BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!

BlackBerry Charging Pod
By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2010 04:48 pm EST

This Week's Featured Item: BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9700

BlackBerry Charging Pod

Kevin tackled our inaugural accessory roundup last week so this week the honor is on me... One of the accessories I cannot live without is the BlackBerry Charging Pod. It has just one job, but it does that job amazingly well. It's not new to the accessory scene, but it has to be mentioned in an accessory roundup. Hit the jump for more on the charging pod and check out some of the newest BlackBerry accessories.

Way back when I had my 8330 I wanted an easier way to charge my device. I leave it on my nightstand when I go to bed, but having to plug in it every night started to get on my nerves. Trying to find that USB port in the dark some nights just wasn't happening. Thus began my pursuit for something better. Once I found the BlackBerry OEM Charging Pod I knew my restless nights were over. The charging pod made it as easy as could be to charge my device. Just drop it in the pod, it charges, and thats that. There is no catch to it, and it couldn't be easier.

I've been through my fair share of devices now, and the charging pods have followed me all the way. I always grab one when I get a new device, and when paired up with bedside mode it makes the perfect companion/alarm clock/nightlight. The charging pod is available for a variety of devices, and is really the one accessory you shouldn't be without.

CONTEST: Win a Free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry Smartphone

For your chance to win a free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us about your charging woes, and how a charging pod would make life easier. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Getting The Most Out Of Your Charging Pod

The charging pod is great for what it is meant to do, charge. You can maximize it by learning to use Bedside Mode to its full potential, and paired with the Charging Pod you have a great combination. You can use the accessory not only to charge your device at night, but as an alarm clock or resting place on your desk for your BlackBerry. We posted a video on Bedside Mode a few weeks ago, and if you didn't check it out its definitely worth watching.

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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Win a Free Blackerry Charging Pod!



it would be awesome to have a charging pod since my blackberry tends to fall off the ledge near my bed. a charging pod would allow me to put it on my night stand (it's too cluttered to put it there flat, without a charging pod)

im a college student and i have tons of work so no space to leave my black berry laying on my desk. this would optimize my space and keep my black berry from getting scratches from moving it around all the time.

This would be great to have, Please pick me then my wife can have my wall charger. Every time I go to charge mine she has hers hooked up to my charger.

This would be fantastic for my alarm clock purposes. I'm so used to an alarm clock facing berry sits on it's back and faces the ceiling--no good I tell you!

Have you ever been on the toiliot and wanted to charge your blackberry but couldn't get to your nightstand. This device would allow another late night/ early morning spot to get your blackberry charged up. If thats not good enough pandora. Thats all im sayin...

Oh boy, I need one of these guys bad! I have a bad tendency of dropping my phone of the edge of my nightstand while its charging, and I'm just waiting for the day that the charging port breaks :(

Plus, with a stand up charger like this, My blackberry could function as an alarm clock as well!

A charging pod would be great since my BB Tour charger is not working correctly(maybe is the port, dunno), with the charging pod I would not have my BB Tour laying around and I can have it on my desk very elegantly.

I can't tell you how badly I need one of these. When I'm at work and the battery is running low (which happens every day), I need to charge it off my work PC. The place I work has a strict policy of connecting 3rd party devices to work PC's and I run the risk of having to explain that I'm charging my phone and nothing more just to be "compliant". This device would solve my problem!

the biggest problem I have with plugging in the blackberry every night is that it's laying flat. I have to find something to prop it up on so that the bedside mode is actually functional.

So, I usually lay it across a couple books so it is almost readable from my bed.

Obviously a charging pod would be awesome for my Bold 9000.

This looks like a GR8 little device and I really could use one but with things as hard as they are right now in this economy I just can not afford to spend even a extra penny on things like this and maybe I will be one of the lucky ones to win one!!

I would love to have a charging pod for my BlackBerry because I use it as my primary alarm clock, and it's not very convenient when its in bedside mode but lying on my night stand. Every time i look over to see what time it is, I have to pick it up to look at it. Also, I have a Curve 8900 and the charger doesn't like to go in smoothly so i have to fiddle around with it. Which I can't see it being good for the phone. So I would LOVE to have a charging pod. Thanks!

If I had charging pod for 9500 I would give this to my dad, he had birthday lately :) He loves his Storm and when saw my blackberry in bedside mode he said he would like to have that too.

