BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Automobile Edition - Chance to Win a Free Car Charger!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Mar 2010 11:12 am EDT

This Week's Featured Item: Micro/Mini USB Car Charger

Compared to the competition, BlackBerry Smartphones typically have pretty stellar battery life (especially that magical Bold 9700). That being the case, I'm sure every BlackBerry owner reading this can relate to a time when they ran out of juice before having a chance to get back home or to the office to plugin.

Just last week actually I was on day two of my battery and was driving out to my parents in the early evening (mom's bday) and my battery level dipped into the red. It wasn't a big deal for me as I just plugged my BlackBerry into the Car Charger I keep in my vehicle and recharged the phone. For me this is a no brainer - as long as I have owned a BlackBerry I have always made sure to have a car charger... just in case. This event prompted me to wonder if all BlackBerry owners are like me and have car charger? Had I not, I would have had a rough evening of being unconnected. 

Be sure to cast your vote on the poll above. I'm really curious to see the results of this one. From there, if you don't own one I suggest you pick one up. It's definitely a must-have BlackBerry accessory in my book.

CONTEST: Win a Free Car Charger for your BlackBerry

For your chance to win a free car charger of choice from those offered at, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how having a car charger in the past would have helped you out of a dead battery situation. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Automobile Edition - Chance to Win a Free Car Charger!



went out of town on half a charge had to resort to plugging up for only a few minutes at gas stations

I am always in my car and my 8350i doesnt have the battery power it once had. I have been stuck w/o phone 2 times in the last month while traveling for work. This would help my work and save my sanity.

when I had to stop using the my Storm as I forgot to recharge it the night before and come the following lunchtime....low battery!

I had a date planned with my girlfriend, but was very busy the day before preparing for an exam. Of course I had forgotten to charge my BlackBerry to its fullest and headed the next morning to school with a 50% charge. I had many audio clips stored on my BlackBerry which I used to study for my exam while driving. Just before hitting school I noticed that the battery of my BlackBerry had drained rather quickly and was just a little bit short of Low Battery status. In the last few moments before my exam I decided not to use my BlackBerry and put it in standby mode as I knew that I would need it later. Once the exam was over (I did well by the way) I headed right away to the café where I was supposed to meet my girlfriend. By the time I got there my BlackBerry was already in Low Battery mode and I couldn't make a phone call. My girlfriend had tried reaching me numerous times but she couldn't as I was disconnected from the world for a moment. Asking the personnel in the café if I could make a phone call I finally could get in touch with my girlfriend. She had to cancel our date due to her mother being suddenly ill. Had I had a car charger could I have been at my girlfriend's place earlier to care for her mother. It was a question of death or life, maybe not in this situation but it could have been. I feel ashamed for not being able to get help the moment it was needed.

I was using my curve to do some Geocaching, for a greater part of the day. Was not able to finish one of the last one on the list, because of the phone getting into the red (still needed directions to get out of the woods:) so cut it short and headed home. Would help with just using it in the car, between caches. Thanks again.

I was on the phone with my boss in a conversation not going great and my battery died. Try to explain that one!!!

man google maps suck up my battery. Having a GPS style car charger would definitly help me out

Next time I go on a trip I won't have to wait to use my phone, or pull off in some seedy rest stop just to charge my phone...Sorry Governor more visits from me.

You mean there are people who DON'T charge their BB in the car?! Mine went dead once and I almost lost my mind. Never again, you hear me?! NEVAH!!!

I top off the battery whenever I'm in the car. I need one for my new Bold 9650 when I get it.

I live in one area and work in another, some distance, rural area. I commute in my private vehicle with no radio. My BB goes dead...I could go dead!

As a physician it is imperitive to have a charged phone. I once had to run into a Walmart and use their phone to call the hospital on a stat call, because my bb died on the way home from a dinner engagement nearly an hour away.

Got stuck one day driving home froma dinner meeting when I was paged to the hospital on a stat call. BB battery dead. Wound up stopping at a 24 hour walmart at 2 AM to use their customer service phone to call the hospital. Should've had a charger.

Despite having charging stands next to me bed and in my office, and a charger in both cars, I also keep a spare battery charged in case I need it.

But, in the car, I can't keep all the devices charged. I need to charge my BB, my wife's BB, my Plantronics Voyager 855 headset and (in the Miata, which has terrible SmartPhone integration) one of those FM transmiters to play music over the FM radio.

