BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Case-Mate Fuel Case for the Bold 9700

By Adam Zeis on 16 Feb 2010 02:33 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: Case-Mate Fuel Case for the Bold 9700

Case-Mate Fuel

Its no secret that BlackBerry users sometimes struggle to get through a day one just one charge. Extra or extended batteries can only go so far, and having to plug-in every time you find an outlet isn't ideal. Enter the Case-Mate Fuel Case. This amazing case not only holds your Bold 9700 and keeps it secure, it also adds "fuel" by giving you up to and additional 7 hours of talk time (or 20 hours of stand-by time). Hit the jump for more on this awesome accessory and to see what else is new this week.

With the Case-Mate Fuel Case, you don't need to worry about swapping batteries or endlessly searching for a wall outlet in which to charge your device. You can carry your BlackBerry in the case itself, and when you start to get low on juice, flip the Fuel Case on and it will give you that extra go. For users that carry their device in a case already, the Fuel Case is only a bit larger than most other hard cases, so you won't even be adding that much "bulk" onto what you already carry. Knowing that you have that extra power will let you make it through a busy day without the worry of your device running out of power. 

The Fuel Case is a great alternative for carting around extra batteries as well. Having a supply of backup batteries is great, but having to swap them out and risk missing important calls or emails while your device is rebooting may not be the best bet. And if you're not the most organized, keeping track of them (or remembering to charge them) might not be the easiest task. You would need to either charge the battery in the device itself, or get an external battery charger as well. With the Fuel Case you only have one unit to worry about and thats that. Check out more on the Case-Mate Fuel Case (which is also available for the Tour, Bold 9000 and Curve 8900) at

CONTEST: Win a Free Case-Mate Fuel Case for the Bold 9700

For your chance to win a free Case-Mate Fuel, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the Fuel Case would help you through the day. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a Case-Mate Fuel Case for the Bold 9700



Well since I travel almost every other week and spend some "lovely" days (and nights) in airports this would help out so much! Plus while on the plane I won't lose charge!

This unit leaves nothing to be desired. The extra battery life alone would be worth paying for. We could probably go for a week between charges. It was indispensable on the original bold and would just rock on the 9700.

Honestly, the 9700 gets such great battery life, this really is just overkill lol. But hey, great for when you;re on the road and forget your charger!

Yes please :)

I travel quite a bit, and nothing makes me sadder than seeing the 'low battery' warning on my Bold 9700.

OH MY how I needed this for my Bold 9000. I am a heavy data user and most days I end up having to leave the phone connected to a usb charging cable. While the 9700 is better at battery life, I can still put it through its paces. I would LOVE to be able to not have to worry about, oh crud... did I bring that extra charger with me? Plus with the 9700 being a micro-usb plug the chances of finding someone with a spare cable/charger are slim. Having a fuel case would free me from the anxiety of a dead battery. That would be pure awesomeness!

This is a definetly a must have accessory for those in the corportate world that are constantly on the go.

Carrying the charger plus laptop and accessories is a problem. This would help me get rid of cables extra batteries and extra chargers.. I would travel liter :)

As a traveling IT professional, I'm constantly on the road, traveling between client meetings and the airport. Having a Fuel Case would greatly improve my mobility and allow me to travel lighter without a car power adapter in my computer case. I've lost too many power adapters in rental cars!

would help me throughout my day by giving me a piece of mind knowing my bb will always be secure and safe on my waiste.

I would love this Fuel Case so I could get 3 or 4 days life out of one nights charge. The 9700 has amazing battery life, it would be great to make that an even better battery life.

If it can be configured so that the device will go into bedside mode rather than sleep/standby mode. If you can just lay the Blackberry and Case-Mate Fuel Case on a table, it would help on time measured activities such as meetings, interviews and therapeutic sessions. This would be much handier and more portable than using the charging pod.
- Social worker with a BlackBerry

To have this would just be incredible!

I sell guitar on eBay and spend my day using tons of data. I answer emails, check my auctions and text message.

I was at Disney World last month and while on an iPhone, ran out of juice while contacting a potential buyer. Needless to say...I switched back to the BB and use the 9700 now.

Please consider me for the contest and I appreciate your offer.

I would love to get my hand son one of these. Would help me a lot. It would mean I could leave my different chargers I have in my office and car at home and not have to deal with all of those wires to get me through a typical 14 work day! Yay!!