I am a new Blackberry owner and I have had my eye on this item for a while now. Since I currently do not have a laptop, my BB is my main computing source. It gets annoying having to hold my phone and type emails or play games with the charging cable in the way. Now with this product I can sit my phone up and worry about cables no more! Combined with a wireless keyboard I'd have a nice and tidy office to work from.

hey. i have one of these bad boys at work (crucial xtreme told me to get one cuz the mini plug on the 9700 WILL break if you dont use the pod). now i need one for home so pullleeeeze gimme one? pleeeeeze?

man comments come in way to fast but anyways i always wanted a charging pod for my storm two and since my gf lost her wall charger (storm 1 that i convinced her to get since im a bb fan)) i have to rely on my car charger. Soo all in all this would save me some cash and a great display on my window sill :) (ill be using the binaryClock by Phrehnck

i would luv this this my kids always pull on my usb wire which lead to my screen breaking once, plus my wire broke from them pulling on it so now me and my wife always fight over the charger, this would be just great to win, i wouldnt have to share with the wife >=D

I would really love one of these mainly because of the chord of the original charger getting tangled all around my books and desk at school. It would really be extremely convinient for me and help me out.

This would definitely make things easier when charging my BB at night instead of trying to using my BB as a flashlight to find the cord and to make sure I have it in the way.

One of the best parts of this charging pod is that you don't wear out your data port for USB charging on your laptop, or tethering. The constant daily plugging and unplugging can render your device unusable. Ive seen it happen several times with the 100+ BB's i manage for my company. Mine as well..

Its not exactly my woes, but my girlfriend doesnt know how to plug in her usb cable correctly and broke it. So I had to do some research and came across this charging pod. Now that I got her one, i feel left out because it is soooo cool. PICK ME CRACKBERRY! :)

It would discourage me from leaving my S2 charging on my bed and prevent me from rolling over on top of it in my sleep and thus cracking the screen...again!

A charging port would benifit me so much...see this one time when me and indana jones (yes the real one) were chaseing dinosaurs i feel and got trampled by a mad dino and it broke my arm and at night when i got to bed i cant see who is calling or what time it is cause my phone is not standing up and i am unable to reach around to grab my phone (due to me and indana jones'es crazy adventures)...if i had a charging port...THIS charging port, i could see the time as it would be faceing me...face to face.

I would love to have this so I could have an additional charging location in my house. I hate havingn to take the one charger I have from room-to-room everytime I need to charge my 8900.

Put my name in the pot! Had one for my 9000 and switched to a 9700 so no charging pod. Thanks for thhe awesome content and contests!

Having this would be GREAT! I can eliminate having a car charger, home charger, and work usb charger if I would be able to just have my blackberry sitting on the pod all day while I work. I also can avoid picking up my BB every five minutes to see the screen and if any new notifications have been sent. Now I can just look to the left :D

this would be great for the office as my only charger is at home and i use my BB to browse the web and check personal email instead of my work pc, which can be strenuous on the battery.

"Blackberries have weak charging ports," my father declared one day. It turned out that his fourth Blackberry had just lost its USB port and hence his ability to charge it. I suggested a charging pod, and he happily bought it.

I finally got myself on the Blackberry wagon late last year (an 8350i). You should see the exquisite care I take with plugging it in at night, and how I arrange the handset and the cable just so, with my father's words constantly echoing in my head.

Of course, I should acquire a charging pod of my own, right? It'd certainly put the ghostly paternal repetitions to bed. It didn't help my father though. He finally dropped that beaten up handset into a lake, two months after he started using the pod.

having a charging dock would be super handy. because then I wouldn't have to plug in the microusb every time I need to charge it

I keep my charge plugged in at my headboard and the cord is constantly falling down inbetween the headboard and the mattress and is hard to find in the dark (can't turn light on cause better half already in bed and asleep). Having this pod would eliminate that hassel!!

I sit at a desk for about 9-11 hrs per day and my BB is never from by my side. This would be an AWESOME accessory for me, I'm constantly trying to make space on my desk for my beloved BB.Not to mention that my phone is my primary alarm clock, so having it at my bedside would be the bomb!

Please, please with a cherry on top:)

I want one so badly, I even went to my local rogers retailer to try to pick one up but they didn't have them for the 9700

I NEEEEEDDD this stand so i can use my 9700 as an alarm clock i don't have to mangle just to check the time when i wake up. i have my ipod in its dock, i just need this now.

PLEASE! let me win one of these things for once!! i put my name in almost every contest you guys do because they're usually so awesome, and as much as it would be sick to win one of those colorware contests, winning a charging pod would be pretty awesome too!!!

We all know that charging from the charge port renders the same results after so many charges...a debilitated or rickety port that leaves your device rather useless after a while. Well it seems RIM outsmarted everyone with charging contacts on all devices to alleviate this problem. having a Charging Pod for my BlackBerry Tour would definitely make life that much easier by having my device handy deskside, bedside, tableside, etc with less hassle of fighting with a cord or positioning the charge port and plug perfect for that just right charge.

