BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!

BlackBerry Charging Pod
By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2010 04:48 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9700

BlackBerry Charging Pod

Kevin tackled our inaugural accessory roundup last week so this week the honor is on me... One of the accessories I cannot live without is the BlackBerry Charging Pod. It has just one job, but it does that job amazingly well. It's not new to the accessory scene, but it has to be mentioned in an accessory roundup. Hit the jump for more on the charging pod and check out some of the newest BlackBerry accessories.

Way back when I had my 8330 I wanted an easier way to charge my device. I leave it on my nightstand when I go to bed, but having to plug in it every night started to get on my nerves. Trying to find that USB port in the dark some nights just wasn't happening. Thus began my pursuit for something better. Once I found the BlackBerry OEM Charging Pod I knew my restless nights were over. The charging pod made it as easy as could be to charge my device. Just drop it in the pod, it charges, and thats that. There is no catch to it, and it couldn't be easier.

I've been through my fair share of devices now, and the charging pods have followed me all the way. I always grab one when I get a new device, and when paired up with bedside mode it makes the perfect companion/alarm clock/nightlight. The charging pod is available for a variety of devices, and is really the one accessory you shouldn't be without.

CONTEST: Win a Free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry Smartphone

For your chance to win a free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us about your charging woes, and how a charging pod would make life easier. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Getting The Most Out Of Your Charging Pod

The charging pod is great for what it is meant to do, charge. You can maximize it by learning to use Bedside Mode to its full potential, and paired with the Charging Pod you have a great combination. You can use the accessory not only to charge your device at night, but as an alarm clock or resting place on your desk for your BlackBerry. We posted a video on Bedside Mode a few weeks ago, and if you didn't check it out its definitely worth watching.

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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @

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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!



Would love not to have to plug in in the dark or try to remember where I laid the phone so I could shut off the alarm.

I like many others plug in to charge still. I don't have my BB on my night stand but it sits on on end table in my living room where there is no clock. With the awesome feature of the clock on OS5 I'm not sure why I have not just picked up an upright charger already! It would be awesome for call also just to be able to pick up the phone rather than unplug and run into that possible few second lock up that sometimes happens.

To be completely honest the only charging problems I have is I only received one charging cord in the box when I bought my new phone. I just want this cradle so that I can be the first at my office to have one. We all have that one guy who has everything first and makes sure that you know. I would enjoy the heck out of ruining his day by getting one first.

Living in the countryside with no 3G :-(, battery goes down fast !
With my latest Charging Pod that you'll kindly offer, I'll have it charged anytime anywhere !!

Promise you feedbacks ;-)

I charge my 9700 by my bedside everynight... and it's also my alarm clock. A dock charger would be amazing!! Thnx!

Id like to win because I fear leaving my storm 2 naked on my bedside table at night gives me fears so I dont do it and its across the room hooked up to the power cable at night. Id love a charged pod securely holding my blackberry at night displaying my blackberry like a clock and being only fingertips away. Thanks

There's a constant battle in my house for charging, between ipods, laptops, minis, and an Iphone. I'm the only BB, so having a dedicated dock for charging would be great!

One of these would be perfect for the nightstand! I'm always afraid I'm going to break the MicroUSB port fumbling with my Tour to turn off the alarm every morning!

When i had my curve, I managed to break the pins in the USB charging port with the charger. I dont want this to happen to my new 9700

So far, I've only got the charger that came with the phone at home, since I keep the USB cord at work. I can't leave it charging in the bedroom overnight, because there are no outlets anywhere convenient. So when I get home from work, I've got to charge the phone in whatever room I'm spending most of the evening in to make sure it gets topped off by morning. That means dragging the charger from room to room, digging around furniture to get to the open outlets, etc. I'd love to have a charging pod just to have one place I don't have to screw around with all that.

This would be a great way to charge my 9700 and make it much more useful as a bedside clock . . . can see it better! I would love it!!

I would love to have a charging Ipod for my Bold 9000 because I find that I have to recharge my battery every day. Some times I have to delay my appointments because I am charging my phone. I wish I can just drop it in this charging Ipod at my work and not have to delay appointments anymore. Time is money for me. So it would be fantastic to win this Item.

My storm 9530 makes the perfect alarm clock when its in bedside mode...Unfortunately the plug in my room is too far away to be able to put it on my nightstand...

The charging pod would be the perfect solution, easy to charge and I'd be able to put it right by my head (where it belongs)

Pick me!!