I travel about 40 percent of my time and I am a heavy user of my 9700. I am always looking for places to top off my battery so this would be my own personal charging station. It would rock!

As much as I use data day to day, and as much as I travel weekly, this would be absolutely amazing! As monstrous as the 9700's battery is already, this would take a load off (for those situations we all get into where you're stuck...without an outlet. T_T)

It is always on that most important phone call when the freakin' radio turns off due to low battery. I know I am not alone on that. :)

As an upcoming college student in the fall working two jobs to get by I barely have time to charge my phone. The battery is always on low and between the Twitter updates and the emails I receive and send out my phone dies very quickly. The Case-Mate Fuel Case is perfect for my phone.

I run a bar with my best friend. So I'm constantly emailing/texting vendors, suppliers, and my staff. This would really help out because it would give me a few extra hours at the beginning of each day if i happen to fall asleep with out plugging up my phone, which happens alot!!

Very interesting item. My GF is on her phone for work all day (I am for fun;) This would be an awesome item for her

The Case-Mate will give me hours of sanity in all the chaos of family gathering. Please, please, please.

I don't normally enter these, but I would really love to have this case! My job happens to be in a bit of a bad signal area, so my battery life is not what it should be. I'll usually have to hook it up half way through the day and give it a little boost. This case would really help me out when I'm going from class to class checking up on my students at the end of the day and on the long bus commute home.

Being a pre-dental student isn't easy. There are a lot of obligations, responsibilities, and volunteer work to be done. All these things happen daily and being a Bio major already a senior who is also working, needs a break.

I use my BB everyday for many reasons. Whether to check important emails from professors or to use it as an organizer reminding me of all the things I have going on. It is basically my student life. But under stress and all this work, I may forget to charge my precious BB and often it runs out of batteries. It would be a tremendous help to me if I can just get that extra powerboost when that time comes, I mean school is hard enough already, but my BlackBerry is what keeps me sane.

Please consider my entry.


Oh please oh please
let me win the case

It's something that I need
I can't count the ways

As good as the bold
seems to be

It's getting a bit old
When I see

The battery bar
going down down down

When navigating my car
It makes me frown

My wifes 8330
Seems to last all day

She makes fun of me
That's all I'll say

Crackberry, with your compassion
I can end this duel

I can also be in fashion
With a brand new Fuel!

The wife and I share a charger and she is always charging hers which leaves me nervous! This would help BIG TIME! =)

I travel constantly for my job. I recently got a Bold 9700 and this would complete my accessories pack I recently bought. (pod, travel charger, screen protectors) etc.. With the functionality of the 9700, i don't always take my laptop with me, as i can read documents on the device and stay in constant communication through BBM, email and Nimbuzz.. This would make it much easier to take care of business and not have to worry about always running low on battery power on those quick overseas trips.

I have entered to win several items recently but have not been the lucky name chosen. Hopefully my luck will change with this...


Between using my bold for work, music, and exercise programs, I'm always running out of battery life. This would help greatly!

the case will help me because it will hold my phone, thus freeing up one of my hands which will then DOUBLE my productivity. it's science. :)

they say the 9700 gets great battery life but it can't keep up with my twitter and email habits. I might make it a whole day or two without plugging in

I loved the 9000 bold case, and it truly was a necessity when trying to last just a day, but even with the great battery life of the 9700 between podtrapper, foursquare, tweetgenius, socialscope, and scoremobile, I'm low by the evening

My father never puts his Blackberry Bold down and never stops getting emails. He has to stay in contact with everyone as he is the pastor of a church. He charges his phone at any spare moment but sometimes forgets. The extra power would help his aging mind when he forgets to charge up the well used Bold.

I'll be traveling all next week during the TOC conference and would really enjoy not having to worry about "Fueling" my Bold!


im for always having to keep my plus charger with me, im a retail brand manager with traveling back for to cardiff and london emails, msn, bbm and music and internet the battery dosnt last long and well as contecting to the net work every time it zones out on the train draisn power too, this product woulod be LOVED big time.

This would greatly be useful for my long days of spending countless hours on! Surfing on this website occupies me for hours and fuel for my BB would definitely help!!!!!!

