BlackBerry Alert: BlackBerry Internet Service outage?

By Bla1ze on 27 Aug 2010 12:49 pm EDT

The forums are filling up. The CrackBerry support email is getting lots of folks stating issues and we're led to believe we may have an outage on our hands. Some folks are reporting slow web browsing, email delays and general connectivity issues. Thus far, seems limited to North America but, if you're in another area and experiencing issues then please, let us know in the comments. I'm on Rogers and not seeing this yet, how about you all?

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BlackBerry Alert: BlackBerry Internet Service outage?



My data has been hit and miss the last 2-3 days... Really hope they resolve the issue in a hurry.. I need my crackberry data!!!!!!!!!!!

I have data jumping up and down from full bars 1XEV to 1X to 1xev and then searching for service called and confirmed with Sprint I'm in a area with the Best data and voice coverage this has been since Tuesday I am getting pretty fed up with RIM idk if this is a terriost attack against them if they are making themselves a target or their servers are just falling behind like the rest of their technology but whatever it is its totally unacceptable! They need to fix the issue pronto or lose another life long BlackBerry customer to some crappy Korean company

In my city in Indonesia, if I use 2G network, GPRS/EDGE always automatically changed to GSM, then i can't used my BlackBerry. If I used 3G network, i can used my BlackBerry, but the quality of 3G network in here are so poor! I'm very dissapointed with this conditions..

I'm on Rogers in St. Catharines (Niagara area) and I have full 3G, no data issues. I was in Burlington earlier, no issue there either.

I thought BB's were supposed to have rock solid email service??? I mean, that's what the Fanboys bring up the second people compare BB's to modern smartphones like Androids and iPhones.

I'm out. On Sprint and I have no data... I feel like my poor 9630 is even more useless than I usually think it is.. (grrr.. Stupid browser click issue..)

I'm also on Rogers and while its a bit slow, and I've gotten a couple of connectivity error msgs, I've just refreshed and all is fine.

I thought I was the only one who was having problems. I recently upgraded my 9700 to the latest OS from Hutchison, and I thought my internet outages were due to that. I'm in Chicago on AT&T, BTW.

Thought maybe 6.0 was out this am and CB servers got hammered.(like whats probably gunna happen that faithful day)
Then noticed I couldnt get to any website through my BB. Went online w/my laptop and CB's fine. Then this notice popped up.

My G-mail is acting wacky. I re-received messages I already read and getting notifications with nothing showing up in my in-box. My Facebook also sent me a message that I'd receive notifications. I'm on AT&T in So Cal.

Its been happening a lot here lately. My wife's phone and mine. When we try go online or an online app like twitter it won't load. And internet will never load. After 30 minutes or so it'll start working again. Weird

I had a couple of issues accessing the internet on my BB earlir today, so did a couple of my colleagues. Lasted like 5mins though. Orange UK in Reading

I'm up here on the Bell network in the nunavut territories and my connection is as slow as ever, no change here... Damn slow CDMA as always..

In the morning BeWeather, Facebook and T4BB were a bit slow. Went to Host Routing Table and clicked Register Now. Then, went to Email setup and resent service books and now all's well.

Here in the west coast bay area. Running BIS on At&t, replying from the crackberry mobile website on my Bold, Melanie.

Just sent an test email to all three my emails accounts on my BB. All recieved in less than 20 seconds. Also, Internet is the same for me.

On AT&T was messing up this morning and said was in a non data area even though I was @ school and never have problems there, seems to be better now though.

All of my data services were super laggy this morning for about three hours on the Verizon network. I updated my PRL's and everything was fine afterwards. Maybe I just got lucky or maybe that had something to do with it. I don't know.

