BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Automobile Edition - Chance to Win a Free Car Charger!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Mar 2010 11:12 am EDT

This Week's Featured Item: Micro/Mini USB Car Charger

Compared to the competition, BlackBerry Smartphones typically have pretty stellar battery life (especially that magical Bold 9700). That being the case, I'm sure every BlackBerry owner reading this can relate to a time when they ran out of juice before having a chance to get back home or to the office to plugin.

Just last week actually I was on day two of my battery and was driving out to my parents in the early evening (mom's bday) and my battery level dipped into the red. It wasn't a big deal for me as I just plugged my BlackBerry into the Car Charger I keep in my vehicle and recharged the phone. For me this is a no brainer - as long as I have owned a BlackBerry I have always made sure to have a car charger... just in case. This event prompted me to wonder if all BlackBerry owners are like me and have car charger? Had I not, I would have had a rough evening of being unconnected. 

Be sure to cast your vote on the poll above. I'm really curious to see the results of this one. From there, if you don't own one I suggest you pick one up. It's definitely a must-have BlackBerry accessory in my book.

CONTEST: Win a Free Car Charger for your BlackBerry

For your chance to win a free car charger of choice from those offered at, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how having a car charger in the past would have helped you out of a dead battery situation. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Automobile Edition - Chance to Win a Free Car Charger!



I just came home from a 8 hour car trip and my 9700 died about 2 hours into the drive. It felt like the world around me was crashing in on me without my berry!

I was stuck at a family reunion and roaming. I still had data service thankfully. But my phone was dead within 8 hours and I had nothing to save my mental state from my family! The charger that I had left there had disappeared and I didn't want to get my laptop out to charge due to all the kids wanting to play on it. Ugh! I actually had to conversate!!!!

Was out at a party out of town, and my girl friend was at home sick. She really needed to talk to me but I didn't have anything to charge my phone with for the hour long ride out there... so I couldn't talk to her :(

I need one of these so bad!

Went on Spring break to Florida, 16 hour trip. We got lost from our group of friends and the battery was dead. Had to stop at a rest stop and borrow someone's phone. Such a hassle

My power went out this winter and I had to do some work remotely in the middle of the night. I went out to my car and plugged my computer it and was using Tether to get an internet connection. I was connected to a customer's site when my blackberry died and I lost my connection. At that point it was 2:30am and I had to drive an hour to the customer's site to finish my work. A car charger would have let me charge my phone while I was working.

... especially on long trips while using Slacker Radio would be most helpful. It died once when I forgot to transfer the charger into the other car.

A car charger in the past would have helped when my car was dead last week and I couldnt call a tow truck :( had to wait for about an hour to get some help!

Of all the contests that I've entered so far, this one probably has the most useful prize for day-to-day use.

they took everything that wasn't bolted down inside the vehicle including my blackberry charger and wireless system hope I get picked so can replace the charger. Im glad I didn't leave the bloody phone in the car that particular time :-)

The battery life on this phone is HORRIBLE compared to ANY of the Blackberries I have had in the past.

I currently use a USB/outlet car adapter connected to a MicroUSB cable. So it's not really the real deal but still works. Only problem is that I have to bring the cable back to my house in order to connect my phone to my computer. A real car charger would be perfect for me.

Had my Curve 8310 for the longest time (2 yrs) with a car charger, a week ago I got my Bold 9700, no car charger (so this could be very useful!). When I had my Curve the car charger saved my ass many times, the best one (and pretty recently) when I took a trip to Orlando (live in South FL, 3 hour car ride) and left my charger at home. Literally charged the phone every second I was in the car to get a little juice, I use my phone a lot but this was towards the end of the contract and the battery life was getting noticeably shorter

Been too lazy to look on ebay for one, sure ain't gonna pay a million bucks at the Cell phone store for one.. This way I ain't got to look for one.

I have killed my battery multiple times driving... using maps, pandora, garmin, letting my son play games, etc... a car charger would have been STELLAR!