Between listening to XM Radio, Nobex Radio Companion, Slacker Radio, and watching video's in my spare time, the standard BB battery doesn't stand a chance of making it through a day. This case would make my whole life better!

I'm a heavy user so I always feel more comfortable with a backup battery.

The fact that the extra battery is integrated into the case is great as I don't have to worry about carrying, fumbling or losing an extra battery.

Truly, this is a Powerloader Exosuit for the 9700 and I'd love it on mine.

Wow... For people who keep traveling and make a lot of use of GPS etc. along with regular phone features, this looks like a great add-on to make sure the phone is ON until you reach home at the end of the day :)

I would really love to have this case especially since I work only 12+ hr shifts and constantly use my blackberry with e-mails and spreadsheets so hopefully I will win so I can keep my crackberry fully charged all the time.

I run a computer repair/training business, and I tend to spend 5+ hours a day on the phone, add into that constant emails/BBM conversations, I tend to need an extra battery halfway through the day. A casemate fuel for the 9700 would be quite beneficial for me. Especially if I ever have to go on a 2 day trip and don't need/want to bring a charger with me.

I'm a pastor who uses his BlackBerry Bold constantly. When I'm out and about visiting people in the hospitals and at their homes, I cannot afford to run out of power! I log each visit as I go, and don't drive far enough to use the car charger. So having the Fuel Case would help a great deal!

So, for the love of God(!), award me the case!

We are crackberry fanatics and this would surely help her since she always forgets her charger at home! A blackberry dying on that last bb messenger reply is DEATH!

That's a great case, just perfect for me, I get out of my house at 6:30am and get back like at 11:00pm...hope I get it...

right now i have to travel wil a wall charger and a car charger everywhere i go because I spend so much time on the phone...this would greatly reduce my carrying a brotha out

Due to power constraints, I've had to limit my usage of my BB, so this case will actually help me use my BB to it's full potential.

I currently have a charging dock (with it's own charger), a travel charger, car charger, second battery and external charger. Even while running my phone on EDGE mode, I still get at best a day's worth of usage. With the use of my A2DP Bluetooth stereo headset, it just makes it worse. I've already switched back to a case with a sleeper magnet to hope that that'll save power, but it hasn't really changed the device's power consumption a whole lot.

A case-mate fuel case won't completely solve everything for me, but at least it'll let me use my device at it's fullest for a whole day.

I get over 300 emails a day (I monitor a number of listservs/twitter/linkedin feeds for work) so of course the battery dies. Then when switching to a new battery, you know what happens. I miss a call. Why is it you always get a call when you are switching batteries. There must a an hidden BB app that notifies your important contacts that now is the time to call because he is switching batteries. (Or maybe I am being a LITTLE paranoid???) ('But there is an app for that' to quote a commercial)

This would help a LOT

On the road a lot, use my bb tons at work. An extra charge would help me rely less on chargers and adapters

This is awesome, they need it for all Blackberrys. I am on the road and sometimes do not have chance to charge phone, this would keep me going and help me not miss those important calls or emails.

Well, I'm a paramedic and I sometimes work 2 shifts in a row... And I sometimes have important calls to make with my phone and it's a real problem when the battery is out ! I totally want that case, but I can't afford it...

This is a great idea. Days when I'm travelling seem to really put the pressure on my battery life. The Case-Mate Fuel would be great on those mad rushes through the airport.

The Bold 9700 is my first BB and I absolutely love it. I'm a personal trainer and I need this case because I have nowhere to charge my phone while I'm with a client. At the same rate, my phone has to stay on me during my sessions because I have to travel to various locations and I have to be aware of any changes on my next appointment. Google calendars are synced to my Bold and long battery life is a top priority. This case would be the perfect solution for efficiency during my work day. I don't have the luxury of being @ a desk where I can stay charged during the work day.

this case would help me for a couple of reasons. FOr one i use my bb all day so it gets close to running out but the fact of the matter is that no one likes to see the battery meter down low. As a business man in NYC I always struggle to keep my phone in a snug place and as i run around the city, i get hit many times. This case will provide the protection I need and the longevity I desire for my 9700

As I work outside every weekend, I sometime forget my charger at home and this battery pack should be sufficient to get me through the second day as I rely on my cellphone at work!

