BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!

BlackBerry Charging Pod
By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2010 04:48 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9700

BlackBerry Charging Pod

Kevin tackled our inaugural accessory roundup last week so this week the honor is on me... One of the accessories I cannot live without is the BlackBerry Charging Pod. It has just one job, but it does that job amazingly well. It's not new to the accessory scene, but it has to be mentioned in an accessory roundup. Hit the jump for more on the charging pod and check out some of the newest BlackBerry accessories.

Way back when I had my 8330 I wanted an easier way to charge my device. I leave it on my nightstand when I go to bed, but having to plug in it every night started to get on my nerves. Trying to find that USB port in the dark some nights just wasn't happening. Thus began my pursuit for something better. Once I found the BlackBerry OEM Charging Pod I knew my restless nights were over. The charging pod made it as easy as could be to charge my device. Just drop it in the pod, it charges, and thats that. There is no catch to it, and it couldn't be easier.

I've been through my fair share of devices now, and the charging pods have followed me all the way. I always grab one when I get a new device, and when paired up with bedside mode it makes the perfect companion/alarm clock/nightlight. The charging pod is available for a variety of devices, and is really the one accessory you shouldn't be without.

CONTEST: Win a Free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry Smartphone

For your chance to win a free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us about your charging woes, and how a charging pod would make life easier. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Getting The Most Out Of Your Charging Pod

The charging pod is great for what it is meant to do, charge. You can maximize it by learning to use Bedside Mode to its full potential, and paired with the Charging Pod you have a great combination. You can use the accessory not only to charge your device at night, but as an alarm clock or resting place on your desk for your BlackBerry. We posted a video on Bedside Mode a few weeks ago, and if you didn't check it out its definitely worth watching.

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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @

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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!



I work at a military base as a contractor in the logistics field. They really frown upon us having our phones sitting on our desks. If I had a charging pod I could play it off as a clock radio lol.

I'd love to have a charging pod to replace the old red LED alarm clock that sits next to my bed.

Having this by my bedside would definitely help unclutter things as well as helping me avoid having to plug in the adapter in the dark.

We have 5 blackberry's in our house and a lot of mini usb chargers. I just got an 9700 and now we only have one micro usb charger. I never realized how many places in the house and office I used charges. I need another micro usb charger.

...been looking for one for my tour and would definitely love to win one instead of forking over $25 to get one

My wife has this old fashioned double-bell alarm clock that I can't stand waking up to. Since I already have my phone on the night stand, she's agreed that if I win (mostly because she doubts the chances) that we can use this as an alternative to the horrible ringing I wake up to everyday. Help an Airman out!

i need one because my arm can't reach my current charger when i wake , which i need because i own a CRACKBERRY!

This would be totally awesomee, somehow on all my phones the port gets loose. I really dont want this to happen to my 9700 :( And after a couple of hours at the gym to simply drop it into the cradle next to my bed would make life that much easier 8] Im tired of having my bb along my wall and everytime i get something new i get a mini spasm cause the vibration against the wall is so loud lol. Give it to meee :D

Would be awesome to have a charging pod for my current charger is extremely annoying, it makes a really high frequency sound when it's not plugged in, and since I do not charge my Blackberry daily, it is extremely annoying when I sleep. You can hear the sound as soon as you enter my room. Only solution is to continuously unplug it...also I won't have to search for the micro USB port to start charging it if the lights are off, haha.

It would be awesome to have one!

I'm sick of searching for that charger cable in the dark, and tired of propping up my berry so I can see the clock in bedside mode!

This charger is not really for me, its for my wife. She just recently got her 9700 and loves it. The only thing she doesn't like is the charging part. She keeps on misplacing the charger. I have an 8900 charging Pod and I find it very useful, and I am sure she would as well. Please let me win this it would mean so much to me. O ya, it would be an awesome Valentine's day gift as well! ;)

This would be great for my desk at work. I'm always ending up with my 9550 buried under papers, even when plugged into a cable. Having charging in one spot would be great.

usually when i charge my cell i put it on my bed nxt to me, with a charging pod i could leave it on the table nxt to my bed, also its so usefull cause u can just pickup ur cell and its rdy to use, no need to unplug the cell bfore using it:p saves a few seconds.

My blackberry is my main alarm clock, sometimes I forget to charge it, just because its so tedious! With a charging pod I wont have to worry about my battery dying out in the middle of the night and miss my alarm! Help a student out!!