A charging station would be nice to have. The way the charging port is located on this 8900 makes it awkward to pick up in the mornings when the alarm goes on. I end up dropping my wonderful BB on the floor and playing hide and go seek.

a charging pod would be great so that i can drop the phone in at night and not be left on low battery the next day (happened several times now)

I have been in need of one of theses since I got my Storm2. I have scratched the side of my phone to no end, trying to connect the USB charger in the dark.

Charging pod would be crucial as my bedside clock broke so I can use the BB on bedside mode with the dock as my new bedside clock!

That would be perfect sitting at my desk at work. I'm a Realtor and am I on my blackberry all day. I want, I want, I want!

A charging dock would surely help the life span of my microUSB bridge... Not to mention it would make a nice alarm clock.

Because I use my 9700 as aa alarm clock and this charging pod would that sooooo much better. And it would look sweet!

I would love to have the charging pod at work, as my desk is a little small and i am always having touble keeping my cable in one place.

i charge my bb on my nightstand with the cable charger provided with the phone. when i'm tired and it's dark sometimes she goes without a charge and i pay for it the next day. if i could just slip her into this sexy charging pod life would be so nice.

I have a concrete floor where my storm 9530 sleeps at night. I want to give it a nice warm charging bed like i have

Umm Hellooo how would it not make my life easier?? I've got a cord just lying on my desk, makes it look horrible. Need need need a pod!

This is a must for me to have at work. It would be so much easier for me to use a pod instead of pluging it in all the time.

A charging pod? Please! I have a cord at my bed, behind the couch, into 2 computers (work and home), in the car and in the kitchen. Seriously? Win or no win, I need 3 of these guys!

A docking station would be super helpful. I hate having to turn on the light at night to make sure I plug in my 9700 correctly. One time I tried to insert it upside down. Not good. With a dock, just "pop, lock, & drop"!

Since I try to hide the wire and get it out of the way it has become very short. Just long enough to sit on my bedstand. When I am violently woken up I grab it and while half sleeping, try to bring it to my face. Forgetting how short the wire is, I pull it towards me and the cord tightens and pulls it out of my hands causing my nice BB to fall on the floor. Also causing me to look for it in the God awful morning sometimes under my bed or under my bedstand all while still hearing an annoying alarm sound which is necessary to wake up me.

I hate charging my phone by my bed with the cord dangling from it!!! When you are woken up by a message or whatever, it sucks grabbing it and the cord hooks up on the corner of your night stand and crashes down to the ground, well the charging pod would make my life much easier!!!

Thanks Crackberry!!!

My battery is constantly failing on me. I was at a football game and I took two pics and then the phone was dead. I really need a charging station, please!

I plug and unplug using the standard charging cable so often that the 'UP' has worn off! I'd like to become a member of the Pod People.

I've never tried a charging pod, but it would be nice to have it on my nightstand... easy, clean way to charge my BB.

BB9700 is my third BB and this is my first time I got myself a charging pod. It is an awesome accessory and I can leave without it now. It makes charging easy and convenient and best of all the clock mode while it is docked.

Having this on my nightstand would allow me to use it as a clock and turn down the annoyingly bright light of my current iHome alarm clock that wakes me up every time I roll over.

I might even buy one for the office if I liked it enough.

I would love to have a charging pod as it would make my BlackBerry feel even more useful, I could use it for my alarm clock!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Wow. I would love to lay a hand on this one. I need it, you know it too. About damn time I win something around here. Thanks

As an admitted addict to my CrackBerry, I am continually running my battery low. I just can’t seem to put the thing down. It is beginning to affect my work and social life. I need it every second of the day. But I digress. The fact of the matter is that remembering to plug in your best friend is hard to do. If I was able to walk in the house, place him in the charging pod on my way to see my family, it would get done. Plus, I would never be too far from my addition.

I need a charging pod for work so my phone doesn't drain all day. It would also prevent it from getting lost under papers.

When I had my 8330 I had read about how the usb ports could get damaged with use. The office building where I work had huge issues with signal strength. This caused my battery to drain really fast. I got a charging pod for both work and home. They have since gotten repeaters at work so battery is no longer an issue but I found the convenience of having the BB in the pod where I can see it on my desk to handy. When I got my 9630 I immediately got two pods to replace my ones at work and home. If I win I would like to get a charging pod for my daughters 8130, please.

my desk is always full of papers and stuff and everytime a pacient comes in ITS WORST. Every time I hook my bb to the charger I accidentaly push it and drop it from the desk (that's how I ruined my bold)... with a Charging Pod I could place it in a more tight space and it would be easier to rescue my phone in case of a misplaced item or another "accidental push"... IT'S AN EMERGENCY!