I could have used a car charger (for my old 8330) in December 2008 when my wife woke me up at 0130 telling me she was in labor and we had to NOW! Well, needless to say I totally had presence of mind to take my CrackBerry with me. (I would be nakey..nakey without it) Although, in the rush I forgot to reach down next to my desk to take my charger with me. So, with all the CONSTANT texting to the family members stowed away safely 3 floors below in a cattle like waiting room with only Telemundo on, by time my Son was born....Berry Battery was Bye-Bye and I stayed BB-less for a WHOLE day and a half until my dearest sister brought me her charger to use. If...OH IF..I had a car charger; I could have charged up and been back on BBM in no time. I think that I need a charger now because this scenario could play out again in September when we are going to do this baby delivery thing all over again. So please CrackBerry...give me a car charger so I won't be put into this perilous situation again. Thanks...BYE

I usually buy the cheap ebay chargers and they never last. I could have used a charger last weekend when i was waiting to coach some rugby. My battery died and i couldn't use it to go to!!!!! THAT SUCKED!!!!!

I travel quite a bit for personal and work and always rent a car in the cities I travel to. Spending so much time in the airport and on planes and then on long drives, I really wish I had a charger to keep my Berry juiced up. So many times I've been on an flight with a DC outlet and wished I had a car charger with me. Or I would land and need my hotel information, if only I had a car charger to charge my Berry as I drove to the hotel. This would be sweet.

Pick Me!

You never know if your going to pass thru an area that eats up your battery, especially on a road trip. i worked in a store once that seemed like only got 5hrs of battery life. My BB always has enough kick, but i start to get nervous when i see that LED flashing red/green. Would hate to get stuck in Death Valley with no gas, water and Crackberry!

I take a lot of pictures on my phone, since I do like to picture blog. This of course, drains battery! So on the way home from Sea World, where I had been taking pictures with my phone all day, of course we hit a bump and whoops! Flat tire!! Since I had been taking pictures all day, my phone was alarming at me that it was nearly dead. Really wish I would have had a car charger in that situation, cause if I would have been alone I would have been screwed!!

You can always use a car charger. Never know when it will come in handy for a long trip. What I could really use is a cradle that also charges the phone.

Having no battery left in my device is like stranded in an island alone. Would love to have one!!

yes in my line of work i am gone from sun up to sun down and when my fine dies its like my world has come to an end i plz need one

Boy I sure can use this, I drive 150 miles round trip a day back and forth to work! Really never have time to buy one.

My job requires me to travel all the time, half the time on the road. So when I'm renting a car, the only time I can charge my phone is when I stop at a service station to charge my phone. I'm running multiple apps so the battery drains quite quickly. I'd be lucky if I can get through the work day.

Could really use-have had dead battery after long trips. Now must either turn it off for part of the way or risk a dead battery.

am on the road a lot for work it would definitely be great to have a car charger...i used to have a curve and right after i got my car charger, my company decides to upgrade our devices to tours...bummer. so this would be awesome!

I was travelling in Florida and trying to get an early flight home. Had a flight in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Had a 1 hour drive. Had to drop of a rental car. Had to get directions. My blackberry died. Worst timing ever! I luckily made it there...compliments of the hotel desk clerk that drew me a horrible, yet helpful map (stay away from drafting/architecture!) I made the flight and made it home...though I wish I would have had my Garmin :(

When on a road trip I tend to have bluetooth and the gps running. They are power suckers! Having the car charger helps make sure the phone is always operational. Having a spare is good because then I can charge it while on the motorcycle.

It's especially helpful if you forget your regular charger or the USB cable on a trip!

I could have really used a car charger on sunday. I was about to drive back to school after being on spring break for a week when my phone displayed the low battery signal, I figured I would have enough time to get to my friends house that I needed to pick up and bring back to school with me. I had to use my google maps app to get to their house for directions and it was draining my battery quickly. Well about halfway to my friends house the phone died completely and I had to find a place to stop and plug my phone in for a few minutes, the first place I saw was a mcdonalds and had to sit there for 15 minutes to charge my phone enough to finish my trip. Wish I had a car charger......