If the CrackBerry doesn't yet carry the chargers with four USB outlets, get your butt in gear and make a deal with a vendor.


I use the GPS on my BB Curve, but without a charger, I have to be careful to not run out the battery while navigating to a location. Send me a charger :-)

if i had my car charger last week i don't think i will have to make a stop at the gas station to recharger my bb.

I follow Rally America and all i have is my car to charge my phone. I use a power inverter and the home charger so if i had a regular car charger i would have less chance of catching on fire in the woods.

I went fishing one day and my starter on my truck that I was planning on replacing finally said hey, I'm not starting anymore. I was by myself in an area that on one was around and my berry's batt was in the red and as soon as I got a hold of someone to come to my aid; as soon as the call connected, my Berry shut down and I ended up walking like 3 miles in the dark to find a pay phone. The only thing I could think about was why didn't I have a car charger. I finally brought one but I've since went to a Curve 8530 and I could use a car charger with a micro end on it. Hopefully the sun will shine on me for this contest. Good luck everyone and thanks Crackberry

Great giveaway CB goodluck to all that enter and I can use that car charger for my storms2 since I be on it 24 7lol.

before i had my 9700 i had an sidekick lx and everyone knows the battery isnt as great as my current bold9700 and my sister wanted me to drop her in a town that i was unfamiliar with so i used the GPS on my phone than my phone dying and i had my car charger which help me get home safely

Pandora is my life-line when I'm commuting and, which you all know, the higher quality bit rate eats up battery. Car charger could come in handy to help my sanity!

Wow. A car charger is so important. One time, with my old BB9000 with a terrible (and dead) battery, at around 3am, I got stuck a couple of km away from home. It was quite a cold night and had no battery. Thankfully, I had an old iPhone car charger which I spliced and held to the BB charging metal things, and when the phone finally booted up, I was so happy. I continued holding the contacts while I called roadside assistance.

If I had a BB charger, I wouldn't have had to search in the cold for something, finally have found something, ruined it by splicing it, potentially damaging my BlackBerry, potentially electrocuting myself, and been able to call for help.

That being said, this was a bit more rewarding, because I was proud of my electrical skills and 3am ingenuity.

i'm an art photographer and i go very far to places that don't have electricity for the shots. i run out of battery power because i send a lot of facebook/tweetphotos. :-( help me.

work in a building with pretty poor reception.... with a car charger, i dont have to be afraid to go somewhere right after work!

heading out to the beach for the day, when my berry died. I almost cancelled the trip because it is integral in life.

I'm always on the go and do a lot of driving. With previous phones, there have been times where I've forgotten the wall charger at home, but had a car charger. There was one time I was at work and had to take my 15 minute break and charge my phone in the car! :)

I took a long trip to Niagara Falls with family by car. Spent a lot of time driving. BB car charger was definitely needed.

I had an emergency along the freeway and my BB battery was almost dead. I managed to quick charge my device at the same time while calling for assistance. Moral : Never leave your phone without mobile charger. It could save your life!

i can still remember getting lost while travelling when my BB died. Had to find a gas station and plug it in for half hr to get back on the road.

I gotta admit - the battery on my 9700 is impressive - with my prior devices it was an absolute MUST to plug it in every night - with the 9700 I can go a few days and I honestly don't even think about it.

Since my prior device was a mini USB (vs. Micro) I don't have a car charger - recently, while driving to work and on another long conference call - I saw the battery level drop and I panicked for a few seconds - fortunately, the call didn't drop and I was fine.

All that to say - I would greatly appreciate a car charger for my 9700.


I work an hour away from where I live and typically forget to charge my BB before I leave for it gets a nice top up before I get there!

When stuck on a dark road at 3 am with a flat tire after a long road trip, the BB car charger would come in handy to call AAA.

Oh well, a car charger means THE SALVATION when you're in the traffic and battery level's low. Last week my car charger saved my life, i was in the traffic and i was no feeling good, my blood pressure dropped and suddenly i was kind of blind so i used voice dialing (only time it worked for me lol) and called my parents for help. Thank god i had the car charger with me.

I constantly forget to charge my phone at home and ends up dying while im out. This is what I need.

