Official Statement: BlackBerry and Alicia Keys to part ways as of January 30th

By Bla1ze on 2 Jan 2014 02:39 pm EST

After a year of working together, BlackBerry and Alicia Keys will end their working collaboration as of January 30th. Keys who took position as Global Creative Director during the BlackBerry 10 launch participated in several BlackBerry initiatives such as the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects and launched the BlackBerry Scholars Program to provide scholarships to women in tech, all in addition to having BlackBerry promotion all throughout her Set the World on Fire tour. The departure has been confirmed to us by BlackBerry via an emailed statement:

BlackBerry and Alicia Keys have completed our year-long collaboration. We thank Alicia for her many contributions including providing creative direction for the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project which attracted more than 40 million visits, advocating for women in STEM and launching the BlackBerry Scholars Program. We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented and passionate individual.

The working collaboration saw its share of criticism over the past year, especially in the past few months with many folks wondering what exactly Alicia Keys was doing at BlackBerry as there was very little BlackBerry promotion on her behalf. But BlackBerry seems satisfied with the results and work done by Keys in her time there as Global Creative Director.

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Official Statement: BlackBerry and Alicia Keys to part ways as of January 30th



Is this a chens to maybe get Justin Bieber to do a better job? Not a fan of him but at least he would get more people in it... like making his own BBM Channels and asking them fans "beliebers" to join to.. they can talk more personally to them! Now that would escalate quickly the user base on the most important part of the consumer, the youth!!

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I agree. Bieber isn't someone I like but it would bring the most important consumer market back to Blackberry... tweens and teens.

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I specifically bought my Z10 because of hands on promotion outside of her tour. I can't be the only one.

Really? Didn't know there was much promotion at all on her part, but I'm not a fan of her music (or the entire genre for that matter) so maybe that's why I didn't see. How do you like the Z10 so far?

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To be fair, she is one of the most talented popular musicians out there. And definitely has a more respectable public persona than most--very elegant, in fact. I like her. Don't listen to her music. But I like her. Probably a waste of money, though.

Yeah. Nothing against her but I saw that one coming, as I'm sure we all did.

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Can you ask Chen to release 10.2.1 officially? :-P

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She's been using the iPhone way before she got her hands on a BB10 device which she has said during the 2013 launch of the Z10. Plus due to the lack of app availability of BB10 who can blame her?

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Ahh yes, Snapchat. Sure am upset we don't have that. 4.6 MILLION users' accounts were hacked and Snapchat has nothing to say about it.
Yup, sure glad BBRY missed that boat.

Snap Chat Alicia Keys sounds like Pop Chaos !!

It was a bomb marketing dud and okay we are missing key, soon the app gap will be some what covered !

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We can already load android apps on 10.2.1 (amazon appstore, mobile1, Play Store (through Snap)) and most work.

Compared to BBos7 we have made wonderful progress.

8310 >> 9800 >> Z10 (Forever BlackBerry)

Not natively perhaps, but I just handed my seven month old Z10 down to my 15 yo daughter (because I earned a red limited developer edition one) and the first thing I did was sideload all three of those apps onto her device for her. She is thrilled with her new phone and is badmouthing her old iPhone all over the place.

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I recently had a young store clerk ask me about my Z10 (which she had never heard of. I told her it's the best kept secret out there) and I gave her a quick run-through of the features. She was very impressed with the features and the look of the Z10. She told me she is bored with her iPhone and wants something nice- like this. That made my day.

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Good they got rid of her!!! Was waiting for this for a long time? Wish they did this much sooner

As much as I despiece Bieber I know for sure he will get every single fun he has on blackberry. For instance here in Argentina more than half of teenagers use blackberry phones because of BBM. They've started switching to android over the past year or so because of the lack of promotion and awareness of BlackBerry 10. I even heard during the weekend from one of them that she heard Samsung had purchased blackberry....
Just imagine what he could do for us, imagine how engaging it could get when using his own channel and sharing with them... wow...

That would be a hell of a good start for BlackBerry on 2014!

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The reason to switch is because BB10 doesn't have the compressed data and free BBM plans that it had before (right?).

