BlackBerry Always Gooder Than iPhone!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2011 08:32 pm EDT

In case last week's service outage has you losing faith and you're thinking it might be time to trade in your BlackBerry for an Apple iPhone, you may want to do yourself a favor first and watch this BlackBerry vs. iPhone video.

It yet again proves what all us crazy CrackBerry users know.... when it comes to fruity phones, BlackBerry is always gooder than Apple. Funny stuff right here. :)

Source: JusReign via CB Forums

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BlackBerry Always Gooder Than iPhone!


Partially due to the outage I switched to iPhone. Honestly I tried to stay with berry but it wasn't getting the job done. 4s compared to my torch has a way faster processor, email client is very sufficient and gaming is unmatched. Very happy with my switch. Don't hate, just understand berry users.

yep, I was a die-hard Blackberry fan just nearly 3 months who hated iPhone but due to a series of circumstances, I found myself with an iPhone 4S on launch day....and each day I spend with it just gets better and better. You can forget about the large retina display, iMessage, responsive touchscreen, iTunes and what have you, but really, what puts iPhone above Blackberry are the apps. If you want to have the impression that all iPhone has is Angry Birds, and fart apps, you are deceiving yourself. Until Blackberry gets a decent amount of intuitive, killer apps available for it, iPhone will always be a step ahead.

meant to type *just nearly 3 months ago* in the post above

and also not to mention Siri. She is amazing. :-)

Okay you two... So you've moved on. Fine. What I can never get is why you guys see the need to come on this site and comment on your switch continuously. Honestly, the rest of us who stuck to blackberry couldnt care less... so just move on. Start patrolling iphone sites or something....I'm just so tired of seeing people like you on here. Its sooo annoying!

Agreed, I'm a huge fan of the Playbook...I think the software is by far the best out there...(obviously apps are a problem for the moment).

I could care less about BB phones. My wife gave me her storm 1 cause she hated it and I only had a pay as you go and it's pretty much the least user friendly I'm seen.

So for me, the playbook is the reason I'm on this site.

I fixed it for you

Okay you two... So you've moved on. Fine. What I can never get is why you guys see the need to come on this site and comment on your switch continuously. Honestly, the rest of us who *are stuck with a blackberry* couldnt care less... so just move on. Start patrolling iphone sites or something....I'm just so tired of seeing people like you on here. Its sooo annoying!

--- I was a HUGE BlackBerry apologist, really loved Android despite it's fragmentation and recently converted to the iPhone 4S.


Unless you spend some time with the iPhone, don't knock it. It really is that and a bag of chips.

Congratulations on your new phone. I think most BB users can all agree that the iPhone is impressive in many ways. If it fits your wants and needs, then by all means, you should own an iPhone and we hope your very happy with it. Just go be happy with it on another website where people give a shit. iOS has a multitude of awesome applications but, the pointless ones are extremely excessive and you know it. We stick with BlackBerry because it fits OUR needs.
Please explain to me a few things that iPhone does so amazingly that a blackberry cannot and then I'll explain a few in favor of blackberry. OK, iPhag

iPhag?? Really? Is the BlackBerry culture that inept and jealous that they resort to name calling?

Being tied to a BIS or BES server is frightening at best. When that network went down globally I was grateful to NOT be on a BlackBerry. That kind of reliance is awful. Truncated messages/emails? Really? Massive Google Sync issues never resolved? Really? Piss poor apps? Really?

The fact that any other platform has progressed shows that RIM's leadership sucks, not the products. I've always loved the hardware, just not the direction the leadership team takes it. I so wanted a 9900/9930 but then decided against it, knowing somehow they'll eff it up. They always do.

Jim Ballsack and Mike Lazarus need to be fired by the shareholders and someone with a freaking clue needs to take over.

I waited a LITTLE longer than you. Just ordered a iPhone 4S because of the memory issues I'm having on my Bold 9700 and AT&T wasn't offering me the 9900. I was hoping for something from DevCon, a ray of light, a reason to hope, some progress, assertiveness. Got nothing. That night I ordered the 4S from BlackBerry. I'll have to wait 21 to 28 days to actually get the iPhone now, but I was getting memory messages again today. After 4 years with BlackBerry, I've decided to try 2 years with iPhone. In two years, I'll revisit the decision.

