BlackBerry and 7digital partnering again for music service

By Simon Sage on 14 Aug 2014 03:20 pm EDT

After announcing earlier this summer that their music store tucked into BlackBerry World was shutting down, 7digital and BlackBerry will be working together again to sell music to BlackBerry users. 7digital will be taking all the profits from music sales this go-around, as opposed to the revenue share they had with BlackBerry previously. On top of that, BlackBerry will be paying 7digital monthly fees for the service. This new deal will offer music for purchase through BlackBerry devices up until August 2015.

7digital had been working on a new solution pretty much as soon as the media portions of BlackBerry World were cut and released their standalone Android app as a stopgap until then. Here's what Simon Cole, 7digital CEO had to say on the latest deal.

"We are pleased to have agreed new terms with BlackBerry to provide its users with access to music. This arrangement ensures both the continuation of our relationship with BlackBerry and our ability to sell music to its users."

We have no idea what this new music service will look like or if it's really even new it could just be the Android app, but there are a few things we'd all like to see. What would you want from an official BlackBerry music service? Do you want to keep paying for songs a la carte, or would you like a subscription service?

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BlackBerry and 7digital partnering again for music service


Indeed - I wonder why BlackBerry would pay...

Heck, why not exclusive access to 7digital - for a fee from 7digital or free to 7digitla... what does BlackBerry pay for? Can anyone explain that?

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It doesn't make any sense to me either.... other than blackberry possibly paying then to make a native app for BlackBerry World?

Posted on my Z30

What?? This doesn't make sense... I've never been a fan of 7digital.... I though the whole idea was to partner with Amazon which has a much larger selection in music and other media IMO. I personally use Amazon MP3 for all my music downloads.

every week i'm seeing less of a point to partner with amazon.
No services, android port, some apps not working on BB10, separate store to bring people away from BB world, not available in every country and apps that don't even get updated much like BB world android port apps.
If they partnered with amazon just for the services they would be the smartest ever.
I want to know would is in charge of these partnerships. Chen is stupid enough to sign off on them.

He needs to realize, smartphones are to a certain extend media consumption devices (more so on iPhone and big slab Androids), not just work horses. Otherwise, the whole BB10 "Balance" strategy wouldn't make sense, right?

Now this media needs to come from somewhere, and the best solution is to tap in and make some money from it.

May I suggest a more "balanced" approach when it comes to reshaping the BlackBerry experience and eco-system, Mr. Chen... ?

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

With excellent streaming options like Xbox music, many people are moving away from ITUNES, and I I think Apple knows the future is steaming with purchase options.

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7 Digital is a much bigger supplier of music than you think, they are not well known for their front end apps (even though they have apps for nearly every platform) - rather they facilitate music copyright and license management for international streaming and music purchases...

They supply HMV, Samsung, XBox Music, Toshiba, HP, Acer, HTC, T-Mobile and Sonos for all their content. They also partnered with Spotify, BBC, and Macdonalds

BlackBerry was using the 7Digital API to supply BlackBerry world. I imagine that BlackBerry took the costs of maintaining the BlackBerry World Music Store and offered it to 7Digital to create/manage the BB App, as well as transfer ownership rights of BlackBerry users to general 7digital users so that no one loses their purchases.

Amazon music or movie don't support globally.

7 digital partner with BlackBerry will bring worldwide music service to BlackBerry customers.

You must know American company do not control world and don't think america is the center of universe. Hahahahaha

Open web and check how many countries amazon support.

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Not everybody has the option of Amazon. They don't sell music downloads in all markets.

7digital has a decent selection; in fact I bought dozens of songs from them through BB World and, anything that I couldn't find there wasn't available on iTunes, either.

You're missing the point. With this deal, 7Digital will be supplying music downloads through BlackBerry World again. If you could buy all their music there, who CARES if their app is native?

The couple of time I've purchased digital albums through Amazon then burned them to CD with Windows Media Player I've found that my CD players randomly skip the tracks. I've never had an issue with any other music I've ever downloaded then burned to CD. I contacted Amazon for troubleshooting but they don't have clue what the issue is. So now I won't buy digital music from them. Surely someone else out there has had this same issue.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA  Q10 via CB10.

