BlackBerry Adult Apps Roundup! (NSFW)

Warning: Read at own risk. May not be suitable for all workplaces. If easily offended, just scroll down to the next post. For the rest of you, enjoy the show! Please note, this article is no longer current. Many of the apps posted in this article are no longer available for BlackBerry OS phones.

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2010 12:23 pm EDT

So here's the deal. As I type this I'm less than 48 hours away from my 30th birthday. I'm not too freaked out by the notion of turning the big THREE OH... afterall, age really is just a number and I'm pretty sure I act and feel like I did when I was 21. That said, just in case I wake up on my birthday and out of no where start acting like I'm probably supposed to (you know... a mature, responsible adult), I figured I'd end my fun-loving twenties here on the CrackBerry blogs pushing the boundaries just a bit with a fun-loving post. So here it is, our first-ever BlackBerry Adult Apps Roundup! And if you think about it, if I am going to finally start acting like an adult now, shouldn't I be knowledgable about adult apps??

It turns out putting together a roundup of adult-oriented BlackBerry Apps wasn't that hard to do. All it requires is a browse through our CrackBerry App Store and you can find quite a few adult-oriented apps, utilities and themes put out there by BlackBerry developers for those who like to sex up their devices. Keep reading for some eye-catching apps, and if you like what you see be sure to drop us a comment!

BlackBerry Adult Apps Roundup

Here we go... a list of BlackBerry apps that are guaranteed to get you excited. If anybody ever tells you BlackBerry apps suck, just send them to this post! Take note, for the most part I listed the full retail prices of apps where applicable, but MOST of them are on sale for pretty decent discounts, so be sure to click through on an app if you're interested for it's current price.

Battery Charging Screen Saver: ScreenX Forest and Screen X Secretary  

This one is pretty briliant. Screen X is a battery charging screen saver app. Plugin your dead BlackBerry to let it charge and you'll see a fully dressed girl on the screen. As your battery charges, the girl takes off her clothes. Two versions are currently available, forest and secretary. The forest version features a cute girl stripping down in a forest scene while the secretary version has a smartly-dressed secretary taking it off. 

Both verions are non-XXX as you download/buy them from the CrackBerry app store, but once purchased you'll receive an email with details on downloading the free expansion pack, which doubles the amount of photos and umm..  shows even less clothing when fully charged (as in like..uhh.. none). If word gets out about this one, I have a feeling it's destined to be a #1 best seller. Oops...I guess word just got out. My bad. This one sells for $4.00 normally. Oh, and I hear the developers are contemplating a male version of this for all the ladies out there. If you want to see that happen, drop a comment let them know!

Fun Game Play: Sexy Dice for BlackBerry

Make Time with Sexy Dice for BlackBerry!

Long time CrackBerry readers may already be familiar with Sexy Dice, as we've covered it here on the blogs a couple times before (post 1; post 2). This one is pretty straight forward, so I'll borrow from the official description for this one:

Sexy Dice is a 3D dice game for the bedroom, parties, and even a great pickup tool! Including 3 (Now Four!) high resolution 3D rendered dice sets including the PG dice set with wording suitable for teenagers and perhaps non sexually active users but works just as well in the bedroom. The rated R dice set steps it up a notch for adults looking to spice up their love life and add some excitement while getting to use the Blackberry in the bedroom! By enabling adult mode, you get access to this rated R dice set free of charge! Also included free of charge is a regular standard old dice set for every day use wherever a set of dice can come in handy. Board games, craps, gambling with friends, etc. Now if you pull out monopoly to play with friends and if your mising a die as always, just grab your Storm and enjoy!

Sexy Dice sells for $3.99 and is available for both touchscreen and non-touchscreen BlackBerry Smartphones. If you wanna have some fun this weekend, you can learn more and download it at the links below.

Naughty Chatting: Sext Codes for BlackBerry Smartphones

This app isn't quite suitable for youg children (well, I guess none of apps in this roundup are), but for those who want to engage in some naughty chatting via their BlackBerry sext codes helps make it easier. It's a simple app that presents a list of internet/SMS "sexting codes" such as "TDTM" and "SOG". Profanity is blocked by asterisks. It normally sels for $2.99.

Luke & Ellen's Erotica, Volume 1

Luke & Ellen's Erotica, Volume 1 is a series of three short, romantic and erotic stories centered around the lives of a young couple travelling the world. Each story presents a the escapades of a young man and woman having fun around the globe. You're bound to get taken away for at least a little while with this one. Regularly priced at $4.99, if you like to read, check it out.

BlackBerry Good Vibrations: PleasureBerry Turbo

I'm gonna take the easy out on this one and just use the official description....

Feeling naughty? The PleasureBerry TURBO (Full Version) transforms your BlackBerry into a sexy massager. What could be more convenient than turning your cell phone into a vibrator? Your BlackBerry is always with you, and after you download the PleasureBerry TURBO, you'll have a vibrator by your side whenever that sexy mood strikes. This vibrator app will please both men and women.

