BlackBerry, Amazon, and moving forward

By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2014 10:19 pm EDT

So today was a big day for BlackBerry. The announcement of them teaming up with Amazon to deliver Android apps on BlackBerry 10 is something many folks have been hoping for (and against) for a while, but now that it has actually happened it's interesting to sit back and read some of the reactions from the BlackBerry community. Overall, it seems there's plenty of love for it happening but there also seem to be folks who are not too keen on the idea. Personally speaking, I think it's a great idea and something that had to happen eventually due to lack of other plausible solutions.

I think most people would agree it was some rather interesting timing as well. BlackBerry is serving up their earnings report tomorrow along with hosting their annual meeting, so that may have possibly had an effect on the timing. On top of that, shortly after the BlackBerry / Amazon info went out, Jeff Bezos hit the stage to introduce Amazon's own phone which we now know as Fire Phone. Hit the link if you care, if not skip it.

With all of that in mind, I'm curious what you all think about the situation. I have several views on it and more importantly some questions about how BlackBerry is going to be transitioning all this stuff. It's going to be a while before we all see the transition and will be able to see how it all works out but I can't help but feel there are a lot of unanswered questions and some misinterpreted information floating about. We'll be looking to get better clarification on it all once the earnings stuff is all over and done with.

We've heard your appeals for access to more applications for your BlackBerry 10 device and we are delivering.

What happens to Native BlackBerry development? BlackBerry addressed it on the BlackBerry developer's blog and clarified some information but even some developers seem confused over what path they should be taking. Essentially there are now going to be two app stores on BlackBerry 10 devices. As stated by Tim Neil, Amazon will support only Android applications. BlackBerry World will continue as normal supporting all existing types of applications and BlackBerry and Amazon will provide support to migrate an existing Android application from BlackBerry World to Amazon if the developer desires to do so.

So what does that even mean? Are they expecting native BlackBerry developers to drop native support and transition everything over to an Android app so they can take advantage of all of that Amazon offers through their developer program? It is a good program. There's obviously a choice there, but what happens to those who do only decide to create native apps? Less exposure? Less support from developer relations? The blog post honestly didn't really clarify that and I'm not the only one left wondering.

In addition to the greater selection of apps, you will be able to access video and music services through a number of popular third party services available through the Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World.

On top of that, we also learned that BlackBerry will be removing music, movies, and TV shows from BlackBerry World. Rovi powered the TV shows and movies while 7Digital powered the music side of things. To make up for it BlackBerry noted 'you will be able to access video and music services through a number of popular third party services available through the Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World'.

For me, the removal isn't a big deal at all. Honestly, the only thing I ever bought from there was the Tame Impala song used on BlackBerry commercials anyway. But some folks instantly assumed that means all of Amazon's content is going to be available on BlackBerry devices and, well, that hasn't been made crystal clear. It's definitely a safe assumption that you'll be able to download such things as Amazon Prime Music, the app mostly works as is now anyway, but it's not clear if Amazon and BlackBerry are working together to be able to offer any sort of other access. They stated 'popular third party services' so that could mean just about anything such as downloading Netflix for videos or Spotify for music, as examples. Of course, Amazon is in the business of selling you things and logic would say Amazon and BlackBerry will work something out but again, it was never explicitly stated.

In any case, this is a BIG deal for BlackBerry and they're going forward with it. There's no going back now. Current and potential BlackBerry users will ultimately decide whether or not it's the right move in the long run. As BlackBerry themselves put it, 'we've heard your appeals for access to more applications for your BlackBerry 10 device and we are delivering.' So let me know: Is this what everyone wants? I think it's a great move and am looking toward BlackBerry moving forward with it.

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BlackBerry, Amazon, and moving forward


Yeah I'm not so sure about this, I don't love android and it's Rouge app permissions but the extra apps are nice for some people.

I say dump amazon and pay the app developers to get there apps over to BlackBerry world.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

It's not that easy. Even Microsoft with so much cash is having hard time getting developers on board. Blackberry has no chance. This partnership with amazon is great because not only it gives blackberry more apps but also it might help in improving blackberry brand, especially among Americans. One more thing, there is a reason amazon uses forked android, it's much more regulated and way less intrusive than android with Google services, fits exactly with BlackBerry stronghold, security and privacy. This is a great move and beginning of marvelous turnaround for blackberry.

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I don't think they are having trouble i think they are just waiting for their win 8 ecosystem to mature more then with they're bazillions they could pay a huge sum of money to developers for their big name apps to show up natively on the windows phone platform

Posted via CB10

They've got Windows Phone 7, 7.1, 8, and 8.1, all of which were not simple updates (especially between 7 to 8, forgot if 7.1 actually exists). Point is, their ecosystem really have matured, even NOKIA's handset division has folded, Microsoft has had a lot of time to wait for WP ecosystem to mature, they simply also have a hard time getting people on board

Z10 STL100-1/

Well when u put it that way lol maybe they don't believe it's that important then didn't they say something about just dropping the windows phone and the xbox1? Sorry don't have a source but I'm sure if u Google it something will come up

Posted via CB10

Nokia's handset division didn't "fold". They sold it to Microsoft.

Sometimes I wonder how well Nokia would have done had they skipped WP and presented their innovations with Android.

How about joining BlackBerry... Nokia owned QT (read Cascades). Nokia engineers are amazing engineers, on par with QNX ones... together they'd have put together a state of the art mobile platform in term of efficiency security and privacy protection for BlackBerry.
They could have saved the planet from all the existing creepy FISHING platforms (that should really be prohibited by law) which everybody is naively using...
Think about it: QNX on the infrastructure and Nokia terminals running bb10. What a high tech dream!
By now they'd be dominating allover the place ;)

They have about 300000 apps now soo....and they have many big name developers including some exclusives like Disqus and simultaneous app and game releases like Sicher

Listen to the recent Vector Podcast with Daniel R. from Windows Phone Central. He talks at length about the trouble they are having. He even gives examples of Microsoft offering to pay developers to bring the app to their platform; then offering to fund the development as long as the vendor takes over support after ... only to be turned down. He gives other examples of vendors agreeing to this model and then just letting the app site there with no updates or improvements while being improved on other platforms.

It's eye opening. Absolutely Microsoft is having trouble as well, even with throwing around big $$$ and the best developer relations in the world (arguably).

You *do* realize that *Amazon* does virtually everything Google does as far as tracking customer data, right? And for the same reasons: to better advertise to you so that they have a better chance of getting you to buy something. Why is it evil if Google does it but fine if Amazon (or BB) does it?

Hypocrisy is the name of the game for most crackberry denizens. I'm glad someone finally pointed this out

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

You are right. Some of these people will never get it. Let them blindly believe what they will. It's just funny that the facts can be put right before their eyes, and they STILL have a ridiculous comeback. It like arguing with a plank. Maybe they work for Google/Amazon. Who knows?

Posted via CB10

"amazon does it to provide you with their products .google does it to make you the product"

Just in case you missed the answer to your rhetorical question.

The difference on BlackBerry is that you will have a choice.

You don't really get one if you use Google based Android devices.

Once again... that creapy, bloated, useless FISHING runtime on top of a "secure?" bb10/QNX OS must be OPTIONAL and COMPLETELY REMOVABLE from my damned z10!
I'd expect that for 10.3.

The day BlackBerry will finally get that concept, well, that'd be BlackBerry day #1... until then, we as customers and all developers will be confused and feel like absorbed by the droids.

