BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: One Free OtterBox Commuter Case Up for Grabs!

Storm 2 OtterBox
By Jared DiPane on 9 Feb 2010 02:42 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the Storm2

Last week we all saw Adam's charging pod he can't live without, and the week before Kevin's extended battery review (big shock he needs one of those huh?). This week's featured accessory is one that I have grown to love, the Otterbox cases. Otterbox has been around for quite some time now, making cases that date back to the 8800 series devices, if not even longer, but they continue to change and make their product even better. Hit the jump for some more info on OtterBox and this weeks newest accessories. Be sure to leave a comment to win an OtterBox Commuter case for your device.

Ever since I first got my first BlackBerry, a 8700 series device, I have always been a fan of slim cases, or no case at all. With the devices continuing to get slimmer and slimmer, and my hands not shrinking to fit them comfortably, I have recently been seeking alternatives to the standard slim cases I was using. Everyday life has become so busy and honestly at times it can be hard to be as cautious with my BlackBerry as I would like to be, and the Otterbox has put my mind at ease knowing the device is fully protected. What I like the most about the Otterbox Cases were that they fit extremely well, very easy to install, and protect all your ports. The Commuter Series (pictured above) was my personal favorite case because while it added an amazing amount of protection from the rubber case and the plastic over it, the case also added some additional bulk which made the device sit perfectly in my hand. The Impact Series case offers even more protection, at the cost of additional bulk.

As someone who could be considered somewhat indecisive, finding a case that offers style and protection while still keep maximum comfort while the device is in hand is quite a struggle. In the early phases of my case hunt I used to overlook Otterbox, and looking back, I realize how much of a fool I was. Granted, their cases only come in black, but how many of us end up wanting to black their BlackBerry housing's out anyways? The Otterbox has quickly grown on me and become a perfect compliment to my lifestyle. I tend to be on the go often, and can't tell you just how many times I have missed my pocket with my phone, or nearly dropped a phone due to a slick surfaced slim case I put the phone in, but those days are now behind me.

With the Otterbox case protecting my BlackBerry my mind is at ease, knowing my device is fully protected. Personally, I never seem to keep a device for a very long time, and throughout all of my recent device changes, the first accessory that I always end up purchasing is an Otterbox case for the phone. Although they may look extremely bulky, or beyond comfort, I would say that many of you will be shockingly surprised with the added comfort along with the amazing protection that the Otterbox line of cases will deliver. Check out the cases for your device here.

CONTEST: Win a Free OtterBox Comutter Case for your BlackBerry

For your chance to win a free OtterBox, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us what you do that would make an OtterBox the right case for you. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: One Free OtterBox Commuter Case Up for Grabs!



Have a brand new 9550 that I'm afraid to even activate and use unless I get a case first...I've all but destroyed my 9530, haha.

I'm a chef, and I'm constantly running into equipment or running around. I can't count the number of times my phone has dropped out of my pocket onto the tile floor. This would be perfect!

I need an OtterBox so that I don't drop my beloved BlackBerry while in between classes, like I did today (for the first time!). Kinda weird this article was posted the same day I dropped my phone, huh? It isn't? Alright whatever but I still want an OtterBox!

I work in a boiler room at a manufacturing plant. A lot of climbing over and around piping and heavy machinery. Right now I'm just using the leather case I had with my storm 1. I'm always afraid I'm going to lean on a pipe wrong and bang up my phone. :-(

I've dropped my Storm so many times that the case I bought with the phone (Seidio Innocase) looks like it has been through the war. This Otterbox should fill the bill for my next victim.

I've started to develop tears in my standard Verizon-issue storm case after about 11 months of use. I too hold on to devices for a while, so protecting them is important. A much sturdier case like an OtterBox would help!

I finally have upgraded to the BB world and need to protect my new Tour. I had an Instinct and hated it so much, I got into the habit of just throwing in my car's console with no protection. I need an Otterbox case to help me break my habit!