I live in Mississippi and when Katrina came through we were without power for weeks. Cell phones were the first lines of communication that were restored. But battery life quickly became an issue. I didn't have a car charger at the time and could have really used one. Needless to say I did pick one up soon after for my 8330. I now have a 9630 and haven't picked one up for it yet. However hurricane season will be here soon and I will have one whether I win one in this contest or buy one.

I use my 9550 all day long and then at the gym in the evening with my bluetooth headset. This charger would come in handy!

Stay at family and forgot to charge before leaving. On the trip back (4 hours) could have really used one!

I am currently a college student, studying computer networking. Some times I forget to charge my phone overnight, which leaves me without a phone/planner/alarm clock for the next day. On this particular day, when I forgot to charge my phone, I drove to class, and managed to get through the day alright, but on the way home, my car had some issues, and I had to pull over on a particularly busy day on the freeway. I reached into my pocket for my phone, then remembered it was dead as I pulled it out. So I had to walk a mile to a gas station to use the phone to call my insurance company to give me a lift.

Having a car charger would've let me sit in my car and use the phone while it was charging, so I wouldn't have had to walk a mile there and back to get my problem taken care of in a more timely manner.

Having the phone die is like going off the grid, but not by choice. A lot can happen in the world and it sucks to be disconnected. When my wife was pregnant with our first child, one time my phone died and she was experiencing some labor pains that were seriouse at the time which turned out to be a false alarm after, but my phone was dead and I was off site while at work and there was no way for her to get ahold of me. Let's just say she wasn't a happy camper at the time she couldn't get ahold of me for help. So a car charger would have been beneficial at the time. So please pick me!!!

i NEED a new car charger !! the one i have now has a short in it and you have to hold it a certain way for it to PLEASE crackberry, HELP !!! lol

I've always had a car charger for all my previous BlackBerry's, but once I upgraded to the 8900 last summer, which requires that new micro/mini-USB charger, I have yet to buy a new car charger to accommodate my 8900. Therefore, this would be absolutely perfect for me :)

i always have a car charger for any phone i get. especially since they are only $5 on ebay. they aren't as durable, but if you take care of them, they will last a long time. i've never had a problem with a $5 charger from ebay.

I travel to Dubai almost every weekend, last year I was in the car on the way up there and had forgot to charge by Bold 9000 (the battery hog)apparently work called and said I did not need to come in that day as there was a massive pile up that took 12 Hours to clean up. So I ended up sitting in the car for 12 hours listening to the radio, bad times. Wish I had a car charger to I wouldn't of been stuck in that traffic.

I have never bought a car charger, but I do think they are good to have. Hopefully I will win one. If I don't, maybe I will buy one.

my wife's storm goes dead all the time while she's out, she forgets to keep it charged she say but it's because she blabbers all the time, she needs a charger so when i need something i can get in touch with her. Please pic me!So I can have peace that I will be able to get in touch!

So, I was driving home the other day, came around a bend in the road and there was this huge bunch of dinosaurs, must have been 15 or 20 (usually I only see maybe five every day, max). What a sight! Man, I was pulling out my Tour from its quick-draw holster to snap a pix and saw the red battery indicator. I said "Darn It," although that's not what I actually said. In no time they spotted me and hot-footed it into the forest. All that was left was a big cloud of dust...

Of course, no one believes me when I tell this story. If I had a car charger, I would have some great pictures of dinosaurs, right now, and people wouldn't be saying: "Moron, there weren't 15 or 20, they were probably only two or three." Help me out Crackberry, and you'll be the first to get the next pictures.

i use my phone a lot, and don't have access to regular chargers often. a car charger would save my butt when i'm out in my firefighting career, or my nuclear technician career.

can't live without it! but my wife likes to steal mine, so would be great to have my own...cause of course you know when you are married, nothing is never your own..if i win, we will just keep this our little secret :)

sometimes u get lazy at night and forget to charge ur phone, having a car charger sure saves the day. drive while charge

Don't always remember to charge my phone at night. One day my car's broke down and had to call for a tow truck. The phone was dead. I had to wait for the kindness of stranger to stop and let me use his cell phone.