The mp3 quality from 7digital is better.
I have some Amazon MP3s which have audible compession artefacts... - not sure why as the bitrate is high enough...
So my experience with Amazon MP3s is best described as so-so..

7digital just sells 320kBit/s MP3s - wich is the highest quality you can get on the MP3 side.
(Want better get aac or flac or wave)

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7digital has over 25 million songs, Amazon has 20 million songs that you can play from Amazon Music App. To purchase to own with no DRM is way less that that. i think about 2 million. This comes directly from their sites. So ill go with the company that has 25 million songs and no DRM i download the song and put it on what ever I want..

And it makes complete sense for BlackBerry to do this, they want a proper music provider for their platform. Amazon is not a complete music service in my opinion.

Also remember we all don't live in the USA, BlackBerry is a global company and needs a music service that is also global...

"mhmm i'm going to cut out our media revenue and take it out of BlackBerry World."
"Second thought we should have an inferior music service where we have to pay a monthly fee while getting no revenue from the music"
"omg that is the smartest idea ever!!"

I think this is only a temporary measure as the agreement is only valid till next August, giving BlackBerry enough time to find an alternative. The 1M was I think just to sweeten the pot for 7 to commit ,as the existing customers have been asking for it back.

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So BlackBerry went from getting revenue to having to pay for a monthly service + no revenue?

Someone should be getting fired for that stupid mistake.

I rarely post negative comments, but this time I think the rash "rush, cut and slash" mentality has probably gone too far, mow they saw the mistake and are now backtracking. Not good for BlackBerry, and 7digital saw their value halved.

If they didn't want music in BBW anymore, here's the recipe for a planned transition, not just exit by pulling the plug:
Wouldn't have been too much of a problem if they had just agreed to keep the revenue sharing, make a separate BB10 native music app, preload it onto the new devices and add it to the next OTA software release update. Then let BES admins disable the app, if needed.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

It's possible that the operating costs to BlackBerry of running the 7digital music store through BlackBerry World were actually higher than the revenue share they received from sales of music.

Perhaps the fee they will now pay 7digital is less than those operating costs and gives the customers what they want again as a compromise?

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Gee..that makes too much sense...I'm sure the great "business minds" that litter the Internet who know so much more about how to run in the corporate world than highly paid, highly intelligent, and highly educated professionals already thought of this. I wonder how many of the ones calling BlackBerry stupid now for fixing their mistake were the same ones clamoring for and all excited for the Amazon app store and services and saying good riddance 7 Digital?

We all thought we were getting amazon services but we aren't we are getting an android port that takes away from BlackBerry world.

Smartest thing would be just make amazon services native on BB10

E3 AWS web solutions, Prime, FireFly

Were talk about blackberry here, king of bad choices

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I feel this thread got WAY off track!
Fact: We don't know the numbers behind the deal and it is quite likely that BlackBerry was doling out more cash before than they will with this new agreement. Also, we don't know what this new agreement will bring as a media solution to us so there is no point in getting all "Internet fighty" about it. Or whining about the Amazon deal some more.
Focus: the main question of the article was whether we want to purchase our music a la carte or have a subscription service.

Personally, I like both.
I like to buy albums and I do not have an iTunes account. 7Digital seems to have a great selection and I have no problems with them at all. I do think that having everything baked into BlackBerry World was awesome but, really, I spend more time listening to music than downloading it so as long as there is a decent means to do that, I'll be happy.
And, sometimes I just want to stream music and most of what's on the radio stinks. If BlackBerry could somehow work in a native subscription service out of this deal, count me in.

Firstly, I'm glad to see they're not abandoning offering a music solution all together. Now we need something for other media like ebooks and movies.


Every one of BlackBerry's agreements with companies should include development of a secure native app. I'm sick of these ports. They really are not that great and are sluggish. We need native apps. The demand is there. C'mon BlackBerry.

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No android craps on any of my BlackBerry devices.

I would rather do without. Not going to lower my standards now, just because no one wants to put in the effort to make software for BlackBerry.


You might as well boycott blackberry if you are going to boycott non native apps. There are no fully featured native apps in BBworld in the first place. Sure there are a few.

