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BlackBerry and BES10 within the UK's National Health Service

By James Richardson on 12 Jul 2014 05:32 am EDT

We've seen a nice increase in BlackBerry publicising new enterprise customers recently and they are at it again, this time with a UK NHS (National Health Service) trust. In the medical field security has to be paramount due to patient confidentiality so BlackBerry seems the sensible platform of choice.

The video demonstrates how Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (ABUHB) has risen above these challenges to deliver a truly mobile environment with BES10.

Supporting both Corporately Owned Privately Enabled (COPE) devices and a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, ABUHB still maintains their lowest total cost of ownership with BES10. In addition BlackBerry 10 and BES10 have helped to increase productivity and user satisfaction by allowing secure access to shared drives and applications such as BBM.

More good news. Let's hope we see plenty more like this. I suspect we will.



Nice. Very Nice.

from an australian Z10...


Passport will be the device of choice in this field.

The new BlackBerry. Ahead of the curve.

Dat Gui

I doubt it. The q50, classic and z series are the future. The passport is going to have a very small market


I don't know. While I personally would prefer a device with a full keyboard, the Passport is creating more buzz than any other BB10 device so far...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


Very unlikely in UK NHS - because:
- they generally go for the lowest cost handsets
- diagnosis via medical imaging is generally only allowed on (enormous) special screens eg if the images are shown on a tablet (small screen) these small images are not allowed to be used for diagnosis


Kind of funny the main picture shows hand sanitizer though. People in the healthcare industry generally recommend AGAINST continuously using hand sanitizer as it kind of gets rid of surface oils on the skin and other things that are actually good for your first line of immunity defense. :-P They say that should be a last resort, and whenever you can, washing with soap and warm water is the way to clean your hands. I've heard some healthcare educators who are EXTREMELY against those little portable hand sanitizers, lol. Even though while working in the industry, they use that foaming hand sanitizer that they have mounted on like every wall in hospitals, lol.


Must be a regional thing, where I live they have the liquid ones at the end of every hall. No 'foam'.


Well, even here, the foam, or whatever other form of hand sanitizer, is supposedly for emergency use only, like if you need to make contact with a patient and for some reason do not have the time to make it to a sink first. Hospital staff is supposed to wash their hands with soap and water between EVERY patient. Well, I'm sure you could guess that doesn't happen and everyone just uses the foam, lol.

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Not an expert on this, but maybe it's still good for reducing the spread of bacteria even though it increases the user's chance if infection by removing oils. Therefore it's placed in the halls for public use only where the staff are required to use soap and water.

Posted via CB10


In the UK, the rule for non-medical staff in a hospital (eg me) is that you use hand sanitiser BEFORE you go into a ward, and AFTER you leave it. Infection Control statistics have shown this to be efficacious


Definitely a good rule. They can't really expect everyone to wash their hands so often. The thing I'm talking about is people who bathe their hands in that hand sanitizer all of the time, which they say is bad for you if you use too much...

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Even worse, all the antibacterial soaps being used now, are showing up in the great Lakes.

Hello super bugs, all the bacteria is getting exposure to those chemicals in antibacterial soap now and they will adapt.

Basically, we are all screwed

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That's funny because just about every soap bar or liquid on dries out my already dry skin; nature of being black we have dry skin so using any soap is very noticeable. Antibacterial gels don't differ in this regard.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 


If BlackBerry were to create a 7 inch device of some sort, I believe productivity on a BlackBerry would explode!


Wait till you see the Passport do the roll

 Incurable Q10  Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!


I still expect BlackBerry to release a 7" Tablet. They may have to part ways from the "PlayBook" name (despite me liking that name a lot)., just to stay away from the negative perception it received with the original PlayBook.

Either way, eventually BlackBerry will have to release a PlayBook 2.0. Powered by BB10.3+. And yes I would buy one in a heart beat.

Posted on my Q5


I too would buy a playbook in a heartbeat. By far the best tablet I ever owned. If you could bridge it to your phone and simultaneously use the capabilities of each device in tandem, It would be dynamite.

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Passport is game changer

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Great video, looking forward to loads more like this as the weeks, months go by :-)


Well done NHS. I can see other following.

 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform to date.


Keep the good news coming!

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piko 72

Nice :)

From my Z30 

Christophe Piquemal

Great news!

Keep rolling BES10, keep rocking BB10!

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Lol Purell.

Posted via CB10


That's amazing. Not only are they moving forward, but they now show people they are. Keep it coming!

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

california governor

Blackberry is like Mercedes shove it in your rear type of avert like other car companies but they are killing it with high profile customers.

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This is how it starts.....

A Battle is Won the War continues....

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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I love this. Tweet it please!


More good news.

From my  phone


The migration to all things 10 continues

 BB 4 ever 

Prem WatsApp

Soon BES 12,...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


This is the type of news I like waking up to.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

jojo beaconsfield

It would be nice to see some of these people state that they are looking forward to the Passport,you know,hit 2 birds with 1 stone.anyway they seem to like theZ30,so that's sort of great too.Thanks James.


