BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Get Connected and Win a Retractable USB Cable for Your BlackBerry

retractable USB cable
By Adam Zeis on 7 Apr 2010 02:19 pm EDT

This Week's BlackBerry Accessory Feature: Retractable Sync & Charge Cable

All BlackBerry devices come with a USB cable for charging, backups, syncing and more. Its a useful accessory of which every BlackBerry owner knows the value. When traveling or packing it into your "accessory drawer" or laptop bag, the standard USB cable can be a pain sometimes. For this reason, I'm a big fan of a retractable USB cable. These little guys are just a few inches long when rolled up, but when pulled out it stretches to over two feet. No more tangles from multiple cords, and you can even cart this one around in your pocket. With both mini-USB and micro-USB versions available, pretty much every device is covered.

If you need some more control, you can even check out the dual-head sync & charge cable that lets you charge two micro-USB devices at once. Great for charging a headset and device together, device and a spare battery, or whatever crazy combination you can think of. Got more than one device? Check out the retractable cable with 5 different tips to fit all (or most) of your other devices. 

CONTEST: Win a retractable USB cable of your choice!

For your chance to win a retractable cable of choice from those offered at, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how having a retractable cable would help you out. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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More Sync and Charge Solutions for your BlackBerry

There are a ton of ways you can sync and charge your device whether at home or on the go. The standard USB cable does the trick, but if you want to get a bit more you can upgrade to a retractable cable, multi-purpose cable or maybe just a charging pod. Check out some other solutions below. 

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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Get Connected and Win a Retractable USB Cable for Your BlackBerry



This retractable cable would help me endlessly...I carry so many cables and chargers in my bag and I always have to spend time untangling everything to actually become functional...with this I wouldnt have to deal with that problem ever!!! How awesome would that be!!!

With all my traveling and two blackberrys the different cables can be a hassle. This would solve all my problemos.

Having one of these cables would be great! I could make my desk nice and organized with a retractable cable.

My current travel pack includes 3 usb cable (micro, normal and mini). This looks like the perfect solution to help me save space and the headache.

My poor computer groan each morning as I plug in an array of cables - I feel like an electronics task-master.

Please help me and save my laptop from cruel and unusual punishment.

i have tons of apps on my phone that seem to drain my battery very quickly. During my days I must carry around my USB and wall charger at all times. My battery goin dead on me in the middle of the day. I like the retractable cord because it makes the USB charger super portable with no worry about cords tangling.

I think this retractable usb cord would be a great have. I would keep my dogs and son from being tied up in the cords. When this happens it makes my mini laptop hit the ground each time. So to have this usb would be GREAT!

I would love to have a retractable cable to remove some of the clutter from all of my cables ont he desk. Have a 3 foot cable for a 6inch span is a little to much.

This would make it a lot easier on my flights to and from the desert also while being deployed. I could pack one cable instead of the multiple cables needed. I could really use one of these.

Do you know how nice it would be to have a single cable that I could use for my various devices? Of course you do. 1 cable to rule them all; yep that's what I need

I could use it both in the car with my usb charger and at home with only the right length of cable needed!
Thanks for this awesome contest!

I travel 5 days a week and they are right about the cumbersome USB cable for my Blackberries. This would definitely be a welcome addition to my travel arsenal.

This retractable cable would help me endlessly...I carry so many cables and chargers in my bag and I always have to spend time untangling everything to actually become functional...with this I wouldnt have to deal with that problem ever!!! How awesome would that be!!!

I am constantly on the go and my BlackBerry is my lifeline! I can and do need to charge my BB in different locations. I am a Kindergarten teacher and sometimes need to charge it on my laptop at work. I am a graduate student and sometimes end up charging my BB in class or in a computer lab on a university owned desktop. I travel often and end up charging it using my cord and laptop in a hotel room. I cannot let my BB die! I have two children and want to be constantly available if they need me. I have things for work and school that I need to available for. My poor BB stays on 24/7 because I have friends in the military overseas and I want to be able to take calls/emails from them on their schedules! I am constantly afraid of losing my USB charger cable when I move it from place to place. Having a retractable cord that could fit in my purse or laptop bag would free me up to leave the regular cable at home and not have to worry about losing it on the go! Here's to hoping you pick me to try one out! Thanks!

i have a bold 9000 and my boyfriend has a bold we cant share a charger or cable which sucks when one of us needs to charge our phone! i also have a B&N Nook, which uses the mini USB, so same situation, cant use my Bold USB to charge....this would soooo come in handy. thanks!

