BlackBerry Addiction Shows Its Ugly Face On Episode of "The Marriage Ref"

By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2010 10:25 am EDT

Part of me didn't want to post this one, but I'm sure this is what some of us actually go through (on one side or another). BlackBerry addiction is a harsh reality, and while I know some aren't nearly as bad as others, we've all been called "addicts" at some point. Personally I don't see the problem with checking your BlackBerry while you're out to dinner, in bed or even mid conversation, but maybe thats just me. Check out the first segment of The Marriage Ref and drop a comment with your thoughts. Is she truly an addict or just another CrackBerry? Thanks Chris for sending this in!

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BlackBerry Addiction Shows Its Ugly Face On Episode of "The Marriage Ref"


I was watching this last night as well. I'm kind of disappointed at how the Audience and Craig, and Midler portrayed this woman. EVERYBODY uses a phone now-a-days and I'm sure those two do as well - they may have just been embarrassed to admit it. I see people (including myself) using phones like this all of the time.

Yes, I understand that while you're eating in a nice restaurant, it wouldn't hurt to put the phone on silent for a moment or so, which she could have done, but who knows how much editing and exaggeration took place just for the objective to blow this out of proportion for it's final airing on television.

They put a piece of black tape over the logo!

(Of course I'm kidding about the Subject title; but why the black tape?)

Somebody kind enough to post it on Youtube, i kind of got the same message. Can not stream outside US (Currently in Indonesia)


Best lines:

" order to function...f-f-function and get the most amount of things done, I NEED to use this phone!"

followed by the best response of:

"See around you? See all the water? I'm gonna throw the phone in the bay!"

I have a BlackBerry and on it all the time. My wife was on me all the time to get off the phone and pay more attention to her. She didnt have one at the time. She just couldnt understand. So I bought her one, and now she is on it more than I am. She will text me that dinner is ready. I had a text when I woke up saying "Good Morning". So I can see the addiction..I have it and a victim of it. :-)

1) Covering up the logo
2) If they're going to say the word/trademark "BlackBerry."
3) But they did spell the trademark wrong in the opening credits: "Blackberry"

I agree with you Adam, I use my BB everywhere and often. I don't feel bad about my use when at dinner, mid conversation, etc. Luckily my wife is just as much of an addict as I am, so I don't catch any flack whatsoever.

My wife has an iPhone and is on that thing constantly. I hate it. If she had a BB I would be fine with it!

The differences: When she's on her iPhone, she's playing some stupid game like Scrabble or Angry Chickens (OK Scrabble isn't too bad) and me, when I'm on my BB, I'm working, socializing with real friends or using a variety of PDA-esque apps for everything from banking to shopping lists, you know, stuff for the family.

thanks adam for posting this!

i think we've all done this (to some extent) and i do agree with others that it was a bad portrayal of the hero of the clip. but man, she was going off at dinner. if its only texting, put it down while at a meal. we all text while walking around the house, on the toilet, etc, but just put it down for dinner.

During Mother's Day lunch at a big box Italian place, I found myself talking with the mother-in-law while her own children (my wife and her brother) were playing on their iPhone and Droid, respectively. She playing a stupid game and he looking at or something.

My 9700 was holstered. Dinners (note, not weekday lunches) are one place I can't stand to be on my phone, much less a significant other buried in their phone.

She is a teacher... she does not have that much going on in her life... I GUARANTEE IT. Furthermore, if she allows it in her class... I would pull my child from her class immediately and try to get her fired/corrected by the board of education. We do not need any more cheaters making it in the world today. This is ridiculous... I love my phone to but this is over the top.

Does she really need to b on it? I mean I'm da same way, but if I learned anything from my previous relationship is dat if she's on it constantly.....she's talking to somebody else. LEAVE HER ASS DUDE!! Lol.

Plex ur exactly right shell be on here when she wakes up then shell have a lot more messenger friends her husband is gonna be pizzed lol hahahahahaha

I agree with the husband to put the bb down and not using during dinner at an resturaunt and especially during intimate moments! I can see around the house and whatnot, but the husband wants a little of attention from his wife. So is that too much to ask for?

If you agree to go outwith your spouse, to eat or whatever, the interruptions should be kept to a minimum. Every text and email was more important than time with her husband. Thats a problem that doesn't have anything to do with the Blackberry. there was no evidence that if she had a dumb phone she wouldnt answer it during dinner.

I'm a huge BB fan, and love my phone. But I love the people I choose to be with more. This lady is a prime example of why our society has become so impersonal. Social networking is fine, and serves a purpose. But look what it takes from us: the actual interpersonal connection to our family and friends. Like this woman said, she doesn't have to even speak to people anymore. She sends them a message. You mean you don't like your friends enough to actually want to speak to them?! And it's more important to ruin a dinner date with your husband by texting from the time you sit down til the time you leave the restaurant?! And even when the two of you are having intimate moments?! If she does it at these times, you can bet she does it when she drives. How many people does she put in physical danger every day? And to top it off, she said she wouldn't mind if her students were messaging in her class. What the hell is she teaching her students??? It's insulting and rude! You're telling me that I'm not worth your attention, so f**k off!

