Report suggests BlackBerry and India end lawful access dispute

By Bla1ze on 10 Jul 2013 10:02 pm EDT

The disputes between BlackBerry an India over lawful access in the country have seemingly after several years of arguments, come to an amicable end, according to documents reviewed by The Economic Times from the Department of Telecommunications. 

As noted by The Economic Times, India's law enforcement agencies will soon be able to track e-mail as well as e-mail attachments on a real time basis over BlackBerry smartphones, view 'read' and 'delivered' statuses from BlackBerry Messenger as well as intercept web-browsing.

The one huge exception to the lawful access enforcement though is that Government agencies will still have no access to records those making use of BlackBerry Enterprise Server solutions according to comments taken from a BlackBerry spokesperson. A stance BlackBerry has taken since all of this started many years ago. They will however, know who is making use of BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

"The lawful access capability now available to BlackBerry's carrier partners meets the standard required by the Government of India for all consumer messaging services offered in the Indian marketplace. We also wish to underscore, once again, that this enablement of lawful access does not extend to BlackBerry Enterprise Server,"

The documents also claim that the services will be monitored out of Mumbai, where BlackBerry had previously set up servers to help with the negotiations after India had threatened to ban all BlackBerry services back in 2011, unless the facilities were put in place.

In addition to that, it also notes that BlackBerry will be training up to five officials for the Mumbai facilities to handle the technical architecture, operation and maintenance of the monitoring operations. Honestly, I thought they had come to this resolution long ago but I guess there was still some kinks being worked out.

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Report suggests BlackBerry and India end lawful access dispute


Probably a very good thing! Terrorist groups have been using bbm and BIS to coordinate activities for much too long! Hopefully this will cut down on terrorist activities!

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Security vs Privacy

Privacy is always going to loose - The needs of the many out way the needs of the few (or the one).

So all BES customers in India will now be flagged, especially new ones. I wonder if BlackBerry will have to report that information to the Indian government on the fly?

BlackBerry never deviated from the story that it would not/could not provide BES access. Finally India concedes this. As will the media, hopefully.

To whom will be granted the next concession? Rusia? Iran? Pakistan? Venezuela? Terrible move BlackBerry !

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I was just about to say something like this. Why is everyone so happy that a government is allowed to openly spy on people?

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I don't think they are happy about the spying, it's that they didn't lose a major market. At least the that's the way I'm looking at it.

The lack of privacy sucks to those that have it, but for Indian citizens, it may be a non issue considering, that's life in India.

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India faces a extremist terrorism on a regular basis. This is a democratic country if the citizens of that country don't want to be spied on they can change their laws.

The point of the servers being in India is for government access look where the servers are if you want to know what governments have access to data.

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Not to start a huge political debate but I think Snowden has proved that to be false. The biggest most successful democracy can't seem to control the law breaking and unconstitutional government. So I have no hope for any other nation..

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Russia doesn't even fool around. You can own a best in Russia. You connect to a bes owned by the carrier and that bes accesses your mailbox using credentials you give to them.

It says right in the post "available to BlackBerry carrier partners"
Wonder if that means all carrier partners, or just the ones that ask. Lol.

So, the average user has no more privacy or security with a BB than an iPhone or Droid...fml.

I understand it all has to do with increasing the bottom line, but I feel it's also a bit of a sell-out.


Considering BlackBerry's financial situation what else could they do.

Here's to the death of free speech.

' People shouldn't fear their Government, rather Government should fear their people. '

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You still have free speech the issue is privacy and if you're not doing anything sinister no one cares what you write.

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Bad news if you like freedom. Money's nice though.

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Terrorists can just buy prepaid and dump them everyday. This isn't about terror as much as privacy invasion for other reasons.

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Each sim card bought is tracked and has to be registered to a person by presenting a valid id. It would be hard for terrorists or foreigners to get one.

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Just in case you don't realize, this isn't just a blackberry problem. IPhone, android, laptops, desktop. It don't matter what you use over there, they have access to all your electronic communications. With the exception of BES.

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National security is no joking matter. I would have to agree with the Indian government on this one.

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"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Benjamin Franklin

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Everyone uses encrypted short wave radio, or cheap phones that you dump after a few days.

You've just been trolled by the gov. lol

Why is everyone having a fit about it? If you don't have anything to hide who cares?! They are not marketing based on your msgs or knocking on your door because you called the government idiots. Relax ppl, they are trying to monitor terrorists and would be terrorists. Bunch of babies and their privacy crying, frickin hippies. How often do you delete the apps that ask for content permission?!

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Are you dumb? Maybe people have nothing to hide, but it doesn't mean that the government should monitor its citizens. What if I came home to you and installed cameras and microphones in each and every room to protect you against burglars? You have nothing to hide, so it should be fine?

Well, I'm for one does _not_ want to give up all my liberties and rights which our parents and their parents (etc) have fought so hard for. Terrorists kill fever people than cars do - why are we so damned paralyzed by some stupid religious nutjobs?

