BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win a Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot

By Adam Zeis on 15 Dec 2010 12:54 pm EST

Contest: Fight the holiday dead-battery blues - Win a Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Charger for your device! Details Below.

Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Slot

We go through our daily grind, BlackBerry in hand, texting, emailing, using BBM etc. The worst thing that can happen is having your battery go out when you need it most. To help solve the issue, many (like Bla1ze) carry a spare battery for emergencies. But that leaves the question - how do you charge it? With the Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot you no longer have to worry. Charge your device and that extra battery at night or in your downtime, and you'll be good to go when you need it. No more separate charging pod and battery charger -- here you have an all-in-one. Need a spare battery as well? Not to worry! We have you covered on that one too -- check out our full selection. The cradle is available for most devices from for just $24.95, but if you leave a comment on this post you could win one of your very own! Keep reading for details!


To enter to win a Mobi Products Charging Cradle for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how this cradle would help you. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win a Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot



I had a few chargings pods for work and home. Would definitely to give this a try. Didn't even know this existed before. Thx!

I am a very busy homeschooling Mama of 5! My Torch is always with me and it would be awesome to have more charging options!!!

I could really use this charging cradle next to my bed so I don't knock it on to the floor every morning. I keep entering every contest you put up involving a dock/cradle for my Torch - maybe I'll get lucky this time :) !

Why I need it?
You answer that with the statement in the ad:
Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot you no longer have to worry.
case closed!

This cradle will help me with my transition from my 8830 to the torch. I had a cradle for my 8830, and it was a huge timesaver. My 8830 was always charged, and I always had a fully charged spare battery for a quick change when I didn't have time to let my blackberry sit to charge. Having this cradle for my new torch will help with my transition, especially as I see my old 8830 cradle sitting dust-covered on my desk.

This would help me!
Love my bb I bbm, txt, email, and go on the web a lot!!
Have a spare battery and it sucks to have to put one battery in my bb charge it and then take it out and put the spare in so it can charge up also.
Would love to win this!!!
My 9700 needs sum love too! :D

A cradle with a spare battery charger would be great because the only way I can charge a second battery now is to use the phone. Not good if I want to start the day with two fully charged batteries and go all day without access to electricity!

with the os6 leak, my battery can drain like mad sometimes on the 9700 so the ability to charge a spare battery AND the existing one in the phone would be a life saver

I travel a lot for my job. In and out of airports, hotels, and offices. My battery almost always is on it's last leg before I have the chance to charge it. This device will CERTAINLY relieve a ton of stress and anxiety when trying to finish that last email and not to rush that important phone call!

I'd like one cause my battery gets drained so I have a spare battery... but I need to do a battery pull everytime I charge it so this would help a lot! :)

This would help me a lot for work. In addition to using my Torch for personal use, I use it a lot for business as well. I write a lot of emails on this thing, communicate with a few coworkers, wife, etc. There has been more than one occasion that i wore my battery out before the day was over. This would definitely help!

Wow oh wow, could I ever use this? Thank you CB and Mobi for the chance to win this baby. Christmas will be sooo much nicer if you pick me for this one!

I have a Torch - which goes through battery power like water - and I have an extra battery for it but I never use it because I don't have a chance to charge it.
This cradle would let me keep my second battery charged and it would turn my beloved Torch into a great nightstand clock!
So much Win in that it's unbelievable!!!


This cradle would help me a lot.... I don't have a desktop charger right now, so I have to spent 5 hours without my BB just to charge them both... very frustating..

This would really help me because I'm always on the move. I have the BB Torch and my it loses battery fast somedays. The other day when I needed it for work, I had charged it the night before, it stopped working at around 6PM. This would be really helpful. Thanks guys!

Hope I win!

Although in the 4 days I've had my Torch I haven't used up a battery yet (usually get two days between charges), I'd still love to have one. Kudos to Crackberry for helping a BBy newbie get up and running!

this cradle will help in stopping disputes with my wife who always happens to not know where her charger always is.

This cradle will holster my baby when it slumbers so I can sit idly by and admire how beautiful and safe my BB device *ahem*, baby, is...I am such a proud father, please give my baby this home

Consider this our Xmas gift from CB...make our house a home

The cradle will looks good together in my desk with my lovely 8520's on top of the cradle while charging and a spare battery slot would save much more space to put my blackberry and spare batteries together!
So count me in CB!!

an amazing product so it looks...

this would be great for my home office where i can use it to its full potential.

would be great to have this.