I have no clock in my room, the charging pod would be benefical when my phone is in bedside mode cause its my BB is also my alarm clock

Ahh, this would really come in handy! There is no socket beside my bed for me to plug my phone in at night! I'm always having to get up and get my phone. Twice so far my laptop has died on me while I was using it to charge my phone! The battery on the Blackberry Tour isn't exactly the best battery either. :P
I would love to have this!

i just got a new puppy and it some how keeps getting to my cord for my phone and pulling it off my dresser if i had the charging pod i could plug it in where the puppy cant get to it because right now i take my charger to work with me because my phone dont last my whole shift

...i totally know that this thing cannot leave without my BB and me. So make this world little bit better and give one of those chargers in to the right hands....:)))

I would like to have a charging pod for my 9700 because I use it as my alarm clock, and it's stupid when its in bedside mode but lying flat on my nightstand. Every time i look over to see what time it is, I have to pick it up to look at it. Also, I hate plugging into the USB just to charge; sync is ok to charge greatly unnecessary. I would LOVE to have a charging pod. Thanks!

i won't leave a long comment about space...i got space..if not make some space...clean your room...i just want one because it looks cool as shit when the lights are low....almost like Thomas Quincy(my Tour's name) is floating...

i would love one of these to use as my alarm clock! this would help greatly because sometimes the cord falls out of my phone and then the next day it isnt charged. =/ please i would love one because i have never won a contest and i am in dire need of this!!!!!!!

I have the bold 9000 and I am very worried that the cord I use to charge my blackberry is going to break. I have to adjust the cord all of the time during the night to make sure that it is not dead when I wake up.

A charging pod would be amazing for a couple of reasons. First, I depend on the clock at all times during the day and night. Whenever I wake up, I panic that I have woken up late and the clock assures me of the time. and since I do not use a clock radio anymore, I have no other way of telling the time. also, I travel a lot. I am on my colleges debate team. We have crazy hours and often times, I am the last one in the room. Because most of the people are asleep when I enter, I struggle with finding the charging port on my phone. the pod would help get rid of that frustration! Hope I win!

i would love to have it so that i can charged my onyx in the office while working and still can see the screen of my blackberry

Do they even make these for the storm 2? I'd love to have one to make it like an actual alarm clock. Hope to see more soon.

I'm a college student living in a dorm room. I use my blackberry not only for the normal, internet, etc etc, but more than that as my main clock and alarm. Having a charging pod would be perfect for me, because I can set it up on my desk beside my bed (which has limited room, perfect for the pod, rather than laying down the phone), drop the phone in every time I get back to the room, and voila - instant bedside clock! Bedside mode is excellent, but that thin cable tends to disappear behind the desk every time the phone is unplugged - not to mention make it unwieldy to view the clock.

I'm also on a very tight budget, with any and all money going towards my schooling; so unfortunately, actually purchasing a charging pod is way out of my cost range right now (I know it's not much compared to some stuff, but every penny counts!).

Of course, I doubt this is actually read, and more than likely the name is just picked at random; nonetheless, this is my justification for why I need a charging pod. And I'll shut up now. :P

I have to carry my charger with me back and forth to work in case I need to charge my phone while I'm at work. A charging pod would eliminate the need for me to carry my charger with me. I could just use the charging pod at home and leave my other charger at work.

I would love to have a charging pod because i don't have an alarm clock and this would enable me to use my phone as a clock and alarm clock. plus when i charge my phone right now, it's chilling on the floor. i need a stand to see my blackberry to stand up and look beautiful.

Argh, I need to be able to charge my BlackBerry in style! Up till now I charge using the conventional charger and by doing so my workspace and bedside drawer are always get cluttered with cables and things. Charging pod shall eliminates this problem as I could carefuly hide the cabling and above all the BlackBerry just look great even when charged! I'd like to buy one, but I'm holding it out until there's contest like just this one! :D

Where I work I get very poor signal unless my phone is in a certain like 1 ft. by 1 ft area. Having a charger I could put the charger where the good spot is and every time I needed to charge my phone I know I could do so without losing signal so if any texted me or called e, I would get it without any delays.

I'd really like a charging pod for my bedside. I wear glasses, and, in the middle of the night, I can't see the small clock on my regular alarm clock. The pod/bedside mode would allow me to see what time it is without having to put on my glasses or wake my wife (snicker) up.

