BlackBerry added 1.1 Million BBM users without even launching the official release

By Bla1ze on 21 Sep 2013 09:45 pm EDT

Although it's been a long day for those waiting for cross-platform BBM and those in Waterloo working to make it all happen, there was some pretty interesting news in the status update from BlackBerry. In case you missed it, they actually added 1.1 Million users to the BBM platform without even launching the app officially. 

I'm not trying to sugarcoat it, the rollout has been a frustration and not the best experience but again, 1.1 Million users in less than 8 hours. I guess that answers the question about whether or not people are willing to give cross-platform BBM a go. Now all that needs to happen is getting it officially to the masses.

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BlackBerry added 1.1 Million BBM users without even launching the official release



I am now officially mulling whether to sell my z10 or keep it as a collector's item LoL... i might go back to my legacy device for bbm.. + i will have the bbm on my android if it comes our#wheneverthatmaybe..

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I'm not wasting any more money on devices. If my Z10 proves as robust as my previous BlackBerrys (
Including my PlayBook), it should go for a few years barring accident or loss. The BB10 browser is blazingly fast and I managed to get unlimited data grandfathered on my Verizon plan so I'm not messing around chancing with losing it by getting a different phone.

I also got grandfathered with a z10 upgrade, must have been a glitch with the device order, not complaining

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I could still use my 8300 today if I wanted to. They are pretty solid devices. Drop an iPhone, though, and you could have shattered glass everywhere.

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Yep, iPhone are the easiest to break and the most expensive to fix. Deliberately, I assume. That's just the sort of slimeball company Apple is.

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Over $15 Billion in repairs done since 2008. Quite a side business reward for building such a fragile device!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Not true. PlayBook owners won't have it. The best thing about my post: fanbois telling me to move on.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Like everyone else!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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No, not nice.
Very far from being anything even close to nice.
Actually, terrible.

Thank you Android leakers, mission accomplished?

If you think that the leaked don't come from blackberry itself, you have to be kidding.. it is their style. Leaked OS, leaked apk, etc...

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Biggest disappointment of the year on the software side of things and BlackBerry is trying to exult the positives.

This company is out of its head.

1.1M new customers experiencing the execution foibles of BBRY is not a win by any metric.

Once again, BBRY has fucked up an opportunity. Unless some of the CB nation still believes it's a median conspiracy.

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Is it 1.1M new customers though?

That's like say 1.1M fake Rolex owners are all Rolex customers.

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Yes, but how many of those 1.1m are going to 'stay' with BBM given their poor first impressions? As has been said, a monumental cock-up on the part of BlackBerry. If this was English soccer, TH would be getting sacked in the morning...

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

Well, I'm helping the dipshits at BBRY PR think it through. They'll want to spin this as some positive news.

Maybe even give then that unsold z10 inventory to reward their status as early adopters hehe.

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Twitter valuation around 20 billion. BBM will be worth at least 5 bill by March.

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast

Look at Channels... a clear path to monetization. Brilliant opportunity if they can build the cool factor.

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Not only launched but also available cross platform. They are having a hard time porting bare-bones BBM what happens if they try to add BBM Voice and Video, let alone channels.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | @addm | 333ACECA | C00056F02

Sorry, to elaborate, whatever the case is, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to defend BlackBerry :(

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Defend them from what? This is the deployment of an app. It got delayed, this isn't that uncommon. It's just under the microscope. The fact it's making news is exciting. You can see how passionate users are to get this on their OS though. People these days get their underwear in a knot over the smallest things.

Exactly. Sometimes despite tour best efforts, things go wrong at the last minute.

I had the same sorta day building my shed today. Thought I had everything I needed. Despite that, managed to buy a container of nails that the head snaps off of after two whacks with the hammer without fail.

So I am having a BlackBerry kind of day today. Better luck to them tomorrow.

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That's a bit of a hyperbole, and did I really make you laugh out loud? 1 million people used a buggy version of their software that was intended to be released. I'm not ready to pin this on BlackBerry.

Hell yeah!! So many people pissed off about it. Here's a idea. BUY a fuckin BlackBerry and not wait for the app

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I fully agree with you there. All of those bashers are sitting there, laying in the cut, secretly yearning for BBM.

I knew I was right all of these years. People used to say "oh I don't miss BBM anymore." or "Whatsapp is better "

Launch or not, i have a pretty big 'I told you so' smirk on my face.

