BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!

BlackBerry Charging Pod
By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2010 04:48 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9700

BlackBerry Charging Pod

Kevin tackled our inaugural accessory roundup last week so this week the honor is on me... One of the accessories I cannot live without is the BlackBerry Charging Pod. It has just one job, but it does that job amazingly well. It's not new to the accessory scene, but it has to be mentioned in an accessory roundup. Hit the jump for more on the charging pod and check out some of the newest BlackBerry accessories.

Way back when I had my 8330 I wanted an easier way to charge my device. I leave it on my nightstand when I go to bed, but having to plug in it every night started to get on my nerves. Trying to find that USB port in the dark some nights just wasn't happening. Thus began my pursuit for something better. Once I found the BlackBerry OEM Charging Pod I knew my restless nights were over. The charging pod made it as easy as could be to charge my device. Just drop it in the pod, it charges, and thats that. There is no catch to it, and it couldn't be easier.

I've been through my fair share of devices now, and the charging pods have followed me all the way. I always grab one when I get a new device, and when paired up with bedside mode it makes the perfect companion/alarm clock/nightlight. The charging pod is available for a variety of devices, and is really the one accessory you shouldn't be without.

CONTEST: Win a Free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry Smartphone

For your chance to win a free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us about your charging woes, and how a charging pod would make life easier. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Getting The Most Out Of Your Charging Pod

The charging pod is great for what it is meant to do, charge. You can maximize it by learning to use Bedside Mode to its full potential, and paired with the Charging Pod you have a great combination. You can use the accessory not only to charge your device at night, but as an alarm clock or resting place on your desk for your BlackBerry. We posted a video on Bedside Mode a few weeks ago, and if you didn't check it out its definitely worth watching.

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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @

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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!



When I had my Bold 9000 I had 2, one for work and one for home. Since buying my 9700, I haven't got one and this one would be perfect for me..

I could really use a 9700 pod. I have the 8900 pod and loved it. Tired of seeing my 9700 laying flat on my nightstand as my alarm.

I bought the charging pod a few months and at the same time I bought the big Seidio battery for my Tour. Love them both. I did have a minor problem because the larger back cover with the new battery did not seat in the charging pod and allow the contacts to make contact. Solved this easily by SLIGHTLY bending the contacts on the pod out. Works everytime now. I put it in the pod by the bed and bingo I have a dim clock and alarm if I want one. Of course, I set the bedside mode to prevent all alarms except for phone calls, so my Tour and pod are the perfect companions.

By the way, the big Seidio extended life battery is great, too! I suppose some might not like that the back cover sticks out just a bit, but personally I think it fits my hand better than with the original cover.

Oboy are you right! It's nearly impossible to plug the micro-USB in when you're half asleep.
Charging Pod Please!

A charging pod would encourage me to not sleep with my phone. Previously I would sleep with my phone off of key lock so I would randomly dial numbers at 3 in the morning. Quite embarrassing. Heh -- That probably wouldn't be a problem now. In January my 8900 was stolen and I regret not having key lock password activated on the device. I now own a 9700 and the first thing I did when I got it out of it's box was setup a key lock password. Current problem: Since I sleep with my phone I have difficulty finding it in the morning. My alarm sounds as I wrestle with my sheets to find it so that I don't wake up my roommates! I know that with a charging pod this problem would be averted. :)

got frayed wires and i have to move it around all over the place until i see a lightning bolt and then i have to put a book on top of it just so it works.. i would be sooo gracious to get this charging pod.

It would be great having a charging pod because all i would have to do is just put it on the pod and let it go, no fumbling for the cord just put it down and BAM! charging blackberry.

my BB charger plugs into the same outlet as my laptop. Last week, I kicked the cord of the charger...which knocked over a bottle of water...right onto my laptop. The BB is not dinged (after it flew and hit the hall) and my laptop is now ruined. I could really use the charging pod!


I would like to WIN this puppy because my 9700 usually gets thrown on my desk at the end of the workday and forgotten until it starts a ringing. It would be nice to have a dedicated place for it. I also usually forget to charge it by the time I go to bed (and I don't like leaving it plugged in all night) so this would fix that as well.


it's always fun getting hit in the face with your blackberry while you sleep as well as getting cables tangled within one another and knocking a landline phone in your face from all the tangle

The Pod would be the perfect mate for my BB9700. I could see it now snug as a bug in a rug. I could really use it.

I love Charging pods i have to carry 2 phones daily my work phone and my personal phone. That means i have to have 2 phones on my nightstand charging, and having pods is so much nicer than laying them on the nightstand also easier to answer because they come out of the tand easier than having to unplug them. I would love to win one for my 9700!

This would be the coolest thing ever. For a person just getting started with bb any new devise has potential 2 b gr8!!!

