BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Jawbone Icon

By ObiGeorge on 23 Feb 2010 12:55 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: Jawbone ICON "The Hero"

Jawbone ICON "The Hero"

With all the laws governing cell phone use while driving, bluetooth accessories are becoming a must for us consumers. The Jawbone ICON series bluetooth headsets provide a stylish look in a small, lightweight device. Featuring a dedicated on/off button and Voice Activity Sensor (VAS), it quickly becoming my favorite bluetooth headset to date. Hit the jump for more on this great accessory.

The Jawbone ICON is truly a compact accessory weighing in at only 8.2 grams, and measuring only 45mm long. Its rechargeable Li-ion battery provides up to 4.5hrs of talk time, as well as a staggering 10 days of standby time. I personally don't use the phone much, so it lasts about 4 days without a charge for me, which is very convenient. When receiving an incoming call, your ICON will speak the caller ID to you. You also have your remaining talk time spoken to you when pressing the talk button on the ICON, a very handy feature. The voice for these features can even be customized with Jawbone's MyTALK AudioApps, giving your ICON different "personalities". When purchasing the ICON you will also get 3 "fit" earbuds, 4 round earbuds, an earloop, microUSB cable, A/C adapter, and documentation with start guide.

The ICON is great solution for your hands free needs, wether you need it for driving or are an all day bluetooth user. Its small, lightweigh, very comfortable design, make it feel like its not even attached to your ear. As with all Jawbone devices, its sound quality is superb. The ICON features Jawbone's NoiseAssassin technology, which virtually kills all ambient noise. This makes the ICON a great product for any situation, even noisy, hard to hear places.

CONTEST: Win a Free Jawbone ICON "The Hero"

For your chance to win a free Jawbone ICON, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the ICON would help you through the day. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Jawbone Icon



I would like to try this out. I have a old crappy Bluetooth that hardly works and would like something new to use with my Storm.

Having an older headset, the battery isn't lasting as long as it use to. Being on the road most weekends and not having to bring an extra charger would be a great help!

Living in Toronto, its really stressful when you have to answer the phone, but its illegal and will cost you a fine! So this would be amazing....

I would be so happy n greatful if I won this. I work for a cable company in NY and use phone all day long. The headset I have now has poor connection issues and ppl hear a lot of backround noise. It would awesome to win. Thank you.

I need a new headset. Mine just crapped out this past weekend. Illinois just passed a law this year requiring people to use handsfree devices. Pick me please, I need a new headset!!!

I am always picking up my Storm an attempting to talk into the earpiece when I'm driving. Having the Jawbone would spare me the embarrassment of having to explain to one more person that I'm not smart enough to talk into the right side of the phone!

Hands-Free is the law! I've had a bluetooth headset for a couple of years. This thing has fallen apart so much that I was forced to wrap the earhook in suede to keep it together. Sure it looks cool, but not a great solution. Plus, the sound quality is not that great.

I've always wanted a Jawbone. Ever since the first consumer model, I've drooled over them. Finances dictated I needed to go cheap. And cheap is what I've been dealing with for a long time.

I drive a lot. To work, to drop off/pick up the kids from school, practice, doctor visits, etc. I need a good, solid bluetooth that I can rely on. I know Jawbone fits the bill.

I spend most of my day on the phone, in the car. need something light weight, and long battery life. All the other BT i have used have fallen short.

I loved my Jawbone 2, or new jawbone or whatever they called it. That was until my 6 month old tore it off my head when I wasn't looking and it took a swim... sad day.

As a server engineer it was perfect for talking while moving in and out of the datacenter. While most folks were losing their voices trying to communication with vendors I could speak so quietly the guy standing next to me couldn't hear me over the fan noise but the person on the other end of the phone had no problem at all.

I drive 100 miles a day round trip to work... so I bluetooth is JUST what I need! sheeeeeeesh help me out CB!

My current headset is really awful and no one can hear me. This would be awesome! The Jawbone is well known for quality and it would match my 8900 perfectly!

My wife's bluetooth is so old and I can barely hear her when she calls me.

