BlackBerry to announce Q3 Fiscal 2014 results on Friday, December 20, 2013

By Bla1ze on 22 Nov 2013 06:18 pm EST

It's getting close to that time again where BlackBerry has to offer up everyone a look at their financial stats, more specifically, their Third Quarter Fiscal 2014 Results. The announcements will take place on December 20th, 2013 and you can find the full details below.

A conference call and live webcast will be held beginning at 8 am ET, which can be accessed by dialing 1-800-814-4859 or through your BlackBerry® 10 smartphone, personal computer or BlackBerry® PlayBook tablet at the BlackBerry Investors site

A replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 10 am by dialing (+1)416-640-1917 and entering pass code 4612570# or by clicking the link above on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, personal computer or BlackBerr PlayBook tablet. This replay will be available until midnight ET January 3, 2014.

As always, we'll be tuned into the event and follow up with plenty of commentary and likely a podcast when the event is over. We'll also be sure to post a reminder as the event gets closer as well.

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BlackBerry to announce Q3 Fiscal 2014 results on Friday, December 20, 2013


Good luck with that. I don't think that you will see any ROI for a long time to come.

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Common shareholders..
The share will reach just under $3.
Hurry up and sell what you have.
RMS BERRY is sinking

They had to "write off" about a billion in inventory to avoid coming close to breaking even last time.

With all that free inventory, they will have to try really hard this time.

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The inventory isn't "free". If they used GAAP the inventory was written down to their fair market value which is a subjective number but it is not $0.00

Well how many million z10s are really in inventory? $1 billion adds up to a $500 write down of 2 million units or a $250 write down of 4 million units, and that's from cost. Sounds like we're getting close to zero...

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It should be dubbed "The Red Wedding", only we'll be expecting it this time.

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Here we go again. Mr Chen do something to turn this around

Posted from the best mobile device Z10 10.2.0. 1803

I wonder if there will be any surprises. I'm hoping they talk a bit about the recently announced acquisition and how that's been developing.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible Q10!

Oh goody! Another round of "The sky is falling!" and "Doom on BlackBerry!"

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Faith? More like blind faith!

Faith in what exactly?:
- good luck the iCEO will take no blame for a sinking ship and sorry it IS sinking!! Chen is old enough to fake his earnings, bonus and parting $$ to retire there is no real incentive for him to really help this company he is guaranteed his pay irregardless to what happens to BlackBerry.

- Z10 is nice but let's face it it has failed mass appeal, mostly likely to parrots repeating verbatim what is in the press at launch that BlackBerry is Dead. So marketing efforts where mostly waisted, not all but mostly.
- Q10 an amazing device and I still, yes STILL plan to own one but not enough was done with Bb10.0/1 to highlight it's true prowess against a largely touch screen inky world. BlackBerry miserably FAILED Here at this. Shameful really.

QNX / BB10 - Both are top notch but neither is the problem nor utilized effectively enough in the public eye, BES10 gets clout but it's still weak against the hundreds of thousands of Good, AirWatch, MobileIron, and other servers globally. This BES10 has done a fantastic job so much so YHESE guys should become in charge of full corporate BlackBerry leadership not others inside or outside!! The struggles b their having is directly placed abs source by horrible market research and utilization, marketing the OS not just the brand or hardware on a GLOBAL scale and far too staggered launch cycles this year.

Oh yeah back to products, who's the ass hate that approved building yet another BBOS device after the last CEO out a their coffin on the product line????!!!??

So please enlightened us why you have faith? I'm very curious as I'd really, honestly really still have it. Canadian.

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You are no better than all the rest who hate on BlackBerry. You may have some points, but they are all negative. I have the z10, and have acquired the z30. It buries the iPhone completely. Put the leak OS and load up on the apps. The iPhone has its own issues, but they are totally forgiven. Why....the answer is simple. people like you point all the hate at BlackBerry, blind followers get on board, and Apple is the hero. Guaranteed, head to head this device makes the iPhone look like a toy.

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We were told before to expect losses. Do you think anybody remembered? Didn't calm the storm one bit. It's like everyone was surprised and shocked when they posted losses. If they started posting even the smallest of profits nobody would bat an eye.

Wrong...that would be way against what is expected. that is what they need to show, but I am afraid BB10 hasn't caught on yet. More time is needed. More bleeding ahead.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

It'll come when it comes. Could not be worse than last quarter and there isn't anything new implemented yet.

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BlackBerry going to announce Q3 2014 results in December 2013?????? WTF?

