BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Set of Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970
By ObiGeorge on 24 Mar 2010 02:39 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

There are a lot of ways to listen to music on your BlackBerry. Using the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 quickly became my favorite. I was never a fan of the usual stereo bluetooth headphones that wrapped around the back of your neck, they just didn't seem comfortable to me. Thats where the HBH-DS970's differ, they are worn around the neck which feel very comfortable. They also feature multipoint,premium sound, multiple size earbuds, audio controls at your finger tips, and great battery life.

The Sony Ericsson's are hung from the neck, giving you quick access to all your audio controls. The earbuds fit snug and stay snug, with only a few inches of wire (compared to a few feet with standard headphones) there is not a lot of weight to make them feel heavy in the ears, or give you the usual pulling feeling. The headphones also feature AFH (Adaptavie Frequency Hopping), DSP (Digital Signal Processing), and automatic volume adjustment, giving you an overall near perfect listening experience. You won't have to worry about entering a PIN when connecting as the device supports auto-pairing, for a quick easy setup. Also in the box is a total of 3 set of earbuds, waterproof carrying case, proprietary wall charger, and the usual documentation.

Overall the HBH-DS970 is a great accessory. Its premium sound, high quality build, and supreme comfort make it a good purchase. If you want a pair of stereo headphones but don't like the tradional around the head devices, I would highly recommend these. I was a little put down by the proprietary charger but the battery life is so good I do not mind anymore.

CONTEST: Win a Free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970

For your chance to win a free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's would help you through the day. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Set of Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones



These headphones would be extremely useful in many ways. I am a student/golfer and am always listening to music at school and on the practice range. Whenever I am at school studying and have my earphones in the wires are always all over the place and just an inconvenience. Same goes for when I am practicing golf, I have to try and put the wires down my back and hope they don't move around smacking me when I am swinging. I love music and these headphones would be perfect for what I need!

I am a truck driver and have hearing difficulty. Usually I listen to slacker radio all day but the wired headphones often get in the way of shifting the truck and multiple controls. Wireless headphones would make my day a whole lot safer. Thanks for the great contest CrackBerry. Good Luck to everyone who enters.

My Jabra BT3030 has served faithful for over a year of daily use while I run my route. But, recently it isn't holding it charge. Gotta get a new BT Stereo Headset before it goes all the way or I'll surely go nutz.

the headphones i have now are in horrible shape! i need these headphones to help me through the day relax. expecially at school.


...who would benefit from listening to books on tape wiht these. The fewer wires the child has to deal with, the better. A headphone set like this would make work in my classroom go much easier!

I put in an entry for all crackberry contest and never win maybe I can win this because this would be useful on my mourning runs. Please show me some love just once I help a lot of people on this site

This is the the perfect thing for listening to music with the motorcycle helmet on! No wires makes life so much easier.

These would be great. I work in a small office, but I'm not always sitting still at a desk. This would make it a lot easier to move around.

..they would be free and because i need a pair of headphones bad and i cant afford them cuz im moving!!
please help a fellow berry addict out!

I do a tonne of snowboarding in the winter and mountainbiking in the summer. These would be amazing for both!

i jog 5 k a day and being free from the cord would be awesome my blackberry bold and wireless headphone life is good

I listen to lots of music and podcasts while working and have always disliked being tethered to the BB by a cord. I can't tell you have many times I've snagged the cord and unplugged the earphones.

i jog 5 k a day and being free from the cord would be awesome my blackberry bold and wireless headphone life is good

Sure, I'd be happy to have one of these. Good to know Sony still makes a decent thing or two. I could use one of these to endanger myself by listening to music while I ride my bike or go out walking to work off all the pizza and donuts I've been indulging in lately.

These look awesome. I hate having to either wear that ugly armband thing or putting it in my pocket! This would allow me to just simply lay my phone anywhere when running on the treadmill.

I have not used a set of bluetooth headphones. These could be my first! haha. Thanks for the info and the contest.