She has loved the jawbone from a distance because we can't afford one. I would love to give this to her. It would change her life!

Since I always seem be to reading emails or sorting something out on my BB I would really appreciate the jawbone since there are no wires needed. Would make my life have a lot less hassle, and look good too!

It seems I'm always on the phone with work on my evening drive home. My current BlueAnt Bluetooth is on it's last legs and needs to be replaced. Looks like a perfect opportunity for a replacement. :)

I travel a lot for a small software company. I am constantly on the road and like to my blue tooth but I get a lot noise interference when I'm in the truck. Noise assassin sounds great and would like to give it a go. If it works I will definitely recommend to everyone to pick one up immediately.


Im on the phone all day and on the road most of the time. i have a jabra that i rarely use do to is sucking! and i have been hesitant to but a jawbone due to the price so a FREE one would be great for me..a win win situation.

I'd love one of these since i work as a courrier and drive 300+ miles a day... so you tell me if I don't deserve to win this headset!

I would love to try this out to see if it would decrease distraction on the road and see if it really works. I also heard Jawbone is one of the top models out there!

I'm using an old Jabra BT200 which keeps dying on me. With the new hands-free bylaws coming into effect everywhere, I could really use this specially since I take a lot of calls in the car.

It would make taking long conference calls on my berry much more comfortable. And I can't afford to buy a nice bluetooth, so it would be a most appreciated item. :)

This would come in handy for two reasons... #1. It is ilegal in my state to use a cell without a hands free device. #2. My AC is out in my car and I'm going to have to have my windows down in the upcoming months... so the noise assasin will really help when the wind blows in my car.

Seriously I think as a cop, we make the best testers when it comes to bluetooth devices, Honestly everyone hates seeing cops with their phones up to their ears, so what better solution than to grant me the chance to own my 1st bluetooth....:)

I practically live on the road and this new jawbone would be great for me. It could help me from being totally distracted while on the phone and would allow me to keep both hands on the wheel....

It would help me a lot, but one thing's for sure: LOW CAR ACCIDENT RATE for me coz I'm definitely the type who loves to talk talk talk on the phone while driving and sometimes the BB handsfree set gets all tangled up easily!

I drive a taxi and need to use my phone from time to time for directions or to contact certain customers. Due to my occupation, I don't have much excess cash to purchase a blue tooth headpeice. I could definitely use one of these!

With recent news that they will probably stop selling my beloved Storm. Having this bluetooth will keep me a happy man. I've been searching around for quite some time now for a better bluetooth than the one I have sitting at home. Being stuck in an office all day, I definitely love the feature that announces the Caller ID and it will really help me out to let me know if I should answer my phone without having to look down at my phone and continue working.

Tried Jawbone some time ago, and it wasn't for me. Sounds like they've improved, and I'd like to give it a go!

I am picking up my Storm an attempting to talk into the earpiece when I'm driving. The Jawbone is well known for quality and this would help me to work while driving! Hands-Free is for me

I desperately need a new headset. I have to hold my cheap samsung headset together while trying to put into my ear, and then maybe it will work. This is perfect timing.

I'm in bad need of a new bluetooth headset.... i'm using an old original jawbone that has pretty much gone out on me... would be great to have an upgrade.

My work is cracking down, and making it mandatory to use a heaset of some kind while driving. Set me up CrackBerry so I can make my safety guy happy.






Since it's so small, I hoping it stays on my ear (I have trouble keeping blue tooth head sets in my ear).

The ICON would save my life cause it would allow me to do other things while my GF TELLS ME ABOUT EVERY DETAIL OF HER DAY. It really sucks to "LOSE ONE ARM" while on the phone with her.....sometimes I get bicep cramps...and the Storm speakerphone SUCKS.

My beloved Jawbone 1st Generation headset is really falling apart. The earjels are all broken, the rubber lining on the earhook is splitting, and the battery charging port is about to fall off. But other than that, I love it! Even though I received the unit used, it has lasted about a full year of everyday use. I would love a replacement headset (especially a modern model) so I can continue to communicate with my clients handsfree. Thanks for the opportunity!

