Accessory Roundup Cyber Tuesday edition - These are a few of my favorite things

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Nov 2010 11:13 am EST

Contest: Win a $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry! Details Below.

Accessory Roundup

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When it comes to BlackBerry accessories there are a few for me that are tried and true. Well, over the years I've actually accumulated a ton of favorites, but for the sake of this post I've narrowed it down to a few of my must-haves. I bounce between devices quite often, but I always have at least some of these on hand for every new device. If you're in the market for some great gifts for your BlackBerry loving friends and family, give these a look (and pick up a few for yourself too!). Leave a comment on this post to enter to win a $100 coupon code! And if you don't want to try your luck, be sure to take advantage of our Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale.

A few of my all time Favorite BlackBerry Accessories

BlackBerry Charging Pod

BlackBerry Charging Pod

My top accessory by far, this pod keeps your device charged and at the ready when you need it. I have one on my nightstand so I can use my device as an alarm clock, and one on my desk in my office to keep me charged all day long.

BlackBerry Leather Holsters

BlackBerry Leather Holster

Who says holsters are out? I'm a big fan of having my device ready to roll, but I hate hate hate having to put it in my pocket. When it's not in my hand I have it in one of these holsters so it's never out of reach.

BlackBerry Skin Cases

BlackBerry iSkin Vibe

Sometimes I want to "style up" my device a bit and give it a different look. For that I turn to a sweet skin case. My favorite is the iSkin Vibes case since there are sooooo many colors to pick from. 

Bluetooth Speakerphone

BlackBerry Visor

I'm on the road running errands and such lots of times during the day, but like any BlackBerry addict I can't stay off my device. A sweet Bluetooth car kit like the BlackBerry VM-605 visor mount speakerphone comes in handy and will keep you from getting a ticket on the road. Better safe than sorry!

Extended Battery

BlackBerry Extended Battery

I save the best for last. We all know that most BlackBerry batteries aren't the greatest, so having a little extra juice goes a long way. I love to have one of these bad boys in my device and using the standard battery as a spare. Once you try out an extended battery your life will never be the same!


To enter to win a $100 gift certificate simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us what accessories you would buy for you BlackBerry. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories

Until Next Time...

That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @


I would buy me a charging pod, extended battery and a holster. As of right now I have no extras for my BB.


I would buy a protective screen and a charging dock for my beloved 9700! And maybe a case of some sort too..


big bucks - no whammies!


I would be getting the extended battery for my torch so that I can use my phone longer for music and media every day :D I love Blackberry for the Media Player and Bluetooth Abilities


I'd love to get some friends some accessories


I would for sure buy a charging pod for a Torch. Just not yet available at my local Bestbuy. :(


Yes !! I want a pod charger for my new 9800 which I love


I have been looking for a case for my Bold every since it came out. I would love to buy one from this great selection and I would pick up an extended battery.


Wow...Lot's of good stuff to choose from... I hope you pick me.


This would be a great early xmas present. Please Crackberry...I've been on a winning drought!


Hook it up! Shopping!


With the $100 GC I'd buy the iGrip car cradle and charging dock for my Torch. I've been eyeing them for awhile but money is tight during the holidays.


Who couldn't use a $100 worth of new toys for your favorite toy?

I would get another battery and wall charger for it as well as a new side case. Depending on how much is left, I might pick up a new phone cover case.


This would be the ultimate prize to win, I can never have enough accessories for my bb!


a nice case for my 9800, like the otter box or something


CB has the best giveaways for sure! I'd have to buy a charging pod,an extended battery and a skin to cover the scratches from dropping my precious Bold the other day!!


Well, I just spent 60 bucks on accessories, but it's WAYYY too easy to come up with another C-notes worth. Please let my xmas come early, mmkay? :)


I would love to get some new accessories for my upcoming torch...need a carrying case.


Awesome contest.... i guess if this $100 would be for today i can get the BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth Premium Visor Handsfree for Bold 9700 i always wanted... and also the BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset (3.5mm) for Bold 9700!! I'm heavy into music so two of these today would be under the $100 ($79.95+$19.95= $99.90) and still have a dime to spare.. TIP!!! lol. Since the competition end Sunday i would settle for the bluetooth visor for 99.95 and give u guys less tip... 5 cents instead!!! lmfao... Make me Win crackberry and u all win too!! hahahaha


This would be a sweet early Christmas present! Sign me up.