I travel allot and would love to have this for the road...since I use my 9700 for my alarm clock on the home its the DOG!...I could use this. Would keep me from sleeping with it too! Thanks for the great opps CB!

My 9700 is my work companion and when though it has a great battery life, if I forget to charge it overnight it makes for a worrisome day at work. It's tough to look professional when you have a wire drapped across your desk. This pod would be the ultimate companion for my BB and myself.

I currently use a usb data cable as my charging solution... sucks my tour is not even near me when I sleep. =/ Please hook me up so I can read all crackberry posts on my phone before going to sleep then docking my phone to a pod right on my bedstand =)

because I just adopted 2 kittens and they love attacking the charger wire and knocking my blackberry to the ground. It's driving me mad! But they're too cute to scold, so a charging pod would be awesome for me!

i use my alarm on my 9700 to wake me for work every day, but always have a hard time seeing the time cause its laying down on my nite stand!! would love soo much to have this! thanks crackberry your the best! not only am i addicted to my blackberry but find my self addicted to this site! checking in every hour on my phone.

I had one of these at work for my Curve 8310. It was just so easy to pop it in and out as I came and went during the day. It held the BB up straight so I could always see the display. And it saved wear and tear on the USB connector. With BT sync, the only time I used USB was to transfer files.

The only problem was that I didn't have one at home also (so I could charge at night).

Now that I have upgraded to a Bold 9700, I will buy one from the store, and I will win one here.

I charge my phone through the usb everynight and it falls from my bed once in a while. I'm also afraid I will "break" the usb hole in the phone and would love to try this pod!

They tip over too easily, you would have to remove your skin/ case all the time and everyone, please realize that it doesn't come with a cord....the pod still requires a cable....

CB gang....since I am against the pod (seidio makes an awesome one for skinned devices) pick me for the heck of it and I will give it out to someone on these forums....

getting a charging pod would increase my efficiency. my blackberry is used for personal, business, and emergency use (volunteer dispatcher). My battery runs out really fast. having a charging pod will enable to continue using the device with ease while the blackberry charges.

It would make charging my 9700 easy I wouldn’t have to look for the plug I would just put it by my bed side...

This particular accessory should become a standard inclusion for all new BB units. Once you have one of them, you will in all likelihood purchase a second one for their convenience is undeniable.

The students in my class (14 students, aged 17-18) really are into RIM. Some of them have the Bold, some of them have the Storm 1. When i came up first with a new 9700 i really had them going. One of them said: "do you have the charging pod also"? I said: "Not yet", but maybe when i enter the Crackberry Competition i might be able to win one. Cheers from Rotterdam, Holland.

Im an entertainer and I travel alot and usually just leave the phone on the bed or floor or something, It would be nice to have this so I dont have to pick up the phone to see an alert cause its sitting upright, also great for the office station when im doing paper work, no hastle of taking out the chord just pick up the phone out of the cradle, very handy indeed, Hope I win one!!!!! : )

Why should a device as lovely as a Storm 2 or any other BB be left to lay flat on a desk, dresser or night stand? These devices have a distinct beauty and elegance that is deserving of a higher level of respect.

My Storm would be raised up on a pedestal, for all to admire, proudly displaying its screen during the workday, and softly showing its clock at night, but alas, this cannot be, unless, somehow, someway, I could have a charging stand...

Woe is me...

Ive always wanted to have one of these for my nightstand. Ive looked into it on the CB store but I dont have the money to spare at the moment. One of these days, I will buy one of these!

picked up one of these from the source for my curve 8900 when it was on sale for $19.99 down from $29.99 this thing is great. i have an invisible shield on my device and the charging pod still works with it. if you dont have one of these GET ONE.

I've already mixed up other charging cords and melted my mp3 player by using the wrong cord. Having a base would clear some clutter and help so I don't burn my house down.

it would be nice to have my storm2 propped up so I dont have to fumble around to find it in order to see how late I am for work.

Winning a charging pod would be so perfect for me. I work until 2a and I'm tired that I hate turning on the light to find my charger...ugh! My phone is also my alarm clock plus any appts. I have during the day. Please pick me! I so need it! :)

I definately want one! The worries of my cord getting tripped on by my dog and knocking my bb off onto the floor would be over! Talk about frustrating!

You could actually help my marriage by sending me a charging pod. If you send me the pod I promise to clean my desk which in turn will make the little lady happy therefore improving my marital status. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

I have been reading about how using the USB port over and over again through the months/years can actually do damage, so this would be a welcome addition.

