BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Get Connected and Win a Retractable USB Cable for Your BlackBerry

retractable USB cable
By Adam Zeis on 7 Apr 2010 02:19 pm EDT

This Week's BlackBerry Accessory Feature: Retractable Sync & Charge Cable

All BlackBerry devices come with a USB cable for charging, backups, syncing and more. Its a useful accessory of which every BlackBerry owner knows the value. When traveling or packing it into your "accessory drawer" or laptop bag, the standard USB cable can be a pain sometimes. For this reason, I'm a big fan of a retractable USB cable. These little guys are just a few inches long when rolled up, but when pulled out it stretches to over two feet. No more tangles from multiple cords, and you can even cart this one around in your pocket. With both mini-USB and micro-USB versions available, pretty much every device is covered.

If you need some more control, you can even check out the dual-head sync & charge cable that lets you charge two micro-USB devices at once. Great for charging a headset and device together, device and a spare battery, or whatever crazy combination you can think of. Got more than one device? Check out the retractable cable with 5 different tips to fit all (or most) of your other devices. 

CONTEST: Win a retractable USB cable of your choice!

For your chance to win a retractable cable of choice from those offered at, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how having a retractable cable would help you out. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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More Sync and Charge Solutions for your BlackBerry

There are a ton of ways you can sync and charge your device whether at home or on the go. The standard USB cable does the trick, but if you want to get a bit more you can upgrade to a retractable cable, multi-purpose cable or maybe just a charging pod. Check out some other solutions below. 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Get Connected and Win a Retractable USB Cable for Your BlackBerry



Oh the joy of no more tangled cables. I cannot begin to express the displeasure f having to rewind cables and getting them all tangled up everytime I travel. KISS keep it simple stupid. This is an awesome exaomle of KISS.

This would help eliminate the cluster of wires I carry around cause I am constantly on the go and so many things all need a different wire of varying lengths and sizes.

Having this cable would really help out with the birds nest of cables that I currently have in my computer bag.

This would help me out as I could attach it to my laptop and have it right there with my laptop when I need it!

I need as many chargers as possible. I am always on the go, and I like to make my life easier by having more than one charger. Being able to plug into my computer and charge my headset and my BB is simply superb.

If it had a zune tip would be even better. fAlways have a few phones and other electronic devices around.

My sister steals my standard USB for her camera and Im usually left without a USB. With this USB I wont even need to care about my standard USB!!!

This looks sweet and would help me out a lot because I am tired of wrapping up the cords every time I leave the house.

Woke up ded one day. I thought I wuz bein strangled by a python but quickly realized that my wife thought it would be funny to wrap the cord around me neck. Go figure...

All my wires and connections make such a mess, this would be the perfect solution for at least one of the wires

I would love the chance to win these cables... I only have one Blackberry charger that stays plugged in next to my bed for a nightly Blackberry Charge :p Problem is, I sometimes forget to plug it in at night. After a long day designing websites for work, next to a COMPUTER all day, so it would be great to be able to charge my Blackberry when I'm working if i forgot to charge it the night before. Hope I win and good luck everyone! <3

I keep the usb cable and the ac/usb adapter in my pocket for those heavy use days. This would really lighten the load for me!!!

Less desk clutter? Are you kidding?! If I don't get some help with my messy desk soon I will lose my mind! This is a must!

I have eight kids? should feel pity on me and pick me!!! hehe..okay okay, so I LOVE having eight kids.. still, pick me for simply being a Blackberry mom of eight :)

This would make my use of charging my BlackBerry so much easier. I wouldn't have to detangle my charging cords, and it would be neatly organized in a simple little case. I would love to win one of these little gems, and if not I'll purchase one for my Tour!

I may have to pick one of these up if I don't win. I'm always folding up the cable that came with it and putting it in my jacket pocket.