You might as well jump back to BBOS7.1

I didn't realize just how much I missed this, until it was gone. The 7 Digital Music App is slow, cumbersome and, well.. slow. This is a good move.

yes, paying for a monthly service with no revenue when they used to get revenue and no monthly fee is a good move... I'm glad you took your business courses in school.

Without knowing how much revenue versus how much it cost for BlackBerry to maintain the music service, we can't just make a conclusion it's a lose lose situation for BlackBerry. Like someone mentioned earlier, this latest deal with Digital 7 might have cost BlackBerry less money overall. We are not talking about lucrative ITunes for Apple here.

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Pretty sure that comment was saying it's good for the customers, not about whether it's good for BlackBerry the company. I for one don't care if it's good for the company's bottom line. They obviously see that they made a mistake and it looks like they are correcting it for the sake of their customers. Good on them.

This was most definitely not a mistake. I'm sure this is a more cost effective solution for BlackBerry.

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I know that I had a G3 in my hand, and almost left blackberry because of the lack of music in the app world. Even something as trivial as the integration it had with soundhound. Made it easy for me to snatch up an album, or song at a whim. I tried the 7 digital app on my z10, took 3 1/2 hours to download an album, when it tool less than 5 on appworld.

I'm glad to see this, and it'll keep me on blackberry. (as insignificant as it may be)

And that's why you are BlackBerry's CEO right? I mean is John Chen guys, I say we stop whining and trying to be smartasses before we know the real deal here, i'm sure that there will be benefits of some sort with this deal.

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Simon, just FYI you have a transposition typo in the first paragraph - "On top of that, BalckBerry..."

Wonder how the music service went from revenue sharing to BlackBerry paying fees? A subscription service would be nice, perhaps that's why they're paying fees.

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Touché. Although I never said I was an English teacher, just a spelling nerd! I like me my colloquialisms, I do. ;)

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Makes posts and threads more lifelike, I agree..


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I imagine it because of the cost of the raw material (music). Where now the music is probably being solely paid for by 7D. Originally BlackBerry prob bought the music to resell, and 7D negotiated a revenue share for the maintenance of the transactions.

Now BlackBerry is prob just paying a flat fee per unit of transaction. (user or music volume). It makes sense as a "nimble" business model. In that model you outsource everything possible so if you want to move on, you let contracts expire and you have zero assets and/or infrastructure to liquidate. (or severances)

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Makes sense, thanks. That could explain why 7D said this new deal wouldn't result in any changes of market expectations for financial performance (paraphrasing). I probably should have thought of that, I've worked on music rights for some shows in the past...

Well I kinds think BlackBerry is getting screwed here. I did make my opinion about the new BlackBerry World in my beta poll the other day about lack of music.....

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I wish it would have stayed exactly the way it was... integrated into BBWorld.

I honestly think I'm going to be looking for a new music service.

If I start using 7dig. again, next year at this time I may have to go through another account migration.

No thanks.

Find something that works and stick to it please.

This error happens to me too, infrequently....
On Q10 and PC...

Auto-correct / word prediction might have already saved it, because I let it slip through too many times without correcting...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Notice the part that said "no more revenue share, now BlackBerry pays a FEE"...

BlackBerry pays a fee, to have inferior android crap.

Such a fail.


Maybe something like bbm music again? If BlackBerry is paying everything to 7digital then why would it be anything else other than subscription or a partnered offering. Allowing BlackBerry users to download 50 songs a month or something. A bbm music like offering, since BlackBerry is paying the users should benefit.

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Integrate it into BBM, sell with stickers and other popular digital goods...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

That is something that would work out better for them! Create BBM as an entire solution for the users...stickers, wallpapers, BBM Money, BBM Music (updated), and the list could go on...BBM can be an entirely separate company for BlackBerry if they leverage their patents and ideas properly...BBM Money, Music, Channels, Voice, Video and IM...thats just the tip of the iceberg and its pretty extensive already!

I see it another way...bbm is already getting too crowded with stuff. That's why iTunes is terrible. It tries to do too much. One could argue Channels should be separate cross platform and leave only bbm stickers and bbm money in the app itself. Facebook is also moving to multiple apps to protect themselves instagram and whatsapp.

From my z30

Just put it back the way it was!...on BBW!!