Theese headseat(and many others) are best used when the phone plays hard to get- the inner pocket,down in the suitcase(purse), on the back seat... And sure, the sport activities,all kinds of them, but most suitable for those that include running... Why? Cause theese are LIGHTER than the other ones -that wrapped around the back of your neck- like the man says...

These would be so great. I hate the behind the ear headphones that slide all over my head when I try to run, or pop off my head when I'm working out. These would be a wonderful addition to my workout repertoire and would let me get that extra push from my great sounding music. Hope I win a pair!

I need a great pair of headphones to go with my new BlackBerry. I use Pandora all the time so a good pair of headphones is greatly needed. The headphones I have now are extremely irritating with the cord that seems to go on for miles. With a new pair of headphones, I'm pretty sure I'd be upgrading my Pandora account and listening all the time.

I would use these when I do yard work, go for walks and am working on inventories after hours at work. You know all the things I use my wired headset for that consistantly keep pulling the earphones out of my ears!!!!

Congrats on starting the 4th year of CrackBerry off with a BANG!!!!

I have been eyeing the Rokr by motorola for easy listening when I play poker to be able to control everything easily. This would also work great :-) hint hint nudge nudge

I'd use those to give me music to help motivate me to walk and exercise more instead of sitting around and being a "potato."

would love these headphones as I travel a lot during the day on the subway to meet clients all around downtown, would be so helpful to have to listen to some cool tunes on my Bold of course!!!

These would be wonderful! I have a pair of the wrap-around-the-back-of-the-head kind and am not too fond of them either. Id love to have these! Please.

Can I be the winner? I want these. Thx for the contest. Good for your blackberry, especially for those who hasn't got any bluetooth device.

Crackberry! Please!

I've had my eyes on these headphones for the longest time now. Unfortunately, I just can't fit them in my budget. I could use them to be more productive on the computer as well as be safe in my vehicle. PLEASE, Crackberry! PICK ME! I promise you, I will put them to great use! :D

Having this would headphone set would make life around the office THAT much more enjoyable! =)

like many people I use headphone on a daily basis and they always get tangled up and are a hassle to untangle. Having this Bluetooth headphones would cause me a lot less hassle on a daily basis and i would greatly appreciate it.

ooo this will help alot
no more wires will listening to muzik as well as no more tikets while driving and it will look awesome and stylish


These would be fantastic for downtime at work, and there isn't a long sloppy wire dangling in the way! Would be nice not to have to carry my ipod at work anymore too!

I would use them on my motocycle for on my long ride to work. The way they are built would allow them to easily fit under my helmet. Plus I have yet to win something from crackberry.

These would totally help me because I love to her music and also learning a new language and these would definitely help because my blackberry is my music player as well.

I have a pair of BT headphones that I barely use because they are so uncomfortable. My cranium is of the larger variety, which does not fare well in the one size fits all world of electronics. I would love to be able to listen to Pandora throughout my day comfortably. Please Let me Win!!!!!

these would be great! working as a scientist it would be awesome to not have to reach to far to change my volume or switch songs while jamming to my black berry... please oh great gods of crackberry grant me :D

these would be awesome to work out with...behind the ear headphones are usually annoying but probably not as much as the ones that hook around your ear! worst headset invention ever!

These would be an immense help in my day to day life. First of all, my headphone port has broken, as it has on the numerous other blackberries i have owned. This constant breaking is caused when the wired headphones i would use would get stuff on the many things that seem to like earphone wire at hip height. Therefore, on my next BB, if i have these headphones, i would stop constantly worrying about whe my headphone port will break.

these bluetooth headphones would also help me get back to my usual routine. i used to wake up and start getting ready with the iheartradio app in my ears. Then, as i am walking to class, switch to Pandora. Sadly, both of these practices have been cut out of my life...a big deal for a D.J. and Sound Engineer.