I think texting in class would be a lot easier since I wouldn't have to worry about scratching my phone and it'll make texting with one hand a bit easier.

i always keep my phone in my pocket or jacket and i always seem to have it drop out on the floor so to keep my brand new storm2 nice i think this is a perfect case for me since its not big and bulky and its please make me the happy owner of this excellent item

Crawling through attics and crawl spaces would not make me nervous if the case that protects my Storm would be impervious. Otterbox Please!

I am a sys admin on the move and would definitely benefit from having my BB in an otterbox commuter case.

Would love this. I've noticed a few dings here and there over the last couple of month on my Bold 9700.

I work for a Fire Dept and Ambulance Service. It scares me to death thinking I may mess up my phone when out on a call. They say the Otterbox will protect then phone from almost any element. I would love to have an Otterbox!!!! Thank you

I need one of these to protect my 9530 .. I work doin industrial construction.. And this would benefit my phone dearly... So pick me please

well, its not what i DO, but what i do WITH my bb :P

i take it everywhere, all the time... so much, that my previos... storm 2... with an invisible shield (hey, that was ok for 2 years with my iphone, which didnt get me adicted :P), i got up from the sofa, went to "scare a bug out of the house" (scare and not kill, cause it was one of those harmless bugs that leave a TERRIBLE smell when killed), and i somehow managed to drop my storm from like... 15cm, it hit on a side, an broke the chrome frame....

and like that, i keep taking my actual bb everywhere, the other day i had it in my shirt's pocket, i leaned to much, and my bb fell... lucky me, i was @work with a carpeted floor, and i was sitting, so it was a super small fall...

right now i have a 9700, and i use the stock "leather belt clip", but i find it unconfortable while sitting, and i work sitting in front of a pc :P

This would help a lot with not getting arrested during the morning commute after having some idiot push his way through and ripping mt BB 8530 out of my hands.

I have had to replace the screen on my old 8310 twice, the trackball tree times, and have the case duct-taped so it wont fall apart. Just got a brand new 9700, this case would save me a lot of heart attacks.

These cases are perfect for someone like me who's phone sometimes gets some "tough love". I "love" to have them everywhere with me which sometimes results in "tough" situations. I am always like that with my electronics, even more with my Blackberry which truely is my Crackberry.

Well this would work great when hitting the great outdoors. I like to go on hikes and for good measures my phone travels along. This will provide excellent protection against the elements when using the phone outdoors for GPS or camera! Pick ME!!! Thanks!

Could you please throw me in the hat; I really could use an Otterbox case for my 8530. I work in transportation and I'm always on the go; in and out different cars, trucks and buses plus on the go to meetings ever other day so my Berry gets tossed around quite a bit so I need so real protection!!!

I listen to slacker radio on my Storm when I work out. It is always falling out of my pocket when I lay down on a bench and this would work out great!

I have a 2yr old at home who loves Blackberries. He even has a Dummy 8900. He even calls it his "BlackBerry". He still attempts to get a hold of My 9700 and the wife's 9700. He must like the trackpad better ;)

This would help protect either my 9700 or the wife's from the possibility of damage from the kid.


I've got the Otter for my 9700. This would be a great win for the misses for her 9550. Give me some brownie points :)

I would love an Otterbox for my Storm 2. I am currently a sensor engineer for NATO and spend a lot of my time outside and aboard Ships and Submarines. This would be awesome!

I need something to keep it from imploding again when I leave it in my pocket too long while doing anything physical

This is a great opportunity to get some real protection for my new 9700. I work as a surveyor on dirty, dusty construction sites and my last BB (an 8310) suffered the consequences of being outside in the Canadian elements. It wasn't pretty. Please pick me to get an Otterbox. Cheers!

You dont realize how much I really need this for my Storm 2. I am currently on my 4th (yeah thats right) Storm 2 since December 17th. Please pick me and help a guy out!!!!!!