I travel and would use my Bold 9700 in Bedside mode as an alarm clock. Have dropped our landline, and having my BB handy and charging on my bedside table would be super!

i usually charge my phone at work using a usb cable but it seems to always be in the way and a charging pod would be great to use and less of a hassle for me and give me a dedicated space for my BB 9700.

With a pod I'll never have to go looking for the micro-USB plug again. That was especially challenging in the dark.

I have two BB's (work and personal) and keeping them functional is always a challenge. I change profiles when I get home at night (X2) so as not to disturb anyone else. Auto shutdown to save power on one and recharge the other in case there is a critical call from work (7 x 24 shop). It gets more problematic when I have to charge the other BB as I have only one place setup to charge the phone (and can never get the usb in properly when it is dark). Adding the charging pod beside my bed means that I can use the bedside mode and ensure that both BB’s are charged and available when needed. It is (bed) time for a change…..

I would love to own one of these for my desk at work. A number of times I have almost bought one. But frankly at $30 (cost at BB in Canada) they are a rip off. They don't even come with a charger. It is a $30 stand, and you still have to use your own charge. I think I could stomach the $30 if it atleast came with a charger.

So, yeah, free would be great.


I just want one and my wife is too cheap to let me get one! If you are not married, you might be thinking what a douche bag! But if you are, you are as unhappy about this as i am and you feel my pain. Single guys, you will be in my shoes one day, married guys cheer me on! One piece of adviced that I would like to give is, pick your battles. There will always be one and you have to know which one is worth pressing for, because the next fight you have, you will lose and lose big! So just be ready to roll over like a dog and wait for her to pet your belly! peace and a bottle of hair grease! sure hope i win!

While my bb woes while charging are not as dramatic as some others I would imagine, I would like to win a free charging pod.

Like most else I use the usb cable and this seems to be the worst option for work. It doesn't look seek at all, and I have this long curling around cable on my desk. Recently I hid the extra length and bundles the cables together only to then realize every time I get a message or need to use it, I not don't have enough slack to do it, so I have to unplug and re plug. Just from that alone, I've had my first experiences with charging problems. I've heard about this before, the port becoming damaged, but never experienced it. So now I'm a little more careful.

Long story short, a Charging Pod would be great.

I have a cat who doesn't think I get up early enough to feed him. He has developed the strategy of tapping the items on my nightstand until they crash off the side, forcing action. This has happened often enough that I now charge my Blackberry in a drawer! I have been thinking about picking up a charging dock and securing it to the night stand to protect my Storm 2 from this fate.

I am currently an owner of a tour 9630 and charging my phone is becoming the bain of my existence. My charger is plugged into the only available outlet in my room which is behind a large dresser. The plug constantly falls behind the dresser and the wire will get caught on something and get stuck back there for days. I tried weighing it down, but then it looks sloppy and isn't as functional as my wire is trapped. Half the time i go to reach for my phone and pull the wire and it either comes loose from the wall or falls behind the dresser again. If only i had a charging dock which allowed me to easily charge and remove my phone while keeping my dresser looking sleek and organized. Please, help me if possible with my problems.

This would look great on my desk, would reduce all the wires running under & over paperwork. Thanks!

Although I LOVE my Storm, the battery life seems less than stellar. I charge it while at work...using the USB cord...resulting in the slowest charge.

I NEED a charging pod for work. Would make it so much easier at work (i.e. taking a call while the phone is hooked up to the computer is very awkward!)

i would love one of these but im too poor to afford one right now please give me one for free :)

I have this one in the bag. I dissected my charging pod from my bold 9000 a while after I got my 9700 (because I spent all my money on the phone/I messed up the charging port by trying to shove the microusb in upside down and have been waiting for the rebate forever to buy a pod) And made it work with my 9700 by removing the two contact points and mounting them in a old case from my original curve. It works most of the times but some mornings i'll wake up with a 20% charge dur. I need my rebate to come

As I was reading your article, I realized I could be writing the same thing. I am new to the blackberry scene, and the 8330 is my first device. And, yes, it is a pain to try to plug in the adapter in the dark. WOW, what an eye opener. I could really use one of these charging pods!!!

I would love to have a charging pod so I can keep my 18 month old away from my phone while it's charging. He's a Crackberry addict too, but sometimes you just have to step away. This will allow me to put it up away from his hands :)

Working among many big machines, there is little space to put my down my BB to charge.This charging pod would be a great space saver.

I have my Bold connected to the charger and just slanted against the wall on the nightstand. Sometimes it'll fall off the edge and got disconnected or I won't be able to hear the alarm! Having a charging pod would definitely solve this problem.