I never knew how strange it was to not have music at the gym. i literally dread going to the gym for the simple fact that i wont be able to listen to music. something that would reduce the joy of my workout considerably.

i won't bore you with my sad life any longer...suffice it to say that these headphones would be a God send. and i would never forget the BB news website that made it happen :)

i am a range kid on the local golf course. for work i drive a suzuki around and get golf balls hit at me for a living. i no fun right :) but anyways i usually bring my zune or lately my Storm 2 with me and my crappy RCA cheap head phones. thing is after i "pick" the balls i have to wash them. putting them into crates and carrying the crates to a golf cart and then the ball washer. When i carry the crates my headphone cord gets tangled usually in it ripping the head phones out of my ears. id like to be able to still listen to music even as i wash the balls in the loud old washer but with the cord its difficult thats why these bluetooth head phones would help me alot in my daily work ;)

when i go to the climbing gym, i could climb and listen to music without worrying about my precious bb falling out of pocket!

I like to listen to music while I work on various goals in my life. It keeps me motivated and positive to the extent that I am able to accomplish my goals and surpass my expectations in every one of them. Unfortunately, when I want to focus on my goals, I am left focusing on not getting my headphone wires caught on anything instead. Using the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 would help me to regain my focus and get me back on track, to achieving!

Thanks for the chance CB!

WOW!!! I love you guys in CrackBerry and Sony Ericsson. This Sony Ericsson bluetooth headset is super cool!

During my commute to school I would be using them to safely call people while driving. In between classes I would relax with a music break with these babies. Then more safe driving and talking on the way home. Choose me.

great for me while I'm at work. I'm always listening to music on my bb and I'm in need of a new headphone. This would be perfect.

I use my BB to listen to podcasts and Slacker/Pandora. I have the connection to listen in my car. Having the Bluetooth headphones would bring my podcasts/music with me every where I go (and be able to listen in private).

Thanks, CrackBerry!

I would love to have this. I got to college and my campus is ridiculously huge. I hate having to unwrap my head phones and have it all over the place while I'm rushing to classes. This would be amazing. I could pretend to be listening in class and listen to some music instead to get me through them because let me tell you, you learn one thing in college real quick: you don't need to be in every lecture!

Well i guess the reason's i would want win a pair are
1) i always use my blackberry in the morning and afternoon on the subway here in Toronto and i always have to take out the blackberry to change the song..sometimes it's to crowded and well i i would like it because i would be able to keep my phone in the pocket and change the music via the controls on the headphones.

2) I have had times when it's rush hour and have had my headphone's wires snag on someones bag or purse and then they happen to be getting off at the next stop and wham....out comes the earbud....having these headphones would lessen the chance for that to happen.

and last but not least....

3) Sony has a good reputation in making headphones that deliver premium sound without emptying the blackberry headphones do not have that premium sound and i for once would like to NOT hear the trains wheels squeal as it comes to a stop!

that's it for me and wish me good luck!

I could really use these. I spend hours listening to medical board review mp3s and hate being constantly tethered to my phone.

I could use this when I close my job at night. I could put mý phone in mý holster and listen to mý fav tunes without thƺ hassle of æ mop or broom ripping headphones out of mý ear every 2 seconds. I could also use this one thƺ bus on mý way 2 work. I'd løvƺ one of these.

There's have been on the market for a while. I actually picked up a pair of these about 3 years ago. I absolutely love them!

Great idea - I would really like these headphones - thanks for the contest - PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME !
thank you,

These will def help me throughout the day because my work day gets very boring and im sick and tired of using these worn wal mart headphones. Help me:(

This would be a huge help while doing work around the house! I have regular bluetooth headphones, but they are not earbuds, so doesn't really filter sound out too well. When I cut the grass, I can hardly hear my music.. This earbud bluetooth headphones will block out that outside noise. Perfect!

Many times I work in rough terrain on foot. With wires swinging around off my ears I often have one side or the other popping out. I have tried the over the ear design bluetooth head sets, but the sound was very poor quality.

Please choose me, I listen to music everyday and I need a headset now that oregon passd the law that we can't talk on the phone and drive without a headset. Please choose me.

