BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: One Free OtterBox Commuter Case Up for Grabs!

Storm 2 OtterBox
By Jared DiPane on 9 Feb 2010 02:42 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the Storm2

Last week we all saw Adam's charging pod he can't live without, and the week before Kevin's extended battery review (big shock he needs one of those huh?). This week's featured accessory is one that I have grown to love, the Otterbox cases. Otterbox has been around for quite some time now, making cases that date back to the 8800 series devices, if not even longer, but they continue to change and make their product even better. Hit the jump for some more info on OtterBox and this weeks newest accessories. Be sure to leave a comment to win an OtterBox Commuter case for your device.

Ever since I first got my first BlackBerry, a 8700 series device, I have always been a fan of slim cases, or no case at all. With the devices continuing to get slimmer and slimmer, and my hands not shrinking to fit them comfortably, I have recently been seeking alternatives to the standard slim cases I was using. Everyday life has become so busy and honestly at times it can be hard to be as cautious with my BlackBerry as I would like to be, and the Otterbox has put my mind at ease knowing the device is fully protected. What I like the most about the Otterbox Cases were that they fit extremely well, very easy to install, and protect all your ports. The Commuter Series (pictured above) was my personal favorite case because while it added an amazing amount of protection from the rubber case and the plastic over it, the case also added some additional bulk which made the device sit perfectly in my hand. The Impact Series case offers even more protection, at the cost of additional bulk.

As someone who could be considered somewhat indecisive, finding a case that offers style and protection while still keep maximum comfort while the device is in hand is quite a struggle. In the early phases of my case hunt I used to overlook Otterbox, and looking back, I realize how much of a fool I was. Granted, their cases only come in black, but how many of us end up wanting to black their BlackBerry housing's out anyways? The Otterbox has quickly grown on me and become a perfect compliment to my lifestyle. I tend to be on the go often, and can't tell you just how many times I have missed my pocket with my phone, or nearly dropped a phone due to a slick surfaced slim case I put the phone in, but those days are now behind me.

With the Otterbox case protecting my BlackBerry my mind is at ease, knowing my device is fully protected. Personally, I never seem to keep a device for a very long time, and throughout all of my recent device changes, the first accessory that I always end up purchasing is an Otterbox case for the phone. Although they may look extremely bulky, or beyond comfort, I would say that many of you will be shockingly surprised with the added comfort along with the amazing protection that the Otterbox line of cases will deliver. Check out the cases for your device here.

CONTEST: Win a Free OtterBox Comutter Case for your BlackBerry

For your chance to win a free OtterBox, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us what you do that would make an OtterBox the right case for you. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: One Free OtterBox Commuter Case Up for Grabs!



It is the ultimate protection for my precious Bold. I carry my phone EVERYwhere and sometimes I don't have pockets to put it in so I chance dropping it or it slipping off where I rest it. I would really love to win one.

For my phone. I had a dream I dropped it in a lake last night. I woke up and was happy to notice my phone laying next to me.

i driveeeee n put my cell on my lap so i can check it between stop lights =/ as a result, i can't tell how many times i forget that my cell is on my lap so when i get out of the car, BANGGGGGGGGG, my bb crashes on the floor =( I already have a rubber case but im sure an otterbox would be better

Had one for the storm...couldn't trade up when I went to the tour. So I have been left without. I would love to win one

give it to my husband. His work is very dirty, he works on cars (mechanic) and as a warehouse job. He needs all the protection for his bb.

I would love a new case!! I had a great one I bought on for my storm until they were both stolen. Now I am stuck with a refurb storm and a chincy rubber case that is already stretched out.

i have a otterbox with belt clip and love it, just wish i had one that could be more "pocketworthy", so i wouldn't have to wrestle with it when i wear a jacket. have the storm 2, love the equipment and know this otterbox piece would make it even better.