It would sure be nice to have a charging pod so I could put it on my night stand and easily view the 9700 in bedside mode. Currently it just lays on the night stand as I do use it for the alarm.

The other day it didn't go off because the battery died during the middle of the night. Luckily I wasn't late for work.

I had a charging pod for my 9000 but now i got a 9700 and in the old days i had it connected via usb to my laptop and now i miss that.

If I had a charging pod for my 9530 I'd be able to sleep better at night...and would be able to wait it out until the 9550 drops in price.

My eyes are getting older and I swear the usb port has gotten smaller! Dropping my 8900 into a charging pod would definitely make life easier since I charge my BB every night.
Thanks CB.

Power went out the other night, and so did my alarm clock, with this dock I can have this as my alarm clock and not worry about power going out and not waking up in the morning. Definite must have

I always run into trouble trying to plug my blackberry in at night as well. This would make charging my phone a no hassle affair. Not to mention I would finally get to see what bedside mode is all about.

Ha, I'm in college and i'm constantly losing my charging cord under my bed or something. A charging pod would be amazing!

I hate pulling the USC cord up from under the nightstand every night and plugging in my BB Curve. It lays in a pile of other clutter to charge.

Having a charging pod will be great and save me time bending my back trying to reach for my usb charger all the time... and since i just lie it down on the table when its charging it tends to stratch up the back of the device when i wake up in the morning and having my hand pulling down on the wire... this will help alot!

i bought one for myself as soon as i bought the 9700, but i got a 9700 for my gf for xmas... so winning this one would make my gf really happy since i'll be gifting it to her.

so picking me would make me an awesome bf! :)

one of these would be great for those nights that i come in and i just can't find my charger, i could just sit it right in the charging pod on my bedside table!

I use my blackberry as an alarm clock and charge it every night anyways. This would make things a lot easier at night, especially to see it as a clock.

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...ǝɯıʇ sıɥʇ uoʍ ı ǝdoɥ

------ Here's it in its regular form ------

Hope i won this time...
... Entered Few Contests Before ... But Never won anything ..except once there was a Unlock Code.. which i never claimed because my phone is still underwarranty and unlocking it will void it....

Would Love one

I've been mentioning (hinting) to my girlfriend that I want one of these for my Curve 8900! We recently just got new (old) place together! It usually works out perfectly that the only times I need to charge my BB is when I'm sleeping! Some times if I'm plugged into my laptop a lot it throws my BB's charging schedule a bit haha.

I've been saying I wanted one because I charge my phone next to my side of the bed and also use it as my clock (alarm) too at night!

I would personally really appreciate a charging pod for my BlackBerry!!


I always have to search for my charging cable, because it keeps falling behind my bed! It's so annoying...I cant wait to win a charging pod!! =]

I've always had issues at work on where I can put my phone... with it on charge I haven't had easy access to it and there is only so many times I can sit it in my glasses case so I can see what is happening on it at a glance. Having a charging pod will help me clean up the clutter at work of things set to hold the phone so I can see the screen as well as always keeping the phone topped up for the heavy use it gets at work.

Would LOVE a charging pod. I too have issues with finding the cord at night, and since I usually go to bed later then my 'better half' I better NOT turn the light on to find it or I will hear it in the morning!

I am a heavy sleeper. My fiance is not. I have my phone alarm set along with two alarms on my clock radio. Having my phone laying flat in the morning I some go to hit snooze on it and accidentally turn the alarm off. Or I can figure out which alarm is going off due to my droginess. Having the phone upright with the screen easitly visible would help me know which alarm is going off and therefore it won't go off for a minute while my fiance is yelling at me to shut the correct one off.

This would solve two problems for me. First it would give me an excuse to have my BB next to the bed instead of being relegated to the kitchen, second it could replace an alarm we got 24 years ago for our wedding and REALLY needs to go!


this would come in so handy for me at work this way i dont need to carry a wall charger back and forth with me every day, sometimes i forget and by the end of the day i have a dead berry.:( so if i were to win this it would brighten my winter since punxsutawney phil ruined my day for me today by seeing his shadow, what a bummer 6 more weeks of winter so please turn my frown upside down...

i wish i my phone would stand at attention when it charges. if only you would select me for the charging dock...if only...

Would be nice to have a charging pod, then I can hide away the charger cable. At the moment, its dangling in front of a chest of drawers which isnt convenient! :)

Would love to have one! i only have one plug outlet in my room and everything else is plugged in there. the dock would make it so much easier to charge instead of having to find the end of the USB in the mess of cables.

This would be great... moving from Curve to 9700, I am concerned that the micro USB port is fragile and will not survive years of insertions.