I sure do need this as I drive in my car at work for hours on end. It would keep me safe while in the car! Hope I win!!

I spend alot of my day day driving to and from work or driving around for work. My vehicle is a standard transmission and can be a pain to drive and talk, especially now during the winter with bad road conditions. This thing would make life alot easier, and safer!

Man do I need this bad boy. First of all my girlfriend dropped my last bluetooth in the pool :-( so I am in need of a new bluetooth. I drive a good hour and a half to work every day and it has been torture doing this without a bluetooth headset especially here in California where I cant even talk on my phone and drive at the same time. This would help my situation out greatly and my girlfreind would love that I could call her on my drives to and from work THANKS!


Thank you!!!

I would use it to keep from getting ticked since I live in and work near a school zone. It would save local law enforcement the time of pulling me over and fight crime else where.

If I had the icon I would have my first bluetooth headset which would eliminate me driving and talking with the phone to my ear so i would no long get pulled over. I would also like to listen to music through it so i don't have to listen to annoying people talk!!

When I go to the store to buy a bluetooth I usually just buy one because of the price and not the quality. I would love to have a good quality bluetooth for once. Hope I win.

Everyone complains that they cannot hear me over the background noises when I use my current Bluetooth. It would be a great improvement to my conversations and business if I had a jawbone

this would be great. i am always using my company bluetooth that is hooked to our phone system. Would be great to give my storm the same luxury, cause you know it is my pride and joy!

I could use this along with Vlingo to send emails while driving and i wouldn't have to take the phone out of my pocket. Wouldn't that be nice!

I own a Storm and it can be next to impossible to use that thing and drive sometimes. A lot of times I find it's just easier to hold it up on speakerphone. My old jawbone died a while ago and since I drive a jeep with a soft top it can be hard for people to hear me. A nice new Jawbone would be just the thing I need.

In order to save lives, the nature of my job requires me to have my hands free to assess and treat patients as well as performing tactical and rescue assignments. I need to be able to communicate with MED CONTROL and 911 dispatch. You would be helping more people out than you know, by picking me. The ICON would be able to be clearly documented as playing a part in saving lives.

Right now my neck is killing me from doing the constant phone-between-head-and shoulder talking. In the house I'm constantly working from my cell phone making important calls, while trying to cook or work on the pc at the same time. Since i do a lot of driving I sometimes try to use the speakerphone, but it's almost impossible to hear with the sounds in the streets of NY. Please help me out!

Having an older headset, the battery isn't lasting as long as it use to. Being on the road most weekends and not having to bring an extra charger would be a great help!

I would like to try this out. I have a old crappy Bluetooth that hardly works and would like something new

I have been trying to find a bluetooth that fits/doesnt hurt in my ear and sounds good to both myself and the other party. THis would be a great one to give a shot at and from the reviews looks like it would meet my biggest needs, sound quality.

Of course I would want one. It's a legendary Jawbone. No one could complain that they couldn't hear me. I would be a safer (and cooler) driver.

Thanks for having the contest!

As an IT student I am constantly studying new technologies. Furthermore I also have a business of my own, in which I really have to make phonecalls in odd places. I think that is why a (VERY NICE!!) Jawbone ICON will help me through daily life :).

Thank you Crackberry!

Live in the US but travel to Canada every month. Needs hands free in Canada while driving so this would be great.

It would be nice to get rid of my H800 bluetooth that maybe lasts 10 mins of talk time and half the time I can't hear properly. I'm on the road and a lot of roofs so this would be great with my storm2

This would be so nice to reduce the street noise that I get when talking on the phone while walking to and from the office. Also, hopefully to cut down some of the wind noise too!

I am a on the road sales guy doing up 350 kms a day on my own dime tring to make a living i haev monthly call times over 4000 min. This would be the best asset to have to make things better i have tried several headsets but probably should have combined all i spent and spent it once on one of these as i ead they are the best. Wouild love the chance to get my hands on one and let everyone nkow about its quality .