It wasn't broken, so don't fix it!!

CB10'n it via da Z...30

I only used it once. Much rather have native Spotify and Rdio apps but then again anything native would be great!

From my z30

Yes! I miss the music from BB world. I actually bought more music than I did apps. I hope they bring back the carrier billing option though.

Totally agree. One of the reasons I loved purchasing music from BlackBerry World. Besides the fact I didn't have to sign up for something else and provide credit card information.

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I would love to see free music!!!
Maybe a yearly license fee and then unlimited music availability.

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$120 or so per year, once and all the streaming you want. How do you get music from these streaming services when you are not on Wifi? Data?

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

"Magic" word:

Unlimited plan, only for the lucky few...

Carriers should change their attitude a bit.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

On my experience, streaming music doesn't use too much data. At least not when I use Slacker over the network. But it's not like I do it daily either.

I will never buy music from BlackBerry again - they sent me a migration link that didn't work and I'm being kicked around between BlackBerry and 7Digital trying to get my library back.

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Unfortunately, I think it's just this kind of consumer related customer service problem that BlackBerry is trying to get out of by throwing it all back on 7D

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

It would be nice to see them back in blackberry world as it was before in the music section to buy individual songs /albums, but I think it would be better if they integrate a subscription service (Spotify style) into the blackberry music app in a separate section.

Kinda like the amazon music app does, shows you all the music saved in your device and in a different section shows all your cloud music (but this would be the subscription service)

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Are we sure the press release from 7Digital isn't just describing what has already happened? The ability to transition our BlackBerry World music purchases to 7Digital and releasing their Android app in BlackBerry World? I would be surprised if there is anything more to come out of this deal - I think we've already seen it all.

You have witnessed a rare sighting of one of the following -

#1 the Gentle Giant.
#2 the Friendly Giant.
Or #3 Bigfoot.

Whichever one it was, it was a pleasant surprise and worth the wait...


www. carm. org

I thought BB got out of having music and video in BlackBerry World because they didn't want the overhead and they were losing money. This sounds like they will be paying so how is that not losing money? Having music in BlackBerry World was nice, except for the lack of a device agnostic digital locker which 7Digital provides.

I hope what comes of this is that music is available in BB World again, but it is tied with the 7Digital account (an account that could be added in the system Accounts). Such an approach could lead to other plug-in like stores under one app. So music from other sources like Amazon could do the same, or the return of videos. That's what I'd like to see.

Pay for songs a la carte and I want it integrated with blackberry world again, so I dont have to access a 3rd party app.

Posted from my Awesome Z10!

Put a direct "7digital" link in BlackBerry World. And pay just for what you want by the song or the album.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry most likely way as they were paying for the other services also. It's Just with 7D now. Need to find a solution for Sound Hound no link to BlackBerry World now. 7D and BlackBerry need to fix this.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, not funny.

Let's be a bit more forgiving. Not a fan of sarcasm, but raino is right with what he's implying...

@ steve
Tomorrow you, me, somebody else might be the "idiot". Tread gently.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Lol I wasn't implying anything, or at least didn't mean to...Steve was replying to himself and I was just trying to (keyword: trying) be funny with him being hard on himself (hopefully, in jest as well.)

That being said, your point "tread lightly" is well taken. But I reserve the right not to, sometimes :P

Personally I think Steve and Raino where just trying to be funny, but I guess different people see things differently.

If I hurt your feelings then I apologize.

Steve I thought you were trying to be funny too, if not then don't be hard on yourself we all do stupid stuff at times.

Take care.

www. carm. org

now if blackberry made a deal with spotify i'd be happy.

"mhmm i'm going to cut out our media revenue and take it out of BlackBerry World." "Second thought we should have an inferior music service where we have to pay a monthly fee while getting no revenue from the music" "omg that is the smartest idead ever!!"

Since only one track in a thousand is worth listening to, who the hell cares? Someone do me a favour and shoot Bieber!

Z10STL100-2/ O2 UK

7d has less music selection.

I doubt BlackBerry had any upfront fees. I mean...i searched bbw for this all girl Chinese punk bad. BBW had it. Why on earth would BlackBerry pay upfront fees for such an obscure band.

