BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Set of Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970
By ObiGeorge on 24 Mar 2010 02:39 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

There are a lot of ways to listen to music on your BlackBerry. Using the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 quickly became my favorite. I was never a fan of the usual stereo bluetooth headphones that wrapped around the back of your neck, they just didn't seem comfortable to me. Thats where the HBH-DS970's differ, they are worn around the neck which feel very comfortable. They also feature multipoint,premium sound, multiple size earbuds, audio controls at your finger tips, and great battery life.

The Sony Ericsson's are hung from the neck, giving you quick access to all your audio controls. The earbuds fit snug and stay snug, with only a few inches of wire (compared to a few feet with standard headphones) there is not a lot of weight to make them feel heavy in the ears, or give you the usual pulling feeling. The headphones also feature AFH (Adaptavie Frequency Hopping), DSP (Digital Signal Processing), and automatic volume adjustment, giving you an overall near perfect listening experience. You won't have to worry about entering a PIN when connecting as the device supports auto-pairing, for a quick easy setup. Also in the box is a total of 3 set of earbuds, waterproof carrying case, proprietary wall charger, and the usual documentation.

Overall the HBH-DS970 is a great accessory. Its premium sound, high quality build, and supreme comfort make it a good purchase. If you want a pair of stereo headphones but don't like the tradional around the head devices, I would highly recommend these. I was a little put down by the proprietary charger but the battery life is so good I do not mind anymore.

CONTEST: Win a Free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970

For your chance to win a free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's would help you through the day. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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I used to use the wrap behind the head bluetooth headset. It sure got in the way alot. Switched back to normal headphones just so I could continue to listen to music while working. These would be perfect (as I wouldn't have to have my phone on my side all the time).


I used to use the wrap behind the head bluetooth headset. It sure got in the way alot. Switched back to normal headphones just so I could continue to listen to music while working. These would be perfect (as I wouldn't have to have my phone on my side all the time).


I used to use the wrap behind the head bluetooth headset. It sure got in the way alot. Switched back to normal headphones just so I could continue to listen to music while working. These would be perfect (as I wouldn't have to have my phone on my side all the time).


I used to use the wrap behind the head bluetooth headset. It sure got in the way alot. Switched back to normal headphones just so I could continue to listen to music while working. These would be perfect (as I wouldn't have to have my phone on my side all the time).


I used to use the wrap behind the head bluetooth headset. It sure got in the way alot. Switched back to normal headphones just so I could continue to listen to music while working. These would be perfect (as I wouldn't have to have my phone on my side all the time).


I used to use the wrap behind the head bluetooth headset. It sure got in the way alot. Switched back to normal headphones just so I could continue to listen to music while working. These would be perfect (as I wouldn't have to have my phone on my side all the time).

bossdragon double posted, so I erased one.


Who couldn't use a pair of wireless headphones to use to get through their day. Blackberry on the dock, with the freedom to move around the office wireless, without others hearing your tunes.....sounds like a good day to me.


This would be cool with my Bold. Would make listening to music easier.


I work at a very noisy warehouse,and it's a must to listen to my BB allday,just to get thru the day.My "standard" earbuds just plain suck,I would be honored to break these in at work.

Halifax Guy

I'll try anything once.


I would love to use these while I am working in the garden.


I'm all about quality and Sony Ericsson is my favorite. I want these...


I would LOVE to win these....would be great to use while working out and then I could retire my ipod. Would be great at work also!!!!


....get through school fasterwhen i am bored.


Wow - I've tried 5 different bluetooth headsets, and I have enough wired headsets if tied together would link NY and LA! These look like best of both worlds, and would be a great addition. Thanks.

juanmarc cool it would be to win this.


When I'm at hockey practice, sometimes my stick gets in the way oy my headphone's wire. This will be perfect so I don't jerk the earbuds out of my ear


I would use them at work constantly. On second thought, it might not be the best thing to have.


Somebody made off with my old headphones!


.. for my long trans to and from work. The majority of the blue tooth headphones don't feel very good. These looks like they migh tbe a good fit.


These would make it easier listening to my tunes on my BB on the walk to University which I do EVERYDAY!

:) x


Would make sneaking listening to music at work so much easier.