PleasureBerry TURBO supplies you a discreet, powerful vibrator: no one will ever guess what your phone can do. You can use this virtually silent vibrator at home, at work, at the club, wherever you choose. Experiment with the 15 different vibration settings to find the one that feels best for you!

Good chance that prolonged use of this one will drain the battery a little quicker than you'd normally expect. Check it out at the links below. There's also a lite version here.

Sexy Lady Photos: Bikini Ladies | Blonde Ladies | Brunette Ladies   

The Sexy Ladies series of apps packs a bunch of photos of pretty ladies right onto your BlackBerry Smartphone. Three different apps offer a bunch of bikini ladies, blondes and brunettes. Follow the links below to learn more! Regulary priced at $5.00 (but usually on sale).

Sexy Wallpapers and Themes: Get Hot Wallpapers  &  Discover Hot Themes!

When it comes to sexy wallpapers for your BlackBerry, we have no shortage of babe photos in our free BlackBerry wallpapers gallery. Just click through to the gallery, choose your device resolution and click into the babes category. As for themes, there's lots out there.... just hunt around our theme store or theme forums and you're bound to find a bunch!

Good Exercise: 69+ Best Sex Positions

This one will keep you in shape (might want to warm up first so you don't hurt yourself!) but could easily prove worth the price if you learn something new.

Fun Game: Berry Strippoker for BlackBerry

And winding down our BlackBerry Adult Apps roundup with a little fun, we have the always-popular Berry Strippoker. It sells for $9.99 and you can buy "add-on" lady opponents at $2.99 a pop (check out Elizabeth here). I think this one is pretty self-explanatory... and fun! And if you're more the Sudoko player than poker type, you can always check out Bikini Sudoko for BlackBerry.

Cooling Off After a Hot BlackBerry Adult App Roundup

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!

Is that it for sexy adult oriented BlackBerry apps? Not even close. There's actually quite a few I didn't even touch on, so if you feel so inclined to see what else is out there for the adult BlackBerry user, just jump into the CrackBerry app store and do some creative searching (discretion guaranteed). 

As for me, well, I think I'm going to call it an early work day. I'm having a crazy party tonight to wind down the decade so I gotta go stock up on Campari. Hopefully you enjoyed the post (I'm not sure how we'll top this one... maybe a roundup of adult websites that work well on the new WebKit browser when BlackBerry 6 hits? lol), and if not hopefully you have the good humor to roll with it. Otherwise, direct your hate mail to me. You know the disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post have been those of Kevin Michaluk's and are in no way endorsed by and company. Lol. That concludes the greatest BlackBerry blog post ever written. Goodbye!

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BlackBerry Adult Apps Roundup! (NSFW)


I'm just looking at the pictures and not bothering reading the text. Is this a contest? If I win, I want the girl in the top pic. I guarantee the best 5 mins of her life!

BTW, are those real????? They look like press on nails to me.

I don't think that it's about being "offended" by the picture, it's about showing class for all audiences. If you guys want to see some porn there is plenty of it already on the internet. Better to keep a professional responsible business stance that doesn't involve smut. Just my 2 cents.

I mean, just b/c Kevin posted it, doesn't necessarily mean he took it. But yeah, doesn't really matter anyways, she is 7 shades of FINE!

this is really the best comment ever from Kevin...

You should do a vidcast of you using the GymTechnik App and show your result (a la p90x) :P

lol. thanks. what's funny is you don't realize just how on-point your idea is. stay tuned to the blogs... around june 1st the fun begins :)

Horrendous selection.. not that i have anything better. you would think that with the huge market in Porn. the industry would have had these apps out there and available.. Just my observation.. We need better quality and quantity.. before i drop 10 bucks on anything... but thanks for the HARD work.. Blerka blerka blerka...

Kevin - may be setup an Adults Only section in the Apps Store so I can find what I need!

Okay ... that's fine for the straight men and lesbians. But what about

Why would gay men and straight women (who use BlackBerry's also) want to look at scantly clothed women?

Where are the apps / wallpapers for us?

The wallpapers with a shirtless (& Canadian) Ryan Reynolds ( and/or featuring the hot male models from Internatioanl Male/Under Gear? ( or the calendar of the Firemen from NYC?(

I don't see any of those mentioned?

You don't honestly believe that only str8 men use BlackBerry's - do you?

I am disappointed to find an otherwise useful and entertaining webspace dirtied by this entry. I can go to plenty of places to find filth and don't go to CrackBerry to get it. Guys, place yourselves above the crowd and stay on higher ground.

So you missed both the 'NSFW' and the explicit warning text before you clicked on this link? Go over to Apple app store instead if you want everything sanitized to spare your poor virgin eyes.
PS - Kevin you're a player, well done.

stfu, stop being a negative nancy and lighten up from your serious, strenuous business life and live a bit.

@BB_SHAWN, that's a really unnecessary and inappropriate comment. OP was expressing an opinion, whether it agrees with your position or not.