It's not about plans at all. Only needs really know about or care about BIS compression. It's just about what's perceived as cool and popular at the time. Apple is still cool and popular, Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S4 are extremely cool and popular while BlackBerry OS7 is very popular but not cool and BlackBerry 10 is a mixed bag, perceived as kinda okayish by some, kinda cool by others, crap by others and the second coming by BlackBerry 10 fans and it's very unpopular. Many people see the features of the Z10 and even the Z30 and saw wow! Awesome, cool and then just turn around and play Candy Crush on their Android Phone or respond to a whatsapp on their iPhone. You can't really blame them. Most people's "needs" are simple and most people needs things to be "simple" even down to the answer to the question of what phone to buy and why.

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I know. Having been a Blackberry user for years, I decided to have a play around with my partners iphone5 over the weekend just to see what all the hype is. I must be missing something, it's like a toy designed for 5 year olds...sooooo basic and absolute crap, probably very innovative 7 years ago - would never swap my Z10 for that!

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William Shatner. They could do a spoof about the klingons intercepting android messages - the federation is saved by BlackBerry. Chen makes a cameo as the helmsman.

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Yessssss!!!!!! Mr Chen even if u fail after this u still did BlackBerry well with this one.

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Is it sad that I wholeheartedly believe that bringing Alicia on board was the biggest mistake BlackBerry has ever made.. even bigger than the Storm and Storm 2? ;)

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Me either - the Storm was the device that changed BlackBerry's from being "awesome" to "terrible" in the eyes of the public and caused Verizon to jump in bed with Android and basically ignore BlackBerry

Don't be dumb. BlackBerry has made lots worse mistakes, poor marketing, over pricing, on and on. Keyes was an experiment and whether or not it paid off no one knows.

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I'm not sure what she did. Haven't heard much of her involvement with BBRY since the launch of BB10.

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You are almost 1hr late with the news,Actually sounds better the more you hear about it.A Chiness replacement?Don't even think about it John.All we need right now is you!!

Whoever thought it was a sound idea to hire her for such a position, Happy New Year, your first as a ex BlackBerry employee!

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All Bieber is going to do is get a bunch of little young girls to follow his trend. They're the only fans he has left - little young girls.

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You mean the same little young girls who get their parents to buy whatever they want? No, let's not get them to follow BlackBerry...

Yeah I personally don't care for his music but millions seem to love him bit most importantly he wants to be BlackBerry's ambassador and that's what matters

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As I understand it, he did a few years ago when the arrogant leadership at the time totally dismissed him as a fad. I'm thinking it would be a tough sell to go back and beg him to do so now.

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Reallyyyy depends on his patriotism and foresight for future tech. Personally I'm a fan of organic growth... hopefully he is/would be too.

I still don't understand why she was there in the first place. I don't even know of anything she did for the company. Frankly (even though I can't stand him) I think blackberry should have gone with Bieber, seeing as how he may have done more for them in terms of appealing to a younger market demographic. Maybe it's just me though.

Sent from the coolest BlackBerry In the world, The BlackBerry Z30!!!!!!!

I really don't want BlackBerry to be viewed as a child's toy. I'm actually proud BlackBerry didn't go with Bieber. He's a train wreck. The only followers he has are young little girls. What about Chris Brown or Drake? Maybe Kanye but not Bieber.

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Young girls will become young women. Get them on board blackberry now before the are forever tied in to Apple.

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"but BlackBerry seems satisfied with the results and work done by Keys in her time there as Global Creative Director."
Sums up why BlackBerry is where they are.
Hopefully Chen wont be as complacent .

That's just a politically correct statement to end a relationship with a partner. It doesn't necessarily mean they were satisfied...

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Funny, earlier today I was thinking about what Alicia was actually doing at BlackBerry...
I have to agree with the majority here: I also don't get why they brought her on board in the first place.
It pains me to say this, but they should have gone with Justin Bieber when they had the chance. At least there are plenty of beliebers to sell phones to. I don't know how many Alicia Keys fans there are, but I'm pretty sure: not as many.

Did a couple of promotional videos with (yep that's right) an iPhone in the background.

Good riddance. shall not be forgotten.

Finally! After seeing everything she tweeted or posted from a "i" this or "i" that device, I'm glad they have ended what ever they had going together.

