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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: One Free OtterBox Commuter Case Up for Grabs!

Storm 2 OtterBox
By Jared DiPane on 9 Feb 2010 02:42 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the Storm2

Last week we all saw Adam's charging pod he can't live without, and the week before Kevin's extended battery review (big shock he needs one of those huh?). This week's featured accessory is one that I have grown to love, the Otterbox cases. Otterbox has been around for quite some time now, making cases that date back to the 8800 series devices, if not even longer, but they continue to change and make their product even better. Hit the jump for some more info on OtterBox and this weeks newest accessories. Be sure to leave a comment to win an OtterBox Commuter case for your device.

Ever since I first got my first BlackBerry, a 8700 series device, I have always been a fan of slim cases, or no case at all. With the devices continuing to get slimmer and slimmer, and my hands not shrinking to fit them comfortably, I have recently been seeking alternatives to the standard slim cases I was using. Everyday life has become so busy and honestly at times it can be hard to be as cautious with my BlackBerry as I would like to be, and the Otterbox has put my mind at ease knowing the device is fully protected. What I like the most about the Otterbox Cases were that they fit extremely well, very easy to install, and protect all your ports. The Commuter Series (pictured above) was my personal favorite case because while it added an amazing amount of protection from the rubber case and the plastic over it, the case also added some additional bulk which made the device sit perfectly in my hand. The Impact Series case offers even more protection, at the cost of additional bulk.

As someone who could be considered somewhat indecisive, finding a case that offers style and protection while still keep maximum comfort while the device is in hand is quite a struggle. In the early phases of my case hunt I used to overlook Otterbox, and looking back, I realize how much of a fool I was. Granted, their cases only come in black, but how many of us end up wanting to black their BlackBerry housing's out anyways? The Otterbox has quickly grown on me and become a perfect compliment to my lifestyle. I tend to be on the go often, and can't tell you just how many times I have missed my pocket with my phone, or nearly dropped a phone due to a slick surfaced slim case I put the phone in, but those days are now behind me.

With the Otterbox case protecting my BlackBerry my mind is at ease, knowing my device is fully protected. Personally, I never seem to keep a device for a very long time, and throughout all of my recent device changes, the first accessory that I always end up purchasing is an Otterbox case for the phone. Although they may look extremely bulky, or beyond comfort, I would say that many of you will be shockingly surprised with the added comfort along with the amazing protection that the Otterbox line of cases will deliver. Check out the cases for your device here.

CONTEST: Win a Free OtterBox Comutter Case for your BlackBerry

For your chance to win a free OtterBox, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us what you do that would make an OtterBox the right case for you. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Red Case for Your BlackBerry!

Bold 9700Red Case

We have a full supply of red cases for all devices so you can get in the spirit of Valentine's Day. You can choose from a variety of skin cases, soft cases and hard cases that will suit your needs. Check out the full line at ShopCrackBerry.com.

Until Next Time...

That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.


Pastor Ron

I am a full-time pastor and on the go quite a bit. I am not rough on my Tour 9630, but having a good case for it is a wonderful idea.


Please hook me up I love crackberry wow go berries I always wanted a otterbox they Say they are the greatest....


desperate need of an otter box right now... here's hoping


This would be great. Pick Me!


mine would be awesome with one of these!


Hey all,
thanks for the opportunity to win an otter box case. The phone I have belonged to my boss. He didn't like it. He dropped this thing a few times and it has some pretty bad dings in it. I like to keep this phone (storm 2) around for awhile and I think the otter box is the way to go..

thanks again for the chance to win

Semper Fi


I do maintenance work and am always knocking into things and splashing water around, an otterbox would be perfect.


That is an awesome case. I want one and hopefully I will be the choosen one. Lol. Thanks CB again for another great contest.


I had a snap-together plastic case, but I like to slip my BB into a charging stand at night and use it with Vorino Clock as a bedside clock. The Plastic case wouldn't fit into the charging stand and was too hard to open up.

The BB just slips out of the Noreve.

The stiff cover prevents butt-dialing. The holster function works perfectly. The workmanship is first rate. And the case makes a satisfying snap as you flip it shut like a reporter in a 1940's movie flipping his notepad shut.


Ew! I gotta have one of them.


I work out in the field as a construction engineer and i need my phone to reply back to emails from clients as well as the architects and other people working on the project. Its dirty and i worry about scratching up or even worse killing my tour, the otterbox would provide the protection necessary for my phone.


I am in sales and my 'berry is my lifeline. Lots of in and out of car and lots of opportunity for dropped phone. I already had to swap out my phone because a key popped out after a drop.