I love a good iPhone vs BB war. I played with an iphone 4 and it doesn't meet my needs in the way a BB and Playbook does. Example? I need a calendar reminder that goes up to a week in advance. IPhone could only manage 2 days max. So my next phone will be a 9860.

And do you know what, after I log out of this site, nobody but nobody cares what phone I have.

Great Stuff...and a good Canadian guy too, gotta love it.
Need to check out his other vids on youtube..he is hilarious.
Thanks JusReign, keep up the great work.

We all know that BB has its ups and downs. But I don't think you can find the love that one feels for a BlackBerry on a different platform. I think people who contiune to post on BB sites even know they moved to a different platform is because they had or have love for BB and they feel BB dint show any love back. In my opion I think that is why there is some much hate towards BB5 and 6 with the slow browser and they are switching platforms without giving BB7 a chance. @kenefick

I will never get rid of my blackberry. Its unfortunate i had to delete 3 people off my BBM list since they got iPhones now...

I've known about JusReign ever since he released his video about Indian Weddings. Guy is too hilarious, and everything that he said in this video is exactly how I feel about my BB. I love my BeBIM.
LMFAO Thanks JusReign. You have become an excellent addition to the RIMPIRE Strikes Back.

Team Blackberry 4 Life. I don't get why anyone was super peeved about the outage, I mean its not like your BB was useless! You could still text, check your e-mail via wifi or data and believe it or not, you could even make PHONE CALLS! Basically, all BB owners knew what it was like to have an Android or iPhone for 3 days.

Move on!

Actually, you couldn't check emails, BBM or browse via wifi - they depend on the BB servers no matter which connection you have.

But I agree. It's not as though my phone was crippled.

Droid and iPhone users mocking BB during the outage didn't realise that it still had pretty much the same core functionality as their phones.

Funny old world...

I work in downtown Toronto, just come at look at lunch time in PATH food court 9 out of 10 people using Blackberry, where is iphone?..... I found that iPhone still learning at school and colleges.

I can't stop laughing! I never heard of JusReign but now I'm gonna follow him. Great video!!! I had an android for 3 weeks last year and it drove me crazy. I missed BB so much. I sent the droid back (I had to charge the thing every single day and the battery was always hot) and got the curve.

I do agree w/JusReign on the Torch, this phone sucks ass! But I gotta stick w/it till at&t releases the Bold-contract ends Nov 2012. :-(


this guy is jokes, way to bring some humor into the mix of the BB scandals, jus reign is pretty funny guy his other stuff on youtube is jokes as well

Funny blackberry better than iphone. Its the onther way around blackberry cant even compare with the iphone. The app world sucks and slow as shit . Blackberry Sucks

swag-swag! blessed blessed blessed whoooop whooop swag swag swag!!!!!!!

-There's a little CrackBerry in all of us.

Love the video! Hilarious and well shot. Thank you JusReign. I cant wait for this whole gimickey apps on everything phase to pass. I love the hardware (amazing keys on 99x0) of Bolds and curves, Ive never had a torch or storm. What I love the most is the awesome efficiency of the OS. This 9930 goes from task to task better than anything else on the market, the typing accuracy is great, BBM is awesome for fun and business, I love the 24-50 hours battery life, and of coarse the ergonomics of the 9930 is by far the best feeling in hand. I'm glad JusReign appreciates a real communication tool.

Ok some of ya are saying ya switched to iphone or what not because of the BB outage. O PLEASE thats BS.

Are ya forgetting that people activating new iphones on ATT were taking DAYS to activate. Not to mention ICloud not working.

I dont see what makes the IPhone better than a BB. The insurance plan ALONE doesnt even let me consider it. I've had alot of phones in the past 4 years and my BB Bold 9650 is the phone i've had the longest. I've actually have had it for a whole year never replacing it. Vs all the replacements i went through for my other phones.

i used to bash BB now i'm BB addict :)