The otterbox would be great. I have a bad habit of dropping my phones from the seat of my full size blazer to the ground. :(

I would love a replacement to my flimsy rubber case for my Bold 9700. I am clumsy and tend to drop my phone a lot. The case prevents some scratches, but often falls out in my pocket when I pull the phone out...

Need a rugged case for my 9700! The down economy has really cut into my BlackBerry accessory funds. Just have the little skinny silicone skin now!

I currently own the Impact case from Otterbox but the Commuter case would better protect my phone. I work in a warehouse, and dropping my phone isn't something I feel great about. The Impact case offers some alright protection but I've heard better things about the commuter.

As part of my community's CERT program (community emergency response team) this would be invaluable for me. In fact if I don't win I need to look at getting one anyways.

Would love an Otterbox for the extra protection it offers and the confidence it instills over its rather flimsy competitors! It would make may Storm 2 feel very safe!

I have the defender for my Storm 2 and it is awesome, and so are the people at Otterbox. I had my new case for a little less than a month and a small piece of plastic broke off, I emailed their customer service and in less than a week I had a brand new Defender case. I would love to have the commuter as well, sometimes the Defender is just a little to much! I have had a Otterbox for my last three phones due to my clumsy nature they are a must.

I recently sold EVERYTHING and bought a 46' sailboat. I use my storm a lot even for a backup for coastal navigating, checking out local marinas and making reservations. Surprising the amount of blackberry users sailing.
Only problem is worrying about water in my phone. They dont seem to like it much. I think an Otter box may be the ultimate solution.

I love my Otter Case I have now (Impact series) and have beeen looking at this one for a slimmer option. would be great to have. The Otter has saved my phone a few times already including and end over end on concrete with not a mark. And I have the Storm2.

I love my Otter Case I have now (Defender series) and have beeen looking at this one for a slimmer option. would be great to have. The Otter has saved my phone a few times already including and end over end on concrete with not a mark. And I have the Storm2.

I bought one for myself but ended up giving it to my wife because she is a lot harder on phones. I would love to replace it by winning one.

I am constantly dropping my storm 2 because it is so slippery and scartching it. This case would protect it from my clumsiness.

Got the storm for christmas but still don't have a case for it. Been looking at the otterboxes but a free one would be awesome!

An Otterbox is the right case for me because i drop my phone more than anyone I know and have nearly destroyed my current case, which is made of plastic and is practically worthless if you ask me. plastic cases just pop right off as soon as your phone hits the ground. most rubber ones are too thin this Otterbox looks rugged and durable.

I just purchased a storm 2 a couple of weeks ago. I used to have a storm 1 for about one year and went through 4 cases on that, and before that I had a curve 8330 for about a year and went through 2 cases with that one. I am an outside salesman in the hvac industry. I travel alot and have to visit alot of job sites that always have things that seem to not like me carrying a bb on my hip. Things are always reaching out and knocking it out of my holster and crashing on the ground, busting my case. This otterbox case looks sweet and looks like it would protect my new storm very nice. I have tried about all brands of cases, except otterbox. Please consider me.

Our favorite water animal is the otter, and I have a few other cases for my Tour. Adding an Otterbox would be great!

I've been using their cases for years for some of my diving gear, I would really like to get one of these for my Storm.

My Storm2 is in desperate need of protection. I've been known to drop it far more often than I'd care to admit. The fortunes have smiled upon me up to this point (and I hope they continue to smile upon me into the future) and the worst I've come out of it is a scratch and a dent or two on the back of the battery door, and having to hunt down the battery after it decided to play hide-and-seek. An Otterbox would go a long way to keeping the fortunes happy with me.

Hoping I win,
Nick W.

I have a Storm2 and work out on railroad track in all kinds of weather. My Berry needs all the protection that it can get. Thanks.

I need one of these bad boys. By S2 is still going naked, and I work with juvenile delinquents who often get restrained physically. By BB gets into some tough situations.

I'd like to protect my Storm as much as possible, and get the most mileage out of it that I can.

I was walking my dog last week and he jumped on me knocking my Storm out of the case. It hit the driveway and shattered the screen. Had to have the phone replaced.