I really would love a charging pod, thanks CB for the chance to win it!!


I'de get the doc for my torch, to use it as a clock since it's also my alarm in the morning with that bluetooth or the Plantronics Voyager Pro . sexy

Eleni 22

Would be something to win this


Would love to buy my wife a blueant speaker for her car. She never is able to hear me properly on her cell phone.


A shopping spree at CB is just what I need!


I would have to go with the MOTOROKR T505 so I could listen to ESPN Radio while driving and probably the Blackberry Power Station for the 8330 considering even my extended life battery dies after a day and a half.


i definitely need an extended battery and a nice case


count me in...i need a new bluetooth headset and an otterbox for my tour


I just bought a new Blackberry 3G 9330 an she needs some new accessories, thanks CB, you rock.


$100 in the store...this would be great to win!


I would get an additional battery, charging pod and maybe a few skins to keep things looking fresh!


Dear Santa

I have been a good Crackberry head. My torch is lonely and needs some accessories.


There is so much I need accessory wise I can't pick just one would be money well spent for CHRISTMAS !!!!!!


Sweet.. a Crackberry Christmas Shopping spree.


I'd probably get a new car cradle or charging pod... a leather holster would be nice too!


I think I could find a use for that...


For me!! I'd get some accessories for my wife too, I suppose.


I Hope I Win!!! I love shopping on crackberry!


Mmmmmmmmmm....... Accessories!


I definitely need one of these! Hope that you pick me! Thank you.


oh i would love the 100$ voucher!


I'm still not 100% on the VM605, either. I use a Blue Ant S4 and am happy (though have to exchange under the 2 year warranty as I killed it with cold).

I love charging cradles, Otterbox Commuter cases with the black skin changed out for a different color, screen protectors, Decal Girl Skins, and an extended battery would make my day!!!


I'd buy charging docks for the house, the car, and maybe the office! All to keep my torch juiced and ready no matter what comes my way!


There is so much I need for my 9700! Pick Me!


I'd love to win, need headset for my curve :D !!


Shopping, please me CrackBerry!!


With a $100 coupon the blackberry accessories would be unlimited!


Wow! I could certainly put that $100 to good use. Problem is there are so many good things in the CrackBerry store, it would be a hard decision.


Whoot that would be cool


Great Contest CB. I would def get the extended battery and the iskin for the wifey. Thanks


grabbed a couple accessories, would love some more for family + friends!


this would be awesome!!!


i would get the charging pod for my 8900... that is priority... another battery and the rest would be anything that I see and would like for my berry >D


I second the charging pod. Awesome accessory. I also have a Phantom Skinz chromatic skin that really styles up my tour without adding any size. I would love to win as well.


I love BlackBerry accessories! Have pod and leather case... need more. Thanks CrackBerry


All of them if i had the money!


all of them if i had the money


You will allow us to assimilate pimp to our Bold. Resistance is futile.


For the holiday season . I need everyone of those


Will this be my lucky time :)

Thanks CB for giving me a chance to win great things!!!!!


Thx again CrackBerry for an awesome contest. Hope I get that coupon code!


If I win I"m getting a 2 charging pods and an igrip for the car


Oh the things I could buy with a $100 for crackberry!


This guys are going crazy I loveeee it...One would be the charging pod that's #1 and a bluetooth headphone wich I really need, and those iskin look way sexa I might grab one of those too...


Otterbox, iskin, dock, screen protector, and memory for me :)


woot $100.00 in accessories! i just bought a torch and need a case car mount and the charging cradle.


i want Seidio Extended Batteryyyyyy pleaseeee... seems like my curve battery start to drop drop and drop... sadly... i need that tough accessories... lucky me... i hope.. :D thanks Crackberry!!!


Awesome contest and one that I would LOVE to win!!!


Screen cover, seidio, and possibly headset.. yay!


I would love to win. There are some great accessories that I would love to get for my 9650 and gift to my BB friends. Good luck to all!


I would buy two (2) Torch Sync Pods and two (2) Torch pouches.


I would want to buy the charging pod. Just would make things easier, drop my torch in and pick it right up. I like to have a variety of accessories and that would be a cool one. And I wanna try one of the skin cases, those seem pretty cool.


