BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Hard Protection Special; Chance to Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Mar 2010 03:04 pm EDT

This Week's BlackBerry Accessory Feature: OtterBox Cases

One afternoon last week in Las Vegas while Dieter and I were walking outside in front of the convention center leaving CTIA, a guy walking beside whipped his iPhone out of his pocket to answer a call but he somehow lost his grip and the iPhone literally went flying through the air before it smashing into the concrete. It happened quick and was painful to watch and both Dieter and I were sure that would now be an iPhone with a broken screen. But as the guy picked it up, I saw he had an OtterBox case on it. He dusted the phone off, all was good, and he kept going on his way as if nothing had happened. In this situation, I guarantee that would not have been the case had that iPhone not been wrapped in a hard case.

Even the best of us are bound to drop our BlackBerrys from time to time. It happens. The outcome of the situation depends on a lot of factors but one thing is certain - having some form of hard protection around your device will help it walk way from more abuse unscathed. I'm a big fan of OtterBox, so keep reading for your chance to win a one for your BlackBerry!

CONTEST: Win an OtterBox Case of Choice for BlackBerry

For your chance to win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of choice from those offered at, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how having a hard case for your BlackBerry in a past situation would have helped save your BlackBerry in a nasty fall or bump. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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More Hard Case Protection for your BlackBerry

You may not one want to use a hard case on your phone every single day (though it's not a bad thing if you do - safety first), but it's always good to have one around for those times when you're going to be taking your BlackBerry to places where it's going to get knocked around. There are many forms of hard protection for your BlackBerry. Cases like the OtterBox are the beefiest and offer the most protection and come in different designs. The Defender series adds more bulk, but also more protection, while the OtterBox Defender and Commuter series is slim enough for every day use. Click through to discover hardcases for your BlackBerry!

OtterBox Defender Series
OtterBox Defender Series BlackBerry Cases
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OtterBox Commuter Series
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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Hard Protection Special; Chance to Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!



I have screwed up some devices in the past trying to multi-task and carry too many things at once...

Please save me from doing it again!

Just yesterday I was rushing to class and I quickly whipped out my berry to check my emails. Somehow it got knocked out of my hand and my berry was going at full speed towards the concrete pavement!!! My heart stopped. SMACK! Direct hit. Oh no, was my berry KIA? NOPE!!! Thanks to my Innocase 360 and it's amazing full body protection, my Tour was PERFECT! No scratches, dents, broken screen, NOTHING! Picked it up, said a little prayer to god thanking him, and went on my way. I've always wanted to try out the Otterbox but didn't have the dough to spend on it. Of course I would LOVE to win one! ;)

... which according to the current poll I'm due a few drops in the future. An Otterbox would help me protect my Blackberry for that situation in the future.

That 9700 Commuter Case would be awesome! (as the subject says)

I'm very careful with my 9700, but its always on my mind that its going to get hurt in someway. I would be great to have a case that I know will protect the phone properly and so I wouldn't have to think about it so much.

I once dropped my Bold while walking out of the house. The oem holster popped off my pocket (I don't leave it on my belt) and the corners became battle damaged. Wouldn't have happened had I purchased a protective case!

It was a lazy throw of my BB to the couch and it bounced back to the floor. Everything is fine. I want the Otterbox - please help!

I dropped mine and luckily the only damage was the trackball popped out and I was able to pop it back in. Could've been much worse and this case would help ensure it's safety!

I've got a full house! 2 dogs, a cat, my lovely wife and our amazing 8month old. I never have enough hands when we're out and about. I've always got my son, or my dogs attached to my fingers and unfortunately, I can't always say the same for my BB. It's taken its fair share of drops, but hasn't failed me...yet!

I have my berry on construction sites everyday. There are too many times that my otterbox saved my phone to mention.

When I was on my roof cleaning my gutters & my 8900 fell onto my driveway...needless to say I needed a new 8900...

Iv got the swifel-holster for my 9700. It never dropped but i hate pulling it out of it! So this Case would really solve my problem :)

I haven't had an incident yet (knocking on wood), but the potential for a major mishap with the Tour is there. This case would greatly reduce the chance.

i was visiting some friends in san francisco from Vancouver canada and the their cat knocked my phone off the couch.. please help this not happen!

Without a hard case my BB goes flying in my car. I drive to fast and it slides around. Been throw into the dash or into the door before. I can either slow down or protect my BB. Therefore I choose to protect my BB.

Twice for me and both times in the same week too! D'oh!
I have wanted to pick up an Otterbox Commuter Case for a while now but after replacing my Tour so many times figured it wasn't worth the money. Now that I have a working Tour and 5.0 is out for it I would love one!

Let's see. I'd had my new BlackBerry Bold 9700 for about three weeks when I pulled it out of my pocket to show my friend, and bam. It slipped right out of my pocket, flew through the air, and hit the concrete driveway. Not only did it hit the surface, but it BOUNCED. TWICE. Now there's a "gorgeous" nick/dent in the bottom right corner AND a deep gouge in the chrome on the top. :(

I once sneezed while taking my BB 8330 out of the holster to answer a call and it literally flew. Hit the pavement with a chilling note of finality, but didn't completely break apart. I did, however, have to live with dented, scratched housing and a scratched screen for over a year until my next upgrade. Otterbox would have saved it.... Great contest & good luck to all.

