BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!

BlackBerry Charging Pod
By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2010 04:48 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9700

BlackBerry Charging Pod

Kevin tackled our inaugural accessory roundup last week so this week the honor is on me... One of the accessories I cannot live without is the BlackBerry Charging Pod. It has just one job, but it does that job amazingly well. It's not new to the accessory scene, but it has to be mentioned in an accessory roundup. Hit the jump for more on the charging pod and check out some of the newest BlackBerry accessories.

Way back when I had my 8330 I wanted an easier way to charge my device. I leave it on my nightstand when I go to bed, but having to plug in it every night started to get on my nerves. Trying to find that USB port in the dark some nights just wasn't happening. Thus began my pursuit for something better. Once I found the BlackBerry OEM Charging Pod I knew my restless nights were over. The charging pod made it as easy as could be to charge my device. Just drop it in the pod, it charges, and thats that. There is no catch to it, and it couldn't be easier.

I've been through my fair share of devices now, and the charging pods have followed me all the way. I always grab one when I get a new device, and when paired up with bedside mode it makes the perfect companion/alarm clock/nightlight. The charging pod is available for a variety of devices, and is really the one accessory you shouldn't be without.

CONTEST: Win a Free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry Smartphone

For your chance to win a free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us about your charging woes, and how a charging pod would make life easier. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Getting The Most Out Of Your Charging Pod

The charging pod is great for what it is meant to do, charge. You can maximize it by learning to use Bedside Mode to its full potential, and paired with the Charging Pod you have a great combination. You can use the accessory not only to charge your device at night, but as an alarm clock or resting place on your desk for your BlackBerry. We posted a video on Bedside Mode a few weeks ago, and if you didn't check it out its definitely worth watching.

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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @

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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!



I need one so I can charge my phone at work in a stand-up position, that way my boss would not find me using my phone. I will be able to see all my updates from CB, and view any calls or messages I get without lifting the phone.

I had a 9000 one but after upgrading to 9700 got that one also!
Also, if anyone is interested i got it for US$8.88 from (brand new). Oh and I live in Toronto, Canada shipped it to my house!

I would like this because it will make life so much easier. I wont be dropping my phone behind my bed and trying to get it out every morning, it looks fantastic, easy to use, it wont damage my charging port on my phone like I have had happen before and then sending it in for repair and waiting weeks before it gets back.

I use mine as a 2nd alarm (heavy sleeper) and sometimes it gets knocked off the nightstand or if i leave it in bed i cover it with the blanket and it doesn't wake me up! Maybe this'll fix the problem. Plus it's shinny

Holy CrackBerry, Batman!

This would be uh-may-zing. I adore my Tour with all my heart, but the battery life is less than adorable :(

I have 2 wall chargers, one at home, one constantly in my purse, as well as my data cable, along with a wall plug-in with a usb port at the bottom if I, for some reason, only have the data cable and not one of the chargers. Sometimes it's a miracle for my battery to survive up until 2:00pm after taking it off the charger 6 hours prior. I am an addict!! What can I say?! But this charging pod would be AMAZING to sit on my desk at work. I have wanted to get something like this or a spare battery for awhile but I just don't have the extra funds to justify it right now. Please have mercy on me!!

As a college student having so many things to charge iPod, Macbook, there is no space for the BB. Night after NIght it falls behind the bed and I frantically search for the ringing phone.

This would be awesome to have, please help eliminate my problem!

Well right now I'm plugging mine in and propping it up against a small book. I have to do that since I use it as my alarm clock and I like it when I wake up in the night and need to see what time it is. If I got a charging pod I wouldn't have to prop it up with a book anymore. Would be so much simplier

Ahh how do I count the ways.... I have been an avid Crackberry user since I got my 1st Blackberry for New Year's eve some time ago, I'm tired of feeling like a google gadget side bar, charger for this charger that. In the wise words of Highlander there can only be one! I'm asking can you please feng shui me with an BB pod charger. My woe story is I just upgraded to a new 9700 y bc i had a CB Curve with 4 batteries and 2 adapters and still manage to keep a dead battery bc the port is always loose! 3 curves later and an upgrade and i'm here askin the wizard of blackberries for a pod LOL. So will you give Dorothy her wish?

Prior to my bold, I had a curve my buddy gave me and the usb port had stopped working. I discovered the charging pod and boy was it a life saver! Couldn't get a os update or anything with the usb, but at least I was able to get a proper charge every night. Needless to say, I know the power of the charging port and need it for my bold. Plugging & unplugging the charger every night, it's onlt a matter of time before my usb port goes bye bye.

It would be awesome to have a charging pod like this. I have a two year old son who likes to hide my chargers. There nothing like being at work and having your phone die because you don't know where your charger is. This would be a lifesaver at work!