These would totally help me stay on task at work. For one thing, I could really use it because of Multipoint. I have a work phone and my BlackBerry, and having two headseats is not an option. Secondly, while making my rounds, I can listen to my totally awesome playlists on my BlackBerry.

Always ride the public transport to school. I listen to Pandora on the way. I could use something better than the stock blackberry headphones. The cord dangles and gets caught when walking around. What a good idea!

These headphones would let me keep my phone in my pocket or in my bag without having to expose it. I have to walk miles everyday and BELIEVE ME it would save me TONS of trouble just by not having to take my phone out to answer/make a call or to listen my music. PLEASE PICK ME!

Im a full time student in college taking an overload of classes and working with crazy kids!! Plz make my day a lil better with sum grat music w/ some great stereo bluetooths!!

id be able to go to track practice without my headphone falling out my ear. theyd also be free from my blackberry or ipod do that id have some slack in the head phones to run freely without having the headphones come out the socket because its too short. i could used and armband or somethin. this would really help

Man, I could totally use this! I walk my dog everyday through a trail system for a good 1.5 to 2 hrs a night or every other night and I have a set of corded earphones to plug into my 9700 (it is my main multimedia player, F*** iPods), but totally lack the same Bluetooth function this could bring to hear phone calls or notifications come through. I cannot use the the supplied ear buds that BB provides in the packaging, as they don't fit right at all!

Would love to win a pair as my first win for a contest here. Cheers Crackberry nation!

The headsets would help accomplish video editing and setting schedules for the month a whole lot easier. Great contest!

My entire family uses my headset all the time.

It would be totally amazing to have something just for my BB.
I have 7GB of songs on my Storm I have yet to listen to!

Plus, I finally perfected my Bluetooth skills. Blackberry addiction is a good thing.

I listen to your podcast and songs all day long at work. Need it to get through the day and this will help me from missing any phone calls too.

Please disregard this post. Using old BOLT Browser and my touchscreen seems to be infinitely more sensitive today. * for contest entrance, please referr to previous post.

They would help because I could have something to put in my ears to not have to listen to my coworkers.

Considering that I spend at least 3 hours each day on the Toronto TTC subway, these headphones will make those 180min go by a little quicker.

Also having no cord stick out of my pocket would be nice, aethetically, for a change.

Please and thank you!

This would be wicked for the commute to school! I can listen to my music and answer the phone wirelessly with my phone, and store it in my pocket easily unlike bulky headphones; man do I hate those. What's not to love about these!

I have the Motorola blue tooth head phones now, You are right they are very uncomfortable I would love a pair of these so I can go about my work without the discomfort


I would love to have a pair of these! I mostly walk to work with my blackberry 9700. I listened to my radio with a regular set of headphones but having this would be much easier than unplugging my headphones to answer a call then reconnecting it when i want to listen to music again. Hope I win.

I just lost my headphones and this would help me listen to my music easily while using Viigo on my BlackBerry 8900.

I'd like one so that wjen exercise I can lay on the weight bench without something on the back of my head.

This will definitely solve the messy wire problem from the default wire headset which once made me trip and fell down when doing my routine training session on treadmill; and a good way practice BODYJAM without irritating wire and also the need to strap my Bold while doin the Jam. Just the accessory i need!!

This will definitely solve the messy wire problem from the default wire headset which once made me trip and fell down when doing my routine training session on treadmill; and a good way practice BODY JAM without irritating wire and also the need to strap my Bold while doing the my Jam! Just the accessory i need!!

This will make working out at the gym or going out for a run a lot easier. It would feel more comfortable with headphones that hang from your neck over wrapping around. Wrap arounds feel awkward while running.

Would be awesome to get these. I'd love not having to worry about a headphone cord being connected to my tour and where to carry the tour. Would also be great for working out or jus jamming.

I am in the Army and quite frequently, we run large distances and after a while, one can become quite exhausted...

The Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 would allow me to listen to music on my BlackBerry Bold 9000, distracting me from the long run and allowing me to continue with no loss of motivation!