I would like it a lot but it takes the fun out of making my own.
But then what do I know?
SHUZAAAAM! Best apps ever.......

LOL it truely amazes me what gets u ALL excited. Nothign much at all. Hmmm shame nothing for the females.. Well hmm let me rephrase. Nothing for the straight females... oh well

I did a search on the Crackberry Superstore app on my device for "Sexy Dice" and purchased the one that came up. It is definitely not the one described. Did a further search and couldn't find the one in this post. It showed $0.99 but I didn't think anything of it because Kevin said most of them you could find cheaper. Oh well, it was only $0.99. I guess I will follow the link and purchase that one. All in good fun anyway.

Contest for the nudes of that one :)! WOOHOO! Making Howard Stern fans proud to own Blackberrys (cause he has one too) lol

Hey Kevin,
What ever happened to the other half of the video where you had a couple ladies test out the Black Berry Bluetooth visor thingy....?

Or did I miss round 2 of that episode?

My coworker saw my copy of screen X Forrest and asked me about a male version, and so I contacted the developer, and asked him about it. He was a little reluctant because he doesn't want to have to take the guy's pictures (I don't blame him), BUT if there is a market for it, he WILL find a way to get it done. So besides thanking him, Shao-soft, you should also thank, Carolyn, from my work. IF we get this done, I'm gonna try to make sure we get Carolyn a free copy. ;) So if you want to see Screen X Ladies Night (Firehouse????) Let Shao know!!!!!

I got here from kevin's post on twitter, it's funny that he did it fofrom his iPhone!!!. Anyhow best post ever Kevin!!

It's okay for you to post semi-nude pictures of women, but it is unforgivable to post here with an iPhone!

haha the one says RIDE SALLY RIDE
and thats what i named my car SALLY :]

by the way greatest post EVER :]

And yet another great way to love the goodness that these and many more blackberry apps are out there. Kudos Kevin and Happy Birthday to ya!

While this isn't quite my thing and considering I use a BES account, I won't comment on the content, but I do want to wish Kevin a very happy birthday. Whether 20, 30, 50, or 60, you will always be the heart and soul of CrackBerry. We all look forward to many more years of your expertise, blogs, and witticisms. Enjoy your party this evening, I wish there were a way to buy you a drink and toast your B'Day.

Agree that there would be a market for a gay app round-up... It would be worth mentioning grindr for blackberry that is currently in beta testing and talked about on these forums. I would guess it will become one of the more popular free bb apps...This post isn't really for me, but good to have it all in one place for people I guess...

This is what bb fanboys has resorted to. This is so damn lame and I see what the droid and iphone has way more apps. You guys need to put your bb down and get a life you horny little ******* I've seen it all

why all the hate? it's all in good fun. If you don't like it move on.

EXCELLENT post, Kevin. Happy Birthday (you should so something fun like this for every holiday)

Just ignore him, crApple fanboys are always trolling the internet looking for things to b*tch about, nothing new and as always, very predictable.

Thanks Kevin for this nice twist in my day (I totally did not see this coming).

I'd be a lot more excited about this if there was a nice looking man to look at. With my luck you'll put a hairy fat one there. (please don't!) *Gags at the thought*

I'm patiently waiting for the male battery charge meter. Until then the Mr. and I might have to try the 365 days out.

Nice; both the post and the Crackberry girls. To be honest ever since I found out that Youporn worked on my Blackberry, my Brickbreaker skills have gone to sh!t. Keep 'em coming.

" Warning: Read at own risk. May not be suitable for all workplaces. If easily offended, just scroll down to the next post. For the rest of you, enjoy the show! *"

Although i am a 100% straight male, happily married, and love the female form. I see alot of one sidedness here. If Kevin were to permit and put up a "gay application" blog post and straight people were to make snide comments in the section the members of the gay community would throw fit and report us as ask that the post be deleted. Why do i say that? i've seen it happen. There have been post made in "gay application threads" that have been removed. when the post made was not 1) demeaning anyone 2) bashing the choice those members have made regarding the application. 3) did not promote the application at hand.... not did it demean the application.

but i saw a ton of post made here wish for some man candy so they can look at it.....

If i were to go into a thread a post something about me wanting a "straight application" to find single "easy excitable females" it would be deleted in a matter of moments....

Extreme case of one sidedness here on this one....

and yes the chick looks amazingly hot... and yes i'm glad she was posted....

it's a shame that people are so critical and unprofessional of others who are simply expressing the opinion that a) this is not appropriate for the front page of CrackBerry or b) who are not in the straight world of men ogling big-busted women. Kevin, please remove the nasty remarks here...and there are many. Sorry, it's just my opinion.

Will there be any adult apps featuring African American and/or Latina females? Surely the designers know all BlackBerry users aren't Caucasian.

"Hey baby how ya doing wha-chu got there?" from the Blackberry song, I just heard on this site. It's sort of an interesting picture of the girl with the CB sign. I wonder if it's someone the staff knows and they don't want to show off her face? Weird how the girl's face is not shown.