I like using my Blackberry as my alarm clock. Although the 9700 has a lot better battery life than my old Curve had, I still like to charge it at night. The problem is when I grab for the thing, half asleep, I invariably get the cord tangled up or knock the BB off the nightstand. The cradle would be a great solution!

My charge is plugged in behind my bed as I need to charge my phone by my bedside when I sleep every night. The charging wire always drops off the night stand and it takes me a lot of hassle to go find it. having a charging dock on my nightstand will never give me this problem ever again!! =D

Seriously, though, this is the first phone (BB Curve 8530-my first BB) I have ever owned where I actually got excited to buy assessories for it!! I was carrying a cell phone back in the day when I had that huge bag it came with that I had to haul around. Well, now there are all these cool assessories like skins and pods. Man, a pod would make my life sooo much easier. Then my little slice of heaven could sleep with me, next to my bed!!

PICK ME!! PICK ME!!! :---D

I would love one of these! I often have to charge once during my work day and having one of these at my desk would be great so I could just set it in and be able to use it as my clock and then pick it up and go when needed.

This is a really neat thing. I go to bed much later than the rest of the family and stumbling in the dark to find the USB and actually connecting it has been one major downside I have with the Blackberry. Just being able to slide it in and not plug anything in would be a great thing to have. I like the small size as well since many other things are on my nightstand as well.

I would love a new charging pod. I've been saving up my pennies for one actually. Every night i find myself trying to drag my cable to charge my 9700 out from under my bed within the mass ball of cords that get tangled under there. Then I have to try and figure out which way is the proper way to put it in my berry. This happens on a nightly basis, often in the dark when im in bed or crawling into bed. Don't even get me started on how tough this all is while you' re intoxicated. The idea of charging pod just seems GLORIOUS!! Pleaseeee

We've been traveling a lot lately and a charging pod would make traveling a bit easier when we're in unfamiliar territory. Easy to handle the phone at night when I'm tired & can't see straight.

working 24 hour shifts as a paramedic, it would be nice when getting back to the station to just drop it into the pod.

This charging pod would remove the hassle of plugging and unplugging my phone, just drop it in to charge and view screen from a distance.

I had to purchase a charging pod for my BB8310 after the port went bad. It was a life saver as I was able to recharge my BB. At the same time, I had to purchase a bluetooth usb stick in order sync my BB with my PC.
I was informed that hardly no one replaces the port connections and if they do, it is expensive.
I don't know what I would have done with out the pod charger.
I really hope you consider me as a winner, as I recently purchase the BB9700 and I'm afraid the same thing may happen to this BB.
Thank You for your consideration!

This would be a great ting to declutter my desk. Ireally hate dragging a cable accross all my papers (knocking some on the floor) to charge the Storm2 when the power level is down!!

Having a stand like this allowing me to use the phone as a bedroom clock and alarm as well as a phone make this a great tool. I have forever had my phone charging on the bedstand but at time when I wake up I find trhe phone on the floor. Having this stand will allow the phone to be on a stable surface and a good tool.

looks like a pretty nice gadget. i would like one of these being that the only way i charge my blackberry is through a usb cord connected to the ps3, whilst still leaving the ps3 throughout the entire night to give it a full charge :|

Where my bed is situated at school, I can't see my phone and it tends to always fall =[ No one likes when a BlackBerry falls!! This would let me keep it safe and I could see the time!

A nice way to remove all the cluster of tangled wires...I have the charging pod for the bold 9000 and it really fits neatly on my night that i am getting a bold 9700...would be nice to continue with the neat set up and bedside alarm.. :)

I have had a broken USB connection on my blackberry. It is extremely hard to charge it. I am lucky if it connect in the first try. This would literally save me!!!

I really considered myself a heavy user. I could get 3 days on my flip without too much trouble. Now that I've stepped up and got a 9700, I seem to be blowing through the battery like no tomorrow. Must be the 3G. And the fact that if I browse the net I can actually read the page.

Anyways, this would make my life so much easier. Thanks Crackberry!

I have one at home and the port is messed up so it stops charging in the middle of the night sometimes. I also need one for travel and would rather take the broken one for that, while using a new one at home

A charging dock would eliminate having to look for the USB port in the dark and easily view the phone in bedside mode, not to mention it would be great for traveling making charging so mch easier.

We have a smartphone but we charger our SMART phones the exact same way others charge their dumbphones. I hated that. I always wanted a cool/smart way to charge my smartphone. I need this so I can look cool. Pick me CB!

