BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a Z10 case of your choice!

By Adam Zeis on 23 May 2013 02:18 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z10 is selling strongly and users all over the globe are getting in on the BlackBerry 10 action. No matter if you've picked one up already or are still waiting to make the switch, you've most likely contemplated some new accessories at some point. Thankfully we've go you covered there as we already have a load of new Z10 accessories in stock and get more every day.

Most users start with a case to get the accessory ball rolling, so we figured it was time to fire up another contest and give one lucky winner a brand new Z10 case of choice. We have plenty to choose from including the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell, OtterBox Defender and of course the amazing CrackBerry Crunk Case.

Whatever your preference, head over to ShopCrackBerry to check out all the latest arrivals and keep reading for your chance to win!








To enter to win a BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice, just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT. Good luck!

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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a Z10 case of your choice!



I so need some accessories for my white Z10. It will at least keep me occupied while I wait for Verizon to update my software.

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Posting a comment on this thread to enter a chance to win a BlackBerry Z10 vase of my choice.

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Oh! You have the white Casemate Barely There now! I was looking for that when I got my phone but the only option was silver. That would definitely be my pick.

Personally think the Crunk Case is the best case out there for the Blackberry Z10! Unfortunately it's kinda expensive to ship to London.. fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!

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I would love a micro SD for movies. Because the Z10 is an awesome entertainment device.

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Just ordered the Seidio Surface in Red with the Convert Add-on. I think it's gonna be the perfect combo. Good thing my wife has a Z10 as well, I'll get another one if I win here!.


Bought the poetic case and am not too thrilled with it. (feels too plastic) so now I want a new one

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I wouldn't mind getting a Trident Kraken case or Seidio Prime case;
However my chance of winning is less than zer0.. lol coz my name is (megaZEROxzvk) b.t.w

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I'm not sure what case I would get, I have the transform hard shell and it's awesome. I guess, I would get a high-durability case. Sounds good!

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I would love a case for new Z10,best phone I ever had .I just left the Apple 4s behind forever

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Been eyeing up the Trident Kraken or red for a first responder? Haven't decided. Both if one is free!

Posted with my zed10 ;)

Love the Seidio Active Case. Expect I'll like the more minimalist Seidio Surface Case too.
Also, a pretty big fan of the oem Transform case for just-the-corners protection.

I would love to have a Ball Cap and T-shirt Just to show who I support ,I love this site I spend so much time on my Z10 on here and your BBM Channel to Just keep up the great work

Crackberry is the bomb, this is how I get updates and news about BB. This is how I found about the contest! Blackberry for the win! And thanks Crackberry for updating us with all the news and perks of having a blackberry.

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It's listed under "Cases", so here's my pick >>> The CrackBerry Leather Holster, in brown!
I have Crunk combo for weekends and the standard black OEM holster for weekdays. However, I still need a brown holster to go with khakis.

The Crackberry holster looks like it gives better coverage as well!

Here's my 50th try at entering to win... and likely my 50th fail. I have enough cases... So given that I have a Z10, it'll be the battery pack for me please.