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I agree, its just a delay. If this works, could be good for BlackBerry's future. I hope it works. I'm waiting for good news.

Obviously not much of a gamer. Anyone who's tried playing any MMO at launch, or any games requiring online activation before you can play (Half-Life 2, any huge Origin release), or Diablo 3/SimCity would be used to this.

Take Blizzard Entertainment for example: they always got so many people signing up for beta tests that the sign up servers were almost unreachable for days, and knowing this they still consistently underestimated the server hit on every online game they've ever launched.

More recently, Final Fantasy 14 reduce has had the exact same problem.

BlackBerry tried a staggered worldwide release and users worked around that and hammered the servers on ways they thought they'd accounted for. Add to that potentially buggy leaked older software (who knows just how old the leak was), and it's a recipe for disaster.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

It's not so much the single event, it's the sequence of event over the recent past. I try to promote what a great product it is, but I can't defend the seemingly constant instability and poor execution. Don't get me wrong, I still hope things work out, but I have increasingly become less vocal.

And ya, I know about first day gaming issues. I admit, I don't go nuts if I can't play a game the first day it's out. I'm fine with waiting a couple of weeks, I usually do.

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BlackBerry is doing a great job. People that run leaked OS versions can't wait for official updates are the Fuck ups. My z10 has been the best phone I have ever used hands down. It runs like flawlessly and serves me very well. But I stick to the official updates.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Whoa whoa with the language there! People who run leaked OS like to take a sneak peek on what's coming. My Z10 has been running leaks since the leaks are being offered. Mine runs flawlessly as well and serves me very well. There's no need to call leak installers F***ups, unless you're programmed to behave like this in your daily life.

Sorry for the language, but tired of people blaming BlackBerry for everything. This whole disaster is a result of leaked and fake BBM apps leaked into Google Store. You can post any kind of garbage into that store which causes android users grief on an on going basis.....but that is ok. as for Apple, it seems to be rolling out fine, but you get people trying to cheat their phones to be in New Zealand because they can't wait, or BlackBerry users that have install a leaked 10.2 can't text them back. This has created an issue, and it's BlackBerry's fault. Well sorry it's not. It's the people that can't wait and follow instructions fault. You can see the demand for BBM....guess what buy a BB10 phone. it's worth every penny!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

So what does people installing z10 leaks have to do with the fuck ups downloading bogus apps from Google play. If ATT wasn't a horrible carrier I wouldn't have to install leaks.

You make some very valid points, well thought out, BlackBerry is like that best friend you have, a great guy, help you at the drop of a hat, but every once in a while has a brain fart that you just don't understand, but your best friends and have been through a lot together, your upset initially with the mistake, but after a little while you get over it because your relationship has so many positives that you can deal with the occasional upset. BlackBerry has served me well, over the 7 years I've had one, maybe I'm just a loyal person, but I don't whore myself to whatever is the latest and greatest only to throw it in the gutter and go for the next shinny bobble.

BlackBerry has been a great product for me, does it have flaws? Yes, but the upside is far greater than the downside and I don't give up on things I enjoy in my life

Hope that analogy makes sense

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So when people installed leaks on their Verizon Z10s to *stop them from randomly rebooting* because their carrier would not put out an update, they were **** ups? LOL.

Posted via CB10

And again BlackBerry was blamed but it was Verizon that forced you to install a leak. Yes BlackBerry for the initial roboots, but hey when you buy a device with a brand new OS, you need to have a bit of patience. It happens to Microsoft, Apple and the rest. Yet again that's ok. Rogers released 10.1 way before Verizon did.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Not a brand new OS. Fanbois have posted that the PlayBook OS was first instance of BB10 and was used to 'experiment' with QNX, Cascades, multitasking etc.

Pretty obvious when some of my PB apps will also install on my z10 without purchasing again. As many fanbois have noted.

So this OS is what .... 3 years old? True... it's never been finished or treated as a viable platform by tech partners, carriers, consumers, developers etc however it cannot be considered 'new' by any players in the gong show known as BBRY.

Unless... yknow... you consider the total fuckups at BBRY should be (rightfully) held accountable. The team responsible for driving strategy and then executing to that plan are the true fuckups here.

As this latest debacle has so predictably shown.

