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Accessory Roundup Cyber Tuesday edition - These are a few of my favorite things

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Nov 2010 11:13 am EST

Contest: Win a $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry! Details Below.

Accessory Roundup

Save with Cyber Tuesday: We extended our Cyber Monday sale until Midnight PST tonight. Use coupon code CB1129 at checkout to save 10% on ALL BlackBerry Accessories! Start Shopping Now!

When it comes to BlackBerry accessories there are a few for me that are tried and true. Well, over the years I've actually accumulated a ton of favorites, but for the sake of this post I've narrowed it down to a few of my must-haves. I bounce between devices quite often, but I always have at least some of these on hand for every new device. If you're in the market for some great gifts for your BlackBerry loving friends and family, give these a look (and pick up a few for yourself too!). Leave a comment on this post to enter to win a $100 ShopCrackBerry.com coupon code! And if you don't want to try your luck, be sure to take advantage of our Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale.

A few of my all time Favorite BlackBerry Accessories

BlackBerry Charging Pod

BlackBerry Charging Pod

My top accessory by far, this pod keeps your device charged and at the ready when you need it. I have one on my nightstand so I can use my device as an alarm clock, and one on my desk in my office to keep me charged all day long.

BlackBerry Leather Holsters

BlackBerry Leather Holster

Who says holsters are out? I'm a big fan of having my device ready to roll, but I hate hate hate having to put it in my pocket. When it's not in my hand I have it in one of these holsters so it's never out of reach.

BlackBerry Skin Cases

BlackBerry iSkin Vibe

Sometimes I want to "style up" my device a bit and give it a different look. For that I turn to a sweet skin case. My favorite is the iSkin Vibes case since there are sooooo many colors to pick from. 

Bluetooth Speakerphone

BlackBerry Visor

I'm on the road running errands and such lots of times during the day, but like any BlackBerry addict I can't stay off my device. A sweet Bluetooth car kit like the BlackBerry VM-605 visor mount speakerphone comes in handy and will keep you from getting a ticket on the road. Better safe than sorry!

Extended Battery

BlackBerry Extended Battery

I save the best for last. We all know that most BlackBerry batteries aren't the greatest, so having a little extra juice goes a long way. I love to have one of these bad boys in my device and using the standard battery as a spare. Once you try out an extended battery your life will never be the same!


To enter to win a $100 ShopCrackBerry.com gift certificate simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us what accessories you would buy for you BlackBerry. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories

Until Next Time...

That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.


I would buy a Case Mate Barely There case for my BB friend. I have one for my Bold and it's sleek yet still shows off the nice lines of the BB. I've put the case to the test (dropped my device on kitchen tile) and not a scratch.


Crackberry for Christmas!


I'll take 100 buck worth of themes!!!...now THAT'S a contest!!! NOT sure WHAT I get for my 8530. Got a case. Maybe a few different colored OtterBox's??????


Sign me up! I need a new charger for my Storm2 and an Seidio extended battery.


Thanks for the opportunity! I am VERY pleased with some of the work on themes people are posting, and their efforts to help me. Now, the gift of the shopping spree; will be a nice thing during a very difficult month. Good luck to all! Mike


My battery dies on me when I'm bbming/txting in class all day! I would use this to buy myself a battery!


Yes I would actually use this to buy a Charging pod and buy an ottterbox for my torch plenty of accessories! I wanna win :)


I'd have to split it between the boss' BB and my own, but batteries and bluetooth would be very likely if I were to win.


I would love to have a 100 to spend...the cool stuff I could buy...

Steven Friedmann

i would get extended batteries & cases


if i had a $100 to shop at the crackberry store
i would get

of course the charging pod!!! and an iskin vibes case for my blackberry 9700 !
and last but not least, i'd get a replacement battery as mine is already dying : (

would be cool to win! thanks CB


First post from bb...need accessories.

Derwent Graphite

It would be great to have a $100 coupon to splurge on some love for my BB :)


I'm on a roll now! Gotta win!


Please pick me!!!
I would choose the charging pod, a skin case, and probably some head phones. Once AT&T gets the Bold 9780, my life will be complete!


if i was to win a charging pod for my 9800 torch and iskin purple for my wife's 9700. last thing freedom walk and talk backup batteries.