I could have used a car charger on my last vacation- I had to wait in the hotel room for the wall charger to fill 'er up.

Me and a buddy were stranded on the side of the road @ 2am on our way back home from a short trip. He was driving my car and didnt notice the gas light was on until he woke me for change to pay the last toll. I was asking how long it had been on and he of course was saying he didnt know, it was "my" car. Well of course we made it a few more miles and coasted to a stop. Thankfully I had my car charger because it took the state police another hour to find us and help us get some gas and my phone surely would have been dead after all days use. By the time we got home I got maybe an hour of sleep and he went home saying, there is no way I could make up a story this good, my parents wont even care I was out all night!

I was running late for work and my phone was dead - couldn't charge it on the way there to call and let them know.

I tend to stay at friends houses on the weekends because I don't have a car currently. On Sundays we go out with our "Bloody Mary Sunday" crew and my phone is always dead from the night before. Either I can't get a hold of the people I go with, or I can't check in with Foursquare at the various locations we attend.

I wouldn't use a car charger myself as I always charge my BlackBerry overnight. On the other hand, my father always forget to charge his BlackBerry and can't use his cellphone for a day or two, every week because of the battery so a car charger would be great for him.

I'm always in my car and currently don't have a car charger. Although the BB9700 battery is good, I'm usually looking for a place to charge so having one of these would be great!

My car charger has helped me on numerous occasions when I've ran out of juice it's also great for when on a long car journey and I have sat nav, trapster, and music playing through bluetooth - without it the battery would be dead in one journey!

The wife would use this more than me. Seems like she is always running low on battery power. Winning this would make sure I can always get a hold of her. Great Contest!

being a college student taking 18 units and involved in an on campus organization, my schedule is pretty busy. i dont always have time to plug my 9700(which most of my school work and organization communication and information is stored). a car charger would be the right fit for my situation since i drive everywhaere i go.

I charge my phone every night and usually it lasts me the entire day and that is with moderate use (i.e internet, texting, GPS). Littele did I know that one of the programs I installed on my phone, Epocrates, wasn't able to update consistently and had drained my battery quite a bit that night. I was in a rush to leave so I didn't check. If I had a car charger at the very least I would've been able to charge it at some point because sometime later my phone decided to power down during a calla call that I received from a possible employer. So, yes having different methods of charging your phone is absolutely necessary. I would love if I won a car charger.

I have a charger for my 8330 but my wife doesn't have one for her 8530. More than once on a trip her battery has died before we got home.

Heading to the airport enroute to a deployment to Afghanistan, I was on my 9700, trying to keep up with everyone's last-minute well-wishes (emails, texts, facebook, etc.). Unfortunately, I thought my phone was charged. Needless to say, having a charger would have been great during this emotional time =[

my phone is constantly dead for my 1 hr commute home. Having a car charger will deffiently help me to have a more enjoyable commute.

After working another 12+ hour shift, I was on my hour long drive through farm country home, when my car decided to take a puke. My Tour had given out 4 hours earlier, and the car charger I already own was in my wife's car. Needless to say, I spent a half-hour waiting for another car to drive by so that I could get my car towed. If I would have just had a charger for both cars.

This would be so wonderful to have. The last two car chargers I had both quit working, and I haven't replaced it for a third time yet. I stay overnight away from home a lot and often can't charge my phone. It would be so nice to charge it on my hour drive to work, then be able to recharge on the way back home. There are many times when I'm away from my home for days and days in a row, and it would be so nice to be able to charge my phone in my car again, rather than carrying around my normal charger everywhere I go, like I've been doing for the past few months (and often forgetting it where ever I might be and having a sadly dead BB, and I even have a back up battery!). I really hope I can win one; I haven't won a contest yet.

Have always had one for my BB's with mini connectors,
now have to purchase micro (new standard).

I didn't get one because the cig lighter in my car didn't work. Now I finally bought another car and guess what, the cig lighter works. Now I can use one. I surely would like to win one.

I had one for my Tour, but my wife decided to swipe it for her Samsung Exclaim!!! I like the fact that we both use the same style charger, but, MAN!!! She needs to keep her hands to herself and let me be with my Blackberry!!!

Well I have one car charger, two cars, and two Blackberry Storm2. I have to stagger the charge cycles and God forbid that both of them go at the same time when I'm not at home or work. Or worse, if I'm driving the car without the charger in it...