When I was on my roof cleaning my gutters & my 8900 fell onto my driveway...needless to say I needed a new 8900...

i've been lucky so far with my 9700 but we all know its inevitable and you will drop it . thats why i want a hard case to prepare for the inevitable :-)

and the cheap hard case broke but it saved the phone!! With an Otterbox I wouldn't have to worry about it!

The way my phone drops most often is when I get out the car, and I forget my phone is in my lap. Otterbox would have helped me SO many times!

I left my phone on the roof of my car and drove off :( whats not a pretty sight. Many scraps bumps and bruises. An otterbox would have preserved the beauty of my beloved BB

I was out side one day watching my little cousin while his mother did errands. I put my phone down on the side walk to chase after the dog that had run out in the street. As I grabbed the dog turned around to see my cousin scraping the screen of my berry across the sidewalk making race car noises.

i have a crappy no name case and its falling apart wish i had a outterbox so i could stop having 2 get replacement phones!

My dog chewed up my original Storm as a puppy...I think a hardcase would give my new Bold 9700 at least enough durability give me the time to catch my dog before he reaches the actual phone...

I was laying out by the pool getting some sun and starting drifting off into lala land when I went to answer my phone and it slipped out of my hands through the beach chair and onto the gritty concrete below :( an otterbox definitely would have prevented scars

I have the worst luck sometimes. I had my bb laying on the kitchen counter. I opened up the cupboard to get something and I dropped it on my bb subsequently causing my bb to fall onto the floor. I immediately picked it up, only to discover a cracked screen. If only I had an Otterbox...

this will be really sweet to own.. i constantly drop my phone everywhere, last time i dropped it really bad was while i ran to my car and phone came off my jackets' pocket and hit the floor and started rolling by the side like 3 feet, just a few scratches to the case, but nothing serious, haha, its a tough bold !

I have the worst luck sometimes. I had my bb laying on the kitchen counter. I opened up the cupboard to get something and I dropped it on my bb subsequently causing my bb to fall onto the floor. I immediately picked it up, only to discover a cracked screen. If only I had an Otterbox...

Anytime that I've dropped my phone is during the in/out of pocket to answer a call, check email/text procedure. I can honestly say I've been lucky that I have not caused serious damage to my phone (knock on wood). So it would be really nice to win one of those Otterbox covers!

I was in a car wreck, luckily at a low speed. But I was t-boned and my driver's side door basically kicked my butt. Among all the bruises and broken leg, my BlackBerry was in my left pocket at the time. It was essentially Berry-dust after that. Saddest of days.....

I hope this still counts since it happened with another device back before I saw the light and switched to my Berry.
I have cats. Cats don't have breaks.
My phone was just laying safely in the middle of my dinner table, but it turned out to be not so safely after all. My two cats were running around chasing each other, jumping from place to place. One jumped on the table then jumped right back off, the other one who was trying to keep up jumped on the table, slid from one side to the other and managed to take my phone with it. Needless to say, that phone -with no protection at all- was dead. I was pretty upset over losing that phone and I don't even want to think about what it would do to my blackberry...

i've dropped my phone to many times to remember all though i have to say one time i was walking from my bedroom to the living room and my door to the bedroom or rather the doorway to the bedroom i had it in my hand but i still managed to smack it against the doorway when it rang it gave it a nasty chip not scratch chip off of the top left corner of my 9630 ugh if only i woulda had something to protect it with.....

But have not had it that long, my other phone(samdung), was dropped one to many times. I'm sure it help end its usefulness. I don't want that to happen to my curve. Thanks again

At lease a dozen times. Actually, dropped my 9700 the first day I got it. The face has the scar to prove it. Oops!

I have two daughters, one 2 and the other 4 months old...somehow they both already seem to be addicted to my Tour 9630... :)

Being a musician I'm almost constantly hauling my gear around town, with my 9700 in my pocket, taking a majority of the abuse. An OtterBox will keep my phones screen safe from cracking under the weight of my rig against my leg while walking up/down stairs and carrying it through narrow halls and other tight spaces often found in the back of the house in a lot of bars and clubs. Also, with all the jamming I do at loud volumes my phone has a tendency to vibrate its way off any surface in the room. The added weight as well as protection from OtterBox would help prevent my phone from finding its way to the floor and in the event it does, it will be well protected! Please hook up this music man with an OtterBox! I'll write a song about it!!!

Not so much dropped, as it fell. Newborn at home = less sleep, fumbling in dark in middle of night with crying baby, whack off bedside. Thankfully, not broke yet. Without cover, soon i fear.

I used to leave my berry sitting on my bed when I would sleep until last thanksgiving. i knocked it off the bed in my sleep and it hit the hard wood floor after a 5 foot fall. Some of the pixels in the screen were dead after that. an otterbox probably would have saved my pixels.

