BlackBerry to air first ever Super Bowl commercial

Super Bowl
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jan 2013 04:15 pm EST

Kevin predicted RIM would run a Super Bowl ad, he was just kind of hoping it would have been last year. Better late then never! With the launch of BlackBerry 10 only days away, RIM has announced that they will be running a 30 second ad during Super Bowl 47 this year. The Super Bowl is not even a week after the BlackBerry 10 launch announcements will hit the world, so needless to say we're extremely anxious to see just what is in store for the commercial. 

What do you think the ad will show off? Hit up the comments with your best ideas and keep reading for the full press release.

Press Release

BlackBerry Makes First Ever Super Bowl Appearance 

January 25, 2013 - Today Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) confirms that BlackBerry 10, its new mobile computing platform that will power the next generation of smartphones and tablets, will be featured in a commercial during Super Bowl XLVII.

This confirmation kicks-off a week of worldwide launch activity for RIM's BlackBerry 10 platform, along with the first two devices to run on the new platform. These activities are part of a broad integrated marketing campaign to support the global rollout of BlackBerry 10. In addition to the 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl that will air in both the U.S. and Canada, BlackBerry will be integrated into a number of pre- and post-game on-site, digital and social activities, including real time engagement with BlackBerry social fans on Facebook and Twitter, as well as extending and amplifying exposure and fan engagement through Promoted Posts and Sponsored Story ads.

"A Super Bowl commercial, is a great opportunity to show the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry to tens of millions of consumers on the largest advertising stage of the year," said Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer, Research In Motion. "BlackBerry has 30 million social media fans, and we're looking forward to continuing to encourage them and all NFL football fans to see the power of BlackBerry 10 for themselves."

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Reader comments

BlackBerry to air first ever Super Bowl commercial



Best time for RIM to show off BB10 and also for me to just be there and watch my iPhone and Android friends' faces while it happens :D

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

I'll just pat myself on the back for calling this a while ago. Timing was pretty obvious with one of the biggest sporting event in the world.

This is a big move. Can't say if its a good one or not. They would have to make this ad exceptionally attractive or it may be one of those awkward silence after its shown.

RIM: Show the features of the phone! Show the features of the phone!!!

Now i might actually watch the game!! lol

They should do an ad that's something similar to the first commercial they had when they announced BB10.

He's pointing out American's unconsciously assume anything American is the most important thing in the world without actually checking facts.

I don't disagree. I used to live four hours from Seattle. As an air cadet I went to an air show there. We were asked by local kids how we got there, since we're from Canada and it's all ice and snow. We told them we left our igloos, took dog sleds to the border, then rented a car. They believed us. Honest truth. No offense. Ignorance.
Saw Live with Kelly and Michael today. She had no idea Canada has football. Apparently we have nothing but hockey. Americans spend so much time telling the world how great they are, they don't take in enough of what the world has to offer. That's a generalisation.
My statements are not meant to offend. It's insite from a Canuck.

No, why would your own generalizations not sound somewhat offensive? You poll some ignorant kids by playing games with them and then and use that as your basis to say that Americans are all just running around with our heads in the clouds telling everyone how wonderful we are. That's about as ignorant as the kids you encountered. And while Kelly Ripa, a female, non-sports fans TV host, blows your head because she's never seen or heard of Canadian football, just know that it used to be on ESPN, but now you simply don't see it anywhere anymore. There are so many sports both professional and collegiate going on 365 days a year 24 hours a day, there aren't enough channels to air it all. Believe me, we're not missing out on Canadian football, lacrosse or hockey because we're preoccupied with ourselves. There are no outlets for it and we are maxed out with sports.

And, no offense to sports fans, but if I am taking in Canadian culture, I think Canada has a lot more to offer than a football game.

Now that I am off my high horse, I will say I personally am fascinated by Canada. I think it's one of the mot interesting countries, from a historical and cultural perspective (not sport) in the world. I think it's a great country with great people (save for some snobby waiters you run into in Montreal) and beautiful natural resources. I live about an 6-8 hour drive from Montreal and I only wish I had more time to visit.