No doubt about it. This would look really nice on my desk. Its so hard to charge the phone when I'm always on it. With the dock, I can easily just glance at the phone for new messages without having to actually touch it.

This would solve the problem I had with my previous blackberry. I just got a new one because my old port stopped working. If I had a charging pod I wouldn't have to connect through the port.

So my story starts with the Blackberry Tour on Sprint, which I had purchased with charging dock ready for action. My friend convinced me it was a must have dock...and I agreed - the bedside mode was very useful. This is coming from the man who NEVER buys any accessories for phones, especially not docks.

Count it - 1 dock. Me = -$45

My story continues with said friend convincing me to trade my Blackberry Tour (unwise) for his Palm Pre. What do I go and do with the Palm Pre? I go buy the touchstone charging dock. It just looked so cool...wireless charging!

Count it - 2 docks. Me = -$115

I then got tired of the Pre and Sprint's service so I switched to Verizon. Instead of picking up the Droid I decided to have my own personal smart phone round robin and pick up the Droid. The store clerk convinced me to buy the dock for it. It was only $30 which was cheap compared to the previous two docks I bought which were $45 and $70 respectively. Not to mention it had an awesome bedside mode as well which I was told could only be accessed with the dock (I found out this was a lie but c'est la vie).

Count it - 3 docks. Me = -$145

After experiencing the best of WebOS and Android and 3 different docks later, my Crackberriness kicked into high gear and I just had to get a BB back. Of course I decided it was time to buy a BB Bold 9700 (latest and greatest) and switch over to AT&T. I had to sell my Droid (and included the dock to the buyer for free) to cover the ETF, but low and behold I was thrilled to be a Blackberry user and abuser again. Only problem is that I still haven't bought a dock for the 9700.

Count it - 4 docks. Me = -$145 and happy that hooked me up with a free dock.


with a charging pod, i wouldn't have to worry about drinks leaking from the bottom of paper fountain cups and ruining my nice faux leather backing

While I would miss the thrill of risking potential strangulation/electrocution from charging my 8330 while sleeping with it, it would be nice to know where it is in the morning without having to follow the cord...

For a phone notorious enough that every other poster in CrackBerry forum recommends extended-life battery as a must have, a charging pod would do wonders. A free one? Surreeeee!!!!

I cannot leave my phone charging without my fifteen year old cats trying to knock it off my bed or chair. If I have it propped up, like it would be in a dock, they have no interest but when i leave it laying down they decide to attack and most recently knocked it off a chair to make the top screen of my storm 2 pop off.

I'm an automotive tech, and my BB gets lost on my tool box all the time. This way I can put it on top and keep it charge in between rounds of texas hold em king 3 when its slow at work!

During the dry winter months static is really bad, I've fried a few devices when an arc of static electricity shot from the charging cable to the USB port on the device, this would help prevent this!

Would come in handy in terms of it being an alarm so I don't have to keep touching it. Would come in handy as an extra charger especially as I work on the computer. And would come in handy as a dock while I watch movies on my Storm lol...

With a charging pod, the bedside mode makes much more sense and if it keeps my use of the USB connection to a minimum, it sounds like a must have accessory. Maybe I just need go and buy one :-)

A charging pod for my Storm 9550 would be great. As I can use the clock function and it's easier to see messages come in while in silent mode.

This would make my life easier because I have so many chargers and chords next to my bed (laptop, lamp, nintendo ds, phone) it makes it such a hassle picking which one to hook up to my phone!


This would be amazing cuz I was never comfortable with how the mini usb fits into the phone. I always feel like I'm trying too hard to get it out.

So where do I begin with my woes. Well bout 2 months ago while rushing to get ready for work. I had my trusty berry charging on my night stand. While I was rushing and doin this and that the charging cord got caught in my shoe and I accidentally flinged my berry accross the room. NOW its trouble and turmoil for me every night tryin to get my berry to charge before I go to bed. Even at night when my baby wakes up I check on my berry only to find it not charging anymore. A charging pod would really take care of my troubles so I could rest well knowing ill be ok and charged up for the next day.

My phone doesnt like lying down, it's always complaining about it. Its very much a standing up kinda phone and as such a charging pod would make its day!

I broke my last blackberry usb plug in because i couldnt line it up correctly in the dark before i went to bed. Spending money i didn't have on an insurance replacement was terrible :( a pod would help me greatly as it would make it easy to just set my phone in and then head to sleep.



That Blackberry Travel Charger that comes with all of the new RIM Devices now is such a pain. Due to having to move the charger around to different rooms / power outlets, when you go to plug in the charger it always folds in! i know 98% of people have this problem now and its annoying..
Anyways.. if i had a dock for the desk.. or even the bedside, there would e less of a reason to have to change ports.. well not really.. but at least i would enjoy charging my Bold 9700...

Thank you in advance!