I travel quite frequently, so the more compact my accessories are the better. I already own a retractable R45 cable. This would do wonders :)

I couldn't count how many times I've forgotten my cable on my desk at home only to realize that when i get to work that i forgot to charge my blackberry. A cable such as this would be perfect to keep in my laptop bag....readily available at all times!

this would help me out so much. i have so many different chargers and stuff to bring with me whenever i go out of town for work that it takes up half my carry on bag!

Hopefully the retractable cord would be small enough to escape the attention of my 6 kids. That way when I need to sync it may actually be there

Since I have multiple devices, I have multiple cables to sync them. If I had this then I could get rid of the other cables and my life would be less tangled.

...with all of the unfolding, plugging, refolding and tucking away into a bag i currently do with my current cable. please consider me, i'd be extremely grateful.

After recently buying a curve. Some how my usb is broken, it'd be amazing to have this one as its replacement lol This cord only goes so far. Now when im cooking in the kitchen I dnt have to leave it attached to the computer because it only goes so far it will retract lol. Hope I get it.

After recently buying a curve. Some how my usb is broken, it'd be amazing to have this one as its replacement lol This cord only goes so far. Now when im cooking in the kitchen I dnt have to leave it attached to the computer because it only goes so far it will retract lol. Hope I get it.

I could totally use this! It would eliminate the problem of my cats chewing through my charger. I have gone through two chargers!

I'll be leaving for the Army soon, and it would be nice to have sensible solution for portable USB cord. Carrying the one that comes with it is horribly cumbersome and annoying.

This would be great for anyone. Having this would make traveling anywhere easy for me. I wouldn't have to bring a bag of cables along with me. The clutter on my desk at home and work would be significantly reduced. (Especially since we aren't supposed to bring charging cables and such to work.)

Such cable really helps a lot when you are packing the bag. Imagine of having the cable tie open and close because of the long USB cable charger you have?

This will certainly solve the headache of many. A great tool for almost everyone. Handy and neater.

Oh goodness. For the countless times at school and on trips where I don't have my longgggg USB cable handy, this will give me no excuse for not carrying it around. I'm curious as to the durability of these thin, wiry cables!

i travel around a lot with my laptop and sometimes it's just much handier to have a retractable USB cable than the entire thing. also, sometimes i just forget my USB cable so if i had one at work, i could use it to charge my phone and sync it with my computer

This would be a great convenience by taking up less space. I also think it would look less clunky when I am sitting in a restaurant. LR

Easy to loose a single micro USB charge/sync cable for my Storm 2 amongst the spaghetti of chargers, game controllers, camera cables, mini USB cables etc, one of these could just live in my pocket and save the hassle!

Being a guy, we need something that is this compact for charging when on the go. I'm not always in car, so this is a great way to stay charged on the go.

Hope to have all my devices on Micro usb soon. more cables is even better. I Like choices. Thanks for pointing them all out.

I'm having to pack and unpack my cable all the time. I've been traveling a lot, because my wedding is going to be in another state, so a fair amount of traveling is required for the planning. Add on top of that sometimes needing it to plug in at work, at home for the computers, and to charge at night by the bed, I would need to have like 4 cables to be able to avoid the packing and unpacking and the "what bag is it in, I need it" situation. Having this would at least make it easy to take with me, instead of it tangling with my fiance's charger. On top of that, I could throw it in my pocket for work when I need it, and it can come out with the keys when I get home. No need to check this bag and that, and did I forget it at work. It would make it a lot easier to manage.

This would be a Godsend to me as I am (nightly) charging my BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 1 or 2 headsets, and I have no more room in the electrical outlet. My daughter said one day I will start a fire with all the electrical things hooked up so this would help. :)

i hope retractables have come along since the last one i had. it was a car charger, and it stopped working after like 10 uses. hopefully this one would work better.

go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on. u know you would like me to have one.

I have a Belikin retractable mini-USB that I pair with a Motorola micro-USB. Would be nice to have just one piece to carry.

Don't get me wrong I love the idea of retractable and free, but I have six of them I paid for from various sites like Paypal, Handango, and Mobihand for many devices and not one has made it past six months. Oh, before you ask, yes most of them have been Seido. I have had no better luck with their extended batteries over the lifetime. Not one battery lasting me over a year, whereas the OEM battery gives me an average of 2 years.