Did blackberry just invent time travel? Hopefully Q3 2014 is better than Q3 2013!!! :)

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Lemme didn't study business or ever have a job that dealt with finances, right?

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Do you ask that every time a company posts results for a fiscal year that is ahead of the calendar year? Does it not get old?

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Yes, much like how everyone asks if they invented time travel or something every time a 'fiscal report' comes up. I mean, is Google all that hard?

Hey, I just got a notification about os update to Software release Does anyone know what this one brings?

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It brings dark theme to text, calendar and contacts. Also a much easier way to link contact and I'm sure other things I haven't noticed yet. Seems to run smoother too.

...we are all connected...

Downloaded it few hrs ago still looking for some news on it. Only 26MB so probably not much. Although I was having problems receiving and sending pics through SMS for quite some time now and I am with Telus so hope that's the fix.

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Nothing much, but I noticed that the overall functionality is better, application opens faster and runs smoother. My friends that lose their media gallery and other icons as a result of the update to had everything back. Other than these am not sure there is anything I observed.

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Back up your phone before you update the official, I had major issues and then on restart my phone said my media card was encrypted from another device and I lost 2 months of baby pictures and videos of my son

Posted via my  Z10.2.1.1055

I will never understand why people don't backup their most significant "only copies" of photos, etc. Sorry, I have no sympathy.

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They don't set up to sync with my box, and that failed as well, I'm not looking for your sympathy, just reminding him to do a back up and not to trust an official OS as I did

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Lol ofc this might not be good,

But that's expected! But ofc people are going to come here again to achieve like it's a huge surprise

I'm not expecting anything much right now, until chen has some time to actually try new things and start fresh from what he was left with, I won't expect muc,

I'll be avoiding the post of the results on cb come that day...because I know what a certain group of people are going to come here to say.

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I'm sure they're already in their WhatsApp groups discussing their plans.

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

I've heard Mr.Chen speak on video....His choice of words is a 1000x better than Heins...this guy actually has a pulse. Heins made Q2 sound worse than it was ^

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You are correct. Heins sounded scared and like did not have a clue about why things were so bad.

Last time you heard from him.

They put him on ice after that performance.

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Still no time to be long.

Buy BlackBerry phones not the stock! You'll get more value out of your money for now.

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I'll be taking some antidepressants and stroking my still amazing z10. Who cares anyways. The phone will still run strong.

From my Straight Talk Z10

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I worry nothing has changed and sales of bb10 will continue dismally owing to the continued uncertainty surrounding the company.

Bloodbath ahead. The new CEO needs to get out in front of the Q3 Earnings Report as quickly as possible. The cash infusion from Fairfax Financial Holdings et. al. won't carry the company if the exodus of enterprise, professional and consumer segments continues to erode shareholder, analyst, and user confidence.

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As soon as the stock dips below $4 i'm buying tons of shares and hoping that I get lucky and Chen turns the company around. If not then at least I didn't lose much

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Doesn't that depend on how many shares you buy? If you buy 10,000 shares and the stock tanks to pennies, that's a ~$40,000 loss which I would consider a lot. :)

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Here we go. Will it be good or bad? Are they playing horseshoes or with hand grenades?

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They can't skip out on this more tricks up their sleeve to hide from the inevitable...lets hope they are good but lets also hope they stand behind what has happened and have a plan to change things moving forward.

BB10 is great. Have both the z10 and z30. Here is the problem. Z10 has a later release pushed by Rogers than the z30 out of the box. So I cannot switch devices until Rogers pushes the same or at least later revision than the z10. Now today they push another z10 update, which I dare not load. So Rogers is getting even for us forcing them to carry the the z30. Well guess what Rogers. My corporate account is heading to Bell when contract renewal comes. The carriers are killing BlackBerry. The other thing I don't like about BB10 is the CB app. FIX THE END OF PAGE PROBLEMS you morons. Else everything is fantastic...except the Q3 results.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Curious 007 what build is your z10 on with Robbers? I unlocked mine and out in my WIND sim card and haven't been prompted for any updates. Does the update break anything? Maybe I should put my Rogers sim card inside and download the update. is my current release and is my os version.

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This is going to be BRU-TAL!!! It's gonna be real real real bad.

Will have to mentally prepare for a media firestorm of negativity of the most extreme kind. I predict it will be worse than anything we've ever seen -- and we've seen it get pretty bad, so that is saying a LOT!