If you actually are looking for the best accessory for charging, this is it. Small foot print, cradle to hold your phone and not as exspensive as say a PowerMat...Not to mention, you running this contest.

Since there's no much space in our room I can't have a night table only my wife is allow to have one (as almost everything on the house). So I have to lay down my phone on the ground charging overnight under the bed. My bold 9000 is too pretty to be on the ground and it will be nicer to be on a pod.

I can't stand plugging in my BB Bold 9700 every night. It's wear & tear on the port and a big pain in the butt to pick up the cord and try to aim every time. I'd love to just place my BB in the charging pod and be done with it!

The grab & go feature is so appealing!


I could keep this at work, and even though I"l be running slacker off of it, it makes my desk area look more professional. Could be the offset I need to neutralize my jack skellington pacman bank. Also keep it nice and charged for those days when I'm emailing things back and forth (seeing as thumb drives and externals are outlawed) between my bb and work accts. That and if just looks awesome like that.

I've always been a fan of having every accesory that can help me make the most of my BB device, im crazy with my new 9700 and i would looove to have it to keep getting the most out of my beloved BB :D

The perfect solution to turning my 9700 into an alarm clock at night when it's charging. Plus I won't have to trip over that plugged in USB cable anymore!

A charging pod is much more better than the normal charging cable for home use.. as if there is any calls or any BBM and Emails come... just need to take the phone out from the pod ^^ and would love the bedside mode as well...
pick me plz..

The other morning the alarm on my BlackBerry woke me up. Following my morning routine I was going to hit snooze when I accidentally pull the charging cable which in turn pulled my BlackBerry 9700 to the floor

*DOH* I exclaimed

Please hook me up with this charging pod. I've heard they're pretty solid and would be difficult for me to drop to the floor by accident in the morning.

no more hunting round for the charger at night, my wife now has a BB too, and god bless her a compolsion to tidy everything that has stood idle for more than 2 seconds away, so finding a charger now requires sniffer dogs and search & rescue teams!!

A sound & solid idea - always looking for ways to make life a little simpler


We hate the wall charger. It always ends up falling to the floor and disconneting itself from the charger. Then it doesnt charge at all.

I live in an old, ghetto apartment and the wall outlets are all very loose - which results in the charger not staying plugged in and the phone not charging. If I had something more stationary, like this charging pod, the plug would be stationary as well and not come loose.

That, and it would just look nice on my nightstand

Like most junkies, I have cords galore running to and fro - I would just love to have this pod so I would have something similar to what I used to have with my Treo before I joined the "Society".

I'd love to get my hands on one of these.

The sleek design, the sexy chrome looks! Apple eat your heart out!

Please send one to the land of Windmills and wooden shoes!

Thanks a million

I would love to have one. I have two alarm clocks (another could be my blackberry with its 5.0) in my room and one of them being this ghetto 80's alarm clock that randomly buzzes when it wants next to my head on the night stand that I would have to slap to shut it up. To have a charge stand I will be able to replace it and send it packing out to a garage sale or craigslist... listed under free but if you let me win this I will give you my possesed alarm clock for free! Plus my cheap wall charger is 4 feet long and my bed is 2 feet away so it barely makes it on my bed. Please help me out of this misery! Thank you for listening.

With as much as I use my phone for work and personal it has to be charged almost twice a day, this would come in handy to have at the office to drop it in to charge while I'm there!! Please pick me!

Since I took my clock out of the plug to make room for my beloved BB this would help my BB to "Be All That It Can Be!"

My Tour get frustrated having to lie on its back while can't see what's going on in the room. If it had a dock to keep it upright while charging it would be able to see all the exciting things that go on!

I've had the displeasure of dropping my brand new 9700 twice already on the floor by accidentally pulling the charging cable when waking up. This would alleviate further damage :(

This would make my blackberry life complete. Constantly having to try and find the cord, then find the port and make sure it's in right, then not being able to see the clock when it goes into bedside mode because I got to lay it down flat....and trying to do all that in the dark, forget about it. Plus wouldn't have to worry about carrying that big wall charger around with me everywhere on trips. So excited now, can't wait to hear the winner! Hope it's me :)

A new charging pod would help me be on time for work, since it would double as a clock for my Crackberry Storm 9530. If I'm late one more time, I might not make another dollar!