I usually keep my phone attached to its charger at my desk at work and detach it whenever I go to lunch or get pulled into a meeting (which, sadly, happens way too often). While I'm at my desk, though, I just use it to do all things BlackBerry while it's plugged in. However, I have the Curve 8900 and the awkward placement of the charger on the lower right side of the phone makes it difficult to type while its plugged in. A charger would allow me to grab it when I leave my desk without tugging the cord out in anger and, more importantly, to use it while attached to my desk without awkwardly fumbling to avoid the obtrusively placed charging port!

I minor grievance, yes, but clearly not annoying enough to warrant my buying a dock... yet...

cable in the spaghetti world that is my counter top. I can take the OEM cable charger and put it in my travel bag. This can go on my desk at work and I'm set.

I have been thinking of picking one of these up to take advantage of bedside mode, just setting the phone to the side seems almost pointless wiith this it gives you the ability to take it off its back which maakes it a lot easier to view at a glance.

One of my minor complaint about the 9700 is the tiny clock display on the home screen. The BedSide Mode with huge flip-clock face is my favorite. With the charging dock, the phone could automatically switch to bedside mode. Great idea.

I'd love a charging pod. On my last blackberry i ended up breaking the usb port and would love to avoid that happening to my precious 9700!

This would be great for my 8900 because having it on my nightstand has caused numerous scratches on my screen and i dont want the connector piece to come lose. That happened to me, when i had my 8100. Constantly removing and connecting the charger caused the connector to come loose. Imagine having to find the right charging position for the plug.. Its a hassle.

thanks to murphy's law, I always get the orientation wrong when i try to plug the thing in, and have to flip it. before i even get to that point, i habitually look to the right side of the device to charge like my older blackberrys. so every night when i charge first i have to flip it from right to left to find the port, then flip the micro usb upside down cause i get it wrong the first time, it's annoying, pick me for the charging dock!

I AM TIRED OF CHARGING SORROWS. I cant stand going to charge my blackberry and having to crawl the floor to find the plug. I need a new system and the blackberry charging pod seems like the answer. I love the sleek design and intensifying glow. The pod would be a perfect compliment to my blackberry.

i could really use a dock because as a teacher i am always on the move and require an easy way to chrrge in my classroom that is faster than plugging in!

thanks to murphy's law, I always get the orientation wrong when i try to plug the thing in, and have to flip it. before i even get to that point, i habitually look to the right side of the device to charge like my older blackberrys. so every night when i charge first i have to flip it from right to left to find the port, then flip the micro usb upside down cause i get it wrong the first time, it's annoying, pick me for the charging dock!

I would love to win a dock for my BB 9700. Life will be much smoother, as I can replace my 20 year old alarm clock with an upright Bold 9700 :)

had one for my 8900 and loved it! and would love one for my new 9700 since its not compatible with the one for the 8900 :(
its an excellent comliment to the bedside mode and in using it as an alarm clock on my nightstand!

my pregnant wife is currently at 34 weeks.
she gets braxton throughout the night and has to note the time and how long they are. we use our blackberries for our clock and having it flat on the side gets annoying. having a charge pod would definitely make things easier for her.
it would also save on the micro usb port.

Charging woes? I am the unfortunate owner of an extremely faulty nightstand. For whatever reason, one of the four legs are shorter than the rest. This causes the stand to have a bit of a lean...or a swagger if you will. Normally, I'd find this pretty B.A. (badass, for those not up on the abbreves), yet, it's quite troublesome when I'm trying to place my BlackBerry there to charge.

If I were to wager a guess, I'd say that 98.27% of the time my Tour ends up sliding off my swagger-ish nightstand and finds its way to the floor. I've tried many a different fixes and even resorted to tape and other Northeast redneckesque contraptions, but alas my Tour ends up facedown in the morning like a hungover binge drinking college student.

Now, until I can scrap together enough money to fix the desk, buy a new desk, or come up with something ingenious to fix this little dilemma, a charging pod would be the only thing that can cure the little "drinking problem" my BlackBerry has developed.

Please CrackBerry, send me a charging pod so my Tour can join AA and kick this habit to the curb!

Many nights when I'm "fooling around" with my newly wed wife, we kind of... go all out. To get to the point, the entire bed and night stand shakes so much that my phone (connected through USB cable) always slides off the night stand and ends up under the bed or on the floor.

Though I usually try to find my phone before I go to sleep, sometimes I'm just too.. sleepy to do so. About 2 weeks ago, I woke up and had no idea where my phone was. When I got up to look for it, I found it crushed under my right foot. The good news is that it was my old iPhone that I hated anyway.