That's right. Soccer is bigger than (American) football, but not in the US. The OP said nothing about "world wide".
Most Americans have no idea about soccer. Most couldn't tell you one thing about the Champions League (when it is, what it is, ..)...or even name a player.
Conversely, I was talking to two guys from the UK last month. One of them couldn't name a single NFL player, and then the other guy said "oh yes! Mr. O.J. ! The murderer!". (He only knew OJ from the murder case...not football).
The rest of the world has spent the past 5 decades or more staring obsessively at the USA....focusing on Manhatten and Hollywood. With that, it may have developed a rather inward focus with American culture.
That is changing rapidly. Don't worry.

They both grossly inflate their viewership figures, but America is where BB tanked the biggest and this is the biggest stage in America. I also would wager that Super Bowl ads are far more famous worldwide than any other ads. It's a damn media event just covering the COMMERCIALS. Is there a media event and internet craze covering the COMMERCIALS of Champions League?

Not trying to dis but the Baseball World Series has two countries in its league. NFL Champs call themselves world champions... With one country involved in the playoff process. The Super Bowl is not at all the biggest sporting event in the world. Even cricket would give it a run for its money. :). Soccer? I won't even get into soccer.

Wow, the mayhem a sentance of 11 words could cause.

Maraduer2 - Yes maybe I should have been clearer I meant North America. It is quite obivous to anyone who follows sports that the Football (Soccer) World Cup makes the S.B. look like a cake walk.

JTaylor, BruvvaPete2 - Maybe you shouldn't assume that anyone who posts on here is American... I am a true Canadian who wears the country flag on my arm to work everyday and have placed my life on the line for Canada. But the fact remains that if there is well over 100M people watching the S.B. that is siginificantly larger than the population of Canada. As for Canadian Sports, I saw my Montreal Alouettes lose to Toronto in this year's who then went onto win the Grey Cup. I'm a Montreal Canadiens fan awaiting the new GM to sign P.K Subban to a new deal, and as for the Toronto Blue Jays I couldn't care less about Jose Beautisa because baseball is like watching paint dry for me.

Regardless, the fact still remains that this commerical needs to get done as like Chris U states in his new post it'll reach approx 111M people! Which is about 2.5 times the popualtion of our country (Canada). So back to my comment how can they not take this oppourunity to promote BB10 with its launch just 1.5weeks past?

I apologize to Kev and the CB nation for the above rant. I don't enjoy seeing forum/post bashing but I couldn't stand by this time. IMHO, heatlhy debating is cool, bashing not... Rant ends!

I was just thinking I can not get any more excited for the launch and just like that now I can not stop brainstorming of different ads that will showcase the platform. I can not wait to see it.
BB10 Believe!!!

Guys, did anyone notice this aswell?
"RIM confirms that BlackBerry 10, its new mobile computing platform that will power the next generation of smartphones and tablets, will be featured in a commercial during Super Bowl XLVII."
New Generation of smartphones and TABLETS.

Yeaaah tablets!
I hope they do well on the commercial. Serious business, show what the phones all about. But its also the super bowl, goal is to get the commercial replayed 50million times on youtube. So its gotta be clever and funny. Hope they rip on apple and adroid without offending those users.


I have a lot of faith in Monsieur Boulben. I hope they make no references to iphone or android. It is very low status to target the others in your ads. What Samsung does just lowers them..
If you are THAT DAMN GOOD why would you care, acknowledge, or draw attention to the others?
They don't exist.
There is only BlackBerry. The 10. Nothing compares. Nothing else matters.


I'm REALLY glad to hear that they're stepping it up - I just hope that the ad is something new and cool. Their past ads never really showed any of the phone's features at all, so it would be cool to see them show off peak, hub, camera, video chat, and maybe some apps too!

YES! HUGE step in the right direction. I wasn't planning ok watching the Super Bowl, but now I will watch just to see the ad.

damn right cant wait to see what the new marketing team has in store for the new RIM gotta see what they have planned for us

Hoppitz they did not show off the features because those ads were prepared post launch and they are just to build awareness about the brand before the launch.

