The BlackBerry "Action Starts Here" campaign rolls out in China

By James Richardson on 10 Dec 2012 03:48 am EST

The BlackBerry "Action Starts Here" campaign was launched in India a few months ago now, but today sees it rolling out in China - which aims to encourage young people in China to take prompt action.

Themed on the message of "No Fear of Change, Take Action, Now!", this online campaign is recruiting young BlackBerry customers to share their stories about how BlackBerry smartphones have helped to raise their efficiency. For those who do not have a BlackBerry smartphone, RIM also encourages them to share their ideas on how they would want BlackBerry smartphones to help them boost their efficiency if they had one.

Interested participants can submit their stories or ideas in words, pictures or in video format. The champion of the campaign will be awarded two round-trip flight tickets to Bali, three-nights luxury hotel accommodation at Ametis Villa (sponsored by and a BlackBerry® Bold 9900 smartphone. Participants will also have a chance to win other attractive prizes. Deadline for submission is December 21st, 2012. 30 shortlisted participants will be announced on December 25, and their submissions will be open for public voting from December 25 to December 28. Results will be announced on December 29. The whole campaign will end on January 15, 2013. 

In addition, RIM has also invited two well-known BlackBerry users, Zan Ng, Founder and CEO of, an online travel agency targeting affluent travelers in China with member-only luxury travel services, and renowned food columnist Wanrong, to share their experiences on the brave decisions that they have made and how they achieved their goals.

More information can be found here - Chinese only 

Reader comments

The BlackBerry "Action Starts Here" campaign rolls out in China


Blackberry is known but not popular in China for one reason or another. It is nice to see RIM is putting efforts into it but they need to do so much more. Rumoured multi-language support at BB10 will be good start. Without Chinese language/input support like PB is, there is no future selling in China market.

Mainly because its a rather sophisticated market with a lot of choice. I was amazed at how advanced the smartphones were when I traveled there in 2009. I just don't think BB ever had the bling to attract the customers en mass.

Finally, RIM took an action in China, good start but far from enough. High prices, slow new product release, terrible aftersale support, limited localized apps, no ads, these are all obvious problems of RIM in China.

same thinking as mine - not sure the powers that be will take a shine to the prols being encouraged to take action now - stand up for change . . .

Seriously, right now, the two major markets that RIM needs to penetrate is US and China. If i had to choose one to focus on, I would say China. In the next 10 years, China's economy will be a rampaging juggernaut. I believe RIM needs to focus more on accommodating their phones to the Asian market. As a Chinese-Canadian, I sincerely believe that the marketing themes and strategies that RIM currently has WILL NOT appeal to Asian markets. I really encourage them to do research and get people who are familiar with marketing to Asian people to approach this task.