Excellent and well done Mr. Chen and your team. You have followed my game plan, not in total yet,but so far so good. I will send you an update on my new thinking.



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More positive things for BlackBerry! BlackBerry slowly rises! God bless BlackBerry! Keep it up Sir Chen! ;)


Nice find on this video. Put stuff like this on TV so people can see it but not the same one over and over.


Damn you BlackBerry finally!!! This is the stuff we need, people need to hear how good this stuff is and not from BlackBerry, but from actual users.
Good stuff guys, good stuff!!!!
Now blow it up!!!

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Does anyone else share these good news stories? I do all the time, mostly on fb.

BB Proud


I get mocked because I do

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Yes, me too. Share them as much as possible. Because there's still many doubters out there spreading old miss-information to cause as much confusion as possible.

Posted on my Q5


I do - #WhatBB10CANDo ! 

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PlayBook UK

Great News!

PlayBook UK BBM Channel C001CB4A1


Whew Go BlackBerry! Loving the news from our BlackBerry Team :-)

BlackBerry Q forever


No doubt. Only pro used BlackBerry

Posted via amazing professional Q10


It's nice to BlackBerry execute it's long term strategy. All the building blocks are in place for a successful run. There are some real revenue generators coming online in the next 6 months and the handset division is screaming innovation. Hello passport. What is really neat is that BlackBerry appears to be not only reviving it's strength in enterprise and secure communications but as the premier brand in handsets. Keep it up

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The NHS would collapse without BlackBerry....most of it runs on curves and bolds...but not seen many 10 devices in the NHS yet. Once they DO switch it's thousands of devices to come onstream.

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Excellent! Let's hope they won't lose their blackberry on a train.


But if they do 1) password protected 2) on device encryption enabled 3) remote wipe of phone from any Web accessible device
Should keep personal data from leaking into the wild.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10


Very nice. Spread the word

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers


I really like the video and this time the background music also was nicely chosen.

More good news everyday. :)

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I'm not used to all this good news it's kinda scary

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Bonus: There is a typical Wales Blonde in the video! :)


Keep it up. Hopefully in the very near future the comments "BlackBerry is still around" will be a thing of the past and we can make these idiots eat crow.

Apple, The New Evil Empire


Da Iawn!

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Rebuilding the empire.

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John Kastanes

When will the US wake up? Our "health care " is in disarray; with insurance companies dictating policies, it will never get better.

Posted via CB10


Very cool need to get this out there for everyone to see

Vtecberry Z10

Costas Stavrou

I said this before. We need to show this on TV like the competition does!

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I work in IT for one of the provincial health services in Canada, we have a heavy reliance on Microsoft Lync and Polycom videoconference solutions. Right now I don't see the compatibility between BlackBerry and those offerings, if Blackberry can get a native Lync client and make BBM talk to our Polycom bridges through BES then I think they can start being looked at by our IT department. There is a real apple culture in our mobility department right now and you can get Polycom real presence no the ITunes store

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@ReZ_ZerO You can already integrate with Lync with the native Enterprise Messenger, we do it all the time:


BlackBerry has released a native client for Microsoft Lync. It is called "Enterprise IM for Microsoft Lync" and is available for free for BBOS and for BB10.

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Nice Story i Hope to See more like this!

John Kastanes

Lets see Wall Street bury this news.

Posted via CB10


Cheers James.
2 great institutions, BlackBerry and the NHS, they both get their share of critics, but both just get on with it and get the job done.

Posted via CB10


Heh, i've tried messeging BlackBerry to cooperate with Lithuanian and central european telehealth sector, where we have same ammount of employees as nhs in total, but BlackBerry didnt even reply me... Good marketing with non existant managing :)

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Definitely need to see more good news on this

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Seems like BlackBerry has got their marketing division properly set!!

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Mo Cat

Good news and video.

CB10 - Q10

Bacon Munchers

I'd like to know if these clients are new or upgrading. I wish we could know this. Would help to quantify the user base.


In the video you can see that many users have a BBOS phone, so it is existing users that are moving to BB10.

Posted via CB10

ogi legenda

I'm wasn't sure if bes 10 would work for USA Corp, but now with all this games from Amazon, I know it will!!!

Posted via CB10


Access to shared drives sounds very interesting. Oh, and they said that they'd had a strong relationship with BlackBerry for several years and listed the number of BB10 users.

Posted via CB10

George Jenkinson


The NHS aren't renowned for their IT decisions, or even their implementation.... Lets hope this bucks that trend!

John Meredith

ABHB are very pro BlackBerry and have used them for years to do clever stuff with digital pens. But that does not mean BlackBerry is going anywhere fast...yet. Good has a bit of a stranglehold unfortunately.

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