I have a blackberry 8900...i use it, like any good crackberry addict, for everything but washing the kitchen floor.
I have been admiring this new way of charging Crackie(her nickname). How I charge her now is getting the job done, but it's very frustrating as well... some of the times. I'll plug her in (which takes some time because for some reason, the plug doesn't always want to go...i'm beginning to think this may cause me some future problems in charging) and set her by my pillow. I use Crackie as my alarm clock... she is set to wake my lovely morning self up every day. HOWEVER, sometimes, she doesn't wake me up because she has either slipped off my bed and is now waking up all the dust bunnies under my bed, or she has worked her way in between all of my pillows and is now playing a muffled version of the alarm song I choose to wake up to...thus the reason I keep hearing the 30 Rock theme song in all of my dreams prior to waking up. *sigh*

Having this charging pod would eliminate all of this, and may even allow me to have a dream free of that 30 Rock Theme song!! I would be able to look over at my night stand from the middle of my bed and know what the time was. Having this charging pod would allow Crackie to have a break from having a cord plugged into her every night!

I would delight in having this charging pod, so I would love for you to consider choosing me as a winner!!

a charging pod would do me good because i use my phone as my daily alarm and not being able to see where it is on the nightstand gets really annoying.

trying to plug this new micro usb into my bold late at night is even harder than the mini into my curve!! Always have to get up, and turn the light on so I can see what I'm doing.. trying to reflect the light off the screen with my hand like a mirror just don't seem to work. This would be waaay more convienient, and I could leave the charger in my bag for when I go visit my girl! I should get a car charger too.. maybe I can find a small adaptor to put on the micro to mini? Oh well.. I want this thing!!

I hate leaving my Blackberry just laying down on my desk while charging. I always feel like i'm abusing it. I would love to have one of these! So please CB, please pick me!


This means I wont have to wake up my wife and newborn while fussing around to find the charging cord at night! Anything that keeps the wife asleep, and the baby from crying is major help!

this would be awsome to have, because i have to many things lying around, and no time to clean up. having the charging pod would simplify life more for me because i'd be able to find my charger easily because of all the cords i have lying around.

good luck to whoever wins it!

I spend a lot of the time reaching around the floor at night looking for the charging end of the charger. Once I find it, I play "pin the tail on the donkey" in the dark. My 8320 got scratches on the side of the phone around the charging input port. There was a night I was too tired to search, left the phone to die out and used my LG spare the next day. LG... Life's Garbage

I hate having to leave my sexy Tour lying on its back, all vulnerable during the night. I'm itching to get some real use out of Bedside Mode...flip me a charging pod so I can experience nocturnal BlackBerry bliss!

I really want and need this charging pod for my desk at work. In order for me to get a good recpetion at work my phone has to be standing straight up so I have to lean the phone on something at my desk everyday. This pod would help me out alot. PLEASE PICK ME FOR THE CHARGING POD!!! This is my 1st Blackberry and I am totally enjoying it!!

Seeing as I prop my phone up against 2 remotes, just so I can see the clock, (and watch movies on my media card)with out having to hold it up, the Charging dock would be awesome!!!

At charging pod would make charging my blackberry so much easier. I am constantly having to find my charger and where it fell to. Having a charging pod on my night stand would make it easier for me to charge mh blackberry at any point during the day. Plus, it would be harder for my dog to chew it up!

Just last week, the car charger I bought from AT&T with my 9700 drove me crazy. I plugged it into my car's lighter socket, and when I was done I tried to take it out and it wouldn't come out. I pulled, tugged, turned, etc.. nothing caved. Finally I pulled it so hard, the whole dash came apart! I was driving with one hand, and trying to hold the console together with the other. I realized that I had forgotten to put one screw back on there after working on my radio the week before. But either way, the car charger was JUNK! It is the one that has an additional USB port on top of it.. So, it would be nice if I can get a charger pod so I won't forget to charge it every night or i can keep it charging at work!

I'd like to win a charging pod for several reasons. Main reasons are because my alarm clock is busted and it'd be convenient to be able to look over and see the time rather than to have to roll over to pick my phone up. Also because even though I just bought my phone I can sense that my charging port is failing already cause I have to move my wire around to a specific angle to get it to charge. Please help me out.

...Picture this. It's early Saturday morning. The sun is starting to shine through your window. You are sleeping ever so soundly, enjoying the absence of the alarm (which happens to be my BlackBerry) only to wake up to the sound of your 1-year old son swinging your precious BlackBerry around his head like a lasso, while the phone is still attached to the USB charging cord, which he has yanked from the computer, because he is as infatuated with throw-away electronics as his dad is!!

As you can imagine, I VERY promptly JUMPED out of bed, grabbed his arm AND the BlackBerry, JUST before it detached from the other end of the cord to what would have most definitely been its final "Push" of ANY kind, as it was PUSHED into the wall, to its too-early doom!

This has now happened THREE times, believe it or not, so that now I have had to wrap the USB cord around the BACK of the computer tower and hide the phone to where he cannot see it. The only down side is that on the mornings where I DO get up to my alarm, you can imagine that there are more than a few stubbed toes and bumped foreheads when trying to finagle and find my hidden BlackBerry!, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE award my interesting conundrum with a new charging pod for my BEAUTIFUL BlackBerry Bold 9700 through T-Mobile!