Let me count the ways this would be great for me! I wouldn't trip on the cord anymore like I've done dozens of times with this icky old-fashioned cord! When I set the laptop down, the cord dangles off the side, I forget it's there and get up and trip on it sending either the phone or the laptop crashing to the floor if I'm not quick enough to save them. The old-fashioned USP doesn't fit well in my laptop case and I either need to buy a new case or carry the USB loose. Then I sometimes end up dropping it or somehow losing it. This would be so great. Thanks for the chance to win one!

I already have enough cords hanging out of my PC that I constantly run over them with my chair... this would definitely help and would be one less thing that would not be dragged off of my desk because I ran over it with the wheels of my desk chair!

I have so many cords in my house/laptop bag, I could finish a hammock and have leftovers to tie it to a tree! Any reductions in plastic in my world are fine with me!

I have several chargers and usb cables that can really be a pain to pack when I travel. I'm all for simplifying things and this would sure do it.

I am always on the road or running around looking for an office. I have 25 pounds of presentation gear and no room what so ever. Retractable cables would be great because I have so little space as it is. I could fit all the essential cables in one spot where in the past only one could fit.

This would be a great blessing to me as I have a job that sometimes takes me out of the office with my laptop. Besides the fact that it would be easier to pack in my laptop bag, it would be a great asset to my office desk by cutting down on the cords laying around my desk. I am new to the Blackberry world and love learning how to use it for both my personal and professional life! Thank you!

i have one of these are really good and fast but i lost it and would love to have another one

I carry so many cords around with me and have so many cords plugged into my computer at my desk. Having a retractable charging cord would benefit me so much because I would have less cord on my desk and it would get less tangled with the rest of my cords.

This would be very useful for me to just throw in my bag when I go to class and I could just use my blackberry as a flash drive

This would make it much easier for me to tether my 9700 without all of the clutter. Definately on my "to get" list. Micro USB please...

This would be perfect for work! As I am sure we all do, have way too many cables around my desktop on a daily basis. You know for sure that I am not going to leave my BB out of the mix, of course it is the most important one imo. pick me, pick me!

I am one of those people who love to be a minimalist and I carry so many cords and wires and it drives me crazy to try and pack all of them in my bag! I lose the small ones and end up taking everything out to find it. THIS WOULD BE AMAZING! Please enter me, I would love one! Thank you!

A retractable cable would significantly help me out, becasue my cords are always tangling with one another.

having one would help me hide my bb while it's charging at work, plus east storage easy to carry!! Please and thank you! Also I could show off!! Haahaa

I really couldn't tell you how a retractable charger could help me out, I mean I dont have a charger (I have to use my girlfriends) so I guess thats a start, and maybe I could entertain myself when Im bored somehow !?!

I go between my laptop to blackberry to three desktops, to my car (where I drive 90 miles a day) to the train I take to L.A. from San Diego a couple times a month. I need to sync data between each and charge each. PLUS I have a handsfree in the car that needs charging and a IPod Touch that plays my music and podcasts over the car radio, so I need to connect everything to that too.

I also have to sync some files (pictures) and such with other fam that have blackberrys. Soooo...thanks.

This would be the perfect accessory for when I am tethering. No need to disconnect when a call comes in...just push and talk (within 2 feet of course). I would love to have one!

All of the retracable cable I have tried will only charge and will not sync. Would love to be able to do both.

I'm a student and i carry my laptop everywhere, take all my notes on my laptop! With all the cords and cables i have (i carry my laptop's tablet in there too) the bag gets bulky and over packed with numerous cords. plus i use my phone alot especially if i don't have a proper internet connection. This would help out alot as it would replace some of the cords i would have to bring along and if not... i can just simply carry it in my pocket.. easy solution! nice...

I could definitely use it at work! My cube doesn't have any free electrical outlets (computer, printer, etc. take all them up). I could use this to charge my Storm2 by plugging it into my desktop.

Omg I could really use one! I recently lost my USB cable so I haven't been able to back up my phone in over a week. I travel a lot so I used to keep my cable in my purse bit somehow lost it. If I had this it would be much more convenient because it's easy to carry. Pleeeease help me!