I have been wondering how well those work.... would love to try one out! Would help out @ work with just being able to set the phone on a charger... since i dont sync it to the computer @ the office!

I leave my Bold charging on top of my desk away from my bed. In the morning when I wake up, I'd always have to crawl across my room and look at the clock because I don't have any other clocks in my room. I would definitely appreciate this!

So my biggest issue with my Blackberry is that I am constantly losing it in my bed while I sleep. (Yes I sleep with my Blackberry) I wake up and it's lost under sheets and blankets and pillows. Because I use it as my clock/alarm clock I can't keep it on my desk as I wouldn't be able to see it. And I don't have a night stand either. If I had a charging pod. I could simply place it standing up in the pod on my desk and it would eliminate all of the aforementioned problems. I wouldn't loose it anymore (or worry about it falling out of my bed), the clock would be visible, and it would still charge!

It's a WIN WIN WIN situation really....that's if I get the dock.

I love the Bedside mode on my phone. I'm blind as a bat without my contacts. Being able to charge my phone and have it stand up would make it so much easier for me to see the face of the BB and not knock it off the nightstand.

Wow this would be awesome. I would be able to use my Blackberry as an alarm clock sitting on my night stand and I would be able to see the time. Hope I win.

I would definitely enjoy having a charging station because I am always trying to lean it on something so that the speaker is held up for me to hear the alarm. My phone seems to be the only alarm that works to wake me up. Convenience! =)

I would definitely use the charging pod on the side of my bed. I already use my BB as an alarm in the morning for work. Right now I just have the cord sitting on the night stand. Another benefit would be that I could use the pod for at home and be able to take my charger with me.

Like many others, I keep my bold at my bedside and forget to charge her. With a charging pod, I can set my blackberry down and say g'nite!

stupid microusbs are soo painfull ... yes they are small and nice... but if u break it u dont have another jsut "laying there"... my wire snapped when i drove a chair over it ... a dock would be pimp tho ... :D

because I use my BB as my alarm clock and it helps wake me up to get my son to school. You'd be helping the academic progress of a child! Seriously. :)

Thank you kindly.

By golly, I'd be ever so happy to win this. It would go splendidly with my new Bold 9700! And to think I considered something other than a BB after living with the Bold 9000 for a year...

I am a young Manager that is very mobile and when i get home at night i don't always remember to charge my blackberry. Sometimes when i do have it charging the phone rings and i have to bend over the bed, pick up the phone to check the caller ID, I think the pod charger would eliminate a lot of my issues. I would love to own and promote this device.


Well I hate having to plug in that little usb connector every nite to charge. The charging base sure seems like a great idea! Maybe I'll be a winner? Maybe? :)

It would be nice to have my blackberry upright while it charges sso I could actually make use of the clock

this would be great! i don't have to try and shove my charger in my phone in the dark. i don't have to worry about which way is the right way to plug it in!

I use my phone as an alarm clock, so having to constantly plug it in at night when I go to sleep is taking a toll on my charging port... I've had to return a few because of it, and being a med student, I cant swing the funds to purchase one myself.... save me from my problem!

I have had to replace Bold because the USB port had broken. At night I also leave it on my nightstand when I go to bed, but having to plug in it every night is getting on my nerves. Trying to find that USB port in the dark some nights just isn't happening. Pod me, this will ease the wear and tear on my port. ~:)

I used to have a charging pod for my Storm, but when I upgraded to the Storm2 I couldn't afford to get one. Since, I have overslept multiple times as I used my phone for my alarm. Now that I don't have a pod, the angle of the speaker is too hard to hear. It doesn't wake me up! (My boss doesn't believe me either)

This would be such a helpful accessory... But actually for my girlfriend, not me. My 9000 goes into my charging pod at night, as well as mutliple times throughout the day. The girl's nearly brand new, month-old 9700, however, has wayyy too many scratches and cuts on the side around the micro usb port for my liking (of course, from fumbling in the dark trying to plug it in at night). I know it bothers her too but she won't admit it and just get the charging pod! I want to buy her one, but I'm a student in debt. This would be such a great giveaway to win right now! Thanks for running it!

I need the charge pod. I always wake up with a died battery because I fall asleep with blackberry in hand going through viigo @ night please get me the charge pod so that it will force to put my blackberry down when its charging.

