BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win an Overboard Waterproof Case for your BlackBerry

Overboard Waterproof Case for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 8 Jul 2010 02:32 pm EDT

This Week's BlackBerry Accessory Feature: Overboard Waterproof Case

Summer is here (I can vouch for that with the crazy heat the East Coast is getting) and you'll most likely be off to the beach or waterpark at some point. If you plan on taking your BlackBerry with you, make sure its totally protected from the wet and wild. With the Overboard Waterproof Case you'll get peace of mind and know your baby is safe and sound, and during our After the 4th Explosion sale you can even save 10%. This new case totally protects your device and keeps it dry when things get rough. 

Constructed of soft matte PVC with a transparent front, you'll keep your BlackBerry protected and not lose any functionality. You can still use all the features of your device and even make phone calls while it's tucked away with the Slide Seal System. The case is safe for depths of up to 6m and keeps out water, sand and dust. You can even take pictures while using it. At just $24.95 and available for all devices, you really should have one of these at the ready for your summer trips!  Don't forget from now through midnight tomorrow you can also save 10% on ALL accessories during our After the 4th Explosion sale!

Contest: To enter to win an Overboard Waterproof Case just leave a single comment on this post. We'll pick a winner at random. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win an Overboard Waterproof Case for your BlackBerry



I just bought the 9700 so I'm broke and I'm going down the shore in a couple weeks where I'm gonna be around the pool or beach all day and after being new to the 9700 I can't leave it at my place for more than a half hour. I'll go threw the crackberry withdrawl. Thanks

this is by far one of the coolest cases.. my friend just recommended it to me.. and as i have been doing a lot of beach dwelling this would be perfect for my new 9650!!! crackberry you guys rock \m/

OK, i'm single and like to golf and go to the beach, so i really need this case, especially for playing golf in the rain.

Just picked up the Bold 9650 with Sprint... this is the second time I've fallen in love. First was my husband and now this Blackberry! I have been waiting for a waterproof case to come out since we live in Florida and do a lot of boating. I hate leaving my Blackberry back at home, but I don't want to risk water damage on something I love so much!

Ok so I really wanted to go buy a new set of Caphalon cookware, but thanks to the economy and job INSECURITY these days, guess I have to pass, so winning a cool new accessory for my BB would just be AWESOME!

i have season pass to raging waters with the fam and i would love to get this to have my bb with me please!!!!

Maybe I won't kill my bb with that case on while I fish on the river this summer or worse if it goes overboard when I'm on the boat.

could use this for the water park that's just down the road from my house, or the neighborhood pool while listening to pandora

Hey CB, we just got hit with Hurricane Alex last week and now a tropical storm. Overboard would come in handy, Thanks!

This year we plan to finally hit some water parks and I would love to have to put my blackberry in a ziplock bag stowed away and missing millions of phone calls. Thanks

This is perfect for both my summer adventures at Wet N' Wild and my semesters at school, in that dark/rainy climate!

Great! it's will be safe to go on the water again with my BB. I have the BlackBerry dropped in water phobia.

I am always hesitant to bring my S2 on the boat. I always keep it in the glove box. Would be nice to have it out so I can hear it.

This would be awesome to have. If I win I can throw away my plastic bag I carry my bb in when I go to the beach.
Please consider me.

I would love to have this case so that I can stop having to put my phone in a ziploc bag while we are at the pool or beach.

i work offshore in a seismic vessel, during crew changes im always expose to small boat operations.. will be nice to have my bb waterproof

Great looking case.

where was this when I fell off my Mountain bike in the river.

9700s are waterproof :)(to a point )

I take my BlackBerry fishing at least once a week in hopes of getting that big fish! I am always worried about it falling in but I know the day I don't take it I will catch the big one and I won't have any believers!

As an active scuba diver I could really use a case like this. I already had one BB fail swim lessons when it slipped from my hands while taking pics at the beach.

Please enter me. This would be fantastic for me for now I am dealing with the FL beaches planning to move to Colorado where I will be dealing with White Water Rafting and Snow..

Please enter me. Thanks for ANOTHER great contest!

Good Luck Everyone.

Yes I would love one thank you! I was also looking at the Aquapac. Which one....hmmmm. Guess it depends on if I win this one or not. ;)

I'm heading to the beach in August for a week and this looks like a better solution than a baggie. It would also be handy for football games when it is hot enough to sweat like you are in a pool.

This would be an awesome addition to my BB. I've already gotten splashed by my 3yr old nearly rendering my 8330 useless (Thank God for instant oatmeal!). At the poolside, I won't have to worry about taking it out of my pocket if I have to jump in after my Son for whatever reason.