I ended up with a fairly nice little gouge in the 8330 I used to have when I was drinking and it slid out of my hand onto a concrete patio...

Walked home with my brand new Blackberry Storm.

Was playing with it while driving (Only at Red Lights of course :p).

So when i was about to pull into my drive way i kept the phone in my lap. Of course, when i stepped out of the car, i forgot the phone was still in my lap and it had a very quick introduction to the pavement. Still have the battle scar on the top cornor of the phone!

It hurts everytime i look at it!

I have been careful with my new phone, but my last few models have always kissed the pavement within the first few days of life. Maybe I am just clumsy or my negative energy shield.. naw.. I'm just clumsy.

Running a little late for work one day I called in to let them know. After the call I put the phone on my lap instead of back in the holster (I know, I know, I was asking for it) since I was driving and rushing. When I got to work and jumped out of the car and my poor 9700 went flying. But the worst part is that in my many attempts to catch it I knocked it higher and higher until I missed. Then the whole ordeal came to a crashing/sad end, literally. Halle Berry (yes that is my Blackberry's name LOL!!!) did not far so well. But about two weeks later my micro usb port stopped working and TMobile send me a new device. So Kevin please help me to protect Halle Berry II. :-)

Honestly. I'm just a klutz. I've dropped my beloved  berry so many times. Its still kicking but that might not be the case for long.

I had a case that I liked but one drop and it broke one of the connector tabs and now it does not stay on. It saved the phone though! I would love a great otter case!

I'm always getting mad on people in work and I'm throwing my blackberry on them and i need to fix it once a week.

An otterbox was recommended to me by a friend and it would surely ensure my BB does not have the same fate as my previous phones.

i didnt have any case or cover on my last berry (8130). dropped it many times in my garage, one time i tried to catch it and ended up doing more damage as it smashed off a few blocks of wood, bounced off a car door and down onto the concrete floor...definitely wouldnt have as many chunks of plastic missing from it if it had a case on it

Fell out of my pocket getting out of my car! Wasn't that bad of a scratch, but still! This woulda definitely helped!

Dropped my Tour screen first onto a shopping cart, where it bounced once then landed on the corner of the shopping cart (again screen first), then landed on the floor and went spinning across the room in a crowded grocery. I felt like I was in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when he was fighting for the diamond in the club amidst all the people and the ice...................I think I need counseling. Or maybe an Otterbox Defender..............or me Crackberry, you're my only hope...................

I have a big scratch on the top right corner that would have been really nice to prevent. The phone just doesnt have that untouched look to it anymore :( an otterbox would both prevent new damage and cover the existing damage to make it look its awesom-est again^^

I have the Bold 9000 and was walking past the car and was going to get into the back while a bunch of us were leaving and I dismissing an alarm when the person swung the door open and my 9000 was smacked out of my hand and flew up in the air, racing toward the concrete driveway! I couldn't get to it in time and it was like in slow mo, I just visualized my lifeline smashed to bits and before I could reach it, like a meteor hitting the earth BAMMMM. So it rolled a few times and when I picked it up it looked liked someone scraped it on a brick wall and a chunk was taken out of it and the screened has a scratch. I was pretty close to falling to my knee's and screaming WHYYYYY? These ugly silicone things don't work for me I guess. I just ordered a new 9000 so PLEASE I could really use the Otterbox for my nice new untouched treasure! Thanks for the great contest!

This would have for sure save my BB after it was thrown by my 16 month old son.... Can i have this please???

fumbling with my keys and trying to get my bold 9700 out of the oem pouch supplied by rim resulted in my brand new phone taking a tumble on concrete and putting a nasty scuff on my chrome bezel! WTF! I want one of these!

I am a huge klutz and my beloved bold 9700 is already a wee bit scratched up whenever I take it out of my purse on the go and it's taken a small tumble!

Otterbox would help me out so much, there has been several times where I've accidentally dropped my blackberry or where it got moved off the table. One of these times I'm not going to be so lucky and something very serious is going to happen to my BlackBerry. Please help me otterbox! :) I want to win you.

Dropped it... luckily on a carpet with no damage. But maybe dropping it helped loosen up my Tour's horrible trackball!

I always seem to drop my phone.. usually when pulling it out of the holster. My Curve 8330 suffered one time when it fell and broke.

If I had a shell/cover/case for my 9700, I would have saved its casing from being cracked when I dropped it. My 9700 is my life...without it I would have to carry around a briefcase with a notebook (using real paper & pen) which is so 90's...

One week after i got my bold and a silicon case for it was the first cosmetically damaging Drop. I had left my BB on the seat and as i got out of the car the case slipped off and down came the bold hurling onto the ground. A small corner of the chrome on the back got scratched and the battery cover was scrapped. I felt soo bad for the rest of the day. I actually got a Coveroo replacement battery cover.

I tend to be forgetful at times and always forget where I set my BlackBerry down. Then, I'll start moving stuff around and it usually ends up going flying.

I'm also going to school to be a firefighter. It would definitely help to have a high quality and durable case for during work stuff.