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I'm happy to hear that. Although I like her music, I don't think that she did a very good job. But, that could've been BlackBerry's marketing department's fault. I didn't see her in any advertisements or in the news promoting BlackBerry.

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Hopefully Mr. Chen puts a foot in her @$$ as she heads out the door. I have to admit, I think I did better marketing for BlackBerry than she did!

Post garbage from her iPhone with the signature intact...

Another thing overlooked by BlackBerry management that would have been easy to fix. At least let's hope Lewis Hamilton will stick to his guns, ahem Z30...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Maybe they should give Bieber a ring again. As much of a idiot as he can be. throw a z30 in his hands and walk him around. Every teenie bopper will have one.

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And we are ecstatic!! Was a huge waste if money to begin with. Like this John Chen more every day.

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Don't get me wrong, I hate Justin Bieber, but if BlackBerry had taken him for this position instead of Alicia Keys, I can guarantee you that there would have been piles of teenaged girls lining up to buy Z10s and Q10s solely because that's what Justin Bieber uses. BlackBerry messed that up for sure.

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Or at least he would have gotten millions upon millions of users onto BBM. That alone would have made it worth it. BB would be in a very different place right now if someone like JB was the ambassador for BBM.

Absolutely. I don't know how BlackBerry turned him down. Even if he wouldn't fit the "business man" personality of a BlackBerry, people still follow JB blindly unlike anyone on the planet, and that would have helped BlackBerry sooo much. Sorry, but nobody cares about Alicia Keys

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They never needed her. She had no thirst for the company. There was so much female talent that blackberry could have tapped into that genuinely had a passion for BB. They just need to push the services and stick to the business sector....... I am sure the rest will gradually follow at a stable rate..... Look after what made you great in the first place. Don't try to chase Apple and Samsung.... just be a smarter and leaner you...... Be blackberry!!!!!!!

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Ha, I was waiting for the Alicia and JC duet "WATERLOO" You know

"Waterloo winter jungle where dreams are made of,there's no phone it can't make
Now your in Waterloo these frozen streets will make you feel brand new
LED flashing lights on a Z10 we couldn't sell will inspire you
Hear it for Waterloo.....

I have too much free time...l.

So now we get into the Rob Ford,era.He is the #1 news story of the year, and everybody knows how much he needs a secure phone.He could become a Crackberry freak in no time

BlackBerry is so dumb for making her a representative. What the hell was the point of it. Waste money and resources I guess. BlackBerry needs to get their shit together.


To be honest, I don't see the point bashing Alicia Keys. She is an amazing and highly successful artist. If anything, I imagine she is happy to be parting as well. No one is the world is chanting 'Alicia Keys is dead'.

In my view, BlackBerry should obviously have signed Justin Bieber (how silly was that error?), but even with Alicia Keys more could have been done. The @!?'s sake, most people still have no idea BlackBerry 10 even exists - this is one year later!

Alicia Keys signed on, and was stuff with a position with a company that did nothing to market anything properly. That's not her fault.

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I think you are right. I saw one commercial, with her. It was not terrible, but it didn't have much impact, and it didn't make me believe she was representing BB. I think a better marketing strategy was needed. I don't blame Keys.

I agree, everyone is bashing her. She was hired, and probably left to flounder, by Boulbin and Prems BOD. Geez, I'm no a fan, but I think her boss gave her zero direction. Dopey idea, for sure.

I agree with you. I was waiting to see how else they were going to advertise and entice but it seems it never came.

I also don't see any point in bashing Bieber's fan demographic, albeit they are a much younger crowd of teenage boys and girls, they are potential consumers with the loudest voice thanks to social media.

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Agreed. Alicia Keys could not carry marketing by herself.

FWIW, her "title" was Creative Director, NOT Chief Marketing Officer.

Bieber brings the right demographic for a consumer device. Get the young hooked, the device "cool", and half the marketing battle is won. But, that ship has sailed and consumer devices are no longer BlackBerry's focus.

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Wow! I thought the whole idea of the new year was to be more positive about things on the boards! Just my two cents but whatever the agreement was between Ms. Keys and BlackBerry, I am sure there was positive intent from both sides. From the perspective of a parent of a daughter, the BlackBerry scholarship for women in science was a great initiative and if Ms. Keys was involved with that kudos to her! Just wish BlackBerry keeps it going but not sure that will happen. Wish both parties the best for the future!!!