I found that it would be very convenient to have a charging pod on my night stand considering the fact that all my friends text me or call me really late at night. Being half asleep and looking to connect my phones usb cord really doesn't help when your barely awake lol!

I am always digging around in my night stand for my BB Tour 9630. It's more secure in there than on top of it. But do you know what kinds of strange things I keep in my night stand? When it's dark it can be quite an adventure. A charging pod would save me from myself! Thanks.

I leave my Bold 9000 in bedside mode overnight while it's charging. Problem is, the plug outlet is several feet away, and so the cord is fairly stretched when it is plugged in and the phone is on my night table. Want to guess how many times I've tripped over the cord in the middle of the night and sent my BB to the floor and me into a cursing mode?

it would be soooooo convenient for me to just thow my blackberry into a charge pod it takes too much time to fanangle with the wire and i want to win so pick me

Every night my wife stays up late doing homework and when i fall alseep she takes my wall charger. Im not mad but it would be cool if we had this.

I always knock my phone off my bed when I sleep and it ends up in the corner of the ground! I need a charging dock.

I use my Bold 24 hrs a day as I travel to many different time zones through out the world. At night it’s my alarm clock while traveling and finding room to place it and still be able to see it from the beds in some of the hotel rooms is next to impossible. Having the charging pod would make it easy for me to see the time and know who is calling me in the middle of the night not realizing the time zone I’m in. Also by connecting it to my laptop would help while visiting my suppliers and performing presentations allowing me to glance at it to see who is trying to contact me without having to locate and pick it up and interrupt when it not necessary.
Thanks for the chance.

well, you all know it is kinda a hassle having to look for the charger end to plug in your blackberry, almost never at the place where it really should be. SO this charging dock would be a GREAT fix @ my beside. PLUS, the blackberry would be in a standing position therefore making for better morning when you can better find and stop the blackberry alarm clock :P

Before I go to bed for school, I charge my Blackberry Curve 8310 on my night stand. Since it has a hard clear case, it tends to slide off the stand and fall off. My Blackberry has suffered TONS of sad injuries to it and my mother would really kill me if it is broke. I have one more year left off of my contract and my insurance plan on my phone had already expired.

My alternative way for charging me Blackberry is by connecting it to the USB to my computer. On my computer table there is so much clutter and tons of papers from my homework. Whenever my cellphone moves just a little bit, the USB would disconnect and would stop charging. The charging dock would really help my worries by not getting frustrated about something that's not really a big deal but I always have to make sure it is charge because my Curve has a really bad battery and it runs out REAL QUICKLY.
So PLEASE pick me...Thank You! :)

Ok so I tried numerous entries into the contest, AND I have not won a single one. That doesn't stop me from trying. I use my BB as an alarm clock monday threw friday and I hate having to pick up the phone just to check he time and make sure I didn't over sleep. Please please please I'm begging for a dock for mt tour. I love this phone and the CB community but after 6 storms and a perfect tour, please send me the dock my Sony alarm clock broke after 10 years of service and mu tour is the closest and best alarm I have EVER used. I know if u guys send me the dock no one will use it like I would. P.S. Thanks for having the best site for my CB addiction.

Wow I would love one of these little guys! I use the standard charger that came with my BlackBerry and it's really annoying. I am constantly tripping over the wire, one of these would be handy!

I could really use this at work for my Storm 2. I use it a great deal during the course of my work day and my battery hits about 25% left just at the end of the work day..This would be just the ticket!

I charge my phones on my nightstand, so that when I wake-up they are happily awaiting me. Every night I plug in my Verizon phone, then I plug in my AT&T Blackberry 9700, then I plug-in a blue-tooth headset I use at my desk, and every so often the iPod needs a charge too. While some would say I should just get a charging pod system with multiple holders; however, I have come-up with solutions for almost everything but the Blackberry. A charging cradle such as this is the best option it seems. Plus, I can listen to Pandora on my phone and see the display from bed.

Currently I have to leave my Tour on the edge of my desk or on the floor to charge; both locations have resulted in near-misses with my phone. My phone can fall or be crushed in these locations - not ideal characteristics of a charging location. Also, fumbling with the charging cord is time-consuming and frustrating.

A charging pod would enable me to keep my Tour safe on a designated spot on my desk, and would also make it much easier to charge the Tour.

I would love to have a nice, neat solution to my charging nightmare. I have a rat's nest of twisted cables and it unsprawls like spilled spaghetti all over my desk. This would be neat.

Giving me a charging dock would be a lifesaver as I am currently in the outs with the wife over my current charging dock. She finds it clashes with our house's decor. Not quite sure why, I mean I crafted my current charging dock oh so delicately out of multiple layers of rainbow colored foam slathered with glue and then wrapped oh so carefully in Painter's tape. I mean yeah it's 3 times the size of my bold but I find it does the job. Too bad my wife doesn't agree as much every night she has to see it before going to bed =/ Long story short my wife would love you guys for giving me something that suit more her decor needs.