Ah, protection. This reminds me of the time my 8310 met an untimely death. It was a nice day out and I got into a little tiff with the wife about how the BB took too much of my time. Well I was a little heated and the BB was in my hand. I wound up and the 8310 hit the concrete and full force. An otterbox would have certainly helped! the aftermath is here:

Thanks for the contest!

I grip this current puppy tight because I haven't found a hard case I like yet. I had quite a few Seidio cases on my 8310 and managed to break the case versus the phone but the Seidio cases for the 9700 are fugly IMO. So I just have a quick snap on that really won't help me if I drop it on the cement floors at the hospital lol

I am EXTREMELY careful with my 8900, but there have been so many times when I almost dropped it. I really can't afford a new phone, so I would love a case for it. I ride the bus every day to work, and one never knows when someone will bump into you causing your beloved BB to go flying out of your iron grip.

Instead of using the case like a smart person, I dropped it in my pants pocket... only to miss it and on to the floor. Not good

Funny this contest comes up today. Just yesterday I dropped my BlackBerry and watched it bounce, stair by stair, down a flight of stairs onto a tile landing. Now I know BlackBerry's are tough, but I still watched in shock! If I had it in an Otter Box case I would have watched with glee as it bounced stair to stair knowing it would be unharmed.

Just got the BMW 750 of all Blackberries, the BOLD 9700. I had a Curve 8310 before, well, two of them to be exact. One fell in the toilet never to be used again! The second looks like it's been to war from all the times I've dropped it, and my two year old thinking it's a toy to bang things with! My Bold has been fortunate, so far. Hope I get that Otterbox to save my Bold from ME!!

Knocked my blackberry off its cradle and it fell behind the dresser and got all scraped up :p yeah, an otterbox would be nice.

I am always dropping my phones. With my blackberry I have been very careful. But 15 phones in 3 years means this one is destined for problems.

I want an otterbox for my 9630 so that I can be sure that it is protected. I was on a ladder and my belt clip hit the edge of the ladder. It fell about 8 feet, bounced back against the ladder, then slid against the concrete a few feet. Lucky I didn't have too much damage. But this case would ensure I wouldn't cause much more damage to this nice phone.

Twice I dropped my Pearl when getting out of my truck. The corners are all scratched up. I have a tour now and haven't dropped it yet, but I have only had it a few weeks. Its only a matter of time when your accident prone. I don't think I could take it if my Tour got damaged.

An otterbox case would be great. My phone has taken some pretty nasty falls. Its only 4 months old but looks like it has been through a war zone. Each time I drop the poor thing it gains a new "character mark", but still it continues to tick and be a great phone.

I love my new Curve 8530, but I only have it because I dropped my last phone one too many times!! I need a hard case!

Im a firefighter and Im always using my phone at work. Its a rough job and Im pretty abusive on the phone. I currently have a Bold 9000 that looks like its been through a war because of this. Im ordering a Bold 9700 next week and it would be nice to have an Otter Box to throw on it right away to protect it from day one!

My Poor BB Curve 8350i if I had a hard case for my phone before I've dropped it several times while out running errands. For instance I was rushing to get to class and my phone rang as I was trying to get it out my pocket it slipped out from my fingertips coming from the pocket of my pants. As I'm running and the phone drops hits the concrete in the quad of the college I almost trip and fall over a backpack I stop pick up my phone. I'm just then like " man my blackberry is ruined". It wasn't totally ruined by what I saw the screen was scratched some the back battery door had scratches and scuffs and a few nicks but no longer the new look. I look at it now and sometimes wished I did put a good protective case. I SO WOULD LOVE AN OTTERBOX PROTECTIVE CASE FOR MY TAKES A BEATING AND KEEPS ON TICKING BLACKBERRY!!!

well...subject tells all..dropped on pebbled driveway..caught the corner of the device...crack and double crack...lucky the touchscreen still functions but i figure it is only a matter of time.....

My first BlackBerry and it is a Curve. I bought a holster with a belt clip and thought it would be fine. I didn't realize it at the time, but my BB came equipped with an acrobatic mode...when I went to getit out of the holster, it went flying through the air with the greatest of ease. Didn't even need a trapeze! But it could have used a safety net! Instead, it hit the concrete and now I am the proud owner of scratches and a cracked screen. I am going to purchase a Storm 2 soon and not only would love to have an Otterbox, but I definitely need one!

My first cellphone came between me and the pavement when i had a motorcycle wreck. If it wasnt for my phone i would have had a really bad road rash on my hip. My jacket protected my arms and back.

I would never want my blackberry to have road rash like that. That's why i need a case like this.

Please give me this case to insure my blackberry lives a long and happy life. :)

I would have loved this case for when I dropped my storm 2 on the gravel. Now it is all scratched up and beat up looking.