I have the storm 2. I work as a firefighter and could use a little extra protection. I also teach at the fire academy where things get a little dirty.

And my four year old is not exactly gentle on things.


I'm a process engineer and am constantly working in tight spaces within the machines. I not only need something that won't slip out of my hands, but I need something that will protect the phone from daily bumps. I did have an OtterBox for my old Pearl, and now I need something for the Bold 9700 I got to replace the old Pearl. Here's hoping I win...


hollllla at yo otttttttaaaaa!


I would love a case for my Storm I!


thanks for the chance


I would really like to win the Otterbox for my storm 2, I am a supervisor for con edison and my black berry sees Hell!
I wear all my PPE "personal protective equipment", and the Otterbox would be the required PPE for my Storm 2.
You guys are Great!!!!!!!!!!

Rapid Dr3am

i dropped my phone and chipped the chrome!


Enough said. If we are not playing full contact ping-pong we are trying to find a way to sled faster will all this snow we are getting. So I need to find something that is durable and can stand up to my stupidity.


In 4 won 4 my Storm 1


needs this case!

Then it wouldn't be shivering in the cold like I am!


Just got a new Tour and I'd love a new Otterbox to keep it pristine!


I would love to have one of these cases. Thanks for the contest.


These cases are nice. Working in a automotive garage, it is a necessity. One of those cases would suit me perfectly. Just to say, I wouldn't mind winning. =)


...used to get away with dropping the Treo!


Yes, crackberry protection! I would like that.


I work in construction and I'm constantly in the field, checking up on our various projects. This case would give my Storm 2 the added protection I need to keep it from getting damaged when I drop it (which I have done in the past and will undoubtedly do in the future).

Count me in for the contest!


love to see what all the hype is about.


I never win anything . . . :-)


I am a contractor for the New York City Transit Authority. My Storm 9530 has gone toe to toe with the inside, outside topside, bottomside, frontside and backside of the train just sitting on my hip and has taken more falls than stock market. The Seidio360 case that I had was taken off because it wouldn't stay in one piece anymore from all of the drops. It would be great to have a commuter case to protect my Storm.


I work at a paper mill and would love this case to help keep the chemicals off of my Storm 2.


I've been know to have prior phones with scrapes and cracked screens, so an OtterBox case sounds perfect for me


Have an otterbox for my 8320 and love it... Just picked up a 9700 and it needs protection! I manage operations for a couple buildings, an am always crawling around in ceilings and basements... Would love some protection for the new baby!


I own one of these and bought it before I even bought my Storm2 so I would have it ready to go. It is a fantastic case that protects the phone without the bulk of the Otterbox Defender series. I'll never own any other case and if I change phones will protect that with an Otterbox as well. A great product.


i've been wanting one of these cases for so long but unale to find them in canada. any one find a place that sells them in the country? if not i will seriously consider ordering one from the crackberry store


I wear my trusty Storm 2 on my hip 8 - 10 hours a day in my manufacturing plant. This would sure help protect the baby.
Thanks for the chance to win.


Keep it in my pocket and am constantly throwing it on the desk. This would help a Lot.


Always can use a new case for my Curve.


this would def keep my storm 2 outa trouble...


i'd like one please, pick ME! thanks


I would really appreciate one of these since my 14 month old can now reach the table where I usually set my S2!


Can always use a new case...


Hey I need a new case, why not me?


Normally I keep you Tour in a holster to keep it safe. There are times though like on the weekends I'd like to just not use the holster and the otterbox would still keep it save.


I've always written off the otterbox cases as looking too bulky, but this review intrigues me! Probably not something I'd invest in without being able to try it hands on - but winning one could definitely lead to us "otterboxing" all of our BBs!!


Seriously. Just dropped my phone this weekend and it exploded into three (albeit easy to put back together) parts.


It would be awesome if otterbox made some type of slim, impact resistant gel/case for phones. I know my 9700 would def benefit from it! This seems to be the best so far yet though.


The otter box looks great, hopefully I'll win it!


I have the Seidio Innocase for my Storm and it has already broken. I wouldn't say that I'm super-hard on the phone, but I am dissapointed with how "weak" this case is. The Otterbox sounds much tougher and more durable. Perfect!!


This case would surely help protect by Storm 2 while at work. As a police officer who rides an ATV on the beach, protection is necessary.


I would love to see some reviews on this case! I have the Storm 2 with the traditional belt clip that I bought at a Verizon store... its junk! More times than not, the entire clip (phone included) slips off the belt to hit the floor. I guess they designed the belt-clip for dress pants.