I am with Sprint holding a Bold 9650 in New York City. I began experiencing issues with my data connectivity Tuesday, August 24th. My service provider initially claimed my device the culprit and issued a replacement overnight. Alas, no resolve. Data connectivity issue persisted – intermittent data coverage to explain at best. My second notification to Sprint revealed a different explanation: I was told of a network issue being worked on and should be rectified by today, supposedly. I understand there are no infallible systems and these types of situations are inevitable, but speaking subjectively, THIS HAS BEEN MY WORST EXPERIENCE WITH A BLACKBERRY!!!!!! HAVING NO DATA NEGATES MY VERY PURPOSE OF HAVING A BLACKBERRY AND PAYING FOR A DATA PLAN!!! Urgh...!!! Flustered!!!!

my yahoo messsenger has not been working for several days. People type to me but they never get my reply

Podcast app won't connect to the server no matter what I do. Permissions aren't blocking it so maybe this is it? Anyone else have this problem?

I manage 12 Blackberries for my company, and have had no reports of any issues. They're all spread out from here to Los Angeles, and range from an old 8700 to a Storm2 and a 9700 (no Torches yet), all on AT&T or Verizon (about 50/50 split).

Haven't noticed any issues although I did get a test e-mail I sent to myself twice. I deleted it from device and server and then a few minutes later I got it again.

I had zero data earlier this morning. Then in 3 hours i went from 50 percent to dead from my phone struggling to send/receive data. Major sad face.

I'm in Venezuela and there have been problems with the bis browsing ... i tried browsing with wifi on my 9700 and it didn't work either... so i guess it's a big issue... hope rim clarifies what's going on

I've been having problems off and on since wednesday. The Ebay app just shuts down, the BBM either won't send or sends super slow. The internet is iffy, depending on when/what time of day I'm trying to use it.

Had two times same issues, all the browsing, messenger just froze up for a while. Never had anything before like that (bold 9000, Vodafone IE)

Using the new Blackberry Torch for AT&T in Lancaster, PA...only way to receiver bbms or emailsis by connecting via Wi-Fi. Been like this for over 24 hours.

I've been having a lot of trouble browsing (pages do not load), w/Twitter (says internal error) and Facebook (do not refresh the TL) since this morning. I'm in Bogota btw w/Comcel (BIS). :/

My BlackBerry Bold seems to be working fine. But my mom noticed hers wasn't working at all and called Verizon. Verizon confirmed a "nationwide" outage.

NJ, VZW< BB Bold 9650
here and seems to working fine for me. Didn't notice any issues at all today.

Side note: Seems obvious to me but when posting on a blog entry regarding a service outage maybe include your location and carrier. I know a lot of people do but there are plenty that don't. Kind of defetes the purpose of posting, in a case like this.

I had a few emails this morning that were pushed to my 9700 but upon reading them, the phone wasn't downloading the rest of the message. Browsing and other apps were working at the time. Finally after a few minutes, the rest of the email message was coming through. No problems since...I think.

I was experiencing this (AT&T - Central Arkansas). I turned off my wireless connection, then turned it back on and everything was back to normal.

Getting web and e-mail - on all 6 accounts. Not slow at all. I will say though this morning I was working on big graphic files and wasn't paying close attention to e-mails coming in then.



BlackBerry Internet went out all night on Wednesday...back up n running Thursday morning...been good since then....

I'm glad I'm not the only one, did a battery pull to see if it was something with my BB.

BIS is slow and many connection errors and notification delays.

Just fine!

With all the Transformers 3 movie shoots going on around here, Optimus Prime won't let it go down! :)

Pass couple of days push email hasn't been alerting on occasions. Today web browser, BBM, blackberry world and email, all down for hours. Web browser is a bit better after several battery pulls and tech support; email still iffy. Blackberry world still down. In Peru at the moment

Maybe do a battery pull, I'm in central NJ and everything's working perfect. None of my friends have issues either

Had some issues with the web this morning, now I'm at work and having no problems and my co-workers have bb's too without any problems.

I'm having issues with my BlackBerry Bold 9700, on the Rogers network, in Toronto. My internet is very slow, and my BBM's are taking a while too deliver.....

I'm on AT&T and my bbm and web browsing has been working fine but it seems like my emails are non existent

Central New Jersey, the browser was acting up a bit and some strange message delay on gtalk. Nothing else noticeable though.

AT&T 3G Bold 9700

i woke up this morning and quickly realized i couldn't do anything due to a loss of signal. last night everything was fine.. wth RIM !