But, as this is not a political forum, back to the main topic: BBM is no more secure than anything else out there. You want security? Make your own, or run jabber/xmpp with gpg (gnupg). BlackBerry's security advantage went out the window several years ago when Android and iOS got a full root partition encryption, way more flexible security control, etc. Competition is fierce, so get your head out of your ***, BlackBerry.

Well I, or the majority in my house, didn't vote for you so I would not allow you to place those cameras

Swoosh... swiped from my Z10

So voting for a person/politician/government gives them full access rights to your life? Interesting... Well, I don't agree.

If BES is the only secure thing which BlackBerry has now days, what advantage does it have over the competition? An iPhone or an Android phone with encrypted root partition, VPN and Exchange seems to be preferable, and is probably cheaper too.

I like neither Android nor iOS, but BlackBerry is really trying to make it as hard as possible to have or feel any positive attitude towards them. :/

I didn't vote for you to choose the path of the country i live in, how to spend my tax dollars or how to protect my and my family/friends lives. If i chose a security company to install security equipment in my house, and they said we will monitor your house whilst you are away or sleeping, by all means do it. Again, they are not snooping around your emails and replying for u, or uploading your personal pictures to their hardrive. they are reading msgs sent and if their system detects 'bomb set' 'all plans ready for attack' (I'm just randomly picking things) it will alert a team of ppl to relay that info or look into it. I'm sure they won't tell your boss that you took a day off work to party. Now stop being a hippie...

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Take the singh out of your name, Khalistan Zindabad our bros use short wave radio anyway.


You are no son of guru gobind singh if you let these theives steal the records of innocent people. This is India, you know this information is used to oppress people, the people you claim to be one of, daily.


+1723, 1762, 1947, & 1984

Five is supposed to be a sacred number, and after abdali broke take twice, we broke that homosexual pedophile's 'empire'.

20 killed 1000 - Rajiv Gandhi and generals said; outnumbered, and outgunned but not out fought the Singhs were.

1897 Lee Enfield. 303 vs
Ak-47, Heli (Soviet modern), tanks (soviet)

The modern army lost at a ratio that makes 300 look like a pillow fight at a girl's sleepover.

They flood drugs, our mountains flood them.

Let's see if Hind Sarkar has the balls for round 2.

Jo Bole So Nihaal
Sat Sri Akal

Khalistan Zindabad


They waste resources seeing what I say on the net, mean less resources to find pour brothers.

That's why I troll so hard, and speak so much. ;)


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There's no religious bs you fake sardar, cut your hair and convert to Islam you sulla.

If the Sikh regiment wasn't 'religious' in the war of 65 and refused retreat orders you wouldn't be born cuz ur family would have been raped.

Seriously bro, change your name to Akthar Hussain, or to fucking Rampal Kumar or some christian BS GTFO quom.

Cut ur hair and convert so I don't feel anything when you get shot. What am I biggoted about? I am prejudiced against loss of freedom, and security? Of course, any sane and rational human being should be, only a slave wouldn't be.

You sir, are a slave and the opposite of a sikh. Does a lion guard himself or have someone else do it? Also your security company analogy falls flat because it is also snooping on other people without their consent. Also, if you look at history or even the present these schemes are only there to further the police state, and crush political dissent.

Similar to how they wanted to kill Bhindrawala because he preached religion and was countering communism. Big Indian Mlas have admitted it was the USSR who wanted Bluestar.

Again, read or go play in shit with the chamars (ravidassia) cuz that's where your mind is.

I love all people, act like a man and quit being a little bitch.


U love all ppl?! Lmao good one, stop being a pretend Sikh and a fake soilder don't disrespect what our 10 gurus taught, respect for're being a prick calling me a sulla and what not, sharam kare thori ji sala gandu. ppl should watch after ur msgs, ruin a perfect Khanda adding Ak and ammo, sala bewakoof

Posted via Z10

Ok keshdhari hindu. Khanda is made of shastar u do realize that right? No insults or anything anymore, but do u know the history of it?

And guru gobind singh ji said

That without rule religion will die,a nd without religion there is only confusion.

Sikhi is not just going to a gurudawara essentially praying like a pagan and then coming home to love the same government that murders millions for spying on you to crush any movment to stop that.

That is the epitome of slavery, tyranny and manmat. I think you may already know all of this though.


Are you from UK?

It is very possible to love all people, and yet still fight them even when there is a course of injustice or tyrannical actions taken by them.

Keeping your hair doesn't make one a sikh, the rehat is what guru ji loves not the sikh. Guru Gobind Singh Ji said this, so why are you here asking a government to protect you, when that government is only there to increase the wealth of the Gandhi-Nehru dynasty.

Shastar K Adheen Hai Raj.


Interesting conversation though, I hope you learn one day.

May satgur have kirpa.

I mean, are you one of those people who go around saying Sikhi is a religion of peace?
edit -
Do you go the gurudawara, and then (seems like you from there) you go and be 'hip' with your white friends that you have some kind of different religion, in a 'multicultural' world where you can have this cool symbol of swords and we can all go to mandirs, mosques, etc. and love everyone.

Good idea in theory, but others don't love but act two-face and back-stab.
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Parroting that line around after the sullas makes you one.

Islam is not a religion of peace either, it's an evil cult.