I carry my phone with me everywhere and quite frankly my Curve just hasn't been the same since I slammed the trunk down on top of it. I am upgrading to the Bold and an Otterbox would help me out when I'm having a blond moment(no offense intended, I really am a blond)

I need this case to protect my precious storm 2 love my storm and love crackberry you all are awesome I have never won anything hope I win this case really need it thanks for giving me a chance

I just got a Blackberry Bold 9700 yesterday. I'm a college student, so I'm fairly active, constantly going to/from class, hanging out with friends, and visiting places such as bars. This means that I'm out in different places all the time, and my phone needs protection. Add in that I'm a college student, and that means that I'm also poor. So, I could really use a nice case because I can't afford to buy one, and you guys wouldn't want me to have to stop visiting this awesome site because my BB broke from not having the proper protection!

Hand me one these babies. Been dropping my storm2 quite a bit, and my current case makes it too thick and too much dust on the edges!

My job constantly has me moving around with my Blackberry always in my hand. A slim well fitted Otterbox case on my new Storm 2 would ensure my next phone drop will not be the Storm's last.

snowboarding, golfing, throwing... throwing? yea you know more of a toss than a throw but this would help nicely :-D

This would be a great valentine gift for my love he loves his storm 2 almost as much as he loves me that's a whole lot of love

Between working outside all day and hitting the gym... I need the protection this offers for my storm 2..

I drop my damn phone like it's my job. Once a week at least my baby is laying on the floor and I'm praying she didn't die on every drop.
I'm in law enforcement and use my Storm 2 daily for work and personal reasons. Needless to say I need an Otterbox for protection!! I protect the public and Otterbox can protect my Crackberry!

I work in the medical field. Always on the go. I drop my Blackberry Storm 9350 atleast onces a day. Having this nice case would nice.

..enough said! Wouldn't you want to protect something you love dearly and cherish deeply..something you treat as if it were your own child..something where if it were to die today, you would want to die with it only for you two to be united again? Well thats the way i feel about my BB Storm2..Cant bare to see it go or even get the slightest scratch on it..hook me up CrackBerry..Plz n Thank You!!! (^_^)


Since i have already dropped and cracked the digitizer on my storm 2, i definitely need an otterbox case for my phone.

This would great to have. Just like the tow truck driver I work and drive military trucks. I would also need a rugged case to go with the ultimate rugged trucks.

I had an Otterbox Impact for my I have an impact for my storm2. I would love to upgrade to the Commuter!!!! I dropped my Storm2 one time without my otterbox and cracked the bezel. :(

I live with a crazy Bull terrier and a just slightly less crazy boxer who have been known to knock over end tables, kitchen tables, couches etc. sending my BB flying through the air..... Yes, I need all the help I can get, lol...

After being laid off for her job, and 15+ year carreer, My wife just began attending a local university to become a Elementary School Teacher. She is a full time student, full time wife, and full time mom, to elementary schooled children.. (well. I sometimes act like a kid myself).. She often finds herself in the great unknown doing almost anything to be sucessful. One less worry of having a "secure" life line to her academic, mother, and wife job duties would be a GREAT help! Please accept this as our plea for a "Commuter Case" for her Blackberry. (I'm sure she'd love showing it off and spreading the "Crackberry" and "Otterbox" pride to all she meets!)

My Storm2 is like the child I never had. I pamper, baby and cradle this little fella around and he needs a proper amount of protection like an infant needs a stroller. If you have a heart then please help me protect my Storm2. He will thank you and so will I! Lol. But seriously...

Ever since my dad got his Otter Box for the Storm 2, I have thought my Bold 9700 might need one. I have seen him do unthinkable things to his Blackberry and it has taken everything well.

I am an a grounds crew at a golf course. Needless to say I can't count how many times I wish I had a good case when it rains or a sprinkler goes nuts.

i have had it for my Javelin... I wud really like one for the Storm2.. Storm2 is not yet released in my country offcially, but the day it comes here am 100% sure to get one..

It wud be so lovely to have an S2 + Otterbox commuter case.

As a public safety person and a frequent dropper of my Bold, I can see this saving my phone from a few more scratches and dings.