If someone feels like he's missing so many great android apps and likes to run them on top of his bb10/ QNX powered device (with obvious glitches and performance hits) he's possibly using the wrong platform.
He should rather buy the upcoming Amazon's 3d fire phone...

Would it not be possible to delete it through a "sideload" program and then not re-update after.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

Thank you for your comment. I thought I was the only one that sees Amazon and Google as creepy and invasive.

[URL = "bbmc:C0018C14B"] Join She, Me, Her: I am Woman[/URL] Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Z30

It will certainly be interesting. Native apps always run much smoother. My hope is that once an app gets enough attention from the amazing app store, that means there is a demand for it from blackberry users and thus, they will make it into a native app for BB10. All conjecture at this point, but it will be interesting to see how things pan out.

Posted via CB10


For example: Instagram on WP (coded by Instagram themselves) is still in beta on WP today and has way less features than iGrann and definitely way way less features than the Android version that runs great on Bb10 (no direct, no new filters, and other missing features).

Paying for an app may get you a base level version, but they still support you dead last (after iPhone and Android) you think Umi will be satisfied with this, or will he continue to bash BlackBerry so that he can be quoted on another site - known for bashing BlackBerry - bashing BlackBerry and Kevin can comment on what Umi meant in the comments and CB and BlackBerry continue to look like a bunch of losers because the BlackBerry message can't even be kept from hurting itself on a site called "Crackberry ".......

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Because that's what lovers shouldn't be whining about BlackBerry on Crackberry.....pretty simple concept...

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Frank Boulben would have been so proud of the CB boys the other day....he also really knew how to lose control of the BlackBerry message.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

This would not solve his issues in any way. Did you even read his article?
Or is it more fun to degenerate into calling any criticism of blackberry bashing, even though it may be warranted.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Man, give it a rest. Chris made some good points in his opinion piece. I don't want Crackberry to be a fan site where we can't take a realistic look at the issues facing BlackBerry. Chris is just voicing the concerns of many who once used BlackBerry , but no longer do so. It would behoove BlackBerry fans to take note of the experiences of other users.

Lack of apps hurt the playbook and lack of apps has hurt BlackBerry 10 (and Windows, for that matter).

Posted via CB10

@ nissa....this is a great strategy if you don't mind to be made to look like a fool on Apple Fanboy sites as they take the words of Crackberry contributors and us them against BlackBerry users.

How is that helpful?

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

"Apple Fanboy sites as they take the words of Crackberry contributors and us them against BlackBerry users."

Boo Hoo Effing Hoo.

They can change it! Build the Amazon App Store INSIDE of BBW. There was a great post with an example of it on BerryFlow a few hours ago.

This is ONLY a great move if they implement it better. Having two separate main app stores on BB10 is not only confusing to the normal consumer, but it hurts native developers. Just have all the Apps in BBW and label the Amazon ones with a little amazon icon.

Ya, that would ideally be how I'd like to see it as well. Jeremy laid that out beautifully. And my 'no going back' was more about the deal as a whole. :)

Absolutely. You did a great write-up and stated both sides of the argument. Being a Native App developer and close with Jeremy (someone has put an IMMENSE amount of time into furthering and helping people with native development), I can't help but be pretty annoyed and demotivated with the way they chose to handle things.

The last thing BlackBerry needs to do right now is upset the current native developers who (although are not making much money from native development) are continuing to push on. One of the main reasons we continue to develop natively is due to the the sheer power a well-built app currently has in BlackBerry World. This decision throws a wrench into the plan, there will be many people who will not even open BlackBerry World and will ONLY use the Amazon App Store for everything moving forward. Not because they will benefit most from it, but it's just easier to deal with one App World rather than two.

It's tough. This is a good decision for shareholders and some consumers in the short-term but really bad for native devs in the long-term unless they do something drastically different.

Lots of great cascades and native applications that may be pushed aside by this sadly.

:( I now understand why BlackBerry was telling AIR developers to rebuild their apps for Android or WebWorks (which is nearly Android compatible) and wouldn't recommend Cascades.

The real question we should be asking - and won't know until this time next year - is why they are telling Cascades developers to start building new apps using Android instead of Cascades. Something bigger is coming.

Posted via CB from my LE

Who is telling Cascades developers to start building new apps using Android instead of Cascades? I have never heard of that, nor would BlackBerry ever have a reason to say that, even with the path that they are going. Even with this change, BlackBerry STILL prefers apps to be built in Native Cascades, it's better for them. The problem here is being demoralizing for native developers, BlackBerry still prefers people to build their apps in cascades.. Encouraging developers to upload their Apps to the Amazon store means normal Android devs and iOS devs. This does NOT mean BlackBerry wants Native devs to jump onto Android instead of being native. You're looking at the statements that BlackBerry has said wrong.

They want more devs to put Apps in the Amazon App Store, yes. This means iOS & Android devs who aren't currently putting their apps into the Amazon App Store. Not the awesome Native devs who already know how to write in native Cascades.

Your absolutely right. They haven't clearly articulated this, and it is just my individual interpretation.

Just my opinion vut reading through the lines, it suggests something much bigger coming.

...I want the company focused more on enterprise so our effort, the resources we spent on getting applications is going to be very much focused on enterprise, highly secure kind of an application and then our partnership through Amazon will provide us the consumer side of the applications...

Translation: We want consumer apps to start coming from Amazon.

...our developer communities are quite large and we will encourage them to write apps on the Amazon Appstore.

This is also mentioned

...BlackBerry and Amazon will provide support to help you migrate your BlackBerry applications to the Amazon Appstore this summer...

Which suggests to methey are going to be pushing us away from existing IDE's to Android.

Now, it may be reaching. But if you read through the lines on statements from Tim and Chen, you will see they consistently keep to these two topics. And if they can minimize Cascades and WW developers on consumer level, it will give them the ability to make a large change next year --- whatever that change may be.

But I could be over speculating. Hard to say - they never really answer questions.

Posted via CB from my LE

They're obviously talking about the Android applications currently residing in BlackBerry World. Porting Cascades applications to Android is just too stupid to even be thought of by the last management.

Not only it incurs performance penalty, it also removes any chance to get Built for BlackBerry certification, removes any trace of BlackBerry 10 experience, doubling the hassle, and reduces the APIs that developers can use to leverage the BlackBerry 10 platform

Z10 STL100-1/

I didn't say it wasn't dumb ;)

But if my interpretation is right - which based on the comments on the articles and replied from Tim - it very well could be. Then you owe me a coffee.

Posted via CB from my LE

It isn't obvious at all. It reads to me that any blackberry app will have help to be converted to the Amazon app store.
Bearing in mind the Amazon app store is in desperate need of apps as blackberry world is

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

They don't seem to be telling native devs to start making android apps, I think (hope) if having these big name apps at least 'available' on bb10 they might be able to get the number of users up, then better performing native apps may become desirable.

Check out the official IWIK BBM channel C002FA57C posted via Q10SQN100-1/

Yeah, they aren't telling native devs to start making Android apps. Sure, they can encourage developers in general to build apps for the Amazon App store, this is obvious though.. This means encouraging Android developers to upload their apps to the Amazon store rather than JUST go with Google Play. This does NOT mean that they are telling native devs to instead go build for Android... I don't know where he came up with that from. It would make absolutely no sense whatsoever for BlackBerry to ever say something like that. No reason to spread unnecessary rumors about this.

I completely agree as well. I'm not pumped at having to check out two app stores. Native app development will further degrade in that scenario as well. We need a to keep the 'built for BlackBerry' going too! Native apps are sooo much better than ports.