I'd love one of these things. I normally and just making it through by the end of the day I have to plug in immediately. I use my blackberry a lot at work and school for just about everything. I'm on my blackberry more than I am on my computer. I could definitely use this.

This case would help me because my charger in my car doesn't work and hasn't for years :( so if i forget to charge my phone at night im screwed. i would love this case :)

my wifes bold constanly dies, she has a charger at work, in my car, her car, in the bedroom, downstairs, everywhere! this would be great for at the cottage or the hiking day trips we take, please pick me ive wanted to get her one of tehse for soooo long!

I cold call a lot, all day and even while driving. The Case-mate would definitely give me more talking time without having to charge in the middle of the day.

Just when I thought that my blackberry couldn't get any better. I am a CRACKBERRY addict and have been for some years first blackberry was the 6250 and my friends have pretty much all been converted to blackberries now over the years. I am a WALKING advertisement so picking me would LITERALLY increase the sales of this case. I love my blackberry and use it for EVERYTHING even down to my grocery list when I am shopping...the only thing that could make it any better is having the battery last long longer and now this case makes that possible. Pick me as the winner and I will even post pics of me with my new case on my twitter and facebook me I am what you need to really get the word out there...:)

This would help me immensely! I work 12hr shifts and I'm in the civil service field. I don't like to carry a car charger because it has a tendency to disappear (go figure). I would like not to have to recharge during my shift. I think this casemate holder is AMAZING!

by the end of my workday my phone is at about 10% battery left this would alow me to not have to be so conservative towards the end of the day

After a long day, every time I go out for drinks at night my bold runs out of battery. With the case-mate fuel, the battery could last til 6am when I get home!

As an IT consultant i am on my phone all day everyday. Between 3 email addresses, phone calls, text and BBM i go through a full charge by 2pm......Please can I have it?

I'm always on the road for work and it's often extremely hard to find ways to charge my 9700 as I hate car chargers.

as a heavy user I always carry a spare battery in my pocket. However, I hate that switching out batteries takes a good ten minutes with reboot because I have so much stuff on my BlackBerry. this is the perfect solution, i can haz pick plz?

I do a lot of photography and painting work with my college. My friends and I are constantly emailing and downloading each other photos from projects (a real drain on the battery). I also use google maps a lot because my job has me traveling a lot in the day time. With that said, I often have to turn off my 9700 to make sure I have enough juice to get through the day. This fuel case would be a good solution to my problems.

I travel from Tampa to Ft Lauderrdale on a regular basis and the Case-Mate would make for a nice addition for cell life instead of using a car charger.

I would give it to my wife, she is always running out of juice for her bb. She is a power user, I can make it a 1.5 days. She would be so happy.

I do music here in chicago and between the studio and going from club to club to mix i'm always on my cell talking with promoters and what not...

With this case I will have one less stop at my desk during the day, which will improve moral at my workplace.

Without me in the office it will be a much better place to work for all of my coworkers.

Thanks for your consideration.

I have been traveling for the past two weeks with more to come. This would have been great to have since I am never in the hotel room and not near a charger all day. It would have really been great when I was on the plane earlier this week and connected to Wifi (yes American Airlines has wifi) checking emails and crackberry to make sure I had everything for the trip. I was downloading my rental car stuff and POOF the battery goes dead.

This would make my traveling so much better. I rely on my 9700 so much, the extra battery life would be great.

Thanks Adam for the review and CB for the contest.

This item would help me out big time when it comes to showing off my Blackberry 9700 to customers. Throughout the day I am always showing off either features of blackberry's or just showing off why to go with the Bold 9700. My phone through out the day is used as an alarm clock to wake me up, MP3 player to listen to music on my way to and from work. I use it to call customer support for customers throughout the day and to BBM my co workers if I come into issues I need help with. with this, I would not have to plug my phone in and be w/o my device so I can always show it off.

This would be great for traveling! 24hrs of flying can take it's toll on a berry if you use it for music/vids!

My office building has spotty service on 3G so my phone is always switching back and forth between 3G and EDGE. I refuse to just throw it on EDGE for the day so this would be huge for me.

It would mean no more worrying about having enough batteries to keep in touch with children, who are always busy.

Yep, it's my turn to win a contest... not just any contest, but this is so ideal for my 9700!! a feul carrying case... that's craziness! But I'll certainly use it if I won it!!