I must be an optimist because I still enter contests even though I never win. I would love to win this one. I would purchase a Seidio Innocase and holster for my Torch. And then top that off with a Ventev Powercell. Make my hope a reality...pick me!


yo pick me to win so i can buy some more accessories for my blackberry torch...cuz rocks like that


Awesome contest and one that I would LOVE to win!!!

I think I would get the charging dock and maybe the car bluetooth....decisions, decisions!!! :)


Come on CB help me xmas shop!


How cool would it be to win this prize?!


I would purchase a new battery for my son's phone (b/c his current one doesn't hold a charge) and I would get a bluetooth speakerphone so I could talk hands free.

thank you in advance.


I need ALL of this... especially considering the stuff I put my blackberry through this weekend.


would love to get a couple charging pods for my torch!


After dropping a grand on a Brake job for the car, even a $100 worth of free stuff would be nice.


This could save Christmas... shopping!


I would get a charging pod (or two), an Incipio Ultra Lite Feather Case (Black), a leather holster (my refurb didn't come with one), a spare micro USB cable, & Blackberry skin case + screen protectors.

This would be a great bundle for Christmas for sure!


I want me a charging pod.


My CookieBerry would love this holiday gift.


The ultimate warrior dream package!!! I could sooo do with these goodies right now ! Im hoping its gona be my christmas this yearr :)


Now that sounds like a nice early christmas present :-)


Please consider the environment before printing me as the winner.


I'd be honored to shop on the CB tab! Yet another amazing contest on CB. Thanks again


Oh wow, the charging dock would definitely be so handy.
Personally though, I think an extra battery would be most useful. My 9700 battery gets killed looking for service when I'm in certain areas of my University. An extra battery would mean I don't have to worry!
Please please pick me!


Pick me! Pick me! I wants me some accessories!!!


I ♥ my charging cradle. I would love to win the $100, I need some new cases!


Probably a charging pod and an extended battery for my torch..


I"ve been good all year (well most of it). Pick me.


nice contest. good luck.


After over 9000+ tries, pick me this time. Thanks.


I would buy myself a Blackberry Charging Pod, or a Powermat Charging kit for my new Bold 9780!

*enters self into contest*


i <3 crackberry... lemme win something wtf lol


I might buy another Storm Charger for bedside mode. It works great and now my wife has a new Storm2, too.


We are currently a two BlackBerry household. One of the two will be upgrading to a new 'berry in the very near future, and we will be adding two more right after that! I know they will all need charging docks, car chargers, cases/skins, and I'm sure that we will need to increase our extra battery inventory. $100 would definitely help to get everyone started with the appropriate accessories!


This would be awesome to win!


Oh, I'll try my luck. The losing streak should end someday, right?

I'm not 100% sure yet what I would get... I've been eyeing some cases for my 9700 but I have to admit those color skins look great too. Oh well, 100 bucks, maybe both? Or the extended battery? No matter what, money will be well spent :D


This is an awesome contest and I would love to win it. I am in desperate need of some new accessories for my bold but don't have the money to spend on myself for the holidays.


This would be awesome!! I still have a 9530 and was thinking VERY hard about upgrading either to the 9780 or the 9800. I like the 9780, but being a Storm owner I LOVE the big screen and the touch screen. The 9800 looks sweet, but I think the hype was a bit too big for it when it came out.
With one I choose it would be GREAT to have $100 in accessories considering I have to pay the no contract price cause I still have 1 1/2 years left on my 9530 contract.
I would get:
-Charging Pod
-Bluetooth Speakerphone
-Extended life battery
I know $100 wouldn't cover these all, but it would get me the most expensive one, the bluetooth.

Please CrackBerry, hook up a Canadian!!!!!!!


I would buy a leather pocket and a charging pod for my brand new torch! I would also get an extended battery if they made one.


Boy, 100 bucks in accessories! I would get a quality holster or case, pod charger, something with bluetooth and maybe an extra battery.

Love these contests! Be great to win one :)


I just got 2 new phones (one, as an insurance replacement, another from somebody who had to switch carriers) and am looking to outfit them with Smart Skins! This would certainly help get me those!

Thanks Crackberry for the chance, win or not!


Would live to be able to get that bb bluetooth speakerphone! Hope I can win this shopping spree so I can get one! What a great contest. i


When I win, I'm going to buy an Seidio charging dock and a case to go with it! Then I'm going to donate the rest to the starving crackberries fund!