Sorry, I should have clarified. I meant in their past ads for previous phones that were released-not BB10 phones. They have always advertised a little bit more "emotionally" than "rationally." Instead of showing what the phone can really do and why it's the best, they showed people hanging out and being happy, etc... There is a lot to be said about emotional advertising, but not when you have brand new hardware with a brand new OS that you're trying to market.

Now that's how you make some heads turn... Most people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials. I think I hear the "Fat lady singing"!

Just simply the fact that they are complete idiots and will have a commercial is good enough. Letting people know that there is a new full touch BB out is the point.

I hope RIM doesn't spend the entire 30 sec showing the same leak features we've seen so far. People won't get it in 30 sec.

Lets face it, in the eyes of the majority, RIM/Blackberry is a damage brand.

What is the message that RIM wants the public to walk away with?
IMO, the message should be that RIM is back with a great product, this product is the starting point to the future mobile technology integration and go check out BB10.

The delivery of the message should contain humor inorder for it to go viral; It should be less techie and more real life application (how does it make my life better).

Woo hoo!! I've been hoping they'd do this ever since they pushed the launch back to Q1!

Everything is coming together beautifully. They really DO know what they're doing!!

From a marketing standpoint, if the commercial is to produce an aggressive stance to look chic & sexy, then indeed "Back in Black" will be a success (even if it now reminds me of Iron Man all the time).

However, if RIM's marketing team is targeting humor, then the theme song "Welcome Back" from the show Welcome Back Kotter MUST be their direction. The lyrics clearly address to the audience that they're happy to see us once again (and likewise us with them). It's a witty direction that can take a punch at themselves, while also showing features that the viewer will say, "I can't wait to be back with you, BlackBerry."

Of course, I can't predict the future. So I have no clue if that will be the soundtrack. But indeed, BB10 WILL make an impact.

Chic & Sexy: "Back In Black" (AC/DC)
Witty & Humorous: "Welcome Back" (Welcome Back Kotter)

Oh god, I hope they show actual features (someone using the phone) instead of just "stories" of successful people using the phones like they've done in the past.

Too bad Canada will most likely miss it...sure it says in the US and Canada but our goofy laws say CTV the broadcaster airing the superbowl here, gets to run their own ads (Canadian content)so we frequently miss the great superbowl commercials.

I'm hoping RIM does get CTV onboard and runs the ad as it's supposed to be seen, but then again, CTV likes to preempt times so we'll probably miss a few seconds.

I've been writing the CRTC for years about this yearly event that most Canadians don't even know about but they never do anything thanks to CTV's economic might.

I trust CB will show the commercial though as I have NO faith in CTV.

The commercial will most likely be posted on BlackBerry's YouTube channel as well...
And then CrackBerry will post it here.

Just do a web search for "Super Bowl Commercials 2013" and you will find sites that have all the commercials to watch free of charge!

RIM pays the networks for the ad space. Announcing Canada in the press release means they are paying the Canadian network to carry the ad. It makes complete sense since it looks like Canada will be one of the first places where the new devices will be on sale. It is all about marketing dollars not anything else. CRTC has absolutely nothing to do with it.

I think you're barking up the wrong tree. The NFL is primarily responsible for ads in different markets, not just the's the NFL's product on display. As much as I want to see the funny US ads, their buying power would dwarf the Canadian businesses. Regardless why are people thinking the ads will be run on US channels only?

I'm referring to US channels that carry the game here but CTV cuts in and broadcasts their coverage, including the commercials they are paid for.....which are more often than not.....not the super ads we love to watch.
A little less than half of the US aired commercials make it to our homes on game day.

Ultimately......if I choose to watch the game on a US station it should be my right to watch the yankee content in all its glory......not a Canadian content forced down my throat commercial.

As I stated......I do hope RIM bought Canadian airtime so we'll all get to enjoy it.

Every time there's a Soup Bowl I get ticked off I can't watch the U.S. commercials. Maybe Kim Dot Com can figure out how to to get it to us all.