I would be interested in the OtterBox case for the Storm 2 if it not only protects the phone but comes with a decent belt clip. If anyone can give me feedback on it, good or otherwise, please do!



I'm a Test Engineer who works in a lab.. Phone gets bumped and dropped a lot.. Need a more rugged case and the Otter Box is the best I've seen.. Coworker has one for his Bold


Otterbox makes the best cases. Unfortunately, they are so expensive. I would kill for one of those cases if I had the extra dough for one...


My last free case from Crackberry is breaking down.


That would look very cool on my new storm 2!


It would be nice protection for my Storm 2. I work on F18's and our uniform restrictions don't allow us to stow anything bulky in our uni's. Thanks for the opportunity CB!


Aw man I really want one for my brand new Storm2. Please hook me up Crackberry. You guys are the bomb!


I always carry my Storm on my belt. Sometimes I cannot be as careful as I like and this case would give me some extra security.


Always been a Hugh fan of the Otterbox cases from the 8700 on up. In the retail line a holster is out (to big snaggs) this is a perfect solution and much needed !


I would love to win the Otterbox case to protect my new Storm2. Thanks!


I am often find myself needing a little more rugged protection for my blackberry while implementing day to day office pranks


I need one for the daily abuse I dole out to my Javelin.



My buttons are currently EXPOSED in the Storm 2 case I'm using! I NEED an Otterbox!


Man what are the chances of winning one now? I did just get a Storm2 though, and it sure would compliment it nicely.


oooo me like i had one for my iphone now i would love one for blackberry


soooweeeeet! I want one!


These ottor boxes are sweet! I want one now.


I work as an athletic trainer and having this case would be great to protect it from getting slammed against treatment tables when I help athletes with their rehabilitation programs, as well as help me hold on to it if I have to check a message from the main office and I am outside.


Tired of a naked Storm. I would love to win one of these.


I catch bad guys for a living and sometimes they fight and I NEED this to protect my 9700 from damage!


My S2 just told me it needs a case and this one is perfect!


between by BB dropping, tossing, and generally abusing girlfriend and son I NEED one of these bad


Case looks great, I would love it.


Cool .. ! Who doesnt want that on The real BOLD 9000 ! IM IN :)

This BOLD CASE would Make my bold even Bolder :)


Just got a new 8900 and would be really happy if I won!!!


This is case is the best of the three otterbox makes not too bulky like the defender and more protection than the impact. All around the best case out there.


I work in a research dept and this would be great to protect my BB from the inevitably bumps and jolts encountered everyday. Thanks for the chance to win one and good luck to everyone!


This is quite the nifty case.


I've got one on my storm 1 but its parked in my night stand right now while I'm driving my Tour. Need to protect this bad boy!


One of my daily activities is installing signs and banners so am in and out of the vehicle many times a day in all types of weather plus I am off the ground several times a day so am thinking the case would protect against the elements and may even offer some shock protection if the phone was to fall..
Thank You..


I'm constantly on call and I find that I need to pull out my phone quite a bit and I need to know that my phone is in good shape.


This case looks great hope i win...


Water is Wet,
The sky is Blue,
I'm a Water Treatment Operator,
Making drinking water safe for people like you,
An OtterBox Case, So nice indeed,
To protect my Storm 2 from the elements you see,
Is what I truly need.

My spreadsheets,
My Emails,
My Contact Lists too,
To lose all these things,
Would not be good.


I love my Storm2 too much to do anything bad enough to NEED an Otterbox, but I love it enough to want to protect it from anything that might need an Otterbox to protect it :D


I constantly stay connected to my friends and family in California with my Blackberry Storm 2. I'm a busy student always on the go and I need the protection to make sure my device stays in top shape. OtterBox makes fantastic cases and it would be very advantageous to own one.


I'm very impressed with the otterbox cases myself. I looked at many cases for my Bold 9700 and the otterbox impact was by far the best case for me. I love the case and looking to upgrade to a different otterbox case. i love the coverage and protect that my Impact series otterbox case provides and looking for more in the near future.


I currently own the Impact case from Otterbox but the Commuter case would better protect my phone.I would love a replacement to my flimsy rubber case for my Bold 9000. I am clumsy and tend to drop my phone a lot. The case prevents some scratches, but often falls out in my pocket when I pull the phone out...


Before I upgrade I want the best protection from the start! Thanks for the giveaway.


Case would be nice to protect my BB at work!


I'd love some seriously good protection for my Storm.


I need a case for my Tour!


Pick me please, I had a defender case for my Storm 1 and Can say the level of protection is awesome unfortunately with the changes to the Storm2 it didnt fit. plus you forgot to mention Otter boxes customer service is the absolute best.