I just upgraded to a Storm2 from the original Storm...I just got it delivered today and am setting it up as I leave this comment.
I LOVE my Otterbox! I have a commuter series on my "old phone". I toss my phone everywhere! Floors, puddles, my basement floor, on my desk, off my desk, in abox with a name it, I'm sure I've done it. The Otterbox is the best case I have owned - and I have tried several. I used to have an invisible shield too, but they only last so long with the beating I give them (the edges start to get gooky).
SO, I am planning on buying a new one for my phone soon - but since this contest came up, maybe I'll wait a few days. It's oh-so fun to win!
Thanks again for continuing to offer great articles and contests - I am a crackberry-addict!

Yes, I dropped it at the gym. I never take it with me, but I forgot my MP3 player and used my 8900 in a pinch. Thankfully, i dropped it by the cardio area where all the floors have that rubbery stuff.

Oh, I can remember the first time I dropped my beloved BB.
I was stepping out of my car with my purse, water bottle, diaper bag and baby in the car seat in my arms and my BB flew out of my purse as I swung that arm around to close the car door behind me and time and space seemed to stop as my BB fell to the ground - worst of all.. SCREEN FIRST! To make matters even worse, the driveway aggregate concrete so it left a nice little blemish on the screen.
My poor BB needs some armor!
Please :)

When I got out the cab the other day, my 9700 decided to visit with the concrete sidewalk. My husband and friends all cringed!

If I had the case on my BB.. I wouldn't have to pay $50 to replace the broken screen. It's painful to watch it fly right onto the concrete ground..

That is what it felt like when I saw my two year old grab it from the coffee table in a blink of an eye and pound it not once but twice against his hot wheels. Sure enough....he did a number on the screen. And of course I did not purchase the insurance on it so had to purchase another 9700 and full retail. Hoping this case could prevent another demolition job if I were to have another oversight like that!

I had a cheap hard case on my berry and I dropped it. The case fell off and although my berry did still work the camera did not. OtterBox would have been the way to go.....

I was once using my blackberry at my nephews soccer game. I was on the sideline checking my facebook when one of the kids accidentally kicked the ball directly at me knocking my blackberry out of my had and into pieces! The back battery cover came off and the battery came out. The worst part about it was the trackball had came out of my blackberry. I couldn't find it in the grass (I found the ring that goes around it though, lol). So I had to try and use shortcuts on my blackberry until i got a new trackball from crackberry. Not a pleasant experience at all, lol.

Drops seem to always happen to me when I get out of the car while trying to hold onto my backpack, a drink, a loose paper, my hoodie, my sunglasses... And my phone, which I lose grip of the easiest. I always try and "kick" it so that it falls more from my foot to the ground than up high haha.

Previous cellphone.... slipped it into my on-belt holster, as I have done many times before... missed the holster entirely and it slipped to the hard floor. Would hate to see that happen to my unblemished BB9700!

I was walking down the stairs to of the train station, and it slipped out of my hands. My Bold tumbled half-way down the stair case. It still works, but the bezel has many dings and scratches now. A case would have saved the look of it.

it was somewhat forced out of my hands by a drunk girl when I was out and about with my friends in LA. I was having a good time, pulled out the 'berry to check the text messages I just got and boom! drunk girl walks by and nudges my arm, 'berry flies down towards the pavement and crack! I was standing in the patio area by the edge and it was just a slow motion triumph...and she didn't even say sorry because she was too drunk. From then on, I have never carried a BlackBerry without a case.

I just got the 9700 from T-Mobile and wanted to buy the Otterbox because I had got one before for the AT&T 9700 and for the Verizon Tour but since I saw this, I'll take my chance and see what happens.

Since I hate using a holster and keep my Curve in my pocket I often launch it out of my grip when retrieving it from said pocket. An OtterBox would definitely give me better protection than my rubber skin!

that one time that it happens and boom u are stuck with that scratch for the rest of the time with your berry .. a real depressing time .. with the case it would of never happened

Would have been a great case to have when my 2 year old grandson threw my phone on the floor. He got my phone out of my purse and like all good toddlers, threw his finest pitch with my tour. I got lucky that time that it just happened to hit carpet, but I don't think I can get lucky twice.

I had a hard case on mine which made the blackberry bigger so it fit really tight into my belt holster. I usually had to crank on it to get it out. I pulled to hard one day and the phone when smashing to the ground. Hard case went flying battery cover went flying. I put everything back together and the top right 1/4 of the screen was no longer clickable. It has just turned out a touch screen. I'm guessing an otterbox case would have prevented this.

I drop my BlackBerry all the time...I truly would love to have this because I can not afford to buy a new BlackBerry at this time if it damages the next time I drop it.

Dropped many a Berry...only the 8830 took a naked, direct hit on the asphalt, which won the battle and took a nice little chunk of my 8830 with it. Luckily, my Storms have taken less of a beating, and the couple times I've dropped them, it's been on a much more forgiving surface. I'm sure my luck will run out one day...

