BlackBerry Accessory Roundup Car Edition: Win a BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone

By ObiGeorge on 28 Apr 2010 03:59 pm EDT

This Week's BlackBerry Accessory Feature: BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone

BlackBerry VM-605

Most of us are always looking for ways to better our BlackBerry experience. A lot of times we do this through the purchasing of accessories, which help unleash the full power of our BlackBerrys in all aspects of our daily lives. One part of our daily routine that could use a nice accessory is driving. Most areas now enforce cell phone laws that do not allow us to talk on the phone while driving. Good time to buy a bluetooth accessory for your smartphone. If you don't use or like bluetooth headsets, or only use them in the car, you might want to consider purchasing the BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth Visor Mount Speakerphone. Not only will it save you a hefty ticket, it will also play your favorite music that is stored on your BT compatible BlackBerry through your car's speaker system.

The BlackBerry VM-605 is simple and easy to use. It connects to your BlackBerry via Bluetooth, allowing you to answer call handsfree as well as play music, right from your BlackBerry's music library. There is also a built in FM transmitter that will connect the VM-605 to your car's stereo system. The VM-605 features 13 hours of talk time, noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, all in a thin, light device.

Overall the BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth Visor Mount Speakerphone is a great buy for anyone who needs to talk handsfree in the car, or just would like to stream their BlackBerry's music collection through their car's speakers. I personally don't make a lot of phone calls, but love having my BlackBerry's music played in my car, without a need for CD's, its just convenient. The BlackBerry VM-605 is available for purchase at for all devices running OS 4.22 and higher that are bluetooth compatible.

CONTEST: Win a BlackBerry Visor Mount

For your chance to win a BlackBerry Visor Mount, just leave a single comment on this post and we'll pick one random winner. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup Car Edition: Win a BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone



This is exactly what I need. State of Maryland is getting ready to pass the "you touch your cell phone in the car - you gonna die" law. Don't really want a bluetooth earbud so much. This would be PERFECT!!!!! Crackberry - please don't let me die.

Peace, I'm out!

Please pick me for this one, so I can give it to my wife. She's always digging for her phone trying to answer a call when driving down the road. Please...for her sake and our children's sake, pick me!

I drive a stick, I couldn't hold a phone and drive even if I wanted to. I could really use something like this...

I could really use this big time. I am in the car a lot, I wear hearing aids, and it is very uncomfortable to try to use the blue-tooth headset while I am wearing my hearing aids. I have to take one out, lay it on the car seat, then use the blue tooth. Many times, I have left it lying on the car seat only to stop what I am doing, go back out to the car and get it. I am so ready to win something on CB...hopefully, this will be it!

I live in the middle east and it's beyond illegal to drive while on the phone (in your hand) so winning this would be sweet... versus spending time in a foreign jail :)


I drive 105 miles a day, it sure would be nice to have BlackBerry Visor Mount above my head!! Getting a little tired of having something in my ear!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, PLEASE? I have the Motorola T505 and it's pretty good but with a few drawbacks. I'd really like to upgrade.

+1 for safe driving. Then again the 1500 other people who comment probably are not using handsfree "devices". Couldnt you hijack a shipment of these and give all of us one? It would make the roads a safer place.

My fingers hurt now.

I'd love to win one of these CrackBerry. I use the included wired headset from my blackberry now which is ok but this would be great. Thanks!

I got my wife the BB visor mount and it works great on its own. The FM tuner is a neat feature, handy if you want to play your tunes or just listen to your calls through the stereo, but all in all, speaking through the Visor is crystal clear and effortless. Both my 9700 and her 8520 work flawlessly with the Visor. Just need one for my car now so I can keep my ear piece solely for work!

I travel a great deal in different vehicles. This would be awesome. And it would be much harder to lose than my headset. (I hope)

I think I'll buy this if I dont win it! it looks very sharp and will be a great additional feature to my vehicle!

Pick me Crackberry!

to be a safe driver. Trying to end the phone use cycle while driving and this would be a good start. Thanks

Hey CB, I love my Blackberry and would love to have this visor mounted speakerphone to pair with the best phone in the world.

This is coming out at a great time. Last January Oregon passed the law for only hands free device in cars.

Hook up the Quack so he can drive safe to the Duck games while blasting the UO fight song to the radio :)


Hope CB reads this ... would be a great device for a volunteer fire man .... With constant communication vital ... and still be ing able to drive ... this would come in real handy !!!

Thanks CB


I do a lot of driving for work and am on the phone for a good part of my travels. Would be awesome to have this so i could concentrate on driving with my full attention rather than trying to hold phone, especially while it is charging.

Cheers to yet another wonderful contest. CB youre the best! Pick me Ive been a member in the CB community without a win yet

Wow! This would work wonders for my daily commute. You really don't want to know how much time I spend in my car and how much time I spend on the BB.

I just joined :) I also just got a ticket for being on my Blackberry (I was using the speakerphone!!), so I could DEFINITELY use this!

This is great ! My girlfriend could use this! always giving and entering contests for other people!

Of all the giveaways, this is the one i think I would benefit most from.

I really like this is has been on my want list since i first read about it on crackberry. I just never seem to have the spare ccash to pull the trigger and purchase it myself.

Good Luck to all

So, if I am listening to a local FM station, and I get a call, do I have to switch to the frequency the Speakerphone uses to hear the call through my car speakers?

Would love to have this. I am not into the earbud blue tooth as it strikes me geekish. With more and more crack down on talking and driving this is the answer for me. So be kind and help a southern guy on the gulf coast of MS.


These things are awesome. My wife got one for christmas and uses it everyday. I have wanted one ever since and this could be my chance to win one.

After trying wired, bluetooth and every combination of the above, I'm still searching for the "right" handsfree device for the car.

Hoping I'm picked.

I would love to have one of these.. I drive between 500 and 1000 miles a week.. I have tried several ear devices and they make me crazy.. this seems to be the Ticket...

I think this would be perfect to stream my internet radio without lost signal of regular stations :-)

My Wife wuld love this for her truck. This is the way it should be done, without blocking an ear for driving safety!


awesome device for on the run talks, always drive safely.
i want to listen to crystal clear voice though it.....:)

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please!

when I am on the road, because I always have the window open and talking on my BB. My earpiece is always in my right ear, so they think I am talking to myself.

If I had the visor mount, they wouldn’t be able to see any earpiece and really wonder about me.

And that’s a good thing…..and that’s OK.
Keep’s the crazies away.

This would be extra sweet since I drive over 100 miles a day back and forth to work. I spend more time on my BB and in my car, then I do with my wife.