More than likely it was simply cheaper to outsource the service than house in house.

BB Proud

Good! I am glad Music on BBW is coming back. I bought an album with the 7digital app and my credit card company flagged it as suspicious and put a hold on my card...

I like just paying for the song. Please have more competitive prices. It is more cost effective to purchase the Cd and rip it in most cases. How does that even make sense?

Posted via CB10

I thought they were on to something when they had BBM Music. They just needed to add more interaction. Some good ideas were on the table for enhancing the experience but, then they dropped it. Oh well.

I never used 7 Digital because I liked Amazon's selection better. This doesn't sound like a good arrangement for me.

Posted via CB10

I would like you have native versions of both amazon and 7digital. I use amazon frequently for my media, but am not thrilled with their business ethics.

Posted via CB10

Kudos to BlackBerry for hearing our complaints about the dropped music store, the poor stopgap measure from 7Digital, and doing something about it. Even though BlackBerry wants to focus on enterprise communication and security , smartphones are about media as well as communication. BlackBerry needs to have access to media stores through good native apps for their phones. I hope they realize this and that they are now working on this with 7Digital for music .
Thanks, BlackBerry, for continuing to make BlackBerry 10 a great platform and a good ecosystem. Good native apps for the critical BlackBerry 10 uses remains essential. Keep the faith, BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Seems backwards to me--> Chen's first misstep as CEO ("savior")?

Posted via secure bb10.2.1.2179

Ohh, so youre thinking more of a partnership to integrate music into bbm, thus further monetizing the app-- that would be a good idea.

Posted via secure bb10.2.1.2179

Huh? Not only will BlackBerry NOT receive any of the income from sales, but they are going to PAY them? For some wayward app port? Totally Awesome!!! NOT... :(

Things are looking upward for BlackBerry. What is up with this move of apparent desperation?

Posted via CB10

Let me rephrase! I would like to an exclusive section like before in BlackBerry World where we can look up artists and purchase albums or songs. I like the 7digital service but I would live to see something exclusive to BlackBerry World. Not a membership based service but accessible via BlackBerry World and also direct carrier payment again. I liked it before the shutdown and switch to 7digital because it was easy to buy music. I like 7digital but I uld definately like it more if it was an exclusive BlackBerry service.

Posted via CB10

So what happens to your music after August 2015 when the deal expires? People already don't trust BlackBerry after years of broken promises and the whole Thorsten trying to sell the company thing. I wouldn't trust buying music through this service to only have it work on BlackBerry phones and not sure what happens after a year.

Posted via CB10

Music is music. Doesn't really matter where it comes from so long as it's coming from somewhere (a store). Then only thing I find weird is taking video and music away from BlackBerry World to begin with. That was the weird part. It's good that they're actively partnering to bring a music store back to BlackBerry 10. Good show. Although I have the majority of my favorite music still in my CD collection, it's still nice to have an option to purchase content if and when I want to do so.

Posted via CB10

I enjoyed it really especially being able to pay on my phone bill that my company pays for,

Posted via CB10

Tell them to shove it! I didn't buy music before, and I certainly will not now, just from indignation.

Let then try their luck on iOS up against iTunes and on Android up against Google music

Posted via (hopefully) a passport A10

I want music back in BlackBerry World the way it was. A streaming service in addition to that would be great though I'm happy with iHeart.

Posted via CB10

If it means music available through BlackBerry World and not that horrible 7digital app, I'm all for it.

Posted via CB10

So Blackberry went from revenue sharing to paying 7Digital to keep their app on Blackberry? I guess I'm no Chen but I don't see how this is a good thing. Maybe that's CEO knowledge only.

The question was asked what do I want from a music service?

Maybe something like Sony Music Unlimited. They allow you to store up to 4000 songs offline.

This is important because verizon charges a lot more for data than companies charge to stream music.

I recently dropped my sirius-xm because they don't allow stored music. When you can't reach the Southern sky, no music.

Considering how we all have gps receivers in our phone, why can't we have a receiver for satellite radio? Streaming music without slowing the company network would be really nice.

As for this 7something or another.... I can't even remember it's name.

Let me know when an app is able to access the phone number of the artist so I can give my appreciation!