Posted via CB10

If you think the PB os and BB10 ate the same you are highly uneducated or very misinformed on the subject. Both are based on QNX but they ate not the same. You didn't have to re buy apps because BlackBerry allowed it through your BBID. However they are not the same App code wise.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Nope. Not buying it. Sure won't buy it ever again.

There are plenty of historical posts from fanbois raving about how BB10 was tested in the wild with the PlayBook. Plenty. If I cared I would even look for them. You might care enough. Or the CB Editors.

Now there are plenty of fanboi apologists trying to act as revisionists for this organization. You'll tire yourself out though. Mostly harmless.

And again. You're wrong. It is now a new OS. It is not a 7month old OS. It is however an incomplete OS that will be discarded soon by well... the small minute part of the market actually using it and become a footnote in some tech history blog. Nothing more. All the BBRY innovations will be copied by companies that know how to actually execute. They will deliver the 10.2 'experience' that so many BB10 users are waiting for. New OS... Hehe... yeah, that continues to generate a laugh even after all this time.

Reminds me of Jim promising email was 'coming soon' to the PlayBook wayyyyy back in what...? 2011? 2010? Now instead of email they promise 'mobile computing'. Fucking joke.

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Yes your z10 is better than the iPhone but nobody will ever even know it BC ifans don't care to know anything but iOS and droid fans like more choices and aren't going to jump on a ship that has already sunk. Better means nothing w/o marketing

I got to admit, as much as I love my z10, and I try to follow tech very closely, I have never seen any adds for any BB10 device. You can sell something or build any kind of hype, when no one knows about it. Even my cell provider AT&T didn't have anything in the store to show off the z10, or even mention that they had it. Didn't even have one one display, 3 months after they stated selling it. You want something to fail, then wonder why, then advertise the way blackberry has.

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Yeah man it's just sad. They can't depend on CNN, USA today etc.they spent money for ads about 1week post launch.

BlackBerry problem is not so much the instability and poor execution. Most of their blunders come from making unrealistic promises that they, nor any other mobile company be it Google or Apple would ever be able to keep. The difference is, unlike BlackBerry, Google and Apple wouldn't make those promises they would just execute. Like I mentioned in another blog, delays, glitches technical difficulties when releasing an app like this is normal only when developers release other apps no one really knows much about them, so no one cares. The outrage and anger that soo many people are displaying goes to show just how sought out BBM really is. BlackBerry just needs to fix this problem fast and move forward.

Posted via CB10

(oops) I don't get why BlackBerry was considered to be in the wrong for promising that the BBM app would be released on a certain day/time on Google Play ? If Google Play gave them a specific release date/time and they couldn't deliver Google is the one who did wrong. Normally when two companies have a business agreement it is assumed that each side will keep their word.

It seems like anything goes over at their app store with all the BBM knockoffs that they had listed that were supposedly submitted by "BlackBerry Inc." That should have raised some eyebrows if someone was doing their job at Google.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. I've had issues on launch day for almost every new game that has come out. At least BlackBerry identified the issue fast and pulled the app asap. People were not even aware it was a technical issue until they brought out that news release. Blackberry handled the situation really well.

On the other hand, when I bought Sims. I was unable to play for almost 48 hours. Maxis took 2 days to even a knowledge the problem and during this time they were still selling the game. Allowing new people to connect which slowed their servers even more.

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There is nothing to defend the company is dead ..period as a device mfr. The new phone is very nice but it was DOA. I can't wait for bbm on android but its just over for RIM.

BC I love BBM I don't give a fk what Tue company is called....they will be something else when crumble anyway.

Regardless of the use of "if" you're referring to a situation which BBM is not released. This isn't the case, it's still coming out. So this does still mean something. In fact, even if you were right and it didn't come out. It still means there was a huge demand for cross platform BBM. So you're even more wrong becase that's significant, it shows there's interest.. That means something.

My whole initial point was that the "huge demand" means nothing if BB doesn't deliver and release the BBM app. No matter how large the demand is, it means nothing if the app isn't released.

So no, I'm not "more wrong."