I usually use my Blackberry to listen to music, yet there are times where the cables just get in my way and makes my blackberry fly. So bluetooth stereo headphones sounds like a great solution!

This would be so nice to have. I would eliminate my MP3 player out my tech bag if I had a set of these for my Storm 2. I'm using my Storm 2 for a lot of multimedia as it is and this would just top off the experience when I want to listen to my podcasts during my lunch breaks and down time.

5 days a week allows me a lot of time to listen to headphones, but in my work environment, wires are bound to get caught on something and ripped out. These would help!

These certainly would make campus life easier. Other than the fact that people may stare at you like you're crazy because your headphones don't plug into anything. But hey, live life on the wild side. At least I would know that I'm actually listening to my music through cutting edge technology. Oh well call me crazy.

I listen to pandora almost nonstop on my bb and I've gone through so many headphones that aren't awesomified with bluetooth capabilities!! They be one heck of a money saver!!!

how awsome is this puppy...!
with this set i could retire the standard pair that came with device...
the less cables the better...

bring it on sonny...!

I would love to have a set of these. I currently use a decent pair of wired headphones, but I have been wanting to go wireless as I have had them violently yanked out of my ears if I drop my phone. But the main reason I want these, is I have an hour long bus ride, each way, to and from work. That's 2 hrs of bus a day. It sucks! Music at least makes it barable.

Please hook me up crackberry! These look really sweet

Being able to use these in a work environment such as crunching numbers for tax season and not having to worry about cables or co-workers being able to overhear your music ( some choices of music are not work friendly) would be a life saver. I can see these being of huge use. Great offer and a great product. Would buy a pair if I had the extra $ for it. Thanks for the chance to win a pair!

I would be able to listen to my Kenny Rogers and John Tesh collection while I attempt to work out and one day be able to see my feet again! Plus,for every prize I win on 100% of the proceeds go to earthquake victims and people born with no sense of humor.

To use at work with hammer drill and rig will be able to listen to music and tell when the phone rings. No long wires to get snagged in bushes.

These would be great for when I travel. Each week I spend about 8 hours a day on a train listening to music from my BB and this would be much better than a basic corded set I use today. Thanks for the contest.

These headphones would benefit me because listen to music every day I'm listening to music on my blackberry 9550. music is my life I'm always looking for new music to listen to since I'm a drummer. If I win these I will always use them.

I would love these because. Listen to a lot of music and this would offer a seamless transition between music and phone calls


I have been eyeing wireless headphones for a long time, now. The ability to listen to music without actually hauling around the device itself (be it my laptop, BlackBerry or whatever) is really appealing.

I travel quite a bit - stuck for long times on an airplane (especially to Australia and back for work at 16 hours a hop) - not having a bunch of wire to get tangled up in while resting would be great.

Thanks for another cool contest!

Every morning I get to work at 530 am and have to get my office set up for that day's work (a 45 min process)... It also happens that my cup of coffee in the morning is MUSIC... but none of my coworkers listen to the same type of music, so I end up having to put headphones in and everytime I snag the cord of my BOSE headphones on something I cringe (The reason I do not wear my BEATS by Dre in the morning)

Yesterday I finally gave in and ordered some Motorola S9's because I just had to have some bluetooth headphone to get me by during my early morning routine. I was very hesitant about the purchase because of the wrap around style, but figured I would have to learn to deal with it.

Well today I end my routine like I do so everyday by getting on during our daily morning meeting and I see this post! These would have been perfect had I seen them yesterday!

Any chance you guys want to trade a pair of S9's for these????

Right now I have some music on my storm but only really as emergency music. These would probably change that. Very nice.

This would give me a way to listen to my tunes and would keep the wires ou of the way of the forklift controls. THat is the problem with usual headsets. These would work out great and would end the usual lull of the forklift motor. Thanks for the great contests.