Ok so everyone knows dragging your ipod cord around with you all the time is so not fun. I love my bb but she definitely has an attitude. When she's in a good mood, her charge lasts all day. But look out when she's in a bad mood, her charge goes out quicker than quick....that charging pod would sure help soothe the savage

a more simple life would come of this awesome product~~ i wouldn't have to search around for my power cord in the dark every night when get home!

It would come in great use for both my bedside and office desk. No more trying to figure out were to plug in and picking it up to see.

I actually need this for when I travel to see my family. I inevitably need to get up before the crack of dawn to catch my return flight (wouldn't want to miss that!) However, my family members keep taking the various bedside alarm clocks I have bought to leave there. This would solve the problem!

Please pick me. I could so use one. I have been searching for a job in my field for two years. I was lucky enough to be able to get a 9700 which I love but it would be such a wonderful experience and a positive feeling to win

Just got my Bold9700 this week and I keep knocking it off my nightstand. When I had the cradle for my 8330 this never happened!!

I struggle every night to find the usb port as well and a pod would make things a lot easier as I just place my phone on the pod and drift into a deep slumber.

i would love to have a charging dock so that rather than placing my blackberry flat on the nighstand next to my bed it could stand up straight and function more like a practical clock

Just as you mentioned, it can be a pain in the bottom trying to figure out exactly the right way to stick my charger into my Tour at night when the lights are off and my wife is asleep. Sometimes it's more of a pain to try and do that - knocking down bottled water, the desk lamp - than to turn on the light!

My wife would be appreciative if I got one of these.

i'm always trying to get the latest gadgets and accessories and this would be the most koolest thing ! i mean, a bold 9700 standing upright !!! what more could you want to show off your BOLD bold 9700 ;)

This would be a great tool to have as I myself am in college, and dont have much space. It would make it easier for me to have one instead of having to struggle in the dark to plug in the usb into it to charge overnight. It would also prevent it from falling...

charging pod would be great since i wouldnt have to try and balance the BB against the lamp base/post every night to get the advantage of using the clock overnight.

I travel frequently and every hotel has a different alarm clock to get used to every stay. I use my 9700 as a alarm clock and being able to grab /or drop and go will keep the hassle to a minimum. The charging pod would be a welcome addition to an very busy lifestyle.

I just bought the 9700 and have been checking this out in the Crackberry store...I almost ordered one so if I win it I will buy something different from here:)

Too many cords, and no where to put my berry. My 20 month old daughter also loves smacking it when its on the edge of the nightstand charging. With this I could charge the phone without worrying about the floor!!!

Upon bringing a girl home from the club, you don't wanna fumble around in the dark trying to find that ridiculously long mini usb wire to charge your Bold 9700, only to find out its behind your nightstand wrapped around the cheeto you dropped down there last week, no, That's not sexy at all! What you need is a dock. This dock is for you cats that can't ninja sneak their way out of the clutches of that sleeping "special someone". Stand up to check the time no more, my friends, with this device, your time faces YOU and not the ceiling (because all ceilings need to know the time amiright?) Checking the time is now a simple turn of the head. Now kicking them out before the awkward morning, well that's up to you.

YES! Not only would this make it easier to see my BB 9700 when I'm using it as an alarm clock at night; but I can also use it with the Guitar Studio app so I can see the song sheets scrolling in front of me rather than having to rest my BB on top of my guitar.

I have a Blackberry Curve 8530. Right now it is very difficult for me to get to my device from my bed. I have one lag that was amputated a while back. Even though I try to do things the best that I can and not let life keep me down, this charging pod would help with a nightlight so I can see where my leg is before I put it on and it would difinately help with quicker access to my alarm clock instead of thriny to get to the other side of the room with one leg. I am not trying to make a sob story, just letting you know that this is one of the best accessories that I could benefit from. Thank you, Jonathan

It would be GREAT to have a charging pod since my blackberry Storm 2 tends to fall off the ledge near my bed. a charging pod would allow me to put it on my night stand and use it as a alarm. Also the cat would stop sleeping on my blackberry.

I, like Adam, am sick of fumbling around trying to find both my 9700, and then the micro-USB port in the dark. Would love to win a free charging pod!

I keep my Tour on the nightstand charging overnight. Trying to plug in the charger in the dark is a pain - seems like I never have it in the right direction, no matter how many times I turn it around. This pod would also make it easier to use the alarm function of my phone.

Having the charging pod would be a great help as I only have 1 mini to micro converter and I typically leave it in my car. My call charger is at home so if I need a charge in th eoffice I'm S.O.L.

I'm already clearing a place on my desk for this badboy!