This would totally help me get through those long days on campus, which are then transformed into even longer nights at work, only to have my blackberry die before I can get a chance to throw it on the charger!

after having allready 3 batteries in my car for my 8310, today i get my 9700, and this will be so cool to have and forget to be charging 3 different batteries all the time and having them around, opfully i will get one of this, great idea to charge you bb

My grand mother is really sick with cancer so I have long nights out in which my phone dies. And this would really help knowing I'll have the power so I can always get her calls and not have to worry about my phone dying.

I need I mean I really need this...I'm on call a ridiculous amount of hours and trust me, I get calls. I manage deployments with 10p-6a outage cells dies every time or I have to sit there while I'm plugged in...Trust me I really, really need!!

This holder would have come in great this past week as I suddenly found myself out of town at the last minute without a wall-charger. The ability to add more standby time as well as useage time for a person like me who suddenly finds their business travel being extended is the perfect tool.

I could use one; my wife is preggers and I started a new job. Having a dead phone before my lunch break to check on my family is nerve wrecking.

If a case is going to be large and tough, adding in extra functionality is definitely going to help. I use my BB as a music and video player throughout the day and in between classes. Two of my days are from 9:00-8:00, and there's large gaps in between. With this, I can keep the WiFi on all day and still listen to music and keep the bluetooth headset connected without worries. Want it please.

a battery and case in one. Great idea. I would used these on days where i forget to charge my phone and have to go out for events. I can use it to charge my phone and as a case holder.

I can have that extra boost during the day when my kids are trying to contact me about an after school activity or after school testing.

I'm never near a desk, outlet or in a car to charge my phone during work days. This Fuel Case would be a life saver let alone a battery saver.

I actually thought about buying one of these for my 9700 but I found it to be a little pricey for me at this time. It would be great to win then I won't have to be carrying around with my charger not worrying about where I left it the last time I used it.

Dejenme ganar uno para cuidar a mi 9700. Ya no que no tiene aseguransa. Please pick me since my phone doesn't have insurance please pick me!!!

The benefit this case has to offer is, in a word, incredible! Any thing that can help lower the risk of running out of power while on the go is okay in my book. :)

The fuel case would help me immensely. I'm constantly on the go doing health-care presentations from one office to another day in and day out. With the fuel case I would have less worry about my Blackberry Bold 9700 running out of battery and more time concentrating on educating and answering questions from students.

i go to work at 9 am and i use my blackberry all day until 12 but the battery never is enough i always have to stop and charge it in another place.

Please pick me

I try to accesorize my baby with only the she NEEDS this case to add to her collection. I'm a uber busy, working mom that's always on the go, and totally dependant on my Berry for organization and communication for various days this little jewel would really be a GODsend for me...Pick me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I leave all of my radios on all day, and try to plug my BB in when I'm idle or on long calls to keep charged. So the Case-Mate Fuel Case would be a great solution for me!

The Case-Mate Fuel Case would come in handy for my Blackberry Bold 9700 when I travel. I travel at least twice a month for business reasons. Generally when I'm not traveling, my 9700 has sufficient battery life especially since I have access to a car charger and other power outlets. However, when I travel, I tend to use my 9700 more heavily. I spend lots of time on BBM to stay in contact with friends/family, stream Pandora, and play games (love brickbreaker!). As a result, my BB gets extensive use and it takes a toll on the battery life. It is especially annoying when I have limited access to power sources. Having this fuel case will be particularly handy on such trips.

This case would allow me to watch more movies and listen to more music without having to recharge during the day. This will be especially handy while waiting in line for midnight movie releases this summer!

Being a Full time worker and a college student, i done always make it home to charge my blackberry. being that i try to do my online classes between my on-campus classes, dead batteries arent good

All though the 9700 gets great battery life, it can't hurt to have
A little extra power. Mainly when camping and fishing!!!!

Nothing is worse than travelling when a piece of electronics dies in the airport just to find out that there is no available outlets anywhere near your terminal. Or that all of the outlets are being used by other people.

I travel a great deal and nothing is more frustrating than a low battery and the only outlet in a crowded airport is taken by some kid charging a PS so he can play games.

This would definitely help with my daily cell phone use. I can hardly get half a day out of my phone as I text, email and surf throughout the day. This would definitely help me out.