Here's the deal : you wanna see all the ads? Watch it on an American channel.
Superbowl is the only NFL game I bother to watch and I always see all the ads live.
It ain't the CFL,but it is not TOO bad...


Stop reading if you don't want the ad spoiled. I'm breaking my NDA here as well!

This ad essentially shows me in New Orleans at the Superdome with a brand new Z10 surrounded by 77,000 new BB fans. Everyone just watches the Z10 after I plug into the big screen. The game is cancelled after everyone watches for 3 hours. Twitter eventually implodes. Facebook eventually implodes. iPhones weep openly. Androids melt into puddles. WPs evaporate spontaneously. BBM video saves the day and broadcasts to the masses. The Z10 wins MVP and I hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Dude that actually has some serious potential. If you're $hitting us you definitely should have pitched it to Frank and the team.

This NEEDS to be a great commercial they need to show off features that other platforms don't have and some that they do first then introduce the 360 view of the phone and then the name blackberry to have a chance to grab peoples attention before their preconceptions kick in so they don't have chance to deny they liked it

Show the awesome features first and the device and at the end show the brand Blackberry. that would be awesome.

The average consumer doesn't pay attention to the features in ads. They want to see how the phone and it's features will connect with them on an emotional level. Hardly any product sells well via an ad by pushing features down your throat.

This is very sad but true. These ads need to capture the audience right away, then show the goods and features, then have either a punch line or some sort of perfect shot to close out the commercial.

IPhone never really shows features, 'cause they don't really have any that work worth a shirt They say things like 'Think different, and show shiny, happy people, allowing you to draw the conclusion that, without iphone, there would be no shiny, happy people.
Don't know what BlackBerry will do, but I'm already feeling shiny and happy...


This is going to be AWESOME..!!!! Last time I made a comment here @ crackberry that I wish when RIM introduce the BB10, they would advertise it OUT LOUD! Commercials like Super Bowl Time. YES.! YES.! YES..!!! Finally heared me (((( SCREAMING!! ))))

Well it had better be better than there last set of "shit the bed comercials" be bold .... Wtf was up with that crap

Good news!..... 30 sec ad costs about 4 million bucks to air during the game this year, so I assume, and hope, they will put some good money into the ad itself and make it unforgettable!! good for watercooler talk too at work on the following Monday, which always happens. GO RIM!

Last I heard, the average price was between 3.4 and 3.6 million per ad, or something close to that. I was definitely below 4 though.

Not to be a d@+k, I'm as excited as anyone, but didnt they advertise the PlayBook during the Superbowl a couple of years ago?

It must have been around the same time then. I thought I was watching a game, and I usually only watch the SuperBowl. I remember the Flash song from Queen! Anyway, can't wait for a new Z10 in my hand!!!

I can not wait to see it. I really hope they mostly show off the Z10 over the X10. I feel like the X10 will immediately get dismissed by the consumer crowd since it's physically so reminiscent of old BB. The 30th seems so close yet so far.

That campaign was actually a good idea just the timing was horrendous. If they would have waited to do that for the BB10 and globally...that would have been _epic_!

In addition to the 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl that will air in both the U.S. and Canada, BlackBerry will be integrated into a number of pre- and post-game on-site, digital and social activities, including real time engagement with BlackBerry social fans on Facebook and Twitter, as well as extending and amplifying exposure and fan engagement through Promoted Posts and Sponsored Story ads.

A complete package!

Way to go Frank,Thor&Blackberry Team

I think the Time-shift camera would be an awesome focus. Imagine this: Joe Flacco is running into the dome. As he does he runs by two young boys and their dads. He pauses for a quick second, squats down and takes a picture with the two kids. Both dads snap a quick picture, one with his iphone and one with a new Z10. Funniest thing is in both pictures the kids blinked. Flacco is already on the field - opportunity lost. Iphone dad looks depressed. BB10 dad fires up timeshift camera and rescues the photo while iPhone dad looks on stunned.

They should make fun of their old phones, and the misconception people have. Then show off Blackberry 10 and how it's turned a page for the next decade.

