Time to ditch. They've had more than enough time to get the train back on the tracks - and they're failing miserably.

I will admit I'm dissatisfied with the results from the quarterly results, however what people need to understand is that the corporate world takes a great deal longer to upgrade then the average consumer. Corporate is BlackBerry's bread and butter despite the move of a lot of companies to byod.
What really bothers me about earnings and stock fluctuations is that last quarter they reported profit which exceeds expectations and the stock moves up in the single digits. They reports a loss worse than expectations and the stock dives %20+.

My 2 cents

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I cant believe there are still some naive people who think they can turn things around. I would of thought you would of learnt from the results of the previous quarter. How much longer are you going to keep on using excuses like "but thus doesn't include q10 sales"? Low sales mean lack of apps being developed. These figures are from the biggest BB markets. Its embarrassing.

1st . This site is called crackberry: the name itself should indicate the sentiment. Shake your head and figure that out 2nd: 2, 3 quarters are not the indication of the success of as plan, since the company is not bleeding cash, the plan can be rolled out. 3rd. Everyone here knows that PR pays for folks like you to go on sites and bash a product over and over. I hear that Facebook is in trouble, head over there and post some stuff too.

Big disappointing, stocks sink 25% due failure results. Time to sell, BB is going nowhere.
Shity costumer support, false promises and no sense.

Ok these aren't fantastic numbers by anymeans, but we need to realize that Apple didn't become the market leader over 5 months. BlackBerry is trying to gain Market Share, and it's going to take some time.
The release of the z10, is the start. The phone has proved to do what the others can do, and then some, HDMI for example.
They have now entered the touch screen market, and now have two areas to secure, qwerty and lower budget phones. These alone will help establish brand awareness, and sales.
We need to remember that they have increased revenue. Marketing costs are huge. Samsung and apple spend billions on this. Also make note that Samsung is expecting a week quarter and we have all seen Apple lose a ton on their share price. Give BlackBerry a few years and they will be rolling in revenue from services, not hardware.

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If RIM hasn't made the big mistake of pushing Q10 it could have easily sold 300k more Z10, which would have made the report very good. But this is just a poor judgement, a naive mistake, a tactic error. RIM's problem is bigger.

RIM's problem is QUALITY. RIM's quality deteriorated across board in recent years from software, hardware, dev tools, to services. The reasons behind the quality problems are:

1) Corporate Governance
2) Shortage of qualified labors in Canada and in Waterloo in particular.

RIM is unlikely to survive. I just hope it land in good hands. hopefully an american company like Apple, MS, or Google.

That has been said, if RIM's board do decide to fight on, they still have a chance. Then, they should:

1) Focus on big screen devices while holding the keyboard market. Make either a big screen with keyboard, or make a double sided device. Innovate, IF they can. If not, just make a big screen touch device that doesn't have critical bugs like reboot.

2) Reorganize, streamlining. Promote the QA department as a separate business unit. I mean the QA before product release. The engineering team can still has it own testing team. If confidentiality can be worked out, RIM should outsource QA to a third party. QA for everything, from documentation, to device software, to dev tools, to hardware, to service. Current RIM QA is a rubber stamp. I don't think there is QA at all - the true reason it takes U.S. carriers a long time to certify BB device. U.S. carriers are doing QA for RIM.

3) Gradually move HQ to Toronto or Mississauga. Gradually reduce Canadian work force, then expand in U.S. and Europe. Be very careful with China. If you don't know China well don't expand too much there. You also need to replace the current HR department with a complete new one that can recruit real talents around the world.

4) Tighten accountability by using third party QA feedback. Those who contributed to the bugs like device reboot (I assume it is not a fundamental problem of QNX), Outlook synching problem, should be let go. People work for RIM should have a sense that they are making airplanes not toys (which is what Apple does).

5) Tighten corporate governance relentlessly. RIM before today's report even leaked financial result (no proof just a logic conclusion based on the volume of shorts). The leak created the negative marketing environment. Those product plan and OS leaks are additional proofs that RIM has governance problems.

6) Ownership restructuring. With the leave of Jim and Mike. The ownership of the company is ill. You have to do something about this. Without incentives you cannot motivate the workforce. I have no idea how, if possible, you can fix this. Hope the strategic review firms you hired give you some good suggestions.

I don't care about the numbers, I got my Q10 today and I'm very happy but I'm sure BlackBerry will pick up the pace in the future.

+1, me too.

I'm sure analysts will always be against BlackBerry even if they had pots of gold and a trillion dollars in revenue.

They are done! Bunch of incapable liers. They deserve to go down. They've been lying to investors all along. Who cares what you think or believe? Give me the facts. Best launch in BB history, increased production, better than expected demand, all this bs. Some of us put our hard earned money into your company, and this is how you reward us. Switching to iphone, selling my shares and never want to hear about this crapberry ever again.