This would have helped.

I'm a United States Marine, with this case it would protect me from all the training exercises that we do. We run thru dirt, we do night watches, and we just hike in and out of jungles. I always drop my cell, I've gone through numerous cases, I think otterbox will be the right fit for me.


I could really use this case as I'll be backpacking through Asia, I'm going to be carrying my phone around so something rugged like this would be perfect to take with me.

I tried to make my own by putting on a Seido case and covering with the BB skin case. Not the same thing. And the Seido case fell apart after a month of taking it off daily to put it in the charging pod.

I have just bought my new 9700 and I'm still looking for a good case to protect it. I've heard about otterbox and that it does a good job protecting ur berry form nicks and scratches. I previously owned a pearl and didn't have protection for it and I dropped my phone a lot. It looked like it was at war and the alarm doesn't work so I end up late sometimes. This time I will like to protect my new 9700.

One of those nice cases would sure help my BB Tour make it through this cold and snowy winter that is if i get picked.

Sweet.. no more bruises on my Bold 9700
I have butter fingers..
Go through 2-3 devices a year...

I was at the RIM store stuck in the ATL airport thinking how nice it would be to have a case where I could not worry about dropping and still clip to my belt. I did not purchase prior to this because of the previous issues mentioned witht he case being too tight and messing with the screen touch. I travel quite a bit and have gone through numerous cases/clips in the past breaking when sitting in chairs (on the arm of the chair). Hopefully this would be the last case I would ever need.

I'm an IT manager. Crawling around in Telco closets and Data Centers means I drop my BlackBerry..a lot. Would love one for my Storm2.

Between my clutz-iness and my kids, I NEED an OtterBox to keep it safe, but I don't want to pay for the Defender nor do I want something that thick as I carry my Storm in my pocket.....Please, oh please, pick me.......

Obviously I'm a Crackberry addict, as I use my BB Storm2 for everything. I currently don't have any protection on the device. I had the Zagg plastic covering on my Storm1 but found the edges would begin to peel off.

Now that I have a new baby, (she's 9 months old now) and loves to handle the BB. I let her play some simple baby games as well as hold while music plays.

With an Otterbox case, I can rest assured that while I handle my BB frequently, I won't have to worry about dropping the device as much, as well as which pocket to place it in so as to avoid knicks and scratches, and over course with the baby, she can hold the BB more securely and even if she drops it, it will be protected.

Thank you,


I need one for my tour because I drop it way too much. The case I have now is starting to look pretty bad. I hear these are pretty good so it should last me a while.

I always drop my phone! Doing too many things at the same time while trying to check my email. My phone will thank you!

We are about to get another 2 feet of snow here in Philly, on top of the 2 we just got I NEED this to protect my baby!

I've been looking at this case a lot and it seems really nice, I'm just torn seeing as it would have to be removed each time I wanted to use my car kit and also the cradle.

I need this case because i coach soccer practice and I constantly have my blackberry in my hand (I use the timer functions a lot. One time one of the kids kicked a ball at me and i dropped my curve 8310 and got a nasty scrape on it (I've now since upgraded to the bold 9700, so you really see why I need the extra protection!)

Just switched to a Tour from the Storm; haven't picked up a case for this one. Would love to win an Otterbox for it! Heard many good things about them!

I work in the telecommunications field and an Otter box would protect my BlackBerry while I am running cables outside on the poles and sides of buildings.

I have a bad habit of knocking my phone in its current holster or out of the holster when i'm working underneath desks or simply just walking around (i'm a clutz).

Pick me drm2blv!!

I have yet to find a good case, Have tried several different ones..with the feather being my favorite so far, except for the fact I have to get a new one over 4-5 months as they tend to fall apart...

Wonder if an Otterbox would be as good as the feather and hold up any better...

i could use one of these, i had a bodyglove case for my 9700 but one of the snaps broke off now i need to replace it and was looking at the otter box hopefully i can win one, that would sure be nice

I could really use one of these! I work in a shop all day, and my 9700 already has a scratch on it. PICK ME!

