BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Set of Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970
By ObiGeorge on 24 Mar 2010 02:39 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

There are a lot of ways to listen to music on your BlackBerry. Using the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 quickly became my favorite. I was never a fan of the usual stereo bluetooth headphones that wrapped around the back of your neck, they just didn't seem comfortable to me. Thats where the HBH-DS970's differ, they are worn around the neck which feel very comfortable. They also feature multipoint,premium sound, multiple size earbuds, audio controls at your finger tips, and great battery life.

The Sony Ericsson's are hung from the neck, giving you quick access to all your audio controls. The earbuds fit snug and stay snug, with only a few inches of wire (compared to a few feet with standard headphones) there is not a lot of weight to make them feel heavy in the ears, or give you the usual pulling feeling. The headphones also feature AFH (Adaptavie Frequency Hopping), DSP (Digital Signal Processing), and automatic volume adjustment, giving you an overall near perfect listening experience. You won't have to worry about entering a PIN when connecting as the device supports auto-pairing, for a quick easy setup. Also in the box is a total of 3 set of earbuds, waterproof carrying case, proprietary wall charger, and the usual documentation.

Overall the HBH-DS970 is a great accessory. Its premium sound, high quality build, and supreme comfort make it a good purchase. If you want a pair of stereo headphones but don't like the tradional around the head devices, I would highly recommend these. I was a little put down by the proprietary charger but the battery life is so good I do not mind anymore.

CONTEST: Win a Free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970

For your chance to win a free Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's would help you through the day. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Set of Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones



Music is my Ritalin. If I could listen to old Journey through some great Ericsson headphones, I would spend less time surfing the net and more time being a productive employee, thereby contributing to the greater good of society and the economy.

I live at the gym and use my BB to listen to music. I spend way too much time as it is adjusting the wires to my headphones. Please, help me knock off precious minutes off my routine!

Almost had the first comment. Darn login procdure. See, if I was more focussed with my headphones, I would've noticed that I wasn't logged in. :-)

I'm always catching wired headphones on something and ripping them apart. This might cure that problem!

That would totally make my biking and hiking experience much easier without having to worry about getting tangled in all the wires.

Simple.. I currently use the headphones that came with my blackberry. With my work, I'm constantly hanging out in networking closests, crawling under desks, and the like.

The current set, aside from being not that great... constantly get me tangled in other wires and rack posts, and such.

A wireless set would help eliminate that.. and if I can actually listen to music on a decent set of headphones.. to quote my co-workers: 'Maybe you'll be a bit of a happier individual'

Ill now be able to multi-task while the wife is whipping and shouting at me to make the dinner :(

Would be great cuz they are worn around the neck which feel very comfortable and wont get in the way> will make things much easier $ me!!

Well considering a bird flew off with my BlackBerry™ head phone I got a new pair that are terrible, these would be great because I could keep these in my ear whole my phone is elsewhere because I'm always gettin my head phones caugh on something :( I neeed them pleaseeeee!!!

Would be nice to listen to my music with my Storm on the desk and no cable attached to it. That way if I have to get to the drawer behind me, I wouldn't pull my Storm off the desk and have it hit the floor (not that it's ever happened once or twice before).

can you imagine working in a book depot? boring without music. my ipod shuffle broke, so i'm full on phone now.

Between my work commute, time at the gym, and just roaming the streets, this would definitely help me out a lot

The Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's would def make my gym life easier without getting tangled up in those long wires of a typical headset!

This would be a great way to start. I'd be able to use it during my commutes back and forth to work, as well as at work. I'd love to get the opportunity to use this with my new Blackberry 9700.

These would be awesome for the gym, since I won't wear one of those dumb armband holder things while working out.

Looks awesome! This would eliminate the need for me to carry my iPod, phone, headphones for iPod, charger for iPod...and not have my purse BUGLING to the extreme. For a gal on the go, YES PLEASE!!

I use my BB to listen to AM radio (FlyCast). Would love to not hold my phone on my shoulder in order to hear.

As a university student with a girlfriend, hands free is the only way to go. Talking on the phone consistently is a pain on my hands and to be able to just walk and talk would make my day that much easier. Being able to drive with both hands would now be possible lol.

Would help me through my day listening to MLB games at my desk on my BB9700. Then I could use them at the gym to prevent tangling,

I am a Homecare Nurse and winning these Bluetooth Headphones
would help me answering and making calls to my Patients without interupting my Work !


These sound awesome. I have been looking for a good pair of headphones!! This sounds like it fits the bill.