First off, lets be honest, you don't have shares. I see so many people on here pretending that they are players in the stock market but surely its all BS. "They deserve to go down" just screams cry baby troll. I've been a longtime BlackBerry supporter and I, myself, am not happy with the results today. They didn't lie about the launch aspect. BlackBerry has never had the Apple or Android numbers. Their words, in regards to the launch, had to do with the momentum of BB10 upon launch. Apple has the apps, so does Android... And this point in the market, i dont blame anyone who wants to switch. Apps are the key drives to a platform these days. Its one, if not THEE most frustrating thing about being on BlackBerry. They lost users but gained in the end. Your rant doesn't give a viable solution. Just hate filled and silly. Its reeks of troll.

TAT... TAT... TAT... TAT... TAT!!!!!!..... BlackBerry, please release TAT on BB10. At this point, you need ALL you can get. Today was not a good day to be TeamBlackBerry. Getting hammered!!!

It's obvious to see who is commenting on this forum today. Let's face it, BBRY is very bad at managing it's marketing and it's tattered brand. I really like the phone, i do not buy communication devices based on sexy marketing and media messaging. However , the public does. The HTC One the phone most folks say is great has less sales then the z10, and that is due to their marketing as well. Right now only two companies can create the demand required to turn a profit. These sales number reported today have very little to do with the device and a whole lot to do with the brand and the perception of the company, and right now most consumers feel nothing or are negative about BBRY. Any turnaround will take many ,many quarters of small wins.

For those experts on this forum with short memory spans: APPLE was "done" just as Micheal Dell and other smart folks back then, Audi was a joke, in auto purgatory. Small successes for both companies added up to big wins and a better company. I submit, if you dont like the company, jump ship....but to go online and declare it dead over and over, based on a few quarters in a turnaround situation is juvenile, and reeks of PR tactics. Of course, there would not be an agenda to that type of's just all based on sharing, right?

I'm not stating things are great, in turnaround mode ...great does not show up for a while. I say things are stabilizing.......and good things will begin to show up...BUT management needs to realize where the fight is.

I remember reading that the HTC One has sold 3.7 or so million so far. It's a real beauty of a phone. I would've gotten that one if I didn't get the Z10. More people are buying that than the Z10 because of its looks and it runs Android, and Android is reliable and an excellent OS.

Though I'm guessing that Samsung's slick "The Next Big Thing is Already Here" slogan works and is what rocketed the Galaxy S3 (and S4 and Note) phones to superstardom even though those phones are so UGLY. Heck, even I remember that slogan and I don't usually remember stuff like this.

And they take a dump on existing customers with the PlayBook announcement too. So they aren't selling many new devices, don't live up to what they say with previously release ones. Anyone surprised they are still b leading subscribers?

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It's disappointing to say the least. Not a disaster but disappointing. I thought it would be around 3.5 million shipped. Hopefully A10 will add some fuel to the blackberry tank.

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It's publicity, stupid. That's all BlackBerry needs to properly succeed. I live in Mozambique and I'm using a z10 for one month. It's a great device but needs to be properly advertised in other places. I think the Q will not save BlackBerry specially because is not fashion to have a keyboard phone in our days. I'll buy one but those non BlackBerry addicted will not. So please advertise properly this great device and success will come rather sooner than later. That's my 1 cent!

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Wow this sucks and I bet it's because of USA carriers not getting the product fast enough and OS updates too.

Plus it does not help when USA stores tell customers to stay away from blackberry.

Wow very disappointing sales BlackBerry

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Say goodbye to ANY HOPES of seeing top apps on BlackBerry. They needed some kind of ground for developers to drive to BB. Whatever momentum they had, surely was lost with this news. The A10 project now needs to come well before the expect date and needs to as perfect as possible. However, NONE of that will matter if the app support continues to be as abysmal as its been.

It's funny how you only see certain people comments when there is anything remotely close to bad news.....

BlackBerry supposed to be dead 3 years now according to these prophets lmao

LongLive Berry!!!

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SirJes, sales that are 35% below expectations and a 26% drop in share price is more than remotely close to bad news. It's more of a 'the ship that your on is sinking and the life boats are all gone' kind of news.

Expectations are expectations. Who speculated those number out anyway? They did better than the lower expectations. Why not go by that? If you play the stock market expect to see lots of ups and downs. C'est la vie.

Bloody newspapers are killing BlackBerry man. The phone is great, many tech sites say so, but every time I read a mainstream paper, there's either nothing, or negativity about this company.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

I'll be reading the Toronto Star Business section tomorrow morning. Even though they are a Toronto newspaper they love to plaster bad news about BBRY on the front page. The only time I have seen good news is on the back page of their business section. The news on TV today was a bit more optimistic though.

BlackBerry have a better product than Apple does with their iPhone. Marketing is better than previous, but it isn't marketed enough.

Don't look at this in a bad way, BlackBerry is growing in profits.

Also, it will be better to look at BlackBerry 10 market share when all 6 devices are on the market. 2.7 million (at least) X 6 is over 16 million. That's saying that the others will be as popular as the current Z10 and Q10, which I think is reasonable. Q5 will be a success, and products like that will only have a ripple effect on other products.