Im always traveling whether its to work, to my house or my moms or dads. I can only take a tiny backpack since I take the bus. Having the retractable allows me to have less cables in my bag and more room for my other personal items! This would help me out a lot!

This would certainly help me when I am out in the (early childhood) field providing training. I often am in a situation where I want the device to not be right next to my computer. This would work great!
The Babies Can't Wait Lady

When I had one, it was convenient to carry it in my pocket and on the rare occasion I needed a file or forgot to charge my Blackberry, it was nice to have this item in my pocket. Well it wasn't specifically this unit but an older one that just had the mini-USB connector. I miss it. :(

This would be fantastic. I currently share a car with my family, and my usb cable is in my vehicle so I can charge on the go. Any time I need it someone never seems to fail at taking the car and my usb cable with them! Another one would be fantastic and very helpful for me to be able to connect to my pc when I need to!

I do allot of travel by car and spend many lovely nights in hotels. The fewer cords I have to fight with the better. This would be great since I use my BB for everything from my music player to my GPS navigation! Thanks for the opp!

I have an awkward computer setup. I've placed my laptop in my desk and used a vga cable to connect it to my monitor on top of the desk. The USB hub I have is in the desk with the laptop and a lot of my items I connect to it like my blackberry won't reach so far, so this extender would help me with my current porblem.

This would be great to carry around with me to plug up to the nearest computer when I'm out or use with a usb to ac adapter!

To have a retractable cord would be great! The convenience of the retractable usb instead of carrying the usb cord that came w/ the BB is need, definitely. No more wear & tear on winding the cord up & carrying it around in my purse.

Normally when I pack the laptop bag, it includes:

Laptop power cord
Blackberry USB cable
Hands free kit
iPod USB cable
iPod headphones
Blackberry charger
Blackberry car charger

It's like the Gordian Knot when I pull it out.

A retractable cable would help a lot at work where I already have enough USB cables, papers, phone lines, ethernet cables and such scattered about. It won't help with all the other clutter, but at least it would be easier to bring home over the weekend. I'd love to win one so count me in.

Question is; How can this NOT help me out. Portable and reduce the number of cables I have lying around = win!

Considering all the different types of phones that I have to support (majority of them BlackBerry's), this would greatly reduce the amount of cales and adapters that I need to carry between facilities. I have an entire pocket of my laptop bag dedicated to nothing but usb cables. This would be a tremendous recouperation of space that I could then use for something more useful. Like a resume...

You'd KNOW how this would help out. I have several gadgets that this would work for. Sifting throught the tangles mess of wires and cables is a pain. I've actually gone without using a gadget for extended periods of time because it would be so painful to try and find the right cable in the cable madness!!! This would be a godsend!

I don't have a reason why I would "need" a retractable cable but then again at one point in our lives we didn't "need" a blackberry until we used one and from that day forward we now "require" a blackberry. With that being said CB, make me "require" retractable cables and send me a free set!

Heck yeah this would help at prison---i mean work!! ha
I work at a small desk with too much stuff crammed into to small of a space, so having a small retractable cord charging my BB (that Im not suppose to have on my desk....shhhhh) would keep me low key and clutter free!

I stepped on the cord hanging off of a low coffee table in a hotel room. The sound of the thub that was my bb hitting the floor was gut wrenching.

I already got myself a mouse like that for me laptop, use it in school. Takes no space and u use as much cable as u need . Having this one will allow me to bring it with me everywhere cuz its small and useful

My wife is always yelling at me about our dining room table being a mess of computer wires and cables lol. This would save me some grief ;)

it would help at home where, so that I don't lose my cable, i keep it plugged into my laptop. So, when i move the laptop the cable is dangling...and the cats trying to play with it. call it crazy to keep it plugged in but i'm the only one in the house with a sync cable that's not constantly looking for their cable! :-)

Would make downloading OS's at work more stealth like!!!! Less chance of getting caught not doing my job, lol.....

My family has a basket full cords and we don't know what half of them are for. This would be nice to charge my BB with laptop while taking notes with OneNote.

Man that sure would help to get my desk looking a bit more organized. And not having to take out the knots in my usb cable in order to get connected.