Due to that, I was able to switch over to the Bold 9700. However, I have no intention of putting my Blackberry in the same kind of danger. If I could get a charging pod, my BB would always stay in the same place and would never slide off the night stand. Not only would the charging pod keep my phone safe from my foot, it would allow me and my wife to go at it with full speed without worrying.

i use to have one for my 8900 but gave it away when i sold it, now i need a new one for my 9700 casue i use it for my alarm and its much easier

This would be perfect for the dorm that I live in. There's only two outlet plug throughout the entire room and those are always being occupied by my TV and laptop. Whenever I do work, my laptop must be plugged in, and at night I need to pull the plug on TV just to charge my phone. Worst of all, these two plugs are behind a table which I need to move aside just to switch cables. This would DEFINITELY help my situation.

It would be nice for me because i wouldn't have to duck under my desk every night to plug that wall charger. Also I would be able to watch the screen without having to pick it up to see what time it is.

So, I had a Blackberry Storm (1) for more than a year. I bought two lovely and functioning charging pods (one for home & one for work). Well, after a bit of time, my Storm finally was giving me more trouble so VZW swapped it out for a Storm 2...and now my charging pods won't fit the Storm 2. I have debated putting them up on Craigslist, but have since left them in sight to remind me that I need to get a couple of pods for the Storm 2.

I have a bunk bed. I sleep on the upper level and do stuff on the bottom. Now, since my plugs are out of reach I have to leave my crackberry on the bottom level. This means that every time I go to sleep, at least twice EVERY NIGHT (yes, I sh*t you not) I have to endure the agonizing buzz of my crackberry begging me to look what it just received. The longest I last before not giving in is 10 seconds. Then, I have to make the long... long trek down, which at 2am won't do you wonders. Therefor, I'd really like one of these.

Really, I would...

I would love this charging stand...Ive broken my fair share of screens because of triping over the charging time it actually launched the blackberry and hit my sister in the face as it broke the charging me and my sister please!!!!!

Please send me one of your charging pods for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. My charging contacts sent me a message the other day and said they are "tired of just sitting on the bottom of the phone not doing anything productive". They are concerned if they don't get some useful work soon they may be laid off.

We really can't afford to lose any more jobs in this economy.

There are no shortage of jobs for USB ports--let's keep charging contacts employed. A pod will provide a way for my charging contacts to make a living. Your help will put electrons on their table. Please don't let their children go hungry.

Oh this could help me and my 9700 so much. My girlfriend usually goes to bed first and if I go into the room and try turning on the light, she gets mad at me (which is counter-productive). I use the flashlight on my phone to find my way to bed, but it doesn’t work to find the USB port on the side of the phone. With the charging pod I could just drop my berry in and use bedside mode (which is awesome). This would also help when I wake up at 4:00 am from a nightmare where I lost my 9700. I could just open my eyes, see that it is still safely cradled 2 feet away, and I have 2 more hours to sleep… How sweet it could be.

Wow, I was just looking at these just a day ago. I've had my 8900 for only a few days and almost ran out of juice the first day I used it at work! It sure would be nice to have one of these on my desk to recharge it.

This would be handy for my wife and I. We tend to share the same cord, which in itself isn't a big issue. Although it's just thrown up on an end table, always an eye sore and often I have to fish it out from between the table and couch when it falls.

The pod would look great sitting on the table with one of our 8900's in it.

On my rather small and limited desk i find it hard to charge my Blackberry. I have a Telephone my laptop as well as two monitors attached. I sometimes find myself stumbling to charge it and eventually just giving up and saying that i will charge it in the car or at home. A charging cradle would be great as i can easily stand it up on beside one of my screens as it takes less room than the clunky cable which i also pull out constantly since i am on the go. It would help relieve some of my clutter woes. I had one for my 9000 but alas since i upgraded to the 9700 i have not bought one.

The problem I had most was that my phone would get knocked off and the charger would start to bed the inside of the phone so eventually I am no longer able to charge my phone. Ive gone through 5 blackberrys because of this

Having a charging pod would definitely make charging easier. I wouldn't have to worry so much about the charging cord being accidentally dislodged from the USB port.

I'd love this! I don't like having to search for the power slot late at night to get my berry charging. This charging pod would be sweet!

