BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win a Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot

By Adam Zeis on 15 Dec 2010 12:54 pm EST

Contest: Fight the holiday dead-battery blues - Win a Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Charger for your device! Details Below.

Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Slot

We go through our daily grind, BlackBerry in hand, texting, emailing, using BBM etc. The worst thing that can happen is having your battery go out when you need it most. To help solve the issue, many (like Bla1ze) carry a spare battery for emergencies. But that leaves the question - how do you charge it? With the Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot you no longer have to worry. Charge your device and that extra battery at night or in your downtime, and you'll be good to go when you need it. No more separate charging pod and battery charger -- here you have an all-in-one. Need a spare battery as well? Not to worry! We have you covered on that one too -- check out our full selection. The cradle is available for most devices from for just $24.95, but if you leave a comment on this post you could win one of your very own! Keep reading for details!


To enter to win a Mobi Products Charging Cradle for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how this cradle would help you. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win a Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot



It would sit very proudly on my desk in the office. Since I use both the laptop and the Torch simultaneously, it will make the 'Berry a bit handier than it is right now (just lying on the desk). And a spare battery charger? Who hasn't gotten the dreaded "red battery" icon when one is expecting several important emails or phone calls?

I hope i win, but I am not in the US now, so might be a bit expensive for u guys to ship it to me, anyways if I do win, I am willing to pay for the shipping :) ty

Sure would be nice to have one of these on my bedside table.

Please pick me.

Thank you for this opportunity.

I have a spare battery and no where to charge it. My torch could also use a place to sit in my office.

Please make my spare battery and torch happy

Please and thank you. Anything that would help me charge my phone every night would be excellant. My Torch charger is about to bite the dust... It's buzzing and making funny noises.

Please help me!

Thank you CB.

Pretty please pick me. Even though the lowest my Torch has gotten after working from 6am to 1am is 10%, I want to have a backup charged battery so I don't have to sacrifice listening to my music to ensure that my Torch stays alive. Soo, please pick me. Thank you for this contest and all of the others as well! :D

I could use this cradle for my office when its connected to computer to sync my windows emails,tasks, calender etc. plus as an alarm clock in the morning and maybne even a video stand :)
awesome ! count me in :)

finely, I want be panicked when i forget to charge my torch at night, if I'll make it trough the next day.

This comment would help me wake up. Instead of fumbling around trying to find my phone to turn off my alarm, I'll see the time before I push snooze inadvertently and wake up when I'm supposed to.

Reallly need one... hate fumbleing around at night trying to plug in the phone with the USB port!

Man this would be a great accessory to win. Not too often do I forget to bring my charger and/or USB cable, but it would be great to leave it at home, especially when i'm in the office. This would be my permanent charging source and it will keep my Torch from just lying around and getting lost under paperwork.

I use my blackberry for everything. So I bought 4 extra battery for my Blackberry if I get this dock then I don't have to get up in the middle of the night so I could exchange my batter so I could get all my battery charge to start my day.

This would realy help I upgraded froma storm and the torch doesn't fit in the old cradle and I carry a spare battery charger, this would be awesome.

Working in the EMS field, I have to have a reliable phone with a reliable battery. Sadly, the Torch's battery isn't quite as good as my 9700's, so I'm considering buying a spare battery. This would definitely help keep me connected with my bosses and with the emergency departments I have to call in advance when bringing in patients for care. :)

If you own a Blackberry and are a BB Junkie - then there is no need to explain why this is needed! :)


I was using a Seidio charging cradle, but after the third one didn't work, I gave up. I'd love to try a different brand! Please enter me in the contest! Thanks

i would love one of these....since my addiction are blackberries and yesterday was my birthday. so can ya pick me please???

I am new to blackberry and despite reading reviews about the batteries dying quickly, I purchased one anyway. This would be a nice accessory for my new blackberry phone.

Would look good on my desk. Reduce a little clutter and eliminate the some of the extra usb cord that's always getting in the way.

