BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Set of Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970
By ObiGeorge on 24 Mar 2010 02:39 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

There are a lot of ways to listen to music on your BlackBerry. Using the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 quickly became my favorite. I was never a fan of the usual stereo bluetooth headphones that wrapped around the back of your neck, they just didn't seem comfortable to me. Thats where the HBH-DS970's differ, they are worn around the neck which feel very comfortable. They also feature multipoint,premium sound, multiple size earbuds, audio controls at your finger tips, and great battery life.

The Sony Ericsson's are hung from the neck, giving you quick access to all your audio controls. The earbuds fit snug and stay snug, with only a few inches of wire (compared to a few feet with standard headphones) there is not a lot of weight to make them feel heavy in the ears, or give you the usual pulling feeling. The headphones also feature AFH (Adaptavie Frequency Hopping), DSP (Digital Signal Processing), and automatic volume adjustment, giving you an overall near perfect listening experience. You won't have to worry about entering a PIN when connecting as the device supports auto-pairing, for a quick easy setup. Also in the box is a total of 3 set of earbuds, waterproof carrying case, proprietary wall charger, and the usual documentation.

Overall the HBH-DS970 is a great accessory. Its premium sound, high quality build, and supreme comfort make it a good purchase. If you want a pair of stereo headphones but don't like the tradional around the head devices, I would highly recommend these. I was a little put down by the proprietary charger but the battery life is so good I do not mind anymore.

CONTEST: Win a Free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970

For your chance to win a free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's would help you through the day. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Set of Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones



This would be great to have. Working valet gets pretty boring on slow nights so I tend to blast pandora for a few hours to stay entertained. I would much rather have bluetooth headphones for listening to my music than just the single speaker built into my berry.

leave the phone on the treadmill and not worry about it while i jog, it would help me to reach my goal of losing 20lbs :)

These headphones would help me in many ways especially at work I'm an emt and in between calls having a Bluetooth headset would be awesome and I also do web support for a company and build computers so not hearing everyone while I work is greatly appreciated

Lets face it the Motorola stiff brand are not comfortable, Jabra had a nice set for awhile then discontinued them, and for all those that use their BB to sync with Itunes through the BB Media Share and want to wear them while at work without being noticed.. these are perfect.

help me through the day so I can rock out to Pandora, or answer my phone all at the same time, w/out being constricted to a mass of tangled wires from headphones to my computer, and headphones for my phone while at work!

I would be cool to use when I am at work and home walking the dog so i can listen to music without too many cords getting in the way.

I need to move between my desk and work area constantly,and while my sennheisers sound good, they do not work well on the move.

In the military, and currently training for a return deployment to Afghanistan. These would be great to have during any downtime from the madness, since even my Bold2 goes to war with me =)

These would be great for the gym and for running. 6 days a week im doing some sort of workout, and the clunky ear buds with volume adjustment i use just get in the way! Love to have a set of these!

if I had Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's, i would not stuck in my movement that caused by wires in every activity i had. because i cant live without music. i just need those stereo bluetooth headphones to make my life easier!

I could def use these at work. i currently use reg headphones but the cable always gets in my way and i am stck to my desk when listening to music i cant even freely move with out unplugging them.

I work with heavy rotating machinery and I can't were my headphone because I have to worry about the cord getting caught on some of the rotating gears,so this bluetooth headset would work out great for me.

Since I use my bb as a music player now, this would work great for my workout days!
Please consider me.

These look really nice. I would love to have a pair. I used to have the Motorola stereo bluetooth headset and they were nice until it started shorting out.

These would be great as I drive back and forth to work each day. Hands-free calling is a must during rush hour traffic. No more fumbling around trying to hang on to the phone or dealing with background noise from having my phone on speaker!

I am always worried about digging out my phone, but with these I would never have to touch it. Leave it in the pocket and go!

I've been looking for a stereo bluetooth headset so I can listen to music when I'm sitting around. My current bluetooth is lagging so a combo set would be awesome. I can't stand the ones with the head bands.

The adjustable ear pod sizes would help me. The ear pods that came with my phone are made for Mickey Mouse I think.

Would be very awesome to be able to listen to music with my device sitting on the desk and by just using the stereo bt headphones

I always listen to music on my BB via streaming radio. A sweet set of headphones like this would definitely be put to use and used to the max!

Exactly what im looking for when it comes to my workouts. To add, i have a long walk to the office as well in fridged cold temps. Would be awesome not to have to fidget around with wires!

Ok I do alot of yard work for myself and my 72 year old mother inlaw. I love to listen to music on my blackberry. The bending over and down all day while using wired headphones is a great pain. They get caught on my knee, belt, tools, everything. I begin to get frustrated fast and tend to stop listening to my music after awhile making my day less enjoyable and very long. Sony Ericsson hbh ds970 bluetooth stereo headphones would greatly improve my day and my life.