It would be a dream to wake up every morning to my blackberry sitting up in front of me, siting there on it charging pod, instead of having to fish for it on the counter or the floor.

my kids just keep on moving my charger around so that they can plug in their laptops/game consoles into to recharge their batteries. i have to HUNT for my charger at home everyday =/
having a charging pod will help

Got my 9700 about a month ago and the microUSB is impossible to find in the dark on my nightstand. Some of the woes I go thru include:

- difficulty trying to plug in microUSB
- phone falling off my nightstand and getting banged up
- phone falls off during the night and I get up and step on it
- when alarm goes off and I reach for the phone and SNAP! microUSB broken off inside of charging warranty coverage due to my own several hundreds later...I have a 9700 again.

This will be a great space saver on my end table as it charges overnight. No more clutter!

When I charge my Blackberry I'd rather not put it flat on the table only to have a piece of grit sandwiched between it. One wrong move means instant scratch(s).

The cradle would solve that problem nicely, while allowing me to view my device as if in my hands beside me.

And let's face it, in a cradle the device would look "oh so nice."

i have been wanting a chargin pod for awhile. i leave my phone plugged in on my night stand, where i also usually a glass of water. i am afraid im gonna knock over my water onto my phone, thus ruining my 8900 curve. plus, i can already tell my usb port is starting to get a lil loose from plugging in my charger so much. please pick me.

The house charger is a mess of wires and surge protectors... I do not spend enough time in my car to charge there... I think this would be great for charging next to the bed and letting me double as an alarm clock.

plus VZW no longer carries the charger on for a Storm 1. Would love to win one

Hate having to plug it in. Would be great to have one to check out the time with just a glance from across the room or in bed.

For some reason I had a bunch of wall chargers for my Bold 9000 and I lost them all because I would take them to friends' houses and just leave them there. I have a USB connected to my laptop which I use but it is a hassle because no one wants to go get a new charger so me, my mom and my brother share it and sometimes my BB will be dead and another phone will be charging. The time I spent mourning my dead Bold is hard I keep counting down to when I will be able to enjoy it's company. A charging pod would help tons!

...see the clock from where I sleep so having the pod would really help my situation out. I have a nice outlet just waiting for a charging pod.

I have been thinking about getting one of these for a while. My phone keeps falling off the side table and it's so difficult to find where the charger goes at night

A pod for my Bold 9700 would really help me out because my charger recently slipped off my desk and lay in a bowl of half eaten salsa over night which has left it completely useless. I have been using a roommates charger since then but will soon have to look for an alternative

I can really use a charging pod. I always am using my phone with all its apps running and a charging pod would be perfect when I have my phone standing by for the next time I grab it.

My Blackberry charger is plugged in behind my huge wooden bed frame. Every time that I unplug it, the cord falls behind the bed forcing me to crawl under it to retrieve it for the next time. This would really save my sanity.

This would be a great thing to have. I charge my phone at work and the dang cord always slides of my desk and i have to crawl under my desk to find the stupid cord... It would be great to not have to do that anymore..

I'm not gonna lie to you guys I have no charging woes. But I can Tell you I would really appreciate a charging pod, I'm always looking for ways to show off cool blackberry stuff.

This would be an awesome device to have. I work at a hospital and (required) to check my email at least 4-5 times a day and not to mention i'm on call every other weekend it seems like so my phone takes a beating so this would be great to have in the office!!!

I have been wanting to trash my 15 year old Sony alarm clock and use my storm2 as my primary alarm clock. I can't think of a better reason to trash the antiquated hardware than this. Now if only I could get my berry to wake me by playing one of my MP3 playlists instead of just a ringtone or one song, it would be PERFECT!!

I hate trying to connect my charger after a bender! Half the time my arm never makes it to the bedside table and I end up falling asleep on my BB! A charging dock? Hells yeah...this way my bb goes beddy bye, charges up and tickles me good morning (alarm) when it's time to meet my hangover. Oh, and when I need to get up in the middle of the night for some well deserved 'relief' - there she is glowing and able to tell me the exact time at that moment (even if it is no longer 'morning' but well into the afternoon)!

i've always wanted on of these to keep my cat from chewing on the powercord when its left on my desk. i've gone through replacing 3 cords from bite marks and bare wires from my pet lol

God I would love to win this one! Plugging in the usb charger in the dark is a major pain. On a previous phone I had, it was such a hassle that when trying to plug it in I actually damaged the port and had to get a replacemment phone! A charging pod would alleviate all my issues in the dark :) and hopefully prevent me from possibly damaging the port on my BB!!