Most people that don't follow blackberry or hear the usual stories. Those people still think it's the same old same old. No apps, crashes, freezes etc.

That's who RIM has to convince. They have to assume people have been living under a rock and just hear all the negative each and everyday. Build a commercial off that!

I don't mean to offend, but I hope RIM are not using the same people to make the ads as they have in the past. The older ads were not engaging enough and they did not show any cool features. Having an unknown talk about how much they use email is not gonna sell it these days. As much as I hate to say it, they need something simple and witty like the Apple commercials. Apple is really good at showing a commercial about a mundane feature and making it seem revolutionary. RIM has a revolutionary device and they need to showcase some of that in a catchy way.


Like apple and noise cancelling Those commercials are so stupid the basic features any phone has now Apple makes it seem like they invented the technology.

Like the "Do Not Disturb" feature... a complete rip-off and half-assed implementation of Bedside Mode that former BlackBerry users have been clamoring for for years now. They totally act like they came up with this great idea to shut your phone up at certain times of day. We've had that since OS 4.6!

Totally agreed!

Even a parody of the I'm a Mac, I'm a PC ads would be good.

I really hope that they did proper audience testing on this ad so its not lame-o.


I was thinking the same thing too, Icarus! There's definitely some form on how to turn that into a parody.

I think Kevin needs to either run a poll or have a contest to see who nails the Super Bowl ad correctly. This is a big deal. Ladies & Gentlemen...if you're beginning your quest into the advertising and marketing field, you're going to get a great taste of knowledge come February 3rd.

YES!!! I hope its along the lines of "we were the first, we were the best, and we're doing it again" along with some awesome action shots of the os in action and a "getting stuff done, with panache" kind of attitude. Go BB go !!!



Not to mention I saw BB10 running on a PlayBook today ;) Its been a good day!!!

RIM has a good bit of surprises left so brace yourself for some excitement!!!

If you go back you will see that I predicted the phone would launch Super Bowl weekend.......or the Friday after the Super Bowl...

“Apps is today, mobile computing and services that really enhance your life…that’s the future.”

Thorsten Heins

Let's hope they make the video football-like so it keeps the attention of people watching the super bowl. If not then people would say the same thing as my grandfather "God damn't! TURN THOSE BLASTED COMMERCIALS OFF!"

This is great news... RIM will get to advertise to millions of people. I hope the commercial will be fun and exciting...

I'll predict that they are going to focus on Hyper Connected people using MOBILE COMPUTING (like at the end the guy walks in to a room with a big screen TV pushes connect on his BB and the screen opens up, he picks up the keyboard lying on the table and starts using Excel or some such).

How about a new spin on the 1984 Apple Super bowl commercial? This one would show the line of sheep marching down the aisle carrying their iPhones. Let's throw a sledge hammer at a huge Apple!

Going to be sweet watching two all time greats (BlackBerry and 49ers) come out of their funk on the same day! #BB10Believe #NinersNation

Now I'm even more curious as Superbowl ads are usually all over the top.

What will BlackBerry marketing geniuses do in such a unique occasion?

Ok I'm gonna call it - the commercial will have Daniel Craig in a Bond like caper with some smart humour. Blackberry London anyone? And it will end somehow with AC/DC Back in Black (perfect song to rile up the people watching Superbowl).

It was pointed out to me when I repeated this idea months ago that the Sony Experia Z was to be "James Bond's official phone". Sony owns 'im, literally.

It would be awesome if they started the ad saying how people said they were dead but not actually say its blackberry, but now they are back, re-invented, re-designed and better than before. Follow that with a mash-up of the hub, peek, balance, camera, timeshift, the important apps, keyboard, whatever else we have yet to see. Then show the phone. Then finally, for the latest couple seconds, have the blackberry logo on screen.

Needs to focus on the phone, its features and what it can do, rather than showing people all the time. Grab their attention, suck them in with the mash-up, leave them surprised and intrigued at the end.