I was just trying to figure out if my Blue Ant Z9i could be made to play my music from my Berry. Alas, it cannot... These would be PERFECT! I used to weigh 400 pounds and am down to 325 and can actually work out now. These would be a great tool to help on the next step to fitness!

hit me with music, brutalize me with music! One good thing about music, is when it hits you you feel no pain... I would love to have a pair of these.

The Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 would finally make the lines between work and play a blur. I would love to try these out to finally bring some simplicity.

I listen to music all day long while at work on my BB. I would be so nice to be wireless. There are enough cords on my desk I really don't need more.

I've wanted a pair of bluetooth stereo headphones for the longest time. A friend of mine had one of these and let me try them out. They were awesome!! Lightweight, awesome sound and easy to use. Highly recommended to anyone. Please send me a pair of these so I can experience that great sound again!


I listen to music while working (helps with the stress) and these would definitely help out my They don't always like my taste in music! So please, for their sake (and mine) let me win!

I would use my new headphones when listening to my music throughout the day. The headphones would come in handy when I go walking everyday in the afternoons.

I've entered every contest lately and still no luck. I would love to end that streak with this contest. I currently own Motorola S9 headphones but they are bulky and battery life isn't great. Help me out!

That would make working out(haha) but working on things whilst listening to music better then having those nasty cords hanging down...

This would be great when filling up the bread shelf...I could still work AND listen to music in STEREO without missing a cool... Miley Cyrus on the bus, but people around me seem to get quite annoyed (judging by all the dirty looks I get). This would let me listen in peace (although I'll never stop singing along)

How would this help me? Really? You have to ask?
Well as long as you did. I could walk my dog while listening to slacker radio, In fact i would almost never have to turn it off, I couold listen no matter what I was doing...


It would be awesome to listen to my tunes at work and still be able to answer calls with the same headset on my phone. Please let me win this dude.

help me threw the day because i have these huge headphone when walking and sometime they are a hassle. so switching to a smaller headset with good sound would be such a relief

I work in a building that houses a machine shop and use in-the-ear headphones all day long to help block the noise and listen to music and audiobooks while I work. I don't listen to my BB much because the cord gets in the way. These would be great and allow me to be tangle free and while using my BB features instead of my junky mp3player. Not to mention I would actually hear incoming calls!! This would be super sweet to have. Thanks for running these contests. CB is the best. :-)

They would so ideal - I use headphones all the time especially for my music. Like falling asleep to my music in my ear and even when I'm watching tv - and most practical for cleaning and driving!

As a night watchman I am forbidden to have a traditional radio at the job. But with these killer headphones I would be able to listen to the music in my library and all the great podcast available including CrackBerrys. Great contest Sony and CB. Good luck everyone.

Im constantly on the move at work and my headphone cord is constantly getting snagged on stuff this win would be huge for me!!

DO WANT!!!! I sit in an isolated lab all day with no human interaction... at least with some decent wireless headphones I can walk around and exercise as I prep for the inevitable zombie invasion. Then I can use the headset to make calls to my fellow zombie killers and unite the forces to repel the invasion....

Only have a BT single ear unit, fine for phone but useless for music so this would be a nice change for workouts.

My wife had Bariatric Surgery back in Jan. To this day she has lost 50 lbs. She has been working out and following the program as instructed to by the doctors. If I am the lucky winner of the contest. She would love to use these. She is using the old wired headphones and she is always complaining how they get in her way.

I am a student and I walk to class and from one class to the other all day. I don't use a Ipod I use my blackberry. It is always such a pain in my butt messing with the cords and everything. Plus let's be honest how cool would it be to have these. If I ever wanted to win a contest this is the one! Come on CB!!

I would love a pair of these! I have tried the Motorola S9-HD's and while they are great, I do agree that the way they wrap around the back of the head is not comfortable and can be awkward if wearing sunglasses or a hat.

These would help me through the day by allowing me to be hands-free when on the phone (good for in a car) as well as free me of excess wires while biking to school... Plus I could wear sunglasses and a hat again!

These would be awesome to get. I am able to listen to music through my phone all day at work, but wouldn't you know yesterday my earphones broke.

actually, I know what you mean about the wrapped around the back of your neck and it gets old fast especially when you're all sweaty from running

i have entered every contest and have not gotten a wiff. i would like to win these...yes yes, excellent winnings will do.

I can finally have something i that i don't have to worry about my headset wires getting cut or ripped while i packaging stuff in the where house at where i work. I already went through 3 pairs of blackberry headsets so please please let me win this it would make my day for sure and save me from buying new headset every 2 months

I would use this cool headset while I'm working out, on the bus to grad school, and (maybe) during those long boring classes !!!