So... I've got 3 jobs. Two of which i commute to for about 2 hours there and back. I love my bold but i often use it TOO much... so i carry my charger around wherever i go. Plus.... I'm tired from working so much so i need FUEL. =]

I would love to win one of these, with as many GPS related apps I tend to run, more battery life is a good thing.

I definitely need this! I am a person who is ALWAYS on the go and cannot afford to have a low battery notification show up. Although the battery life is amazing on the Bold 9700, I still have some days where I need a little extra juice.

Hope my dilemma is solved with this case! Please choose me! It would mean so much to me! I would use it all the time! Thanks so much!

BlackBerry Bold 9700

It's a great accessory! I got one for my bold 9000 and I feel extremely pleasure with it's helpful everytime I travel alot! And now I just purchased one more lover, bb9700! I am sure my new lover will love it! ^^

I work in a pretty remote area everyday, even getting voice & data service is challenging. It seems to me the longer it searches for signal the more battery it drains this would definately help me out, by allowing me to stay in the field longer and no have to be worried about not having enough battery.

Last time I went to Mexico City, the lights were out for over 24hrs. This left me with no battery for over 12hours. Having the extra juice and protection for sure will help on those situations where a power plug is simply not an option.

well, every time i go to work i have to put my beautiful blackberry in my pocket. Then while at work i hide it under my desk because we are not allowed to use it while working so when i go on breaks or go home i always forget it there and have to rush back before someone takes it haha. But if i had it on the holster i can not use it and risk being fired while im at work and also never forget it lolz.

I use ubertwitter and nimbuzz constantly and as a result my battery sometimes doesn't last a whole day. This would work so well for me!

Thank you!

I travel a lot over seas and would love to try this product, becuase with my traveling it is hard to keep my phone charged because i travel so much out of the country. Thank would mean a lot.

Well I wear a case as it is and I'm in the service industry.It would be helpful to be able to charge my phone at an account while I'm on the go.Nothing is worse than needing to call a customer or coworker and having a dead battery!

I attend a local community college, and I have a lot of down time between classes, and that is spent on the Internet...via my amazing Bold 9700 and the school's Wi-Fi. However, that tends to soak up quite a bit of battery. :-( Then I'm left with a nearly dead BlackBerry as I head off to my part-time job in the evenings. Having a phone battery nearly dead is pretty scary situation...especially for a BlackBerry addict like me!

i got married about two years ago and it is true what they say, the good times don't last. I work as a mobile consultant in Duluth which means that i am constantly on the move and don't have a real "office". my phone usually last till about an hour left in the work day and then dies, and i head home because there is not much more i could do without it. At home, there is no beautiful bride waiting for me, just the realization that i hate my wife and wish i could get out. So Please crackberry, help me work longer hours and see my wife less! you'd be saving our "marraige"

As an Emergency Management Director my days can be longer than most while still needing access to our critical information. This would be a tremendous help.


I work as a soccer coach, a full time student, and as a waiter at nights and on weekends... My blackberry 9700 lasts long but not all the time, and a case like the fuel case would definitely allow me to make it through the day in stride

I constantly find myself switching the phone to run on EDGE to conserve battery life. This case would allow 3G use all day; without battery life being an issue.

Lets see what I lose... extra batteries, phone chargers and ohh yeah my mind... i never seem to misplace my phone though... this would be an catch!

I need this SO bad! I swap out my battery everyday at 4. This would be great so I don't have to wait for my phone to reboot!

I would totally take advantage of the extra charge! Sometimes I can't make it from the morning til I get home if it is a late night!

Please may I have a case mate for that phone. I will be buying a new one tomorrow morning and that would be a great accessory. Currently I charge my Curve 8520 at least 3 times a day because I use it so much. And man is it hard to handle my business in and out of the studio if I have to plug my phone to the charger in the wall every few hours and wait to move because I won't let it just sit there.

This case is great for me because I don't like cases that are meant to always be on the phone. I need a case as I;ve already dropped my Bold 9700 twice and have owned it less than a month.

I sure could use one of these...then I wouldn't have to listen to my friend brag about his new extended-life battery for his HTC Hero!

This case would help throughout the day because it will protect the phone and give it extra juice when you're on the road all day away from an outlet to charge your phone.