I've been looking to get a 2nd charger, but haven't stopped by a store to do it.

Save me from my own procrastination!

Went to my dads at the weekend, 5 hour drive each way, left charger at home. By Sunday on my return trip my battery was going, all I had with me was the car charger for my 8320, shame I now own a 9700 and the charger doesnt work. Consequently my blackberry went to sleep until I got home.

I was travelling on my way home from work (on the freeway), and my car started making a funny noise, and then suddenly... NOTHING. My car had died right there. I did my best by pulling over as much as I could, considering that nothing would work. Making sure to use proper protocol, I raised the hood of my car as the distress signal. Then, I went to use my phone to call for help, only to see that it was dead. I had no car charger, so was literally stranded. By the way, this was during rush hour. And, obviously, there was a few people not really paying attention, and my car was almost hit a few times by these drivers, even though I was on the shoulder. I COULD REALLY REALLY have used a car charger then, because I spent hours waiting for someone to stop and help (I would have had to walk for miles in my high heels to the nearest house).

With powerful GPS and navigation features, using my Blackberry is key to regional travel for work. I could sure have used a travel charger on my last trip on the road -- 9hrs using music, speaker-phone via car stereo and navigation functions took my battery meter into the red. Depending on your Blackberry for multiple automotive appliances makes getting a charger the smart choice.

I WANT IT. I go to college 2.5 hrs away from home, and when I go home for the weekend I pretty much depend on my phone to stay in touch with group members/class emails. I often forget my AC charger, and am basically SOL for 2 days when my phone inevitably dies.

My car charger not only charges my BB, but it also has a USB port that I use to charge my Jawbone at the same time. First the BB charges and then it switches to the USB port. It's a must for me.

The car charge is soooo usefull. I have 3 of them, but my new 9700 is drawing too much power from them and cannot charge. I would lokve to get a new , free one !

My battery on my Tour was dead while working, the hospital could not reach me in time, causing my father to have to spend an an extra night in the hospital. He was not happy to say the least.

I need one! Last month there was a horrid snow storm and wiped out my electricity. The only think that would have kept me awake from boredom was my BB Bold 9700! Unfortunately, after an hour went by, my last bar of juice was drained. A car charger would have been the right way to keep this device, and myself operating!

i was in town and my battery died.when i got home i found out that my wife was trying to get a hold of me to take her and our dog to the vet. the dog had jumped off the bed and pinched a nerve in his back rendering him paralized. needless to say if i would have had a car charger i could have rushed home to tak her and the dog to the vet. please please i really would love to win a charger for my storm 9530.

One time my BlackBerry 8330 died on me while I was in class working on a powerpoint presentation for later that day. I almost failed the assignment b/c of it. If I had a in car charger, then it would have been a non-issue since a 30 min charge during my drive would have perked up the battery enough for me to have finished the powerpoint.

There has been so many times that while I was on the road I could not keep on a conference call due to my battery dying while driving. It would help out alot

For being a Teenager in college, im always on the go. I travel to school then work then to hang out with friends whatever we may doing. everyday is a new adventure and having a handy charger for my blackberry to use in my car would be great! i dont kow what i'd do if my blackberry went out of power while i was lost using the gps lol. probly look for a gas station and ask for directions but what guy wants to do that?

I find myself having to charge my berry every night since I travel a 50KM drive to and from work on a daily basis through a back road with not a lot of traffic and barely any houses...seems to be more Moose than houses so I could use one of these that way I could charge it every other day without having to worry about being berryless in case something happens.

On my last business trip I was stuck in traffic for over 4 hours. Using my GPS, e-mail and phone drained the battery fast. I car charger would have definetly helped.

My battery dies sooo often - Unless I just leave it idle in my pocket I'm lucky for the battery to last a day. I have a super-jenky charger and could use a nice one!

This would be a lovely accessory to have! I'm always driving so the addition of charging while traveling would be an asset.

My biggest need for a car charger is forgetting that I have loaded up a GPS app and that killing the battery. The biggest culprit for me is GPSed. Great app, but that combined with Pandora suck down that battery.

I was driving on the highway when I hit a deer. then a Trucker did not see me and hit my car I was pined inside. I was able to get BlackBerry and it was dead. I had to sit there pined in the car and wait for another car to stop and call 911. LONGEST 5 min. In my life. I would love a car charger.