This would be great to have to replace my wall charger! It's such a hassle plugging in & unplugging all the time. I feel like I'm going to break something!

Also, seeing as there is no clock in my room, this would be great to have so I can just look over & quickly see! I'm a HUGE FAN of Bedside mode, so this would be a great addition to my "sleeping habits!" =)

It would come in handy with 2 kids running around the always manage to run past my bed in the morning and snatch the plug out trying to wake me up. Plus it would be great as a extra charger so I won't have to run upstairs to go get my charger when my battery dies. Not to mention it would just be really cool to have one :)

I travel each week and a charging pod is what I need to make my life better. Please pick me! My Bold 9700 and I will always be happy with a new pod!

As a student I can't afford all the cool add-ons for blackberries. A dock would be a great start in acquiring accessories for my BB... The dock would also look great on my desk and help me use my BB as a clock to ensure I make class on time!!!

The wife both have 8350i's 1 pod would be great. We could both charge to our hearts content. That is if we could share it!

I have a charging dock at home, but NEED one at work. My wife has the 8900 and I have the 9700. I have her all set at home, but just need another for my 9700 at work. Thanks for all your great information!

would love to have one for my bedside table as I use mine as a clock/alarm cock, and finding the charging port with usb micro can be tough in the dark, not to mention it looks COOL.

I'm a volunteer firefighter in a suburban community. I'm often woken up in the middle of the night by my pager going off. I have to jump up, pull on my clothes, grab my pager and my Tour off the nightstand and run out the door to get to the fire station. I do all of this in the pitch black darkness of my room while my wife gripes at me for the pager waking her up. The faster I can get out of the room the faster she gets to go back to sleep. There have been times that I thought I had my Tour unplugged from the charger only to end up sticking the damned thing in my pocket cord and all. As I dash out the door the cord pulled the lamp, clock radio, and the charger for my pager off my nightstand. And that’s just getting out of my room. When I get back from the call I have to try to find the charging cord, orient it to fit in the charging slot, and plug it in without damaging the device (can’t turn the lights on lest I wake up my wife). Boy, it would be sweet to have a charging pod to just slip my Tour in and out of. And wouldn’t it be great to provide such a gift to a dedicated volunteer public servant who risks his life to help save the lives and property of the people in his community?

So, that’s my story. Hope this earns me a nice new charging pod for my Tour.

My 9700 has been behaving good since i got it so i BELIEVE it deserves a pod on where it can rest :D

I live in a tiny cramped dorm room and everything gets so cluttered with wires hanging everywhere. Having this would just be one more way for me to clean up my room and make it a little more aesthetically pleasing

An accessory pod would be awesome to have at work on my desk! I could easily see the activity light and it would be charging at the same time. When meeting time comes, pick up the BB + laptop and roll. Great accessory!

I just got my 9700 and THATS exactly what I need! Please choose me! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! you guys are so AWESOME!

you guys have excellent giveaways! I am constantly leaving my charger at home and am always struggling to keep my phone alive while at work. The pod would look great on my desk.

That would totally make my day! I have too many frickin cables for chargers and everything else. It would be a great remedy to the hazards of cords. 33 people sprain their ankle every day due to trying to avoid cables and other clutter, its a fact and a statistic!

My boyfriend has just gotten his 9700 for X-Mass, and his birthday is coming soon. This would make a great gift for him, and I would enjoy winning it for him since I can not afford to purchase it at this time. Please consider my reply for the win, but if you don't choose me I think the person you do choose will enjoy it almost as much.

I am a user... I'm addicted....I need,my,crackberry!
My schedule is revolved around my blackberry as a contact list, schedule list, memo and more importantly in the morning. an alarm clock! This dock will be perfect for me. Thanks crackberry!!!

The charging pod for the BlackBerry are great! I have found they can save the usb port as well. I would find one very useful for use with my 8330.

I just got my Bold 9700 this week. I love the phone. I need a charging pod so badly. Spent all my $$$$ on the phone and need the pod. My wife is very tight with the $$$. Please help me out and let me win?

I hate plugging and unplugging my phone to charge it. Afraid if I get one I will have to get several more cause I have multiple chargers around my house lol. One by my bed, one next to couch in living room and one at my computer desk. 9000 battery dies fast lol.

My first reason for having a charging pod is the simple reason that it'll remind me to charge my phone every time I see it especially before bed so I don't wake up late because of my dependency on the cell phone alarm. 2nd reason is my dog... she seems to be unable to see the phone when flat on my desk and always knocks it over but my lamp or water bottle seems to always be untouched. A nice charging pod will be the solution to my problems!

