BlackBerry and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS - Still going strong

By James Richardson on 26 Jul 2014 05:42 am EDT

The MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team are still making the most of their BlackBerry 10 devices as seen in the above video. BlackBerry sure chose the right team to sponsor as this season they seem to be walking all over their rivals.

We all know that one of the primary reasons that MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS chose BlackBerry is security. In this cut throat industry their important car and race data needs to be super secure.

But as you'll see, the team, including Lewis Hamilton, are forever utilizing BBM - not only for chat but also voice and video calls and a big factor for this is speed. And who can blame them - these BBM features rock!

All the best Lewis and Nico for the Hungarian race tomorrow.

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BlackBerry and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS - Still going strong


I bet you he didn't and didn't know there is one :). But seriously I think CrackBerry need to change the order of comments so there will be no first anymore ;)

From my Z10

Ladies and gentle man, the writing of bitterness and jealousy :P

@Alienspot, just have to be a little quicker with the comments

Only childish people can get jealous for not being first!Its stupidity at its best!

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Wow missed the plot by light years, now I know who buys tickets to Michael Bay movies.

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If you watched the video, you'd recognize the quote... right at the start...

(That was a play on him trying to be - sorry, ahem
... - quick to post first without watching the video and the video's actual content.... which is "all about speed")

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

They do delete first post, last week they deleted my first and second post.

First post was short, second was asking where the hell everyone is and the third was in depth over the topic. So I still got first with my third post.

They really need to add a play button or something, took me a while to realize you can tap on the picture to play the video.

Who the hell cares, really starting to get tired of reading Crackberry information and about the first 10 comments are about who the hell posted first. Big deal who cares.


Still, the next weekend on which a race is happening, is still the next weekend on which a race is happening, no matter how far on the future...

Even if the next one was in the next season, according to logic I'd say it would be the next racing weekend...


Yes, you're right, haven't been following lately... Australia is a bad place to watch races live due to inconvenient time zone

But I've got the app installed... for those who'd like to keep up with the latest developments

Rosberg scored pole, Hamilton second, no surprises here...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Ok my bad, it was just broken English I guess. Hamilton is actually starting last for the 2nd week in a row because his car caught on fire on the warmup lap. Sucks, I like Hamilton much better than Rosberg :(

Oops, thanks for clarification... :-)

Yeah, Rosberg is the "native" driver for a German branded racing team. Hamilton's personality might be more appealing to most.

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I used to take you seriously especially your sound contributions and links in the past.Better leave this silly behavior to those immature morons sir

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Don't ever get z10, the battery life is the worst in history of mobile phones, I recently got z30 and battery life is amazing. You can get new z30 of eBay for $250.

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Wish I would've bought the Z30 and spend those few extra bux.

I'm mainly leaving it plugged in to power a wifi hotspot in the house on an unlimited data plan. Fun "router" and phone for games, wouldn't rely on it on the go, unless I bought the charger/ battery bundle.

Can't wait for the Passport...

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Umm, a lot of people told that the battery is really bad, but is it worse than the iphone?

Via BlackBerry Q10

No it isn't. My partner has iPhone 5s and when we go out for the day my z10 lasts longer. Depends so much on how you use it NOT how much you use it. I had some apps that were draining my battery even when not being used so I deleted them.

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Agreed...I'm always on my z10 posting, texting, ect.. and my z10 always lasts much longer than my wife's iPhone

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Yeah that's true, there are a lot of buggy apps and memory leaks on bb10/z10. Also I'm trained to immediately close any running apps on z10 or pull the battery because something is acting buggy. On the 5s I will go through once every week or 2 and swipe out 20-30 running apps and it still gets better battery life haha

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Yeah it is nice to have that ability and not have to worry about it. Kinda lame how BB10 only allows 8, I always keep apps closed on my Z10 so doesn't really matter anyway but the capability to support more would be nice especially for power business users. Imagine if you could only have 8 running apps on your work PC? lol

You mean active as in actively draining your battery? It saves the same state they were in when you left them. iOS and Android do multi tasking as good or better than bb10. Old versions not so much but they handle far more running apps which is better in my opinion.

My Z10 lasts about 1/3 as long as my iPhone 5s. Z10 lasts me around 8-10 hrs with moderate use and 5S lasts around 36-48 hrs when used the same.

48 hours on an iPhone.... are you kidding? Everywhere I turn at work or even at home with my kids, they are using iPhone's while plugged in the wall. When I had my Z10 I would go 5am to 3pm, swap batteries and finish the day with about 50%. This Z30, I haven't gone a full day without charging it a little. I'm not even coming close to 24 hrs as stated. But 48....really?

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

Not kidding, this isn't a fake samsung commercial. I easily get 36 hrs on my 5s and can push 48 if conserving plus the lighting cable charges very quickly. My wife's q10 lasts around the same unless she's playing candy crush or some android app that destroys the battery. The Z10 is a battery guzzler and anyone who says otherwise is a lying fanboy who has never used other products. I had a z30 before and it's about the same as q10 but has issues with apps that rapidly drain the battery, ios doesn't seem to have the same battery draining apps. Probably due to control on what they allow in app store. Just speaking from experience not a fanboy, I use all platforms.

I wouldn't mind having a Z30 but my Z10 is not to bad battery wise, it's gets me through each day. I charge it up each day a couple of hours before I go to bed (with a fast charger) and then turn it off for the night.

Still if I was getting a phone today it would be the Z30...

