BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Set of Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970
By ObiGeorge on 24 Mar 2010 02:39 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

There are a lot of ways to listen to music on your BlackBerry. Using the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 quickly became my favorite. I was never a fan of the usual stereo bluetooth headphones that wrapped around the back of your neck, they just didn't seem comfortable to me. Thats where the HBH-DS970's differ, they are worn around the neck which feel very comfortable. They also feature multipoint,premium sound, multiple size earbuds, audio controls at your finger tips, and great battery life.

The Sony Ericsson's are hung from the neck, giving you quick access to all your audio controls. The earbuds fit snug and stay snug, with only a few inches of wire (compared to a few feet with standard headphones) there is not a lot of weight to make them feel heavy in the ears, or give you the usual pulling feeling. The headphones also feature AFH (Adaptavie Frequency Hopping), DSP (Digital Signal Processing), and automatic volume adjustment, giving you an overall near perfect listening experience. You won't have to worry about entering a PIN when connecting as the device supports auto-pairing, for a quick easy setup. Also in the box is a total of 3 set of earbuds, waterproof carrying case, proprietary wall charger, and the usual documentation.

Overall the HBH-DS970 is a great accessory. Its premium sound, high quality build, and supreme comfort make it a good purchase. If you want a pair of stereo headphones but don't like the tradional around the head devices, I would highly recommend these. I was a little put down by the proprietary charger but the battery life is so good I do not mind anymore.

CONTEST: Win a Free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970

For your chance to win a free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's would help you through the day. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Set of Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones



continue my relaxation through audio devotionals and classical music. My wife and children will definately appreciate that :-)

I use the blackberry headset to listen to my music. I'm always scared of swinging my arms while running and nicking the cord and my blackberry will go flying. This will be great to solve that problem.

These would be nice to use when working out. Don't have to worry about the phone dropping or anything like that.

I'd enjoy it, but my dog would love it more because she'd get to go on longer and more frequent walks.

The Sony Ericsson bluetooth headphones would be a great replacement for my wired earphones that I use with my Blackberry at the gym. At the same time I can even answer calls without having to worry about huge dumbells falling on me!

I'm always on the go and would love to listen to my tunes via these awesome bluetooth HBH-DS970's!

Spring these babys on me CB!

I hate fumbling through and untangling the cords for my headsets while at the airport. This would be a time saver.

It's not a million bucks, but, it would make my life great to have a set of these babies. I travel a lot and always use my phone for listening to music. O'yea, and making calls too.

As with most states, Washignton State is "hands free" and I have received 2 tickets already for using my cell while driving. I also use the 8350i so I am on the PTT more than the cell and that requires hands. This Sony Ericsson Bluetooth would save me money by not getting anymore tickets.

I donate plasma twice a week and my facility just stopped their free wi-fi because of people downloading stuff. So now I have to carry my phone and my iPod just so I'm not bored out of my mind. Having these would be really handy so I could leave the Nano at home.

Less devices = less hassle.

Thanks for the chance to win guys.


These look like they would be comfortable unlike those MOTO stereo bluetooth. Plus they look cool too! Good job SONY!

I constantly find myself having to take my headphones on and off at college, with this I could just wear it like a necklace all day and never have to worry!

Less time spent messing around with wires = more music time.
I would love a pair!

It's spring break and soon summer will be here. The 7 and 10 year old from next door scream like banshees and I have no insulation so I hear it all the time. These would allow me to listen to my tunes on my Blackberry...yeah, I got Itunes to sync!

this would help me not get anymore tickets for being on the phone while i drive vancouver passed a law recently and im already 3 tickets deep

I have to answer calls all day every day. With my current earphones I can only keep one bud ear while the other listens for the phone. The Soney Ericsson would help a lot with the controlling the volume for a better experience.

As a music holic im always in the look out of earphones that can help me get the best audio experience possible and i believe this will help me a great deal.

1.- bluetooth auto-pairing is a quick and easy way to leave behind the torture of configuring a new Bluetooth device.

2.- No Cables it's a most for me as they are always getting tangled and i always forget that I have earphones as i get too comfortable.

3.-High audio quality wirelessly delivered from my beloved BB 9700 to a state of the art headphone with a slick design

I hope this are enough as i would be repeating myself over and over if i keep adding more reasons :D

Thank you Crackberry for the opportunity of winning this great accesory

I listen to music and watch vids while commuting and working at least 12 hours a day. Stereo BT is just what the Dr ordered.

having this headset would prevent the near strangulation I endure daily at the gym due to my wired headphones. No more getting them ripped from my ears due to getting caught up in the weight racks. For the love of god, please let me win this contest, I never win anything ever. Just this one time. I beg of you.

I like my premium BB headset, but they always fall out of my ears when I'm walking or doing anything that's not standing still, usually because the cord is being pulled by my BB in my backpack. This would make things so much easier and would actually make me want to use the media player functions of my phone a lot more!

sitting in a box all day, being cable free lets me slide in my rolling chair from my desk on one side of my office to the other without worry of tugging or pulling my mp3 player to fall off the desk!