I can sync a bluetooth headphone to my work phone and my BlackBerry, so I would be ready to take any incoming call at any time.

Agreed this would be perfect for the gym, so I don't have to worry about the long wired headsets getting caught on the machines or treadmills!

I would love these because of the in ear type buds. I had the Motorola bluetooth headseat and they went out. This would be nice.

i still have the headphones that came with my bb storm2. Although they are useful i hate their cord. if i walk by something and the cord gets caught in something then theres a chance it will pull the phone out of my pocket and drop it. it has only happened to me once so i been very careful ever since. i imagine going cordless would eliminate the problem completely

i still have the headphones that came with my bb storm2. Although they are useful i hate their cord. if i walk by something and the cord gets caught in something then theres a chance it will pull the phone out of my pocket and drop it. it has only happened to me once so i been very careful ever since. i imagine going cordless would eliminate the problem completely

This would be perfect because I use my Blackberry as an MP3 also, I'm always got my hands tied on the forklift ... having this would be less hassle changing songs

These headphones would be great to listen to my podcasts with PodTrapper (best podcasting app ever!!!). They would also kick butt listening to all my radio stations streaming through the oh so awesome service. Oh I should also mention At Bat 2010. Would be nice to have Bluetooth headphones which could last up to 6 hours so I can listen to an entire baseball game. :-p And last but not least how about Skype for Blackberry? It's coming out tomorrow and I can't wait to use it on a daily basis to keep in touch with my friends and family. Once again this bluetooth goodness would make all my crackberry audio addictions so much more enjoyable!!! Pleaaasssseeeee let me be a winner! :-p

Let me get them music ear speakers!!!!!!! ROO to the BRUHZ with the Blackberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUES with them Berry Yum YUMS!!!!

For one, they look realy light and comfy making my ears feel better. Second, my big thumbs wouldn't be getting caught on the cord and ripping the ear buds outta my ears. Damn those cursed cords!

I have used bluetooth stereo headsets int he past, but they have all been over the ear and very bulky for everyday use when moving around. This int eh ear set with the sony quality would be great and very easy to use.

I like the idea of those. I would be able to put my phone in my lap so it does slide around the car without getting tangled in a mess of wires and steering wheel. Yes please!

would love a set of these to replace my headphones and separate bluetooth. Hopefully this isn't a second post...I can't tell if my first comment made it.

The monotonous work that I have to do around the house and yard is unbelievable. The only way I think that I will make it through this spring would be to win a pair of these... Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's ... from the wonderful contest!!!

it not help me through my day when i go to take my son to school i listen to music coming back but for some reason the headphones i have when i plug it don't go on it doesn't get detected by the phone i have to pull out a plug a lil so when i walk i'm constantly having to mess with the plug and working out is the same thing i have all my music on my phone as it has become the center of what i carry with me...

I would like these so I can use when I am riding my bicycle and streaming music from my blackberry. When I am out on 100 mile plus rides having some tunes is nice and with these headphones, it would be nicer.

would be awesome to mow my lawn and use my BB as a radio so that I don't have cords getting all tangled up!!!!

would be awesome to mow my lawn and use my BB as a radio so that I don't have cords getting all tangled up!!!!

I listen to music all the time, and since leaving my iphone (5 month ago, or so), i have missed the option of controlling my music (besides play/pause) without using my phone directly :P

those would fix that :P

this would be really nice cos I know Sony ahs very good sound quality. comfort is very important.

I bike to school and work each day. There has been a few times that my knee has caught the cord and ripped my headphones from my ears. Even one time when the phone was torn from my pocket and took a nasty fall onto the pavement Luckily I've got a new BB since then. These would also be great for working out, I always choke myself on the headphone cord. It always frustrates me when snowboarding too, I have to dig into my pocket to change the song.

These would eliminate so many of my problems. I've been wanting a pair of Bluetooth headphones for the longest time, but being the poor college student I am. My extra money needs to go to beer and keeping the girlfriend happy, and she wouldn't be happy with me spending a bunch of money on headphones. She already hates my Blackberry... Please and thank you CB.

Headphones would be great for work, as analyst I sit at my desk all day, losing the wires from my current headphones would be great.

I just bought a pair of S9-HD and hate them. I use my Berry while biking and don't want the extra wire hanging down.

these head phones are awesome i've used them before and loved them, i wanted to get some but haven't yet and they are great to have around the office, especially when you're on third shift. hopefully i can win a set of these as an early bday present fingers crossed

love to be the lucky winner. I use my BB for more than just listening to my music on my BB. I'm using the headset that came with my original Pearl and just can't stand the tugging! Crossing my fingers.