Posted via CB10

Agree. Need to have an equal market for native BB10 apps if music and video is not available in BlackBerry World. Simple marketplace for downloads. IPhone app store is the IU standard to follow with better media player and organization than current experience. Turn up the good.

Seems like, slowly but surely, things are heading back in the right direction for BB. Consumer side will grow through partnerships until the company is more stable again.

Great benefits in some ways. But it means tripling the app market - and tripling competition - for cascade apps by flooding a market with Android ports.

It's hard news for developers. When we add in that BlackBerry is starting to tell native developers to stop writing Cascades apps and start building Android, we have to worry that the beautiful ecosystem we are using today with fluid BFB and Cascades apps has finally started to come to an end (as we know it).

The positive: major advantages to the average customer. The negative: tons of free low quality Android ports to saturate the market. And less cascades apps in the future.

This is a quantity of quality change that will have interesting consequences over the next year.

Every company that has adopted Amazon or Google app stores has ended up (ultimately) abandoning their own appworld. The impact will be fascinating to watch - I haven't seen a company turn it's back on 3rd party developers as much as BlackBerry and the result is very debatable.

Posted via CB from my LE

I will always buy a native Built for BlackBerry App vs a free android app. As long as I am able to do so, which I continue to hope/ expect will be for a long time.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

+ count me in. Cascades native experience is so much better, and if you're not a whinger, you'll pay the buck or two.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Nice editorial Bla1ze!! I agree - there's no going back now. Anything that helps get the word out that BlackBerrys have apps is a good thing.

I'm so proud of him. He's even going to bed now so he can wake up early to get up the Earnings Press Release. Even has the live blog already prepped. :)

The only issue is that the Amazon app store is quite well known for its lack of apps as well.
It helps ease the pain with some big name apps but I fear this solution may do more harm for blackberry then good in the long run.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Amazon content sucks everywhere but the US where nobody cares about BlackBerry. Don't take away my music store dammit!

Posted via CB10

I can feel you there. Canada has Amazon Prime with none of the additional benefits of the US version of Prime such as Videos and Prime Music so I think that speaks to what sort of deals Amazon and BlackBerry may have mapped out.

This deal must have been worked on for quite a while. BlackBerry couldn't have dropped their content vendors just like that. They likely reached the end of their contract. It had to be coordinated to coincide with the Amazon announcement.

Time will tell but I'm liking what's going on! I love Blackberry so much and I don't usually like companies because of the greed that usually associates with them. Costco is the other company I admire. Anywho, I hope all the apps will work perfectly on my Q10. The car2enjoy app did not work due to googleplay services. So hopefully that is addressed. Long live #Blackberry!

Posted via CB10

I already have the amazon store on my Z30 and it's so compelling I've opened it about 3 times to date...I guess apps really aren't my thing.

Posted via CB10

Amazon store has never existed on my Z30, and as far as I'm concerned one store (for both) is all that is needed on BB10. From a convenience point of view one store would be best. How many people do you think would prefer shopping in two separate stores when given the choice of everything conveniently placed all in one store? BlackBerry get it done (please)!

Thanks for the good post. As far as what the future holds, it's complicated. Phones sell themselves, but apps prevent phone sales. As long as people can't get the apps they want, they won't buy phones. So in this instance, blackberry will be increasing their sale value due to apps. Native developers will take a hit. However we must remember that native developers never had much of a market to begin either with BB10, so in all reality I'm not sure how much this hurt them. On the closing of the movie and music side of the store, I'm not surprised. Microsoft is having a hard time competing in media sales against iTunes, so I'm not sure why this would surprise anymore that blackberry is shutting that down. Overall the amazon partnership is beneficial to blackberry, even if it means accepting some level of defeat in the market.

Posted via CB10

Never been a fan of ported apk's. Would rather have native. Probably won't download anything from amazon if it isn't written native for BlackBerry but cool idea I guess. Ported aps always feel funny and cheap. Just me though

Given the choice of having an Android app or no app at all, I would take the Android app if I really needed/wanted it in a heartbeat so yeah, I think this is a great move in the right direction.

All I can see now (and I would heartily welcome proof to the contrary) is that Android is now what will be everything to the consumer segment of BlackBerry. BlackBerry having it's own ecosystem is now about as dead as it can be because we're submitting to Android. So, the company makes a secure OS and focuses on what they can do with BES, and the rest of us essentially are stuck with an offshoot Android, albeit a bit more data secure and better UE. Why am I so sad now?

I don't see them forcing anything on you. They're playing the cards they have. Just because you may happen to use 1 or 2 android apps to get you what you need doesn't mean submitting to android either. If a Mac runs a Microsoft application, is it all of a sudden a windows machine?

Posted via CB10

@AngryEdmontonian: Remember that Smiley88 is also a longtime BlackBerry developer, starting years ago in the BBOS days (Toysoft), and from what I can tell, has developed *hundreds* of *native* BlackBerry apps.

I would not dismiss his opinion so out of hand. MOST BB10 developers I have seen weighing-in on this issue have a *negative* reaction to it.

This is not just their imagination.

I understand BlackBerry's motivation to do "something" to address the "app gap". And clearly Amazon was a better choice than trying to comply with Google's long-list of demands for adopting Google Frameworks - pre-requisite for offering Google Play and the various Google apps like Gmail, Maps, etc. (Which would have been the death-knell for the platform, IMHO, as the device would have to essentially be branded as an Android device and Google gets to have control over all sorts of product details)

But as per usual, I think the evidence so far is that they are going to handle this poorly. It's not just a matter of making an agreement, they need to address issues of app quality, developer incentive and remuneration, the longstanding issue of Android app permissions, the undermining of the native app ecosystem, etc.

Yeah, they have this fantasy about turning BlackBerry World into the "enterprise app hub", but I'd be more inclined to think it will just start a steady and inexorable death, with an exodus of the few remaining loyal and experienced BlackBerry developers like Bellshare, Toysoft, Nem0ry, devcellent, etc.

(Though I have no doubt S4BB will trundle on like a hard-to-kill cockroach, pumping out 200 cloned "apps" a day...)

I am having trouble being super excited about this as well. I completely understand that the current solution wasn’t working for closing the app gap. This partnership should help. I think it will be good to have some clarity around how tactically it will all work. I have downloaded 10.3 to my Z10 and can't get some apps to run (no they do not require Google play services). So I hope this is addressed as well. I strongly feel BlackBerry will move to an Android OS for consumers. Now if it is just the ability to smoothly run Android apps but keep great features like the hub, peek, flow, and the tightly knit integration of apps, then I think I can live with that. I just like cascades and the native app experience. It just feels difficult at the moment to accept this possible change. Feels like we are losing some of the DNA of BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

IMO, it is going to be a two way street.

An official Android stamping will give them more sales from the very basic consumer segment who think Android=smartphone. (Yes, there are plenty of them)

Interesting will be the current loyal BB10 upgraded consumer. They need everything BlackBerry which will be hard to get. If at all Android, why switch to Android from Google and get the best of Android OR switch to iOS and get the top of best Apps?

Why do people believe this would be confusing to anyone. It will be just as easy as using BlackBerry World. Even the search feature on the phone could bring up the app in a instance. This is a better late than never kind of deal for BlackBerry. I keep saying 2015 will make or break BlackBerry.

Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF

If the audio and video content was already powered by 3rd party vendors (rovi/7digital), then why remove the curated data from BlackBerry World? It seems weird. Seems like all BlackBerry World was doing was presenting the content provided by those 2 third parties anyways. Hmmm...

Posted via CB10

Obviously, part of the deal for getting official access to the Amazon Marketplace required BB to send BB users to Amazon for media content vs. Amazon's competition. That was about all BB could offer Amazon to make the deal, and it is in no way a surprise that it happened exactly as it did.

Remember, a deal has to benefit BOTH parties. It's not enough to just look at what is in BB's best interest; you must also ask yourself what is in Amazon's best interest too.

Well for me I will just wait and see how much things change, if it's to much I would probably just get a total android device, or give apple another go.

Which I really don't want to do.

Z30 best ever

Blaze, awesome editorial brother! I think your expanded role here @ CB will suit you well. Keep up the great work!

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!

This is an absolutely necessary step for BlackBerry. There was/ is no option. The question is how to maximise benefits and remain unique. BlackBerry need to identify their app space and how they will make all more efficient.

Posted via CB10

Id like for my current apps to stay native and get updated because only native apps will have hub integration.

Id like some big name apps like instagram, news and finance apps on my BB10 to get push notifications.

As long as this is in the near future I have no problems with this mess.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

Who has ever bought lots of music or video from BlackBerry World anyways. Their attempts at an iTunes competition has failed. I'm sure there's got to be a financial savings of some sort in this deal for BlackBerry.

I'm not sure there was even an attempt at being a competitor to iTunes. Don't think that was ever really the position.

I've bought lots of music from BlackBerry World! And a few movies too!

Posted via CB10 - Z10 'Powered by BlackBerry'

It appears prospective at the outset.

But on one corner of my mind I start to think "is this the beginning of Amazon taking over Blackberry"?

Well the future will tell.

Posted via CB10

In a round-about way, it could. If Amazon Appstore grows, it'll have more apps that eschew Google Play services. So that means there will be more Android apps that will work with BB10.

If amazon is an android effing port I'm gunna be supper annoyed. Android is not ok on a BlackBerry

Swordsmanship & Western Martial Arts Channel C000C9AF6

Bringing Amazon to BlackBerry doesn't affect me one bit. I have every app I need from BBW. But for those people who came from android or ios will surely like this announcement and finally have a dedicated app store for all android apps they desire. I will probably take a gander in the store but the performance of native apps will always surpass android apps. Its a huge move and great for BlackBerry users. Just the performance of what I read has me little skeptical...

Posted via CB10

Any movement forward on apps, be it native or Android is a positive. No action is death.

Posted via CB10 & my killer BlackBerry Z30

They had to do something because to scale up buyers and users they can't do quickly enough without major apps. Plus, now they can use this in marketing for next gen phones.

Posted via CB10

But they only have 240,000 apps compared to Google Play's 1.2 million.

Supposed they could say "an expanded app selection with Amazon App Store".

"I think it's a great move and am looking toward BlackBerry moving forward with it." how is that good??? All these android apps don't even have the blackberry UI it's annoying. Next move Is our sweet UI is going to look more like android.

Swordsmanship & Western Martial Arts Channel C000C9AF6

I think is a great move; I see no problem with it; if you want to use only native apps, you can do it; but they're also giving us an extra choice

Also, if in the future you will be able to buy music or movies from Amazon to watch on your phone and also use Amazon Cloud Services; is a nice plus

I'm sure that Amazon will benefit with this deal as much as BlackBerry; they will have new costumers buy apps and surely BlackBerry will include the Fire Phone (from Amazon) among the ones you can use on BES and also will receive BBM app

Posted via CB10

This is a bad move. Android apps on Blackberry was a bandaid for the app gap. Those who want android apps buy - surprise - android phones. It was one thing to have a supplemental app store where people could get an app or is quite another to dismantle your entertainment infrastructure and outsource app development to a competing OS.

Android apps are spyware...whether they run on BB10 or natively.

Posted via CB10

Android apps have poor integration with bb10 OS. As much as I really like the bb10 OS; BlackBerry might as well dump it and just go full Android. My reason for this is native app support has dropped off sharply for the past while. Lots of native apps with the Built for BlackBerry tag no longer work and the developers no longer respond to emails. I actually have more android apps running now than Native BlackBerry apps.

Posted via CB10

I've been using Amazon since android could run natively on bb10. This won't change my life in one bit. This will make it simpler for the average phone user and that is what team BlackBerry needs. Not that my vote counts but I am for it.

Posted via CB10

This benefits both companies. It may actually improve Amazon's reach into different world markets. It also increases cache' for the name Blackberry in the US. Which, honestly, needs the PR boost.

How the app store is implemented is important. As long as we see Apps auto-update and the store to remember my buying history, the confusion should be limited.

I think this was a strong move for Blackberry and maybe some day they will be a part of the Amazon empire. Who knows. These are interesting times.

It probably don't mean much as amazon app store plus blackberry world will only give you about less than 400k apps. This pales in comparison to google play and apple app store. In fact, I can't even find micoach in amazon. Hopefully this does do some good in the long run

Posted via CB10

The thing I hate about Android apps is you have to allow all permissions or don't use it. Permissions that most apps don't require to function..... hopefully they add in the option to specify which conditions you want to allow like for BlackBerry World apps...

Posted via CB10

It's been said a few times already but I'll say it again. This is the best move BlackBerry could make right now. I love native apps like everyone else but where are they? How my times do we have to hear another big name developer say BlackBerry development isn't worth their time. It's time to embrace the crappy reality and move on with the hope that either the Android runtime gets even better or that this move brings more people to BlackBerry and helps turn things around in the long run.

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I don't want BlackBerry to stop selling music and movies from BlackBerry World. I prefer native apps. I would like BlackBerry to support native apps.

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Already have Amazon Store, what you actually need is Google Play services.. Let's trade with Google: BlackBerry amazing virtual keyboard for the next Google Phone for Google Play services!! Let's dream a little. :-)

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Wonder if we'll get a native Kindle or Amazon app?, or maybe even file manager access to the Kindle cloud. A Prime video player would be nice too.

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Overall, I think it is good.

I could care less for the music and movies going to amazon. I've never been a fan of buying that stuff digitally and getting locked into an ecosystem just to enjoy my media that I bought.

More app availability would be great. However, many of the. Apk files that I have loaded don't run particularly well on BB10. I am hoping that is because of the square screen and/or it will improve with 10.3. Not so much for my own use as for the health of the BB10 platform.

I'd really like to see the native apps survive. To be honest, I need top start buying more apps to help that. Not that my own purchases will make or break anyone.... Can anyone suggest a great business card scanner that will allow me to convert business cards into work-side contacts?

Also, the native development will be important for the square screens. I love the Q10 and am looking forward to the windermere.

Very interested to see what tomorrow brings... I think they still have some news to announce (other than financials). Seems like they always announce things in groups.

I rather have Native Apps. They run flawless. Though I understand the reasoning behind the Amazon deal.

But remember some Android apps don't look right on the Q10 and Q5.

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I don't see why this is such a big deal. I'm willing to bet most of us are already using Amazon, 1Mobile or Aptoide for apps anyway. What's so bad about making it official? We've tried to rally developers to make native apps and it didn't work, at least. not on the scale we need. We've tried to rally developers to bring their existing Android apps over to BlackBerry World, and it didn't work. This will, and with less resources on our part. They have what the consumer market wants, let them provide it while we focus on prosumer apps.WE on CrackBerry will continue to support native apps over ports, and the enterprise will require more secure apps, so there is definitely a prosumer market for native apps. I see no problem.