Pick me, hope i win :) my torch needs some protection.


So you're saying there's a chance?


Oh Gees!! It would be so very awesome to win. I can fill at least fill one item off my girlfriend list. I would love to win this. Awesome. Thanks CrackBerry.


Omg ok where do I start? With $100 I would definitely buy the Bold 9700 charging pod, a blue and purple iSkin and 3 extended batteries. One for myself, another for my husband and the last for my sister. Were all heavy blackberry users and it would awesome to not worry about your phone dying.

I'd also get the USB Power Plug w/ Micro USB Cable. I love the design! and its very convenient.
I also really like the leather pocket pouch. It gives a sleek, classy look to your blackberry when its not wearing the iSkin.


Extended Battery and a case


Count me in! I'd Love to buy a dock or new headphones!!


Here's to hoping my name's picked! :D


Here's to hoping my name's picked! :D


Oooooooh sweet pick me!


I have two leather case and bluetooth two bluetooth speaker , for me a charger pod is misssing to complete my equipment


i need to decorate my blackberry -- keep it warm for the winter months!


That bluetooth visor-mounted speakerfone is on the top of my phone accessories list (all the cities in my area passed bans on driving while using a cell, so it's a must), along with a waterproof case.


A spare battery...never know when I bin the current one after a battery pull...


I could use some free accessories. I wouldn't be upset if I won this.


For me having the leather holster makes the blackberry experience complete. The built in phone settings, the style, the convenience,. It's really made for each other - I wouldn't sport my blackberry with anything else.


An extra battery with Mini External Battery Charger would be most appreciated..


Would love the extended battery and Bluetooth Speakerphone. I currently only have the docking station and I LOVE IT! but on a serious note, the speakerphone would benefit me so well in the car because its always such a struggle to get my bluetooth working and probably cause more of a risk trying to get it to work rather than if i were to just talk on the phone regularly. Of course the extended battery because well.. My battery runs out pretty fast from being an avid blackberry user :P good luck everyone but I would LOVEEEEEE to win :D


i would buy a bluetooth speaker as well as a skin for my blackberry curve. a new battery would be nice as well with the desktop charger :]


Come on CrackBerry, be my new Santa!


I don't have any accessories, so they're all tempting. I think I'd go for the extended battery first, or maybe the charging pod. It's so hard to choose!


Seriously, with $100.00 gift certificate... I could go hog wild! I start with a charging dock, a new bluetooth headset, a leather slide in case and if there's anything left over I'd start looking at bluetooth stereo headphones.


I would get a charging pod with either a bluetooth headset or an extended battery for my Torch 9800


Oh, the possibilities. An extended battery. A bluetooth headset. A charging pod.

itr themes

100 bucks in the CB store would be the best Christmas gift to myself ever! well...I guess I might let my wife pick something out too. :P


I just got a new phone, $100 would be a nice Xmas present.


I would be all about having a new bluetooth and an extended life battery. I can't stay off my blackberry and having these tools would make christmas extra sweet!


I need a sweet case or skin for my Torch and the charging dock. Please, I'd love to be selected for this.


Great offer, thanks!!!


Charging pod...iskin vibes...torch to light the way>>>>


I'd have to go with the Motorola Oasis Bluetooth Headset. I just bought my first Blackberry. The Curve 3G on AT&T and I'd love to deck it out with a crackberry shopping spree. The absolute first thing I'd need though is not to get a ticket for driving while not being hands free. As I anticipate never being able to let my crackberry go... ;)


I LIKE THE iSKIN..............YAAAY............


Hi, Thanks for posting a competition for everyone,
I have a holster but it's really hard to get the phone out of every time you want to answer a call/ check a message. So i would probably buy a skin and a holster, plus an extended battery because i do like using my blackberry as an alarm and i am always forgetting to charge my phone.


Wow! Crack me in for this all the way!


If I win the code, I'd go with a Torch Charging station, an extended battery and possibly a hard case..


this would be an amazing christmas gift to win!!!!


Wow would love to break the loosing streak with this prize. Thanks CB. Goodluck to all. BTW, whatever happened to the ColorWare Torch?


Of course the biggest problem is trying to decide what you would have if you win


really need to get some new gear for my phone!