As much as I hate to admit it there is truth to it. That means over a million people were excited enough to track down a leaked version, and all they got was bugs. Any excitement that they created around the launch is now gone. People have short attention spans, they paid it attention the first time and we're not rewarded, so what happens when they actually get around to releasing it? I hope people will still care. Most of my friends didn't know it was coming, let alone that it was botched. I was super excited to see BlackBerry do something like this, but promising people who gave up on BlackBerry already and letting them down isn't helping anyone. I doubt the app will get even half the interest when it is finally released to the public officially. Sorry for the long rant. I have been in to BlackBerry long before I finally got my first one (9700) and have been with them my last three devices. I want to continue, but things like this are what make people leave in the first place. Winning them back is even harder, and they aren't doing themselves any favors.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | @addm | 333ACECA | C00056F02

Wow, and this doesn't even include the legit downloads from Apple App store where it was released.

Posted via CB10

It does, the press release was worded to make it seem like all 1.1m downloads were from the leak alone. Nonsense....

Regardless, with no official Play Store release, only a leak, and a highly staggered iOS release for only a short period of time, 1.1m is a great start. Too bad they ruined the momentum but I really hope we get it back soon.

Let's go BB!!

Makes sense but what is your source for this information? Please elaborate, thanks.

Posted via CB10

More than half of those people walked away unhappy, and are probably going to be gun-shy about getting it in the future. I love BB10 and my Z10 and I want to see success. I'm not getting rid of this phone until I absolutely have to, I just want to have some sort of idea what they are doing up there in Canada and when I can proudly talk of BlackBerry and their amazing products again.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | @addm | 333ACECA | C00056F02

hardly. It just show blackberry is unprepared for the "freight train that is the IOS and Android user base" as rene ritchie put it so well lol

How does 1.1 million users downloading an unofficial version of BBM not look like a winner?

It absolutely shows pent up demand. If only a few thousand people downloaded it, it would show that very few are interested. If BlackBerry can claim that even a fraction of the "freight train that is the iOS and Android user base," then they are in good shape. It would prove that they are at least somewhat relevant with their BBM client.

Or perhaps they didn't notice a problem that became evident as 1.1 million people hammered from the new apps.

Posted via CB10

Not the case at all, they have 60 Million CURRENT users. Like adding 1.1 million is going to crack the servers. Come on.

60 million users that send more messages per day than any other messaging system on the market.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

1 100 000 people installed the leaked BBM? That's incredible!

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Yea I know it is really impressive considering how the links were pulled literally as soon as they were uploaded.

No, again, the press release was worded to make you think that way... read it closer. There were definitely some leaks installed but that 1.1m also includes valid iOS installs. The wording is such to throw you off and cause you to assume that all 1.1m installs were leaks when they were not.

Makes sense but what is your source for this information? Please elaborate, thanks.

Posted via CB10

All me iPhone and Android friends have been bugging me all day asking me when BBM is coming....good signs no doubt and can't wait for official version -- thus is going to be huge!!!

Posted via CB10

They will get it launched and it will be a success..... no doubt in my mind... #ichooseblackBerry10

Posted via CB10 on my Zee10 on 10.2.xXxX

I got some new iphone and android friends now chatting with me :) im very happy. lets keep it moving.

I would be more happy if they released it now so those numbers gets higher WAAAAY HIGHER

Posted via CB10

I am from Pakistan i downloaded bbm from Newzeland Market from App store and hell ya its working perfect me and i got all my blackberry (bbm) contacts frm my previous blackberry id .... Thank You bbm....

1) Become CEO of BlackBerry
2) Run company further into the ground, have awesome buy-out clause.
3) ???
4) Profit
#Thorsten #TeamBlackBerry

Once both IoS and android BBM up and officially running, bbm will spread at an unprecedented rate! ... and in short order be the dominant player in this space...especially when BBM channels and new features role out as planned....

It's simply the best product in this class......

Posted via CB10

Yes, I'm sure everyone who uses WhatsApp and iMessage will flock to BlackBerry Messenger to speak to their 2% of friends who still are using BlackBerry devices.

You do realize what cross platform means, right? Do you not think Apple users will BBM their friends using Android devices?

Posted via CB10

How are Whatsapp, KIK, Viber, etc. making money? Data, That's how. Also if BBM is successful this launch BBM Channels will also be a cash cow.

I don't think the leak was the issue.

Anyway, it was a long day, my twitter looks like f****ng battleground, I've been fighting fanboys, promoting BBM, sharing links, news, updates, the leak! BlackBerry's making it harder for me to fight for them.

"Added 1.1 Million users to the BBM platform without even launching the app officially." - BlackBerry shouldn't launch their phones officially... that's probably the missing ingredients...