My new puppy use my chgarger as a chew toy less than a week after I received my first ever blackberry last month. Shortly after I bought a new charger online. However, out of the kindess of my heart, I have been letting a friend with similar charger woes use it because I have the usb cord. Now 3 weeks later I seriously doubt I will be gegetting the charger bvack abytime soon. Needless to say you can see how excited I was to see this contest taking place! Thank god I have still had my usb cord to plug into my laptop!

my curve 8310, my bold 9000, my storm2, and now my bold 9700 have all been victims of my terrible charging habits. I typically charge the BBs via the short USB cable that's included, which forces me to place the device on top of my tower... every so often the usb cable entangles on my chair's legs and flying goes my blackberry when I roll the chair.

If I had this charging pod, I'd make sure to set it up nicely on my desk so that all cables are safe from the horrors of my chair's legs, possibly saving the life of my gorgeous Bold 9700.

Please help keep a blackberry safe!


I have the charging cord that came with the BB and I constantly have to look on the ground to see my phone. I use my phone as an alarm clock too. The charging pod would make it so much easier to set it on the night stand and not miss those important calls/texts.

I don't have any stand for it, so it just sits on my desk or nightstand and gets kind of scratched up.
Trying to plug in the charger in the dark, so I don't turn on the light and wake up my wife, is a huge pain in the a**.

I would use this one @ home and office to see the clock and incoming messages without having to pick it up and at night to see the clock instead of it laying flat and having to pick it up...



I work in Logistics Support Office for the United States Navy. I definitely need this BB pod charger. I have this desk full of wire since I deal with printers and other various electronics and computers. It would be of great use to me since I could I just sit my bb on there and charge. Instead of fiddling with wires all around my desk looking ofr my wall charger coord. Thanks

r/ John Sanchez

This would be great. My wall charger cord often falls behind the dresser, and I have to fish it out to plug in the Storm. This would eliminate that necessary evil once and for all!

Given the configuration of my computer at work, I have to crawl on the floor (in my suit) to get to my USB cable, and then have to plug in my 9700 in the dark (under my desk). I can't see my phone when it's charging under my desk, and I worry about the USB port breaking on my phone, as others have pointed out as a weakness. Would love to be able to use a charging pod that sits on top of my desk instead of having to crawl on the floor every day!

Like many others, I use my storm as my alarm clock on my nightstand. A charging pod would be the thing that would keep me from knocking it on the floor in my slumber-stuper state trying to read the time or hit "snooze" (and why do they make the snooze so hard to hit... Totorture!).

I really liked the charging pod on my previous phone, the 9000, and now that I have the 9700, it would be great to have the pod to charge.

I always end up dropping my phone when unplugging it etc. Would be very handy to just pull it out of the dock.

i intend on getting the new tour2 when it arrives and the first thing i will want after screen protector is the charging pod. i LOVE bedside mode as it replaces my bedside clock and having bedside mode while the phone is flat on my nightstand just doesnt cut it. i would LOVE to have the dock. count me in!

The usb port on my BB 9700 is starting to get loose. I keep adding new things to my BB and sync and backing up my files that its getting worn out. And on top of all that i charge it constantly. Having a charging pod would definately help me out in less wear and tear on my usb port.

My nightstand is so cluttered that this pod would be perfect so my phone doesn't get lost laid down amongst all my papers!

This is the soul-mate to bedside mode on my bb9700!
It's so lame without it.. just laying there, on its back, helpless. How sad.
Hook us up!

I would love to have one of these babies...Ever since the micro USB port has become the norm I have had noting but problems with charging. The darned port is so tight and over time it doesn't connect properly. To get a successful charge I have to angle the chord just so the contacts touch, argh!

This would eliminate the need for the stupid micro USB charger and also allow me to use my berry as an alarm clock since I recently discovered it had a neat clock display mode!

Here is to hoping I get lucky and win the contest!

Just kidding, I've just not bought one yet... I'm not much on uni-tasker but think this is one stand alone device I could really get behind

I could definitely use this charging Pod. I had just bought one for my old 8320 but then it broke and upgraded to the Bold 9700 which I love. I just don't want the usb dock to break like my curve did.

This would be great for my storm2 since every time i plug it just doesnt want to stay in. now, i somehow have to charge my phone in my car every time t does this.

I pretty much need a light source to plug in my 9530 late at night, it's impossible for me to wiggle in the charger without looking at it. A charging cradle would make life a lot more simple for me.