Problem this morning logging into Google, however, Time app was sending and receiving e-mails were ok. Finally, back to normal!!

was getting really frustrated, started looking around to see if there was an outage, but couldn't find anything til just now when I got back from lunch and looked on CB...

Good to know I am not the only one, was going to throw my phone out the window... BBM and email seem to be working fine, Berryweather and Internet are not.

I have Sprint. This morning it was completely gone on my berry. no emails would come across but about noon everything flooded in.

Has been on the fritz since around Wednesday. It was definitely down last night and this morning at around 7:00 AM. Now that it's back up I've noticed a new AOL graphic on one of my 2 AOL accounts; the other still has the old symbol.

Am on rogers too, currently using a wifi connection in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, and not having any real problems with my 9700

Providence, RI here and terrible service ALL day. BBM disappeared, extremely slow data services, no internet....for about 4 or 5 hours. Very frustrating and annoying. APP Wrold was down too. Running a BlackBerry Storm 2 on Verizon.

I thought I was the only one who experienced this service interruption yesterday. I got so frustrated that everytime I looked at my Bold 9700 it says SOS when my room mate who has a Curve 8520 had a perfectly fine signal. Yeah, called T-mobile and they could not resolve it. Good thing I still have my old Curve 8520 and insert my sim card there overnight. This morning, i powered on my Bolc 9700 and I got a perfectly good signal back!! Too late T-mobile is sending me a replacement phone already. LOL. So i am getting a fresh new phone in 7-10 days.

I am on Rogers, at 4:30AM; I noticed that my EDGE was all small. I am not sure, if that qualifies as outage.

Woke up on Wednesday morning to find I couldn't use my browser... Until about mid day it let me load up a page and went out again. Its been hit and miss since then. Luckily I was able to get my daily fix of CB today although it took forever actually load up. I hope RIM stops messing around over there causing outages and actually starts working on sum kind of update for us faithful 9530 users. We deserve a little reward for hanging on so long! Lmao

Outage here in South=Central Texa (Bryan/College Station) this morning (06:00CDT) to about 12:00 CDT. Seems to be operating at usual snail's pace now. AT&T. Bold 9000. v5.0.0.822.

No Blackberry issues for me here in NYC, but Blackberry App World did push updates "all at once" for 7 or 8 of my apps this afternoon! Time for the update drill!!! Ugh!

My blackberry web has been down lately. It came back a few hours ago but it happened to another person I know also. I'm in the US on T-Mobile but it seems to be Blackberry's in general. Weird, huh?

im on att and my internet is working perfectly....even the worlds slowest site IMDB.COM is super fast....i did notice this morning the the crackberry app was slow and took forever to load the blogs but the fourm was working fine

Phone, Data, and Blcakberry coverage have been receiving BBM messages all day as well as email to my BB acount. Did have a problem for a few days with the AT&T Yahoo custom email icon not being pushed to our 9800 and 9700 by the BIS server but that was resolved at 8 am this morning.

I'm on Verizon in Tennessee and mine was acting up earlier this morning. I just now tried it again and it seems to be working fine now.

I have a verizon wireless bold and my connection to the browser, open beak, app world, etc. Has been sluggish at times for the past few days. Everything seems to be working okay right now.

I'm in Oklahoma City and earlier in the morning I was having no internet connection. Right now in the afternoon I'm fine though. Considering I'm typing this on my Berry.

The Netherlands - one email is not received on me BB I had noticed this week, because I received and saw it good on the computer. Sometimes a email received after a few hours. Too slow and sometimes very quickly received. Mostly times all works fine without problems. I'm a BIS user. Internet with 3G (sometimes GPRS at some places outside) works good. With a BB Bold 9700.

And a hour ago I was sending a SMS message and sudden I got this message:
message to (phone number) succeeded.
Not previously noticed or seen! One of the changes of T-Mobile and/or RIM maybe?
That was all!

in southeast ohio on sprint, had troubles the past couple days, did a battery pull and everything seems to be back up. was having a lot of problems with bbm. but battery pull fixed it all up

worked ok in phoenix a couple days ago but today in tucson its been completely gone... weather app wont update, no emails, browser is very slow.. also other apps that use the net like Kayak and all have been down all day for me.