My blackberry's battery doesn't last nearly as long as other phone I have had. This would make it so I wouldn't need to take my laptop with me places to charge the phone if needed.

The other night my car broke down on the highway and my cell also ran out of battery. Life would have been a lot easier if I was able to make phone calls or text!

I use my Berry as a music source as well and that drains the life. Right now im using wall charger and a power inverter....

Of all my friends, I am normally the one with the phone and the car charger when everyone else has no power, I do. The times are infrequent, but when I have been without, it is downright scary. Recently, was one of those times....

I would love to have a car charger for my Blackberry Curve 8330. I've always had one with my other phones but this is my first Blackberry and I've yet to get one for it. Winning one would be even better!!

Oh man I was on my way to a meeting and my wife wouldn't stop calling me so finally I had to turn off my phone otherwise my phone would of been dead... I had no car charger... bought one the next day but never told her :)

i was volunteering for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and my phone was being drained during a shift and there were vehicles nearby yet the car charger that was there wouldn't work on my berry so sadly, it died part way through my shift

I always carry a second battery which resolves that issue of having to charge. I recommened that everyone do this...they are basically inexpensive as well. Chargers are good back-up for sure. I have one and use it on occasion.

I would be on the road and my Blackberry would drain quickly because I am constantly on it with Bluetooth and Wifi.

The only time my bb has lost juice on me (when I wasn't at home) was when I took my daughter to Peggy's Cove, NS. We got there and realized it's just a big rock with a lighthouse on it, but there tonnes of people everywhere. What a letdown. So I turn to my bb to try to find somehere near-by that would be interesting, with less people, and I didn't have enough juice to enable data usage. So we drove around a bit and ended up going home. Now I have a portablet charger thing that charges from a AA battery, what a piece of crap, it doesn't even work!! I need a car charger.

got my 9700 when it was first released and haven't got a new car charger yet. Guess i'm just cheap but, at least one a week my phone dies while i'm traveling and have to wait till I get home. hope I win this time.

But everyday when I come home from work my battery is completly dead, and I would just love to have a charger cause on my way home is when I catch up with my social life and leave work life at the office, and I hate having to put my phone on my wall/usb charger when I get home cause then I have to go without for another hour till I have a decent charge for the rest of the night.

I have a car charger. Well more I got an ipod charger that I can plug a usb cable into so I bought myself a usb to micro usb cable and use that as my car charger. Killed to birds with one stone so now my mobile music device and my all mighty blackberry can be charged in my car in a pinched plus a lot cheaper than buying to car chargers.

This is the first phone I haven't had a car charger for, but I could definitely use one!

There have been several times that I've need one for those busy on the go days, and long road trips.

Missed my GF's phone calls one afternoon let me say it wasn’t a pretty site when I got home. Man the headache this would of saved me if my phone was charged.

Really would have came in handy twice in my lifetime. Just something I don't think about buying until I actually need it and then it's too late usually.

There was once when I was driving into unknown territory with my blackberry as my GPS, that it died on me and I didn't take the time to bring a map or even took ahead to where I was going and ended up getting somewhat lost. Not only did I not have a GPS anymore but I didn't have a phone either. I had to flag someone down, on a rather unbusy street, and ask to use their phone to call my wife so she could get online and tel me where to go. Had I had a car charger with me I could have kept my phone booted up the entire 8 hour trip instead of just the 7 it was alive for. I knew I should have bought a car charger for that trip!

Car chargers are a huge need for me! I use my gps all the time and it burns through my battery! I have a vent mount in my car also which is great. I also have a spare battery with a home or travel charger pack. All great accessories for on the go.