I have a blackberry storm 2. I think that this bluetooth stereo headset would make a perfect couple for my MOVIES and MUSIC playlist. I'm always on the road, so this would make for a awesome addition.

My floor has been inundated with new staff and as such the noise factor has gone through the roof! I could use these babies with my BB 9000 to listen to the music I've got stored on it, and hopefully retain my sanity!

Don't go to the gym but when I'm working I get bored and put my phone on speaker listening to music bothering other people and with this well no 1 would get bothered

I work long hours and am a avid gym junky. The only time I get to go to the gym is really early in the a.m. This would be great, the blackberry headphones are always getting tangled in the glove box. This would be easy to just put on and get going with out having to untangle them in the low light of my car. I'll spend a good 5-10 min just trying to get them strait. Even if I don't win, still love the sight.

Considering the problems I am currently having with my existing Bluetooth setup the timing could not be better. It is very interesting how the universe provides things at just the right time. I have my clear intention of winning and thanks for the contest.

Im always on the go, and constantly working. These would of great benefit as I wouldnt have to keep changing out my headphones for my headset, ETC.

thank god i was looking to get one and i cant afford them anymore since i got budget cuts i work at a school. this would really help me out i needed a headset for a while now
please please please

Of earbuds. I would love to be able to listen to my music around my desk without having to tote my phone around every 2 seconds when I have to get up.

I work on an assembly line which involves me doing the same thing all day long, I'd love to listen to music without the bulk of my blackberry in my pocket :)

I just recently had to chuck my BB headphones and have been looking for a good replacement. This would be perfect! Thanks, CB!

These would help me drown out my wife's stupid 'cake boss' and other moronic reality TV shows!! Please pick me...

These would be great for working out, I'm saying just in case you haven't read the other thousand posts saying the same thing. Haha. Also, these would be good for work. So, it'd make my life easier when I'm working and and working out.

Im sure everyone has that person at the office where their voice is like a nail.....scratch that....RAILROAD SPIKE in your temple. These headphones will keep me sane.

Every spring, I get on the lawn mower, crank the tunes and sing my lungs out. Neighbors, passerbys, my family...all stop and listen. Problem headphones crapped out last season. So...I could really use these to make myself and whole town a little happier because I am singing all season long on my mower. Thanks.

i could benefit from this bluetooth stereo earphones during my workouts and even on the train ride to work... good luck everyone

I have been looking around for a good pair of bluetooth headphones for my blackberry. I constantly have my current ear phones falling out of my ears when I listen to podcasts or Slacker on my Tour because the wires hit my laptop back strap and get tugged off. This device would let me hear a full song!

I work in a warehouse in a company that doesnt allow music to be played through our computers. I am constantly moving around lifting boxes, and ripping my head phones out of my phone which I usee for my mp3 player. this would be awesome to have as I am fanatic about my blackberry and dont keep it in my pocket at work, b/c I dont want to mess it up when lifting things. These headphones would give we the freedom to still jam while I work and keep the trusty BB in a safe area. PLEASE PLEASE CHOOSE ME! lol

This accessory would benefit me pretty much everywhere; at work, in the gym (yeah, right), puttering around at home, and traveling.

I have a Motorola wraparound, but I've never been able to use it for long without my ears starting to ache.

I have the most annoying motor mouth idiot that works in my office and I really could use something to help drown out his annoying stories about all his explosive medical issues.... ugh.. SONY... TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My previous pair of headphones have broken recently, so I am in need of a new pair anyway. These would be really useful for exercising as I wouldn't have to worry about the long wire bouncing around and pulling them out of my ears. I really do enjoy my music and am suffering without any headphones at the moment!

This would allow me to listen to music while sitting at work. I could leave my Blackberry in the charger and still be mobile enough so that I do not have to remove my headphones every time I get up, turn around, etc.

Ahhh... relieve my stress with music, allow me to get to business with the mic, wrap around my neck for a jog and all looking cool at the same time... that's what all accessories should shoot for.

Send one my way and know you've put a hard working person in a stress free zone :)

This would help with my workouts. I'm always afraid of dropping my berry. It would be great to leave it on a stable surface near the treadmill and use these instead.

I would use them to and from work.(and maybe sometimes at work! LOL) Long Subway ride and with these the time would just fly by.

I can only think of using them to listen to my music stored in my tour while my family nags and complain that I'm not listening to them....comfortably!

Would love to have a replacement for my old plantronics stereo BT setup. Those broke on me back last year. `

This would truly be a blessing for looking for work and walking my dogs Lucy and Truman.

This would be a great complement to my BB experience,as no wires adds a wonderful ELEMENT to listening to music,calls,
videos, you name it! Plus Sony has great products when it comes to music.Hands free is the way to go Baby! Get it for me,please

These would be great to have while mowing my yard. I always listen to music while mowing and having all the cords from the headphones just get in the way. This would be the perfect solution.

