Accessory Roundup Cyber Tuesday edition - These are a few of my favorite things

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Nov 2010 11:13 am EST

Contest: Win a $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry! Details Below.

Accessory Roundup

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When it comes to BlackBerry accessories there are a few for me that are tried and true. Well, over the years I've actually accumulated a ton of favorites, but for the sake of this post I've narrowed it down to a few of my must-haves. I bounce between devices quite often, but I always have at least some of these on hand for every new device. If you're in the market for some great gifts for your BlackBerry loving friends and family, give these a look (and pick up a few for yourself too!). Leave a comment on this post to enter to win a $100 coupon code! And if you don't want to try your luck, be sure to take advantage of our Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale.

A few of my all time Favorite BlackBerry Accessories

BlackBerry Charging Pod

BlackBerry Charging Pod

My top accessory by far, this pod keeps your device charged and at the ready when you need it. I have one on my nightstand so I can use my device as an alarm clock, and one on my desk in my office to keep me charged all day long.

BlackBerry Leather Holsters

BlackBerry Leather Holster

Who says holsters are out? I'm a big fan of having my device ready to roll, but I hate hate hate having to put it in my pocket. When it's not in my hand I have it in one of these holsters so it's never out of reach.

BlackBerry Skin Cases

BlackBerry iSkin Vibe

Sometimes I want to "style up" my device a bit and give it a different look. For that I turn to a sweet skin case. My favorite is the iSkin Vibes case since there are sooooo many colors to pick from. 

Bluetooth Speakerphone

BlackBerry Visor

I'm on the road running errands and such lots of times during the day, but like any BlackBerry addict I can't stay off my device. A sweet Bluetooth car kit like the BlackBerry VM-605 visor mount speakerphone comes in handy and will keep you from getting a ticket on the road. Better safe than sorry!

Extended Battery

BlackBerry Extended Battery

I save the best for last. We all know that most BlackBerry batteries aren't the greatest, so having a little extra juice goes a long way. I love to have one of these bad boys in my device and using the standard battery as a spare. Once you try out an extended battery your life will never be the same!


To enter to win a $100 gift certificate simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us what accessories you would buy for you BlackBerry. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories

Until Next Time...

That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @

Reader comments

Accessory Roundup Cyber Tuesday edition - These are a few of my favorite things



$100 Shopping Spree At SWEET!!! Presents for me and AWESOME Stocking Stuffer From Crackberry Addict Family Too :)

Well, first and foremost it would have to be the BB Charging Pod! From there, who knows! This is a great prize. Thanks CrackBerry!

would love to win, never bought anything from crackberry before but this could change that, good luck every one

It would be awesome to win the $100 coupon. I would get a few gifts, but definitely have to get a couple things for me too. Thanks for the chance, Crackberry rocks!

Awesome Cyber Monday/Tuesday deals! I would love to take advantage of them and buy a bunch of things including the AWESOME charging pod, if only AT&T would just release the 9780 already! Unfortunately I won't be buying any accessories for my dying 8310 right now; but rest assured, the moment AT&T releases the 9780 I would LOVE to have a nice $100 to use on a charging pod and skins among other things!!!! It would feel like Christmas!

Lost my job have a one year old and would use this to at least get my wife some necessary items for her berry forget mine. Hope you read this. Thanks CB universe!

Extended battery looks good, but I would go with the charging cradle and a holster that will fit my Bold 9700 in its Otter Box Commuter case that supports sleep mode.

I would definitely buy a battery, considering the one I received in packaging is defunct and my warranty is up with Rogers. I'd most likely also buy a nice new Seidio Holster and Barely There Case from case-mate, white one to be more specific. A charging pod would also be a definite lock, I need a new one. I'd probably even buy an extra battery, just in case, probably an extended one from Seidio.

Anyways, that's what I'd buy. Thanks for entering me CrackBerry! Greatest givaways of ANY website/company I know. :D

What can u do with a 100 dollar gift credit towards accessories? not much... I'd rather have a 99 dollar gift credit!!!

Well, golly, I would start with cases for our 8330 and 9650 follwed by charging pods, spare batteries.....

Count me in!

I would buy the 1750 extended batteries for my 9650 and also for my wife, who just got her first BlackBerry today - a 9330 curve, got it running :)

The accessories I would buy would be an extended battery for my 9650, and a new blue tooth headset, since mine just broke today.