Will work for me when I am in the gym on my treadmill. Good companion for every other place as well..

no one else comment. it's my turn to win.

these would be excellent on my train ride to and from work. hell, at work, too.

I like my premium BB headset, but they always fall out of my ears when I'm walking or doing anything that's not standing still, usually because the cord is being pulled by my BB in my backpack. This would make things so much easier and would actually make me want to use the media player functions of my phone a lot more!

I already have a pair but I sure cold use a second pair for at work. I use them when I am riding my bike and they work fantastic. I would love to be able to keep a pair at work so I could listen to MP3's in stereo as well as using my phone at work.

Those earbuds look quite comfy. I assume there's just one set up for grabs. I'd sure like to win these. I have no ear phones anymore.

It would've be great to at least hear how much battery life the reviewer got with the one they have, and where the best place to wear the unit on their clothing. If its not in the back (like sun glass lanyards), I am not so sure of the benefit

I just happen to be looking for some headphones for my Storm II. From Obi's description, these sound like a great choice. Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

I have a 30 minute walk to my college each day from my apt. I usually go back and forth at least 2 times a day, sometimes 3. The worst part about it is that my normal bluetooth headset is mono only so i cant listen to music. And my headphones are only that, headphones so i can't listen to music and then when a call comes in switch to it...makes things hectic.

I work in email customer service so my whole day is spent emailing and listening to my iPod. The only reason I dont listen to my BB is that i cant find a good pair of headphones that i like....Please pick me!!!!!

I forgot to put why I would like these in my earlier post. These would be nice to use while walking the track in the park

Having a set of blue tooth ear buds would make my life easier at college by allowing me to leave my phone in my pocket or my backpack when listening to music between classes. Also I wouldn't constantly be getting tangled up in the headphone cord. Thanks.

These would finally give me the ability to listen to my music without wires constantly yanking my BB out of my holster!

Too cool. I bought (and returned) an over-the-ear-headband Bluetooth headphone that touted 2 mics for perfect noise-reduced, interference free conversation and superior listening quality. Turn your head to look at something and they'd slide off your ears. Let's go back to the in-ear buds and enjoy our music and conversations again!

I work with my hands and The Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's would allow me to keep my BB in my pocket and still do my job after all its difficult to use sign language with a BB in your hand. Also, they would just be awesome to have while taking my daily walk, my current headphones are always falling out of my ears, they would be good to have while in the car (safety is important) and last but not least I would just love to have them....

These would help me through the day by helping me drive safely by keeping two hands on the steering wheel.

Thank you crackberry

i have LG BT headphones, the crappy uncomfortable kind that wrap around the back of your neck..ugh

i live in new york, i listen to music on those long subway rides and these headphones would be perfect..wires are lame!

I'd put my BlackBerry in my Camelback and go running using these BlueTooth Headphones. My iPod crapped out and running without music sucks!!!

I would LOVE these! I've been doing quite a bit of travelling recently in between work, hospitals, and visiting my other half, and not being tangled up in cords would make life a lot easier!

I would love these! I'm always on call for work, but still need to take evening walks to improve my health. This would sure make the workouts exciting!

I think that I might just have to walk around and not speak to anyone unless they called me while sporting those sweet bluetooth ear buds mmmhmmm

This would help me quite a bit during my daily DDR segment. As I dance, It is difficult to keep my BlackBerry on me so I have a long extension cord. This would make life much easier :)

i would be able to use it in my car to listen my music and take calls w/o needing to pull my phone out and therefore have less chance of crashing.

BTW i have no ipod or a nice radio on my car whatsoever so i have to rely on my 9700 for music even on my car :S

I have an hour long trip to class (one-way) every day and both my shures and my sony earbuds are dying. this would help a broke student so much!

these headphones would make kitchen life alot easier with no wires to get in the way while cooking food for all the cornell kids.

this would be great because I could leave my phone on the charger at work and still walk around the office and listen to my mp3s!!!!!

I would use this for those quiet moments during work when I need to jam out to something without the hassle of cables..

I walk to work everyday listening to music on my 8520, and i take 20 minutes to do. Also i lost the rubbers of my native BB headset, so it would be great to win these :)

The headset that I have been using was the one that came with my Storm and it isn't working anymore. This would be great to get.

i deal with "crazy ppl" all day music is the only thing that keeps me calm. i have an ipod but i much rather prefer using my blackberry to listen to music cause we all know blackberrys are awesme and apple well its a piece of crap. i just need some good headphones so i can drown out my boring life andescape into my own world of music. i wanted to invest in some headphone namely the diddy beats head phones but theyre $140 if i could get some of these that would save me a lot of pennies

these would make working out a bit easuer! my wires always seem to get caught up in the equipment, this would help alot!!!

I so could use this at work and at the gym. No more tangled wires and the wrap around types give me a headache.

i've always wanted a pair of bluetooth headphones but most of the ones over the last few years have been ugly as sin

Man I would love these I bust my ass building the boeing 747-8 and these would defiantly help those long overtime days pass. Hook me up Crackberry!


CB you must have read my mind! I cant get through a gym workout without my BB and my tunes. Everyday I watch a guy walk around with his BT headset on and I am so jealous-swearing I am gonna get me one! I have even changed from the ones that came with my Tour. They are a terrible fit!