We are saint soldiers, what fake soldier am I acting like?

The objective here was to reach out to a brother, and also waste RAW resources in background checks etc.

Both have been completed althought I'm not sure if I reached your heart/atma or did this message of the gurus and guru's daas get blocked by the consumerist music of maya.

We'll see from your next comment if there is one,


Nvm, ur in Canada? Ur just ignorant bro, may god help you.

Rexdale Stand up though.

I have, only one question for you it shows who is a real sikh and who is fake.

Should Sikhs practice self-determination, as in should they rule over themselves?

Keep in mind, Guru Gobind Singh Ji's hukaam to not let people of other religions rule over our affairs this was one of 52 parting commands to the sikhs.

If you betray the guru, you are no brother of mine and can jump in a nehr with the nehrus.


edit - Nvm, ur a chamar no wonder ur a pussy. Go roll around in shit and be ravidassia panth doesn't need traitors like you.

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266f948c add me and say on that. I'll reach though still, do u really want me to?

Extremist on what? Freedom, you realize we crept in jungles and murdered by the millions for that freedom right?

That there were bounties on our heads, and there still are. No such thing as a moderate sikh.

Time and place bro, what's this though; talk, debate, fight, rolling deep bro?

Cuz hindus like you can roll deep, don't matter.

edit -

If there's lies in other 'religions' I should call it out; worshipping a cow, when it's not in vedas but created by Bramins is retarded. So is caste,

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So, these dudes are fags. Fuck 1984, there's also 1947, tell me

What part of Guru Ji Hukam of Have your Own rule is being taken out of context.

If you say that o Sikih PM etc. they are not the final authority, and akal takht is supposed to be that so..

Say what u want, keep going to ur mandirs and watching bollywood.

Btw, Albion Mall is too hot, that new mall where all the humber college students at, it has raj meats in it or w.e reach there then.

India has a much wider scope though, having internet means you are supposed to be able to be searched at any time without warrant.

Internet cafes require 2-3 pieces of ID, etc.

India is much more of a police state than USA.

India has also over the last 60-70 years killed millions of its own youth in fake police encounters.

one police officer recently admitted to killing 83 but not being promoted that far google it.

It would be interesting to know if representatives from the Canadian and American governments were in on the discussions, considering BlackBerry is a Canadian company and the US has their nose in everything related to foreign policy/security.

Pointless to be saying we are the most secure anymore, when you give access to criminal enterprises like the gov'ts of the world! lol

I understand what the intended purpose is but doesn't this open a new can of worms? Possibly learning how to access conversations hd in other countries?

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No, 10,000 out of millions to protect the wealth of a dozen spy. Regular people are just oppressed, and powerless until they take baptism of the sword, and pick up the gun.

Posted via CB10

But how can they track Emails sent with a BB10 over Active Sync? Is there a Backdoor in the OS or can they only read messages send over OS7.x with BIS?

Posted via CB10 with Q10.

They were forced to grant access. Which IMO people should be fighting against this sort of thing. I hate this spying crap.

What happened to privacy? This intervention into people's privacy is rubbish and needs to be put down before it spreads.

Before it spreads? You make it sound like it is just beginning.

It has been happening and will continue to happen.

Don't like it? Don't do digital. Anything sent electronically can and most likely will be scanned.

Big Brother is and has been watching.

This is a breach of your privacy and violates your human rights, bad move BlackBerry.
I'm definitely going to set up my own BES10 server.

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

I see it like this. For companies and individuals that want privacy and security, you need BES and a BlackBerry phone. If you don't care about privacy, and security, then get a BlackBerry phone, followed by others. Remember we had BIS as individuals, but no one wanted to pay the 2 or 3 bucks per month. This is an ingenious move by BlackBerry. Join the rest if the loose ended phone makers and sell phones. Offer the only secure solution to those who need it. Like the American Government who will not allow the sale of BlackBerry due to security reasons. That was just reported in an article less than a month ago.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

What this means is Apple and Android has already been accessible by law agencies for some time and Blackberry was getting all the heat to standing up to a huge invasion of privacy. Next time you buy a phone they should mention that government will have real-time info on your location, who you are talking to, what you are browsing, your texts and BBM's... And this certainly will not be abused by anyone (sarcasm).

Goddamn it, I'm can't believe how cool you guys are with allowing governments and security forces full access to all your private text messages and email. Whats wrong with you guys??? Like imagine your mother or father or family members could read your emails and texts whenever they wanted? Would you be cool with that? Why not? They are your family, they're your flesh and blood, they gave birth to you. You wouldn't grant your family full access to all your private conversations so why would you allow the police and strangers in the government??? It blows my mind. And clearly if the Indian government is specifically targeting blackberry, it's because they already have unlimited access to all other platforms should they want it. Shame on you for supporting such a violation of people's privacy and I hope one day this short sightedness comes back to bite you when you least expect it. If you were ever wondering what helps drive terrorism, it's policies like this.

Posted via CB10

BIG BULLY! India should ban iMessage, and Google Hangouts also since these are also encrypted. Go ahead, pick your fight.

Posted via CB10