I would love to have this headset! I drive alot and Im sick and tired of holding my phone all day long. Now I would be able to relax and not worry about a cop seeing me :)I need this

this would come in handy for my work! i drive a truck for coca cola in illinois and they just passed the "hands free" law... tired of using the rinky dinky wired ear buds that came with my storm2! i would greatly appreciate this... Please and Thank You!

well, I have and having a Jawbone headset would be great while managing my two toddlers and everything else going on in the house. My kids thank you. :)

my wife is ALWAYS yelling at me for talking to her while on my LG headset. She always tells me she cannot hear me. Of course, SHE is the only person that ever says this to me but she is the most important person I talk to. She refuses to continue to talk to me until I disconnect the bluetooth and talk to her on the handset.

I could SOOOOO use this headset for its clarity and noise cancellation so that I could actually talk to her and have a full conversation while on the bluetooth.

I need a Jawbone Bluetooth headset because I repair PCs all day and my hands are full with either parts and/or tools. It would be very useful on my day to day activities.

tired of all these bluetooths trying to deliver (as they mention) and cant.
Its about time i try out Jawbone brand.
count me in!

Would love to have this. Im in my car a lot dropping off my two daughters at school and my son at the babysitter. Often times have to carry my eleven month son which prohibits me from reaching for my phone. So this would be ideal. Thanks

... and pick ME!

1. I carry 2 batteries at all times because that's how often I talk on my BB.

2. I have safety in mind, and can't afford to drive my manual with a phone in hand and my kid in the backseat. (though his calls before naptime make up most of my calls)

3. I commute back and forth to college everyday... getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

Thanks for your consideration.

If I won this I would give it to my wife. She is a stay at home mom and is always in the car shuttling the kids around. It would help her keep our kids safe.

I use a bluetooth headset everyday at work.. the one I have is old and needs to be replaced.. I could really put this headset to use.

Every Jawbone I tried was very good, but the fit was a bit off, with that must touch the face thing. Maybe this one is better.

I have an old bt device that's simply noisy and not fun to use while driving. I always hope I won't get a call while in the car. I would love to give this a go!

Put me down for an entry! Hands-free is the law, can't be breaking that now. I periodically make long road trips and a headset would be a huge help for long highway calls!

This bluetooth will be a great accessory to my BB especially since i drive through states that require its use whilst driving.

I'm always on the phone in my car. Since I don't have air condition the windows are always down and nobody can hear me. the Icon would really help.

I would love a new headset. My current one is a piece of junk that I got with my phone. I like to listen to talk radio and occasionally music, while I'm at work. My current one has horrible sound quality and i need something new! Oh and I occasionally use it for phone conversations. :D

I have paid $3,000.00 in tickets for talking on my cell while driving. I am clearly a danger on the road to all other motorists and pedestrians. By giving me this headset you would be doing yourself justice and possibly saving yourself from a serious wreck.

I have Bluetooth built-in to my car, but I am often travelling or in other cars... this will help keep me productive and safe.

would save me the embarrasement of having grease stains on my storm2 after placing it to my face on a call!

A solution for those who live in states restricting cell phone use while driving. Would love to try this out!

Just got a ticket last week for no seatbelt, and using my phone. This would have at least cut my ticket in half! HAHA

This sounds like the one I've been looking for. I need an earpiece with some great battery life because I am so busy and always on the go. I WILL tell my friends. PICK ME!

would definitely prevent a lot of spilled coffee and cursing when i'm holding a paper under my arm, a coffee and trying to answer my phone!

As someone who talks on the phone even when he shouldn't be, this would be really helpful and useful. I love the compact size. This is something that I would definitely put to good use. Thanks Crackberry for all you do!

I have the original Jawbone, has worked perfectly. Didn't really care for the 2 or the Prime. Would love this new one. Really like the looks of it. And Jawbone quality just can't be beat.

Being that I have had many MANY BT headsets through the years, I have never found one that truly fits ME. The closest I have found thus far was the Plantronics I just retired as it had an addon earpiece that allowed stereo bluetooth. I am an IT person and with that, I am always on the go and need a solution that works for me. This looks like it may fit the bill! The speaking caller ID would be a HUGE plus so I don't have to pull my phone out of it's holster just to see if it is a "personal" call that I don't need to take during business hours.