I take calls at night from my gf in the middle of the night on work-nights ranging from midnight to 6am. She has nightmares or just plain needy.

Me being the good bf I answer the phone by my bed. It sucks to have a cable connected and talking. I usually grab the phone with eyes closed slurring hello. Typically I do disconnect the charging cord to toss and turn in bed. When the call finally ends which usually lasts 1-2 hours on average, I'm still too dead to put the charging cable back on which leads to a low battery device mid day.

Please, this would solve my battery problem, not my lack of sleep or gf problem. It would also solve those BB bashers (aka iPhone lovers) making fun of my lack of accessories.

I am sick and tired of trying to find my phone in the morning because I have knocked it off the nightstand trying to hit the alarm clock. I could put in on the dresser in front of the bed and look at the time across from me instead of moving a nightstand every morning.

I'm at my office and realized I don't have a cable here to charge my blackberry :(
I never thought of having one of those at work till I was searching for a cable this afternoon and then opened crackberry and seen this review. :)

My Storm would love one of these on the nightstand. It would be much more comfortable than sleeping flat on the cold nightstand.

My Storm would love one of these on the nightstand. It would be much more comfortable than sleeping flat on the cold nightstand.

this would really help since i lost my charger and i dont have the usb cable so i was going to buy one but if i can get it for free i want

Damn, This dock would not only save my phone from scratches while lying prone on the desk, BUT it would also make it easier to read text form the phone without having to pick it up and such, whilst working on something else.

Furthermore, it'd be a bitchin' accessory to have for the sake of showing off my Bold 9700!

I love the charging pods. I just wish that there was an app that would make other bb's act like the bold, and put the clock into a bedside mode.

Being a bold 9700 owner, i was well aware of the wear and tear issues regarding the charging/sync port on the side of the device. Well, low and behold I seem to be one of the chosen few, as I am becoming afflicted with the charger port beginning to short out. With a new born baby, making sure my phone is fully charged is a must, but with new born baby-expenses, a charging dock is luxury that I just can't afford. Care to help a new parent out with a new charging dock? Hey, we can consider it a late baby shower gift! Happy new year! =)

Constantly sending out GPS tracking signals over the internet uses up battery life pretty quickly.

I really need to win this one. I put my phone on my night stand and every morning I end up having it slide right off the edge.

It would be great to have a nice little stand!

I really hope I win!

I would love to have one of these but just havnt been able to afford one lately. this would be an awesome item to win so im praying i get chosen..THNXXXX

One of the biggest problems is finding the charger and charging it on it back which can scratch the phone. With the charging pod i can simply put the phone on the pod and away you go.

Let me begin by saying that being a moron, I have a hard time using a USB cord. That is, my nature as a mental defective keeps me from being able to simply insert and withdrawal (thats what she said) the cable without at some point damaging the port. I have ruined two - yes, two - USB ports on two separate Blackberrys. The problem in both cases was that I pulled the cord out too quickly and at an angle (thats what she said), damaging the pin-thing in the slot (thats what she said).

Being able to just slide my BB into this pod (thats what she said) would save the port on my newest BB - a storm - from the fate met by its predecessors.

Please consider giving me this pod. I am too stupid to use the USB alone.

I would love it since i come from an iPhone.. the dock is just awesome to charge and useful for bed side mode.

I think this would be a great accessory to have. I just received my first Blackberry for Christmas. I hope to win this prize!

My poor berry has to lay flat on it's back on my desk while getting juiced up. I would love to allow it the dignity of standing upright during the process.Pick Me!! Pick Me!!

My alarm clock is fading fast and now that I have just got a 9700, I'm using it more and more as an alarm clock. I'd love to have a charging pod. Thanks!

I would love a charging pod... simple fact to see the little red "message" light. Its the first thing I look for when I wake up! Would make it easier if the phone was upright in a charging stand :)

This would be great! I keep meaning to buy one at some point anyway, but winning one would be better :)

I would love this because I have school in the morning and my BlackBerry is a MUST for school, it has saved me multiple times when I forgot important stuff at home and I can just use the internet to get it, the problem is my charger sometimes unplugs and I don't realize it /: causing me to have a dead BlackBerry and being unable to charge it at school. This would also be good because I've never had a charging pod and winning my first charging pod would make my day by far! I've never won anything in my life and when it's something I've never had before, I get extremely excited and my heart races (: I keep my BlackBerry in amazing care that it has not a single scratch, so you won't have to worry about this breaking at all. So please choose me (:
thanks, and have a good day to you all!


I need this! Lost my home charger about a week ago, so I have been using my car charger while driving to work. Sometimes I have to run out to the car while I am home to let it charge for a few.