I've had charging issues with my Curve 8330 and my Bold 9000 where the charge port was getting loose and I ended purchasing charging docks for both devices... Thank goodness I ordered those or else I would have more than likely ruined my USB port on both devices!!!

Every other week I receive a podcast of series of lectures that I need to keep up with my CMEs. I usually listen to them while working on my desk and my BB Storm2 does a great job with its loudspeaker. It will be nice to have a dock for it. It will serve as a nice display for showing off pics too. Who wouldn't want to enjoy work and play?

A charging pod is a great solution to the problem I often encounter. Although the adapter is plugged into the wall, the cable often slides off the dresser and falls behind it.

It is the best accessory to have. I had one when I owned the 8320 and I was loving it. Now I have the 9700 and would love a pod for it. Especially for work where I can place it in the pod right in front of me and not have to worry that my boss would hear my cell rattle on the desk when it vibrates.

We have four Blackberrys and a Motorola Cliq in the house. You would think I wouldn't have a problem finding a charging cord, right? Noooooooo - my wife and kids constantly 'borrow' mine when they can't fine theirs. Almost every night, when I go to retire, I have to trek to one of the other rooms in the house to find a cord. If you give me a charging pod, I promise to: a) glue the cord to it so it cannot be removed and b) glue the thing to the side table next to my bed so that I will always know where it is.


a charging pod would save me from having to find my micro usb cable in the middle of the night in the darkness where i always manage to hurt myself,so a charging pod would make life easier

My girlfriend has commandeered the only charger we have for our two 9700's and now I'm stuck waiting for her to not be using it. Which is never!!

This would help make optimized my nightstand, i can clear it up by ditching the regular alarm clock and using the one built into my 8330.

AH I need this. I hate looking for my power cord in the dark, and then when I do find it, I hate messing up the socket by smashing it in, not knowing which direction is correct.

With Bedside Mode enabled, this would refocus my night light so it is directional towards our twins' cribs instead of just pointing up to the ceiling. In its current state I use it to find my target and then walk over to grab the cryer. This would allow for much easier collection of an fussy child :)

i keep my charger on my dresser and my blackberry is my alarm clock but i can never see what time it is unless i get out of bed and check because the screen is facing the ceiling. this charging pod would make it much easier for me to see the screen and it would make sleeping much easier as i would have to just roll over and look at my 9700 on its charging pod.

This would be an awesome accesory to have. My little brother seems to always take my phone and hides it. Never do i yell at him or get mad, this charging pod i can put somewhere safe and very convenient for me. thanks

After a long day nobody wants to come home and try to plug your phone in! You try to plug it in one way and it doesn't fit, so you have to try the other until it finally works. Plus it can be sort of hard to take the plug out later. A charging pod would also be a nice desktop item. When I'm not using my BlackBerry, I could just simply drop it in the snug charging pod. That is what my new BlackBerry Bold 9700 definitely needs! Plus you could just grab it off and quickly send out a message or make a call and put it right back onto it's charging cradle. Oh so nice! It's such a little thing that people don't think about often, but once you have it, it makes SUCH a big deal! This is definitely for me! I'm in desperate need of one! Hopefully I'll win! Thanks so much CrackBerry! :)


I've already lost the wired headset. The cats have gotten through the outer layer, but I'm afraid they will get electrocuted. For the sake of my cat's lives (how ever many they have) please send me the charging pod! Btw, this was sent from my BBold 9700. ;)

I really like the one I had for my 9000... Now only if i could get Crackberry to send me one for my 9700. :)

BTW; Nice review..

I blame my nightstand for the death of my Pearl. Too many nights have I reached for my BB in the dark to check the time, only to have it drop on to the hardwood floor. Because of this, it has spent many nights somewhere under my bed. This makes for an unfortunate morning for me as the alarm on the phone is blaring, and I'm desperately crawling under the bed trying to find it. A charging pod would keep my phone safe, and also keep me out from under the bed.

It would be nice for my BB to stand upright instead of lying on my night stand. Then I can just look up at it when I'm lying in bed, instead of grabbing it then hitting the trackpad so the screen comes on.

I would LOVE to have a charging pod like this one. I would really like to see who is calling me early in the morning without reaching over and angling my phone up, often hitting the answer button BY MISTAKE!

Good luck all!

I actually have been shopping for one of these pods. I'm tired of having to plug my phone in every night. The mini jack is already showing wear & tear, besides this way I could actually have my phone standing up in my night table.
Please count me in and thanks for the contest!