Oh man, I want to take my Storm2 diving w/ me!!! I'm in/around water soo much - kayaking, sailing, hiking, swimming, etc - this would be amazing.

this is by far one of the coolest cases.. my friend just recommended it to me.. and as i have been doing a lot of beach dwelling this would be perfect for my new 9650!!! crackberry you guys rock \m/

I would love to win this product, going on a cruise in few weeks, and I need my 9700 to be safe, rather than sorry! Please pick me!

it shows the Torch9800? Hope so, I plan on getting one as soon as it comes out.

Thanks for the chance to win one.

Please! I really need this! I've gotten water and sand in my blackberry before! I also go scuba diving and had to leave my phone in some shady places before :-(

First one ruined in a "waterproof" case. Please let it be me!
BTW: going tubing again in a week or two!! HELP!!!

I hope I win. I like to go sailing with my dad and worry about my BB so I don't like to bring it. :(
With this case, I won't have to worry anymore!

Spend hours at the beach and have a few trips to a water park planned this summer... Now everyone can find me, even when I'm having fun! Oh, wait... never mind. keep the dern thing.

My son definitely needs this. He has ruined 3 Blackberry's by getting them wet. Would love to have this.

This case would be amazing for me to take with me on my upcoming trip to Brazil to test out on the Amazon river and beaches !!! If I am picked I would provide pics AND thoughts on how it held up under these conditions.

I wonder how well this works with trackball devices. I would think that trackpads would work well, though.

What a perfect item for the season. Even though it is hot and dry as hell down here in Dixie, this is a perfect item for hanging at the beach or the water parks. Sounds like this is a definate MUST HAVE! Thanks for item info.

I have season passes to a waterpark that my family goes to almost weekly. I would love to have a waterproof case so my BB can still be with me.

I would love to win this case for my dad.
He loves his fishing, and he is the one person who goes through phones like crazy because someone will call and he will accidentally would drop it in the water. I think he would get great use out of this case.

Great idea, wish I would have had this in June when I went to Worlds of Fun. Maybe I'll have it when I go back in August.

This would be the perfect case for me as a rural firefighter. there have been many of times I have had my phones on calls and have dropped them in port-a-tank or puddle of water to have them never work again, and get stuck paying the outrageous insurance on them. I hope I win.

I would love to have one of the Overboard waterproof cases. It would be great in case my phone falls overboard when I am fishing on the lake.

Given how hot the summer's been so far, this is exactly what I need to have when doing the old water related activities. I'm crossing my fingers!

I thought of that! And I wish I had one! You know how many phones I've waterlogged over the years? I don't even bring my blackberry fishing, this will solve my BBM withdrawals. Lol

Vacation is coming in a couple of weeks and this would certainly help protect my Bold 9000 while I am around the water.

I was actually just looking at these yesterday, and thought that would be perfect for trips to the river and lake. Maybe I'll be lucky this time.

...little did I know that they meant Afghanistan. If I win then I'll be sure to give it a proper field testing under harsher conditions than you'd find here. :)

This would be awesome to have for canoe trips. And when I go visit my parents in Arkansas and go out on the boat.

I will COMPLETELY abuse this thing
not only will I be THAT guy who swims with his phone, I will:
end up embarrassing my girlfriend at a resturant by "accidently" dropping it in my soup

see is it's immune to jello

talk in the shower
(lets not even mention the security of talking while in the restroom) no more "fishing" for cellphones in a bar bathroom at 2am

find any excuse to rub it in my frinds faces...."see it's not even messed up when i drop it in your beer"

sing in the rain..... just because I can and it's a total cliche'

and finally get to talk at work(i'm an underwater basket weaver)

I can go Kayaking without leaving my bb at home! Or putting it in a plastic bag that is questionable! NICE! I want it!

There are soooo many bad puns that could be made about this. That is yet another reason to want this case!

Thank you Crackberry! You always have the best give aways and this is defiantly a must for those of use that love and adore our berry's. I hope I could win one. It would be my fave accessory ever! :D thank you crackberry and to the fellow crackberrians that run the crackberry site :) big thumbs up!!!!!!!! Good work guys!

Looks like a cool product. I have already taken my trip to the beach this year but we are talking about hitting up one of the water parks so I could use it then...good luck to all!

looks like it might come in handy by the pool or at the beach. i hate it when i get sand in the crevices of my berry!

been so careful with my new bold 9650 i've resorted to throwing it into a zip lock bag before heading to the beach. Still get my BB fix without the sunscreen, sweat, and sand contaminating it!

This would come in handy when going to the beach, all that pesky sand finds its way into some annoying places.