I need this! I used to have the dock for my 8100 but since I upgraded... Anyway this is my alarm clock so having it upright would be much easier

I had one for the S2 and it rocks. Having one for a Tour (2...) would be great. I can drop it in my charger and put the charger far from my bed. That way I don't roll over, check email and fall back to sleep....

Propping up the 9700 is painful in order to see the clock at night, a charging pod would make my life so easy!

i just don't like the fact that o have to look for my charger all the time. this product will be perfect. i just have to place it on my desk.

Every night before I sleep, I fumble around with the power cord and my Blackberry. It'd be so great to just pop my phone in without jabbing my Bold all over the place.

Like many, I plug my BB in at night. Right now, it lays on its back, much like a poor, inverted turtle. Poor, sad BB. I know it wants to stand upright and look around the room. Or maybe watch me sleep. Sometimes it likes to watch me. With a charging pod, it could watch me all night. And it could scare away the monsters. Kind of like a scare-monster. With its bright, bright flashlight and its twin miniguns....

Wait, what was the question again?

well, just like Adam, i leave my BB charging all night, and finding the cable EACH time is not the esiest thing, specially when i sleep on my GFs house (most of the time lately)

Going to college is quite an experience on itself. Trying to find your charging cable and usb port in the dark because your roommate thinks he is a vampire and keep the light off is another thing. This would be great for the tiny desks they give us and would keep me organized while being in my 4 foot high bed. Thank you edward cullen...not.

I would definitely like another pod charger because my wife hogs the one I have and I am stuck using the plug in charger and always fumbling for my 9000 when the alarm goes off because I can't see it laying down on the nightstand...

a charger for her and a charger for myself would make my morning much much more enjoyable hehehe :P

in order to charge my phone I jury-rigged a device that captures the static electricity I generate when I rub my cat with a balloon. My cat does not like it when I do this to her. She refuses to produce cat milk for me for 2 days when rub her. If I have this ingenious device both my cat and I will be happy because I can drink as much cat milk as I want and she does not have to get rubbed by me. With a balloon, I mean. I will still pet my cat.

if Crackberry would pick me for one of these charging pods i would give it to my brother because i love him and he has been talking about really wanting one of these. this would be a great gift for him since his birthday is coming up very soon. Please make pick me Crackberry

I have a total of 8 batteries for my Tour 9630 - and it's a real nightmare to charge all of them externally, and yet remember to charge the battery residing in the handset itself.

Truth be told, more often than not, I end up with 7 charged batteries, but the one sitting inside in 9630 has an empty charge - reason being that I tend to unplug my laptop from all cables (yes, BlackBerry USB cable included!) and bring it all over the place! ..and, when I return to my BB, 1% battery, and... guess what - Mobile Network's disabled!

This has always led to many, many missed calls and SMS'es, and it's a real hassle to reboot/battery pull the device just because I "forgot" to charge it.

Talk about having 8 batteries - but no charge, sheesh!

In retrospect, I guess a charging dock (connected to an external power source), would pretty much serve as a reminder - for myself, if not, my family members - to poke my idle Tour into the dock, so that it would get its juice!

And hey, that makes great use of the two sleek metal pins at the back of it, so it wouldn't kill the MicroUSB socket on my Tour when I hastily plug/unplug it during the rush hours (don't we all do that?).

Soooo, yes. I want/need/desire a nice new charging dock!

This would be great for the bedside table. I have only trusted my Blackberry to be my alarm clock for over 4 years now. I am the proud new owner of a new 9700, and with OS 5 and the new clock app, paired with this great acc it would truly be a perfect bedside clock replacement. (And look damn cool).

I need this. I need this . I need this.

I go to university at waterloo but parents live in toronto so i am always going back and forth and most of the times i forget to take my charger. This would help a lot as I can leave this at Waterloo and the other one at home. so please:D

I'm perpetually running low on battery use... for the moment, I use my computer to charge my battery (which goes to sleep after a few hours) which only leaves me with half a battery charged and ready for work (all night w/o a car charger).

Having a charging pod will definitely help me, because when I leave my phone upstairs to charge while I'm downstairs, I'm perpetually missing phone calls, and emails.

Have this would help me out so much, I sleep on a futon and I keep my blackberry on the edge of the top of the bed (I don't fold it down a lot). Ever now or than I would wake up with my BB on the other side of the futon on the ground, uncharged or be waken by it form it falling on my face. Heaving this would keep it from falling to the back and lessen the chance of it falling on my face once more. XD

Well, I can't really say that I have 'charging woes.' I charge my blackberry every night on my night stand. There is one thing that would make things easier with the pod; Eliminating the use of an alarm clock. With the charging pod my blackberry would stand up and the clock would be visible. The clock on the blackberry is customizable which my alarm clock is not. Yes, I could get a new alarm clock. I am all about efficiency, and using the charging pod would eliminate the need for my alarm clock.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Oh boy, I need one of these guys bad! I have a bad tendency of dropping my phone of the edge of my nightstand while its charging, and I'm just waiting for the day that the charging port breaks :(