Posted via CB10

I personally hope they bring it back. Or something that works with Sound Hound. I personally don't mind paying for it as it was so simple with Sound Hound. Most of my employees carry a BlackBerry and don't know how to get free music and have complained that Sound Hound doesn't work. Hell most of them didn't even know that BlackBerry was quiting music until it happened. I just hope they don't wait to long.

Rockin Z30 on on AT&T

I hope they know what they're doing. As of yesterday I can't re-download any of the music I bought in Blackberry World through 7 digital. Some of the songs on albums won't download. Some albums are missing. And believe it or not some songs I'm reading it Chinese or some other language. If 7 digital really wants to work with BlackBerry and they want BlackBerry users business then for starters, how about a native app. How about fixing that damm Crap they call an app for the PlayBook. They want my money so they should at least make me some real apps that work with no problems. @Bla1ze, you got connections. Tell them what we want. And what about my movies, especially the ones I already bought? This should be included too.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

NATIVE APP! But do people buy music this way? Either way hope general people are happy about this news! :) Long Live #BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

I was a big fan of BBM music. I rarely bought music, but I did like the BBM subscription option of old. I've bought from 7 Digitals music library and never had any issues with it. Seems to be a good service, but it is odd BlackBerry is out of the mix with revenues from music sales.

Posted via CB10

Personally I like it the way it was. I know when it changed a lot of people were upset, this is probably the best fix they could do

Posted via CB10

Music and movies should ideally be part of BlackBerry World. Only exception is if BlackBerry World was not profitable. In such case 7digital should be a partner, but their service should be channeled transparently through BlackBerry World. And the coding should be native BB10 for maximum performance.

Music and video sales should be part of the BB10 out of the box experience.

Posted via CB10

Any one ever considered that maybe the 7digital store will be integrated into the current music app?

I really wish they will do something like that...

Posted via CB10

I can't understand why BlackBerry (in need of revenue streams) would partner up on a deal that makes them no money at all. All this seems to do is facilitate the needs of the end user (and I thank them for that) but to walk away from this deal without even making 10% off each purchase is not great economic sense for a company needing revenue.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

7 digital was not that great of a site to purchase from. Liked it much better when you could purchase and find music in BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

All I know is I purchased hundreds of dollars on music/movies in BlackBerry World and only a few bucks with the 7Digital app (deleted!)
I'll wait for an equal or better alternative to continue my spending hard earned money!
I also agree with a previous comment, about Amazon mp3 having a wider selection of music.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

This is a smart move buy blackberry to further the partnership with 7digital I just hope with this they bring back music in BlackBerry World since 7digital has service in other countries

Posted via CB10

I'm all for Amazon and 7Digital, but I really think all these moves should be integrated into BlackBerry World directly. It gets all out of wack if not.
Also, I'm sure there has to be a good reason for BlackBerry to pay 7Digital while receiving nothing in return, but for the life of me, I can't figure that out just yet?


Bbry not doing revenue sharing and paying them to provide the service?


Posted via CB10

Give me a native beats music app.

That's all I need. Android version works fine, but a native experience would be awesome!

By subscribing for a streamlined service, I rarely download any songs now. I can save tunes for listening within the app and be great.

Posted via CB10

I would like for BlackBerry to revert back to their previous media library, allowing consumers to purchase media directly via BlackBerry app world, not a half -azz android port(7 digital). Who cares if there are hundreds of android ports if they only operate at 80% functionality? I prefer the native apps that are constantly tweaked, updated and run smoothly with BB10, and if I have to pay for the apps, so be it. I will gladly for full - functionality! You damn, tight -ass cheapskates kill me, constantly whining about crappy apps, but you drool for android ports, and Bitch about paying a dollar or two or three for a quality native. If you want free s#=?, get a damn job and stop bumming!

Opined with my Z10!

What do we want?

Have people like me who live outside the market that doesn't care about BlackBerry access to music!!!!

I've been wanting to download but limitations on location is impeding it.

Posted via CB10

I really hope crackberry goes more in detail as to why this benefits BlackBerry. They went from getting some share of the profits to paying them now. What gives?

Posted via CB10

This is for 1 year only, during this time BlackBerry should decide what to do next with the music and video service.

