BlackBerry and Channel 4 team up to bring reality TV show to UK

By DJ Reyes on 21 Jun 2012 08:57 am EDT

BlackBerry has teamed up with Channel 4 in the UK to bring about an eight-part series entitled Summer Daze with BlackBerry. With the summer festival season upon us, the series will follow 18-25 year olds who attend music festivals around the country in a reality type show.

BlackBerry plans to show the episodes through an online hub on its website and will offer exclusive content. Viewers can then interact with the group being followed via social media.

We have seen BlackBerry fund a TV show before, also music related, called Live and Lost with BlackBerry. It followed music artists travelling the country to their concert venues guided only by their fans who they communicated with on their BlackBerry smartphones.

No details yet on when it will be aired but with festivals kicking off this weekend in Hackney, London, we'll probably get confirmed dates soon. Check out the video above for a quick preview.

Source: Marketing Magazine

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BlackBerry and Channel 4 team up to bring reality TV show to UK


I'm gonna be flat out honest here, this is the most ridiculous marketing that BlackBerry could come up with. Seriously layoff all of the lazy no good workers that just sit around collecting a pay check and then spend a small amount informing folks that BB10 is the best BB ever (not in those words but you get the idea) and use the rest to manufacture and deliver a great BB phone, it's that simple. The uk does not need advertising. I don't think marketing here in the u.s. Is going to improve sells here but start with the origin of the company first (Canada).

Please RIM I hope you know what you are doing because I love my 9930!
With all the data plans getting more expensive on the reliable carriers I will go back to a feature phone instead of getting an android or iphone. I might look into Nokia but I have a hunch that RIM and Nokia get into some kind of partnership, ultimately uniting the two phone manufactures.

Let's doi it RIM!

In fact this is pretty good targeted marketing. Those 18-25 year olds are not the market for BB10; if they were, they would already have iPhones. They want to be given reasons to stay loyal to their (affordable) BB6 and 7 devices.

It's not the first time Blackberry partnerships with C4. Made in Chelsea, Docu-drama series produced by Channel 4 & Monkey Production (same company that's producing this new reality show) for sister channel E4, has an heavy product placement by Blackberry. BB's logo gets shot at least 10 times each episode.

you'd think a show sponsored by rim would have people do more than just take placement shots. how about have them using their phones to find people. wikitude is one way, also bbm has send location option.

if non-bb ppl watch this show and see how useless these blokes are with their BB, they will rightly assume that their BB's are incapable of doing simple functions like finding people. Iphones have the ability to see other I-users and their device locations and so does BB. You would not think that though based on this show.

Exactly what I was about to write.
But it's a teaser, so this could be in episode #1.

As a general statement, I'd say that BB is for "people who DO", not only white collars and bankers.
Time to blast old segmentation; nice move.

OMG ... you sure this is not left over from the late 80's early 90's ... those fashions sucked back then and they are trying to bring them back ... lol ... the big hair and rapper chains bwhahahaha

Questions about RIM's stategy aside here, doesn't that sound like the most boring tv show ever conceived? Oh my goodness, watching paint dry 1 - this TV show 0

I agree...the show looks like a huge waste of time...thankfully I wont be having to watch it. So this feels like the 60's meets ravers all in one

I had to watch it a couple of times to really get whats going on. A girl meeting a guy and they walk off away from everyone, but earlier shows her meeting others like she was going to find him and bring him there....

Really odd stuff.