Well I fight dragons that get in my room and I wanna just run to my bedstand and just wannna easily slip in my Bold 9700 into a charging port so I can go back to my daily lifestyle of saving the world (from my room). And I don't have time to find a charging plug and make sure Im plugging it in properly, cause Demons don't care if you have a BlackBerry (Since they are very rude when trying to kill you). And when I get a facebook notification or text, I wanna see my Red LED light flashing since it will be standing upright and when I do see it the "FINSIH HIM!!!" sound goes off in my head and I know to kill the demon and finish my level in Demon's Soul (The twist!) and get to my Blackberry! lol =)

How important this charging pod for me.. How simple this life if we can charging with wireless.. Yes it is.. With charging pod.

I really need this,

  • 1. My regular charger is kinda getting rubbed out, so it doesn't always charge,
  • 2. It's the only way I'll finally be able to charge my BB on my night-table,
  • 3. It'll be easier for me to have my BB plugged into my laptop,
  • 4. And it'll add another thing to my BB accesory list :),

So in light of all this, I kindly ask to please be chosen as a winner for this lovely Charging Pad

i think this charging pod is pretty cool. it looks very professional. i would love to have one for my office to make my phone look more professional than it is.

I have the exact same problem that Adam had. That little USB port is tough in the dark.
On a side note the link BlackBerry Charging Pod is broken. It needs to be redone and take out the duplicate in the url.

I lose chargers like they are needles in a haystack. At least with this I could put it on my nightstand and never move it.

I previously had a BB pearl. When I upgraded, I also had to upgrade chargers because of the new tip. This would solve my alarm clock and charging probs! woop!

having this charging pod would make my life significantly better because then i dont have to worry about a silly cable falling out of my phone in the middle of the night

Great product to feature, since there's a ton of us new 9700 owners out there. I'd love to show it off on my desk with this.

I finally got a blackberry and would love to be able to see the time at night since it will be easier to see the time on my shelf. The charging pod for my Storm2 would be perfect!

I charge my Storm2 by the coach, and it seems everyday that either my dog or my 7 year old son knocks it on the ground. It would be certainly nice to have a charging pod to put on the counter.

it would definately make life easier since there is only one charger in my house and me and my brother have to share it when i get home from work and him from school :(

I'm always fumbling to grab my phone when it's plugged in charging at night. This would be a lifesaver!!

I just got the bold 9700 about a week ago and I was looking to get one of these pods. I use my phone as a clock in bedside mode at night, and while it works perfectly I have to reach over and pick up the phone to see the time. Getting one of these is inevitable, but I would love to get one for free!

This is probably one of the best accessories around. My Tour sits in its charging pod on my nightstand at night, and on my work desk during the day. I keep telling my wife she needs one... :)

Ah, my kingdom for a charger for my new Blackberry 9700. How about I trade you the 9700 charger for my 8900 charger?

Thanks for the consideration! :)

I've always wanted one of these, but I could never find one for my old 8310, and now I've got the 8520, bah! You can't get them, typical!

However, I'm getting a 9700 in two weeks, thanks for all the awesome advice on here (although it sells itself pretty well too), so I'd LOVE one of these to go with it. I've got two chargers plugged in in my house, but I'm constantly fumbling around with the cables and getting them tied up with everything else. Plus I risk damaging the microUSB port the way you have to shove it in there from time to time :/

I need one of these, pretty please? :)

With such a great battery, my 9700 doesn't need to be charged very often. But when it does, it's such a pain to plug in the USB cord. The worst thing is plugging it in while the room is dark. The damn cable always turns the wrong way on me and I have to turn on the light just to see which way the cable is facing.

How nice it would be to have a charging cradle to just drop the unit into...

let's just say that the problem of mice chewing the cord to my phone charger would be fixed if I got a hold of one of these docks. thanks! ps: It'd be nice to have an actual alarm clock (using bedside mode), too!

I broke three usb ports on my 8830 then i FINALLY got a 9630 and now i think i'm falling into the same problem. you have to be so careful when removing the cable its insane. how can i stumble home and properly charge my phone in the dark without breaking it... o i know i need this new charging pod!

oh charging pod... how i love thee... let me count the ways... :)

It will look pretty next to my bed, and I wouldn't have a hard time finding it when I'm half asleep in the middle of the night, since I'm a blackberry addict (I check my blackberry at least two times while I'm sleeping, just because)

every night i have to go and plug my phone in the dark scratching the side almost everytime just because i can not see what im doing. (yea i could turn the light on but i have to much crap in the way of getting to it between my charger and the switch) so if i had one of this it would make my life so much easier and i wouldn't be messing up the mini usb slot and i wouldn't be scratching my baby. if im picked or not i hope whoever gets it really needs it. thanks

my cables keep getting twisted and my phone falls off my desk a lot and well thats not good and on top of that my pets pull the cables all over the place. this would make it much easier if i just had a dock and didnt have to have my phone in a awkward position as to where it could fall. hook it uuup!