Like everyone else, I want one! Like everyone else, I think I need one as well. I charge my 9700 while connected to my laptop so it can sit on my nightstand during the night. As a single father, I leave my phone on 24-7 in case something 'happens' to my children while they are at there mom's. So, I would like it for that reason. And, it would be nice to charge it during the evening versus as soon as I walk in the door from work (I am a medical device representative so I am on the road almost all day).

id say my biggest issue with the way i charge my curve 8330, is having it plugged in, at 3am when it vibrates and i reach over to answer it, it has that dang cord that just gets in the way, and if it unplugs by accident i have to get out of bed, turn on my light, plug it back in, turn off my light then try to fall asleep again. honestly a charging pod like this would give me back all my hours of sleep. please pick me!!


A charging pod will resolve those nights where you're too tired or lazy to plug in the charger, only to find out in the morning that you woke up late because your BB died sometime during the night when the battery ran out.

I wanted to purchase the dock, but I am a little low on funds so I've made my own stand out of an old GameStop membership card. It's folded in a perfect Blackberry Tour charging Station.

My usb connector doesnt work anymore, so I have to use an external charger to charge the battery...ughh, desperatly could use a charger like this!

A pod would be great since my phone seems to die frequently and when I am charging it and it rings its annoying when the cord is still attached and in my way.

I need so much a charging pod for my 9700, unpluging from microusb is kind of nightmare each time when my BB is charged, so pick me ,... :S

When I put my 9700 flat on its back it greatly lessens the volume since it doesn't vent out the sides like the 9000... ugh. This would save me missed calls.

I need a dock, my life depends on it. Im sick of having to charge my phone and not being able to see it when its in my leather case. i want this dock, but the economy is way too bad cuz obama hasnt done anything and i couldnt use my stimulus check to buy the dock :( so yeah let me get the dock and then ill b happpy enough to find work

I would love one to insert my bb while i sleep. using the usb charger to charge damaged my bold2 once, and i am afraid it will do it again!

It is annoying going back and forth, finding, plugging, and unplugging the charger when all I could do is just put the phone in the pod lol

My beloved blackberry goes to sleep by himself so I would like a dock so it would not be so lonely at night. thank you and thank you from my blackberry

It would be great to charge the new school way, so I can actually use the alarm clock, and see the time when I need to :P

Not only would this be a space saver for my 8520, but I can also have a way of keeping my phone accessible during the night and always charged. I hate doing the hand-knocking-over-desk-contents while searching for my charger at 2am!

i'm a car sales man and i'm ways in and out of my office and i always need to have my blackberry with me and of course have it charged its very annoying to have to plug it in and unplug it all day long it would make it much easier to use a dock. Please give me one to make my life easier. I have a bold 9000
thank you

I have so many cables around my nightstand that its hard to find the right one to charge my phone. I had one for the 8330 but would love for my tour.

I work the graveyard shift and a charging pod would make it easier for me to see the time and alarm on my nightstand.

I'm on my 3rd Blackberry device (Tour), I have been wanting to try out a charging pod, they look very useful.

I need this. I bought the seidio charging pod, and it absolutely blows for the 9700 because of the adapter. the contacts never hit, and the adapter comes out with the device. yuck!

1) Crackberry says it better to use a cradle rather than plugging it in and if Crackberry says it is, it must be true!
2) Adam already mentioned, its a pain to plug in your BB when pitch black dark in your room, especially the damn micro USB
3) That micro USB does not feel as sturdy to me as the mini USB, which could cause future woes for charging if you are not careful plugging in
4) My place of employment is anal about our BBs (we don't have company BBs) and other phones being used and not put in our desks. Being able to place it in the cradle to charge quickly and have the analog clock pop up makes it a "clock" and they won't bug me (I think). Basically Place in the cradle and forget its charging (of course we never forget about our BBs right?)
5) Everybody is doing it, so you should too?

I use Slacker radio at night as i go to sleep. there's always a song that comes on and i'm thinking "Who does this song?" And then i have to get up and look usually waking the girlfriend. She, and I, would greatly appreciate a charging pod for the Storm 9530.

My alarm clock has died and having this would make using my 9700 so much easier as an alarm clock. No wire to plug in and have to share with my girlfriend.

This would be great for two reasons:
1) Finding it in the dark on my bedside table.
2) On my desk, under my computer monitors to prevent neck strain from looking at the phone laying flat on the desk.

well, pluging-in the blackberry to the usb charger is a lil' anoying and this pod will be make my life easier. Please crackberry I want to win this time :D

my phone always falls off my night stand when it is charging because im usually reaching for it in the dark to check the time. with a charging pod, i will be able to see the time like a clock!