I have to hide my BB in my shirt pocket and run the cables under my sweater currently with the wireless set I wouldn't have to hide the BB under my sweater could leave it in my coat.

Being able to control the music player would be nice also because I look funny currently reaching under my shirt every time I wanna skip forward. Looks like I am stroking my nipples under there every time I change songs, gotten a few funny looks from people for that :)


listen to music would help make my work day go by faster


I have a one-hour commute to work and having these bluetooth headphones would make all the difference in the world to me so I can listen to my podcasts on the bus and subway.


I'd love a pair of these as I work in a research lab at my university. I use my Bold 9700 to listen to music while i work and having a pair of these with no wires in the way is a huuge bonus!! Of course it would also be useful in the gym too. A labrat like myself has to keep fit!!!


working in a cubicle 4-Midnight gets quite boring & tedious... these would allow me to listen to music while at work w/out disturbing others around me.

Thanks in advance!


My current Itech BT just broken after 2 years of abuse. In need for a replacement!


Thank you @crackberry for this giveaway. Id reallly like a BT headset for my berry. Talking to phone while driving is illegal in my country.


In my ears @ work without having to deal with the cord tangling? That would help a lot!


I'll be able to work out more easily and I'd love that !


it would give me a reason to start working out again! haha


at work so I can hid the fact that I'm attached to my phone all day long listening to music!


These would be unbelievable to help me get thru very long days at work while away from my newborn baby!


pick me! i never win!


I could use these while drawing my comic book without the worry of the cords getting in the way.

Lan the Angry Panda

OMG this is amazing!! Okay, so I go to the gym every day and run for a few miles. At the moment I use the stock ear buds that you get when you purchase a blackberry... The chord gets in the way and I've inadvertently yanked my blackberry off the treadmill more than once. MY POOR LIL' BERRY NEEDS THESE, NOT ME!! HELP HIM OUT, PLEASE?!?


while working to listen to recordings, hands free!


nice, especially my premium stero headset(OEM) is wearing out

(and i don't have to worry about the buttons' running out of power on me or break...again)


It would certainly get me through work, particularly the tedious parts of the day. Then, after work, I'd use them to rock my way through my run around the neighboorhood.


Good luck everyone.

this would help :
driving and talking , walking and listening to stuff , using blurts app with it :) and many stuff

i had a sony ericsson phone before , and the handsfree headset , whatever it called was great ! and the sound was wow :)


I use my BB9700 as MP3 player too and... definitely it would make me enjoy my music!!


Would be an improvement over getting tangled in wires


Sign me up for a free set please!


Would be great for me. I stream pandora all day at work...cause if i didnt, i would prolly die of boredom.
I have to move around a lot, and am constantly breaking my clips on my holster.


I hate having a cord dangling and since I use headphones all day, this would be awesome to win


I would love to have this being that I can listen to music and not have to hold my bb in my hand while driving already up to 2 tickets......


I sit at a computer all day and having this would make the time refreshing!


anything is an upgrade from what i use with my blackberry. I have been looking at headphones for a while.


Would love to try these!


How many times have you tried to stand up or reach for something forgetting that you are plugged into your laptop serenely listening to tunes suddenly feeling the earbuds ripping out and/or your laptop being pulled off it's perch to certain death? Maybe it's just me.


in addition to the obvious benefit of being able to use these headphones at the gym or on a run, i could also use them to prevent myself from doing physical bodily harm to my colleagues at work! no longer would i have to listen to their babble about nonsensical things that don't relate to their work in any way... instead i would shove these babies directly into my ear canals and drown out their stupidity with some beats while i get some actual work accomplished! productivity++!


Those look awesome. Would love to have!


These would be very helpful for me through the day. During the day when I'm mowing the lawn, working out, or just working in the yard, I could use these attached to my phone and not have to worry about cleaning my hands before I grabbed my phone.


It seems my kids always run off with my headphones...I would love to have a bluetooth set all to myself!!


must win for the riding! i so need these!!!


Would Love to use these while working outside (mowing/landscaping) or working out. I already use the standard BB headphones while listening to my music I've loaded, or Pandora, and it's always a pain routing the cord under my shirt to keep it out of the way. This would be a great solution. Thanks for the contest and the chance to win!! Crackberry = Greatness.