This charger will be great for me when i go to bed on my night stand an at work on my desk .. my charging woe is when iam at work i have to use usb cable sometimes takes longtime to charge ..

Ripped my charger out of my wall the other morning trying to play brickbreaker, make it so it doesn't happen again =)

Well, one night I was havin' a lil' bit of fun with the girlfriend. And during the, ahem, chaos, my phone got knocked off of the night stand and broke the usb port. If I were to perhaps, have had a charger for said 9700, then maybe we would have just had a fallen phone (RIP) instead of a busted port.


I would love one for my Storm Classic. This would work nice so my wife when she unplugs her Storm mine would still charge.

She leaves early in the morning and by the time i leave in the afternoon my battery is low due she sometimes unplugs mine. I stream music all night long and download podcasts from my podtrapper so it is always sucking energy.

i don't know if it's a woe but i'm just worried that my usb will break since i'm constantly plugging/removing the usb cable from my phone. i'm always finding new wallpapers and tones i want to use. i'll plug in my usb to transfer the files, unplug, find another file i want to transfer, plug my usb back into the phone, repeat. on top of that, i have to worry about plugging the usb into the phone to charge.

I need this charging pod! I am a college student living in a dorm room. My bed is lofted above my desk (think bunk bed but the bottom is a desk). I have a small shelf attached to my bed where I put my blackberry and glasses at night when I sleep. Almost every night, my charging cable falls behind my bed. I do not usually realize this until my glasses are off and the lights are turned off. This story usually ends with me climbing down out of my bed, blindly clamoring under my desk and angrily struggling to push the wire up to the little shelf next to my bed. I usually hit my head on something. On some nights, I get so frustrated that I go to bed without charging my Blackberry, which we all know is disastrous.

I am currently using a Blackberry 8820 but just today I ordered a brand new Bold 9700. This pod with its convenient and stable charging solution along with the bedside mode feature found on the Bold 9700 will allow me to go to bed peacefully, get a better sleep, do better in school and eventually go on to spread Blackberry goodness throughout the world. This spread of RIM technology throughout the world will make people happier and more efficient and help bring about world peace.

The End. Pick Me.

Ok, just bought powermat to charge my BB - what a waste. takes more time to do that then to just plug it in. There has to be an easier way. When I travel, I forget my charger, so having charging pod would be awesome because I can throw it right in my purse! I would just adore one.
thanks much

i can never find my usb plug since it is hidden behind my bed! this charging pod would be great since i could truly use it as bedside clock as well as a charging tool!

I lose my cable behind the bed everytime i unplug my phone... One would think i would learn from my mistakes... But that is not the case. This would certainly remedy my dillema. (Y)

Yes are nightmares, many nights I'm using my 8900 as a flashlight to find my usb charging cable. Trying to find the cable, not including making sure I'm plugging it in the right way. I could agree the charging stands can be very useful. I'd definitely be toting my from home to work with me when I'm working extra hours or on the various odd hours I work.

Hoping I win one that'll work with my Curve 8900.

This would be great as I've just lost my charging cord and all I have now is my car charger :(

So I always charge my phone next to my pillow at works really well, except when I unplug it in the morning and the cord inevitably falls behind the bed. When night comes again I have to pull the nightstand away from the bed and then the bed away from the wall and fish it out. It sucks. Give me something to stand on my nightstand! Save me!

Well charging pod in my life would make my life ALOT Eassier BECAUSE i sleep on my blackberry every night. I'll try and my blackberry on top of my dresser, but ill knock it off when i reach for my ihome. Other nights I've dropped my phone without even knowing it because i moved and the phone fell off the bed.

Other moments while im actually conscious, I had to charge my phone quick to leave to go somewhere and i was geting ready and tripped over the phone's cable while geting a shirt from my dresser because the phone was laying on my bed and i forgot i had it charging. As a result the phone fell to the hardwood floor and came unplugged, but also left me with a bruise on my knee.

There are a few more stories but to end it short, The charging pod would be very convenient and make my life a whole lot easier, another experience would be when my puppies tried eating my blackberry because it was charging on my bed while i was geting ready for work. So PLEASE PICK ME!!! :) it would make my life run by so much smoother!!

My poor daughter has missed the bus 4 times now because I hit dismiss instead of snooze. She loves to ride the bus, the last time she was hysterical because she couldn't ride with her friends. I have a storm and those buttons are way to close together, if I had a charging dock I'd be able to see what I was pressing.