“Charge me up” and save my precious BlackBerry from an early and wrongful death at the hands of a junior CrackBerry addict!!

Ben :)

I tend to talk on the phone before I go to bed and I sometimes fall asleep on the phone. When I wake up in the mornings, the cord is wrapped around my neck which is a bad situation waiting to happen. With the charging pod and my new blueant q1, I do not have to worry about dying in the middle of my sleep!

The chargind pod + bedside mode is a dream ! Also, much less wear and tear on the tiny micro-usb port, so less risk to break it.

I currently must snake my charger through the tangled mess of wires that is the back of my desk and then tape the charging wire to the surface of said desk so that I may have a clean work surface while still being able to charge my beloved tour. Unfortunately, the nature of my lofted bed means that in the mornings I must leap off of my bed so that I can turn off the alarm on my phone before p***ing off my other roommates. You can see the potential for problems with this situation. When one leaps from 6 feet in the air down onto the ground after only a few hours of sleep and fumbles for a phone in a half-asleep stupor, the charging wire tends to fall back behind the desk or my phone will suddenly make unwanted contact with the floor causing that sickening feeling when you see your pride and joy falling in slow motion having full knowledge of the fact that you can do nothing to stop it. With a Blackberry Charging Pod, however, it would be simple to simply pick up my phone and silence it! (of course, the pod would have to be discretely duct taped down, as with everything else in my dorm)

Ahh, if only I had a Blackberry Charging Pod...

(And thats not even taking into account having to find that damn micro usb cord in the dark at 4am as my roommates sleep)

This would make charging my blackberry at night so much easier!! My berry tends to always slide off my nighttable when charging at night and sometimes even disconnects- having a pod to charge it on would be great!

This would be great at my desk at work. I'm constantly on the move and on the phone, so for me to just grab and go and drop it back in the charger when I get back would make my life much easier!

Yes, charging pod is the brilliant invention as it simplifies the charging method. I use to call it a superb travel companion. I would never lost in action, idle with no productivity & live in miserable again anywhere with charging pod presence. I would be happy to see my Blackberry standing sturdy, wholly utilize & always been there when I needed. Thus, charging pod would be my super savior.

A charging pod would be great for my storm cause right now it sits on the kitchen counter and gets all kinds of stuff on it from cooking.

but i cant stand my usb wire, i charge my phone at work....via usb. having this long cable going across my desk drives me NUTS! (our setup is horrendous) especially when eating or writing on paper (yes people still use paper lol) the less clutter the better =)

We recently got a new kitten...and it's a cord hunting maniac :(!

I've found out that the only way to keep him from biting the cords is to secure them in a concealed fashion...however this means that my phone has to stay on the nightstand (on the wife's side of the bed) as opposed to beside me on the bed (as many in the crackberry nation are probably used to as well)

Therefore I cannot see the clock, the or who's blackberry's message indicator is flashing (yeah, I check my blackberry whenever it beckons, lol)..but most importantly...I can't even see my berry itself!...

Call it a sort of "security-blanket syndrome"..but I love my Bold too much to care :P

Please send a charging pod my way, and save me!

I would love to have the charging pod! I have the blackberry tour 9630. The charging port on my phone has issues most of the time when I plug my phone in sometime during the night it stops charging and at this time I don't have the extra money too purchase on. The charging pod would benefit me the most. This phone I use for everything and its my alarm clock. Please pick me. Thank You

My phone is flat on the desk while charging and the charging pod would be awesome so that I could see the time without getting up

I use my phone as an alarm for me in the morning. normally I have it sitting on its back above my head, but with a charge pod I could display it nicely and use it as a clock as well without having to fumble around for it. I need this pod!

Hello I am a student and I live in a very small room and my desk is full of my books and when i put my phone on silent i always lose it in between my books=( also when i wake up i tend to drop my phone which i really get sad about every morning so i could use a pod =)

A month or two ago, I was having issues with my charger. It wasn't until I spent the night at my friend's house and needed to get in touch with my boyfriend to pick him up from the airport that I realized that my charger was broken. My phone's battery was running low, so I plugged it in to let it charge, only to have it die on me. I ended up leaving my phone out in my car to charge overnight and using my friend's phone to get in touch with him. The next morning his flight got canceled, and I didn't find out about it until I was walking out the door to pick him up from the airport. He had been trying to reach me on my phone, before he finally called my friend's phone. I only had the wall charger for 5 months before it broke. Fortunately, I had another wall charger from when I had to swap out my phone. My only fear is that this wall charger will die on me too. Furthermore, I hate fumbling around with the charger, while trying to plug in my phone. I'm worried that I'm going to end up breaking the mini-usb port.