Posted via Z10

That's nothing to be proud of when you have failed to deliver. Who is to say those users will come back when bbm officially launches after the horrible experience they had today?

I'm super stoked. Hopefully BBM will be BBRYs shiny white knight and save it. The sad thing is that free software can be worth so much money. I for one will be carrying this like the Olympic torch and getting as many people as possible using it.

Posted via CB10

Super stoked that 1.1 million non-blackberry users won't be buying a blackberry device and using a free service from BlackBerry, if it ever gets launched.

If the actually wanted to use it then I'm not worried about it. Yes, it sucks and it's an inconvenience, but thankfully I am waiting until I know that it is working on both platforms to invite my friends. If they wanted it earlier today, they will still download it later.

Honestly does your life suck that bad for you to be soo negative, did, BlackBerry rape you when u was a lil child or something, cuz i dont get it,

Posted via CB10

Be grateful and It's actually meant to get a bigger community, to spread a wider word. More people will talk about how great BBM is.

Same reason apple buyers keep going back to buy the same phone as the previous release.

Posted via CB10

Exactly, how are people not sick of getting the same phone over and over again. I can see going from the 3GS to the 4 and from the 4 to the 5, but why get every one in between? That's like if BlackBerry released the BlackBerry Z20 and only changed the camera and the processor but left everything else the same. Seems silly to me, but I guess that's why the BlackBerry user base is the smartest and most professional out of all smartphone users (generally, not all)

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | @addm | 333ACECA | C00056F02

I haven't owned any apple phones, but I imagine that the reason people continue buying them is because they like them. It's like the saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". The majority of upset users on the CB forums after the release of BB10 were users of Legacy OS that were upset that features were missing. It was people who decided to look past the fact that they had the privilege of using the newest mobile OS on the planet at the time that had been built from the ground up with out any borrowed code from the previous builds. Innovation of course is good, but it's not the end all be all solution that makes a product successful with the masses. That's the way I look at the situation anyways.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

I agree, if my Z stopped working tomorrow and there would be no support I would probably go with iPhone. That's the last possible course of action though. I would much rather not. Forget Android, the fact that so many fake BBM apps made it into the Play Store is more evidence of how slippery the footing is with Android. At least with BlackBerry I know my phone will do what I need it to without fail. Can't say the same with a droid.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | @addm | 333ACECA | C00056F02

I know lots of people interested in BBM. They all used to have BB's, and loved BBM. They are excited to try it again on phones they like more.

All those people use phones and only know BlackBerry for the older devices. They have no clue about BB10. It is the best. Just get the new bb10 phone and all problems solved

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

No - then they have more problems- a sinking company; no major needed apps; wondering if their OS will be supported, etc. The blind following on these forums reminds me of a cult.

Posted via CB10

Guys. Anyway you cut it, yet again, they've made it difficult on themselves, the BlackBerry community and their investors. After Fridays blood bath what do you think will happen Monday once the vultures in the media catch wind of this botched app release. Can ANYTHING be on time, and work properly EVER??? SERIOUSLY. I know Canada is high on the list of Cannabis smoking nations, I'm starting to think that's the problem in Waterloo. WAKE UP TEAM BLACKBERRY - THE WORLD IS WATCHING and you continue to be caught with your pants down. I originally thought bringing a German CEO on board would help bring some structure, order and efficiency to th Co. Guess he was in over his head from the beginning. What a complete f@#$ing shame. They've got great products/technologies on their hands but just cannot implement nor have the wherewithal to combat the CONSTANT negativity in the media nor the ability to market a product successfully. I'm done.

Posted via CB10

I don't care who you are as a company. When your server gets hit with that much data traffic in that Window of time, your shits gonna crash and become buggy. It may be a few days or even a week, but when Ita all sorted out, BBM will be the dominant messaging service worldwide.

And to all the haters? You go ahead and keep drinking your hater-aid. Cause the masses are moving on to a new drink!!

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Exactly. This happens to everything I know on launch day when there is high demand. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me with games or programs that are online. I've come to expect it.

Yeah tell that to the people that release software for mission critical systems. Sometimes, you simply have to get it right the first time, and this (in the context of all the bad news about BB in the press) was simply one of those times. They should have checked and checked and checked again. run loads of scenarios and what ifs and rollbacks, load tested and when all those tests passed, tested some more and then some more still and tried to cover every eventuality (as reasonably possible). No more excuses, they simply need to execute.