These would be so nice to have while doing my daily workouts in the gym. Please pick me!


let me get what I want....lord knows it would be the first time


The bluetooth Sony Ericsson headset paired with my Storm 9530 would be great on the train or walking the streets.


This would be perfect for the gym! I hate having the long cord from my shure headphone getting caught on everything!


I love sony products


These would be great for communting and exercising, wiht no cords to get in the way!


hook me up CrackBerry and Sony Ericsson


Great for working out at home with my blackberry, no more cables


..on my bike, talking to friends.




It would surely make my traveling time less boring while listening to some cool music and make it a shorter ride.

Will be great to have a set of this!


This would be a nice win!


Winning these would do it


I'd love to be able to use this while listening to music while walking. It would block out lots of city noise.


These would help me enjoy music without background noise.


would loveeee to have one of theseee. i broke the pair that came with my bb =/


This would make riding the Harley even better than it already is......WOOHOO


I just lost my bluetooth headset and have been wanting a stereo bluetooth headset for the longest time so this would be perfect.


Listening to music? From my Blackberry? Wirelessly?! How could this NOT enhance my day?!


These would help listen to music and stay focused on work.


I would use this everyday while working out.


Working on a computer all day, hands free is a must!


Less cord to deal with, and for someone who is very unco-ordinated that can make all the difference.


I could really use one on my long commute to work on public transportation to listen to my music and e-books on my lovely Curve, and I can just imagine listen using my Sony Ericsson's when I finally get a chance to treat myself to a pedicure and manicure (techie girls have to maintain their looks you know - lol).


Wow these would be great!11111111


These headphones would work nicely while I toll away on my 3rd shift job on a computer. My old Sony headphones are barley holding up


I'd love to have a set of these for the gym!


Spring is coming and so is yardwork, which would be much easier without a cord getting in the way.


It would help me kick out the jams as i workout.

my thai

I listen to mp3s/Pandora all day mon-fri. Would love a nice pair of buds to replace my current ones.


I'd love to win these. Ispend a lot of time listing to music on my Tour at work.


I work on cars all day so to be able to listen tomy music without distracting everyone around me, and not have wires tangled around me at the same time, would be awesome.


I would love these. I broke my headphones that came with my 9700, and have yet to replace them.


I work alone so much, this would be awesome!


like the look. would love to own one.


This is a really cool product.


make transportation that much easier . Please pick me


this would make my day that much easier. I hope I am chosen


Would be great for the walk to work to have less cords hanging all a bit!

Drew Oswalt

they would replace the OEM headset that came w/ my 8900. I use them everyday to listen to music while riding the bus or walking around


I am constantly listening to podcasts and music all day long on my blackberry tour. Winning this contest would be perfect because I recently spilled water on my headphones, so one of the ear pieces makes a very annoying fuzzy distorted sound. :(


Music is my Ritalin. If I could listen to old Journey through some great Ericsson headphones, I would spend less time surfing the net and more time being a productive employee, thereby contributing to the greater good of society and the economy.


These would be so convenient, totally the way to listen to music. Would love to win these.


I would love to win, then I could use my 9700 for my mp3 player as well and not have to worry about getting tangled in cords at the gym.


I would love to have this!!!


hello can anyone hear the music ?


well, it turns out i accidentally washed and dried my original headphones that came with my blackberry. if i got this as a replacement i would use them while i work out and to kill time in between classes.


this would help me when i don't want to listen to my mom nag.. lol! and would be awesome when i go jog..


Could come in handy on long commutes, or on a long drive with in-laws!


Day no more...I'm sold


Would love to win this


Never had blue-tooth headphones. It would be nice to be able to listen to music on my Storm without wires getting in the way. Also, Im going to be using Skype a lot now as well thanks to Verizon =D. (Hopefully it will come out for the rest of the carriers sooner rather than later) so this would definitely make talking a whole lot easier too. Either way, great contest as always Crackberry crew. Hoping I'll be the lucky winner!


These would be perfect for when I work out at the gym. I can still listen to my songs and click over if I get a call. If the managers say no phones..I'll just tell them it's my mp3 player too!

Thanks Crackberry!


Those would be awsome


And I will promise to be a good boy for the rest of my life :D


This would be tight, I'm always listening to Slacker on the BB


Hook me up with a win!