I lost my brother in that car. Josh don't hold it aginst yourself it was not your falt. If anyone needs a car charger it is him.

I am constantly traveling and using my tour's gps, but I cannot maintain a charge to effectively use the bb's function for the entire trip. I really need a car charger to help with this troubling situation!

this would've helped last weekend, when my power went out for 2 days and my phone was at 30% battery, nowhere to charge my poor phone =(

i travel by road quite often sometimes for 12-20 hours straight. having a car charger for such situations would really help me out and i would get to listen less complaints about my bb battery being switched off from my boyfriend :P

went to a party and left my car outside my friends complex. phone died and so was my car. i had to sleep in my car with no car charger and didnt have my friends number. it was winter and i was frozen by 6am.

Its always big hassle on long journeys, would love to have this so I can ensure the Google Maps app is always on!

Now that I have a Tour instead of the Bold 9700 (wipes tears from eyes) I WILL be needing a car charger!!! Please save me from impending battery doom CB!!!

Now that I have a Tour instead of the Bold 9700 (wipes tears from eyes) I WILL be needing a car charger!!! Please save me from impending battery doom CB!!!

Edit: My comment posted twice! Nooooo I sorry

Completly lost, I had to use my GPS and my phone was about dead. A car cahrger would have put the end to so much less stress that day.

Since I just changed my Bold 9000 to a 9700 of course the old charger won't work cause of the plug!
I drive a lot and it's nice to know that my batt is ready to go once I arrive places.

There have been a few times (albeit very few) where I have had issues with a dead battery and patients were adversely affected. I am just flat anal now about plugging into some juice in the office or home when I have a chance but a car charger for my Tour would be useful.

Don't have a land line so access to my BB 24/7 is critcal...loaned my car charger to my daughter and have been caught with my "battery" down a few times!

On a day when god particularly wasn't on my side, I had to work prior to my last final for the semester. Then after the final, a bunch of us were getting together to celebrate at a friend's house because it was his final semester before graduation.

So I worked, headed to school around 7. Took my final at 8, then went to my car to change for the party. Changed, headed to my friend's. We were gonna drink at the party, so I arranged to sleep at my friend's house, only problem was, I had a few people coming to the party and my phone was nearly dead. So long story short, with my charger back at home, my phone died, and I couldn't get in touch with the people I had invited to this little get together.

If I had a charger, none of that woulda happened.

I was supposed to pick someone up at the airport and my phone died. I forgot which airlines and i was driving around and around looking! I could have used this!

I was traveling from Lansing, Michigan to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, after attending a football game at Michigan State. My sister-in-law was traveling with me, in her own car. On the way out of Lansing, I was hit by a drunk driver. While my car was fine, other than a few scrapes (thankfully!), we were separated from each other. After about 45 minutes of talking to police (someone else called), I was on my way...

However, my sister-in-law and I were going to stay with a mutual friend in Mt Pleasant. I went to go call both of them, to let them know what happened, and where I was. But, my phone, was dead. I tried to come up with a solution, but here I was, in the middle of no where, with a dead battery, an hour behind schedule (our friend lived an hour away...) and he got stuck waiting at a parking lot for an extra hour since his apartment was very hard to find and this grocery store parking lot was easy to find.

While the drunk driver made my night a living hell, the dead phone did not help anything. I immediately bought a car charger for my current cell...but since I am now a new BB car charger...yet! A free one would be nice!

I have had times driving in new areas with no GPS and a dead BB. A charger would have been good.

Thanks, CrackBerry!

A car charger is one of those accessories that I have always asked myself why havent I bought it?? Nothing worse than a drive home from work and having to turn the radio off until I get home. I have needed it endless times and dont understand why I dont have one now.

Next to my BB the charger is the most important accessory in my life along with my lip gloss... Lol unfortunately it keeps being taken from my car. If its not my husband its one of the kids. Please can I have one of my own?

A car charger was very helpful when someone stole my radio so I had to use my phone to play music and I needed a car charger so my phone wouldn't die. Word?

i need one because i can just plug it into my car anytime. I can leave it in my car and when my battery is low, plug it in. i use my phone a lot especially during long drives.