I need this for work, I have a wireless mouse that drives me crazy because of distance from the PC to the mouse....

i guess i have been out of the techno loop way to long and didnt even think these existed....but wow.....would be much better then using a random cord with all of 2inches to spare and not let my BB dangle from the usb on my comp.

Considering my bed now adheres the visage of a couch - smells like one, looks like one..even tastes like one(kidding!) and that couch can be restrictive(cough-Imeanbedcough) i'm always knocking the remote and my phone when looking for my glasses, as the USB cord can only be tugged soooo far, when plugged into my laptop. This would at least put my mind at ease when its sitting there naked on the glass table(faux chrome+sturdy glass+impact=OUCH)

So consider me if possible :)

Haha this would help out a bunch...all my usb cables are tangled in a knot that i cant get i have to grab the whole bunch if i want to use just one :P

...this is the best idea. With all the connected devices I have to schlep around with me (iPod, Kindle, Laptop,etc), it would be nice to save space and headaches by having a retractible cable. They keep things neat and organized, and the cables last longer when they're not crimped and folded up.

I'd love on of these for free...

I use to have a retractable charger for my Motorola V3C. I loved it. You could hide it when not in use and stretched farther than standard chargers. Iwould love to win one of these. You should see my car cigarette lighter plugs. They are full of splitters and numerous chargers for different devices!

It would be great to have a single cable to use with all of my devices. . .sure, may need to buy additional adapter tips! But that would be worth it. Eliminating the hassle of multiple wires for this and that!

I could use a retractable cord to keep my sister's four (FOUR!!!) cats from chewing on the excess cord hanging around when I'm charging my 8330m

I'd love to have the retractable with two heads so I could charge my phone and my extra battery at the same time!!! Yes, the extra battery and wall charger are supposed to be charged when I change out batteries... but it's happened that I'm no where near my house or my car when this happens, and by the time I get home, I forget that the extra battery needs to be charged. Then, when the current battery is about dead, and I go to change batteries again, the extra is also about dead!!!! Talk about an unhappy camper!!!!! Rescue me CrackBerry!!!

I'd love to have one of these. Full size cables always make a mess out of my laptop bag. Used to have a little tiny mini-usb but now that everything's switch to micro it's useless.

The real benefit to a retractable cable, at least in my mind, is the fact that you can throw it in your bag, and despite the plethora of other cables in there (external HDD, mp3 player, etc), it stands out. I'd certainly get some use out of one.

I travel close to 60% of every week and always have to pack cords! One of these would be VERY convenient!

My travel case is completely stuffed with 12 different connection cables. If I could consolidate them into tangle-proof items I would LOVE it...not to mention on my night stand where I have a 4-port hub to charge all my USB devices...incredible!

Always nice to have something small and compact when traveling. Too many cords=too big of a bag to carry.

The ability to use my car charger in my police cruiser is hampered by computer, radio, etc. A retractable USB cable would allow me to charge my phone and keep it within easy reach.

I am forever having to grab my laptop and run. In my haste, I inevitably forget at least one USB cord, not to mention space is at a premium in my 17" bag... The options this cord provides would solve so many problems I encounter, it may well be the sanity saver that keeps me out of the padded cells & hug me jackets!

i still have the 8350i but also have an older motorola for backup and use it from time to time. with this cable, i could get rid of the others and free up the clutter from my center console.

Yes, I can tell you this would make my life much simpler. I am wrap up to my neck in cables and cords! It's not so much a want, its more like a need for this. Please Crackberry untangle me! Good luck to all!

With all the different cables used with laptops computers this would reduce the size of one of them.

i def would get alot of use out of this. my wife and me both charge our berrys in the kitchen every night. this would make it easier by hooking up to our laptop in living room. thanks guys....pick me i need it.

It would be great to not untangled another cable. It is such a pain. Also would be great to eliminate several cables. Great idea!