I hope I win. My Storm2 won't be naked anymore.


Can't tell you how many time I bounced the BB off the desk while trying to call a doc, write orders, and do a dozen other tasks, all at the same time. A nice case would help to protect the most important thing in my life. (umm, you guys don't let significant others read these comments, do you?)


I could use one for my tour as bmx riding with it in my pocket could be pretty harsh on my device.


I'm a UPS guy...I'm in and out and about in all kinds of weather and tough spots! This case would be great!


I'd love to have one of these cases to protect my precious!


To drop my phone and not gasp in horror.


maybe this will be my time


I would like to win this case for my brand new Storm 2 since I get over 250 emails a day working in sales -- which means there are 250 opportunities for the Storm 2 to be dropped. I need the protection! Thanks!


Pretty pretty pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I will be so thankful


This would be the best thing for my Blackberry curve 8530 from Sprint since sliced bread. I work for the Sheriffs Office. I transport inmates. Always something going happening! My new Blackberry needs protection too.


i would love one of these for my 9700 so that when i go extreme ironing my bb dont get damaged......

Kenny C

Trying to figure out if we should get these corporate wide.


*GASP* This would be great for me! I bought one of the Body Glove cases from Verizon but the rubber coating has started to wear off. A buddy of mine has an otterbox for his iphone and he loves it. Crackberry, pick me!


Have a new Storm 2 that desperately needs quality protection from the environment and my clumsiness. This would be perfect!!!


I have a Strom 9530 and would love to get one to use with it. I think this might just be the thing to get so I can ditch my "Standard" carry case. I hope I win!


I've been wanting an Otter box and have been holding out using my snap on plasic cover. Hook a crackberry addict up!


Just upgraded from the 8830WE to the S2. Awesome BB. Really need to case to keep my new baby safe!


Could actually take my Storm snowboarding with no worries about snow or smashing the screen, hook me up


I have a tendency to fumble my phone like Adrian Peterson in an NFC championship game. While this case won't solve that problem, it will protect my Tour from getting beaten into submission by gravity.


Otter boxes rockses


how much I need a new OtterBox.

I am a klutz, but no ordinary maladroit. I am cursed.

Upon my birth, my evil step-fairy god mother made me choose between beauty and grace. Of course I chose beauty. This cunning witch was a visionary who obviously saw great potential for mayhem and disaster in my future with the advent of wireless communication.

Every cell phone I’ve ever owned died in some sort of accident. I won’t detail the demise of each one, but to illustrate the power of this evil spell I would like to tell you about the time my Nokia committed suicide.

My phone was in my shirt pocket; I was not yet in my shirt. As I slid my arms through the sleeves and stood up, my phone jumped from my pocket, did a somersault and landed in a glass of water on the dresser. It was poetry in motion, an example of Olympic fumbling.

I naturally have replacement insurance, but I’m maxed out for the year. The only reason my last BlackBerry endured for as long as it did (a record 6 months) was because it was safely ensconced in an OtterBox. It took a maniacal ex-roommate stomping repeatedly on my poor little BB to finally break the phone, and then only because it had popped out from its protective armor.

I have a new BB, a beautiful 8530 Curve, which clearly needs protection. With three months to go until I can submit another insurance claim, my 8530 is all but quivering in fear for its life. Please, send me an OtterBox to shelter my new phone. Before it’s too late!


Looks cool..I'd love to have a case.


I use my BB as my "ipod", and occasionally it falls when running and working out. I have no case for it,and if i had this it would protect my BB.


Could always use one of these!!!


Really needing a new case to keep my BB safe!


Otterbox's look very secure.


Sounds Good!

-Chris <><


I work as a framer and drops onto the ground are all too monnon. An Otter might make me think about canceling the insurance I pay monthly just for peace of mind. Saves money and protects your device: That's Otterbox!


I work with children and I cant tell you how many times my phone has taken a dive because of it. I work outdoors so if my beloved BlackBerry falls out of my pocket it will hit the blacktop or cement. Help save my BlackBerry from my students!!!


I drop phones a lot, often at the most inopportune time: jumping over mudhole while trying to keep my work shoes shiny, boating during sunset etc. Just asks my old 8830, currently R.I.P. in a bag of rice.


handbag :) and when items sink to the bottom of it's blackness, I cant find a thing! I would love a red one...easy to find in the black hole of my handbag. Plus, when I drop it, as I do way to often, my heart won't sink to the pit of my stomach thinging, "ok, that was fatal"! thanks much!


pick me pick me pick me >=D


I work in a landscaping business to itd be nice to know i could sit this down anywhere and it would be safe!!!!!