Worst in the history of mobile phones? Give your head a shake its poor in this day and age but worst in history not a chance. I guess you don't remember the early days of mobile when getting 8 hours out of your phone was considered great battery life. The z10 is hit and miss with the os upgrades its much better plus the second battery which is swappable easily is an easy add on. The z30 has good. Battery life but the battery is fixed so it better have good battery life. There is always optional battery with cases as well. So yes the z10 is not the greatest for battery but its also far from being the worst in history.

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why should we help people like you that think you have to be cool and say first on a blog post?? Just stupid and moronic.

And he is a silly attention seeker.Why come here to talk about his forum post?He should go away and take a dump

 Incurable Q10  Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

Have you ever been stupid and moronic perhaps when you were younger and didn't have a care in the world like so many others? We all need help along life's way. Never hold back with something you need yourself.

Take care &
Have a good weekend.

Next commercial. Nico in a BBM video chat with Hamilton and the pit crew during a race (doubtful an in race commercial would be made with the drivers interacting with each other. But sim is fine).

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I don't bother trying to explain the benefits of BlackBerry anymore...let others be blissfully unaware of my advantage.

Z30 144GB

BB is missing a huge marketing opportunity IMHO. They are with a team that is steamrolling the competition, BB is getting all kinds of exposure.

Why aren't they capitalizing on this in marketing? Why doesn't CHEN ever talk about it? Its like they don't care.


Hope they incorporate that into their campaign once Passport and Classic launch...

Really like this video....

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I'm running 10.2.1 and my battery last for ever I haven't charged it in a hole entire day and I'm still on 20% and not only that but I use my phone non stop ever since I did the last at&t my battery has been great

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Both Petronas and BlackBerry are classics. I do hope they will market "both winning teams" - with exceptional cutting edge technology that leaves the competition far behind.
I'm with you Prem, lookout Passport!

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Ok I autoloaded 10.3.700 to my z30 but as you know some of the apps don't seem to work, but I heard somewhere in Crackberry someone said you can sideload the 10.3.296 bar files to make it work. What does that mean, I know how to sideload apps but if use autolader, I will just downgrade from 10.3.700 which I think has way less bugs than 296. Can anyone help what it means by sideloading 296 bar files to 10.3.700 and how you go by doing that?

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The video is a promotional for the BlackBerry phones and back-end. It is too long for the thirty to sixty seconds that US commercials run. It is the kind of look at what we're doing video that a marketing rep would have in his presentation to customers.

This is better than that woebegone super bowl commercial, but I don't see consumers running out to buy the phone because of this. For one thing they never mentioned what kind of BlackBerry they were using. Secondly they did not mention apps, all they talked about was speed and security.

A consumer wants to know about the camera, the sound quality and the apps. Speed and security are way down the lists of must haves.

Oops didn’t mention security only mentioned speed (and collaboration) again not the first thing on a consumer's list of must haves.

It could easily be edited down to 30- and 60- second spots. That's no excuse for it not being in TV right now.

Classic Blackberry, suck at marketing.

BB pays the team, like any other sponsor.

It happens all the time.

In the last Olympics, when all the athletes were using Samsung phones, do you think that's because they all bought them themselves? Of course not. Samsung paid handsomely for the privilege.

Examples of that are everywhere. Odd that you don't already know that.

Never miss a race. AMG sure is dominating this year. I hope BlackBerry stays involved with F1 after this year but I still think a BlackBerry Nascar would be a better investment. I'm not a Nascar fan, more F1 and Indy but you can't deny the marketing power of Nascar in North America

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OK why the H€LL isn't that being shown as a commercial EVERYWHERE?? You can bet that if Apple or Samsung had made a commercial like that EVERYONE would have seen it by now.

This is great for BlackBerry. However, I've just watched the time trials of the F1 in Budapest. The Mercedes caught fire. Their having technical problems. Of course BlackBerry is used to communicate amongst themselves and not part of the other issues. They trust BB because of its security. It would be nice if this kind of publicity wasn't only on posts but where others can see it.

If it were Apple you can bet that would have been milked for all it was worth.

"Our phones are too fast for mere humans...a supercomputer on a fast it's on fire"...and you can bet the mainstream media would've been all over it.

Gawd I hate Blackberry's pathetic attempts at marketing.

A nice piece, but it has just a shade of bias, and thus has less impact, because BlackBerry gives the team money. I was about to send the video out to others but then realized BB pays the that's exactly what everyone who is skeptical would say.

Just makes me wish that I could get a Z10 belt clip holster or a Z30 belt clip holster with the silver emblazoned BlackBerry logo like my wife has for her Z10 case non- holster. I like the BlackBerry logo so much I want the headphones now too! I didn't even know they made headphones!? They don't do they? :-)

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Nice love all the BlackBerry benz collaboration. Need to let non blackberry fans know about this

Vtecberry Z10

As others have mentioned, what a fabulous commercial. No airy flippy pictures with no substance.
I wish this was on mainstream television. Plus the team is just kicking butt
Way to go Petronas !!!!!
Way to go Blackberry!!!!!

STA-100-3 v; Radio 3182

I'm wondering..... BlackBerry is sponsoring Mercedes...... what's in Mercedes? qnx??
Just wondering
Or better yet, does anyone know exactly which manufacturers are using qnx in their cars?

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Mercedes does use QNX AFAIK...I read somewhere that General Motors plans to migrate to QNX although I'm not sure about that. Ford is currently using Microsoft and has announced plans to switch to QNX.

Man..all those z30s. I dropped mine in the ocean and stuck with q10 now, nice phone too, but I miss my z30

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A quick search on Google for “cars running QNX" brought up the following:

Land Rover
Toyota yeah, just a few :)

Beware people there are some sellers on eBay selling BlackBerry that are grey market or whatever it is called.

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This stuff should really be in a BlackBerry aadvert on TV. Not sure why it's not

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