This would resolve my problems big time. I plug my phone at my desk so therefore no bedside alarm clock for me. Also, I charge about 6 other devices in the same area and the cord is always falling to the ground and I have to waste time tracing cords to make sure that I'm grabbing the right one. Please Crackberry, pick me

I would really like this device to purchase a couple of them. I am a system support tech. My BB gets alot of use through out the day. Everything from Emails, Calls and Text messages. I cant live with out it. This would maximize the amount of work that i can actually attend to with my BB. I am usually charging it.

I only have one charger for my BB so I place my phone next to me on my bed and for the second time this week I wake up on top of my phone. BTW BB are pretty strong I weigh 250 .

I could definitely use a new charging pod for my Tour, as my cord frequently falls behind the dresser I use as a nightstand for my alarm clock, iPod stereo and all of my pocket items. The dresser weighs about 5,471,062 lbs. and every time the cord slides behind it, I practically get a hernia trying to move the beast. This charging dock would be a life saver, especially if my huge dresser were to fall onto me and crush me in the event that I don't win it. ;) No pressure ...

By winning this baby would have complete my 9700 device. Not only it will be darn convenient but also will stand out in the crowd. Making the fellow colleagues would wanna switch to Blackberry! This is just what I need to make my life much simpler with this charging pod! I dont have to laid it flat on my desk hence it would have scratch my back covers! I WANT THIS! Blackberry ROCKS!

I've knocked my BB into the trashcan beside my bedside so many times I've lost count. Plugging/unplugging it in the dark can be such a pain. Charging dock ftw.

For one my nightstand only has so much space left on it. I can barely fit laying my phone flat on top of it and my twin toddlers always manage to sneak in my room and mess with the cord of my current charger so I'm always worried they might get hurt. This charging pod would be perfect not just as a space saver, but hopefully my twins won't even notice it to play with it! ;o)

Charging my BB at night is a nuissance. Remembering it is the problem. I have to sometimes plug it into my computer at work to get a charge to last the rest of the day. Having one of these would satisfy this problem. Just sit it on the pod at night and forget it. Please pick me!

I just recently saved up my money to buy a Blackberry for Christmas and absolutely love it. My only problem is that I am a college student living in a small dorm space with not enough outlets. My current phone charger cannot reach anywhere and could easily be fixed by using this awesome gadget! It would definitely be appreciated and be put to good use!!

I love these things. Like Adam I have been thru several devices and have purchased a charging Pod. I keep my charging Pod at the office thou because if I didn't my phone would be dead half way thru my day. Now that I have the 9700 I need to get another one.

I'd love to have a charging pod at my office. So when my boss walks in with his iPhone I can have my 9700 sitting out on my desk and I can say thinks like "BAM" or something along those lines.

I snapped the plug inside my 9700. I now have to take the battery out and charge it through my mothers blackberry bold. I dont wanna take out the prong yet in fear of damaging something. A desk pod would certainly make my charging woes easier!! Plus I never win anything :(

As a new 9700 owner, it would be great to have a charging dock at my bed side to maximize my device as a light and alarm while maintaining it's elegance !

I charge my bb 9700 by lying it on the floor and the wires are pretty messing up the area with all other wires. With a charging pod my area will look neater and bb will look sleek!

I like having my clock available to me when i have it plugged in... downside is that its always laying down and cant really ever see its a hassle always having to plug it in and then having to remove the cable... if only i had a charging pod that i could place in facing me with out having to mess with any cables... what a dream that would be... :)

I would love a chance to win the charging Pod for the Storm 2. Where I work I'm constantly need my phone for work and use it non stop. Its really inconvenient having it plugged into the wall because there is no place to keep my laptop without it getting tossed around. I'll be crossing my fingers!

I'd like to win :) And I agree with you, trying to plug in the charger at night becomes hopeless. This would be so much easier, and make better use of the new feature I love on my 9700: bedside mode. Please choose me. Please?

I currently use no Charging station; and while bedside mode etc works, I wake up like 10 times every single night to see the time on the watch. Having the Pod would mean just to look at the blackberry instead of rolling over, look for the Blackberry, drop the blackberry, turn on the light on to look for it, check for any possible damage from the fall, turn off the lights, and remember that you were going to look at the time.

hey crackberry would really love to have this instead of just having to plug this in especially at work would make it easier.
thank you

So I have been married for 22 years. The only thing I have been able to condition her to do during that time is to shut light switches when she leaves a room...Well, for the last year, my BBerries (first an 8320, now a 9700) have been plugged in on my night stand with a switched outlet. Although there is no light plugged into our switched outlet, 50% of the time she shuts the switch out of habit and I wake up with a drained berry. :(
With a nice and stylish pod, I can put it in my study and have it always out for show.
Please help me...I need to either get a 9700 charging pod or get rid of a wife.