So does everyone outside of the US get completely f-ing hosed on this deal? I don't download tons Via the music and Video stores, but does Amazon Prime have everything I need to replace it? And to developers worrying about apps in BlackBerry World, I think most people prefer native. It's not like you can make a Netflix app or a Jango app or the like. Make GOOD apps and people will buy them. If your app isn't as good as a comparable android app, then pull up your socks and make it better. The Amazon deal I think is just there to fill the gap for some of those big name apps that always get brought up. Now we'll have it available for DL right off the damn shelf. That's a win. I hope they just bring the 2 app stores together. So you can search for an app in the store and it will bring up both android and BlackBerry apps in the same place. And maybe if someone is looking for a specific app which happens to be android, they can have BlackBerry native alternatives there too and may the best app win. But having more apps should bring more people to the platform and that is good for everyone no matter how I look at it. I just don't want everyone outside the United States to get the raw end of this deal.

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Thus is all about being able to sell more devices and content. What gas held BlackBerry back, apps, that's what, the devices are outstanding but people don't buy because of lack of apps. Hardcore BlackBerry lovers don't card but the masses of, it's something about trends and the latest apps, we never get them right off the hop, yes side load is possible or wait 6 months or never, see Netflix. With Amazon you get every app right away and now BlackBerry won't lose a sale because one friend says to another "don't buy that Z30, you can't get Netflix, snap chat or whatever and then they default to the latest sheep phone. This puts us on par with the other platforms and with some marketing we can claw back some lost market share. With market share comes developer support, if BlackBerry has 10% market share then a native app would be for certain the way to go, a developer would perhaps start with an Android port but if it becomes popular then a native experience would make sense as it would be them supporting their customer base. 10% market share is a big chunk of the pie. Now is 10% share possible, we will have to wait and see, I believe Chen can do it but it is definitely not possible if we keep going as we are, BlackBerry World is great for me but I'm okay with not noticing it's worts, then masses are not.

Swiped with the BlackBerry Z30

Bla1ze, do you think BlackBerry will monetize somehow on app sales from the Amazon app store?

Like it or not, this is the only way to get the big name apps for BlackBerry, just keep the native developers happy, don't let them go, prioritize important apps.

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If a developer comes up with a new great native app, I would still pay for it without hesitation.
But I am fine with also having more if a selection now and I am sure someone looking to switch over to BlackBerry would definitely like the choice to use Amazon (Android) apps as well.

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I'm already using the amazon app. I wonder what would be the difference once it's officially put in BlackBerry.

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I like the idea of having access to the app store without downloading it myself. I'm thinking of people when they first have access to a BB10 device. You have BlackBerry World and Amazon right there without any tinkering.

As far as developers go, keep doing your do! Most of us live for the native application experience. I'm only here for instagram out of the Amazon store.

Posted via a flick of my thumb

With the lack of some apps being offered in BlackBerry World, this seems to be the next logical step. Like it or not, I see this as something that was going to happen eventually. I would of course like to see Amazon support for my PlayBook.

Sent from my Venue 8 Pro.

If it saves the company - great! Once dominance of market possibly established - expand BlackBerry ecosystem again. Nothing is impossible if customer demand grows back to a healthy size!

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Now they can actually advertise android apps available for bb10. I think this could be the start of bigger opportunities for blackberry if they could do more ecommerce or help with some small business plans for bes which amazon does a lot that might help their revenue base. Lots of opportunity here for something bigger and better.

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I'm going to be seriously annoyed if I lose all my movies I've paid for on BlackBerry world. I hope they have a proper solution to this problem.

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Unfortunately Snap is still needed as there are just way too many apps missing from Amazon. The thing I do not understand is that many of these apps do not require Google Services and are free. Amazon should make an effort to acquire all of these free apps. For example banks, newspapers any number of non profits or govt service apps.

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initially I thought this was wonderful news so I experimented with an app download from the current Amazon App world. The first one I tried was American Airlines. It loaded fine but when I tried to open it, it said it was an old version and no longer supported. In short, it did not work. I downloaded it from Snap and it worked fine. I will reserve final judgment until the Amazon app store officially arrives but I hope Amazon curates their app store better and the developers respond accordingly.

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In most cases, devs have to make a separate version of their Android app for the Amazon Marketplace that removes all Google services and replaces them with Amazon services. Many devs and companies have either decided against creating a second version for Amazon, or abandoned the one they did create at one point so that it no longer gets updated. That's one of the downsides of the Amazon Marketplace - it's a secondary app store and a much lower priority for most devs. Even though it's still an Android app, an Amazon version must be built and tested and supported separately, and that costs devs time and money that many would rather spend on the Play Store version of their app.

The issue with native apps is that there isn't any indication blowing apps to compete with the other OS. We need our own instagram instead of trying to recreate one. BlackBerry need it's own community it's own lane so native apps can flourish correctly be different standing out is very important and they lack that a lot.

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This post is a very professional explanation of what is happening... couldn't be better!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

I'm already quite satisfied with Snap and I get the apps that are missing on bb world from there. This is good though for regular consumers who don't want to take the extra step in getting an Android appstore (e.g. Downloading from web, side loading snap)

My only concern is that native developers might have less reasons to make quality native apps. I just hope that BlackBerry provides enough incentives for these developers to push on with their apps.

And to all the native developers, please hear us out. We will always prefer native apps over Android ports so please keep doing what you do!

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This does not feel right. I have a premium device and would have to use shitty performing android apps. I am not staying long BlackBerry.

So use native apps??.... and 10.3 will improve performance and give people access to permissions


Although its a good short term measure, I sincerely hope and request blackberry to not loose focus of native bb10 apps...they are simply a class apart which no other ecosystem can the meanwhile this deal can satisfy those who want the crappy non native apps...

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They still need to give support to one's developing native apps, be it enterprise or not. The native app ecosystem still has to grow.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I've been using the Amazon store since BB10 allowed apk files to be installed along with 1Mobile and it's worked fine. It seems that this is hype for the stock and an excuse for BlackBerry to stop developing. It sucks.

It's awesome that BlackBerry allowed apk files and if they had done that from release, they would be doing better now. Still, Android apps are a far distance from the quality of native BlackBerry apps. It will be very sad to see BlackBerry app development halt and this awesome software essentially become Android. It's giving up.


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I kind of assumed they were putting them into one store and just differentiate them somehow, not two different stores. My big thing with the Android apps I have now is that I can't get push notifications, will this be addressed?

Can you do another post just simply on the amazon app store explaining it. What is the difference between this and the Google play store? Why wouldn't every android developer go into the amazon store?

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Instead of purchasing outdated hardware BB10 phones a user will just purchase an android device. The BB10 experience is now a hodge podge of life support moves.

When this flops they pretty much alienated any native developer and there native apps will be to the waste side

I'm afraid BlackBerry's security will be affected. Also, I don't want to use android applications on my BlackBerry. I prefer native software.

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I hope to be fair with blackberry developers, they may be able to sell their stuff over android devices or atleast in amazon appstore.

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I like that it seems that BlackBerry and Amazon will be working together, not like Google's dismal attitude when 10.2.1 dropped

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If only blackberry made a semi tough phone on top of this. I would be won over all over again. Love my z10. It can't take the environment I work in. From plastic zip lock bags and every case you can imagine. I've destroyed every phone after 9810. The speakers always go. It's the metal dust I work around. I get a new phone about every three to six months because of it. Can't hear on it and hardly any sound. I hate replacing them but I can't give up the ease of communication and security for a tougher phone. None of the iPhone users that work with me and keep there phone in there pocket have this problem. My phone sits in a bag hoping no metal dust gets on the speakers when I go to use it.