CB, I'm feelin lucky....


CB has KICK ASS contests!!! w00t w00t I need to win!!!


I would loooove to win this. :)


Praying to the CB Gods to finally smile on your poor servant! I could freshen up my Berry with $100!


I would love to buy something.


Oh!! Shopping spree for tech gadgets!!!! PICK ME!!!!
(I would like to tender my submission to the contest for your consideration.)



I would love to get some cool BB gear for my Bold 9650.


I could always use another charging pod or two, I am still using my leather case from my 9000 (I will always keep my 9000 collectors item!), could use a new leather case for my torch.


This is why I love CB so much, always great contest and great information. Hope I'm one of the lucky winners


hook me up with that giveaway CB----- I just ordered a Overboard case for my 9670, and hopefully that'll be


this contest is great!!!!


I could use some accessories


Crackberry is awesome and has the best contests. I would definitely get a bluetooth headset and an iGrip Universal Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount if I win.


Please pick me !!!!!!! i never win these things


Plz let it be me.. Let it be me.. Let it be me :)


I would get a bluetooth, extended battery, and charging dock! pick mee


would love a shot a getting some new accessories for my blackberry torch!


Hells to the yeah! Nice hook up CB, very nice!


The 2 main accessories that are a must have for me are: OEM RIM Leather Holster and a OEM RIM Car Charger...those are to be available for all my blackberry's.


i could use some stuff


I just recently purchased my first BlackBerry, the Bold 9780 from T-Mobile and I love it! I would purchase a couple of accessories.

1. The Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors to keep my screen looking clean and scratch free.

2. The OtterBox Commuter Series Case to make sure it doesn't break or show any signs of wear and tear.

3. The Blueant Q2 Smart Bluetooth for when I'm driving back and forth. The cord is nice but it can be a bit messy at times. I need my hands free.

4. BlackBerry Micro-USB Car Charger for my car to keep my phone charged when talking on my bluetooth.

5. BlackBerry Charging Pod to keep in the office of my new job. It just look clean and very professional.


oooooo I wanna winn!!!!


Comment, It's my turn to win something


I need another cradle because my daughter took mine. My berry baby needs a safe place to sleep. I also want that horizontal tote in black, so I hang my baby from my wrist. Oh, I need an extended battery so that I can play longer on the OS 6, it a battery drain on my 9700 baby. My berry baby would have a very berry early Christmas! So, pick me and make us happy!


I want to win so bad. Please pick me, i really need something!


i wish i win. i have no accesories for my
blackberry <3 ^____^,


Merry Christmas!!! Thanks Crackberry. Anything from crackberry would be great...probably pick up an extended battery and a holster to start.


I would most probably buy a new case for my device as my otterbox is looking at bit worse for wear.

An extended battery would be good too.

I would probably get new trackball for my curve and pearl since they are shot too.

Fingers crossed.


Would be incredible. Especially since I've been so short on cash and my phone takes a beating :(. I would take advantage of this big time! Pick me please :)


I would love some new accessories for my 9630!!!


Please pick me so I too can make these my favorite things :)


Woo!! I love ShopCrackBerry!!


ooooh I would LOVE to win this! I would TOTALLY buy one of those iSkinVibe cases.


crackberry always has the best giveaways, always worthwhile, thx crackberry...if i could i would snort you


I need a new headset, I would probably get the premium multimedia headset or a stereo bluetooth headset or both, or maybe a case or holster or 2, that extended battery looks pretty tempting as well, see what I mean there are so many cool accessories its hard to decide.


A skin and charging pod would be cool for my blackberry :)


I love the charging pods. They are really terrific.


This is one of the best contest out that help people afford these accessories. Thanks Crackberry


I plan to get charging pods for each of us plus cases. She just lost her curve to technical issues. I am thinking the case will keep it safe. The pods will improve the charging experience. Thanks again! Pick me!


What a great present that would be! I'm going to get the 9780 soon so I will need accessories!


I would love to win!!


I'm torn between charging pod, silicon case and extra battery, or a blue tooth keyboard... choices, choices...


Give me a skin man!!


I would buy a Seidio Innocell OEM Size Extended Battery and two charging pods with my $100. I sure hope I win, it would be a fantastic early Christmas present from CrackBerry.

And then I would kick in the difference for another power supply for one of my new pods.