Seriously-I teach and work with blind people so a good case to protect my BB Storm is essential for being sure it is safe if I leave it on a desk or hand it to someone and they don't quite "see" it and it falls. Protecting it is my goal!

I work outdoors and im always in fear my storm2 is gonna get scratched or broken. An otterbox case would really help ease my fears.

I truly need this... I dropped my S2 while boarding the train and it just happened to fall within the gap and below the train - no I never got it back (true story). Although, this will not prevent the BB from getting run over by the train, it will surely help me keep a grip on the phone and prevent scratches from all the doors, walls, and dogs I run into since I text a lot while walking and truly I'm bruised on my face right now (ran into a glass door this morning) {another true story}.

Well, I hope I win this - being a college student it's too much for me to buy (yes I am unemployed as well, sucks doesn't it?)

Anyways, I must say a huge Thanks for offering this - hoping to be one lucky winner!

I am poor...PLEASE pick me! I read there were some problems with the lower keys when the case was on; has this been verified or fixed?

I'm a college student and what with all the keggers--I mean, valuable networking opportunities--and the attendant risks to my phone: dropping it, having liquid spilled on it, the list goes on: I definitely need this for my BB Curve 8330.

I always carry my phone in hand, and it's really painful on those rare instances where it slips my grip. A free case would be wonderful!

I have used OTTERBOX cases in the past and yes they are bulky but they save your phone from certain death and destruction. I am in Construction which means I am always dropping my damn phone and this type of case is the only thing that will save me having to buy a new phone before my upgrade date and not having to pay FULL price. You get what you pay for in case protection with OTTERBOX. I just got a new Storm2 and its NAKED......HELP!!!

For me, no. But my girlfriend yes. She drops her storm2 all the time and since I don't have insurance on her phone it needs all the protection it can get.

I need one of these for my gf. I just brought her into the world of BB after she trashed a Nokia N82. I don't know how she handles her phones, but the more protection the better!

I am a college student addicted to my Blackberry. I work in a hospital, where some bumps and drops tend to occur. On campus, I constantly get bumped by other students and people on their way around and too busy to care. I always have my Storm 2 out to keep me up to date and I dread the day that someone on a bicycle or longboard runs into me again and my new, pristine Blackberry goes flying out of my hand to be destroyed all over the ground. An Otterbox would definitely cover all of that.

quite possibly one of the best inventions to protect the berry! not to fancy but does the trick. everyone should have one!

I will be getting a 9700 next payday. It needs to be protected. Please don't allow it to suffer. Won't somebody think of the blackberry???

I am a firefighter so my phones catch hell all the time. I am also not the most graceful person so need i say more?????

I work in a refinery in Detroit and would love to showcase my storm 2 with an Otter Box. All the bosses have curves and 8830s. Oh yeah they're jelous!!

Where do I start? I know that there are individuals who deserve one more than me. I certainly know that there isn't anyone that has been more unfortunate than me.

I am now on my 5th phone. In that time I have had a Motorola v360, a Siemens, Sony Erickson 580i, Blackberry Pearl and now a Blackberry Curve 8520. Save for the last, I have dropped all of them at one time or another. The Siemens took a dip in a bowl of tomato soup so I will exclude that happening from the worst of the worst situations.

I have dropped a phone from my purse only to discover (after running over it) that it was under my car. The Pearl and Motorola lived out their time in exchange for Mamma B.Curve.

Help Mamma Curve live... give her a chance! Don't let Mamma get thrown (under) the train!

I like the protection of Otterbox cases but I also like the slim factor. I prefer to carry my BB in a holster. I have an 8530 and a holster for it right now. Before I read this post I didn't even think there was a slim case that would fit in a holster, will the commuter case? If so this is for me!

i drop my phone often; therefore, this otterbox case will protect my phone better than not having it.

this is just the case for my storm 2 where i work (Restaurant) there is always flour and the chance of being knocked off belt, very fast paced and always need to have my phone with me at all times. the otterbox case is just what i'm looking for....