Please pick me! I am tired of watching and wanting! Let someone be envious of me!!!

CB you must have read my mind! I cant get through a gym workout without my BB and my tunes. Everyday I watch a guy walk around with his BT headset on and I am so jealous-swearing I am gonna get me one! I have even changed from the ones that came with my Tour. They are a terrible fit!

Please pick me! I am tired of watching and wanting! Let someone be envious of me!!!

I'm on the phone constantly when I'm out of school and even sometimes in school. Having this would definitely help and is a definitely much more convenient way than my currently phone holding.

I currently live in Toronto, and here we have a law where we are not allowed to drive and be on the phone at the same time. This would definitely help me on that note and on the other hand, I also listen to music a lot. I had the stock earphones that came with my phone, but after using it for a while it is now broken and I do not have any replacement ones. I also go to the gym and this would really help.

I'm so tired of my cord being pulled from my phone accidentally and an embarrassing song starts blaring on a packed bus. Please help!

These sound so much better than the ones that come with the bb>, I would love to win a pair I block out the kids and wash dishes listen to my music on my bb.

Im tied to my desk all day with wires mouse and keyboard as well as many usb cables all the time. Would be nice to have one less wire to worry about. Pick me please. :-)

i am that person thats always running, working, relaxing while listening to music... i would really love to have the head phones because it would help a lot throughout the day because i wont be getting tangled in the cord or yanking them out of my eat.

i recently lost my stereo bluetooth headset and using wired headphones is a pain when working out, running, and at at the library because i cant leave my BB in a corner somewhere on the table, has to be on me because of the wire. SO, i would love to win this headset, i hope i do!

I'm listening to music at home or at work all day long. I am always linked to my Blackberry or MP3 player and its often difficult with cords hanging around me. I've looked at buying this style of bluetooth headphones, but never was able to. I would love to use these. They would be part of my daily life.

I walk to and from the office every day and having a pair of bluetooth headphones would make it so much nicer... no cord to dangle down and get in the way or get tangled up.

These would be great for me. Not only would there be no wires to snag and send my BB crashing to the floor, if the sound quality is as good as advertised I could also use them with the Bluetooth on my home theater receiver while watching late night TV. Everyone else could sleep soundly and I could still enjoy my movies LOUD, the way they were intended. Send these my way!

I gotta win the Ericcson stereo headphones; my Mom lives with me and she is 86 and deaf so she shouts at me all the time. With these awesome headphones I could ignore her screaming AND listen to tunes. And just smile at her. This is a true story. Really. Kinda sad, very true.

AD2P will make me enjoy music anywhere,even when driving the car. Like the color! And the music display of SE is the best I think!! And I won't miss any call!! Fantastic!

Definetly different. Something that would be cool to have since I am shopping for a new bluetooth anyway

I needed because i use this handsfree to listen my music in the office while doing my work and manage my phone calls without carry my phone on the pocket and no risk to damage during my work

Hey cb nation i would love to have this for my storm 2 so please please pick me it would make my day so much smoother.

I go biking so this would be perfect! I won't have to worry about my regular headset falling since these hang around your neck.

This would enable me to listen to my music at work and not disturb anyone, be able to walk freely throughout our clinic and not have clunk wrap arounds on. I would love to win this and it would make me a more productive and happier worker. Thanks for the chance.

I believe this is the first contest I've entered on here. Anywho, I don't believe that headphones "help" someone in their everyday life. Especially when it comes to driving cause driving with headphones (at least in illinois) is illegal. But I work from home at night & I listen to music. So rather than wake someone with loud music I use my headphones & my phone. With these I won't have wires getting in my way as I type & I won't have to carry my phone with me if I need to stand up to get papers.

These headphones would come in great use at the gym and when doing stuff around house. Also would be good for working on my car when 2 hands are needed. Please CB pull thru let me win :)

I work in receiving at a department store, and when I try to use normal earphones to listen to my music, the cord keeps getting snagged on a box or whatnot, either disconnecting the cord from my device or pulling a bud out of my ear. Very annoying and easy to damage a set of earphones this way. These bluetooth headphones would take care of that problem.

These would be awesome to use at the gym. My headphone cord currently keeps getting in the way of everything I do, and it's just slightly too short too.

I loved this product, when i was going to the gym. Unfortunately my old ones broke. Please help a brother out.

this headset would be nice and im guessing that these earphones sound better than the stock ones also.

These would be great to have. With them I wouldn't have to worry about a cable getting tangled on various things any more.

I have been waiting for this kind of headset for my Blackberry Bold.
Stereo, and convenient, and great audio quality. A great win!

This would be great for me. Since my ear phones always get tangled and I'm always pulling them off my ears or breaking them by catching them some where. These would be great for me so I can just not worry bout wires getting pulled out while I'm working.

this would help me in two ways.

1) i have a neibgor who complains on me every time i play music, even if at small volumes, but i like to clean my appartment with music. problem 1 solved!

2) i take mass transit so i am always using my headphones/phone and the cord always gets wrapped around something.

and extra way this would help me? my cat would no longer think its her play toy.