I've yet to drop my 9700. My Pearl had a few scrapes. The worst one was when I thought I lost my Pearl. I brought it with me, had it in my pocket in my OEM case. I did some shopping then returned home. I freaked out when I went to use my Pearl and I couldn't find it. I looked all over my house, my purse, and my pockets to no avail. I went to my car and checked the seats. Low and behold, I had dropped my phone and it slid under my car seat. The back was a little scratched, but the front was fine and still usable.

in my case to have a protector has saved me when I fell on the street and so not qeudaron team marks the fall and did not suffer rapaduras

On a trip to the airport, I set my S2 on to my coat on the center console of my truck. Upon. Arrival, I grabbed my coat and hopped out sending my Berry sliding across the pavement! Note to self, I've got to get an Otterbox!

I'd had my new BlackBerry Storm 9550 for about three weeks when I pulled it out of my pocket to show my friend, it slipped right out of my hand and hit the concrete driveway. To make matters worse this has happened twice and now there's a nick/dent in the bottom right corner a deep gouge on the top.

has been dropped a couple times, because I left it in the
arm rest of car door and opened said door....
Still keeps on ticking.

I have a two year old at home...need I say more...Dude can smell out my phone location If I am not carrying it ...

I've only had my Storm 2 for a few months so I've been extra careful with it, and I've had a few close calls, but I know one of these times it's going to get the best of me and tragically find its way to the damaging ground! Help OtterBox!

I work outside delivering mail and have plenty of opportunity to drop my BB. And I do. The time I could have used an OtterBox the most would probably have been after lunch when I set the phone down on the bumper of my delivery vehicle so that I could rearrange mail for the next portion of my route. Didn't holster it - brilliantly. Obviously, I intended to pick the phone back up before driving off. Of course, I didn't..... As soon as I started to drive away it occurred to me what I had done - just in time to look in my mirror and see it hit the ground. I got lucky with only scratches, dents and it only cracked a little. Next time I may not be so lucky! It's a work phone and it looks like it. Almost as battered up as my hands, feet and back!!

My 9700 hit the kitchen floor the other daughter was the witness. She's like oh my god Dad is it ok!!! Whew! Yep. Thankfully we don't have the slate tile installed yet!

The 9700 Commuter Case would be frakin sweet!

I would love an OtterBox for my new Bold 9700 I just lost my new Bold and had to replace it with of course went my commuter

thankfully, i haven't dropped my device, but would like to be prepared for it whenever it happens by having an Otterbox.

I left my 9700 on the door of my car and I opened the door and it fell on the asphalt. I had just gotten it about three days earlier. There was an ugly scratch on top of it. Had I had a Commuter on it, it would have saved it!

When I'm in the car and I pull my phone out to text or talk (at a red light or course) I end up putting it in my lap, forgetting about it, and getting out of the car. Then my phone shoots across the parking lot!

I have twin toddlers that love to play with Daddy's blackberry. My last bb was dropped more than I care to remember, and caused significant damage. With an Otterbox case - I wouldnt have to worry about my Storm2!

I drive a double tanker milk truck. I go out to local farms and pick up raw milk to deliver to dairies for processing. A couple of weeks ago I was on top of one of my tanks checking the level. My BB was knocked out by the ladder. All the way down it bounced and and was banged up by the ladder until it finally came to rest on the ground after a couple of bounces.. From 15 feet up I don't think I have to tell you it was pretty beat up. Things feel loose in it right now but seems to work fine.. An Otterbox would have been nice!

My last BB went thru a few mishaps via fumble fingers...looked like it survived a street riot with all the nicks and dings...I would lke to protect my new one...pick me!

My last BB went thru a few mishaps via fumble fingers...looked like it survived a street riot with all the nicks and dings...I would lke to protect my new one...pick me!

All due to drops. I even managed to break the venerable 8700g. I hold my breath a little every time I take my fragile little 8900 (#2) out of my pocket. AN otterbox would help so much.

I have dropped my tour and i had a lets just say less than satisfactory case on it and it split right open and my berry hit the pavement unprotected. An otterbox would have been lovely

I was showing a customer something and my bold flew out of my hand. Being a tmobile sales rep, I would have been so embarassed picking my bold up with a cracked screen!

One time I dropped my Blackberry while I was walking on a cement surface and because I was walking when I dropped it, I accidentally kicked across the cement floor which made the damage even worse. The whole front of the case was scratched.

I have dropped my Storm2 twice and have been really nervous about damaging the phone. I would love to get an otter box to protect the phone and have a peace of mind

I cracked my 8330 screen once - if I had the Otter - I would probably still be using that old workhorse. I miss it sometimes.....

Otterbox is the best protection against accidental drops of bumps of the phone. Mine has saved me many times. Could always use another. By the way, the percentages in the poll add up to 110%, so something is wrong.

..dropped my 9700 luckily it was onto carpet, having dropped my pearl many times before passing it on I now know I need a hard case.
please help me with this quest to get one.

i have dropped my storm 20+ times and the worst its ever come out with was a slight ding in the trim. i know around 30 people with iphones and atleast 25 either have a cracked screen or have replaced their screen. i dont use a case and i am starting to think that the movement of the screen is what saves me.