That would be great little Christmas present for me. I'm trying to develop a routine of syncing my Torch every night and I was already considering buying that cradle to make it easier.


I would love to have this. I would be torn from using it at the office or on my nightstand. I would LOVE to have to make that decision. Please choose me!

Oh... need a charger like this one. it's look nice if i have it in my office, i can easily to charge my torch with this cool accessory.

That's exactly what I need on my nightstand to get me through the next day. I rarely make it on a single battery. Make me a winner!

My wife loves the elegant look of the BlackBerries but hates the ugly look of the charger and the dangly cables. This would keep the peace in our house; as there would be one less thing for her to grumble at. :)

This comment will allow me to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

In all seriousness: my BB is on wifi all day, so it needs a charger.

would love this cradle to have at office for syncing with desktop manager while charging backup battery for long bus rides:)

Would be awesome for my torch as I can charge my phone and the spare batt at the same time for the extra juice boost!

I would love to know that I don't have to ever have to worry about having a fully charged phone battery again. This would especially be nice when traveling or at work. There is always that day when everything is going and suddenly you notice the LOW battery warning. This would be an awesome addition for my Blackberry.

It will helpme to charge my spare battery and it can charge same time with my device. Make my life become easy. Thanks mobi and crackberry santa

This would really be a nice addition to my Torch. Plus it would be nice to actually have a spare battery fully charged whenever it is needed.

if i were to win this i would use it to charge my blackberry 9700 and my 2 other extra batteries! i use my phone a lot especially during class and at work when i need it most to communicate since i do have a retail job. i would like to charge my battery so that whenever i run out of battery life in most important life, like when i was in an airport and my battery ran out, then i can use my spare charged battery!

When my device reaches the 20% battery warning threshold, I start to go nervous, out of breath, a choking sensation on my throat, almost at the point of passing out.

This Mobi Products Cradle with Extra Battery Slot could mean a longer life for me and my BlackBerry :)

In addition, my wife has been getting jealous quite a bit now as I seem to cradle my BlackBerry more than I cradle her.

What would you do?

Being a CrackBerry Addict, having a way to charge a spare battery would be like a dream coming true! Begone car chargers, this would be a lifesaver.

I use my phone almost 24 hours. With my children all in different states an different time zones well I'm on my phone a lot so when the phone dies in the middle of a conversation well, I'm not happy. This would be a great holiday gift. Thank you CB.

I have been working day and night to try to grow my skills and products as a new member of the Blackberry developer community. This product would quite simply improve my life; in AND outside of work. Thanks for the opportunity!

The extra battery slot gonna help me going through my day. Since I'm a hardcore bb user and I usually need to recharge it during the day. This cradle gonna help me save the hassle!

This cradle would help me soooooo much! When handling my newborn, a lot of tasks become one-handed task and havin this cradle would help w/me not having to find my charger!

How would it help well the thing that comes 2 mind is by having an extra battery that means that when I change over batteries I no longer have 2 worry about "when should I do battery pulls" so it will help keep my device running better so that's how I would use the cradle w/the extra battery slot thx guys

this would always be on my working desk always showing me the time in just a glance. Keeps my media playing to help me relax and without losing the battery life. and when i'm out of the office, the spare battery is always charged and ready for blackberry action!

well im a text-a-holic and love to IM my friends so this would be very helpful by the mid afternoon my battery is dead so if i had this craddle it would make my life a heck of a lot easier :)

i could use this since i have a desk and a night table close by each other so i can easily use my phone while its charging!

This would be sick to have at home! so i can charge my BB at any floor of the house. Need this, choose me :)

I would love to have this cradle it would allow me to stop carrying around the data cable as a charger since I'm too cheap to buy a car charger.

Just in time for Christmas, I'd love to give this to my dad who has a Torch he would love this cradle!! Would be awesome to simply put your torch on this cradle and watch a movie while it charges or something as it serves as a stand and charger.
Thx CrackBerry

I would love this item. With it, I would never have to worry about my battery going dead. I'd use it on my nightstand so it can charge overnight and my phone would double as an alarm clock. The added benifit of a spare battery charger, would give me the added protection I'd need. Please can I have one?