I can't live without my blackberry and this would make life easier without question. I must also mention once again i love this site. would be quite nice to have a large crevasse in which to drop my blackberry instead of trying to connect the usb to the 'berry. worse than trying to thread a needle. try doing that after having drunk arm-wrestled you gym buddies!

A charging pod would have been nice today! I worked both of my jobs and my phone was dead by 3 :(. Happens quite often sadly...

I love the concept of the charging pod. I use the Blackberry as an alarm clock and phone by my bed. Right now I have it laying flat and have to reach for it to see the time and screen. My night stand is small and I am always knocking it off to try to look at the time or snooze the alarm.

This could help me organize my computer desk/paper writing desk/entertainment center for 360 and movie watching/book shelf/night stand/where I charge my blackberry. Would make things more convenient for my 9700.

I would love one. I hope I win! I need to find away to use it as an alarm clock that is SECURE. Right now I have it proped up but I live next to a hospital and the helicopter's rotor vibrations always knocks it over and the usb comes out.


I charge my BB beside my bed. The bad thing is that I work night shift so when I go to bed I have to stumble around in the dark so I don't wake up my other half. If I had a charging pod then it would take at least one more obstacle out of my way.

I totally agree with this post, seeking for a USB cable in the dark is almost imposible. I would like to get a charging pod for my bold 9000

I always have a habit of oversleeping and I wake scared not knowing what time it is. This will help me so much plus i dont have to fumble around with this usb cord no more. This will be a great early xmas gift to myself lol lol I love this site

Hey this is the first time I've ever left a comment, but I REALLY want this charging pod! Just got my new 9700 and still learning about it. Didn't kno about the bedside mode till I watched the video. That's so cool, that's why I love my blackberry. My charging cable always falls back behind my night stand....what a pain in the......well u kno. Would be a great addition to my new phone. Thx guys, I learned so much here about my phone. Johnny A

A charging port will allow me to charge my BlackBerry Bold 9700 at the safety of my own desk, rather than sitting on the floor 10ft away from it.

I almost bought a pod but then I got a powermat for Christmas. Powermat rules, I can't wait until they release the powermat batteries

I need to have this cause m just too paranoid that one day when i am trying to pull out the micro USB charger in a rush to leave to work m gonna yank out the entire usb assembly... Its just too hard :'(

if i had a charging pod for my blackberry i would know where my phone was when i was sleeping, and another good reason because i use it as my alarm clock and if it was upright and charging i could see the time so i could get another 5 minutes of sleep (every second counts right) and no more blackberry on the floor yeaahhhhhhh thanks crackberry

Like Adam, I too would love to just drop my BB in the pod and charge away each night as Bedside mode kicks in. Nice!

that way I don't drop my bb onto the floor when I put it on my night stand, and I won't have to pick it up to see what time it is either.

I use to have a dock like such for my curve. i would lie in my bed and look across the room to look at the time in the middle of the night. Prior to having the dock, i had my berry lying flat on my dresser and had to get up to walk across the room to look at the clock in bed mode.

the dock is awesome. but now that i have a 9700, i'm back to walking across the room to the dresser....unless i am lucky enough to win this 9700 docking pod.

I have one charging pod at office, and it's great to keep the Blabkberry stand up, charging, y watch activated.

I would like another one for home :)

My alarm clock and outlet are all the way across the room so I would love to have a charging pod so that i can see my phone without getting up to check every few hours.

Being a frequent traveler, I find myself still wishing I had one of these so I wouldn't have to be so careful with the usb port!

I am a student. Personally I would need two because I go to sleep late, and sometime my blackberry doesnt have the juice to get through those late nights of homework and such. It always stays by my side, but it is a pain to Connect it to my USB port on the RIGHT of my laptop (which is also the home of my mouse). The wire gets in the way of my keyboard and my arms when im typing and it irritates me. It would be awesome to just have a charging pod there so it can finally have a home on my cluttered desk. I need one for my sidetable because I disconnected my old analog clock because when my Blackberry is placed by it (at night when i go to sleep) it makes extremely loud "ticking" noises. So i am without an alarm clock and I dislike waking up in the middle of the night and turning on my Blackberry to see what time it is. I seriously need a charging pod, but I really dont have the money now since I just bought books. T_T I NEED A CHARGING POD!!!!