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Good comment, Rickster! Not sure the general CrackBerry mob has the objectivity or maturity to appreciate it though, lol

Thank goodness smarter heads prevailed at BlackBerry HQ.

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

I don't know what she ever did I think they were trying to get her fans to buy BlackBerry and it didn't work out.

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It looked like a bizarre strategy. On the one hand, Alicia Keys is a deeply talented individual and an international star. On the other hand, it seems to me that she was way out if her depth in this role (something that her defenders and apologists really ought to accept, in the very same spirit of 'objectivity' which they chide others for lacking). Perhaps more to the point, even if we accept that the title of Creative Director was largely a symbolic one, the size of Keys's fan base and extent of her global recognition do not appear to justify her appointment on the basis of promotional heft by association. Dumb strategy all round.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Could crackberry not of have done the same thing for blackberry..... infact.... why doesn't blackberry use crackberry to its fullest advantage?????

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Good, she was a really bad fit for BlackBerry. She was even using her iPhone to tweet after she took the job for peats sakes. I don't think she had much of a positive impact on the company at all.

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She's great but didn't do much for BB. Would be nice to have some celebrity that really does like BB to help push the brand. For those who care about celebrities... for me.. i don't really care.

They needed the change. Fan of hers but I saw little to nothing on her end regarding promoting BlackBerry. Good for BB... I guess they need new "KEYS" if they are changing their locks.

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This was a wierd one. I like both Alicia Keys and BlackBerry, but was truly unsure of what the relationship would be.

Since refocusing, this was a good move. Although I did enjoy going to London and seeing her perform, curtesy of Blackberry.

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I have nothing against Alicia Keys and quite like her music.
But concerning the whole arrangement between BlackBerry and Keys I say, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Hey paid her to speak a few times and put their logo on her concert tours. That's it. Garbage.

Glad that's over and Keys can go back to using an iPhone unashamedly.

What a waste of money.. Wonder if she got a ride on the new airplanes they bought under X - ceo Heinz. Yeah.. She is just a girl and on fire.. What great material this could be for Saturday Nite Live.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10 version10.2.1.176 on Verizon 4G network

Good riddance. Get Justin Bieber to market to the young demographics and someone like P Diddy for middle aged folks.
You already have Obama declaring is trust for BlackBerry - that could be a positive for the educated class such as your high rolling PhDs, MDs and MBAs.
Marketing needed to bring across BlackBerry as an elite and savvy phone. Don't try to be like IPhone And Samsung.
Be BlackBerry!!!!!
Have a unique brand and they will come running.
To be honest, the Z30 is far better than Samsung but 90% of persons are unaware. Why?
No marketing. Fire the entire Department.

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Could it be a worse decision than the one to appoint Alicia Keys? Unlikely, and in fact, it's even better than that. Few people would disagree that Mr. Michaluk has a track record at being a creative leader in mobile phone promotion. What were Alicia Keys's qualifications for the job?

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Love Alicia the singer, but the collaboration with BlackBerry seemed like an opportunistic cash grab. If she did anything at all during the time, it was not well advertised.

They really should go after Bieber. It is much easier to hook a teenager and keep them with someone like Bieber, than to win back lost customers later.

The teens have the money and set the trends. Imagine if Bieber told all his twitter followers that it is uncool to have grandma's iphone!

Of course BlackBerry would have to apologize for their screw up with Bieber 3 years ago.

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Alicia's Keys did not open any doors for see ya don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I'm out.

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BlackBerry should ramp up the CanCon. Get Beiber, Shatner, Shania Twain, and Kevin O'Leary to shill for them. (although I thought Neil Gaiman was a good choice...)

Posted via CB10

The best spokesperson for BlackBerry would be least he'd get them attention.

Posted via "Nessie" The Loch Ness Z30

You mean like all the negative attention his administration has been getting?

Plus, you can't use the President of the United States for endorsements.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

How let him promote a secure phone and the hypocrisy of using one himself, but then spy on his allies? And everybody else via NSA?