I was walking over a small bridge (10 ft. drop) with my BB in my basketball shorts. The pockets are rather small and sure enough my BB went flying out of them and fell from the bridge. I could definitely use an otterbox

it would have helped me from a nasty fall on a pavement during a site visit which almost destroyed my phone lol

Occasionally I drive with my BlackBerry between my legs in my truck. Once, with my 9530, I got out and SMASH fell the BlackBerry onto the pavement of my driveway. I did have a case on it (though it was a cheap Verizon one), and it flew off as well. Luckily, it stayed on long enough to take most of the damage from the fall, leaving my poor Storm with some scratches near the earpiece :(

*crosses fingers*

The Otterbox is without a doubt the most rugged case out there. I have one now but could certainly use another for an upcoming deployment.

Last time I dropped my 9700, the cheap plastic "protective cover" split in two. Not sure how much protecting that does! So yeah, I could really use one of these Otter covers!!

I have dropped my previous 8330 off of a balcony it shattered on the sidewalk. The one plus of course is that I had the opportunity to upgrade to the 8530

Being a stay-at-home mom, it is inevitable that little hands get a hold of it from time to time. My storm2 has hit the floor more than I care to admit. I even caught them playing catch with it! I like that my 5yr old likes to bbm with family, I just wish my phone could be safer at the same time.

I need a new case fo my phone... this would be perfect... pick me. i had a couple close calls.. this would keep my mind at ease...great giveaway guys!

Already have the otterbox commuter for my 9700, so I don't want to enter the contest, I just want to say if you don't win it's worth every penny, great case

Like most peeps im sure, i forget that i have my phone on my lap while driving and then get out of the car and there goes the phone all over the pavement, If I had an otterbox case on it I would have to worry about this ever.

I've dropped my BB more times than I want to admit. So, if I had this Otterbox, I would feel more secure that my precious BB won't get damaged.

So far I've dropped my storm three times on the garage floor getting out of the car. So far I only have a few scratches from it but my luck may not hold out much longer.

If I had an Otterbox in 1972 then perhaps I wouldn't have crushed my Motherland cell phone falling back to make the save against the great Canadian Paul Henderson. Sincerely Vladislav Tretiak

I'm in the middle of a phone interview. Drop the phone, back plate and battery go flying. By the time the phone re boots and I call back the potential employer has moved on to the next candidate. There goes that chance.
An Otterbox would have at least held the phone together. DOH!

If I had an Otterbox in 1972 then perhaps I wouldn't have crushed my Motherland cell phone falling back to make the save against the great Canadian Paul Henderson. Sincerely Vladislav Tretiak

On roofs, and im always hitting my phone while its in my pocket and i have to have it on me at all times because im also a student and need my emails available. I had just switched to a storm 2 and the stress it gives me every day while its in my pocket it too much! Either way...Thanks crackberry.

Not having an OtterBox is the reason I upgraded from a Storm 1 to my current Storm 2. Dropped the Storm 1 and the call buttons were jacked up after that!

Kids do the darndest things when they get something shiny and flashy in their hands. I really could of used one when my 2yo decided to take of and show mommy the picture I took. Resulting the phone slipping from his hand and banking off the wall and on to the hardwood floor.

I was charging my BlackBerry Curve, and had it sitting on my desk with the charger plugged into the power strip under my desk. I heard my daughter yell, and when I jumped up to go see what was wrong I caught my foot on the charger cord and sent my curve flying across the room to a less-than-perfect landing on my hardwood floor. It still works (at least all the parts I've tried) but was banged up pretty good by the incident. Viva La OtterBox! I need one! These things were made for devices like this that require a little extra care...

I drove over my 8700 a couple of years ago and was forced to upgrade early b/c of a smushed device.

My Storm one had multiple drops with only some scratch and dings. So i bought a little rubber thing...... next drop broke the screen.

Hello storm 2 but i am playing with fire as it is not protected.

I'm the guy trying to talk on the BB and do 10 other things at the same time............I dropped the BB again yesterday as I was putting things in the car while trying to hold the phone to my ear talk at the same time. I need protection!!!!!!!!!!!

My Curve 8330 has hit pavement a few times. However, once, while I was tromping around my in-laws property looking for grouse, I discovered when arriving back at the house that the rifle slung over my shoulder had flip the holster open. And the 'berry was no longer there! Fortunately, I had also been carrying a GPS (geeky, I know) so I followed my same path around the bush again and managed to find the 'berry lying in the snow with only a slight scratch or two! Ah, the things that happen to my 'berry that my manager doesn't know about.

And there was the time my daughter used the phone like a toy car on the gritty hardwood floor - the back panel looks like it was used for batting rocks!

My day is always very busy. I’m a Sergeant in a police department and I am also serving in the U.S. Navy Reserves. To keep everything straight between both jobs, I use my Blackberry on a daily basis. The other day I was talking to someone about a work related issue while trying to open a door and enter a building. During this process I dropped my phone from my ear on to the pavement and scratched it in three different places. I was so upset and bothered by this because I broke the other case I had on it the other night. I knew If I had a hard case on my Blackberry it wouldn't have gotten scratched and wouldn't have gotten upset.

Help me protect it from happening again, luckily somewhat caught it with my foot and blocked the fall slightly.