Would be perfect for my new years Torch. I listen to music and podcasts while working so an extra fully charged battery would be just the thing. With a nice stand, I could get rid of the clock radio that's been there since the 80s.

They have one for the Torch - outstanding. Please enter me in the contest and thanks to MobiHand for contributing the prize and CrackBerry for hosting the contest. Merry Christmas everyone and Good Luck to all who entered.

Since i got married and my wife moved over to my place, she hijacked my night table and I have no other choice to lay my brand new torch on the floor under our bed.

OMG I love it...I wouldn't have to leave my phone charging when I leave the office. And there are so many of us with blackberries there, this would be pretty handy.
So pick me, pick me ☺

this cradle would help me stop losing my extra battery when i need it most, as well as making sure both are ready to walk out the door, which currently is rarely, if ever, the case

It would be nice to have as a standalone alarm clock. My alarm clock broke and this would be the best thing to have for my BB.

While not as classy looking as RIM's Charging Pod, it is more useful. Heck, the fact that it looks like you could use with a case on is a huge bonus!

I might as well try.....this woud be helpful in the office to charge before hitting the road again

Would love to have this! I use my blackberry brutally through out the day with streaming media, conference calls on the way to and from work, and of course the GPS use is a definite killer for my 9700. This would help get through day without having to stay in the office eating cup of noodles just to charge my blackberry. Overall, it will keep me on the go!


it would help me charge my phone and my spare battery so i can listen to slacker at work and not worry about weather the spare is charged or not

It will help preserve my blackberry charging port longer. No more constant in/out of the usb charger. I hope the wear and tear is minimum.

Dear Santa...Really trying not to push my luck but Santa, if you could, please let my wish come true.. i promise not to call your raindears old or you fat again.. Sincerely, KemiMarie

I really need this. I'm really having a problem with the battery for my Bold. Even though I charge it overnight, its down to 1/2 charge by noon. This would be a life saver. That's the practical side.
On the fun side, It would look pretty cool on my desk at work. I hope I win.

Oh boy, this cradle will help me a lot since I'm always outside; school, soccer practice, work, and last but not least home. Make my life easier lol

Why do i need this cradle?
I tend to check the time on my Blackberry clock (while charging) whenever I wake up in the middle of the night. since i am 3/4 asleep when i do so i tend to drop my Berry to the ground when trying to out it back with some regrettable consequences.

The cradle not only would abolish the need to reach for my Berry with my hand, but also I would only need to blink an eye for a split second to check the time.

.... So that's the reason the guys from will give me this cradle.

I love my BB and am totally addicted. It would be great not to have to carry the USB cable to work all the time. And it looks cool, too. I'm always showing everyone my 3G Curve. Pick me, please.

I always forget to bring my charger when I go home for the weekend from school, having an extra battery and charger would be amazing!

this would help me greatly since the torch's battery life isn't great! can carry a spare around at all times!

This would be great to put next to my bed or even on my desk so i dont have to go all across the room to get my blackberryy which would make me a happy man! Pick me please!

I would use it just as you say.... to charge that second battery without having to swap it into my phone.


That would be freaking sweet!!! When im in class all day my battery dies in a hurry and if I am stranded on campus no one knows by the end of the day! This would be a great prize to win!


1. Turning my Blackberry into a bedside alarm clock
2. Charging my phone
3. Looking great on my nightstand
4. Allowing me to dock my blackberry instead of plugging it in and putting it on the floor
5. By docking it I won't have to worry about bumping the cord and sliding it across a surface that could scratch it and then it falling onto the floor
6. Making me really happy because I wanted this for Christmas but didn't have anyone to get me it!!

This item would really be useful for all BB users.
In detail, just would love to use it especially when I'm away for travel matters. Moreover, it's also good looking! Well done, CB!

The wife and I just upgraded to the torch for each of us (1 black, 1 white). We would take turns charging a torch on the cradle and then the spare would be for the other torch's battery. Charging both at once, it would be awesome.

As a BB virgin, this would be the 1st accessory for a new Torch. Just switched from Nokia. Going thru the BB learning curve.

For me, winning the Mobi Products Cradle w/Spare Battery Charger will keep me connected to my children without having to worry about my phone dying. Furthermore, winning the Mobi is like winning the lottery Crackberry style!

Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot allows me to use my Torch without having the fear of it running out of battery. As I travel a lot between cities, by bus or by train, I can just swap the spare battery that is already charged using the Spare Batter Slot when needed. With the cradle, I can just put my Torch on the table and make it as a clock or even while watching mobile TV. 1 charger, 2 Batteries, there isn't anything better than that.

Currently I don't have a charging cradle yet, so if I can win this one then it's pretty sweet! Then I would probably need to buy an extra battery to fill the slot on this cradle ;-)

As a half blind person who cant drive I travel a lot by bus and train and several times a year I take Greyhound from CA to FL. With most busses not having AC outlets having extra batteries is a must. If I won this I would be able to charge my batteries prior to travel without having to leave my phone at home the day before. This would help me a lot. Thanks in advance for the consideration.

Winning the cradle would eliminate the need for a mid afternoon recharge for me.. Thank you..

I am on my BB CONSTANTLY- so my spare battery comes in real handy~ it would save a ton of time as opposed to charging each one fully in my phone every day. WANT <3

wow....looks good and wouldnt be out of place in an office, functional and a great price...whats not to like about this?

lets hope santas got one for me...ho ho ho

Definitely helpful. School is busy and this will keep things more organized when I'm studying or sleeping :) besides, the cradle looks so slick!

I could finally be able to have a regular charger on my office desk instead of having to keep carrying around. I WANT THIS FOR XMAS....... LOL

This would help me a lot during those long days when I have school than have to go straight to work at night. Always almost drains the battery. Have always needed a spare. And who wants to fumble with plugging a cord in when you can put your phone on a charger

I use my Blackberry for both personal and busniess use. My battery last through most of the day but at some point I always have to either carry my home charger or charge it in the car. This charger and spare battery would make my life just a little bit easier!

This cradle would help me on my travels up the Island. I am always plugging my Blackberry into my car to get a quick charge. With the craddle and spare battery I could just charge both in the hotel room at night.


This would be great! By the time i get home at night my battery is running on E. I have an extra battery, but it difficult to charge because I'm usually to sleep by the time my Torch is charged and I don;t get the extra battery charged up!

After a long day of demoing all the great things my torch can do, I have usually killed both my batteries. This would be the perfect cradle for me!

This would be awesome, I have the original charging pod at home, this would be great to have on my desk at work and now I would be able to charge my spare battery, FINGERS CROSSED, FINGERS CROSSED, FINGERS CROSSED............. :)

Pick me please. I am always having to charge my phone throughout the day because I am always on it. I need something like this in my life. Thanks and happy holiday.

this would make my life so easier at work.....a 2 for 1......charger and clock on my desk,,,,,,

Please I wanna win

This would help me as I have to charge my Blackberry 2-3 times a day due to heavy use for work, personal life, and a small business I help run. Currently I charge my phone near the end of the work day to ensure I have enough battery life to last me the evening as well as in my car in the late evening if I have to go out for an event.

Having a cradle which charges my spare battery would be a great asset for me as I would not have to worry about being caught with a dieing Blackberry, which is a scary thought for most of us.

We all know the reputation of Torch's battery life. The Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot is great by allowing me to charge both my Torch's battery inside it and also my spare battery at the same time. Once fully charged, plug both out and I'm on the move again!

I got two batteries and one travel charger, this could really helps me with the battery issues!

I got two batteries and one travel charger, this could really helps me with the battery issues!

This would mean no more fumbling with a spare battery and changing them around for overnight charging (or forgetting to do it). I need to have the battery ready at the office which is where I seem to require it most and this would also be a good place to put the BB when I have to sync my special apps.

My Charger is just about to die right now, its making whizzing noises that sound like iam going to be abducted by UFO, by winning this all my problems and headaches will be solved, it looks sleek and besides all this my battery runs out half way through the way... I have to go through so much hassle charging one battey after the other.

I hope I win this, it would be a life changer for me

I am using my Torch for work and pleasure all the time and it never seems to stay charged long enough so to have a charging station and spare battery would keep me on top of things and not worrying about my Torch running low,

This cradle would help me a lot for traveling. We all know the torch battery isn't the best of battery life among berries so this would be perfect!