The spoken talk time sounds amazing. As much as I am on the phone that would be very handy.

i been using the car radio tap converter to talk on the phone, cause its illegal in jersey to be on the phone while driving, so this would help very much.

Few close calls with being pulled over for answering my cell with an Icon headset I won’t miss my important phone calls that I have to answer for work.

I have a Motorola h9 blue tooth headset which i don't particularly like, i would really like to try a jawbone for a change as Ive only heard it is one the best head sets on the market today.

yes please! my old bt headset no longer holds its charge and i unfortunately rely on it rather heavily. especially during business travel!

Since Aldo, my Golden Retriever, loves these so much, I need a new one for him to chew on! Actually, I need one to keep us safe while driving and playing.

If I had a proper bluetooth I could avoid grabbing the phone out of my pocket, cup holder, or jacket while driving and stop my wife screaming: "we are going to crash".

Would love to win this. Just this past weekend I almost bought one to wear at work to keep busy and also keep from dirtying my BB. I'll wait and see if I'm lucky enough to win it.

I really need to replace my old blueant blue tooth. I would love to give jawbone a shot to see whether I made a mistake picking up the blueant a couple of years ago.

I would be able to "legally" work in my car during my 45 minute commute. It would also allow my wife to nag more since I ignore her calls while driving due to that hands free bs law.

This would make traveling around Chicago much easier on me so I don't have to use my crappy speakerphone on my storm

I'd love to have a Jawbone Icon so that I can talk to my pregnant wife on the phone while I work on renovating one our rental houses.

I would love to win this and use it when I play ps3. I'm tired of my wired mic. I will also use it for my 9700 during work. Thanks.

This would replace my old Motorola H700 and be perfect since I have to carry a work phone and personal phone!

With this bluethooth headset I can forget about getting stopped by cops. Here in Honduras it's ilegal to talk on the phone will driving.

I drive a lot and only have a wired headset because all the good bluetooth ones are just too expensive and i will not buy a cheap one. Having this would just make driving that much better.

I spend alot of time on the phone, often times on very important calls. Making those calls on the busy streets of NYC are not always easy with sub-par bluetooth headsets. This headset would GREATLY improve my day to day life.

This would be a great addition for me. I wear my bluetooth all day as I am on the phone constantly. Having this BRAND NEW, lightweight, feature packed Jawbone would help me and my business flourish.

I need this so bad. I am using the free headset that came with my phone. My bluetooth died and would love this.

it would help me when i'm driving down the road and i would have the little hero on my ear and not this big motorola thing....lmaoo till next time..

How would being able to make calls while running from class to class and juggling a job and duties to a fraternity help me? It's pretty obvious

My old Jawbone has just about had it (after several years of use). I'm a heavy talker and drive a stick, so using a hands-free keeps me and everyone else around me safe!

The ICON helps me with ICAN. In business, its all about time. You can break down every second of your day to a dollar amount. For those of us that have to deal with customer problems, growing sales, and maintaining and building relationships, time is critical. The ICON Lets me say ICAN use this device to maximize my day by adding dollars to my business. By having the best noise reduction available to provide clear calls and not having to repeat myself and by having people understand me clearly on the "first time" I don't have to spend extra time conducting business. The ICON is an icon for efficiency, time management, cost savings as I will save those precious seconds that can be equated with a dollar amount. Most importantly the ICON is my path to ICAN. And it does this all with the added bonus of delivering some style....something that is hard to measure, but at times equally important, during those rare times I am not working.

Give it here please as I need this to successfully talk on my bb as I am driving from location to location doing installs for my company. I also do training on BB's, so this would be a great addition for me to be successful!!!

I had the first jawbone and loved it and i just lost it. I need a new one. I would be very appreciative it choosen.

I would love to have the Icon. I need one with my 2 lil ones running around. Holding the phone is kinda hard to do when chasing around a 9 month old, or trying to get 3 different bags together so we can go out, carrying said bags or better yet when that same 9 month old is trying to take your phone from you while you're talking. The bluetooth can be hid by my hair, a BB Tour, not so much. Please, CB I NEED this Icon!!!

