BlackBerry Accessory Roundup Car Edition: Win a BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone

By ObiGeorge on 28 Apr 2010 03:59 pm EDT

This Week's BlackBerry Accessory Feature: BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone

BlackBerry VM-605

Most of us are always looking for ways to better our BlackBerry experience. A lot of times we do this through the purchasing of accessories, which help unleash the full power of our BlackBerrys in all aspects of our daily lives. One part of our daily routine that could use a nice accessory is driving. Most areas now enforce cell phone laws that do not allow us to talk on the phone while driving. Good time to buy a bluetooth accessory for your smartphone. If you don't use or like bluetooth headsets, or only use them in the car, you might want to consider purchasing the BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth Visor Mount Speakerphone. Not only will it save you a hefty ticket, it will also play your favorite music that is stored on your BT compatible BlackBerry through your car's speaker system.

The BlackBerry VM-605 is simple and easy to use. It connects to your BlackBerry via Bluetooth, allowing you to answer call handsfree as well as play music, right from your BlackBerry's music library. There is also a built in FM transmitter that will connect the VM-605 to your car's stereo system. The VM-605 features 13 hours of talk time, noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, all in a thin, light device.

Overall the BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth Visor Mount Speakerphone is a great buy for anyone who needs to talk handsfree in the car, or just would like to stream their BlackBerry's music collection through their car's speakers. I personally don't make a lot of phone calls, but love having my BlackBerry's music played in my car, without a need for CD's, its just convenient. The BlackBerry VM-605 is available for purchase at for all devices running OS 4.22 and higher that are bluetooth compatible.

CONTEST: Win a BlackBerry Visor Mount

For your chance to win a BlackBerry Visor Mount, just leave a single comment on this post and we'll pick one random winner. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup Car Edition: Win a BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone



Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me Please pick me

I wonder if they will gold plate this for me if i win it... I don't think that's an unreasonable request... Has anyone actually used this device? Can someone give a hands on review? Was the sound quality good? Battery life, etc?

I absolutely would LOVE to have this! I drive a lot, and a visit home is 8+ hours, and would really really love to be able to use my BlackBerry as my source of music, and to make calls through it, which would be a hugely useful tool!

Thank you for your consideration!

Would love to win this, then I wouldn't have to keep putting my phone to my ear and I could keep both hands on the wheel. When I have family riding with me, I need to be as safe as possible.

I have an hour drive each day one way for work. This would be so very nice while I'm driving. Hope I win.

I need this, it sounds perfect!!! I live in Pennsylvania and they are going to change the law pretty soon. This would work out great.

Nice unit! I would love to have a visor mounted Bluetooth instead of my ear mount. It would leave BOTH ears free as well as my hands free. Much better for keeping your focus on the task of driving!

Thanks for the chance to win a bluetooth car kit. Where I currently live it was just made into law that we need to use a hands free device. Heard this product has great reviews and would be a nice addition to an already awesome blackberry phone.

nagging me to get a BT headset but I hate to waer those things. I think it makes people look stupid.

The visor would be much better.

Please please please - This would be great as I've not found an ear piece that fits well in my ear.

Thanks in advance to CB and the vendors that provide these opportunities to us.

Excellent idea for a product, especially like the ability to play music from BB through the car stereo, but all the FM transmitters I've ever tried have given horrible quality. Too many FM stations in NY.

i travel 2hrs in traffic every morning and always have to make business calls on my BB. hook me up Pleeeeeeze.

I'd love to get my hands on one of these. Dialogues without holding tthe phone to my ear? Ability to stream music through my car speakers? This would be a dream...

Ok CB! I've never won a contest on her and if there is a time I do, i hope it's now.. Would love this device.. Thank you

I love all things Blackberry! It would be a great thing to have before I deploy! Pick me Crackberry!

I'm looking for Bluetooth, Handsfree devices now.
It will become law here soon so I would love one of these for my new Bold 9700 and the wife's Pearl Flip.


Considering I only use BT in the car, it's perfect. Especially with the FM transmitter, so you can stream music.

Awesome contest. I used to have something similar, but it never stayed connected & the volume was too low to talk while driving on the highway.

This would be great with all the driving I do for work.

Crackberry is the greatest site out there.
Been wanting to get one of these for awhile, sign me up and lets hope I get choosen!

I've ridden in a car that had a different-brand of visor mounted BT speakerphone, and was impressed. It's so much more convenient than a BT headset, although not as versatile.

I just passed my G2 Grade Drivers Licence Today so soon a car on the way. I could really use this to stay within the driving laws in Ontario. :D Ive heard the quality of this device is really great too!

I've needed one of these for a loooong time. Used to use the Bluetooth system built into my old Tom Tom 700. That GPS is since bitten the dust.

I am using the Blue Ant S1 visor mounted speakerphone. My only complaint is if I am speaking with someone who is a "soft talker" I can't turn it up loud enough to be able to hear them. If I had a unit like this I could just turn up my stereo. I also have an older Motorola unit in my other car and might replace it this year. This is definitely the unit I would purchase next time around.

This is a great accessory considering a lot of states are requiring hands-free and the ones that don't should!

This is a must for people that live in Nassau County, N. Y. The NYState Police aren't anything to sneeze at. You can't even say HELLO to them without getting a ticket. This would be invaluable to me, as sometimes bluetooth headsets annoy me, but mostly when I'm driving. This is one terrific prize for anyone that can win one.

I so need this so I don't get in an accident while talking on my addicting BlackBerry!! :)

BlackBerry Bold 9700

I would love to have such a product as this one as it will allow me not to get any fines while talking on my cell phone.

I really need this.... gotta have this..... really want this.... please let me win!!!!!!! Pretty please??????

I currently do the headset thing in the truck, would love a Visor Bluetooth device so that I stop looking like the AT&T operator....