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I would prefer BlackBerry World apps only but the Android apps do fill in the gap really well on anything I would want. At least people will know you can get all the apps on BlackBerry now and might switch to a BB10 device bec0ause of it.

Not a big fan of anything "Android" as I am sure a lot of others on here are not either, but the one thing to keep in mind is BB's O/S is something that android will never be. This is what has kept me from going that route a long time ago. Sure it has gotten better, but I still consider it a giant hodge podge of who knows what, that somehow seems to work, but it has freeze ups and stutters etc.

I think the Amazon App store is a great move for BB. By the time 10.3 hits I am sure the run time is going to be improved a lot more and most of, if not ALL of the apps are going to work flawlessly. Plus with BB we know we get the security that nothing else out there offers. I say "Bring It On". I am all for this move and think in the long run it will be a win win situation for everybody

The decision was a business one, not an emotional one. Given the current landscape, it was the only one BlackBerry could take.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

It's all about eliminating reasons to avoid BlackBerry devices. (Too many negatives in that sentence.)

Think 15 year old - either in age or equivalent experience. They want what their friends want. Simple access to the Amazon App Store helps.

We, as BlackBerry owners/users NEED a larger user base. Our Developers need a larger user base. I see this announcement as a step to increase the number of users.

As a Canadian, I see problems wiith Amazon. The rollout of their products takes years to spread beyond the USA. A similar issue exists with the "national" Amazon sites where items in the US store are not universally available. Let's hope this doesn't apply to the app rollouts/licencing.

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Outsourcing of jobs, a headache out of the way, less payroll. This will enable Chen to cut many jobs. Bummer.

I'm a native app developer and still hope Blackberry will support Cascades Developers as before. In all these statements I'm missing a clear positioning of native apps. many devs are confused. BlackBerry should be proud of Cascades UX and clearly tell devs and customers: we will continue with native apps, but need some time. so use the Amazon store to fill the gap in the meantime.
For me it's clear: I will continue native app development. for cosumers and for businesses. Cascades is the best UX ever happened on smartphones and its not only fun for users but also fun to develop. I never never never would go on and developing Android apps for Amazon store - would be like going back ages. If BlackBerry stops or reduces support for native developers I would switch over to iOS8 and Swift.

Don't understand me wrong: it's a great decision and will help BlackBerry to sell more devices. esp. for Z3 will be important to have access to Android Apps. if BlackBerry will sell more devices this will also be good for native devs.

One point no one mentioned yet: There are many apps in Amazon Store, but all these apps are Android apps without using Google Play Services. Google itself is moving more and more stuff into Play Services to motivate Android devs to use them. This means: if Android devs are following Google on Google Play Services path this means less updates of those apps will work through Amazon Store. If Amazon would get a license to Google Play Services this would change, but without I have some fear that some of the important apps won't run in Amazon Store in the future.
Which gives me hope that this decision only works to fill the gap while BlackBerry is working hard to get more native apps.

I guess the main reason for Amazon to create their own App Store was that they were unable to use the google play store on their customized Kindle Tablets. And since they announced yesterday their first phone I would say we could see in the future even more "well" working Android Apps at the Amazon Store. Especially since they just got several millions BB10 devices as potential customers for Android apps.

But it is a tough fight between google which wants to keep his services at every Android device and Amazon which wants to implement his own services and tries to keep google out of the door.

I really hoped they would have used this chance to also remove some limitations of the current BlackBerry World to allow at example emulators for games which work really nice but are hard to install. They are at Android and Android works now on BlackBerry, so why don't provide those Apps now also natively?

IMO, the deal is less about apps but more about branding. BBRY finally can flash Android logo and letters to fool the consumers that it is just another Android phone.
As long as Candy Crush is available, it is the best smartphone available according to few analysts, more wanna-be-geeks and most of the consumers.

What would be neat is if using the search button on the home screen, you could search for an app and have it bring up results from both BlackBerry World and Amazon World.

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People have been complaining about app gap ever since the launch of bb10. This move is addressing that issue. Amazon is a big name, I'm sure they'll work something out. I'd keep my faith in BlackBerry till the end. Don't see myself jumping ship as long as BlackBerry still exists.

Btw, great editorial Bla1ze. Keep up the good work!

If this is an assist to selling more BlackBerry devices it can only be a plus to someone developing native or non native apps. It does not matter which side of the coin you are on. If it were me and this moves helps in selling more phones hallelujah $$$. In my opinion BlackBerry World should only carry native apps. BlackBerry bought Amazon in for apps so let them be the app store for the majority of the apps because they just are. BlackBerry should go through their 130,000 apps and kill all the apks, really clean it up. This may even be an opening to get BBM pre-loaded on Amazon's new phone.

BlackBerry need to sell more devices and they are making moves to make that happen. Of course BlackBerry needs to build Native apps and I am sure this move helps BlackBerry and Amazon. At anytime Amazon and BlackBerry can end or decide to continue their relationship. But this move helps both companies.

Great summary, and indeed, time will tell. I think it's a start. It is unrealistic to assume we'd suddenly get access to Google Play Services, but this is definitely a start to keeping the survival chances of BlackBerry OS10 intact. Hopefully, this gains more users!

Well as far as i am concerned, my last BlackBerry app is written. Over and out.Welcome Android.

I have snap and can easily install the Amazon App store. Tell me why I should be excited again? Personally I'd rather see more native apps developed because they run smoother on a BlackBerry than apk's currently do.

Look, this is great. Big reviewers have always said lack of apps were the biggest problem of BlackBerry, and they were right. I mean, we as BlackBerry supporters might know all stuff about sideloading etc, but the average consumer does not. If we want to steal marketshare from the other three OS's, apps should be easy to install because that is what it is like on these OS's so people aren't used to sideload and all that stuff.

BB world is dead anyway, just admit it. It has been 1.5 years since BB10 was released and still there ain't a lot of big names in the BB World. The big names will maybe come to BB10 when it has a large marketshare but we don't have a large marketshare because of the lack of apps. Now we have REALLY closed the app-gap and maybe we will see a rise in marketshare and big names are gonna consider an app in BB World.

This was probably already mentioned but will we be getting Amazon's Instant Video app; which is only going to Kindle, and IPad tablets? -- Art

It's not that hard to understand. BlackBerry needs to stop the bleeding and still be able to sell phones to enterprises, which in turn, need to please their employees.
#1 Offer a compelling app store so that users given a phone at work don't complain endlessly about the lack of apps
#2 Make sure there are BlackBerry 10 specific apps on there, so that the important apps are really usable
#3 Drop the internal developer relations team and let the Pros at Amazon handle all that side of the business
#4 Work with agencies specialising in enterprise apps so that they bring their tools to BlackBerry World

Official media content will be served from Amazon instead of from BlackBerry's partners, so what? Amazon wasn't going to allow competitive offers to be officially available on the same platform. It will still be possible to install apps which will let us buy our music elsewhere.

I have already been going to 2 app stores. If it's not available in bbw, I go to 1 mobile market. What would be REAL News is if the Fire was powered by Bb10.