Lets see 1st off i would get a case because im always dropping my berry..i work with kids and they be around my desk in gym and it gets knocked over. 2nd ill get me a new blue tooth cuz the one i have is still working but its abou 2 years old...and i would get something for my dad he just got is berry a few months ago and i would get him something nice..he rocking th old school 9000!!!! but its all good cuz i had one at one time!!!!!!!!!!!!!...let me get that please

The first must have for my Torch is one additional battery, and then the iGrip Charging Dock, and of cause the charging pod.

This would be so perfect to welcome my new Torch (which was supposed to be here today but they LIED grrrrr...), I have ants in my pants from waiting four days!!!!

Thanks for these great contests! The accessories I would buy for my BlackBerry Torch are... the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch and Charging Pod, Seidio Innocase Surface, Golla Blaze Smart Bag, an extended battery and whatever goodies I may find later. I hope I win!!! =)

Thanks CB for another chance to win!

I would get many things, from a charging pod, to an iSkin, to an otterbox case, to maybe even a bluetooth speaker for the car.

With the new laws in my area I would use it for a new bluetooth headset or visor mount speakerphone, Help me please!!

I would buy everything if I had the money lol but if I had to chose it would be a blue tooth headset since I don't have one and also a extended battery ( iam getting something like half a day with the current battery)

I hope I win, this site has great information.

hey guys,
i just got my parents to buy 2 new BB styles.....accually its really funny watching them try to figure out how to use it....anyway, i would love to get them sum nice XMAS gifts for the new devices.....this would be FANTASTIC.....thanks fellas !!!!!!

I just got my first blackberry and I ran out and got a skin and case ...l could use the extended battery ;0)

I just bought a new BlackBerry Torch 9800. With $100 for accessories, I'd definitely buy the charging pod and a hard case for it. I'd love to buy an extended battery, but alas, they aren't made yet. Past that, possibly a bluetooth speakerphone for the car? I'm really not sure

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! awarded fifteen internetz for being the best site EVAR!!

I would start with a charging cradle, but I really want a stereo bluetooth headset! And I'd probably get a bluetooth headset for my wife (she can't find one she likes).

Charging pod would be nice to have with this 100 bucks extra!
CrackBerry,you have the greatest give aways in the universe!

I would most definitely buy a charging pod, a new skin to use it instead of the standard leather cover , and a free-hands attachment


Charging dock for my GF's 9650 she got the other day, extra battery, new holster, and the bluetooth car kit. Ballin'!

I would love a BlackBerry VM-605 visor mount speakerphone bluetooth. Never know when I may run into trouble. Safety always first.

Count me in, this would be a great win, especially around Christmas, could definitely pick up some stocking stuffers for my wife and me!

I'd go for a bluetooth headset. Use of a cellphone w/o a handsfree device is now illegal in my city. Help me stay on the right side of the law!

man i could finally get a case and bluetooth for my blackberry with that (ya know so my torch wont get dinged up).

Shopping spree! Definitely a bluetooth device for the car that has a speakerphone and can stream music (like Pete Yorn or Pandora radio) over my speakers. Love my 2001 car but it is not up to today's tech standards, therefore need some help!

I would first off buy a pack of Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors, to rid my phone of horrid automotive grade 3M film - this stuff is so thick you can hardly see through it. I would also buy a larger holster that will fit my 8900 while donning an iSkin Vibes. And lastly - though not least, an Otterbox Commuter case to spare a close relative who somehow has slippery hands, which lead to frequent drops and bumps for her beloved hip friend. Or maybe I need a set of MotoRokr S9 headphones... Choices, choices :) Either way I would love to win this week!

I'd love to win. I could get a few gifts for my wife, like a charging pod and a case. Of course I would get a few things for myself and other family members :)

I would tend to agree with the contents of this article, with two exceptions:
1. I like my BlueAnt S4 better than the Blackberry speakerphone, but that's personal preference;
2. The iSkins are nice, but incompatible with the charging pod...and yes, you can take it out of the skin, but it doesn't go in and out very easily. Also, I bought the blue, because I thought it was possibly the least feminine (next to black) of the available colours. I was wrong. The blue is NOTHING like the picture.

Well im in and You guys really know how to treat your subscribers.thank you all for this chance

Thanks CrackBerry for yet another fabulous give-a-away opportunity, accurate information, and helpful reviews. Please continue the great work!

Man I luv a dang Blackberry! My wife thinks something is wrong with me because I am ALWAYS messing with it!