My BB battery never lasts a full day, even with the extended one, so it would be great to have a charging cable at work and THIS charger at home! I would love it. So I really hope I win this contest. I cannot afford to buy myself anything at Christmas time, so this would be the only present I would get! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

I'm a young, aspiring app developer. I really have no budget for my hobby. It took awhile just to acquire a couple 9800's for testing. I also have backup batteries, here's were I could really use this cradle, I can't seem to keep my spares charged. It's hard to keep track & charge my spares everynight. Not with this bad boy! Please CB show me some love...

This would be great for me. I notice that the battery life for the Torch is not the greatest, so to have such a convenient way to charge it would be great! Plus, I could get a spare battery and keep it charged as well so i could last a full day without charging chords. :-)

This would be great for me. I notice that the battery life for the Torch is not the greatest, so to have such a convenient way to charge it would be great! Plus, I could get a spare battery and keep it charged as well so i could last a full day without charging chords. :-)

This is phat and would be a sweet accessory especially since there are 3 blackberrys in my house and 5 batteries

Sign me up! I'm always setting my phone down and walking away only to come back to find the battery life diminished. Setting it in one spot to charge would be sweet.

This is a life saver. I am alwaus surfing checking my facebook and crackberry. On my torch it is always a drain. So please keep me in the loop.

this will help me have my 2 batteries charged @the same time. i really dont like having to change my battery and come to find out its as dead as the one i just pulled out. SMH, with this device i can have one charged and ready to go. No more forgetting to charge the replacement. Thank you for the contest,


I always carry a spare battery in my purse. A couple days a week I need to use it and every time (without fail) its only about half way charged. I always make sure its fully charge before putting it in my purse (charging one battery then the other) but it always loses charge. If I could just charge it each night it would make things so much better. Going through two batteries completely in a day is frustrating when it shouldn't have happened if the back up had held its charge.

Let's just face it; with a Torch and it's touch screen, a cradle would be the perfect solution to sync my BB without worrying about it sliding off the desk and dying. A working Blackberry is a happy Blackberry.

This is perfect setup for the alarm clock my phone works as. And being in the military this thing is a traveling alarm clock for me this dock would be a lot better then proping it up aginst a lamp.

It will keep my Bold looking slim and trim so I don't have to get the Seidio fatty extended battery.

This would definitely help me. I work in various hospitals and travel for my job. A lot of time my battery is dead when I leave because of the lead lined walls in the Radiology department and the hotels do not have enough plugs to charge my phone. The outlets are usually across the room from the bed, and I like to use the alarm on my phone!

i got the 9550 an so always have a spare battery..would be so glad if i could win this to charge both..rahter than to have to take the charged battery out an charge the next one..=)

I am a Chinese living in BeiJing.I love BB9700.I use my 9700 near all day.It is easy to be out of battery.This cradle is necessary for me and my 9700.

I would love to get this for myself or my bf as we just got new phones as an early xmas present, but alas can't really afford all the accessories to go with new phones.

Just got my first smart phone and I love my Blackberry Torch!!! I need one please, please, please!!

Placing my torch in the cradle will look great on my desk at work. The extra battery slot will come in handy too!

Good luck everyone! :)

I need one very much, please! I'm a single mom with my own fledgling business at home, and this would be awesome for me! Thank youuuuuuuu!!!

I would consider myself a heavy user of my crackberry! And now that I have the torch, its even worse!! I use it as a GPS, mp3 player, game console, and much more!!! If I wasn't on it so much I wouldn't have to charge my battery everynight... Ooorrr!!! I could have this, and never have to worry about that! It would be FANTASTIC!!!!

Now when I'm out later than expected I will not have to worry a bout my wife trying to call me. This product will save many relationships.... Lol

I would help me make use of my 9000 battery (wife broke the phone itself, so all that's left is battery). That would give me 4 days without having to charge on my 9700 with minimal to moderate use! Good luck to all.

I use my berry a lot and because of the subway it loses a lot of power trying to find signal, I would like this very much.

I hope I win this item. My Blackberry Torch's battery life isn't great as I use it for schoolwork and work. It's not practical for me to constantly switch batteries and charging them separately the night before.


