BlackBerry acquired community management company Scroon in May

By Adam Zeis on 21 Nov 2013 02:08 pm EST

It was revealed today that BlackBerry had acquired Scroon, a social media management company, back in May -- long before news of a BlackBerry sale hit the wire. The acquisition was said to be kept under wraps because of the "delicate media buzz" around BlackBerry at the time. 

Scroon specializes in social media management and was brought on board to help further all of the BBM services that BlackBerry has to offer. The company also manages accounts for Facebook, Twitter and other big-name companies.

No word of just what role Scroon will have going forward, but it hopefully we'll see some added value in BBM as things move along. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. 



Interesting development. I'm sure they'll be useful with Channels.


That's how I see it as well.
Good move to buy an already established company to manage something that has, in my opinion, as much potential as channel does.
If they play the cards right, I see channel competing against twitter in the future. They are already doing a very good thing which is to polish the software while on open beta.

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Poirots Progeny

Great news!

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I don't understand why BlackBerry would keep this confidential. If it's part of the strategy and is using our shareholder funds, then we should know.

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Probably to protect the interest of Scroon


Because the media will spin it the wrong way.

BlackBerry is loosing money and they are spending it on acquisition. That's an easy spin for them. I believe this was a good move for BlackBerry but they don't need any more bad press right now.

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Channels? Would like to see something awesome from Channels.


too bad this doesn't mean the return of BBOS 7's "Social Feeds" app.

Tater Tots

Typo in the first paragraph, it should be news not new. I was puzzled for a second and thought new what?

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BlackBerry surely are up to their game :D

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delancy leo

Like a game of chess.

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Dam. I don't see the bigger picture here! :(

Wish I could just understand!


Think of it as a user dashboard for BBM Channels that offers analytics, metrics and various other pertinent data that businesses require to better keep you involved and engaged. A super duper advanced version of the information current BBM Channels users already see when they login to the web manager eg: Likes, Engagement levels, Traffic levels, Comments etc. Only this is more geared toward high end clients. Just look at the Scr00n UI, it's 90% the same as what the current BBM Channels Manager online looks like.


Furthermore, you need these data to sell adds to companies.
The price of an add is based on the traffic of the add platform ( BlackBerry channels in this case)
If you have this established before you launch your product to the public, you can ensure that the platform will start generating revenue quickly.

Can't wait for see the future of channels, very promising.

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Bla1ze and Berry Wizard, you nailed it.
This at formation is used by very large companies here (it's a French company).

Interesting thing is that there is self-operating companies, like Orange or Credit Agricole (in the top 5 bank here). But also very big advertising company like Publicis and that means the system is also spread as a service.

So, besides BBM Channels, there's also a tool that may help to promote BlackBerry - the company.

Nice move, if you ask me.

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"This at formation" goes for "this platform".

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I think I see it serves best for the interest of enterprises not individuals


Let's all Google scroon then

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Wait for it......BlackBerry is about to take over social media in a very unique and secure way. Boom :)

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Like I said on Twitter... ScrOOn *sounds like* a very sexy acquisition. Teehee

I assume this acquisition will mainly benefit BlackBerry on the back-end. Probably not much for us regular users to see.


I see a BIGGER Picture here


So they purchased a company that manages all of the popular social media companies? Hmmm

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Seems like a good acquisition as were QNX & TAT. Maybe we'll see how they plan to use Scroon in a couple years like the previous 2 acquisitions. Making smart acquisitions hasn't been a problem for BlackBerry but putting them to use HAS!
Lets hope the new CEO has better abilities of getting this streamlined.


I completely agree, on this front they have disappointed almost every single time!


Unfortunately BlackBerry will probably make another mistake with this company and cut off the services they provide to other companies and charge a fee for... and instead they will use it in-house only for their own purposes... Seems to be a common thing they do.


A lot of companies do that. It's not a BlackBerry thing if that's what you're referring too.


I know... BlackBerry could use the additional cash flow though...


QNX still makes auto & other industry OS's...

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jojo beaconsfield

I'd like to know for how much,and what they made in profits, last couple of years.


I like that picture used in this post. Pretty neat...


Taking a picture on a Q10 with one hand? That photo is gonna be pretty blurry... lol

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Or Bla1ze on crackberry ;)

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BlackBerry needs as much positive press as it can get. Most people still thinks BlackBerry is about to go under. I often have to defend BlackBerry and my choice.

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Ohhhh yeahhhh, Kick ass BlackBerry

Loving 10.2


Hope they will do more than with TAT...

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Yes blackberry needed this



Blackberry fan for life

El Platanero

Well hopefully they will get more burn than TAT


Interesting acquisition. Hopefully they will know what to do with channels. I get the feeling that even though it's still in beta, BlackBerry doesn't really have a game plan or clear vision of what they want channels to be. It feels like it's something they're just doing because they have the ability to do so. Maybe with some direction, they can get it sorted and going in the right direction.

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Cough ..Buy Sierra Wireless too...Cough.

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Sounds great but now would be even better the may

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Man I hope BlackBerry doesn't get scrooned by this acquisition. The wireless carriers have been scrooning us for a long time. Apple scroons customers by forcing them into their world order... man I can go on forever... lol.


Define "acquired"? How much was it "acquired" for? I really hope Mr. Chen will take full advantage of this move.

Keep The Faith


They are the ones who have masterminded BBM channels and they will continue to improve and launch it cross platform...
Good move by BlackBerry!!

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Go channels go. BBM plus channels are the future .

ChannelX C000D3759 We feature top channels


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First fix the lagging issues of BBM! It's totally

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On The Underrated Z10 *


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jojo beaconsfield

This deal was probably made to put some of BB's money into the pockets of Boulben's friends or family members,why announce it now ,have the original owners left town with a heavy briefcase,just another fleecing of BB's cash by a BAD CMO


Could be spot on, only hope it's of some value. Will be interesting if it's figured out how much was invested. Financial timing or any timing hasn't been the hallmark of the previous managers of BlackBerry.

After all, BlackBerry took delivery of their big ass jet in July when the bad news tsunami was right on top. And they paid a nice amount for that too. Was likely a planned investment which saw them sell a couple smaller puddle jumpers but interesting that a company in such a tough situation had managers who thought they still needed a corporate jet.

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How has this company helped out BBM prior to first launch? Actually none at all. BlackBerry just wasted millions of dollars acquiring companies that isn't going to benefit them in the long run. TAT is a great example. How has that acquisition panned out. BlackBerry needs to just die already.

My S4 is so much better than your Flopberry 10.

Christophe Piquemal

Well, I think this acquisition will help to monetize BBMforALL, particularly channels; with sponsored messages.

Hope the objective will be aimed. We have to carry on the great push on BBM :)

jojo beaconsfield

Blackberry should buy Crackberry,I think there up to the task,what a great website and so much know how.