The default headphone/phone piece that came with my Blackberry Tour isn't the best. With the Jawbone, no more wires when I talk. Don't need to tilt my head to hold the phone in place on my shoulder if I need both hands. And most importantly, I will be able to switch between listening to music and taking a phone call with a simple push of a button.

Now that's freedom!

Please and thank you!

due to the exceptional noise canceling features on the jawbones, I would be able to be at a sports event and still conduct work while they can't hear what is going on side from me talking to them....awesome...

I currently use my Jawbone2 everyday for my daily commute. I would love to upgrade to the new Icon.

Please hook me up with one of these because I love to drive around talking on my bluetooth on my right ear while people look at me thinking im talking to myself. Also because I have a BlueAnt bluetooth that hasnt been working right since i got it. Thanks

This would rule. I have a crappy Motorola bluetooth headset. I usually can't drop $100 on something like this. Would LOVE to win it, though!!

Thaks for another chance to participate.. I'm a courier and I'm driving all over 3 countys, from law firm to law firm.. From court house to court house.. So I'm full of docs.. And driving.. This bluetooth will help me a lot!!!!!

If I won the Icon, it would help to create harmony in my household, as my significant other continually puts off purchasing a Bluetooth, and she won't let me buy her one, because she's worried about spending good money on something that she sticks in her ear, then doesn't fit well. She uses the built-in speakerphone on her Tour in the car, and it drives me insane. I'm pretty certain she could handle sticking something free in her ear.

This bluetooth headset would help me out immensely because I commute nearly an hour every day to work in a manual transmission car. So to have such a great hands-free headset would compliment my life perfectly!

I'd love one of these headsets so that I could clearly hear the orders that my wife gives me.

Now I'd have no excuse for not hearing her.

It would be great to upgrade from the el cheapo headset I currently use.

I wouldn't be a douche and wear it all the time like people always do. So annoying. Most important for driving!

i know that other jawbone devices rock! i would love to give this is try....more stylish looking.....just as nice.

The Jawbone is one of the greatest bluetooth headsets available. I have had m original Jawbone now for 3 years and it has seen its life expectancy at this point. The sound quality is amazing! There is not another headset manufacturer out there that comes close in my opinion.

I use my headset about 8 hours a day, and it makes life so very convenient. How nice it would be to have a new bluetooth headset:)

The icon would definately help me since my jawbone 2 headset broke! with driving around all day and the new laws in Ontario, it would really help to get the icon to use to prevent from getting a $155 ticket ; >

Seriously, shouldn't a full time firefighter get something like this, think of the

Thanks for the opportunity!

Well since I live in Ontario, it's now the law to use a headset if you need to talk on the phone while driving. Right now I'm using some old aging Motorola headset that desperately needs replacing. Trying out a new Jawbone Icon would be great!

I suffer from inadequate jawbone thanks to my genetics. I feel this accessory will greatly improve my appearance and I will finally be able to impress the ladies.

It would also help people understand me better through my Blackberry Storm...since nobody seems to understand me. They say I sound muffled. Of course, that could be due to my inadequate jawbone as well.

This could really kill two birds with one stone and drastically improve my quality of life!!!

This would be awesome for bounty hunting, when I'm chasing bad guys at 70mph through neighborhoods I could keep both hands on the wheel!

Being in sales and always on the phone the headset is key! Plus I love looking like that guy who wears the headset in the ear 24/7!

Tomorrow is my birthday this would be a sweet BD gift indeed my current blue tooth is falling apart time for a new one, I really hope I get chosen.

I have 3 kids and one on the way. I had a bluetooth a while back but have not been able to use it since my 2-yr old sent it swimming. I drive a lot cause we live 20-30 minutes from almost everything. I have such a hectic life it seems i am always on the phone and know a bluetooth would help with that but being a father of almost four $100 for a Bluetooth is not in the budget. I would love to have a jawbone though. From all I have read they are un-beatable with cancelling out noise( amust when you have many kids, LOL).

This would help me when I am talking on the phone with the IRS and trying to get my taxes completed. If I had this Jawbome Icon I could type and talk at the same time.