If I had that cradle, all the chicks that came in to my room would be like wow, that's a BlackBerry Torch in a cradle. I should take my clothes of for you.

I have a wired car..liquid cooled, dual core PC in the trunk running access is thru my Curve 3G. This would look awesome (and functional) mounted on the center console!

This would be an awesome thing to have in the work truck. We're at the point of the year where all our jobs are over 100 miles away and the gps takes the only slot for my car charger. This could put an end to having a dead phone by noon every day...

I would be down for this. I am always plugging and unplugging my phone so its a matter of time till my micro usb takes a crap on me.

would be awesome to charge my extra battery while charging my BB 9700 at my desktop, so I can double battery life especially at the weekend, when there is less time to charge

I'll take one. I travel 80% for work and would love a solution that charges both the phone and a spare battery at the same time.

My Storm 2 battery struggles to last the day with all the apps I've got on it so a Mobi Products cradle would be a great Christmas present for myself ;)

I rarely ever clean my desk and when I put my BlackBerry down I often lose it in the clutter. A cradle would be a perfect way for me to keep track of my precious CrackBerry! :)

I've wanted a cradle for my 9700 for a long time. This'd be a great Christmas present... for me!


This would be the answer to a daily problem for me. my blackberry and my to-do-matrix program. I just need more battery! Thanks Crackberry!

My Mobi Cradle

The Mobi Products cradle, the one offered here,
should be gifted to me for reasons quite clear.

My BB Storm battery, drained from abuse,
lies dormant, quite useless, from all of her use:

Bluetooth, music & movies to see,
twenty one apps and just two of them free.

Email, news, weather and sports,
BB messages and texting (of course).

GPS for the fun and peace of mind,
in finding the places I seek but can't find.

It's another great feature I have on my phone -
but when it's enabled - I use it alone!

GPS tracking on my phone is much fun,
but after two hours my batteries done!

The cradle will help my phone be her best
all features enabled and no battery rest.

Keep up the great work and thanks to CrackBerry and Mobi Products for this giveaway!

It would help me by not letting my Tour die in the middle of work emails and scheduling my employees!

Hey! This is the perfect accessory for my Bold! I just missed a very important call this week due to a dead battery. Keep up the great work on the site!

The only place I can charge my phone is on my desk and every time some one calls or I get a message and I'm not around it vibrates and falls off of the desk to the floor:-( I've resorted to putting a pillow under my desk. I want to use my pillow again! This would be so helpful.

My home office desk ends up being fairly crowded, and when I have my phone plugged into the regular charging cord, it always gets knocked off the table. Having the charging set will give the BB a defined 'table-space', thus allowing the BB to remain where it is supposed to be!

These days i'm carrying 2 spare batteries for my 8530 and I have to do multiple swaps to get them charged every night. This would save me that 10 minute restart on my BB each time I swap my battery just to charge em when I get home.

This would be so much more convenient then swaping out batteries all night to get them all fully charged. Pick me pick me !

It would save me the embarrassment of having an expensive smartphone that is always dead when I really need it!

I'm mobile, and very very very very online person __is it right? 'online person'__ i've stayed from one place to another just to find electricity for charging.. it would be nice to have two battery for my blackberry, but the promblem is, what if both of them start to run out? i need this one, so when my blackberry still on, this mobi acc start his job with my second battery.. :) please pick me pick me pick me!

this would help me because 1) my phone wouldnt be going dead all the time when im at school or work, and 2) I would definitely stop dropping my phone as much. if im lucky enough to have one it would trully be a blessing

this would save me from always having 2 batteries that are either 1/2 charged or dead ... nothing like looking bad in front of the boss when your phone dies

Can't tell why this is still up here, I thought this goes until sunday. Which Sunday? I would buy this if I didn't win. I am addicted to my BB Torch, as a tech guy, Always tethered and on the phone.

This would help me a lot. My BB often runs out of battery before the end of the day, occasionally in emergency times. This thing would solve the problem. :)