It would be great to win a pair of these. Why? Cause my old hands free set just crapped out. I'm on the road a lot during the day and need a hands free headset.

I am trying to do a lot of biking this summer and bluetooth headphones would help. No wires to get tangled up every were!

I am a berry addict itching to find new ways to abuse my berry, I sort of listen to music now but hate being limited in my berry's movement when attached by corded headphones. Bluetooth would allow me to listen freely with great quality and use yet another feature of my wonderful berry.

I commute for 1 1/2 each way here in NYC. I need to sound out all the ruckus on the subway. and not get wires snagged by others! I could really reall use these!

I work in an "Open Office" environment. This would be nice to help drown out the offending noises that coworkers make through out the day. I might actually get some work done!

Just what I've been looking for! I would really really really like this. I've don't think I've been excited so much about anything. Please, please pick me, pretty please. Did you notice the alliteration?

I was using one of the first Sony Ericsson, blue tooths, battery won't hold the charge long enough and the clip doesn't clip like it used to. Used it all the time, Car, working out, yard work, including mowing the lawn. Please let me win, they will be put to good use!

I'd love to have a bluetooth stereo headset like this. Right now, just have the wired headphones, or earbud headset. Trying to hear calls in the car through one ear only with noise in the other ear is terrible.

I love Sony products (second to BB, of course)and would love to win a pair of these babies to go with my Storm2!

I bought one of those Motorola wireless headphones and they are bulky and makes my head look deformed (I shave my head) so i look like an alien when I'm at the gym,decided to go back to my old i-Tunes POS earphones instead, need I say more (sigh)& this baby looks like it would fit the bill just nicely :-)

I definitely want in for these. I use a pair of Moto s90's now and they are bulky as heck. These will be a lot easier to use surreptitiously at work :)

To drown out all other ppl on my train as they blast their crap music through their crapppy white ipod ear buds, drives me insane, medicate me with these sony bluetooth earbuds !!!! :D

having stereo bluetooth would make music all throughout the day a realistic option. thx for the chance to win one.

These would be great. I love the bluetooth technology and the ear buds are the only kind of earpieces that fit in my ear.

These would be perfect for listening to Pandora at work. With a wired headphone, I'm tethered to my phone, which is totally lame.

Im a mail carrier and these bluetooth headphones would make it easier to listen to music while i do my work especially on the hot summer days.

I always get the cord from my headphones caught on everything. I use public transportation a lot and have even broken a set of headphones as it caught on a train armrest as I walked by. This would be a great help!!

I am a person who LOVES listening to music on my blackberry, but the headphones that comes with the bb are very uncomfortable, so having 1 of these Sony Ericcson headphones would be Totally awesome !

as if i already dont use my blackberry enough, it'd be great to have this. i don't own an ipod or anything like that so i don't really listen to anything personally. the weather has been getting warmer and ever since the beginning of the year a made a resolution to start walking again so i could lose weight and get that "body for the summer" as they all say. i just wish i was able to listen to music in my ears in stead of listening to music from the back of my body alternating to the front of my body. that is just silly, lol. it'd be a great thing for me. great giveaway, and good luck to everyone!

In my job, I'm on the road and in different places between seeing clients. These ear phones would help make it through that time tremendously.

It would be awesome to have these. I have to move around and do alot of lifting at my job and my Blackberry stock earphones always fall out.

these would help me during the day because i don't currently have any stereo bluetooth headphones. going from nothing to something definitely helps.

I would love to have these they would help me because i takes lots of notes while on the phone and i write while listening to music on my bb so not having a cord plugged into my BB would be awesome.

These headphones will make working out more tolerable and I could also use them at work and not worry about them getting in my way!

These would come in handy since I like to sit back and relax to music when I don't have my kids and when I'm not working or at school

this would help me a lot from my everyday commuting, i won't have to bring my phone out when ever i need to either change the volume or skip a song ^^ bus from coquitlam to UBC takes a freakin 2 hours >< so i have a long commute

I would love these! The 1/8" connector on my current ones is currently getting into that "you must hold me in a certain way or else audio quality will suffer" mode. Not having to worry about that would be great!

If i had this i could drown out the noise of all the idiots at work who ask me silly questions about things that they have been trained in and should know.

I would absolutely be so grateful to have a pair of these bluetooth headphones. I ride my bike a lot and I am usually listening to music while I'm doing it. I've always wanted a pair but with three kids it's just not in the budget. Thanks for having this contest...Jeremy.

Everyday theres at least one incident when my headphones get caught/tangled with something or other and my blackberry or headphone jack shoots out of place!

These would make my day so much easier, Id be able to listen to music without introducing my BB to the cement...again!

Thanks for the awesome contests!