Oh come on! "Mission critical". LOL! Things always go wrong when your doing something for the first time, why? because they can, I don't care how many tests you run. You just gotta fix the problem and move on. Adapt and overcome! Smh....

Posted via CB10

Yeah sure. Tell that to the people that develope software for airplanes or powerplants or financial software that powers exchanges. "It doesn't work folks, nevermind, let's try again". That was my point, sometimes things simply have to work the first time. And yeah that's mission critical. And don't give the the "QNX powers BB" excuse and I'm sure those guys know a thing or 2 about what I'm talking about.

It's quite funny how some people don't want to accept that this was failure. Whatever the reason, it was simply poor form for this release to go belly up at such a critical time for the company. Have a look at the stock price tomorrow then come back and let me know if you think it was a critical release or not.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

Good news indeed.! At least it gets people talking & thinking about BBry in some form or fashion.

Simple matter of fact, BBry & BB10 is the shit. After the latest iOS "downdate", there can be no question about it.

Now, to sell it to the world. If it were me in charge, now is the time I would roll the dice and shock/awe the planet with a truly wicked marketing/advertising campaign.

So let it be said
So let it be written..

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

They need to hire the team that did the marketing for Obombya during the election.

They're already losing money, it's oblivious not enough people want these new phone. The should just give them away to people everywhere for free. Go on Oprah, Letterman, Leno, Ellen...and give them to the audience. Have draws, contest and fundraisers everywhere. Get kids talking about it, appeal to the young generation that doesn't have built up hate from past blackberry experiences.

My point is that you need to get these phones into as many people's hands as possible, word of mouth is the best marketing. Since they have 1billion in lost inventory that they can't sell. They need to market the product with the product, not some flashy TV commercial.

Yeah, I agree. They need to "seed" those smartphones. What about inventory? Do they have plenty of them? Because once you launch a product, I believe you must have made a lot of them. If the demand was not the expected, then you have all those smartphones accumulating dust in some warehouse. Let people use them. Or do they need millions sales to build more? That means they are not selling because there have nothing to sell? It makes me wonder how BlackBerry handles the smartphone production.…

Posted via CB10

Give away free Z10'S You know as crazy as that sounds, that may just work have giveaways at pro sports events like they do with credit cards, hit all the talk shows, go to universities and colleges and make them gifts for paying your tuition in full, give them away with cars when you buy one, computers when you buy one, flood the market with a million phones and mostly in the US.


Posted via CB10

BBM does not sell Blackberry phones!
(Instant revenue.)

BBM is given away FREE.
(NO revenue, only a load on the BBM infra-structure.)

BBM does not make instant wealth for Blackberry (the company) - they must generate income somehow - likely advertising revenue.
(Needed revenue.)

BBM will take a long time for revenue development at a time that Blackberry (the company) is in downfall.
(Recent history has not been positive.)

Based upon past performance Blackberry (the company) has little success in anything -
let us hope that Blackberry (the company) can right itself in other ways to make sure BBM does not die a death with the rest of the lot.
(Think positive.)

I am saying this as a disappointed holder of Blackberry stocks.
I am sick of hearing how FEW BB phones are sold as compared to Apple phones.
Will BBM make up for the losses? Who knows.
Time is not on Blackberry (the company's) side.

Now those 1.1 million people think it's a joke because it's not working and likely deleted it. BlackBerry seems to be pointing the finger at the leak, which this site posted, i'm guessing someone at crackberry got a quick call from blackberry asking them to take it down, too late by then.

It is working for those people, and for iphone users. none of the android users downloaded from the playstore so they knew it was a leak and not an official release.