If this was the big picture for Bb10/amazon then I get it.
Amazon get Bb10 as a platform/OS.
Blackberry get amazon as a marketplace/app store.
If they could collaborate properly then it would help boost both brands.
I hope a bigger picture is in play here, otherwise it really isn't good.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Announcement of teaming up with Amazon one day before the earnings report... I think BlackBerry tries to decrease the negative effects due to the report... I hope I'm wrong and the loss is less than expected...

I'm glad yhere's something clear in the APK sideload process. I'd be more when device specifics (Q10/Q5) will be handled and incompatibility will be either spotted or resolved (often as simple as allowing a scroll on login start screen). Definitely, I'm happy with no google services (anything, in fact) on my BlackBerry.
I still believe, however, APKs are patches and used only when I have no alternative in BBWorld.

On the music/movie front ... I never used the BWorld as the offering was poor (for my personal taste) and prices often higher than those I could get in third parties store (sync is a no brainer here).

Overall, I believe this is a fantastic opportunity, especially in areas where both BlackBerry brand and Android apps consuption are high; I do have Asia/Indonesia and Z3 in mind.

Actually, no. Amazon's apps store is not available in Indonesia.
Tried it from the website and from Android, the digital store refuse Indonesian credit card.
Blackberry better make sure Amazon opens its marketplace to these regions (IINM, India and Malaysia is out of coverage too)

I like the idea, almost makes me think that this is similar to BlackBerry Balance. Meaning that we can have BlackBerry Apps that are baked in with access to many API's and then have standalone Apps (Amazon) that run in an environment on their own without compromising the core system.

Posted via CB10 on Z30

What developer relations? He canned the whole department!!!

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

Will the movies we purchased via BBM still remain valid?
Will we be able to download them again, at no extra cost if we loose them??

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

No. The deal with that provider will be concluding in July, and the media portions of BB World will go away. Obviously, anything with DRM will no longer be available, which is one of the huge problems with DRM in the first place (from BB or anywhere else).

I think the developers which are making native apps should be supported much more, but with the Amazon deal, I'm not really sure they will...and that is not good!!

Posted via CB10

It is a great moves. But, as long as I love the BlackBerry 10, I would like to see them ( BlackBerry) to make an effort to build a native BlackBerry 10 apps. Yes, android app is good, but the native BlackBerry 10 apps is so much better. The peek, the flow, fluidity and simplicity of the apps is great and easy to use also. One thing I missed on using the android apps is, the feel of BlackBerry 10.

Sent via my Oreo Z10 BBM Channel C001BC43C

The loss of the music and video store doesn't surprise me.
Music and video was mostly available in the US where there market is the weakest, so it was probably unprofitable or mostly dead, so no surprise there.
The move with amazon is a double edge sword, it's great that we get more apps available, officially, but it also sucks because native apps are going to take a hit, which is also on a sad note, because lately I've been seeing android apps with better quality (and functionality) so I don't know how I have to feel about this

Posted via CB10

Yeah they are announcing a partnership but how is this big news, I already have the amazon app running on my Z10. Are they just going to make a "native" amazon app?

Posted via CB10

I'm a bit disappointed by the loss of movies, it was a great way to rent them and use HDMI to watch them on the big screen. Oh well...

I'm in agreement with your view, Bla1ze. How many mainstream phones can brag about multiple appstores?
Love the BB hardware. The more useful things I can do with it, the better.
Nonetheless, I look forward to hearing the answers to the questions you posed.
Thanks for the article.

I feel this is a great move that will help acquired new customers.

I was showing off my Z10 to my 20 year old nephew and his first question was, "Does it have Clash of Clans?" I pulled up Snap and said to him, "yes." Right then he realized that there are other options than his iPhone 4.

I then showed him the 3 app stores (BlackBerry World, Snap, Amazon Appstore) on my phone so that he was aware that there are options to find the best priced app.

Native app resources to focus on developing for enterprise.

Amazon App Store to cover consumer apps, movies, music and ebooks.

3rd party devs can continue to go native for enterprise/consumer OR develop for Amazon App Store with their resources.

Consumers have choice beyond just iOS and Android.

BlackBerry brand looking better with big name partner and potential to have more handset sales.

Everybody wins.

Don't worry, be happy.

Posted via CB10

The idea is very very wrong. We all like the blackberry native apps and we don't want that creepy android apps wish all the permissions.

Posted via CB10

I downloaded the appstore, there is problem, I tried downloading the some apps, but is demanding for my local seems it covers only US & Europe.
There response when I enquired why!

At this time, Amazon Appstore apps aren't directly compatible with Blackberry devices. Please understand we completely depend on the manufacturer of the devices. But, I completely agree that it would be fantastic if this option is available.

I see that our technical team is already aware of it and are making agreements with the manufacturer of the devices to make it available at the earliest.

I’ve taken this as a feedback and forwarded it to our Amazon Appstore development team. When I forward feedback to our development team, they take into consideration and work with the manufacturer of the devices and make all the apps available for our customers like you.

Further if you would like to write back any additional comments or if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us again. You can reach us via e-mail, phone or chat using following link:

For live assistance, using above link, you can request a call back or reach us via chat.

Thanks for your valuable feedback. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards,
Suraj DK
Thank you.

Posted via CB10

It's a no brainer! BB10 OS with a huge media access and android access for BlackBerry users. BlackBerry World will still be in tack for native apps. Put things in their place. Also, instead of us guessing what android apps work and which don't, I am sure amazon will only sell the ones that do, or spend energy tweaking them. Those who look at this as a negative are wrong. We are doing it already. We get the native apps we want, then will fill in the gaps with ports, followed by running strictly android apps. Now we have BlackBerry and Amazon teaming up to bring it to us seamlessly and organized. Long overdue! Now Amazon will probably promote BlackBerry and it's hardware devices. I see a nice ecosystem coming together at a rapid pace. I see Apples and Googles dominance over BlackBerry diminishing over the next few years. This is what BlackBerry needed to do. They needed a large force in their corner, it instills confidence and they have a great OS.

Posted via CB10

Other than unauthorized access via Snap, BB will never get Play Store access with BB10, or for as long as BB10 contains an Android runtime. Play Store access requires the phone actually run Android, and has the full range of Google services installed. It also requires membership in the Open Handset Alliance, which prohibits OHA members from using non-Google-certified Android anywhere else, such as: the Android runtime in BB10.

Why phase out video and music in July, then offer Amazon in the " fall ". What to consumers do in between ? A responsable firm can not act like this.

Posted via CB10

If it exists as a separate app/entity on the phone, what's the difference whether we download the Amazon Apps for ourselves vs this deal BlackBerry struck with them?

Unless there's going to be a "division" inside BlackBerry World that seamlessly lets you search for apps and then splits off to Amazon's offerings if BBW can't find it, I see no benefit to this.

This needs to be explained better because from what I have read so far, I don't see how this is any different than what we can do now-which means BlackBerry (if they paid Amazon anything for) this deal, was a waste of money.

Would someone with more insight explain the difference here?

Posted via CB10

I'm against this! Just says to me they are giving up on trying to get native apps! As someone who wants to learn app development it's just saying android or go home..... I bought a blackberry for the BlackBerry experience not second hand experience of android......

Posted via CB10

Let's be honest here, the last thing I want to see is BlackBerry turn into some backwater Amazon acquired division, like what happened to Motorola and even Nokia to an extent.

I have no issues with Amazon per se, I've been buying from them for going on 15 years now, from back when on-line shopping was in its infancy. You gotta give it to these guys they really do have in their inventory pretty much every item you can think of and reasonable customer service.