Lake effect snowstorm, horrible traffic, and no charger in the car. Normally an 18 minute ride home, but took over 90. Was supposed to come back towards work for a holiday party too, but that wasn't going to happen. Forgot the charger for the car, and had to shut the phone off before I was even halfway home, since battery was going south. Had to save the charge in case I went off the road, and needed a tow.

I usually don't travel much for business, but I did have a long drive to get to a conference and having the car charger really saved my since roaming was killing my battery life.

I don't charge a whole lot in the car. But I got dangerously low on juice a couple weeks ago when I was away from home. I grabbed my charger... That's when I realized it was my old mini USB charger from my 8320 and wouldn't charge my 9700. I turned off wifi, bt, gps and set my alerts to phone only and made it through. But I could really use a micro USB charger for times like that!

Need a car charger for long trips when I need to use my gps/maps to find where I'm going and keep family up-to-date on location.

When I brought my wife over to the dark side and got her a Tour, her old LG car charger was useless. I offered her my charger for my Storm one day when she had to take a long drive somewhere, and haven't seen it since. I could just go buy a new one, but if you're giving them out, I'll take that too.

was on a road trip once with no gps
we got lost and my phone was the closest thing to a gps we had and it died lol

I am usually good at pluging my phone in when i go to bed. how ever there are nights when sleep is the only thing on my mind. If I wake up to a dead battery or one that is at have capacity my morning is ruined. I work for a Toyota dealer in the Part Dept. and drive all over town putting hundreds of miles on the truck a week. If its a busy day and I dont make it back the the office to charge for a little I have a dead phone by noon usually. I am also addicted to pandora and use it often. I could really use a car charger. It would keep the boss happy and me out of trouble when I can't answer a call.

Since I've been listening to the music on my phone on my car stereo via the audio jack, keeping it juiced would be agreat thing!

I have a stupid adapter for my charger in the car. I can never find either when I need to charge my phone. My BB has died numerous times because I just couldn't find that silly adapter. If I would have a stand alone charger for it, I probably wouldn't have problems. Please I need one...

While getting ready for a trip and running errands I ran outta juice. Wanting to talk to the boyfriend and run errands with no juice wasn't happeneing. So needless to say I was bored while finishing up those last couple of hours of running around town. Oh yeah, I had been texting and on BBM for a while before that. If I don't get this one, there are some for $5 at Rugged Warehouse.

Pulling a real bonehead move I started out on a 2 hour road trip and plugged my BB into the radio to listen to music on it while I was driving. Right as I reached my destination the battery died. Much to my surprise, not only did I not own a car charger (I knew that part), I had forgotten to bring the home charger too. Long day and had to go buy another charger.

Since I don't have an extended battery for 9700 yet, a car charger would definitely help on those long drives and keep my GPS on.

There was this time I had like a 28hrs blackout in a friends house. Obviously my Blackberry died as I never thought it was going to be so long so having a car charger would really have saved me as I would have moved to the car for some time just to charge my blackberry instead of going crazy of being without communication.

For some reason i have this habit of leaving the house and by the time i get on the road my battery is already dead. I end up stopping at the nearest truck stop asking someone if i can borrow there car charger. quite embarassing. This will be a great need!

If I would of had this on my recent trip to Los Angeles I would of been able to locate my hotel. On the way there I used my bb gps to find my hotel. Apparently I used it a loy and it died in the middle of the LA free way. I was completely lost. I had to get off the freeway and ask about 10 people to locate the hotel. By the time I got there it was too late and they had rented my room to someone else. So I had to pay more for a new room. If I would of had a car charger I would of not beem lost and been on time to the hotel.

My wife is the worst offender of not having her berry charged. I even bought her the powermat thinking, "Hey, she can just set her berry down when she comes home!" and it would always be charged for her. Yeah right. At least once a week her phone is dying. Her car charger died before christmas so one of these would really help, since my lazy but has not bought a new one yet.

While I just got my first blackberry at the end of last month, I understand the importance of a car charger. Car chargers are one of those things you put off till you really need it then remember "Hey I need a car charger". Many times on road trips I have forgotten my charger and had to go phoneless for a while. Would love to win this for my new Berry to keep me in touch with everyone when I need it and not have to worry about not having a phone if something important happens.

