BlackBerry Advertising Service SDK for BlackBerry WebWorks in Public Beta

BlackBerry Advertising Service
By Bla1ze on 14 Sep 2011 03:40 pm EDT

As more and more developers start harnessing the power of the open sourced BlackBerry Webworks platform, it's vital that they have a path for monetization within their applications. RIM is fully aware of this and as such have now made the BlackBerry Advertising Service SDK for BlackBerry WebWorks available iin public beta.

The service will allow BlackBerry developers to easily implement ads and ad tracking into their applications all the while using as little code as possible. Developers who are interested in making use of the beta can sign up here. Once registered, you'll recieve a download link for the SDK as well as a unique identifier to be used within all your apps using the services. Developers who do sign up, are of course encouraged to use the issue tracker to help with the beta testing.

Learn more over at the BlackBerry Developers Blog

Reader comments

BlackBerry Advertising Service SDK for BlackBerry WebWorks in Public Beta


I'm on the fence with this one.. I can appreciate it, but if it's the bullet we need to bite in order to crank popularity, quality and what not for it be grow, so be it.. I'm just _tired_ of advertising lol

thank you to all developers out there. i have paid and free apps; i appreciate them all. if i have to have an ad to have a free app, so be it. when i want the ads to go away, i'll pay for it. i thought that was how it was supposed to work. you know, like watching a movie on NBC or the same movie on HBO... you pay for no advertising.

I love the comparison of network to premium channels, I may have to use that in the future, with a footnote of course.