We're losing the ability to communicate with others. We don't know how to TALK with them anymore; face-to-face or even on the phone. It's much easier (and impersonal) to tell someone something in a message than it is in person. Has anyone noticed the brutal rhetoric and "hate-speak" that is used in all phases of our society lately? Is this where we're evolving to?

We have to learn that there are times when we need to turn our phones off. As I said, I love my BB. But I love my friends and family more.

It was pretty funny actually, cause I do alot of those tihngs, minus the bathroom and intimacy thing. There are times to leave to bb alone! However I feel very naked without it! LOL

Lady needs help. you cant play with your phone during dinner with your spouse or intimacy time. My rule is that if i have to talk to others, (Dinner, meetings, etc) I keep my phone in the holster. It's insulting and super rude otherwise imo. Like others have mentioned, something else is going on with her. no one is that busy.

What's all the fuss?

I love the part where they out this woman for using her BB while they are "intimate". Let me guess dude is probably pissed about that. If I were him I would tell her you can BB during sex as long as you down on all fours...bada bing bada bada bang!

Regarding the tape over the logo...

We donated some HP computers to an Extreme Makeover Home Edition family a couple years back and they did the same thing to the logo with the tape. What we were told is that though the product name can be said on the show, there are copyright things that have to be considered when using an actual manufacturer logo on a for profit televised show.

Bottom line, he said, is that "To pan over a product logo would/could cost a legitimate advertiser thousands of dollars, so we can not pan over any NON paid advertiser logo in a reality TV setting without opening ourselves up to lawsuits from our paid advertisers".

Hope that helps

We all are Crackberry / iPhone addicts here at our home, but we do have some guidelines...

No phone at the dinner table, No phone visibly out on date nights (but we can have the phone ICE). The face to face conversation in front of you is more important than any text/email coming through on your phone so please respect that.

With those simple respect levels in our home and life, it all works out just fine (with our family and how we interact with others)! I don't care what you do with your phone in the bathroom, closet, kitchen etc... I only care if you put a text conversation before my in person conversation. I also care if my daughter has her entire relationship with her boyfriend over text message - that makes me CRAZY!

I am somewhere in the middle with this couple.

I watched the clip & totally feel for this guy. When I got my Blackberry I was like that girl, not nearly as bad but probably somewhat like her. I was always playing with it, messing around, doing something with my Berry & I know it pissed my wife off, especially at dinner. I've since calmed down with my use with it, especially at home, during the work day is one thing but at home I make a conscience effort to watch it because that's our time together. We're both in education & I can say one thing, there's no way she's that busy with BBMs, that's what she's constantly doing, it's the BBM notification that kept going off in the clip, not her email! So who's she chatting with on BBM that's more important that talking to her husband is my question??? The comment about allowing her students to text during class was priceless, proves just what a joke of a teacher she is, I'm all about technology too, as is my school, but the majority of schools in the country have rules about the use of cell phones during class/the school day so if I was her principal I'd definitely be dropping by her classroom from time to time because you can bet she's either SMS/BBMing or emailing from her Berry during classtime when she should be teaching!!

It's one thing to be productive, it's entirely different to be rude and dismissive. I'm a teacher and I love my Blackberry too, but I can pretty much assure you that the job of teacher doesn't require 24/7 sms availability.

and I am not as addicted to the sound of a new alert as I was on my curve.

That being said, I think it's becoming a status thing with social media, between facebook, myspace, linkedin, blogs, forums, twitter,etc.

People want to hear their phone buzz.

I can understand being addicted to your BlackBerry - we all here are! But I think she took it TOO far. She was supposed to be having a nice meal with her husband, and even as he was TRYING to talk to her she picked up the phone instead of talking to him. If I'm out with someone, I tend to ignore my phone unless it's a family member because that's a little different. She could have tucked it away in her purse on silent for an hour - her friends weren't going anywhere. :)

I agree. I think it is rude to be on your phone while someone is talking to you, especially if its at dinner. Unless it is an emergency, you don't need to have your phone out ALL the time.

i do all of that and don't think I'm an addict I just love my blackberry. I even tell my girlfriend "shhhh im reading a text" but I think that's highly exaggerated because I'm fairly popular and even I don't get that many messages at once.

I love my blackberry, really I do. I keep it with me at all times. However, I'm not using it when eating with family or friends, etc. There is a time and a place for everything! And in the classroom? She's not teaching and the kids aren't learning. I quite agree the hubby should win.

well it is what it is. thats where n how we live noadays. but for me, i place all alerts on sip and just get to them in morning likewise for my sweetie.. but you gotta love em.
but if i am gonna side with anyone here its hubby,

now i dont see anything wrong with being on your blackberry while talking to someone but during a dinner or an intimate time is just waaaaay too much...other than that im on mine 24/7

Anyone else check there phone constantly while watching this lol. It took me like 5 minutes to realize it was the computer not my phone. lol

I must admit, I'm the same way with texting. I'll engage in a conversation and I'll look down to text someone. It's quite sad really haha.

this woman is considered addicted? hmmmmm, then I guess I've got serious issues because I am waaaaaaay worse than her ;)

The differences: When she's on her iPhone, she's playing some stupid game like Scrabble or Angry Chickens (OK Scrabble isn't too bad) and me, when I'm on my BB, I'm working, socializing with real friends or using a variety of PDA-esque apps for everything from banking to shopping lists, you know, stuff for the family.