I'll take one, please. Please. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeee. Please. a must! I was stranded in the middle of no where with a dead battery. Had to walk over a mile for help. A car charger would have saved the day.

coming from a 4 hour trip two times in a week this thing would surel keep the trip occupied and blaring to the ears from the music selection.....would defiantly be nice to have one :p

I was driving up the East Coast by my self so talking to people to keep me company and my phone died. Not really good when trying to find a hotel that night.

I drove about 2 hours to visit a childhood friend who was in the area visiting his sister (he moved to the other end of the country about 10 years ago). I used the GPS on my BB to get directions to where he was staying; by the time I got to his place the BB battery had maybe 10 minutes of juice remaining. After reminiscing with him and his sister for a few hours I had to head back home. I knew the BB wouldn't stay on the whole ride back, so I had to resort to turning the GPS (and later the phone) on and off at intervals to preserve what little battery life remained. And this was while I was also driving! Needless to say, having a car charger would've helped a lot in this situation.

Well back when I had my curve, I was driving a bunch of friends back from a party in santa barbara (about 2.5 hours away), my battery was in the red @ 5% and my parents were trying to get a hold of me to see where I was. The problem was, there wasn't enough juice for calls to go through and as a result, my parent's were super worried. And since everyone else in the car was pretty hammered, I couldn't get any of them to understand that I needed their phones so I could call. Bah being the responsible one is good yet even when you're doing the right thing you still get in shafted. Having a car charger at the time would of really helped out so I could of picked up the phone call and been home free haha

CHARGER-Thanks Crackberry.
A charger is a must if you use a mobile GPS app. If you don't have one your battery WILL run down.

A friend of mine visited me over the winter holidays. When he left, being bit late for his plane, he asked his girlfriend to take his charger. She mistakenly took my microusb wall charger, instead of his miniusb wall charger. Unfortunately for me, I was the emergency contact for a software component for that week, thus had to be available at all times. My battery was around 15%, I decided to drive around to charge my blackberry and to shop. I used my car charger to charge my phone that week until I received my wall charger from him. My car charger saved me! I could have just bought a wall charger, but what's the fun in that?

I'm in the car all the time for my job, so I honestly don't know why I haven't gotten one yet. When my battery starts to go low half-way through my work night, a car charger would be a Godsend for me. CB RULES!

If I had a car charger I would have been able to charge my phone while waiting for my girlfriend to get out of jail for public intoxication.

I can't even explain how many times I have been in route somewhere or meeting up with people and I get that message that I love to see about my battery power being too low for radio use. Can't even explain how that charger would help me out

Could have used this coming home from LA the other day - needed to call home to let them know I was on my way, and - Oh no - dead battery...

Sometimes i always leave my charger at home when going out of town. I cannot live without my blackberry, A car charger would definitely be great!

By technically I mean I own one. I never get to use it because somehow my wife has taken it. I'd like mine back or a new one please!

I do almost monthly 8 hours round trip call trips with a couple of buddies of mine and we like to use the phone for the internet radio. However, the phone always loses battery power before the trip is over. Help me.

There have been many times where I haven't been able to use my phone when in my car because the battery was too low or dead.

I recently moved to a new college town and decided to explore. It is in the middle of Georgia and if you leave town you are literally on your own. Being young I assumed the whole town was on a block system. After venturing away from the city I found I was getting into nowhere, so I took a turn thinking it would take me back into town. After a few more turns I realized I was making zero progress. I then launched google maps on my bold 9000 to get me back, the battery was already on low but I went double or nothing on the video bonus question and used it anyway. Once google maps finally pinned me on the map, it had enough juice to tell me to turn around before going black. I was now lost and disconnected in the sticks of Georgia. Never the less after 45 minutes of guessing and thinking I understood what the redneck gas station clerk told me, I found myself back in the city.