I would buy another Charging POD for myself and one for the wife. That Bluetooth visor clip looks interesting as well. Getting tired of my headset. Crackberry ROCKS!!


If I could, I would take one of everything. I just got a storm 2 as a warrenty replacement from my storm one so this would be handy. I would go with the extended battery and a charging pod or a body glove!


I think that I'm the only one who never won anything.


wow ...if i win this i know quite a few friends that would be happy with the gifts i could get them. =D


Thanks for the contest, CB!


I would buy a new charging pod, extended battery, and a new color skin for my blackberry if i win!


I would love the charging dock and a bluetooth headset! Thanks Crackberry for all of the great contests!


Would love to get an extended battery for my Tour if I win this contest!


just got a new bold 9780, white... now i need to get it an outfit!


Thanks for the giveaway. I will use the coupon to buy a new casing and battery for my Blackberry.


I'd get the Jabra Cruiser II Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone for BlackBerry Torch 9800


I would like a piece of that!


I would like a piece of that!


... To win so that I could get a gift for a friend - and use the remains to get something for me ;)


Would love to pick up 100 worthof accessories.


I'd get a charging dock, screen protector, a case, and a car charger. All in orange preferably!


$100 ? Awesome ! Merry Xmas Crackberry !!!

The Legendary

Pick Me. I wanna win this one. Thanks Crackberry for another great contest. I would love to use this to get my self a charging pod and a case for my torch (Damn that thing is delicate). Would love to win. Thanks again.


if I won I'll get myself (and my blackberry of course) the BT Headset that I always wanted to go for my BB since somehow mines are stuck with my droid only -- can't use it on BB somehow.


Well this year my wife and I have boycotted christmas due to my dealership shutting down, just starting a new job in security, and this past weekend me breaking my thumb. I have a bold and she has the torch. All she has been asking for is an otterbox for her torch and a keyboard to learn to play piano. I know we agreed not to get eachother anything cause we just can't afford to this year...but she means the world to me and deserves the things in life that she wants. If I could win it would make her Christmas to at least get one item she wanted, and would make mine to feel like I could help get her the the things she wants.


I'd really love a holster, a charging pod or an iskin vibe for my best business mate, my beloved 9700! Thanks for this opportunity, guys.


Would love to win this voucher xx


I have bought new charging pods and extra batteries for the whole family


Could use a new otterbox


I just dropped my 9700 for the first time (minus the time my cat knocked it off my bed) on my way out to the car after class, and I think my white bold would benefit from a case seeing as the bottom is scuffed. I would definitely get an iskin vibe, either pink or blue, and I think everyone could benefit from a charging dock.


im always dropping my phone, so id have to go with an otterbox...the heavy duty one as a little extra bulk on a 9650 would still leave it smaller than a lot of phones out there...and i really REALLY need a good blue tooth as its illegal to use a phone without hands-free device while driving so many places now


I was actually going to buy the charge pod and extended battery for my Bold 9700.


I need more stuff fpr my torch, thanks


With $100 I can afford 21 screen protectors for my Storm2! Come on, try to scratch my TankBerry. I dare you.


Pick me! I want to win!


I need leather holster for my 9700


Merry Christmas! What a great gift to give this year!


i could use some more blue accessories!


Daddy needs a new headset! And maybe a new case!


This would make an excellent Christmas present!


I'd buy Jawbone ICON if I win. Didn't lucky enough to win the last time contest. :(


My favorite accessory is the charging pod. My wife was pissed when she say the 8520 did not have this capability.


Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please


everybody should get at least one dingle berry in there stocking this christmas


Would love to win the price. I would buy Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset with the money. :)


It would be cool to do my Christmas shopping at Crackberry.com


charging pod is a must have


I would love to have a Seidio Extended Battery, I'm always using my 8530 so I need a battery that would be more user friendly.


an X-mas gift to my 9700


Great giveaway. Would love a car dock for my Torch, as well as a new battery for the lady's Curve.


I could really use some new bling for my berry.


Never win this kind of thing...... so head me up with this one


hmmm....charging pod, headset...do you carry car-mounts (if they exist)?