Would love to win this! On my phone pretty much all day and this bluetooth would make life easier!


love it to be on my Bold 9000


These would be great for when I'm working out. Less fiddling around w/ the phone since audio controls are much closer. It being bluetooth helps alot. My last wired pair got snagged on a dumbbell & all I had was the jack in my Storm and one ear bud in my ear. The dumbbell got the rest.


I use my Storm 2 as an iPod. I know the folks at work would appreciate if I had these


these would help me at work and school.
i'm constantly on the phone and at my computer at work, and for school online, i can attend the live webcasts and take part in the discussions.

then obviously for music from my storm2 as well.

all in all, free from being tethered to my phone and macbook pro, i have more range to work freely.


I would love to use these while jogging!!!!


riding my bike to work once the weather gets nice. I've got regular headphones, but I'd like to pack my BB away in my backpack so it doesn't get dropped accidentally. This would allow my to wirelessly listen to music on the ride to work.


My headphones just died. What a perfect time for this contest. I could totally use a new pair. I hope I win. :D


I could use these in the morning for music to workout to;
then use them on the train in to work, and then on the train home from work. They'd be great!


Would be nice on long trips & when my wife is asleep.


If I won this I could get rid of the wires. I'm constantly switching the headphones from my MP3 and my blackberry. I could get rid of my MP3 and get a bigger memory to rely solely on my blackberry.


Because I need them. What else to say??


These would be great for the long hour and a half train ride to and from work, i can keep my 9700 out of site and protected from all the people that like to snatch things in these dangerous NYC trains and train stations...


more fun while banging my wife


I would love to win a pair of these Sony Ericcson headphones, because I am trying to obtain a career in the DJ/Production industry. I also do not have any headphone so if I do win I would finally beable to access my music in quite situations. I'd make sure to use these everyday, if I won, so pick me!


This would help me on my daily runs!


looks like a good one.

Dr. VanNostren

These look great, Sign me up for a pair.


With the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 i can finally use my blackberry 9700 for everything music at the gym, email, and social networking.


I want to win the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 because its great for listening to music, wears comfortable, blocks out background noise, pairs nicely with my mobile phone, has excellent sound quality and performs flawlessly as a headset for phone calls. With all these awesome features making my life easier, I just need to focus on being creative and productive to get me through the day.


I need a set for mountain biking! I can't go without my berry!


My workout would be amazing with these, no more holding the phone or putting it in a terrible ipod sport case.

The BlackBerry Massacre

This would allow me to enjoy media on my berry without those darn wires getting in the way.


they would help me drowned out the sound of my pug snoring when Im on the phone :)


Entering Contest to win the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headphones which would be great for working out and relaxing.


I would love to own a good pair of head phones.


These would be nice for doing yard work - no worries about tangled cords.


I have wanted to start a walking working routine and use my BlackBerry as an MP3 player; these would be awesome for that! Good luck to all the contest entrants!


instead of having to switch back and forth from my headphones and my bluetooth, this would be amazing


with these i could just zone out n work it at school,gym,or work...i need these in my pick me,pick me


i could use it out and throughout my day. Specially in the GYM. It'll really help with the workout.


Drowning out the noise generated by my co-workers. And allow me to walk around and get my plots from the printer without disconnecting first.


Cool contest. I've never bothered picking up decent headphones, but love a pair!


Having these would really help me through my workday. Right now I do security on a property right across from a Cuban bar and seeing as I hate Cuban music, I have to sit and listen to it for 6-8 hours a night. These would help me drown out that little bit of hell without affecting my job performance.

They'd be good in the gym too to help keep headphone cables out of the way.

Thanks Crackberry!


These would allow me to rock out with my Blackberry while doing my grad school homework without annoying my wife. And a happy wife sure makes life easier!


I didn't think it was possible, but I believe if you gave me these BlueToofises head phones, we would BOTH be cooler!


it would be a great improvement from my iPhone headphones that I hate so much


would help me on my commute on the train to work!


It's an honor just to be considered


These would help because: 1. It would stop me from snagging my headphones on things and breaking them. 2. I could do my paper round without worrying about the wires getting in the way. 3. I sleep listening to my phone so this would be great so I don't break my phone in my sleep. I hope I win :)


These would be awesome to have because I am in the Air Force and out in the field a lot. These would be such a great thing to have when working out in the field.