That would be really funny... especially if they got a lot of celebrities (see the link) people who have been subject of " dead" hoaxes, have them all using the BB10 features to clarify that they're not dead.

Imagine a bunch of the people on that list at a party or something... Adele is playing piano with Morgan Freeman sitting on the bench next to her... Adam Sandler gets a "Adam Sandler is dead" tweet, and then Reese Witherspoon says something like "That happened to me, too!"... Morgan looks up at Reese, then looks at Adele. She grimaces in sympathy... then Reese and Adam whip out their Z10 or X10 and they go through their tweet history, one handed, reading a few off (their other hand has a glass of wine (Reese) or a beer (Adam)) maybe they look at their calendar to cross reference the tweet against their schedule as a "where were YOU when you heard you were dead?" and it would be meeting with business partner... production company stuff)... and then they want to share PINs so they just tap with their thumbs and hold their NFC-enabled Z10 devices up to each others and trade PINs that way. Then maybe Paris Hilton walks up with an iPhone, looks at Adam and Reese with their Z10s and says "That's hot." in her trademark deadpan.

I don't need to see it... I wrote it. :-)

With Greenbay not making it to the Superbowl I was contemplating if I should watch(but of course I would have lol) but now it is a definitely yes :). Some people watch just to see the ads so this is GREAT news for RIM.........BB10 is going to Rock this!!!

RIM is using a re-invented, re-engineered theme for their campaign. The ad will have something to do with that. The time shift features could work well with that theme don't you think?

Negative ads is like preaching to the choir. I might like the ad but I'm buying a BB10 anyway. We want to win over the Apple/Android crowd not piss them off.

Didn't think about that. As much as I would love to see a parody, it shouldn't be like the Samsung ad.

I'm sure RIM hired a sharp advertising agency for an ad of this caliber.

Imo the CFL Championship (Grey Cup to those who don't know) kicks the Soup Bowl's butt for a Championship game. Reverse that for the regular season. In the end, the US Soup Bowl ads are the things of legends.

Well maybe its time to watch the Super Bowl since Trestman will be coaching my Bears to a Super Bowl victory next year and no Grey Cup for Montreal. DaBears!!! BB10!!!

have someone walking into a airport with one hand holding the BB10 and walking by iOS and S3 people fumbling with the in and out phones while the BB10 guy or girl flowing and walking into productivity

Great idea - take it one step further. Have multiple people (3 or 4)with BB10 (different ages - 18-25-45 etc) and as you said watch the iOS/S3 users try but fail at what they are doing while walking etc. Now have each of the BB10 users all glance at each other and just smile - like wow ... don't they get it ... I guess not type of look.

Just working off your idea.

For god sakes, show the phone and it's features. That last batch of commercials with the DJ brothers, and the guy buying produce showed the phones for about 6 seconds each. The device should be on the screen the WHOLE TIME, and it should ONLY show the L-Series. (Sorry keyboard, but you LOOK old. I'll probably have you soon, but you LOOK old.)

Quoted: "(Sorry keyboard, but you LOOK old. I'll probably have you soon, but you LOOK old.)". I could have misinterpreted something. If so, my bad.

Go RIM go,.may the gods of marketing provide such super bowl impact that the viewing masses will buy the Blackberry phones en mass.

Whaaaaaaat this is friggin awesome. I was hoping RIM would do something big. I look forward to seeing what BB10 has in store for the PlayBook

It will be Thorsten Heins with a baseball bat- Bashing a TV showing that Samsung "business oriented" commercial for 30 seconds...

This a great opportunity to further expose BlackBerry 10 to the masses. Hopefully android and iOS users realise how superior BB10 is compared to there phones.

Super Bowl Ad - The timing is good because they can showcase any feature vs. holding back like they need to do now. Looking forward to next week and learning about the unknown goodies. Told my IT dept. to place my order as soon as its available.

Any leaks on voice and data at the same time ????????????????

No other phone will give you what we can, right in the palm of your hand.

We've got the hub, we've got the peek

And the phone looks so sleek.

Yo've been asking,

For multitasking

We've got them,


And at last

The browsers fast

It'll be a smash

Cause we got flash.