On another note, I use my phone as my alarm clock and to play music. I have no clocks in my room, so putting my phone on a charging pod, would make telling time so easy. I wouldn't have to pick up my phone and press a button in order to light up the screen and read the clock in the middle of the night. Also, having my phone upright and charging while listening to Pandora would be amazing! I could just glance over at my phone and find out who the artist is.

Overall, a charging pod would make charging my phone, telling time on it, and listening to Pandora a breeze. It would also alleviate some of my worries associated with using mini-usb port. This is such an awesome product!!

My room has no space... literally, I'm cramming all the possessions of an apartment into two rooms, my bedroom and a downstairs storage room. A charging pod would be great, help me get some of these cables back behind shit where they belong and not hanging out all over the place. (I have a curve 8330.)

I had one for my 9530 then I upgraded and can't afford to spend the beans for my S2. I hate having my Storm just lay down...looks lame. I hope I win, thanks crackberry. You guys rock like always.

I really could use a charging pod next to my bed. I often read on my BB because I don't need a light on with the lit screen, and so much more comfortable than propping a book up on my knees to read! My husband sleeps better without the light on, too. However, it's difficult when it's time to put it down to go to sleep and would be so much easier if I had a charging pod to put it in on the nightstand.

I also can see it being very useful next to me on my desk so I can see it while I'm working at my computer if a call comes in.

I love BB!

It'd be nice to have another place to charge my BB at home, plus it'd be great for work, when I'm halfway through the day and it needs some juice! Pick me!

I hate cable clutter and this will help me clear cable clutter off my desk. Plus it looks really cool. I want one!!

This is a great idea! I hate having to fish for my power cable each time that I want to charge my phone! This would make life so much easier!

I have only 2 outlets in my room and there are soo many wires running here and there. At night it gets really hard to figure out where the charging cable is. With the Charging Pod, I can plug it in and put it on my night stand eliminating me to search for the cable that is bundled in a mess! I hope I win...

I gotta say i hate having wires all around my counters so the charging pod would definitely eliminate it....would love to win!!

nice to win this!!! Plugging in the usb charger can be inconvenient at times. It's a must-have for a new BB.

I so need one of these. I work on an ambulance and am constantly loosing my phone off the night stand when the alarm goes off.

Having a charging pod would be great. I don't have a ton of desk space to lay my 9550 flat, but with a charging pod I could have a little spot for it to live and be a clock for me while I sleep.

A charging dock would make my life so much easier. As of right now, whenever I want to charge my phone I have to place it on the desk, reach down under the desk and flip on the power bar, then I have to grab the cable which is loosely dangling because I have nowhere to hook it onto. I pull it up to the phone, plug it in and try to place it in a way where it's not tugging on the phone's jack.

Please free me from this nonsense!

I haven't yet had my phone fall of the desk, but it has found its way UNDER a ton of paper many times, making it hard to find. Perhaps, if its standing upright, I won't have that problem?

Charging pod would reduce the wear of the actual charging port on the side. Plus I don't need to search for correct position of the connector I can simply place the charging pod and that's it.

Looks awesome got get one . I like how neat it would look on my tiny night stand too. I don’t have a lot of room on my nightstand. My alarm clock is big and when I use my usb charger the clocks facing up in the air so I can’t really see it anyway. If I had this I wouldn’t need my big nasty looking alarm clock then I could just use my storm2. Also I wouldn’t have to carry all my chargers around with me I could just leave the pod at home. Bring my wall charger to work with me or use the computer usb too many wires to carry around, and I like the video on the use on bedside mode never used it but if I had the pod I would. Thanks

I just took my first posting in the Army and they "lost" half my stuff during my move, so now my poor old 'Berry just sits on the floor beside the bed it charges, which can't be good in the long-term with dust and the like... A charging "pod" would stand my device up, making it easier to access and hopefully minimize dust and stuff getting into it.

Yeah I know, it's not exactly the most thrilling story, but it's a good point as to why I need a charging pod...

I would love one of these. it would def help bedside so it would hold my bb upright displaying the clock better. plus less wear on the port and thats a big plus.

Every night is a struggle to charge my phone, especially since I have to share my charger! This charging pod would make charging my phone less annoying since I wouldn't have to share anymore and also I wouldn't have to play around trying to get the charger into the port on the phone in the dark.

Would definitely love a new charging pod for the bedside!! I am always on the go and usually my travel charger is with me. I've often left it at the office over the weekend and have had to use the usb cable and my computer to charge my phone. I would love to have a charging dock as it would give me one less thing to worry about!! It would also help keep my beauty in tip-top shape!! :)

on those nights where i come home after a few too many drinks instead of standing there trying to plug it in like s moron i can just drop it in and sleep

I sleep on the couch most nights because my old bed is bad for my back, and there is no nightstand or table near the couch so I fumble around with a stinking tv tray, an extension cord, my netbook, and a usb cable to keep my 8900 charged and useful as a morning alarm.