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LOL, BlackBerry already had a disastrous Quarter, it was the last Quarter. There is no more bad news to come out of BlackBerry IMO. And all those phones which they could not account for last quarter will now show up in this quarter hence stronger BB10 sales.

Nah, I think we have at least one more bad quarter. When the company was up for sale, nobody bought BlackBerrys because they wanted to see what would happen. Z30 is good, but word of mouth uptake will be a slow ramp up. The Z10 price cuts may slow the bleeding, but I don't see any upward movement starting until after Chen unveils his strategic plan. That may happen at or just before the earnings report. The week after Thanksgiving would be ideal to grow some confidence during peak Holiday shopping season.

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Many inventory got sold @ reduced prices, expect better result then last quarter, also many more added in enterprises solutions list.

Hats off to a company coming out from tummy of shark :)

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Whatever happens will happen, I am a blackberry fan and share holder, I don't worry bout it.
BlackBerry forever

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All the write downs and the negativity were in the last Quarter. This Quarter IMO will be much better, with either a Break Even or a Profit. This Quarter should also show stronger BB10 device sales. Despite some dubious stats being spread around about BBRY losing market share, if you look at Stat Counter, it clearly shows BBRY gaining slow but steady Mobile OS market share in the USA, UK and Africa, just to name a few.

In comparison, WP8 basically has already flopped in North America, but has been gaining in Europe.
BlackBerry finally has a strong BOD and smart CEO, well just looking at his credentials and his past performance, he's the right man for the job, to bring BlackBerry back from the black and into the glory.

BlackBerry Z10 & Z30 rock any mobile device to date.

How about shut the fuck up.

Don't put that big mouth without proper backup.

Selling in low pace. It might not be selling in your region but sales are good here so that makes ua statement invalid.

I also keep on hearing bbm ad on our local radio station. And big blackberry banners every in shopping malls. Service centres giving awesome help here.

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STFU. Wow.
So i guess unless i just tag along with positive BB news or tow the same line , any opinion that is deemed as negative here I guess ?
Thanks. Just confirms how shallow some here are , such as you.

Nice. Exactly what I expect from some here.
How this........... BB Devices are FLYING off the shelves. That better ?.

I agree,he must know for sure, the potential ,or he wouldn't take the job.I am also hoping ,that this man can sell ,the thousands of contacts, all over the world that he has.Did you know that he served as an advisor for President Bush's export council commitee,or something like that.If he pulls this off it is because BB has something very innovative coming soon,I hope for and believe in Waterloo.

BlackBerry phones are NOT SELLING.

Why is everyone not getting it. How can they post positive news when they sales are not there.
you can have Faith, or any other belief that you want.
Things will never EVER get better until the Sales # start to become relevant, and that might never happen as BB is deep in it .

This may not be a great year for BlackBerry, but I'm impressed as a newer BlackBerry user. For me O/S Ten has been nothing but getting better and better. My favorite phone ever, My Z10. Let's go BlackBerry.

Loving 10.2

You are awesome! Glad your loving BB10. Cheers! There is no other "mobile computing device " on the market. Only old ass smartphones. So dated. Lol.

BB10 the Productivity workhorse.

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-Blackberry is the best.
- Negative comments on crackberry means either they are android user or iPhone user lol.
- keep up the good work blackberry amazing work on BB10 and 10 OS. Looking forward to new software update.
- nothing beats the full quatery blackberry keyboard.

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We all love BB10, but we're also realistic in the fact that the number of us who have jumped on board with BB10 is not getting bigger fast enough.

It doesn't mean BB10 is bad (it isn't, in fact it's pretty awesome IMO).

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I for one want BlackBerry to only grow big enough to have a good stock price, and also allow me to be set apart from the masses. You know, the guy with the business advantage because he uses BlackBerry.

"You know, the guy with the business advantage because he uses BlackBerry."

What exactly is that advantage?

So, now explain me how bb10 devices can sale when either absent from the operator shops (including online one) or still shown at the introduction price or only being said as refurbished? only the ones really chasing for bb10 can buy at the heavier discounter such as amazon uk right now or de for the q10. Z30 is not distributed by almost any carrier... the user base decreases and cut bis revenue stream, and enterprises hardly switch to bes 10, and 4000 new jobs cut have been announced, but i haven't read these have been provisioned, only devices inventory has... Last, the new ceo, shall throw all (or even more) the bad news now, to have a chance showing progress. i'm betting for another bloody quarter.