Dunno why I haven't bought one yet but I def need it. I work for several local court systems in my area and constantly find my battery dead in between locations. A car charger should have been a no-brainer I guess.

i have the storm, battery life on that sucks,a car charger would and definitely can help...therefore i would appreciate one of these

Was talking to my mom on the way home from work. My dad had just had surgery and my battery went dead. The last 30 minute drive felt like and hour. It sucked.

A car charger would really be good to use it for navigation more often. I dont do that a lot because I fear I will run out of battery.

For anyone who uses their Blackberry as a music source (playable through the car system, of course) as I do, a car charger is a must to keep the music playing.

Driving from South Carolina to West Virginia, I was using the GPS on my brand-new Storm to get to where I was going. Since I'd been talking to family the whole drive, my battery died somewhere in Virginia, leaving me completely lost (I'd never been to my destination before). Wish I had stopped to consider that my old Curve car charger was completely useless with the Storm!

After using an OEM BlackBerry car charger for nearly 2 years, the original battery has held up very well on my 8330 Curve (bought May 2008).

Getting the BB-original charger is well worth it!

Emergency came up and sure enough my berry died on me...had to find a place with a phone to make a call...this would have come in great use at that time...

Usually I have enough juice to last 2 days at work and get home to my wall charger. A few times, I've been caught off guard with additional tasks to complete, stretching my battery life past its ability- usually meaning I don't have a functioning BB for the latter part of a day. I spend a lot of time driving, so this time could be effectively used in charging my batt.

The first thing that comes to mind, is when I'm on the phone in the car and it begins to die during a phone call. Having a car charger enables me to keep the call going and to charge the phone up.

I had one for my old phone, but never picked one up for either BB. I guess I'm being cheap. :(

A contest win would be sweet!

Try having a GPS unit that doesnt turn on (because it decided to break), then trying to use your phone as your GPS. 30 minutes later, when you are in the middle of Virginia and have no idea how to get to Uncle Joe's house, the phone dies. Now no GPS, no map, and no phone to call Uncle Joe to get directions. Is that good enough reason to want a car charger?

I have had a car charger for every phone up until now. My Tour uses a micro USB instead of the mini USB. So I haven't bought the micro yet, but have several of the mini USB car chargers.

I'm using a Motorola micro USB charger. I had a BB branded mini USB with Motorola micro adapter on the end but for some reason it seemed to charge slower.

This is an absolute requirement to have to keep your cell from fully charge to almost half full.I keep hearing some one complain that they forgot to charge their cell phone. I would never take a chance not having a car charger, you will never know if a emergency comes up and you have been playing some games on your cell phone and running down the battery. Unfortunely I purchased a new T-Mo BB8520 and I haven't yet been able to purchase a new car charger for my new phone.

My wife is afraid of "overcharging" her BlackBerry and so what happens is, she never has a full charge and constantly runs out of juice during the course of the day... very frustrating. I'd love to get her a car charger OR a quality reference that will explain to her that "overcharging" is not the worst thing in the world anymore...At least, not as bad of a thing as having a dead battery anyways!

On a long cross-country roadtrip, needed to call AAA for car trouble, but battery had died, so charger would have helped!

"BlackBerry Smartphones typically have pretty stellar battery life"

Oh please...'re nose is brown.

What next? The Bold camera is fantastic?

Had one for the old phone,but have up graded to the Storm2.
Would be nice not to worry if the phones is going dead as I travel from job to job.

While my 9700's battery life is, well, excellent, constant GPS usage does drain it a bit fast. Driving 5 hours between NJ and MA, I managed to avoid a few hours backup in CT by getting off and traveling the back roads thanks to some GPS goodness. However, on the return trip, my battery died halfway and so I ended up getting stuck on I-95 south for more time then I would like to admit. To make matters worse, I couldn't even tinker with my phone while sitting still to help pass the time. A battery charger would have saved some time and sanity for this new CrackBerry addict!

A hectic day at work with numerous phone calls and I had my wife's car that day and she had no car charger. Hour and a half drive home without phone or email during the many traffic jams grinding to a complete halt for long pauses.