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

The results were really disappointing from my viewpoint. I'm sorry, but 2.7 million sales is pathetic for an entire quarter. The marketing and promotion of the Z10 and Q10 devices have been sub-par at best.

These results are really a wake up call for BlackBerry to make changes in the way that they are doing things. And they can begin by getting a new CMO.

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The stock took a beating today, but it is definitely not worth all the quotes from people saying the company's dead (we've all heard that for the past year and a half).

Android and Windows phone also began by getting hammered and SLOWLY rose to the top (without the bad press that BlackBerry has).

BlackBerry needs time, aggressive marketing and updates to match. When you buy stock you should be it for the long haul or not at all

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Finding sell through info for any phone is very difficult for the average investor. Number shipped is a relatively meaningless supply chain factor. You had about a million Z10's sold to one supplier that was reported, but their sell through you won't find. I look for discounts to tell me how filled the supply chain is and how models are moving, or not. Discounts were starting to get heavy prior to earnings on Z10.

Their next quaterly results won't be better at all :) If you piss your customers as muchas with your shameless PB lying, then please rot in hell...

Not the end of the world; the sun will rise again tomorrow. However, with that should come the resignation of whomever is currently in charge of BBRY marketing. Love my phone but can't believe the crappy job with how it is being marketed and the OS update fragmentation..

Agreed. And yes they need to find a better way to update the phones. Putting it in the hands of carriers was a bad idea. In the US this could have been the sole reason for lower sales numbers than expected. Which, IMO, were too high to begin with.

As much as I could care less about apps etc, people fall for iphones etc because of them. BlackBerry will never have the following again. So, make the best of what you have and who you do market too. THEY will never compete with the others again.

Marketing does suck big time. Try running some interesting adds for fuck sakes! Shareholders holding the bag again. Pissed!

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As much as I agree, marketing is HUGE, it would cost buku dollars to do. YET, will never have the response needed to turn around. Stop trying to compete in every aspect, and focus on what it is capable of reaching.

I agree. Seems they are relying on a grass roots movement. Well, the grass is getting mighty thin and crusty.

Even an add with some humour or something interesting. Something that stands out a little. Cm on BlackBerry!

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... oh darn. My $0 investment in RIM is still at $0. And why'd it miss? Because there's too many isheepers and ifad'ers, that's my best guess.

You announce this after your joke of quarterly sales like a spoilt little brat boo hoo wa wa!,your an F***ing joke BlackBerry!. A slim down bb10 for playbook was all that's needed or update android runtime with front camera support or bbm cross platform support via playbook. You promised in January and I waited 6 months. BlackBerry your dead in the water sell before your bankrupt!!!
Customer always right in UK,apparently not in Canada with regards BlackBerry. I couldn't even get a playbook rapid charger fixed in UK,as BlackBerry denied ownership of making product,ha ha ha. Get your f***ing house in order quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm long from the start and that's what it means to me, long. Don't invest money you can't miss. BlackBerry is back about 6 months so i'm giving them a lot more time. I'm long as I said and I don't panic easily. Patience cause Rome wasn't build in day. Still happy with my Q10.

CB10 - Q10

I still feel like a 25% stock drop was an over-reaction. After checking the numbers, the increased marketing spend + the difference in recovered income tax means they would have turned a greater profit than last quarter. Revenue was up $400 million. Factor out the losses from Venezuela. Additionally, with most people locked into smartphone contracts, product launches are less relevant but BB is still a great choice with great reviews.
In no way are these numbers great but the Q10 will be a better seller.
IMO too many people hit the panic button here.

The continued decline of the number of subscribers is worrisome. Losing millions each quarter is not good!! It means more and more people aren't interested in the brand anymore. Not good!!

It looks like Stymiest has been spending too much time writing her new book vs. steering the BB ship. Given what's been going on at BB who in their right mind would buy it. Lots of talk in it but no walk. Look at the demise at BB on her watch as director and chair person.

BlackBerry sells as many bb10 in 3 apple sells the iPhone in a after the results all u losers shut the fk up and sell ur bb10 else no one will buy it after a qtr

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Fairweather fans. Jeesh. Most of the comments here are bordering on hysterics. I'm happy with my z10. That's not to say I want substantial improvements, and fast.

Now, many people here don't understand the extent to which BlackBerry was in trouble. In others words, they will need at least a couple of more quarters. Turnarounds of this size take time.

Think about it, last year at this time BlackBerry's operating losses were ~500mil. They are now~ 83mil. What's more, the company is still sitting on a mound of cash with very little debt. People wanting instant results are not being realistic.

The company has turned the corner and it will take them a bit of time to accelerate, provided they continue to implement major overhauls. The biggest one IMHO includes its abysmal marketing. The brand is still a joke for many.

I'm not happy that my PlayBook won't bet upgraded and my stock is taking a beating. But my z10 is a major step up frpm my iPhone and I'm confident that BlackBerry will sort it out by years end. So much so that I just bought more stock.

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