I already got one, two for my bold 9000 and my 9700. This is an awesome accessory. Good luck to all the contestants.

I have had my Bold 9700 for about three weeks now. Every night, I charge my phone with the wall charger while my Berry sleeps quietly in its case. :-( I would love to have the charger so that my Berry can have it's own standing space on my nightstand. I also would love to utilize the clock feature. I charge in clock mode but cannot see the beautiful clock because the Berry is tucked away in its case.

My dog chewed up my battery charger so the only way I can charge my 9700 is when I'm with my car charger... Please pick me for it will be most appreciated :) Thanks Crackberry!!!

My charger broke. I have tried to get a replacment one from vodafone who keep sayung that its been posted (its now 3 weeks) so please please can I have one

I use my phone as an alarm clock and sometimes as a radio. I have to have my phone close by my head to hear the alarm and sounds.( I'm a deep sleeper and a little hard of hearing). So I decided to plug it in the outlet by me. So the cord is squished between a wall and my bed. It was useful for two days, until I started waking up late and finding my phone unplugged and in random places (i.e. under the bed or. tucked under the sheets). Sometimes the cord would be wrapped around my hand or arm and I would hate to wake up one day and it's around my neck. Winning the charging pod will eliminate this problem and give me the peace of mind that I will hear my alarm, wake up and find my phone where I left it the night before and not chocking of the cord.

Using my plug in charging cable works great until I need to see the time, or shut off my alarm, then it becomes a chocking hazard as I can never seem to put the stupid thing back on my night stand. Having a charging pod would mean I could both see the time and not choke myself. Win win in my books!

the power cord that came with my blackberry charges it when it wants to, and being that i have no money to buy a new one this would be a great accessory to have, not to mention the night stand by my bed has all my girlfriends crap so this would help a lot.

I would love one of these to show off at the office. Everyone will be eyeing my beautiful 9700 from across the room in its up-right charging position!

This would be an excellent item for my office desktop to use as a charger and table clock!!! i love to see my 9700 on this dock and be updated rather than picking it up from my pocket all the time.. please give me this........


I must say that I've wanted one for quite some time. In a world of droids, iphones, and palms, I've decided to stick to the brand I've ever only truly known; Blackberry. A charging pod will indeed speed up and assist my day. I work with wireless, and displaying features and apps on my device takes up a good portion of my day, so finding a quick, stylish, easy, convenient way to charge & sync my device will make it go by that much more smoothly. Other than displaying it, I have a few usb devices coming from the back of my pc for my other electronics and figuring out which one is mine is usually a pain. Sticking that into the back of a pod would make things so much simpler. And last but not least (though I'm certain everyone has this on their list), MY BLACKBERRY IS MY ALARM!! especially since it is my only alarm, I'd like to be able to just wake up and see the time, as opposed to picking up my phone from a few feet away. Convenience, friends; convenience.

If I had one of these, I wouldn't have to run all the way to my bedroom for my charger every time I stay on Crackberry too long & drain my battery...or search for an outlet close to whatever area of the house I'm in...

because I'm the only BB user at work, rounded by many Iphone-addicted colleagues. I'm fighting every day, but if they see my Bold plugged on its charging pod on my desk, they will certainly change their mind. It's a question of proudness ;-)

i can't count the number of times my phone's been plugged into the wall charger and fallen behind my bed. and my wall is so close to the bed i either have to move the entire bed out and move it back or squeeze my huge arms down the tiny gap to pinch at my phone for 10 minutes and leave sores spots on my arm... NOT KUL !!

the fact that this would basically rid me of using a stubborn clock on my nightstand and use the clock that's on there. i'm excited if i get to use this because it's SEXY

These things are amazing! Have one for my bedside but def need one for work! It is like having an alarm but better!