I'm on the road 48 weeks a year. My bb is my lifeline to everything important. I have gone thru 2 bb's in the last 8 months. This sure would give me piece of mind.

I am a deputy sheriff and my daily activities at work are pretty rough on my phones. I picked up a Storm2 the day it came out. I love the phone but have to admit I've already dinged it up even thought I try to be careful with it. One of these Otterbox cases would be perfect.

It's not because of what I do that I need an Otterbox to protect my 9000. It's because of who I am. I'm a natural-born klutz!

id like to win one for my curve 8330 because i just won an unlock code from you guys and guess what you cant unlock 8330s! pick me i deserve it :D anyone want an unlock code lol..

I wouldn't have to worry when my 5 year old son accidentally drops the phone when he is playing games.

I work in law enforcement and hate putting my Curve 8900 in any case, but it is necessary. This slim case would be awesome!

I'm in the military. Nothing we do is very safe for our selves or our phones. I had one for my curve I now have a Tour but have not made the purchase yet. Maybe I won't have to. ;-)

This would be perfect for my Storm2 because just started a construction job with my cousin and I am terrified to take my phone out of my pocket while on the job ! Thanks for the chance ! Goodluck to all !

I take my Storm (Not a Storm2) with me when I backpack and climb. Many remote locations I visit lack phones but do have cell coverage. Right now I use bubble wrap and plastic bags. An OtterBox Case would be an elegant upgrade.

i need a new one as mine fell of the car getting onto the highway, roughly 55mph then was ran over by the car behind me while i was running back to get it. phone still works great but the rubber on my case has a few tear marks that bug me when typing.

I've dropped three Storm 1s several times and got stuck with refurbished ones. I don't want to risk the same fate for my Storm 2.

i've been looking to purchase one for over a month now, but it just isn't available here either on ebay or any other online shopping sites.... and lets not even talk abt local retail outlets in terms of bb accessories! :(

I'm a student looking forward to becoming a marine biologist! I would LOVE to have one of these babies for my storm2. Right now I'm stuck with a half-broken body glove, and although i love it dearly, it is time for a new one!

Hello, I am a contractor and often have my phone in grueling conditions. The OtterBox would be useful tool to protect my phone from the frequent drops that it endures.
Thank you. Joe

I have just been looking at the otterbox as a replacement for my existing BB case that is about to wear out...hook me up crackberry!!!

I have two very technologically inquisitive girls that like to try and play with daddy and mommy's phones. And no matter how good I am at keeping my phone on me or setting it out of their reach inevitably it gets grabbed and even thrown at times. I don't think I can handle seeing my Storm2 tossed one more time. Oh, I am also a High School teacher and my phone is in my suit pocket all day and gets banged up against desks. This would definitely help at home and school.
Thanks for considering!

I used to have a Curve 8320 which came with a nice, snug holster. Then I briefly had a Curve 8520 which came with nothing. Recently I got a Bold 9700. That came with a bulky, clip on holster which I guess is real nice. But I've found myself reverting to the old 8320's holster, so I can slip both phone and case into my pocket. The problem is that the Bold is actually slimmer than the old Curve, so the phone doesn't fit snugly in there and sometimes falls out. I'd love a nice case to protect my new Bold 9700!

This product sounds awesome and just what we have been looking for. My husband has gone through two blackberry's in the last year due to the abrasive elements of his job. I would love to have this case for him and hopefully won't need to buy another phone for awhile.

These case are great. I've owned one for my last 3 blackberries: Storm, Storm 2, and Curve 5530. The commuter is my all-around favorite. And you can real bargins on ebay, if you search hard enough.

Im a server and my bberry takes a good bit. Between being stuffed in my pocket and random droppings... this would be amazing to have for my tour!