Installed new software on my Blackberry. Something was very wrong with it, and it was killing my battery much faster than it should have. I HAD a conference call and my phone died. I HAD a charger, but the end broke off. I really needed one.

Just like some of the bb users I don't have a car charger for my Storm and don't ask me why ...but if its free I can't say no so please sign me in for free one.

I am in sales and travel a lot. I was about 3 hours from home and my blackberry died. I use it all the time for calls etc. I had to scramble and use a pay phone to check my messages.

Pay phones are hard to find these days!

I would love to get one for my BOLD 9700 please.


my girlfriend and i we have blackberry so having a car charger it is amazing when we date after the work

I listen to music all day and after work at the gym. I can barely make it through the day on a full charge. I NEED TO WIN THIS!

I'm usually a very forgetful person and can never remember to charge my phone at home. My little brother is always in the car with me wherever I'm going and there have been plenty of times when we were far from home and my battery died. I try to keep it charged as much as possible, but it always seems to die when I'm away from home. I would really appreciate being chosen to win a car charger. Thanks!

Just yesterday I was talking to my wife on the drive home from work. My Berry's battery died and I couldn't plug it in to call her back. First thing she says to me when I get home is "why did you hang up on me?!?!" Man, a car charger would have been nice!

On a 3 hour drive from Northern California to the SLO area my phone died mid trip and with no GPS I'm lost cause, on top of that showing up at someone's doorstep without a courtesy call isn't exactly the most polite thing you can do either.

After flying to Florida I attempted to use my Storm to navigate from Miami across Alligator Alley to the west coast. Before catching my flight that day I had been using the phone off and on and had not had a chance to recharge. Before getting out of the swamp lands my battery decided to cut out. I was left alone in the dark with only my memory to navigate by. The car charger really would have come in handy that night...

While I was stuck in traffic driving home from my girlfriend's house, my phone died. The usual 20 minute trip took 90 minutes (some bad accident blocked us all where we were), and I missed a phone interview with Amazon (phone died as I started the trip), the best opportunity I've had so far...

Never got a reschedule, as I was ignored via email lol.

They are very necessary when I am out in the field where the signal is very spotty, so the battery dies VERY quickly in my Tour.

Four-day snowshoeing trip in Colorado. Only brought the BB for the GPS tracking ( I carefully stopped all services and extraneous alerts and sounds hooping the battery would hold out for the whole trip. The snow/rain -storm that hit was much more severe than expected. after staying up all the second night to keep a fire, we had to snowshoe out several miles to the truck, sooner than expected. Plans were made to have the cabin warmed and ready when we returned. Since we returned early, it was to a cold house. With a charger, we could have phoned ahead to have somebody up to the cabin and would have arrived to cozy comfort.

It was two days ago..I got on the car to drive to up Providence, RI from New York, NY to visit my sister. I checked the gas and the battery on my phone. Perfect.

I fired up the SprintNav on my BB tour with 5.0 hybrid and entered the address. I set the option to output only toll free routes because I'm a student and I'm cheap like that..hence this comment to win the contest! ;-) Within seconds, it has calculated the route for me and I was good to go.

2 hours into driving, my battery was at approx 50% and I was ok with that since only 1 hour of driving was required at that point and I had the wall charger. 2hrs and 40mins into driving, the LEDs started to flash boom no battery. I was so confused how it drained so much during the last 40 mins.

Then at that moment I was thinking to myself "Oh, man I have to get the car charger from CB when I get home." I got home today and guess what! a contest for a car charger!

CrackBerry! I got to my sister's place by going to 25238398439 different gas stations and asking the people and looking for those public phones and going to public phones and calling my sister and..and..let's just say it was a real pain in the butt. Please help me to win so I don't get lost ever again! Thank youuu

I travel by car quite a bit, and I try not to use my music player too much so that I will not run out of battery for phone use. If I had an automobile charger I would not have to worry. I'm just a little too cheap to go buy one.