You can imagine the bumbling that goes on when I can't see the thing, find it, or get to it because it's got stuff piled on top of it on the tray just to keep it charged and nearby. I could REALLY use one of these.

Well, I use my phone a lot, and work all over the place, leading inevitably to the charger not being where I want it to be. A pod would nicely let me keep the charger with me on the go, and not have to worry about having a charger at home at night.

Charging with cables is always a hassle, a dock like this would be ideal. Besides, constantly plugging in the cord and pulling it out makes the charging connector flimsy!

A charging pod would allow me to charge at my bedside. Right now I just charge my bb through my computer which is situated upstairs. So having a charging pod would allow me to have my bb in arms reach throughout the night. How wonderful would that be.

... I'd like a charging pod for my Storm! THANKS! It's a whole lot easier to set it on the pod than having to plug it in!

I could use a BB charging pod. Use the Storm in bedside mode as an alarm clock, but just leaning it up against stuff so it's visible is not working out, keep knocking it on the floor. a pod would make it more stable, help keep my BB alive.

Would be great for work because we aren't allowed clocks or clock radios on our desks -- bedside mode would be perfect in a charging pod!

I love my crackberry!!!!! Having to plug it in every nite is driving me crazzzzzzyyy!!! Just to b able to put her into her own pod bed at nite would b the ULTIMATE!!!! Then in the morning, when I awake, my crackberry will b ready for me!!! Just grab and go!!!!!!!!! What a great idea!!!! OHHHH, what a glorious day that would b!!!!!!!

I would love one of these. Firstly, it would make a great addition to my work desk. It would put my Bold in pride of place, be functional as an amazing looking timepiece.

Secondly, it would save my BB from my 1 year old while charging at home. He loves trying to get it on my bedside tablew, but with this I could have it of reach on the window sill next to my bed. It doesn't open, so it can't go anywhere.

my chraging woes:
well, for xmas i picked up the Storm2 9550 and switched to Big Red. aside from getting used to the keyboard, getting used to a battery that only lasts 12 hours is a bit of a learning curve!
when i had my 8310, i had the charging pod and left it at work, it was the best accessory ever! i could charge my BB and see incoming calls all from the comforts of my desk in a sleek stylin "pod"
when i upgraded to the 8900 a year ago, the battery would last a good 30 hours so i didnt "need" a charging solution at the office.

with the Storm2, i now see that the charging pod is the next accessory necessary in my office.
if i dont win - i will be purchasing one.

good luck to all the contestents!!

my charging woes..i like to be able to js look at my bb when i need to know the time...instead of it lying down..and my last charger that i bought from smoshed 1 week after i got it because someone decided to not look where they were putting the bed when we were moving it :(

i would like to win one please:) it would be nice to have so that i could stand my phone up next to my bed instead of laying it down.

I have had my 9700 for a month and I am very impressed in the battery life. In fact, I find myself forgetting to plug it in at night. I am thankful to RIM including for including the two charging cables as I only had the minis laying around and getting a charging pod will let me take the micro usb to the office and have my backup charging source on hand.

Ever time I go to plug in my BB the charger is gone I try to keep it by my bed close to the night stand because I use it as my alarm I love bedside mode this would solve my problem having to look for my charger all the time I could place it on my night stand and not have to worry also would make it much easier to see what time it is when waking up in the middle of the night instead of fumbling around and knocking it off the night stand then wandering if I broke my previous blackberry thanks crackberry for giving me a chance to win one of these it would be a great gift

A charging pod by the bedside would be a welcome change.
It would look much better than having a chord constantly draped acrossed the bedside table. That would make the Mrs. happy because she is OCD about showing cords.

Thanks for the contest.

Speed, Efficiency, and style. With a charging pod it would be so much more convenient for the office worker to dock in and dock out rather than have a ugly looking charging plug under the table to plug in and plug out!

Man that would be a great addition to my desk! Would help save me some precious space on my small desk :)

Woah woah well first of all this would help soo much ever since my alarm clock got fried during a power surge. I would be able to see th time when set to the clock mode without Having to get up and check to see if I slept through my alarm or not. Again, thanks a lot crackberry :D

As a guy who travels constantly...staying in hotel rooms with unreliable alarm clocks...meeting deadlines...I rely on my Blackberry Storm as my alarm clock as well as my tether to the rest of the world. Having a pod to have it setup in bedside mode and acting as my charger would make my life SOOOO much easier.

I use about 150 hours a month of air time (typically going through 3 Blue Tooth headsets in a day). The worst part is the constant need plug in the charger...over time the constant in/out of the plug destroys the USB on the phone and end up replacing the phone. While ATT has been good about replacing under warranty it is a hassle. Having a charging dock would so help me out.

Pretty please with minutes on it.