Sprint customer in northwest Pennsylvania. Had no data most of the morning. Seems better now. I couldn't even turn off my mobile network and browse strictly over wifi. I must have been one of the first to call Sprint because they mentioned no network issues other than a "3G issue they had already cleared up" earlier in the morning.

Must of the time I think that is my bold so I reboot it thinking that's me. But I guess is not, it takes me a bit to sign in , an that's not koolllllllll

Düsseldorf, Germany: works like a charm!
Until this morning, no more BIS at all, but I guess that was related to the heavy thunderstorm. Now everything is fine again...

Still no Web Browsing, E-mail, or BBM unless connected via Wi-Fi. Hoping this is an RIM issue and not a Torch issue...

For the last week and a half here in the west part of Oregon I have been experiencing problems during the day. When I try to open Weatherbug, Google Maps, email, or other apps requiring data transfer it times out or says there is insufficient coverage to process request. Very annoying. Especially since I travel almost daily for my job and rely on my BlackBerry and "outstanding coverage" from Verizon. Please fix this! I am glad to know that this is not an issue with my trusty ol' Storm 1, however.

BlackBerry Bold 9700, T-Mobile; Pennsylvania, United States.

I had data issues this morning (08/27/10) -- in which I could not load webpages or send BBMs -- until about noon ET; since then, I have been back to full web browsing (with full UMA functionality).

My location is Yogyakarta,ID , I have been experiencing signal problems since lastnight (10:30pm - friday night). No 3G coverage, only EDGE however I couldn't browsing , chat on bbm or anything that uses data service. Right now 04:02:10 , 3G signal is back , but it's dropping all the way from 3G to gsm all the time.
Is this happened all over the globe? What's wrong with RIM?

Gmail, and bbm acting badly. I had to do a factory reset. And it came back. I thought it was my device but I guess it was the network.

In Wyoming, and so far no issues here. BBM, BIS, and well anything else BB is working just fine! I'll post again if I see something different.

Welp, now that I read the OP more thoroughly, ima edit my comment to say that I've not experienced ANY network/data problems from norcal on the tmobile net

Data is slow and can't send email! :@ can't stand it. Just got here from the states three days ago and had a sprint 8530. Loved it! Great service! Now vodafone 8520 has been nothing but bad luck. Maybe because of rim outage or vodafone.

I just contacted TMobile and they resent my service books and it's working great now. I'm in Minneapolis, MN.

did you get an email saying that there was a device software upgrade?? i did and i have the same phone as you running I went to and theres nothing there for me to download....

My internet was dreadfully slow in the morning, go to manage connections turn off your mobile network than turn it back on. It worked for me now my internet is blazing fast again.

Gonna get a lashing but whatever. I had multiple blackberrys and after enough courage decided to finally go droid x after always dealing with issues hear and there. Awful apps, slow phones and outages although not rare, r u kidding me with outages?!. Got droid x and havent looked back. And the reason i check the site still if for my bro to see if BB 6 will ever come out for the 9650 before I get that reply. No hate towards to BB, but pick up a droid one time without bias and see what your missing.

i had problems as well starting last night and continuing into today until around 1230 or so. everything started working after that i also got a do not reply e mail from bb stating that "a new software update is available for your bb smartphone." I have a sprint bold 9650 and i hoped it would be bb 6 but now i cant seem to find an update for it anywhere... from the phone (ota) or from Help???

Using a 9700 with .714, i've been having data issues at work, around the hours of 8-6, each day this week. While I dont have internet or data access, I have full 3G (big G) coverage and battery pulls and restarts did not help. Today was the first day i could get online although it was sluggish at best. Hope they get this fixed soon, I cant go long without my BlackBerry!

Around 23-26 of August, in Indonesia usually at night, the bb browser was very slow. Twitter app also hang.

No incoming email this morning until about 11am pst. Then it all flooded in at once. Been fine ever since.
9800 running on T-mo.