Now, how this will work with and relate to BlackBerry and it's video and audio content offering is yet a pretty big question mark. I still don't understand what "via a third party offering means"!

Will I be able to, for example, purchase movies and music directly from or through BlackBerry World, do I have to do it through Amazon, will I now need to set up different accounts for each "third party" content provider?! Are all BlackBerry customers going to have access to the same content? For example Amazon in Canada, last time I checked, does not offer any HBO content (but it does in the US following the recently signed deal with HBO), as for Netflix Canada, it's content is really limited and pretty crummy when compared with the US.

These and other customer related questions are vital, if BlackBerry is to retain its still shrinking customer base let alone attract new ones and even grow it.

What about apps?! Some of the Android ports work well enough on my Z10, others do not when compared to native apps. Will I have now to go to the Amazon App Store to get any of their apps or will both the Amazon and BlackBerry app content be streamlined and integrated into BlackBerry World. Much better to have it all in one place as we have had up to now...

Also I must confess, I really don't like Android that much, the OS is a piece of crap (while Samsung phones are turds disguised as roses, to mask the foul stench of shit they emanate...).

Now, BlackBerry has to change and move forward no doubt, and Chen seems at least for now to have the right idea, but let's not forget the minutiae of details and get blinded by the larger picture.

Do this partnership with Amazon right (not just an attention grabbing headline), so that we don't wake up with some botched venture, something which unfortunately up to now has kind of become BlackBerry's trademark.

As they say, the devil lies in the details...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Hmmm I am not happy about the needing of the BlackBerry App store and I was sure that I could already use the amazon app store. I find this more inane and hurtful to us Native developers than not.

I love that this is finally happening, but I don't agree with two separate stores. I think that BerryFlow's idea is the best way to go about the merger

Posted via CB10

This is a complicated mess. It makes blackberry look cheap that it needs another company to make an app store on their phone because they can get the job done.

Posted via CB10

The problem with third parties apps is that you can't always use all the services it comes with like on an Android.. :(
So sometimes you can't save you progress on a game for example, or buy improvements on a game.. .. that's why we urge to have more native apps!

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I dont care for Andoid apps personally. A vast majority of android apps either run like crap, dont run or slow my phone down altogether. Its a good idea to the average "app-head", but, if I was truly worried about the excess of apps I would of switched away from BlackBerry devices years ago. This is what BlackBerry needs to gain new potential customers and previous BlackBerry users back toward the brand. I dont care for the security invasion of most native Android apps either, I want full control over what the app developer is, or isn't limited to. This will definitely will some people over, but will probably confuse a lot more people than originally intended. I have a "Prime" account and prime music is alright, but its still very sluggish on my Q10. Unless they are about to go through a process of elimination and create a specifically detailed Amazon Appstore for Blackberry devices, this transition will eventually go up in smoke, and will end up driving consumers away from BlackBerry for good. Personally, I think this is abit much so soon, they should of waited and made the switch when the 2nd gen BlackBerry devices began to roll out. Let's see what happens.....

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For time being seems good but that would ultimately result in lack of native blackberry apps as well as shift of focus of developers towards android..

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we have android apps now with snap, better should be allow google play services on blackberry, too many android apps used...

I hope there is an effort to curate apps that ensure functionality & compatibility with the different BlackBerry devices considering Google services and aspect ratios

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One of the selling points of BlackBerry for me is security - of all the information on my phone. Apps are part of that security. So when I need or want an App I look first for a native BB10 app, next for another App on BlackBerry App World and lastly I go to Snap to install an Android App. Many times I have backed out of installing the Android App simply because of the permissions required! So how this plays out can have an impact on the perception of security of having a BlackBerry phone. If the belief becomes that the BlackBerry phone is exposed to all of the same potential malware that is created "for" Android then there goes one advantage of BlackBerry...

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I'm going to take a stand and say I'm in favor of the Amazon deal. Why? Because with so many apps that work off the bat we can go ahead and bring the app thirsty crowd but then what will happen when these individuals notice that many Android apps either work like shit not work at all? Yeah, also what would happen if this in the end backfires and makes BlackBerry head the android way just look at the amazon fire phone, it HAD To go android. Will BB In a desperate attempt to survive turn that way I mean full on android app integration makes it 60% android doesn't it? I know many will think of it as such, many think the fire phone isn't android because of the heavy tinkering amazon did with it. Also I'm fkn confused because now I do not know whether to learn cascades or android development to a student developer the choice is simple, I will invest my time with android development because now my app can and will work both on BB10 and any other DROID device. I should be happy for this deal, I mean I will support BB until the end I just honestly don't understand what this uneasy feeling is all about.

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I am ambivelent about this move. I do worry that there will not be a lot of support for the native BB10 environment. To me that should be the focus. Growing that environment.

Music and Movies? I only by movies when they were 99 cents or when they were free (so technically I didn't buy free movies, but because you have to go through the checkout, it is buying imho). Music? Nah.

What I want is more native apps, because i like the look and feel of those.

I think it's a win win for both. Amazon gets more users downloading there content and services which they get a cut of and more exposure for their app store which could lead to more development. Also it's a nice hedge bet against a potential failure of their fire phone which is only available on att.
For BlackBerry they increase their app count and raise their own profile with users of Amazon hardware and services. Giving them options " if your not on att you can still get a new BlackBerry and still have access to the Amazon app store. "
Also with the behemoths that are apple and android a merging of certain resources couldn't hurt.

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

As for complaints about ports how many apps do you think are ported from ios to android???
Because there are many.

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

Excellent write up. The amazon deal is good, but two stores (or more than two) can really confuse and mess up things (such as updates) and sometimes offer downgrades as upgrades (if using two different stores that are tightly integrated and all).

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I'm torn on this. On the one hand, choice is a good thing. But I also remember years ago when OS/2 did something similar :you could run native apps or Windows 3.1 apps. As a result, almost nothing went native and OS/2 died.

Of course, didn't Chen also make some comment about how supporting another ecosystem was not sustainable? Makes me wonder if BB10 is being slowly phased out.

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I think the agreement with amazon it's ok John Chen and I hope everything works cool. You are doing a great job in just few month as BlackBerry CEO, so I tell you that's is ok, just keep reading what BlackBerry users wants and take your chance and decide the best you can without letting fall the company. Also I hope Amazon apps runs well and smooth on BlackBerry devices and people get happy with it and see the big job that you are doing for the company.

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I don't think I like it, how can we ensure quality. I have snap and find android ported apps mostly crap and not worth the time. Shame.

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So long as access to more apps (and I presume they will all be Android) means we will get full functionality over just compatibility (which means apps with built in push functions actually work as intended) then I don't have a problem.

I prefer native, quality and solid BlackBerry apps over ported and apks...any day. Better yet to encourage a solid developer relations with the big app developers and convince them to devote time and resources to enrich and contribute the BlackBerry ecosystem now that things are looking better.

Diversity is key but the potential of the BlackBerry ecosystem (think integration with QNX in cars) is even greater.

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I think I will not stand loosing native apps I prefer transition to Apple again. Why they don't put android kit kat to the devices it will cheaper for them if they close os development department. I think the company has lost his target it's to late to recover I will sell my phone imidietly no meaning keeping something that end sso unfair

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Amazon prime music is very poor quality. Usually only mp3 256k. 7digital has 320 on the low, FLAC on the high. I just downloaded the android 7digital music store app. Will miss the simplicity of blackberry world.

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