I would love to win an Otterbox to protect my (beloved) Storm 2! They really do look like the best protection possible and the newer, sleeker ones are more stylish than many on the market who DON'T have the safety factor built in! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

i would love to get one of these i work outdoors and i need something strong for my blackberry storm 2 and i think this would do the job all the orther cases i have tried just dont make the cut. would love to put this case to the test.

I've got a bad habit of dropping my phone while driving a forklift. Thankfully, I've not run it over but my last BB had some nasty scratches. Would really not like my nice Storm 2 to end up that way.

As a bread delivery person, I'm always worried about my Storm getting messed up (dropped or smacked into) This Otterbox looks like just the thing to keep my Storm safe and sound. Gotta get me one!

I have one for my storm and i love it but it is a little hard to clean some times but i love it i need to get another one and one for the wife

My Storm 2 would look good coming out of the dry hatch in my SOT kayak in an OtterBox case on a warm afternoon on the ICW.

need a case! for everyday use, I get frustrated when i see scratches or dents all over my phone when I accidentally drop it. I try my best to take care of my phones but no matter what they always get dropped and generic cases are not sturdy at all!

Traveling is horrible on a blackberry, tbh. I've torn thru 3-4 'slim' cases in the last 4 months. I need one that will keep my 9550 safe when I'm forced to endure the hours of dealing with the public on business trips.

I work in a repair shop and am constantly on my BB. So my blackberry ends up laying around on my bench all take and getting hit by all sorts of tools. an Otter Box would be awesome for my poor Storm!

My BB is with me 24/7. I need something that looks nice and protects it from the elements.
Thanks in advance.

I just thought it was hilarious that they're offering ONE case. I hope I win the one. There can be only one...

I would love too win the case. I have the blackberry tour and the deputy job I have it would protect my phone from being broken. Please pick me and let me see if it will protect my blackberry. Thank you crackberry

This case is best suit me especially with the line of work that I'm in. Working in the construction feild. Using BB on such hostile enviroment is a nightmare. This case is godsend to me!!

I work inside a Costco selling Blackberrys along with other handsets. A great place to work, except the floor. I dropped my storm onto the floor the other day. And I had taken my roots tuff skin off because the clip broke (again) and it cracked the screen! O.o. I am right now waiting for the Storm2 so I can upgrade to it, or I might break down and get another Storm1, but I am running an old bb for now. Now, If I had this OtterBox, I wouldnt be in this position, so I could REALLY REALLY use this for when I do get my new handset so I dont have a broken BB again.

Please hook me up and protect my Storm!

I would really like to win this as I am busy working and like you I have at times been less than careful. I wish I had one to protect my BlackBerry "investment".

I been waiting to buy one of those Otter Box for my Storm 2. So I could protect my phone so I can always talk to my family. Its a hard job to keep a phone safe in the army. So I would appreciate it so much. Thank You.

i really need this case because i go four-wheeling every weaken and i currently don't have nothing on my storm to protect it against scratches or if i drop it ect. i really need this case.

Well, at work we're not supposed to have phones on the sales floor and I use a holster for my phone. I hate keeping my beautiful 9700 in my pocket because I don't like it getting all dusty and scratched. One of these cases would be awesome to keep my phone pristine!

im useally on buss to buss going places here and there going to school and work and im always out and about but somtimes i tend to drop my phone at times and it hurts to see my blackberry 9350 storm fall to ground...silcone cases suk testicles so i would really like this protective case for my smartberry..........please love jenny

I am a photographer and being out in the field a lot my blackberry takes a beating. I try my best to keep my beloved berry protected and feel like this case will help in that task.

hello, i would love to win this item , i already have a storm 1 and jus got a storm 2 . im always droppin my phone and dis will save me a lot of money like $50 for insurance claims . .

I'm as some sort of "security" at a parking lot, concrete floor, uniform has no pockets. +1 for lack of intelligence.

I work in the Oilpatch in Alberta, and its definately not the cleanest, or safest place for a nice phone. I need all the help I can get with keeping my phone like new! Good luck to everybody!