I carry my laptop to work every morning, in addition to the laptop I have cords with rubberband on them, from my computer, to the my BB 9700, in addition to chargers in my car. I feel like I am being overpower with chargers everywhere and would like to be able to free up some space and have peace of mind, if only I could sport the casemate to keep my 9700 charged on a regular bases without cords of course!

Hey, I goto school full time and I work two jobs totaling over 40 hours a week. The only day I don't have any responsibilities is on Saturday. My blackberry is always on me, and Im always using it for business (real estate.) I cannot afford to have my phone run out of battery as that will be an extreme inconvenience to my clients. This fuel case would be perfect for my busy schedule and life.

I work 10hrs a day. I do everything with my Bold 9700... from giving and taking directions to stations to answering countless emails and texts from my follow BB users. Because of I'm on my phone 24/7, I have my charger with me constantly. Keeping up with long cable charger in my purse SUCKS. Having a case that keeps it charged up, would be absolutely LOVELY!!!!

This case would help me a lot cause I use my phone a lot. I charge my phone every night. This would help me from stopping to charge it every night

I had the fuel for my 9000 and I used the heck out of it. I upgraded to the 9700 and truly miss my fuel. Even though the 9700 battery life is so much better, there are times I cannot go a whole day on a charge.

Gotta win, gotta win!!!

The Bold 9700 has great battery life, but it is always when you need those extra few moments that the battery seems a little short. This would be the absolutly perfect item to make sure that does not happen.

Being a UPS driver I'm out on the road all day, and the trucks do NOT have cigarette lighters, so this would be so very helpful, being that I constantly use my google maps and TeleNav GPS! I'm always worried about my battery dying while I'm using my phone! This case is a WIN! Let to do it CB!!

I got no protection on my Bold. It's gonna catch a SFD soon, scratch from drop. The fuel would be awesome for me, I hate charging my stuff, I either forget or think I have more battery than I actually do.

It would keep my BB alive so i can text/email/tweet/call/etc/etc/etc and did i mention plan to rule the world? haha

I usually travel a lot for my work and it happens few times that I forgot my charger... So in that scenario I'm sure this little thing is a great solution...

Running around all day, I seldom get a chance to charge my phone and I could really use this awesome new gadget! Thanks Crackberry!

Nice Case-Mate Fuel Case. I would use it everyday at my place of work. I work In a hospital. Would nice to try it out, rather than getting out and in from my pockets.

I'm a new BlackBerry user whose constantly finding new uses for my phone....I spend two hours a day commuting and on more than one ride home, thought it prudent to turn my phone off rather than run the risk of it not working.

I'm planning a dream trip of two weeks in South Africa this year and am eager to have the equipment I need to keep in touch with family and friends while I'm away. The Case Mate Fuel Mate sounds invaluable.

Although I get pretty good battery time, it does drain rapid whenever I'm out of 3g coverage or have spotty 3g coverage. I admit the bold does have good battery life but I never get the 2 days people on here brag about. The fuel mate case would change that I'm sure. I've been curious about this case since it first came out for the bold 9000. Now that they made a compatible case for my 9700, it sure would be nice to win one!

Case-mate, that's all that needs to be said.. I love their products and they have Great Customer Service. I had the Fuel Holster Charger for my 9000, and it was GREAT! My previous Fuel Charger clip had broke and they replaced it with no problem. Kudos goes out to Case-Mate Customer Service... As I, am a Team lead for part of the IT Division. I am a crackberry user and this is a must have since the 9700 is known to have great battery life; its not easy for me to have 10-20% by the end of my work day. I would love to win the 9700 Fuel Holster charger.. So please choose me, I would put it to good use!!!

As a member of the military I am always on the go visiting different places. My Blackberry Bold 9700 allows my wife and son to stay in touch with a message or email while I am on the go. This would be great to have the extra battery life so I would not have to worry about running out of juice while I am either at the airport or while driving between units.

Can't keep my hands off my Blackberry 9700 so the battery discharges faster than I would like. The Fuel Case will come in mighty handy. Thanks.

this will revolutionize the way i work. when surveying job sites, (or waiting for customers to show) my phone is not only the best way for the shop to contact me and pass the time (specially since the carts do not come with a radio). This will help on those days when i forget to charge my phone to ensure i don't miss any reschedules or getting to the next level on word mole.