You may be right, but I imagine that the majority of the people who downloaded that version knew it was a leak and knew what that implied. Just like anyone that loads leaked software on their phones. If it doesn't work well, they uninstall it and wait for another version. Doesn't fix the fact that the official releases were delayed for everyone else, but it goes to show that there was a large group of individuals curious enough about xBBM that they installed a leaked version. Anyone else find it a bit ironic that it's the Playstore release that's holding up the rollout? I would have bet money that it was the apple store that would hold things up if anything, but it appears that their official release was a ok.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Thanks for the positive spin. As a software guy who has been in these situations before is sympathise. It has to be a terrible feeling for everyone involved, particularly with all this negative speculative feeding frenzy by many on this forum and elsewhere. Since we are speculating let to me give it a go. BlackBerry more than likely did not expect the leaked version to end up on google play during the rollout. They probably had enough "what if" test cases to consider. My guess is that they disabled all pins associated with the leaked android version. But then during rollout they probably started getting a whole set of new pin registrations from the leaked version that was now on Google play. How could they now release the actual version and allow those pins to go thorough but disable the leaked ones concurrently. Furthermore when the people with the leaked version installed the real version, they were probably going to get the same pin. How would they know now to give them a new one? It is likely they have something in place to handle this but dud not account for certain scenarios during rollout. Having iphone registrations also going on concurrently probably compounded the issue. Easy to be negative guys but chances are very good that they did not account for the leaked version to end up on Google play and why should they. What is the point of a controlled play store environment if it is not controlled? Again I sympathise wholeheartedly. BlackBerry right now is being hit with so many lefts, they are begging for a right. Or maybe just a little towel wipe like crackberry just gave them. Maybe we should too.

I'm not buying this explanation. The PIN could simply be generated from a function that uses the phone IMEI number as an input. That way you can guarantee all PINS from different phones are unique because no 2 phones have the same IMEI as far as I know.... so I'm not buying that TBH. It must be a wider more complex problem.

Nobody has to buy anything. It's all speculation. So is yours. Of course the PIN can be generated against an IMEI algorithm. that is not what i am saying. I am speculating that it is the fact that leaked and legit versions being installed concurrently cross platform with legit and Illegit pins being generated concurrently with them having to legitimize the pin when the user overwrites the illegit version with the legit version and if the use cae was not accounted for could become enough of an issue to shut down the installs till it's sorted. I am outlining that it is these kinds of things that have caused rollout issues for our software shop. Rarely is it some kind of bigger underlying issue they are trying to hide that so many people are trying to imply.

Agreed, both are indeed speculation but dude, your speculation is not sound even after that explanation. Whether clients are generating legit or illegit pins simply shouldn't cause any issues on the server. Specifically "with them having to legitimize the pin when the user overwrites the illegit version with the legit version". I'm not quite following that argument (it was quite a long sentence too).

There are several scenarios here from your argument:

1. An illegit version has generated a PIN. If its using the "correct" function which the server can validate then the PIN is allowed to access BBM. If its using a dodgy function, then the server rejects requests from that client because it will be an invalid PIN.

2. The second scenario, as I understood from what you said, was that If the illegit version generates a valid PIN then its allowed to access the Server, if the user then reinstalls a legit version, the PIN it will generate could be same as the original PIN if it is indeed using a valid function. So there is no issue there. The server will simply auth since its the same valid PIN (or indeed any other valid PIN). Even if the PIN with the legit version is different but valid, then the server will simply authenticate that new PIN.

So I don't quite understand your speculation.

BB needs to expand more to other platforms quickly. holding back is not going to help them at all. That's how whatsapp got so popular. by developing for every platform available in the world. Blackberry needs to do the same

Not sure why anyone is trying to sugar coat this... this is pretty poor from BB.

You never read Apple releasing a press release like this: "iO7 is going to be released on the 21st of September.... no wait, since there was an unreleased version of iO7 in the wild, we've had some problems and had to stop the whole rollout! But don't worry, at least 1.1 million people were able to download it!"

C'mon BlackBerry, after that announcement about losses on Friday this rollout had to be flawless! Alas, it wasn't meant to be. All of us BlackBerry users get more frustrated everyday. Not a great advertisement for what good technology BlackBerry has to offer if they show time and time again they can't simply execute. Someone should be fired for this... no wait... thats already happened. Its been planned for months and still it didn't go any kind of smoothly at all.

Oh well... never mind, they can try again next week, perhaps it will go smoothly then. or perhaps the week after that...

I don't understand how grown men and women can get so worked up over the release of a free app - get a life!

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Yeah, 1.1 million in 8 hours will be nothing compared to when it's unleashed to the North American market. It'd really be nice if things could start going BlackBerry's way, but they never really seem to get anything right. It's a shame that they're killing themselves.

It's time for the board to clean house with the top managers. CEO CMO etc. And please, golden parachutes for incompetence!