I need this charging pod because it is hard for me to find my charging wire tangled up with 5 other charging wires. When i charge my blackberry tour at night i cant get the wire to go in all the way or get it so the wire will charge my blackberry. when i have to get my phone sometimes i cannot find it because it vibrated off the table and it would be somewhere under my bed so when i leave for school in the morning i would have to search under my bed for a while to find it. If i had the charging pod my life would be so much easier. i would just put my blackberry on the pod and it will charge without me having to adjust the wire or having to untangle the wires that are around my current phone charger. it would be a dream come true if i got this charging pod!!!!!!!!!! the charging pod will help me by not having to find my phone in the morning so i would be able to leave on time for school and not late. it would also keep the phone in one spot so it is easier to find whenever i put it to charge. this charging pod will help my life be easier. and i wouldnt have to search for it or have to worry about the phone being in other places then where i put it the night before.

its hard work plugging that thing on the side of my phone every night. im way too lazy so please give me a charging pod so i can go on with my life.

The Charging Pod for my Blackberry Bold 9000 would make my charging woes easier by reminding me to plug in my phone before I go to bed so I can hear my alarm in the morning. I have once forgot to plug in my phone before bed and it was completely dead. Lets just say I was 3 hours late for work.

I have my trusty 8330 with pod at the moment. But when the Tour2 gets released I will have to get the pod for it. Wireless backup and charging without the USB is awesome. At the least I could gift this to a friend with a Tour.

the micro usb port in my blackberry is broken and i have to charge a separate battery in a standalone battery charger and swap batteries every morning. a cradle would allow me to utilize the contacts on the back of my blackberry and i wouldn't have to swap batteries every morning!

At work and it would be great to just drop the phone onto a charging cradle! Hopefully, I'll get lucky and win!

my biggest pet peve in this world is my charging never goes in or it just pops out..I NEED A POD...just to drop this guy in a pod and have it charge would be like heaven!!

A charging station would be the greatest thing because then I could effectively use it as my alarm clock on my nightstand versus having to keep my phone under my pillow (so it doesn't buzz off my nightstand to the ground). I'm tired of my boyfriend nudging me and asking me to turn the dildo off that buzzing in our bed. LOL!!!

I definitely need this for my 8900 and my nightstand, my mom is afraid that I'm gonna catch brain cancer by keeping my phone charge on my bed

I continually catch something on my charging cord. I leave my Tour on my bedside table in case an emergency call comes in. Every time I touch near my nightstand the phone drops and when I pick it up I have to fell my way to plug the charger back in. The fix would be this charging port, of course.

I have this habit....yes I admit, I'm a nail biter :( So I usually have acrylics put on but they're much thicker than a normal nail. This leads to a problem opening that tiny little charging spot on the side of my phone. It would appear this charging dock would be the ultimate solution!

I have the charging pod for the Bold and now I am getting ready to get the 9700 and this would have to be the 1st thing I would have to buy. I wake up in the middle of the night with one eye cracked open and grab it off the charging pod to see if the world has ended yet then without having to look I reach up and drop it back on and fall back asleep.

can't hurt to have another one. Just got the Bluetooth Gateway, would love to pair it up with a pod in the basement.

I ordered a charging pod from Ebay a while back... its been 2 and a half months now, still no charging pod at my door :( contacted seller and they wont do anything about it because it was canada post fault (aparently). Im a poor college student otherwise id buy one off crackberry... Really want to use the bedside mode option on my nightstand. This would be an asset to my Bold :)

Have been looking for a charge pod again for this phone. Would be great to use since I use my blackberry as my alarm clock in the morning and also my clock in my room.

Since when you charge the phone it quickly jumps to the clock i started to begin using it as my phone. Leaning it against one of my books or other things on my desk would be less of a hassle for me and an easier way to set up..

This would be nice to have as my cat would walk around or over my bb if I had one of these, as it is now, he just lays on the phone =)He loves the bb also.

Every evening I reach for the USB cord somewhere on the floor in the dark of night. And it is definitely not cool. In many such instances I have fallen off the bed. Getting the USB tip into the phone (9700) is a another battle. My days as a super charging hero are filled with gloom and doom. Help your neighborhood Crackberry-cape-wearing user by granting him access to a charging pod.

oh yeah...I need this! i have like two cameras, wifes ipod, my ipod, and wifes Blackberry all being charged in kitchen. I charge mine in the bedroom and am tired of going behind the dresser when it slips back there after unplugging it. This would be practical.

I leave my blackberry 9700 on charge and as basis of my alarm and it always falls off hits the ground i broke my 9000 and 8330 this way.i bought a seidio pod but it is very useless and stopped working so hopefully if i win this i can protect my bberry.


I would love the charging pod...I always seem to get my cord in the impossible to reach crack in my room so I have to fish it out anytime I need to charge!

I have been wanting a charging pod for a while so I can use my Tour as an alarm clock on my nightstand - BEDSIDE MODE. Right now, I charge my phone USB style on my desktop.