I travel a lot and I hav some many long cords to take with me a retractable cord would help me in the long run because I won't hav to worry about tangled cords

This looks sweet and would help me out a lot because This would help alleviate the jungle of wires I have all knotted up every time I leave the house.

Between traveling, working from home and working in the office it would be great to just have one cable to keep up with. No more cables all over the desk when in the motel or when visiting the client sites.

Having a retractable USB cable would be a lifesaver. Carrying my USB cable in my person is a real pain and I need it to back up files at school.

OMG something like this would so help my cable mess and help my area to look much better (and keep my wife quite)

Like a world class bicyclist, being a road warrior at 260lbs with bag full wires, laptop, projector and luggage, every gram counts in this competitive economy, losing the weight and bulk of my regular sync cable could make me a winner.
Being able to charge both my tour and my new jawbone with one sleek, compact retractable cable, may give me the edge to speed through airports, reduce complexity in my life, and defeat business foes. It could possibly be the confidence booster that propels me from lower middle management to middle middle management. Bring it on!

This would be awesome to have! I hate tangled cords and always have to make sure I have zip ties around to bunch the excess cords!

Not only would this replace the charger that was stolen along with other important things from my car. But it would be a a better convenience when I go back and forth from home to college out of state, no more cords everywhere. Same with plugging it in with my other hookups at my apartment or home.

Gotta love all these giveaways you guys do CB! Please pick those who actually need these items, not someone who can go out and easily buy it without thinking about their financial problems.

I really need a retractible USB cable! I travel and the other USB cord is such a pain! If I won one, it would make my week! Besides, its tax time so I need something exciting!

Michelle (CPA who doesn't like taxes!)

A retractable USB cable surely will be a great help for me who already overwhelmed with so many short and long cables connected to my laptop PC!

Laptop + School + Work + Backpack + 9550 - Never being in the same place = Need for retractable cable

pretty simple math if you think about it... :)

This would allow me to keep all my electronic devices charged while on the road. The cool thing is this baby is super small, and easy to pack.

Need to simplify, minimize. In addition, possible to keep in my pocket and help expand BB functionality.

Apart from having less mess on my computer desk if would make it easy for me to go to work carry small cord instead those long cords

this would pack alot better than a bunch of cables thrown into a pocket of a bookbag and etc.

This would be awesome as I have to carry my cable to work with me several days a week. Then I have to take it out of my work stuff if I need it at home. So not only would a small retractable cable be awesome for my work stuff....a backup would be super as well.

I need this cable. I'm constantly teathering my BB in my car to my laptop and this sure would help!! Hope i win!!

I don't think that having a retractable cord is going to change my life. If they haven't improved this setup since a few years ago when I had them for my Palm PDA and iPods and everything else, then I know it will just fail quickly by having a wire scraped bare.

So, if you think you can change my opinion, send me one and if it works and is improved, I might even write about it on PalmAddicts, where I am an Associate Writer.

I travel all the time with my laptop and I believe that this would be great for when I am at the airport and such. Also, it would be great to avoid the bundle of wires I have to carry around all ready...

I normally help my friends with their blackberry issues, an normally i have lots off cables with me for faster use instead my friend take their cable out, so this will manage some space for me

I am in college and have troubles carrying my blackberry cords around without it being tangled in a big mess! This would really help organizing my calendar on the go and tethering it as a modem! I really hope I win!

I'm hoping to win this for my oldest daughter and her husband to share this as they have blackberry's and are always on the go so something this convenient would be a awesome gift to them

Thank you for the chance

Ridding myself of clutter is a joy! I'm not a neatnik but to not have to deal with a ton of cords when they're not in use is a great thing. More devices should have retractable cords.

This would totally help me because it'll be nice and compact and my wife won't complain about the clutter from cables!

i use my blackberry at home and at work on multiple computers everyday. i run a retail/wholesale supply store and have a rental business at home. so needless to say this would very much come in handy to me! and with little ones at home - the long cords sometimes dont work out so well. please crackberry - i would love to win this one!

thanks - rob