This would be very benificial in my line of work. I'm a PC tech and drive to all my destions and it's all handy when trying to troubleshoot an issue and need to be on phone. I have tried mulitple BT devices and many times people on other end of phone can't hear me. Being that Jawbone has a great reputation for this issue it's be a great asset for my day to day job duties all around. :)

I've had experience with an earlier model of Jawbone. Great product. I even tried another one since then, and decided to drop it in favor of yet another model of Jawbone. Good stuff.

Well since i spend about 2 hours each way to go from home to work and then work to home i have a lot of time on my hands. I want to make calls during that time but haven't bought a bluetooth headset yet because none of the cheap ones satisfy me and the jawbone ones are WAY too expensive right now :(
So this one would be ideal ;)

My car's bluetooth doesnt work anymore, and with the laws in my state I cant drive and talk with the handset. Due to this conundrum I really need a bluetooth device

As with most others, my old bluetooth is on its last legs or dieing. I would love to try something from Jawbone. Pick me.

This would be wicked handy for me. I can't stand holding the phone to my ear on conference calls, and having a bluetooth would be great. But if I am driving or in a cafe taking the call, it is too loud for handsfree. This would be perfect for work!


I would love to replace my old motorola bluetooth headset. I am a busy exec asst in NYC and am constantly on the phone and can't risk my BB falling on the pavement from walking and talking. I'm an an assistant desperately seeking assistance! Thank you.

The new ICON really adds some neat features to the bluetooth headset. Being able to charge through a microUSB! This would save on lugging an extra charger during my frequent travels as the Storm2 uses the microUSB as well. The on/off switch would be a huge help as my current bluetooth seems to turn itself on and off when in a pocket.

Seeing that Driving+Talking is illegal in chicago and me being a UPS truck driver..that really sucks for me. ICON would probably not only save me a ticket or two, but possibly save a life or two.
Help Me out CB!
Plz n Thanx

......I mean c'amon......what are the odds? Just kiddin'...... :D

I have an original Jawbone and it's been absolutely fantastic. People regularly can't believe that I'm talking on a bluetooth device.

However, my wife (also a loyal CrackBerry user) doesn't have a bluetooth device. She's been using the wired earpiece/mic unit that comes with the device. She's an amazing, hard working mother of three and i'd love to bless her with this cool new Icon!



The jawbone Will help me drive safely by removing the need for me to use the OEM BB headphones to talk while driving (cord inhibiting movement, both ears blocked). it Will also help me remain alert when listening to music while gallivanting about the city (sounds of city blocked by headphones). Will keep me from revealing my BB (to would be criminals)by eliminating the need to locate my ringing BB to accept, decline, or initiate a call.

I spend almost half of my day in conference calls, and this would be so much better for me than the corded hands-free device that came with my BB. I've been spending too much time on these calls that I haven't had enough free time to research which bluetooth device I should go buy.

I've been looking around for a new headset for my Bold. I have a really old nokia headset. It has terrible battery life and what makes it worse is that being so old now (about 4 years), the battery life is even worse lol. It lasts for less than 2 hours talk time and may just barely make it through the day if i dont use it at all. Sometimes i even have to press it against my ear to hear clearly. It looks pretty decent from the side, but the headset is huge and its a bit uncomfortable for extended uses. The ICON is just what i need. I wouldnt need to look at the phone to see who's calling. Also, i tend to find myself in noisy places whenever a call comes in so the ICON would be perfect. I would even get this just cause of its ability to tell the remaining talk time. This can prove valuable so i'll know when to charge it as well as how long my convo's can last while im on my phone, emailing/using the web. Also its lightweight, small design and comes with the different sized earbuds, looks like it would definetly be comfortable...Hope i get to try it out soon!

I have an old broken jawbone. An essential I feel is necessary to have It's illegal to talk on the phone while I'm driving. I would <3 this!

I got to have it, this would be great for me while I am at work as a law enforcement office, both hands on the wheel.

I would use the headset to drive hands free all of the time while in the car and on my bike. I would also use it will out on walks as well.