BlackBerry phones have been selling and I see many people getting their hands on bb10 since prices have dropped...
And that writedown was in the last quarter... but I don't expect them to show profit... but the losses won't be that huge as the last quarter...
They may show profit the next quarter or so....
Media will be giving a hard time....bashing.

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I'm excited to how much has moved since last quarter. I know what to expect, but I'm hoping for some good signs.

I am confused; Q3 fiscal 2014 on December 20, 2013?? Is it supposed to be Q3 fiscal 2013?

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Every day that passes without a thorough C-level house cleaning, leads me to doubt Mr Chen's ability to turn things around. The fact that the failed CMO is still around to chum it up and pitch the pointless Porsche Designed "Z10", speaks volumes about how clueless senior sales and marketing management at BlackBerry continues to be. I hope that Mr Chen is going to cut them loose before this next shareholders meeting.

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

Remember last Q's horrific results? BB still had full carrier support during that entire Q, and was even still advertising during part of it. This Q there has been ZERO advertising and a nearly wholesale abandonment by North American carriers, with most carriers not even stocking phones in the stores.

Then you have the "company is for sale" issues which has scared away most corporate sales, or at the very least, has delayed those purchases.

Why anyone believes that BB10 sales are going to be UP compared to last Q, I just don't understand. The vast majority of people buy their phones from the carrier stores, and if the carriers don't stock BB phones, very few will buy them. It's mostly just the hardcore BB fans upgrading, and those numbers are nothing compared to, say, Q1, when the Z10 and Q10 were just hitting.

If you thought last Q's sales were bad, you haven't seen anything yet.

North American carriers or did you mean USA carriers?!

Telus, Rogers, Bell, and Fido All.still carry both the Z19 & Q10 in every major corporate retail the words of the virgin marry.. come again

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Went to AT&T yesterday, not a single Blackberry on display. None. Zip. Nada. No one buys them, no one will. Product is great, but only the people on Crackberry forum know about it. Meanwhile the shares are still going down. And i believe they will hit 3-4$ next month.

We need to keep supporting BlackBerry as long as it is alive rather spreading the bitching about it her in cb forums.

Just be positive and support them even if they are having a hard time.

If you keep on attacking BlackBerry image then please move your ass to android central or imore.

They will give you more value.

Don't keep shitting in a place created ro support blackberry.

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I'm sure all the BlackBerry haters and media looking for anything to draw the people's attention from the government activities will be flowing us with (-) crap. But who cares? BlackBerry is here to stay!!!

Posted via CB10

Positive expectations are:

Major building sales,
Potential hardware unit collaboration or sale while outsourcing for hardware manufacturing and assembly while Quality Control and BB10 OS is loaded up on arriving to BlackBerry sites?
Huge write off or tax break to the tune of Billion cash.

- refine product launch dates, with more competitive specs sorry I know about QNX but it's about sales the life blood of the company we're talking about here.
- possible use of more solar panels or natural fuel power farms to reduce energy costs - this winter could be a very cold one and energy rates go up based on usage this maybe too costly and far too late to implement to see an immediate reduction on grid consumption and less $ spent.

Massive waterloo coop program to utilize fresh ideas of productivity, design, engineering and marketing. Modern minds for modern times.

Posted via CB10

1st of all: the results will be odd!
2nd: if you want to make money with BlackBerry shares, then you have to buy "put certificates".
3rd: f*ck my opinions above!

BlackBerry sell like HELL, not like "oh with this price I will still have 25% margin"!!!!

Do it like android and give cheap prices and people will give it a try!
Apple is going down too!

Posted via CB10

It's going to be interesting ,MR.CHEN'S first ER ,we get to see, why he got this challenging job.I am hoping ,and may start praying,that he delivers.One thing pisses me off though,with the 1Billion cash infusion,it creates a sort of Class A shareholder,with BB paying them 6% a year for the privilege.that's one hell of a dividend that we common shareholders don't realize.

Any reason to expect ANY positive news at all? Or should I just go ahead and give myself self-inflicted nutshots just to spare any pain coming my way?

I swear if this is another round of shitty news I want to see Boulben's head on a spike...remember Ned Stark? Exactly! I'm just saying!

Cartman says: Screw you guys, I'm going home!

My birthday hope it brings good luck. If it doesn't I hope the Blackhawks beat the Canucks.