Angie wasn't pleased having her Z10 snooped on.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

" BlackBerry and Alicia Keys have completed our year-long collaboration. We thank Alicia for her many contributions including providing creative direction "

Really ? That is the best they could come up with ?
I really wish they would have said what many of us already knew and know. This was a bad idea from Day 1
She had done Nothing to Help BB. If anything BB wasted Money on this.

Really simple.. there was never a need to hire anyone. Just give the artists in the entertainment business who actually like blackberry and actually use a blackberry.. free phones.. and in return when they have tours have a lottery that from there concert tickets.. the winner receives a free blackberry and give out like 3 free blackberry phones at each concert.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10 version10.2.1.176 on Verizon 4G network

I don't see why people are blaming Alicia Keys for her lack of BB10 influence. BlackBerry is at fault for
1) not taking advantage of her star power
2) not giving her the tools she needs to be effective

It's like going to work, having management request an Excel spreadsheet, and then management getting mad at you because you got a desk and chair but no computer.

At some point, you fanboys are going to have to learn where blame is to be placed. She's her own business. You can't ask her to stop functioning efficiently because BlackBerry has been lacking any common sense or business intelligence for the last decade.

And, she's not getting fired. The contract is up. It's better for Alicia Keys because she doesn't have to put up with trying to function with a half-ass device.

I should know, I've got the Q10 as my MAIN phone. But, you'll never see me casting blame on those who don't deserve it. I prefer to give credit where credit is due. All of BB's failures are credited to the management of BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

No computer? Are you implying, they did not give her a BB10 phone, so she HAD to use her iPhone?

Whose mistake was it, BlackBerry's for not looking after her/child minding, or hers for not observing what is reasonably expected of you when signing up to promote a product?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Bye bye Alicia Keys. BlackBerry don't get Bieber!!! Get Drake, Chris Brown or Kanye. I don't want BlackBerry to become another child's toy. It has to be kept as a productivity device for professionals. Don't ruin the whole persona of the BlackBerry brand for productivity.

Posted via CB10

Chris Brown ?
Really ?
The guy who hits Woman Beater ?
Really ?
You want that guy to represent BB ?


I think she did the best she could with what she had. The brand just didn't match. We need someone that represents their brand.

Posted via CB10

So now we all know what " her time there as Global Creative Director. " The Global Creative Director does at BB.


Yes! The dissolution of this partnership officially ends BlackBerry's troubles. Things should turn around immediately.

I'm available to sign a contract with BlackBerry to be their new Ambassador.

Heck, I'm not greedy, I'll do it for $20,000.00 annually. To show that i'm a nice guy, I even wash Mr Chen's car for free.

Posted via CB10

I wonder what percentage of the 40 Million actually picked a BB10 device. I doubt Alicia ever had a BB as a daily driver since her coming on board.

I know for a fact that Diplo uses a bb10 phone because he posts from blaq. It wouldn't be a bad idea to use him again, he has a large global influence in the music scene.

Posted via CB10

I want the money they gave her back to re-hire people that actually do useful things instead of running around using the competitor's products.

She's was using this phone or that phone. So what, just because she had a position at BlackBerry, it doesn't mean she has to use their products all the time. The same goes with their staff. When we went to BlackBerry HQ. A Lot of staff had BlackBerry smartphones in there hand and a lot had other mobile devices. So what...

Posted via CB10

When you hire someone as a brand representative you don't expect them to be repeatedly seen using the competition. She can use whatever device she likes, but if she can't "sacrifice" for a year and at least pretend BlackBerry 10 devices meet all her mobile needs, then she should hand back her paycheck and resign.

Posted via CB10

Justin Bieber would have been a better fit after all he is Canadian.

His brand currency is still quite high.

BlackBerry needs to create a next generation of consumers. Especially with BBM channels this could be just what is needed.

Maybe two brand ambassadors for the price of one. Bieber for the new lower devices and another celebrity for the higher end.

The other alternative would have devices strategically placed with celebrities in and out of movies.

Posted via CB10

"....The working collaboration saw its share of criticism over the past year, especially in the past few months with many folks wondering what exactly Alicia Keys was doing at BlackBerry as there was very little BlackBerry promotion on her behalf. But BlackBerry seems satisfied with the results and work done by Keys in her time there as Global Creative Director."