The biggest reason this type of charging base would be positively awesome is to hid that darn cord! Always having to have it hanging losely so I can plug it in is a pain. And now that my wife and I had twin Girls last week, it's also a safety risk! It would be awesome to have a charging base that way I can tie up the cord tightly and pin it against the wall so it cannot be tugged, and still be able to plug in my wonderful blackberry. And also, it being a storm would be nice to have it double as a bedside alarm clock ^_~ I already use it as my alarm.

I've used my Blackberry charging pod in my car, there is a flat spot on my dash, I can plug the car charger into the charging pod and sit my Blackberry in it and see the screen and makes it easy to grab when getting out of the car.

I just finally got my 9700 last week. After having numerous other devices along the way I agree with most on this site that its the best berry to date. I like so many others dread having to bend down, find the USB cord, plug it in, unplug it in a rush, trying not to bend the plug or the outlet on the phone. As a volunteer firefighter I find myself running out of the house in a hurry, often in the middle of the night fumbling with the charging cord. A charging pod would make things so much easier as I could just grab and go.

Your consideration is much appreciated.

I would not have to mess with finding the cord and plugging in my 9700 at night. All I would have to do is drop it in the cradle and pull it out when I am running out the door. Much easier.

I would not have to mess with finding the cord and plugging in my 9700 at night. All I would have to do is drop it in the cradle and pull it out when I am running out the door. Much easier.

whenever my beside mode is on, the phone is on its back and i cant see the time. this pod would really help solve this problem.. please pick me to win!!!

i have then storm and the battery life on it isnt all that great, this would make more convienient when i want to charge my phone.

I believe having the charging pod would save wear and tear on the USB port. It also allows the phone to be upright and visible. So the 9700 can double as a very nice clock as it charges, while I'm sleeping.

A charging pod would definitely remove some of the clutter on my desk. In addition to my BB's USB cable, I have a ton of other cables for a variety of different devices. It would be great to be able to glance over at my BB and get my Crackberry fix!

I could use this in alot more situations other than next to bed. Work would be so much easier if I could just set the phone in a pod that looks alot like this one.

and my charger is always in a hard to find loc to reach. To have a charger pod would be so ideal as it would be stationary and easy access for me to charge my bb.

3am, all snug as a bug-
Gotta pee.
Stumble out of bed (freeze your little butt off)
half jog back, but damn just as you were about to snuggle back in, your left big toe catches that dang 12ft charging cord, crash goes the blackberry, crash goes your remote, glass of water, alarm clock, and bed time read.
Solution: nightlight. Better solution: Charging pod.

I love my Blackberry Storm (9530) and while it basically gives me all I need in terms of capability, it does get a little tedious plugging it in at least everynight. I also move it between a couple of places and having a charging pod just seems like the perfect answer. A charging pod will pretty much cover all the bases along with the plug-in charger and the car charger. Sounds like a great accessory. The charging pod will also allow me to use the bedside mode more effectively.

This is the perfect solution from scratching the nice bezel off your phone from trying to insert the charger whether it be in the dark or not. I mean the more you scratch the bezel the less sexy your blackberry will feel =\

Every night I lay down in my bed and prepare to go to sleep. I spend 3 minutes fumbling with the massive amounts of wires trying to find my micro-usb charger for my Tour. After finding the wire and plugging it in, I have to leave my phone, now in clock mode, laying face down where I can't see itl

A charging pod would be perfect for me!

I'm new to the blackberry scene but it is such a hassle to find your charger and then your charger port as well!! GrrR lol but sign me up and its my 22nd bday this friday yay!! Would be a perfect gift ;)

I dont have room for a clock on my cluttered desk at school so i've tried to make due using my blackberry, which sits flat on the desk, meaning I can't see it without moving to check it anyway. Unfortunately, only two weeks after getting my Bold, the charger broke so the only time I charge it is when I plug it in to my car adapter. getting a dock would not only make seeing the time easier, but I could actually charge my Bold at night. Plus, getting the dock would be sweet.

I just bought a new BB because the housing of the charger in the BB got loss and insurance occurring to them does not cover that.

This will be perfect for me, I have 3 little kids, with this charger I don't have to worried about cables around them or remember to put them away, I just can put it anywhere I want....please pick me!!!!

Oh NOOOO there went my BB between the bed and the wall (thump). I didn't know that she feel and now she can not awake me in the morning for work; as I was sound a sleep!!! Here it is, I am late again for the second day... Man, I could use a charging pod for my Bold 9700, so I will not be late again!!! I do not want to have to email crackberry dot com for a job (smh), due to not winning the charging pod..... Please choose me to win!!!