I am a lineman for a communications company. I am out in all kinds of weather climbing telephone poles and maintaining distribution as well as mainlines. I would love to have a great case like this for my BlackBerry 9000. Thank you.


I never use the holster I get with my phone, and rarely get a case, but my phone still usually gets thrown in my gym bag or backpack and as a result gets little nicks and scratches and dirt in behind the screen. I just got a new bold and it'd be really nice to avoid that happening this time around!


I work hard, and I need this box!


I would love one of these!!! I need it to protect my storm 2!!!! When i go out on the weekends, there are so many people at parties that im always holding my case to make sure my phone isnt going to fall out becaue people are always bumping into me!!


in extreme need of a case.


I just got a Storm2 and this would be the perfect way to protect it


This would look really good on my Bold 9000


free free free free!! Thank you crackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!


Need an Otterbox to protect my Tour from the jungle that is my purse!


I need a new case (after my bb skin ripped because it was so worn :))


I'm a regular train commuter and I'm always dropping my precious berry. Hope I win!!!


I've been looking for one of these for my 9550, but so far it is quite impossible to find it in Indonesia... TouchScreen BlackBerry Devices are not popular here, and people are only selling various types of accessories for traditional Qwerty Blackberry Devices...


Nothing would be more perfect than giving it to my wonderful wife in order to protect her Curve 8900. My fingers crossed.


I currently bought a house and have been doing a lot of home improvements. My BB 9700 is the only way to stay in touch with school and work while doing these improvements. The otterbox would really help out to keep my bb safe when I'm ripping out a wall. Sign me up.


You can imagine the beating my Tour takes. Hallway traffic, breakin up girls fights. My Tour needs some protection


I run my own student painting business! I would love to have this please!


Because like most people in the real world. We drop, kick (don't ask), sit on, pack in Landry etc our BB, I would need an otter box to protect it from me


I would love one of these for my new storm 2 that is on the way! My storm 1 is so scratched up that I need to try something different and this looks like the solution!


Would love it since I don't currently have a case and could really use one.


Had an otterbox for my 8320 and it is simply the best case on the planet. I have "issues" with dropping my bb frequently and now that I just got my 9700 I would LOVE to be able to wrap it in the safest case ever made!! No worries if you have one of these excellent cases.


Looks like a great case!


I am always on the go and this would provide the best protection for my phone!


Would love to have one of these for my Tour.


I need some protection! My berry is always unprotected from accidents!


I would give this to my wife, as she's dropped her bold so many times.


I am in rotc and part of my job as a cadet is to pt in all sorts of crappy weather with people who show friendship by body checking you and whatever gear you might happen to have :D. I am on my 4th BB since joining haha


Bad habits die hard. Maybe the case can help here...


I'd like to win this to give to my Valentine. Please, please, please!


Useless junk. Dont see a point in it. Gimme one :-)


Even though I try to take care of my Blackberry, it still seems to hit the floor (or worse, pavement) way too often. An Otterbox would give me more peace of mind. : )


I don't do anything in particular that would make me damage or scuff up my device but I an very protective of my beloved BlackBerry so this would add to piece of mind for keeping my Berry protected! Thanks


My new storm2 deserves all the protection it can get, I looked into otter box when I got it, but spent the money on my kids for valentines day. I'll have to take a little better care of my phone till next month when I can get my own....or maybe I'll win one for vday :))


If I win this, I can get rid of my ugly white Storm skin that's tearing in several places.


I would give the case won to my long term girlfriend for her new Storm 2 she brought three days ago.


i would like to have this


I'm due for a new case


I would love to have this. I had one for my Tour but now have a Storm 2.


i would love to win one for my 9700


I really need this...I almost pass out everytime my BB8900 drops. I tend to be very careful with it but accidents happen and the little gel case I have on it doesn't really do much for major drops. An otterbox for my blackberry is the equivalent to a condom to me!!!!!! Its a must! LOL!


When the world is your offense, Otterbox is the ultimate defense! This is something I truly need.


I love the sleek look of my 9700, but I also want the protection of an Otterbox...send one my way so I can live out my Jack Bauer fantasies without risking my precious BB!


i just drop my phone all the time. Need to keep it looking nice so i can show all those people how great blackberries are.


Been looking for a case for my phone!! i've read some great reviews for this!


i need a case for my blackberry storm because now it s not in good conditions... i took it 1 year ago so now it isn t very very great but maybe with a beautiful case....


if i win i am upgrading from the storm 1.
i am tired of waiting for verizon to come out with phones.


What's up with this contest? Didn't it end this past Sunday?