I enjoy using my tour for work and play however I am constantly looking for my charger. Having a bedside dock would be very handy for me to have. Well that and I just want one to be honest.

I would be able to unclutter the top of my dresser where mine stays plugged in and start cluttering up my bedside table instead. Would also be great at work!

I cannot see my phone when its charging. With it upright I can see if its worth getting out of bed to answer my blinking lights

The charrrging port on my Storm is getting looose...I think the charging dock would better hold the device in place while staying connected to the port(I wouldn't have to mess around with wiggling the cord around,trying to get it right, hoping it will stay in position....

This would stop me from having to prop my storm up at night when on charge, and knocking it over in the morning snoozing the alarm!

You don't know how frustrating it is when you are driving(and u are late) in LA (or san fran or NYC etc) and you are trying to do a meeting in the car on the phone. Travelling so much one needs a good reliable charging system. and this sounds it will met the need

I hate trying to find my charger in the dark! This charging pod would be so useful since all you have to do is place your phone on top of it. I would love to win this especially since I've never had one

I also charge my Blackberry at night when I am sleeping. More then once, I didn't get that little plug in all the way so my phone died during the day. I would just set the charger up on desk and let it go all day long.

I have a huge mess of chargers and wires beside my bed and it's become a tradition of turn off my laptop, unplug it, unplug my external HD, find my BB charger and plug it in. This is especially annoying when I'm starting to fall asleep and realize that I did everything but plug in my BB. I have turn on the light and fish under my bed for the right charger for my BB. How nice it would be to just pick up my BB and stick it in the dock even while I'm half asleep!

It would be great to have my BB next to my bed and see the clock if the dark while charging. Heck I would not even have to fumble for my glasses to get everything set up. Just reach over and throw the BB into the pod and let it charge! Heavenly and living like a rockstar!!!

I would love a charging pad! I actually am using the usb to usb cable for my storm2 to charge my phone since I left my charger at my friend's house a few hours away... Told him not to worry about it but have been too busy to pick it up...

I hate having to pick up the phone to check the time in the mornings. Then i drop it off the table! I need the pod to keep it up!

Finding the charging cable amongst a sea of other cables sometimes leads to pulling my speakers off the table... and my Blackberry usually falls off the table while I'm sleeping. A charging pod would allow me to set up a permanent spot for my tour on my desk and save me a good.... 10 minutes over the course of a year :)

could use this at my work desk since i have 4 other cords being to charge/power electronics i need. plus this way my precious 9700 does not have to be at risk in my yanking the cord by accident and knocking it off my desk!

Recently my alarm clock broke and rather than wasting money on a new one I've been using the bedside mode/alarm. Having this stand would allow me to stand my berry up so that it's viewable from bed.

Can't believe I missed this. Now is your deadline PST, EST, or CT? I missed the EST time, but made PST.

In any case, would love the charging pod so I can charge my phone and see the display on my bedside table.

Who uses alarm clocks anyway?

i am currently using the micro usb, and i dont want to damage my bb using the micro usb. I want to have my bb as as longest i cant. i love my 9700. i also need a clock, so using the pod charger will help me see my phone at night, instead of getting up from bed and going to my phone. please choose me.

I connect my phone and leave it next to me on my bed. . . sometimes it falls back behind the bed and i have to dig it out. sometimes i wake up and it's disconnected to i have a half charged phone :(. this charge pod would really come in handy!

We have a lovely bed frame from Ikea. At first the ledge on around the frame of the bed was nice. I could put stuff on it and store my little crap for the middle of the night and the morning. However, after getting my first Storm and now on my Storm2 I have tried multiple times to put my phone there to charge only to find it squished between the mattress and the frame. This is not right, now the battery cover is scratched because of the last time I tried to remove it. Not to mention the heat that is generated while compressed. I am here to tell you. My 9550 (or second born as I like to call him) is in need of your help. Help me Obi-Wan Crackberry you're my only hope!

Wow the charging pod seems great. I have no light in my room so finding my charger cord at night sucks.

I could really use one of these. I use this as my primary clock/alarm at night and right now I usually just prop it upright against whatever book I'm reading so I can see it. However, it has a tendency to fall.

Such an easy and convenienent way to charge you BB. I have one at home and would love one for the officeor travel

The other day I was about to go to sleep and I plugged my phone in as I normally do. Then the next day I couldn't find my phone...though I'm pretty sure I did plug it in. I ended up finding it attached to my arm as I probably rolled over it because I left it on my bed to charge instead of on the side.

i just want one, plain and simple. =) It would however help me out a lot, though. I am constantly being asked to borrow my phone charger at work. Then, when I need it for my own, I have to figure out who I last let it be borrowed. It's a pain in the a**! Having a dock charger will make it a lot easier for me. So please pick me!! Thanks.