I think this headphones would make life much easier for me! I love listening to music but it's always a hassle to carry the usual headphones with me (cables always get tangled up) and it's not too comfortable to have cables from your eyes directly to your pockets.
This not only takes that away but also let's you control the music right from the device! It's wonderful, I hope I win :D

I would love to have this. I'm on the phone constantly either for work or friends. This would distance those tumor causing waves away from the cerebral. :~)

i recently broke my Bluetooth headphones (rocket-fish fake ups of the Motorola rokrs)and because I didn't have them i was in a car accident recently, thankfully no one was hurt and it was n't my fault but if I had both hands on the wheel it could have been avoided.....

These Sony headphones would make my life easier at work, at the gym, anywhere, anyplace I choose to go, and leave my MP3 player at home.

I listen to music at work all day long. I have been using my iPod touch, but if I won these headphones I wouldd be more apt to use my Blackberry to listen to music. I could listen to Pandora or Slacker Radio and maybe hear some new music and get interested in a new artist or even an older artist. These headphones would definately make my work day easier, I would not have to keep up with my Blackberry and an iPod touch, I would just have to keep up with the Blackberry.

Sony is a great brand, and I can see these headphones being of great quality compared to most cheap brand headphones. I am at work 10-12 hours a day on my blackberry 65 % of that time, and at the gym also with my blackberry. Let's just say I ALWAYS have my Berry. I listen to music throughout out the day and at the gym. This would be a great asset to me. Thanks for always offering awesome products!

If I had these, I could truly sit in comfort all day while listening to my favorite tunes on the Blackberry Tour. How awesome would that be...really???? No more tangled wires!

Sweet! I've looked at these and several others for a long time, and I agree, I dislike the wrap arounds. Have a set of those Motorola headphone and they are so uncomfortable. Wearing these would just make it easier to listen and take phone calls and are well hidden.

with the daily stress in life .. music always helps me get through the tough days ... and what better way to listen to my music then with these new headphones

I would be able to use my 9000 to listen to music on the way to school and my Samsung P2 on the way back!

We just moved offices, so now I'm on the train for 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute walk to the office. On top of all that I trying to lose about 75 pounds so I'm in the gym at least an hour a day. These headphones would make those changes so much easier to deal with.

With Spring here, it'll soon be time to start the mowing again. Would be great to have these wireless headphones to wear and keep my mind off the task.

These sound so much better then the headphones I currently have. I would love to try them out!

a comfortable bluetooth headset that has excellent battery life...I'm definitely in. Thanks for another great contest, John

I am so tired of tangled cords - plugging / unplugging - crappy sound - and poor fitting headphones. This would be amazing to win! Thanks for yet another great contest!

I would so love to win these. I have a set of Motorola that I also do not like because they are not comfortable. I use them while working out and working in the yard. Thanks CB

There are too many ways to list that the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 would help throughout the day. So I'll just list the ways it won't help...can't think of any...Sony offers up the best quality and this is no different.

I would use these headphones during most waking hours ... They would be perfect for working out first thing in the morning along with my morning run ... Then off to work where I could listen to Pandora or iHeartRadio while in my office with only one of the earbuds inconspicuously inserted in one ear freeing up my other one for calls that may come in on my desk phone. With these, I could be ready for incoming calls from either one at any time. After work, listen to some audio books on Audible, then off to bed to do it all over again! --- I agree that the behind the head style don't allow for nearly as much freedom of movement as these would. I hope I win!!

I've used my Blackberries and other phones to store music for years. I use my media player a ton. This would be a frequently used peripheral.

I am employed as an IT tech.. this would be GREAT while I work. I am always running around everywhere like a crazy person and music would help so much in keeping my sanity. and answering calls at the same time would be INCREDIBLE!

I wear headphones everyday to drown out the idiots in my office. The problem is that I go headphones like crazy because the cables are too short and I also hit them with my leg and rip them out of the computer. I really need bluetooth headphones.

Music gets me through my long work days, every day. Listening to Pandora, Slacker and my own MP3s would be so much better through these headphones!

Just a few days ago a co-worker of mine was boasting of his bluetooth headphones for his iphone ): and if I win these SONY ERICSSON'S awwwww man how much dirt will I talk.