I drive test/development vehicles for business on many days each week. My BB car charger sometimes gets left behind in my regular driver by accident. I had some complications and a day full of teleconferences, and found myself with a nearly-dead (red status) battery going into a 7:00pm telecon. About 5 minutes into the teleconference my battery went completely dead and I had to miss the balance of an important business teleconference.

A BB car charger (another one that I could keep stashed in my work bag, in this case) would have been super handy, and would have allowed me to continue my business day uninterrupted.

Was lost at night in a suburb, and my blackberry battery level dropped below 3% and I couldn't load up Google Maps. I had to drive around for 45 minutes just to find a major road to take me out of the suburb. A car charger would have certainly been handy :)

Man do I have a winner of a story. Ill try to make it short. The wife and I were driving Dodge Ram with a HEMI!! to Colorado for our first trip, I was driving late at night in the middle of nowhere Kansas, and had to pull over at an abandoned gas station to "go". I ran over a broken off pipe and shredded the front tire...with no 2AM. Back then we had the Razor phones and a plug in ac/dc adaptor so we could use the wall charger to charge, cuz we were to cheap to buy a car charger. With very very poor reception, our phones were dying quick and of course, the adaptor got hot and fried. A last chance call to 911 as a scarey trucker pulled in for a nights sleep finally helped them locate us and 2 hours later a hi-po pulled a HEMI Charger!! (oh the irony). He called his tow truck driving friend and got us going the next day to the sum of $235.
Is there a lesson to be learned here?

I had my truck broken into about 2 months ago now(I believe by my neighbors, sad) and haven't been able to buy a new radio. I use my Blackberry as my only source of music while driving now. I like to use the music I put on it and also iHeart Radio app because it has my favorite radio station. Now using it for music/media all the time while driving drains the battery especially on some longer road trips it is either very low or dead a lot of the time when I get there. Driving around town isn't so bad but still drains it. It would be nice if I had a way where I could charge it in the truck. That way I wouldn't have to worry about not draining it so I can still carry it with me and get important phone calls and texts.

I am currently on vacation and forgot our point and shoot camera at home. So I am documenting the trip with my trusty Storm2. However, even with my two batteries I am totally dead at 4:30 each day! So I have missed out on nights of good memories because of not having a mobile charger with me!

Driving for work.. forgot the car charger in the other car.. not a problem if you're driving across the city. Only problem is I work across the country.. thanks!

I was the nite I was going to propose to my girlfriend, I was late for my date becouse a dead battery I wasnt able to call to let hewr know I was gonna be a little late, so she left the restaurant, she never wanted to talk to me. sad, sad.

I was in brantford the birthplace od Wayne Gretzky. I was trying to find his childhood home to take some pictures. As I was trying to use google to find it my bold died. So I did not get to see it. This will also help when I drive from hamilton to winnipeg in 2 months.

Since im on the road all day, I could simply keep it charged. im hate seeing meterberry hit yellow early in the day. thanks cb

With 6 children and the battery my Blackberry has; I am caught constantly with "not enough battery for radio use" which is so upsetting... I could and would put the auto charger to the best use possible!!! I would gratefully be using this on a daily basis.

For My Drama tour I flew to Houston last weekend and forgot my charger. Had my spare battery with 70% charged. from Sunday early morning till Tuesday late evening i was cursing myself for not having car charger. As We traveled in Houston Airport to theater, back to hotel and then drove to Austin for the show and back to Houston. I barely survived. Only if I had Car charger.

I will say a car charger is a must have. I travel a lot and did have one. Since then it was lost, I suppose in a rental or hotel room some where. I really would like to have my charger back. Please Crackberry help me! Good luck to everyone!

I have been in a pickle at times. If it was not for my car charger and an AC to DC converter. I would have been lost with out my Blackberry.

Taking pictures camping by the beach. By four in the morning it was out of juice. Really helpfull would have been this charger with my car a couple meters next to my spot.

Our plane got cancelled at LaGuardia last week so had to rent a car to drive to Conneticut. Just as we got into Conneticut, my 9700 battery died! But I had been using the GPS and making calls all day. Luckily, we memorized the route on the Blackberry Google Maps app

I knew there was a charger in my truck center console, but up untill a couple of weeks ago, I never realized it was the one for an old phone. Coming back from a day in the DFW area, I picked up my 'berry to find a dead battery. I guess I should go buy one, but a free one would be kinda nice too!