BlackBerry Alert: BlackBerry Internet Service Down!

BIS Outage!
By Bla1ze on 16 Nov 2009 11:05 pm EST

Reports are flowing in, users are frantic. Yes, BlackBerry Internet Service is unexpectedly down across the board. What was initially thought as just as a North American outage has proven to be more widespread. Hang tight folks, we'll let ya know more when we know more. Until then, check out the CrackBerry forums and seek counsel from your peers if this is your first BIS outage. ;)

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BlackBerry Alert: BlackBerry Internet Service Down!


Holy tits McGee!

Wait a second I've been gettin muh emails all day, no delay. No problem with Verizon in the ol' glove state

strange to hear not having any problems here in tethered to my laptop, and it seems about the same...


I was worried I was the only one... It's been sketchy all day for me!

Browser was on and off and then Facebook was having connection issues.

Godspeed BIS. Lol.

Email works fine but I can't connect to the internet. I guess Verizon is unaware that its all blackberry's. They said their technicians are working on it.

Mine went out for maybe an hour or so...back up now on sprint with no problems. Figured it was some sort of data outage. I still received my e-mails and texts and could make calls.

Been having connection issues here in the great Northwest all day, and we're on Big Red (Verizon). Thought it was just me as well. Thank goodness...I started hyperventilating when Crackberry and Crackberry Store App started acting up on me.

i was gettin mad at my phone. started to flame it, calling it a POS and such. then i got on crackberry, and woot. i was about to do stuff to it and force verizon to give me a free s2. ftw :D

I'm on at&t and mine has been running really slow! :-( it web wasn't working a little while ago, but now its working.

About the same for me on Rogers. Couldn't render a page even if my BB thumbs lives depended on it. Push email was sketchy, BBM's were way late.

Mine was giving me problems all day good to know it wasn't just mine. Yet I've been tethering and it's been working good

SMS is fine, couple emails, but things like Facebook and Weatherbug are just fail right now. No browser.


Major issues with my BB browser....telus BB support has no idea what is going on....Interesting point is i have been having probs for about 5 days,but worst today, all day

Im on a rogers bold 9000 in toronto and its all good on my end right now. Facebook, emails and BBM are still working at normal speeds

I love UMA too, but in this situation it doesn't help. It just connects us to the same "down" server via a different means.

facebook been my problem in utah for about a week now. but looks like internet isn't working either now.

My internet has been fine all day but I haven't been able to view any websites. I can't even get my Facebook messages from the app. I'm on T-Mobile.

I just got off horn with AT&T and rep felt my BB Bold was bad and is sending me a replacement in morning. I'm still under warranty .....

Not sure if I should tell them to keep the replacement or accept and send my current one back. I'll make decision in the morning I guess.

By the time I noticed I was having problems and logged into Crackberry, all seems well now. However, no internet or email for a few hours earlier tonight.

just take the replacement. then u can start fresh with a new phone again. had my curve 8 months and cust. service bricked it. got a replacement. and it works 1000 times better then the original. i thought 5.0 was killing it. but replacement handles 5.0 much better.

I can get reimbursed for reading that comment. It would be about the same amount. It's been what a half an hour? and you're already worrying about reimbursment? I hope you are kidding.


Messaging from Vancouver, Is it just BB Browser not working? My other browsers work, just BB Browser doesn't. Service is FIDO

yesss this makes sense.. my bbms and internet browser have only been working when i was connected via wifi (verizon,boston) for the past day or so. good to know.

Last email I got was 8:35 pst, was working seemingly fine all day. Just tried to go to a web page No a "communication failure has occurred" busy server, bla, try again later, bla

Tour, Verizon, Vegas

only day 2 with my first BB. Thought maybe it sucked! lol
browser would only partly load... then stop. cant connect to the app world. but emails/text/im's work.

Hey, I cant setup WIFI and read this is why... is this true? why cant it setup wifi if BIS is down!??

Using my new BlackBerry Bold 9700 that I just got today... Can't it even use the internet! :( put my sim card in my old 8900 curve same thing as of 12:03am on 11/17/09. bummer.

Well I had issues receiving BBM messages for a couple of hours last night, I live in Saudi Arabia :)

just logged into the sprint BIS site, and looked at my gmail accounts and the sync contacts option is gone

my browser's been nothing but a useless icon on the homescreen for a while now. i hope they fix it soon

my browser's been nothing but a useless icon on the homescreen for a while now. i hope they fix it soon

my browser's been nothing but a useless icon on the homescreen for a while now. i hope they fix it soon

I'm on Verizon and its been down for hours... getting emails, but no Internet, Facebook, App World, etc. Sometimes one page will load, then it locks up.

My blackberry browser cant connect but opera mini is working normally which is much faster than the traditional browser anyway

I got scared for a second. I'm late on my payment with verizon and i thought they shut me down. shout outs to crackberry for easing my nerves. ironically, i was trying to get on crackberry from my storm during the outage

I am in Cleveland, OH on AT&T with a 9000. No issues with browser, BBM, emails, or streaming radio. I don't use Facebook or Twitter.

I guess that since my BlackBerry service is down AGAIN it is a REALLY good thing I am using a Touch Pro 2 on the other line. Never seem to have a Windows Mobile outage. Damn, I love my BlackBerry phones but the phone that always seems to keep working is the WM one. Who knew?!

Problems for a while w/browser, viigo & other apps.
Didn't even think possible BIS outage. Battery pulls + Reinstalled Viigo and when that wasn't working was ready to downgrade OS.

All ok now though on Rogers.

Having troubles in State College, Pa with verizon. App store, facebook, and browsers are down, but email still works fine.