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I wonder if there was an issue found in the to-be-released version of the BBM for Android, the one leaked onto the internet last night, which has prompted BB to stop the public rollout of this version today. If this is the case, we could see rather long delay in the actual release while BB goes through another round of testing and QA process. Shouldn't be throwing out another speculation I know, but couldn't resist..

Yeah but all these issues should have been found weeks... hell months ago. You don't find new issues a day before software is going to be rolled out. It should have been signed off a while back.

I have no intention of defending BB or any other parties on this matter. It is just the most logical scenario that I could think of, following the official statement from BB today stating that the leaked version has caused the problem on their end, which seemed somewhat illogical to me. If the leaked version was indeed the version that BB had full intent of releasing today on the Play Store, the official statement is not very honest.

Or, it was that the leaked apk was submitted by someone else onto the Play Store which has prevented BB from releasing it on Play Store. Again, a speculation with no fact to back it up.

Yes I agree. However I'm not quite clear how a leaked version could cause the whole roll out to be pulled though as their press released said. Perhaps that will become clearer eventually.

You keep saying you aren't sugarcoating things but that's exactly what you do. Start speaking the truth. Blackberry fucked up. They performed like a rookie. Stop saying "it's not the best". It's way beyond that. I've seen startups handle it better.

Yeah, you're sugarcoating...s'allright, poor BlackBerry needs all the help it can get.

Before you guys label me a hater, I'm rocking my 6th BlackBerry, a Z10.

And after the new year, hello Samsung ECOSYSTEM! Translation : Playbook... fail. BlackBerry Link... fail. BlackBerry

Too much water to get under my bridge.

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After another EPIC FAIL launch from BB, will not be easy.
Active users is the most important number.
I download a lot of crap i don't use or erase it after few minutes.

Exactly, people are going to download it just to see what it looks like, doesn't mean there going to use it.

Look every time BlackBerry says they are going to release something (phones, software etc) there is a delay. And as the company is under close scrutiny, ANY delay or disruption to the EXPECTED release is another nail in the coffin. BlackBerry Has to deliver!! I have had 7BlackBerry phones and have 3 PlayBook in the family so I am sold on the technology but Jesus h Christ enough already, it's embarrassing!

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I live in Waterloo and all I can say is that I'm glad I work in the auto industry and not the tech industry.

I also live in Waterloo and find it disheartening how poor BlackBerry/RIM is doing. I really want the company to succeed and become big again like it was before. I love their products (I have a Q10 and will be buying a PlayBook for cheap), but also love that they are CANADIAN!

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I could really careless about how many people downloaded it the fact is its late and that's the norm for BlackBerry like always a disappointment

Clearly BlackBerry is still very much loved by many. Unfortunately this company is run by bunch of incompetent bastards who keep delaying things, these sort of efforts put people off and this is exactly what destroyed the company's market share, talking about OS10 delay, Playbook empty promises, etc etc.

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Sorry, my bad.
I'm one of the 1.1m that grabbed the apk when blackberry stumbled on the release. It worked though and was nice to install a BBM without having to reboot. :-)
I came here to do a little friendly nose tweaking but I see the comments have already gone full retard so I'll abstain. That's a nice number of people to seek out an apk and install it outside of the play store, especially with all the haters claiming they would never use anything associated with BlackBerry again.
This is no fault of Google play, but they should be chained and whipped anyway for the gross negligence of letting all those fake apps in. Nobody has any ground to say that sideloading an app from an unknown source is dangerous when the "trusted" source leaves the door open for crap like that to get in.
Now Kevin should do us all a solid and shave his head every day until #BBMFAIL4ALL becomes #BBM4ALL

I really hate to say this and I hope I'm wrong, but come Monday when the Stock Market opens, its going to be quite a blood bath. Really really sad.

The more people want bbm the better... the key word is " blackberry"!! and the more people talk about blackberry the better it will go

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For an app that many say people won't care about, I'm surprised at all the attention it's receiving on the the net about this delay? It's not BlackBerry's fault that 1.1 million people downloaded the unregistered version. How does Google Play Store let these apps in? I'm not really familiar with how they work, so I should shut up now.

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FYI, the 1.1 million people who downloaded BBM in that 8 hours included iOS downloads also. Who knows how many were Apple's and how many were the unregistered version.

They need to do whatever it takes to get this out in the next two days. If something happens again it's lights out for sure. Sounds a bit like sabotage.

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