...and can't imagine my bedside without it. My friend however doesn't have it and she is just jealous every time I'm using mine, so it would be a great gift to give to her.

as of late there are 2 ways for me to charge my 8900. via wall charger or through my laptop slash makeshift nightstand. the wall charger is a bit of a pain the way my room is arranged as the closest available outlet is nowhere near my nightstand. my nightstand consists of a foot stool where my laptop sits. if i charge it through my laptop and leave my blackberry on the keyboard, it's at risk of falling off when i hit snooze on the alarm. if i stretch the wall charger all the way out it just barely finds its way on the edge of my bed, which puts it ask of me rolling over it. what with every gadget in my room already having its own dedicated power socket plus 2 alarm clocks (one being an iPod radio that never wakes me up)the only thing that wakes me up on the first chime oddly enough is my blackberry, which is proving to be more valuable as a whole by the day. It's already saved me on two separate occasions within my first week of ownership. I'm a new convert yes, albeit a very pleased one. =)

It is always a pain to charge my 9700! Have to find and outlet and then just wait blackberryless till its done! With this cool new pod charger I can see my blacberry and clock in all its beauty. Sure hope I win, thanks Crackberry :)

i've been wanting to get one of these babies since i got my bold 9700. it would go perfect on my desk and it would charge it while its looking good:-) the wife is making me hold off for awhile on getting one but maybe just maybe i'll win one, that would definitely fit the bill. fingers crossed.

I've had my Bold 9000 since launch almost, and I have always used the USB port of the phone to charge it, either via computer or by the wall-charger. I've ALWAYS wanted one of those super-duper fancy charging pods, but never got one due to there not really being a NEED for my having one, since I could still charge my phone just fine; instead there was only a WANT, and I need to constantly save my money.

I would REALLY enjoy one of these for my 9000!!

Having the charging pod is far much better than the USB cable or the charger. It keep your desk clean and tidy. I would love to have it.

This is would be the perfect accessory for my desk at work. I'm always looking for my phone underneath all of my paperwork, this would keep it in one place and in eye's view. It'll also keep my battery charged since my phone has been dying on me lately before I'm done for the day.

I could definitely use this for my 9700. We have 3 BB wall chargers in our house but 2 of them are for the 8310 that I previously used and what my husband still uses. Countless times I've grabbed a charger only to realize it's the wrong one. I also use my 9700 as a back-up alarm clock so this combined with the bedside mode would be fabulous!!

I use my 9700 as an alarm clock now. I ran into a problem recently where my normal alarm didn't go off. It almost made me wake up late for work. Now that I use the 9700 as an alarm, it would be more convenient to have a dock so that I can see the face of the phone for the time. It would be easier than having to grab the phone off of my stack of pillows and unplug it.

It would be one less cable on my desk, which makes it look less messy.

I tether my phone for internet (I'm banned from my house wifi), and although I use Bluetooth, I need to keep it plugged in so it doesnt run the battery down. So I could have the pod on my desk, and the charge cable running behind the desk.

Also, a dock like this gives me a nice view of the screen when Im at my desk.

This would come in handy everywhere. I currently just lay my Blackberry on the counter to charge, and I am always afraid it is going to get damaged. With the charging pod I can leave it in an upright position where it will not be laying directly on a the surface it is charging. Plus my husband can take my old charger to work! WIN WIN!

I use the USB cord connected to my desktop for charging my Tour and am always fumbling with the cord, trying to figure out which end is up and trying to get the plug to go into the phone straight. I am concerned that I will jam the plug in upside down and break the phone or the cord or both. If I could just drop my phone into a cradle of some sort, that would be really helpful.

No more fumbling around looking for the little charger thing that goes into the little tiny port on the side of the bb...a dream come true!!!

This is the first time I buy an extra accessories for a mobile phone. I've been using mobile phone for more than 10 years, always use the wall charger. This is the first time I get myself a charging pod and I'm very satisfy with it. The best accessories from RIM, with the bedside mode, it made my  looks aswesome during the night time.

I would really enjoy one of these charging pods for my Tour. I too have the same problem of fumbling around in the dark looking for the usb port. The pod would make it much easier to get the phone into bedside mode.

yesssss, i am in dire need of one.
i too hate the dark nights trying to look for a way to plug in my 9700 and cant find the darn port.
a charging pod would be graaaavy!
that way not only can i set it close without having to worry about knocking it down and to just be able to place it on top of it and have it charge without further hassles sounds like a dream come true! haha.
never owned one, hopefully i win :) that way i can test these babies out!
oh and kudos to bedside mode!!

I would love one of these. I can never find my usb cord in the dark with all the other crap on my bedside table. I am constantly knocking my S2 in the floor, this would solve that problem.

For my new alarm clock (Storm 9530). This would save me having to pick up the berry every time I want to see the time, with the bonus of having it charged and ready to go for the day!

Have everyone they made but they should make universeal one,but 2012 all assy must be one fit all !