Via CB10 on Z30

I don't get why 7digital will get all the music revenue plus a fee that BlackBerry pays monthly ! Why should BlackBerry pay in addition to not gaining any revenues from the music ?! It's not sensible. It feels like BlackBerry was screwed over by 7digital ! The deal beforehand was sensible and a Win-win situation not its a big win for 7digital but a double loose for BlackBerry (loosing music revenues and having to pay).
By the way 7digital doesn't have any native BlackBerry 10 app, if BlackBerry were to pay then they at least should have the decency to make a native app and improve their services !

Posted via CB10

This is a stupid deal and I won't be buying any music from them if BlackBerry isn't making any money out of it...

Posted via CB10

I hear you. And don't you feel like BB World is a lesser world without the rich music and movie content? It used to be incredibly impressive with the movie previews.

Is 7digital a BB 10 app? I tried it and found it a bit sluggish. 15 to 20 seconds to load. And I take offense to the Android style search bar at the top. That being said once loaded, searching for and previewing music seems good. I have not bought anything yet. I'm still looking for the email to port my BB World music over.

7digital will be taking all the profits from music sales and on top of that, BlackBerry will be paying 7digital monthly fees for the service. Am I missing something?

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

GREAT!! I miss the music and video content in BB World!!!!!!!! Native rocks. I disliked the 7Digital Android app.

I also liked having my apps, music, videos, and perhaps ebooks in one place - BB World. If BB can just display the content in BB World get 7Digital to manage it (so you don't need another app!), then we have a great solution that should please everyone. Who thinks the size of the app store really matters? If I have all I need, I'd rather not have the extra apps to find and launch. Tight integration is key!

As a consumer, I wouldn't mind having both the choice to pay a la card for music, but a more practical approach would be a monthly fee for streaming music and perhaps the ability to store some of it in any type of cloud capacity linked directly to the app...or whatever this new offering will look like. On a temporary basis if need be...

I cannot say I'm pleased that BlackBerry is now having to pay for this service. Then, I would ask, why shut down the music store in the first place?! Unless it was 7 Digital who pushed them into accepting this deal! And if this will only be available for one it wise for BlackBerry to let itself get shaken down for this disadvantageous arrangement?!

One of my hopes when I heard that BlackBerry was partnering with Amazon, was that perhaps we would also get access to their extensive audio and video collection through their Prime service. The thought of being able to stream HBO content on my phone was appealing! Otherwise what is the point of having Amazon as a partner! I already have the apps I need and don't necessarily need more from Amazon!

What will happen to the video store. Will we get another similarly themed announcement about BlackBerry and Rovi?!?!

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They should just make 7 digital the back end to the blackberry music section of blackberry world. Why are they even exposing the user to all this migration crap? That’s for them to figure out and insulate us from it at the back end. All we need is the best end user interface with the access to the best complete content which is easy to find and access to meta data such as popularity, charts etc. I would also like convenient payment options like they had before built in but also add subscription options. Give me all kinds. Monthly, yearly, pay as you go, block of songs, block of albums etc etc.

ITunes store is actually losing market share to the streaming apps. So much to the point they were actually debating opening it up to android. If that is true I will be loading that instead when it comes out. I'm just not much of a streaming fan. It just doesn't work for me when I'm on the move. I'm not a huge ifan but music is something they do right and the store front is the model. Fortunately for BlackBerry I don't buy my smartphone based on the best music setup because right now they are the worst one.

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I am glad for this. Music back through BlackBerry World like before, and I can scrap the 7 Digital android App and all its permissions.

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Personally I liked the way it was before. I thought it was BlackBerry's move in the right direction. I prefer to own as oppose to subscribe. I want to purchase an album, or song and listen to it on any of my devices, without commercials or subscription fees. Some months I buy a few albums, some months... just a couple of songs, other months nothing at all. I'm to picky with music to want a subscription service. I usually buy from Amazon, or the artist's preferred music provider. On BlackBerry I would use world to purchase music. I enjoyed it.

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1. A la cart. When I buy music I want to buy and download a drm free file that I can use without regard to an Internet connection.

2. The previous setup with songs in BBW was much better. I bought a lot of music through that setup and although I clicked on the link that 7digital sent out I have yet to buy anything through their app.

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