While I am sure that Best Buy's black tied geeks would love to honor my warranty a third time, I think that an Otterbox would be perfect for protecting my Storm2 from the benzene, napthalene, and other gunk that I run into while conducting environmental remediations on former manufactured gas plant sites. I use the voice note recorder every single day that I am out on my site instead of paper and pen. Thanks in advance!

P.S. - I also have twin, 5 year-old boys, which in hindsight may be a greater risk than my job!

I have used the ottebox case on a iPhone, Bold 9000, Curve 8520, Bold 9700 and storm 2. I need one for the storm 2 again. These cases rock!!! I am sticking with otterbox for life!

I have the "Defender" by Otterbox. If you can take a little bulk, it is the greatest protection you can get. Very well made with attention to detail. Have dropped my Tour a couple of times without the slightest worry. Just putting it on your phone will convince you of its durability

I go kayaking and always bring my crackberry along. With the case I do not have to worry about it banging around in my dry pack inside the kayak. Love to have one of these!

Commuter case should fit in the pocket when working in the office and provide good protection in the tool pouch when doing farm work or repairing equipment. Would like my original model Storm to last until Verizon has G4 up in this area.

Blackberry user 2 years, have gone through 8 phones. They're not defective, I just tend to break stuff. Needless to say this would work great for me.

There is no better box than the Otterbox. The product is second to none and so is the customer service. They are open to ideas on how to improve their products. That is not that easy to do with the pace at which sizes and shapes change so quickly. Otterbox is my choice and has been for a number of years now.

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I’m no expert, but I’m fairly sure he got that from ancient Zen Buddhist scripture.

Oh shit, it just occurred to me. Perhaps he wants the ones with Adams Apples.

(used without permission

I'm rough with my phones sometimes, as much as I love them. This would be great to have! Please Crackberry- I've always wanted an Otterbox!

I'm a father of a 1 yr old. Needless to say the corners on my storm are chewed and it has been dropped several times... I could use an Otterbox

Seeing that Blackberry's are multitasking phones as far as voice, data etc. I like to take it a step further and use my Blackberry Tour for other every day uses. For example when changing a tire on my truck I use it for a wheel chock. I also use it for a door stop when I am carrying stuff in and out of my house. I use it when I am eating lunch and the table rocks, I just stuff my Blackberry under one leg to level it up so I don't spill my drink. When I am cutting trees down with my chainsaw I use it as a wedge so the tree falls where I want it to. All these would require an I am entering this contest. Thanks.

I need one of these cases for my beloved Tour. I carry it everywhere under the sun which isnt always "phone friendly." I own my own detailing business and im currently picking up my BB with wet or dirty hands. This would keep my Tour clean, protected, and ready to take on whatever I throw at it next (in style might I add).

As a teacher, I would use this OtterBox case for my phone in the classroom. I am always dropping it, but I use my phone for email, online classes (IM) and attendance. It's invaluable!!! The protection would be awesome... and welcomed.

I am always on the road going somewhere and my Storm 2 is my life. It has all my appts and important information for clients.

do I need a case. I have twin boys who are constantly grabing my phone and I have to get to it before them. And on occasion making me drop it. If I had this case it would make sure I was protected.

that is why I need a commuter case. My curve had been through a few wrecks, my Pearl even more. I need to protect my Tour as Mountain Biking season is at hand....

Like most people, I'm out and about quite a bit, and this would definitely make me feel better about taking my S2 with me. Plus, with little ones around the house, I wouldn't have to worry as much about one of them getting their little hands on it.

This is definitely something I can make use of, especially with the line of work that I'm in. Crossing my fingers!!!

I work on the streets on NY protecting its people running after the bad guys causes my phone to fall often. I really could use a case like this. Its so hard to find a good case but you guys have done it.

I definitely need one of these for the type of things I do such as working in the field, fishing, and 4-wheeler riding. I love how the back of them aren't silicone so that it can slide in and out of the pocket easy. Which my regular $5 case does'nt do. Pick me! Only thing i recommend that Otterbox do is to make a case thats fully waterproof for the storm2.