Sent via Zed10

Over the last month or two I have been told by a dozen or so iPhone users that they think they will grab a BlackBerry for their next phone. As iPhone has had issues, especially since the last upgrade. It takes time to win customers back. It does not happen over night. Contracts with phone providers also need to run out, which can be a year or two for most. At this time the only thing that is hurting BlackBerry is the negative talk and negative media. Can't believe I hear the negative talk here. We are all marketers of BlackBerry. So if you really like the product then say it. Cut out your negative personalities, it does not help anyone or anything. Start marketing BlackBerry now.

Posted via CB10

Sorry ,did that ,done that .I's true what you say about contracts,but do you really want to loose your friends, because you are doing their job?BB's job.I gave it a shot,kept the candle burning,now it's up to them.

Are they going to do pre-annoucements this time to screw the shareholders or make things look better than they really are.

The only pre announcement they could possibly make, to make the stock go up is about BBM at this time,but then the media will say something like;BB Pins It's hope on BBM,You know what's coming from Wall Street before any good news hits the wires.Maybe this time they'll shoot themselves in the foot because we all know it's about the Pin's that make BBM special.

what does everyone suggest, to buy stock this monday or wait till after the fiscal results in december?

Blackberry will report a loss for the next quarter. This is mainly due to the repercussions of trying to sell the company, so confidence was lacking. But after this quarter things will start to improve. The main thing is the new CEO doesn't want to get blamed for this bad quarter. After the news breaks thing will get bizarre, but depending on how the CEO handles the situation it will lessen the impact of a bad quarter. Also by that time a new plan or strategy will be in place to spell out how they intend to get the company back on the road to recovery. Remember the last call how TH looked shell shocked and made what was essentially a slight loss look like Armageddon. The way a CEO handles a bad situation can really make a difference on how the stock market reacts.

Long live BB! And that is going to piss the NSA lovers out there with the iphones, google phones , microsoft phones etc....

Posted via my BlackBerry Z30.

Well I bought a song from app world for $1.29 so I hope they at least made $1 in profit for the quarter, lol

I'm just kidding.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

The official date is 20th December, so maybe they will announce their result a week before. And maybe cancel the conference call. Or just go somewhere else and play golf. Yes, still bitter on the last quarter mess up and stock manipulation.

BlackBerry should not care about a few bad quarters. They should be worrying about getting as many handsets in people's hands as possible. When the framework is laid out then push for service revenue from the app world and what ever else they can come up with. A turn around can take 5 years to rebuild confidence in the brand. Unfortunately, koodo, fido and virgin not offering the q10 or z30 is really going to hurt.

I think Google can afford to take a loss on each phone they sell because they have the services to back it up. I'm not saying that I want BlackBerry to be Google but the playing field, as it stands right now, is not even. What will blackberry do in light of this? If they stop services or handset design it is not going to be good. We need a 4th player who can stand for exactly what their competitors are not but still have many of the same features that the competitors have.

What do you propose, Mr Chen?

Posted via CB10

Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Maybe someone mentioned it already, but I haven't gone through every post. . .
BlackBerry is announcing Q3 2014 results in December 2013? Is that meant to say Q3 2013?


Posted via CB10

Q3 "Fiscal" 2014 is different than Q3 2014. They are not the same.
A fiscal year (or financial year, or sometimes budget year) is a period used for calculating annual ("yearly") financial statements in businesses and other organizations.

I expect BBRY to either break even or make a little profit. A few things to take into account. BBRY put all its negative eggs into one basket last quarter. A few being the write downs and not yet providing total sales yet. This tells me we should see better BB10 hardware sales, and more BES10 installs this quarter.

We also have that Government tax refund rumoured to be a 1/2 Billion dollars worth. My point is everything negative was placed in last quarter. IMO they figure, throw in all the negativity now so that this quarter and beyond will seem like a fresh start.

I am optimistic with the upcoming Quarter. Keep in mind, despite BBRY's lacking marketing/advertising and ridiculous "FOR SALE" desicion which should never have been announced nor thought of, all this is now in the past, and we now have a new motivated BOD and CEO with a proven track record to turn companies around for the betterment of its consumes, investors and the industry as a whole.

Good bye blackberry thank you for the past few years, as I heard today the losses are too much to stay alive. I blame the failed upper management that destroyed this wonderful company even though they got sacked a tad late damage has been done. Sadly crackberry might come to an end as well but thanks for the wonderful news feeds. Good luck to you all.

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BlackBerry needs to be able to ride out the short term. Focus in Christmas sales with targeted publicity. Saw an advertisement on Canadian TV last night which was totally uninspiring. U live in Italy where I never see one promotion. This can not work in this market.

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