Also having troubles in State College, PA with AT&T. whole bis is down, no internet, no email... even phone drops the call occasionally (maybe its damn problem of ATT..)

Hmmm, I've been trying to use my Facebook application on my Tour 9630 for a while and it won't refresh anything, although I do get notifications.

Besides that, I haven't really noticed any outages of service. I saw this post and kind of freaked out because I didn't know what would happen. I need my e-mails and BBM!

Anyways, it seems that Verizon is doing just fine...

Other than that, is anyone experiencing the difficulties I am with the Facebook application? Maybe I haven't updated it?

ATT Bold in the midwest has been running poorly all day. I thought it had something to do with me updating to the new official ATT os, glad to see it's just a service outage. It's still acting flaky this evening.

Yeah my Facebook and Twitter been giving me headaches all day on my week old Storm 2!!! Was getting MEGA PISSED, but found out from TweetDeck from a follower what the issue was and come here and VOILA mystery solved!! I LOVE this COMMUNITY!! Oh yeah and I'm in PHX.,AZ.

still nothing here in chicago ..... experiencing this for the first time....dont like it at all BIS is all i got//just playing my games for right now.........:(

You know what sucks is that WiFi is down too, because it goes through the BIS router. I mean, why cannot we have that as a backup??? :(

i have had no problems all day today on verizon. here in the glove state, matter of fact i have had no complaints and im in charge of 16 blackberrys.

Everything was down when I went to work today. I was kind of worried because yesterday I installed a shrunk .328 and thought something had happened. It kept me from tweeting all day. Good thing though. haha.

Can send but not receive email in Outlook. Rogers says they have outages all over. So it's not just BB BIS. Probably just some pesky russian teenagers again :-p

Was down in the Vegas Valley from around 6-9 pm, but seems to be ok since then....except for my usual crappy signals in Summerlin.

Apparently here in TN, it went out somewhere around 3pm. I had returned the Eris, gotten the Storm 2, went to work and changed device (from my Storm 1), and none of my apps would work. Service books came fine, browser was on and off, but apps just would not connect. After being on the phone with tech support for 3 hours troubleshooting, back to the store I went for an exchange, only to come back and find that it's STILL not working. Verizon was clueless...until around hour 6.

So very frustrating. Good news is it's working fine now!!!

Just bought brand new Bold 9700 at tmobile store this evening, and played with it for 3 hours until i found out that the left uppercase key doesn't work. Called rimm and was told to take it back to the store for replacement. Also, spend about 30 minutes with rimm to figure out how to join BBM group cuz tmobile reps don't know how. Apparently, "brand-new" bold 9700 came out with only BBM 4.7, not the 5.0.....what a disgrace!!! I am not getting a replacement....I'm going with AT&T IPhone next the meantime, I'm sticking with my 8820...

I'm having issues with BBM and all my apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. A real pain. BIS down in Switzerland too maybe? Europe?

I'm in Alabama and it hasn't even slowed up here with e-mails or web access at all. If it did happen it must have done so while I was asleep.

My wife and I have issues in the St. Louis, MO area. I can get e-mails but cannot access the internet or use apps like Facebook.

i'm actually in serbia, roaming... my bis is associated with orange switzerland.. all BIS servides are working like a charm


Funny thing is I can get to everything EXCEPT on my Curve. Email, BBM, Facebook all working here.

Because my Blackberry works normally during the day, but it's been 3 nights I get no internet service now. (VIVO carrier, in Brasil)

My BB is back to being productive again!!! Just got all my mails, apps working. The crazy thing is now that BIS perfectly synced with my GMAIL. Maybe they were updating the BIS??? Who knows. Cheers

Here in buff for school it seems to be down but I'm using opera mini and I'm posting from it right now so if you can't use ur bb browser there's always opera :)

wow!!!!- juz saw this today!!!i thought it was only me having issues yesterday!...well my bb browser was a bytch yesterday but my bolt and opera were working juz fine.....i had to call ATT and see wut theyre dumbasses did to affect dis but xerred me to a bb tech and fixed it right away ...he had me juz delete sumthing in the service book and then do something in the routing table......and then i got a credit on account :) :) everything is bak to normal now.....

Wow. I don't make a point of slamming grammatical errors since the forums are, after all, forums and not college creative writing courses. But. I got dizzy reading this post. Um. I'll leave it at that. And here in KY on VZW we were fully functional shortly after midnight last night/this morning.

in Pittsburgh, as of 11am, its off an on, around 10am it stopped working. browser and some apps not working, ubertwitter is workin tho...ughhhhh. i feel lost without my BB

Mine has been on and off since last night. I get emails but hard time connecting to pages in my bb browser. All day its been up and down. I really wish that when there r issues like this our provider wld b on top of things and at least send out txts or something to tell us they're aware of the situation and they r working on the problem.give us some sorta BS to let us not feel so lost.

Service seems to be coming back now for me in St. Louis. Just got a whole bunch of email dumped down from my BIS account.

Up for a bit then down again. Browser works fine, but haven't received emails for a few hours, and facebook, myspace, app world, etc. are not connecting at all.

Well, for about the past 45 minutes everything seems to be working fine again here in Duluth, Minnesota. Had hit and miss internet and facebook (more miss than hit). Lets hope they have it fixed!

Close to 36 hours after i initially lost data service on my 9550 there is still no BIS coverage in boston on the verizon network. can anyone else from mass confirm this?

Still no email, browser, or BBM (without the use of Wifi). 48 hours of this hell.

Blackberry 8900

...i called verizon after i reset my towers, resent the service books, etc...they went through the same troubleshooting methods after telling me the outage was over. then after nothing worked i was told that there were still "pockets" where the outage occured... weird since i commute 30 miles to school ever day that the "pocket" would be so large..