Miss Cass

well my purse and cat played a roll in destroying my old pair, so these would be nice to win!


They will help me a lot since I do a lot of travelling


i would use the heck out these headphones. Pick me


Boy these would compliment my 9700 so well.


I like to jog on the treadmill before work but have caught the cord and had my Tour take a spill a couple of times now so I would love to leave my Storm 2 I am getting Wednesday on the bookshelf while I run so I can preserve that big ole piece of glass on that thing.


I'm a contractor at a chemical plant and they would fire me if they caught me using them! Hmmmmm now there's an idea.


I'm always on the go and at the gym so this would help so much.


Oh wow these would be so perfect to help me get thru my 11 hour a day job, because I do telephone work all day, while sitting next to a guy who thinks he has to tell me every freaking second of his conversations with every person he talks to all day long! As if I care, or cant hear whats going on. Oh, and I have very long hair and the behind the ear think dont work for me at ALL! Please let me win.


Being able to use these would make my day fly by alot faster :):)


I love the idea of the bluetooth headphones that are more just like a regular pair of hanging stereo headphones. I listen to music a lot and I hate all the wires associated with wearing them. I also have to do conference calls for my job and the earbuds on the headphones that come with the Crackberry are way to big and kind of a pain to put in my ears and stay. These would totally help out for listening to music and for my work conference calls!!


I love listening to audio files from my berry. Unfortunately, one day not too long ago, the headset wires got tangled up in my bag which almost snagged the right earplug from the headset. the audio is still ok but it got me a bit paranoid about moving freely when i have the headset on. I'm a bit of a messy person when it comes to wires so winning this angel - the Sony Ericsson HBH DS970, IS PERFECT FOR ME.


Damn it....just let me win one prize on here!!


No loopy wires and I could leave my 9700 docked or charging while moving around the office!


I have three kids and work all day. My only time to relax is often my short trip to the gym after work. The problem is all of the guys and girls there who grunt, groan, or try to add running (no pun intended) commentary on everything going on. These would help me tune them out and get to my happy place for a few more minutes! Thanks


This could really make my day more bearable by letting me listen to music at practice. Wireless headphones would be really hard for the coach to see. :)


Would forsure stop carrying an ipod if I had these.

My main concern while using an ipod with headphones is that I can't hear my berry chime or ring. Sure vibrate is an option, but I can't auto set the profile based on if I have my ipod playing or not. This device would solve everything. Bye Bye iPod.


this is perfect. I'd actually be able to listen to my music again. I had to stop because having the headphones actually attached to the berry is not a great solution. These would live in my ears. LOVE IT!


Would be great for morning jog


Would really make getting through my daily exercise at the gym just that much easier!!


I could use a new BT headset.. thats for sure.


meow moew moew ima kitty kat :3


I drive 2 hours a day to work. This would Help Alot!


These buds would make my talking on the phone in the car actually possible without breaking the law now!! Helppp


Oh wow, these would really help me to focus when I'm jogging, doing homework, walking to class. wires are too bulky, so I often go sans music.


i don't own an ipod and music is a part of my life and having this would be much simpler


I travel a lot in my daily activity, in my motorbike. I'm using the headphones from the onyx package for now, and I can't tell you how much it gives me hardtimes. Imagine all the wires that tangles while I'm in highspeed mode. And I heard a lot about the sound quality produce by sony ericsson headphones and it would certainly cheer me up listening to my favourite music in high quality sound produced by high quality wireless headset, while I'm riding my motorbike. Hmmm sounds very nice...........


If the Sony Erricsson HBH-DS970 have already round my neck, why I must looking for another lucky star ?


This would let me talk while driving. Awesome!


...i wouldn't get tangled up in the stupid cord!!!


It would make me miss my Sony even less to have these with me jammin to tunes. I was a Sony Die-hard user, until there was a BB introduced to me, and you know what they say, once you go black, you never go back.


will make life easier!


it would be great to lose the cord. thanks


it would help ear fatigue so that my ears dont get sore.


My youngest and my bluetooth had a tragic meeting so these would arrive just in time for me to keep using my headset!