And I am glad it's just barely scratched at the lower right bottom. Black 8520, only I can notice it really.

Sadly I do notice... :(

I've been research this very very case!!!!!!! I can't afford it though! :-(( I want this case so that I don't end up like my 22 year old son with his very first BB that mom bought for his birthday!!!! He dropped it on the CEMENT after owning it for 3 days!!!! Please help me keep my baby (BlackBerry) safe!!!!!! Please.

I spend some time each day in our garage area, with a hard tile floor. I managed to drop my Tour once in the garage, but luckily it hit a carpet/rug area near the door as I was headed out of the garage when it slipped out of my hands. A case like the Otterbox would most likely save my Tour if (**WHEN!**) it happens again, only next time probably directly onto the tile.

Thanks for the chance and for hosting yet another great giveaway!

This case would of saved me a pant load by now if i had one. I have went through two storm 2 already and i went through two storm 1 before that. i always find a new and interesting way of dropping my blackberry. with the result being the same:nooooooo!!!!!!

My day is always very busy. I’m a Sergeant in a police department and I am also serving in the U.S. Navy Reserves. To keep everything straight between both jobs, I use my Blackberry on a daily basis. The other day I was talking to someone about a work related issue while trying to open a door and enter a building. During this process I dropped my phone from my ear on to the pavement and scratched it in three different places. I was so upset and bothered by this because I broke the other case I had on it the other night. I knew If I had a hard case on my Blackberry it wouldn't have gotten scratched and wouldn't have gotten upset.

I had jn otterbox for my 8830 and it was fantastic. I would love to have one for my 9550 as I find that I drop my 9550 every now and then, and have been fortunate to have not done any real damage to it yet.

I have dropped my Storm and Bold numerous times both have otterbox cases and still look great. I have dropped them on the tile floor in the kitchen, had them fall to the ground when getting out of the car. Each time I look at the otterbox case to inspect the damage and I am always surprised the case looks like new.

My wife just got a new Curve 8530 and could use an otterbox for it.

I dropped my Curve 8900 plenty of times when I had it so it has scratches all around. I've dropped it on hardwood floors, concrete, carpet(not so bad) and other surfaces. Having an Otterbox case would have saved me a bit. Now that I have a Storm2 I think having an Otterbox case would be best as I'm a klutz.

Before getting my latest Blackberry Bold 9700, I was driving on a hot summers day and my phone rang as I went to pull it out of my pocket, which was difficult to begin with, I reached in with my left hand and pulled it out only to fumble it and drop it out my car window while driving. Needless to say the scene was a disaster and I needed a new phone. Now i need a new case for that phone so please let me win !

Yes a naked blackberry is a thing of beauty but a smashed one isnt, a otter box case provides protection without looking like a dog's dinner.

I got out of my car with my Storm in my hand which got caught on the seatbelt as I was getting out and dropped my Storm on the pavement. It now has MAJOR road rash!! Funny thing is, I was at Verizon going to pick up a skin.

0MG EVER since the day I got my BlackBerry™ 9700, that night I had a nightmare I dropped it and broke the screen on it and scratched it alll the way up! Well now I'm scared I'll drop it and break it :( and scratch it and be a bad BlackBerry™ owner :( I'd LOVE TO OWN a otter box but don't have a way to purchase one.. I hope yall can help me with my problem :( love you CRACKBERRY.COM

Lets not let it happen again, thank goodness I could somewhat salvage the full impact with some fancy footwork and my shoe but my 9700 still hit the ground with no protection. I got lucky

So could have used one of these last week. I have the bold 9700. I work for a Car lot. Someone jumped into a car that a customer left running and proceeded to drive off in the car. Me and 2 other salespeople ran after the car to try to stop it before it left the lot. While I was running my Bold FELL OUT OF THE HOLSTER!!!! made my heart skip...luckily it was merely a flesh wound (gotta love Monty Python). And no we were not able to stop the guy....they found the car this morning all torn up.

My BlackBerry Bold 9700 deserves an OtterBox because it truly does not need to take the horrible plunge of its predecessor. All I can say is two-story fall from a balcony, late at night, adult-beverages included...

A hardcase has definitely saved my BB more times than I care to count, like last night when it hit the pavement. I'm a naturally born klutz.

Back in October we were in Forks, Wa. and I was getting Into the vehicle. Just as I was getting in the vehicle I dropped my Tour on the ground. My wife told me I dropped it because I was going to make a smartass comment to her. She thought it was very funny, and of course I was pissed. Cracked Tour is no fun at all. Need Otterbox case please.

Thanks Crackberry!

I dropped my Bold 9700 a few times and I've scratched the chrome on it on my latest drop. Had it been sporting the amazing commuter case this could have been avoided!

I work in a large commercial building which is nothing but concrete floors:( I have dropped my 9700 once and luckily there was only one minor scratch, which would have been avoided if I had a case on it. So please pick me:)!!

I've either almost dropped or have dropped my phones enough that I always get a case. If I get it via this contest, can I just go up the road an pick it up from them directly?