Retactable is the way to go. Unwinding and rewinding the cables is nothing but a huge PITA. Especially since the BB is usually ends up less than 6 inches from the PC USB port.

I always carry around a USB cable for charging on the run, but it constantly gets tangled up in my headphones and other stuff. This is exactly what I need!

i have 4 usb cables that i always care with me everyday to work. I have a total of 7 cables that I use just about every day but 4 that I must need. Having a retractable cable would eliminate the confusion and help me pack faster when I have to scramble out the house/office. I spend about a minute each time trying to make sure I have the right cables and I definitely could use one of these.

With numerous USB devices, it would be nice to have retractable cables to keep my cable mess in order. I will be ordering a few, but one free would definitely help.

My gf and I are both BB users and travel a lot. She's using a BB with microUSB and I'm using one with mini-USB. a retractable cable like this would certainly make things easier for us when we tether or charge our devices!

i always find my regular micro usb cable, still good but quite large when taking with me in my pocket to work.
having a retractable one would definitely make a huge difference for me.
Count me in!

Quite frankly, I carry lots of stuff around including usb cables, like for my Storm 2, my iPod, etc. Takes up too much space even when I wind them up. I could sure use a retractable.


It would be great not to have a mess of cables on my small desk. Awesome contest Crack berry. Thanks.

If you could only see my desk. I have so many wires, it looks like a spaghetti dinner. I need to control the chaos.

I have so many different cables that i'm always using. if i had one of these it would eliminate the stress of having to find my berry's cable everytime. please pick me

I'm forever updating all my friends phones/devices but nobody ever remembers to bring their cords (think old curves, new bolds, iphones, etc) so having all the cords I need in one package sure would alleviate a few headaches for everyone involved. Good job people. Clever device.

Would love to win one of these retractable USB cables. It would definitely help clear up the mess in my computer bag!

I only have a couple of usb ports on my computer and they're often difficult to reach. Having this would be incredibly convenient!

2-3-5 cords in ONE! No oops forgot that tangles...less weight---stress and headaches! I really need this luxury!

save me so much space in my laptop bag. I have 3 or 4 usb cables for various devices that just get tangles up with my chargers. This little guy would fit so nicely into one of my bag pockets that now houses a spiderweb of cables.

Please help my bag's sanity and hook me up with this cable set up.

Thank you and I appreciate it in advance.

the floor beside my computer is littered with cables, with one of these retractable usb cables, the clutter disappears

I would love to win one. I had just the one usb cable when I first bought the bb tour and then I lost it. So I had to buy a new one. This usb cable will be handy and it will stay put and the best part it's retractable!

It would really help me keep my purse tidy with the retractable cord. I hate having the cord everywhere in my purse!! Thanks for the chance!

This would help me a lot, I am forever carrying around my USB cable for my BlackBerry, I have lost one, and left them many places, I use it a lot, and having one that is this small would mean a lot. I would never loose or misplace it again, would be a dream come true.

This would keep me organized! I hate how many cords I have lying around. I like the idea of a retractable cord that I can just put away neatly

a retractable USB cable for my BB would be the first towards getting rid of the cable mess in my laptop bag.

Sure would help de-clutter the truck when I'm driving cross-country. My dashboard has so many cables it looks like a plate of spaghetti! Here's hoping you pick me!

I don't have a whole lot of desk space. Between my laptop and printer, there isn't much work room. Having a retractable capable would allow me to update apps and OS on my phone, but keep everything nice and tiddy while I do it.

While a standard USB cable would be useful, a retractable will save time and energy by avoiding being added to the tangled mass of cords that currently reside in my laptop travel bag.

I'm a student and my berry and laptop are always on in front of me during class. I keep my old blackberry plugged into my car 24/7 so I can swap out the battery if needed. I never really have to charge my phone. The cable would be an excellent convenience for my classes, seeing how I carry so much as it is. I can transfer my note to my berry as backup during school. The retractable would be an awesome tool to use. Anyone can use the cable it comes with but the whole point of the retractable is convenience and during school that would be amazing!!

One of these retractable cables would help make a disorganized life a bit more organized. Great idea.

With this retractable one I can save myself from the headache of untangling any excess that might get intertwined with the rest of the "jungle".

Besides I can see how I can do a little drill hole mod on the side of it and loop it on my key ring. And presto! Now I can't lose the charger or my keys!