This would be the perfect thing to enjoy music on my BB, I play my music exclusively on it an enhanced audio and at-your-fingertip controls plus being able to wear them around the neck would make it all the more comfortable, not to mention not having to plug anything in is just too much!
Please let me win and thanks for this awesome contest!

The best solution for listening to music while on my riding mower. Currently I'm tethered to my berry and must take it out of the holster to change songs or answer the phone. This would allow me to keep the berry safe in the storage compartment and still have full control.

Being able to listen to my music and still move around my desk without getting tangled would be great. Also not having to take them off when I have to get up and open the door at work would save time and make me more productive at work ;).

I listen to new music for my job while I'm at the gym. I hate that cords get in the way. This would be great to have and also be VERY convenient!

I am doing a lot of traveling soon and the headphone jack in my Tour does not work. These would be perfect, especially for long airplane rides!

First, it would motivate me to use a blue tooth. Second it would make my morning walks more enjoyable because I could listen to music.

That would be perfect for when I'm stuck on hold all day at work and for the 1 and a half hour commute home..

..for listing to podcasts with PodTrapper and music while commuting to and from work.

First, it would motivate me to use a blue tooth. Second it would make my morning walks more enjoyable because I could listen to music.

I'd love to win bluetooth headphones.

I do whatever I can to avoid the torture that is my job. I listen to BB through my headphones. No matter how smooth or stealthy I think I am, I somehow manage at least once a day to snag the wire on something I'm walking by. Almost dropped my berry once, but I caught it after a few juggles.

I figure winning this contest for a free pair of BT headphones is a heck of a lot cheaper than building walls with a locked door around my desk.

I basically use my BlackBerry 9700 as an iPod. I have a 16 gigabyte chip in it filled with music and videos and I always needed a set of bluetooth stereo earpieces, so that I may listen to the music I adore, as well as answer phone calls. This is an incredible find. I really would love one. :)

Some individuals have complained about the lanyard-style wear but I agree that it's a welcome alternative to the usual Motorola behind-the-neck setup since these won't hinder headwear/sunglasses.

I woudl be able to ignore all the loud stuff going on around me and jsut listen to music on my phone. Ah I already feel the stress going away!

These would make my walks and work outs easier so i could use my phone and not have to worry about the cords of my headphones getting in the way. Thank you

I wear wired headphones lots of times while sitting at my desk at work. The Sony Ericsson bluetooth headphones whould make it much easier to move around my office without having to unplug. Thanks for the contest.

Maybe I can finally leave my iPod touch at home and carrying less on the go. Goodbye to tangled earphones!!! thanks

I'd use these while working outside, mowing the lawn, etc. That way I could keep my Blackberry safe in a zippered pocket and still enjoy my music/podcasts.

This is sweet, I would love to have this while running, and just to show people how much better my blackberry is than their phone :-)

Since I use my BB to listen to podcasts while I commute to work, these would be great so I don't have tangled cords anymore!

Would love to have these for lounging and listening to my music, as well as watching my videos. Oh and I guess they would work for taking calls as well. ;p

I live in the gym and travel constantly. I go through earphones like crazy cause the cord always gets caught on something. This would be AWESOME for me and would fit in my life as a daily accessory.

I could have REALLY used these for the hours and hours of shoveling snow when we were hit with Snowpocalypse (getting slammed with 3 huge storms resulting in over 3 feet of snow).

Moving forward, I'd love to use these when working out, washing my car, cleaning around the house or playing catch with my 11 year old son.

I've been searching for a new set of headphones. I don't like the ones that come with the BB, and bluetooth seems to be a logical choice. It would be great to keep my phone on the cradle while walking around my office listing to my music.

I can FINALLY listen to music from by Bold 9000 with headphones when I have it in the pocket holster! I can listen to music AND my Bold is protected! Awesome!

These would be nice to listen to music near water... my precious curve could be tucked a few feet away, protected from any splashes.

I'd love to win the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970's to go with my new Storm2. It sure would make the day go fster at work.

I would love this because I am sick of getting my headphones wire stuck on peoples coats, backpacks, etc when trying squeeze past them while riding the T in Boston!

With these, maybe I can finally convince my coworker that my 9700 is not an "all work and no play" device. I doubt she'll switch from her iPhone, but I'll give it the good 'ole college try!

my boyfriend and i were just discussing bluetooth headphones. his boss has a pair, and now he wants. this would be perfect.... of course, i would keep them for myself! lol

This would be a great headset for me because I am on the phone all the time listing to music and talking with clients. They would be awsome at the gym and park for fitness.

CRACKBERRY PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!! These headphones would make life sooooo much easier!!! - and make everyone around me JEALOUS!!!

The Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 would be perfect for me.....i can go jogging, biking and maybe even some outdoor sports without the unnecessary long wires....not to mention that Sony is one of the best audio equipment producers!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i still use my 8330 when i work out with the stock ear buds. been looking for some replacements but the sound quality was different when i used some of my ihome buds. maybe these will do the trick!

Owning and operating a music production house, I'm all about good sound when away from the studio. I already have a ton of music on my BB so these would be great.

it would help me so that i don't have to take my blackberry out of my pocket while listening to music on my daily subway commute!

burying the phone in an inside coat pocket!!! I can leave the phone on my belt- which is what the case was designed for!

With these incredibly well-designed and snappy looking headphones, I'm sure that incredibly beautiful women will throw themselves at my feet, demanding I favor them with physical intimacy, ensuring I'll get laid.

I site behind the loudest guy in the world who talks at 100db all day and am fed up (as well as with him!) with getting my mouse tangled up in my headphone wires and catapulting my BB across the room when I get up quickly. Please save me!

I run everyday after work. Running with corded headphones is such a pain. This product would allow me to run uninhibited.

Please, please, please. I just broke my Motorola SD's and I need a new set of buds!!!

Winning this headset would be great for me because there are many times when having to use the headset that came with my Storm doesn't work for me because of the cord not having enough length. This would free me to be able to do my work and still listen to my Slacker from my Blackberry.

Thanks for your consideration.

I am a student i use my blackberry instead of an Ipod. I walk from class to class all day. I really want to win this because it would make my life so easy. I use the boring ones that came with my 8530. If i had these not only would i be in style I would be in comfort! thanks cb

If I had one, it might help me take long walks to get some much needed excercise. The music would distract me from thinking about walking to nowhere, when I was already there.

These Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones would help my through my day by silencing the voices in my head.

Silencing the voices in my head would make my co-workers days easier because I won't hear the voices telling me to kill them.

Not killing my co-workers will make the judicial system's day better by keeping me out of the courts.

Keeping me out of the courts will make the Penal System's day better because I will not go to jail.

So... ultimately, The Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headphones will help me through my day by keeping me out of jail.

Out of jail.

I listen to music all day every day. When I'm working out, at work, or just lounging around. It's hard to relax at times with the hassle of wires. I also go through headsets because the wires ends up breaking from being tangled and rolled up continuously. So please help me out.

Would love to get rid of my mp3 player as well. Why have multiple devices when my berry can do almost everything except wash my dishes?

Always on the move, this is the perfect accessory to listen my preferred music without cables.
Thx for the contest!!!

worried about the Buzz from the RF in my ears.. never used a Bluetooth Headset or Phone directly

Always used a wired headset or Bluetooth handsfree in the car..

I recently lost my wife's plantronics headset, would be a great replacement and would get me out of the doghouse for sure!

I would love to win these so that I could listen to music at work and when outside with my dogs and not get wires all tangled up. Plus, I love Sony products!

I always loved my Sony mp3 player. Very high quality sound. I'd love to win one of these stereo headsets to replace my clunky wrap-around variety.

while I'm working out at the gym. Most stereo bluetooth headphones have that hard plastic piece that goes behind the neck so you can't lie down on a bench while wearing them or they'll get pushed off your head. These won't have that problem. Also I'll be able to listen to music all day without missing calls and I'll be able to answer them with these headphones.

everyone needs a good set of headphones, and these look sweet. I work with some very annoying individuals, and a nice set of headphones for the berry would significantly improve my day!

How would these help me? I spend all day working in a server room imaging computers, or sometimes out in the field installing interactive whiteboards. Quite simply, I can't have wires trailing everywhere to listen to music. They'd be a hazard. Some BT headphones would be just the ticket, I could wear them with little potential for them getting caught on anything. I had a set of Moto ones a while ago, but the sound quality was terrible, and the batteries eventually expired. These look far higher quality. Do want.

Simple, they work. Unlike the behind the head models, they are light weight and not like wearing a clone of Starship Galactic headgear.

I could and would use them for wear in the office, in the vehicle and on the frequent flights I have to take. With the longer battery life, not too long cord and the multi-fit earpieces, this would make my life so much easier. PLUS by having the electronics in the module inline the BT RF would not be in close proximity to my head, so that would lower EMF expousure of the 2.4GHz radio waves to my sensitive brain and eyes!!!!

Oh yeah, this one is a winner and I hope I am too.


I would love these. I use my BlackBerry to listen to music everyday when I workout. I am getting sick of my regular earbuds that have a cord because the cord gets in the way of all my workouts. I was running on the treadmill and hit the cord and sent my Storm flying the other day. These earbuds would eliminate all the problems I have with my current headphones while working out.