I would buy the extended battery an prolly one of those iskins


I would a small charger, screen cover, extended battery


For me, I would get a bluetooth headset and a cradle. And if there's some left over I'll spoil myself with the extra battery. I'm in total agreement with Kevin on that one!


Definitely a BlueTooth car kit, and a charging cradle. Extended battery would be great too, since my battery tends to run out at the most inconvenient times.


Well, if I were to win, I would buy an extended battery because the battery in my Torch doesn't last that long (since I'm a heavy user). I would also buy a charging pod because they look so cool and stylish. The last thing I would buy would be a iSkin Vibe because my Otterbox isn't holding up very well. Please pick me to win this contest.


Hey I would like to enter this contest and possibly Win!!!


I could use the $100 gift cert...new keyboard for the bold 9650 and some other stuff


I already got some for my Torch, but I'm in the market for more - maybe a holster....


Who could ask for more during the holidays!!


Wow, This would totally make my holidays. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Crackberry Rocks!


A new case, pod charger, extended battery..... The list goes on and on. Please include me!


I recently got a new red Torch. I still need a pouch, maybe a clip style holster, charging dock...maybe even a charging dock for my wifes 8900. It is the season of giving afterall. :)


I'd love to get a holster or docking station for my Torch!


Great Contest! Thanks CB!


I really could use this battery, please pick me


Why not, count me in :)


I am so new to the crackberry world. I am still a seed. *L* this site roxs.
And am learning tons of tricks and tips..
merry xmess.. :)


This is an incredible contest. I could buy accessories for all my BB friends for the holidays :-)


I could use that 9800 charging doc for home and car ... thanks. ;)


I could use some accessories for my new phone. Plus, this could make up for the contest I had "won" and did not get to collect.


Count me in. 'Tis the season to be giving. My girlfriend is rockin' a 9650, so she could go for a new iSkin.

Best of luck to everyone out there. Merry Christmas...Happy Holidays...and all the very best to you and yours. =)


The extended battery would come in handy with my 9550. When I have Bluetooth, WiFi and Verizon data turned on, it goes quickly.


ooooo, nice prize :)


love the Bluetooth speakphone! i want it....I need it....have to have it!


Signnn mee uppp. This would is awesome


I need to pimp my BB, the charging pod would be nice tho


Extended batter is on my list.
Love my holster & bluetooth speaker.

great ideas


That would be awesome to win!
This place has great giveaways~~~


Who doesn't like free stuff?


I would get an extended battery and the charging pod!!!


I could definitely use this gift certificate, my seidio case is held together with electrical tape and I need a bluetooth headset


ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh lets cccccccccc ummmmmmmmmm.....a case, screen protectors, bluetooth and definitely last but certainly not least a car charger!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome...!!! I wish I'll win this one... I really need to accesorize my torch


New BB owner, I have no idea what I would choose if I was the lucky winner, but I would have fun shopping!


The windshield dock is by far the best accessory invented for any phone yet, esp blackberry! ;)


Dear Crackberry,

This is a great contest and just in time for the holidays :)...I could treat my blackberry, which I love, to some great accessories!! Thanks for the contest!!!!!!!

P.S. Pick me!!!


Leather Holster for my bold 9000 please !!!


FANTASTIC. Would love to win :)


My BB needs new toys! Thanks


I'm so madd I'm just seeing this, hopefully I'm not to late


Another nice contest!


I'd be happy to take $100 in accessories off your hands


You'll shoot your eye out! You'll shoot your eye out!


I am in - I would for sure get a charging pod


I would buy the extended battery, my original battery sucks it says half battery filled and turns off my BB :(


The first thing I would get, would be the charging pod, then the skin to protect the phone.


I hope I win. Low on cash now and def need a new battery


for my up and coming BB


I'd never turn down $100!


If I won this this I would buy an extended battery and a Bluetooth headset


please pick me. this is my first contest comment


w00t. Things to help me with my crackberry.


Definitely need an extended battery...I spend half my day on the phone while it's plugged in. The other option would be a nice blue tooth headset...that way I can step away while my BB is charging and still be on the phone.


can def use the hundo! thanks cb

sage rat

WOW and I thought CrackBerry had great contests last year!


One of these days I will win something...anything


i will use for a charging pod as charging my BB, is always a hassle


This would be absolutely awesome for my new BB Torch.