After having to purchase a new STORM 2 out of pocket due to damage...I really need something like this to protect it from drops etc. Thanks!

I need this case because of job. I work for the City of Huntsville Fire dept and it can be rough on phone in and out of pockets sometimes exposed to water, heat and who knows what else. So pick me because I need it.

I have three Tours in the house, but only two Seidio Innocase 360s to cover them. I'd like to see an Otterbox on MY Tour.

Constantly on the run, I am tossing my phone onto my desk or car cup holder all the time - this case would keep my phone in great shape!

I want one! i skateboard and use my storm 2 to listen to music. I tend to wipe out and want to ensure the life of my "business" phone.

I've been looking for this everywhere and can only find online. I want to see it in person. I run a sports clearance store and I am always afraid of banging my storm 2 too hard on somthing like a fixture or ladder. I wish I could compare these. While in the holster does the screen face out or face in to protect it better??

I would get a storm2 pretty soon and this otterbox commuter case would be the ideal case. Please let me win one, since it's so hard to find otterbox in my country. And I can't do any online purchasing.

So please please please lemme win this.

I work in a pet store, and my Storm is constantly being dropped due to all the climbing, crawling, and lifting we have to do. A friend I work with has an Otterbox for her iPhone, and its amazing. I've been dying to get one for my Storm.

This would make a fantastic case for me; I normally avoid other cases as they are too fat and/or tacky. This would look very classy.

I am a Driver in the Australian Army, and I drive just about every type of vehicle you can name.

At first this would not seem like such a rough job, but when you take into considering the fact that I'm jumping in and out of vehicles all day long (both green fleet AND white fleet), plus the fact that I need to load/tie-down loads myself and the "usual" Army stuff (tactical things, such as spending long periods of time out-field or driving in rough environments) and it's easy to see why I go through so many devices... Specifically, the main cause of damaged phones in my job is through dropping devices from a height of up to about 3M however whilst carrying out my job.

I have to admit, I'm a little skeptical about the OtterBox range, but I'd be happy to put one through its paces, if you want to give me one for free?

i would like to win this cause i'm going to buy the storm 2 with my tax refund and i'd like to not spend more money than i'd like to. lol i'm cheap i know...

I had the Otter Box Defender Series for my old 9500 and it proved its worth several times as I tend to be quite clumsy with my phones. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped an unprotected, or underprotected phone and dinged it up, or broken it all together. But, the Otter Box has saved me time and time again. Whether it's the bulky Defender Series or the pocket friendly Commuter Series you can rely on the security and peace of mind you'll have with the Otter Box. And the Otter Box is cheaper than insurance. The Otter Box looks good on your phone while it protects it. There's no comparison out there to the Otter Box with any other phone cases. The Otter Box is simply the best. And Otter Box makes cases for other phones as well as the awesome BlackBerry. My wife just got the newly released Commuter Series for the HTC Eris Droid. Otter Box is on the cutting edge by being in constant development for the new phones. I now have the awesome 9550 and I would love to have the Otter Box Commuter for the 9550. Thanks for giving me a place to talk about the Otter Box. The Otter Box is great!

I trek a lot and navigate through the world with the help of my BlackBerry. Often times these nice trips prove to be lethal to the devices I carry with me despite my utmost care for them. My BlackBerry is absolutely one of the more important devices I carry with me, it would be great to have it protected from accidental drops or bumps.

Thank you for this opportunity.
- shinkodachi

I hopeI winthis case! Im so in need of a good case that can still let me feel the style of my 9700! Thanks Crackberry for all your great contest!

I would love to win this case. I work in retail and keep my Blackberry on me all the time. I can't live without it. I just can't find a case that looks good AND protects my phone while I move boxes, climb up and down ladders and a million other things. It would be awesome to win this great case!

The OtterBox Commuter case is the best looking one for the 9700. Actually I was looking for cases and I couldn't find one that protects as much and looks as good! I'd love to have this one.

I am always working outside. This case would protect my phone (and me from my wife cause I am always dropping my bold)