Wow. CrackBerry is an awesome site. They give out stuff on a daily basis. If I were to win this I'd get a bluetooth headset, a case, and if i have some left over after that I'd randomly pick something.

I would loveee to win this..I'm allways buying new stuff for my berry..charging pod epik resin cases I'm addicted to, screen protectors everything and anything :)

If i would win i probably would use the $100 dollars to buy
the blackberry charging pod because not only does it look sick
but you could put it anywhere and your sexy blackberry gets to sit on it
and you basically feel like a boss
i would also get the iskin in black or in blue because the skins look amazing and are really great and unlike my skin they are attached to the phone while mine is flexible and sucky so yeah id want that alot =]
But most importantly the extended battery because sometimes the blackberry battery just isnt enough and having a better battery means i could have more time on haha :p
well Happy holidays guys..i hope i win :D

there is so much i would like to get, but i'm still holding out in prayer that the monaco 9570 actually gets released

My GF's kid just got a new 9650 because she is jealous of mine. But now she needs a charging pod and a decent skin. This win would make me a pretty good santa.

Oh Em Gee CrackBerry! Yet another AWESOME contest that I would love to win. A girl can hope, right? Well, if I were to win this $100 gift card on accessories it would be going straight towards the Bluetooth Speakphone. It's a great gadget that I'd love to own. It would also get the 'rents off my back asking me every time they call while I am driving "Are you on speakerphone?" "Yes, mom..." Ah, and I'm 25!! With the other half, I'd be sure to pick up the Blackberry Charging Pod.

Keep up these great contests CrackBerry! I'll win someday!

Pick me! I'm looking to get a car mount and a pod..... mmm maybe too pods. maybe TWO mounts. one on each vent. Incase I plan on taking more left or right turns on a particular day...

Matched my must have list for BlackBerry accessories right up to the Bluetooth speaker. I'm more into looking like I am already controlled by our future masters with a Bluetooth ear piece...

I would get an extended battery, an Otterbox Defender case, car charger, battery charger (for spare battery), and one of those Blackberry projectors.

A nice new case, among other things, would be wonderful for Christmas. Thanks Crackberry. You guys (and gals) are the bestest!

I think i'd buy a extended battery, a bluetooth speakerphone and a blackberry skin case...please i want the $ 100!

hmmm, i think those charging pods look pretty snazzy and definately a new battery is in order for my crackberry. maybe a leather case too, i already have an iskin...

I would love a new casemate hard case for my bold 9650 and a bluetooth setup for the car and a privacy screen protector and maybe an extended batt. WOO thanks!

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I would LOVE an extended battery for my Storm 2.

Crackberry Lover : )

I would get an extended battery, plus another case. U can never have too many cases!

Well I really just need two accessories, a charging pod for my Torch and a spare battery for those really long days. I already own a Blackberry Leather Holster and a skin for my Torch so those are out for the moment at least.

i would love to be entered into the contest:) i was planning on purchasing a leather pouch for my bold 9650 and some new stereo headsets. Count me in!!:) Thank-You!

If I was selected I would definetly buy:
1) a new charger (lost mine on the weekend) :(
2) an extended battery, always on my device barely making to 3pm
3) an iSkin gotta be stylish :p

A really nice case from Otterbox for my Storm 1,
A good pair of earphones
A dock charger
An extra battery.
esp. the battery :)

Definitely an extended battery. I need it as I work for more hours than the normal battery can handle. Also maybe a charging pod, or a fancy skin cover.. hmm..

Let's win, and we'll see :)

I'd get a jawbone. Been looking at those for a while now. I drive a lot for work and those are supposed to be the best. Or maybe a new otterbox commuter case for my 9700

i would buy the torch charging pod and either a case or the blackberry music gateway. good luck everyone :)

I already got charging pod for my 9650. But will be buying an otter box case and charging pad . Hence pick me

This is my third contest entry here on Crackberry. Third time is the charm, I hope I get it :) Everyone else, goodluck.

I could REALLY use one of those skins, my son (will be one Dec 4th!) Has put teeth marks all over my phone! Then I'd get a screen protector, charging dock... And prob splurge on the battery! I have to charge my phone at least twice a day!

If I won, I would purchase several items for myself, but as the holiday season is upon us, a number would be gifts to my mother and brother who just became proud owners of 9650s.
Charging Docks, extra batteries, sideo cases in a few colors along with a good running bluetooth headset.

Good luck to the winner!

100.00 in Blackberry there. I have so many little things i want to buy but im waiting for the sale.....