Recently ordered from CrackBerry store. Could use some more!


i know a lot of gifts i can buy with this


i need to win this!!


Wouldn't this be nice? :)


i can definitely use a new battery and case


Please pic me! I need this to get stuff for my TORCH


I could use some accessories for my new Bold 9650!!


Would be nice to win.


Would make a great Christmas present to myself... my only problem would be picking only $100 worth of accessories :) Pick me please!


I need one of those things !


Winning this would definitely makes me happier ;)


I need some new items. Count me in


Need some new stuff for the new Bold. Hope Santa Crackebrry picks me!


I was just convinced to buy my bold 9780 based on reviews by crackberry, so it would be great to win some accessories now to go with it


Brilliant ! Hope to win some of those stuffs !


This would make an awesome end to the year!!!
Good Luck!


An extended battery and/or another charging pod would be sweet. I L-O-V-E the charging pod. I just don't want to drag it to work too.


ooooooo that girls hawt!!!


I just picked up a body glove case and screen protectors for my torch, would love to add a few more things!


I have worn out my holster, car mount & all!! Could definitely use some new accessories but It's the kids who get all the Santa visits this year, So mama & papa are dead broke :) But It worth it! Nothing on this earth beats seeing those shining faces on Christmas morn. So I think Crackberry should help this Mama & Papa out this year :)


My Blackberry coule use some accessories.


BlackBerry MS-1 Battery = 29.95
SanDisk 16GB microSD card = 59.95


Leather holster, charging pod, skin, otterbox commuter case


i would buy a BlackBerry Charging Pod because then id have somewhere to keep my blackberry at night, rather than finding it on the floor under my bed in the mornings :) it would also make it into an alarm clock for me :D


i would deffinetly would get something bluetooth as I just recieved my 3rd ticket for driving while on my blackberry.


I would like to win this one.


just got a new phone, this would be awesome


A Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard is what I would get if I was lucky enough to win.


...I would buy a charging cradle with another charger (for a BBTorch), but I bought a hard case from the Canadian Crackberry store...


Pick me. Pick me. Thanks so much Crackberry!


I would buy a case, docking station, and travel charger for my brand new Torch... thanks Crackberry!


I'd start with a bluetooth headset, and add some mini to micro USB adaptors and I'd go from there.


id prob buy a holster to keep my bb babied and a extended battery :)


A single comment:
Pick me please...and thanks!


Having a charging pod for sure. Getting tired and plugging and unplugging my BB


Enter me into this contest. There are a few accessories from this list that I would like to purchase.


How about a charging pod, extended battery, and a new case!?!


My BB Tour is my asset to manage my business and personal life. Here are the accessories I must have!

-Blackberry Charging Pod: If you don't have one, Get one!!
-Spare Battery: For those times when you can't wait for a charge.
-Blackberry Stereo Music Gateway: The ability to play music on your BB with no wires is awesome. It is always a conversation piece each time I pull this one out.

I'm still looking for an awesome car holster for the Tour. I want to mount it to my dashboard and use my BB Traffic to act as a GPS.

Hope I win!


I would love to win this contest.


would by an extended battery and a nice case


Great contest!!! Those accessories would sure make life with Blackberry much more convenient! Oh please pick me and turn my luck around! Sure do love Crackberry!


love the skins....so did I win


I would get the extended battery for my 9650, the bluetooth, and some new cases. I find it really hard to find nice but yet good looking cases for my 9650.


I would definitely buy an extended battery so I can BBM my day away without having to worry about not having enough battery! Also I'd buy a bluetooth headset so I don't get caught by the oh-so nice police while driving...got to love laws! Safety first :P A leather holster would be nice too because I'm a big clutz..


wow great prizes great people, what more can we ask for.


There are so may accessories I'd like to get. A few would be the sync/dockn extra batteries, possible microSD as well


I would choose a new case and a new battery for my Storm. Or I would defer my gift until the Storm X (or whatever it turns out to be...) comes out! Merry Christmas!


Blackberry Bluetooth and Torch case


meow meow meow ima kitty kat :3.


I would definitely buy an extended life battery and some wireless headphones.



I would love to have a spare battery around!


a great gift for x'mas