I have one for my 9700, but I would love one for the 9530 I just picked up last week. Works perfectly with bedside mode!

to have one. No more fear of damaging my port, which i have almost done countless times. Would be nice to just settle my BB in a cradle

With the charging pod, my BB won't end up between the bed and nightstand scratching the screen more than what it is now!!! Please help me keep it in good condition

It would help keep me from accidently knocking over my bb at night...and make a better stand for being an alarm clock.

This charging pod would be the great accessory I need. When I go to bed my Bold would have a snug bed to tuck into each night.

Thanks for the opportunity to win in your contest!

I am planning on getting one of these. It will be so easy to just pop it in and charge it! This is a must have for any BB Bold owner

my bb lies flat on my bed every night with the outlet being on the wall away from my bed. If I toss and turn in the night... i often find my device on the ground which cant be good. I keep it with me for alarm purpose and just to be able to see the time and to listen to music. now if i could put this upright on my table and be able see the time, id love that very much. i dislike my bb falling on the ground. over and over. thanks!

I usually connect my 9700 up to my system in the truck on the way to work so it usually gets just enough charge for me to forget to charge it when I get home. This would be a good reason to always have a good charge in the morning.

I've always wanted a charging pod for my Curve 8310 and then when I got my 8900 and had to deal with MicroUSB I realized I really wanted a charging pod. Now I have a 4 day old infant and my end table and part of the bed has been taken over with diapers, wipes, and everything else needed that doesn't fit on the bassinet and trying to plug in my cable to charge it every night becomes even harder and I realize... I REALLY want and REALLY need a charging pod

I also just use the usb charging port. I have three kids and a dog and we have had more than one occasion with someone tripping over the cable and ripping it out. After several near heart attacks on my part I would love a charging pod.

Like others have stated, I too hate when my Tour falls off the bed while charging during the night. The charging pod would be exactly what I need!!

a charging pod would make my storm 2 look so sexy when its charging and how it would make my life easier i just walk in from work when im dead tired and just pop that bad boy on and let it roll.... please pick me and good luck everyone

I had a charging pod for my 8900 I would like one for my 9700! The new bold is to good looking to be left at the edge of my dresser it might fall and get scratched!! :O , And i cant even see the clock when its laying down. I would like to win this charging pod for my good looking BB.

I need a charging pod for bedside mode!

I dropped my old 8330 because I knocked it off the side of my bed because it was only charging via cable. When it fell the screen cracked!

It wouldn't have happened if I had a charging pod

A charging pad would be so sweet. I have had my BlackBerry for five days and am still learning everything it does. It would be great to use as an alarm clock. My wife and I don't have to wake up at the same time so she gave me the alarm clock that doesn't keep time. It the span of a week it gets about 15 minutes fast. So, if I forget to set the time every couple of days I end up losing out on sleep. It would be nice to eliminate that.

This charging pod would make life so much easier for me because like Kevin, at night trying to connect the usb cord is such a pain!. Fondling around trying to locate the slot. Even when sitting at my computer I hate having to plug in the cord. I have never had a charging pod for my blackberries but would always see them in pictures. This pod would make things so much more simple for me, you wouldn't believe.

I really need one. I have two cords at home. One for upstairs one for down stairs, one at work, and one in my truck.

I drop my blackberry multiple times trying to push the mini-usb into my bold. I even have scratches on the chrome sides making my bold look a little less great! I need this charging pod for this reason!

The charging pod would be nice! Since I don't want to charge my phone through the usb port cause it feels like I'm going to wear it out eventually.


I have a new 9700 but it has not the love that my 9000 had, alas it lacks a charging pod,, Great sorrow it must be plugged in each night. So sad. please complete our little family. Get us a pod. Thank you.

The charging pod would be great for my dorm room which has no clock. I always have to get up from bed to check the time.

For some reason I am unable to regularly plug a mini USB into my BB and always seem to run out of juice so I'm hopeful I can win one of these and fix all that :-)

I get home late at night and creep into the bedroom. Trying to plug the USB into my 9700 in the dark is almost impossible. A charging doc would make life wonderful!

I currently have to turn off my phone and take out battery just to charge
charging pod would make my life soooooo much easier

I really need a charging POD because my poor blackberry looks sad just sitting on my desk while everyone else that I work with has nice charging PODs for their Droids and iPhone. I need to compete! ;)

These are really nice

I've always wanted one of these, I sometimes forget to charge my phone due to the fact that I unplug and plug it back in quite a bit to use it before bed.

This charging pod would make my life quite a bit easier and would save my charging port from possibly getting damaged in the future.

I don't need to win one, but I would like to comment on how this isn't as impressive for the 9700 as it was for my Storm. It always feels like my 9700 is going to fall out of this thing, but it's definitely a must-have for ANY 9700 owner!

i would love to have one so i can take my 25 year old red digit alarm clock off my night stand and use my bb. Im kinda sick after 25 years of that disgusting explosion sound that the old alarm clock makes.