I don't know whether Blackberry really seems satisfied or not, I mean what are they going to do, come out and trash her saying she didn't do anything? She wasn't there to do anything anyways, it was a gimmick, one that didn't work. And it is Blackberrys shortcoming that they didn't make more of a deal out of this. If you are going to throw money at someone, you should have a plan on how it will benefit you.

It seems like they latched on to someone with no real idea of what they would be doing, other than promotional things that would have been done with or without her.

that is more like boiler plate niceness. it went so well, we decided to split...oh well. BB has bigger fish to fry...

They should make Kevin their "Global Creative Director."

If nothing else, he can go out on the streets if New York and show people his nuts again to promote BlackBerry...

[URL="bbmc:C00123875"]Visit Geek Lite[/URL]

Shocked!! Without being a BlackBerry News follower you would have never known she was affiliated with BlackBerry. Good riddance! Spend the money on real advertising!

Posted via CB10

Alicia was a complete fail from day #1. Complete looser spokesperson.

Have to wonder if the Bieber could have done better. Couldn't be worse!!

Posted via CB10

Nothing against Alicia and I'm sure people bought bb10's just because of her, but this just seems right. I certainly don't blame her for anything. She did well while working for a company that most likely had a say in every move she made. All the best Alicia. Now, where did that snot nose Justin kid go?

Posted via CB10

Good. She was a bad choice. Bieber is no better. He has so much bad PR don't need anymore for BBRY

Posted via CB10

Don't blame Alicia Keys for BlackBerry's free fall,...Alicia Keys is successful,...and is still high on the charts. BlackBerry was highly successful, but is very low on the chart regarding gaining market share and growth.

I'm beginning to think that BlackBerry will never ever be as highly regarded in the U.S. as it once was. That's just the way it is.

Also, think about this,...why no AT&T or T-Mo Z30? Can BlackBerry really afford to have an "Exclusive Carrier"? I say no! Because as exciting as the Z30 is,...I for one (like many others) don't want a Verizon CDMA device.

Here is the big picture, Samsung is trying to catch Apple in dollars share and Apple is trying to catch Samsung in unit sold shares. The rest of the folks in the game are really just wannabes,...wannabe 3rd,...wannabe 4th. That said, the big money is at 1st and 2nd!

Alicia Keys or any other celebrity has little impact those facts. Also, who would had selected as a new OS/Device spokesperson? Justin Beaver, Sting, Samuel Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Captain Kirk, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Logan, Cher, Jay-Lo, Tiger Woods, Phil Nickerson, Duck Dynasty crew? Who? You see, BlackBerry does have a "Celebrity" image problem...BlackBerry has an image problem as a "failed" device,...despite how good those with BB10 devices know them to be.

I suspect that if BB10 devices were set at $49.99,...the perception would not change. Which means,...the issue is not price's "device related".

Having said that, Apple is sure to release larger screen iPhone this Summer and sales of that device WILL BE OF THE CHARTS!, would be even hard for me to resist especially since BlackBerry appear to be severely crippled in the U.S.

My 10 cents...and some change.

Posted via CB10

We don't "hate" anyone, but some criticism of a person's paid relationship with our favourite Phone Corp. should be allowed. Apparent lack of measurable results is another matter.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Personally, I never had any problem with Keys or her relationship with BlackBerry, and I liked the concept of what they were doing. I thought that attempting to involve her in the company's creative direction was much more interesting than the usual celeb endorsement deal.

I think some of the problems with Keys stemmed from the fact that she isn't really "big"; her tour was pretty well attended, but didn't attract the kind of audience an "A-list" act would have.

Keys is a smart, classy performer and I think she did as much with this as she could under the circumstances.

@ ULMD, no one outside of,...knows that Kevin exists. As much respect I have for Kev and the crew at, they would have converted far less than Alicia Keys. Also, if you think about it,...BlackBerry gets Crackberry's comments,..positive (and negative) for free. So, why would they need to put Kev in the payroll.

Posted via CB10

How about BB just trust itself and move on? Why does the brand need a spokerperson? I think its a waste of time. We need REAL people using BBs...people who move who shake, who don't give a fuck about snap chat and instagram. We need people who use the device for what it was intended. I don't use any of that shit. Most of you don't, either. We gotta stop complaining that we don't have shit, be happy with what we have, and those aps will eventually come. The BB world is not north america. It's global.