(All this while each of the above features are demonstrated)

Final scene:

Ball is taken into the engine. Did it hit the ground before it bounced back? Somebody took a picture, the timeline of the Z10 is used. Touchdown, Z10 saves the day.

Picture of The Z10 and X10 with the caption "Blackberry, technology you can trust"

It's usually the humourous commercials that get the attention... the ones I recall are the eTrade one where the guy is face down on the gurney being rushed into the operating room because he has "money out the wazoo".

The other was the little darth vader VW one, where the dad uses the remote starter while the little boy in the Darth Vader helmet is trying to use the Force on the car, and the car starts, and the kid is startled "I did it!" kind of.

Then there's the Snickers commercial with Betty White and she gets tackled (special effect) pretty damn hard.

I couldn't tell you what other super bowl commercials have aired, but I hope RIM does something really funny and clever, not merely "impressive". I guess at this point, is the issue that no one even KNOWS that BB10 is coming, or that they know it's coming and aren't giving it any respect? Probably the former, but I think a comical commercial covers BOTH situations, while a 'serious' one works on awareness, but not necessarily on respect.

There are 2 reasons I respectfully disagree with you. One, I think that RIM still needs to appeal to the business person. Yes, they absolutely need the consumer market as well, but doing a stupid humor type commercial would make RIM look like they were taking BB10 as a joke. Secondly, they have a very expensive 30 seconds to get their message across. Wasted time is very expensive during the Super Bowl. Other brands can get around this by using a visual aid tha t people already associate with the product/brand (Budweiser horses for example). With BB10 being brand new and very different, as well as RIM having horrible past advertisements, they can't really use a visual aid. They need to just go full on function in the commercial, IMO.

RIM also has a huge ad presence here in New Orleans for the Super Bowl. They (or an ad company they hired) are skinning vehicles/shuttle buses, buying billboard space, and will have a presence in Champions Square outside of the Super Dome. I can't say any more.

LOL....loving the "canuck" comments on how American's think whatever they have to offer is the most important....and, as an American who has taken heat in the forums for saying the same, let me just say, "SPOT ON!" It isn't a coincidence that the rest of the world looks at us as pompous a$$es
That being said, let me give a little mini-lesson into the generalized mind of an average "American," as I get to live with them daily.
Many of you are wanting a commercial that appeals to intelligent, logical people. One that addresses the functionality, the professionalism, the features....that would be great if my fellow Americans were actually into substance. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us, are not.
In the US, EVERYTHING is about IMAGE....who has the shiniest rims, who has more "bling," who has the biggest, most obscene wasteful SUV, who has the most name-brand stuff with the most "cool factor," who wears their idiotic pants down around their ankles, who has the biggest "system" so they can drive around your neighborhood with music that goes "BOOM BOOM....BOOM BOOM....BOOM BOOM," at 2 in the morning. The majority couldn't possibly give two rat's a$$es about how well something works, or how efficient it is.
For example, remember the Volkswagen "Darth Vader kid" commercial? Yeah, WTF does Darth Vader have to do with Volkswagen? ZERO....but it was a very popular commercial because it was cute and funny and everyone talked about it.
I'm telling you, from watching pretty much every Super Bowl since #12, everyone in the room always likes the FUNNY, witty, commercials.....THEN, and only then, do they go and look at the product.
Anecdotal? Yes....but from my experiences inside the culture, that is what sells to an "American."

Couldn't agree more. It can be funny without being crass or slapstick. If they don't go for humour, I hope it is AWE inspiring... and I'm not sure a feature walkthrough will do that.

How about a simple, direct, bold,and confident statement,
BlackBerry :
We invented the Smartphone Business.
We're takin ' it back!


They should have Kaepernick run the last play via a bb10 and that play wins the 49ers the superbowl... Game MVP goes to the Z10

Wait a minute.... Wouldn't it be cool if existing V.I.P. Blackberrians were to be notified early and given a sneak peak to the commercial just a weee bit earlier? After all, we are the "troops". Just a thought....