Probably a new case for the Torch and a charging pod! :D Thanks CB!


I need a couple chargers. Home, car and office. A case or two and a sreen protector. A power cell and an extra battery would be nice


Another great contest! Thanks guys!!! I got my eye on a charging dock!


I'd get a leather holster because mine is dying right now.


Good luck to all.


i want free swag! the torch dock would sweet!


Win or lose, I love Crackberry!


i could def use some new accessories :)


Just got my girl her first  and would love to be able to get her some kick ass accessories for Christmas. 100 dollars would be a great start.


I would love an extra usb cord and a leather holster. My bluetooth is on its last leg too. Please let me go shopping!


I'd love to get an extended battery, another charging pod, one of the Otterbox cases, and/or a skin. I'd definitely find a way to spend all $100 on accessories. :-)


I would love to dress my bb up


OMG!! I would LOVE a $100 shopping spree to use at the CB Shop!! Pick Me! Pick Me!


I would looooooooove to get myself either a bluetooth headset or a Battery/Hardcase/Charging Dock combo for my storm 1!! pleaseee!!!

Alberta Blue

The iskin cases are great ... cant argue that one.

And the charging dock ... if I had the right device that was compatible ...


I would say the leather holster for my torch, the skin for the wifey's bold 9700 ( can't leave her out or else I will pay) and the charge pod for the Torch as well.


Yes please I would like to win. Really want that Otterbox Defender case. :)


I like buying from easy.....have bought many apps and themes and a torch charging stand.

Keep up the good work.



Nothing would beat winning this. Thanks for the opportuntiy.


I hope I win! I would get a otterbox case for my Blackberry 9700


Gotta love cb contests and this one is top notch :)


Crackberry Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hoping i can win something :D
$100 to spend @ would be amazing!!!
A BlackBerry Skin Cases,BlackBerry Leather Holsters,BlackBerry Charging Pod or combo of 2 things or even 3!!! this is enough to share with my wife so that her 9700 isnt left out :)
my 9700 could use a new holster and my wife the charging dock so that she could use her blackberry as a clock on her nightstand :D


LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm alway shopping on crackberry, I wish I can get this deal. Will help me get some of the new stuff I got my eye on.



Yes. $100 is really awesome if you win. But for me, I never win anything in my life. So, I look for bargain price. Yes, I am Crackberry fun but even with 10% discount Crackberry can't beat other store.. For example, Torch charging station here is $35. At amazone $18. Even though I am a fun of Crackberry I am buying at Amazon store. Maybe I am not a Royal fun of Crackberry.


I find it cute how people are reeally pushing there luck for this thing..sad to see the unhappy faces..including mine. Besides, i already have accessories, just not the iSkin which isnt compatible with 9560. cheeerrriiooo!


I could use the $100 for my torch ! :)


I could really use a charging dock for my Torch! Some extra CB spendin' money would be sweet!


I would definitely buy a charging pod.


I really, really, really need a pod for my Torch.


Well I'd buy a spare battery. A charging dock, a spare USB and maybe a skin??

What would you buy?


OOooooOoooooOooooh I'm excited!!!

9700 baby!! Os6 baby!! No bugs baby (well not many)!!


Wireless chargers would be awesome!!! :)


The damage I could do with this coupon!!!First would be an extended battey, then a nice case or pouch, a charging cradle, and lastly a car charger!! Thanks Crackberry for a chance to win this!!!


I'd love to win as well.


crackberry always has the best stuff!!! would love to win... happy holidays everyone.


I love some acc love. Got my Tour now I need to trick it out!

I would buy a usb pod for my 9700, a bluetooth headset and a spare new charger!


Maybe a new headset or, more likely, a car kit. I also would love an external battery charger to keep my spares charged


I need a new extended battery soooooooo bad. Hmmm, this would afford me two. My weak battery problem could be solved......if only.....I were to have a Crackberry Christmas!


definitely a BlackBerry Charging Pod and an extended battery!


This would be helpful to buy that new bluetooth headset.


Yep, on my work a lot of people have chargins pods, thats pods are awesome, But better are the iSkins for Blackberry!

First i would buy a extend battery for my Torch, you know that torch don't have to much battery liek Bold 9700.
Second a charging pod, i don't want that my torch die without battery LOL.
Third a iSkin, because i always want that my blackberry be protected! No fails no anything! iSkins are the best skins for blackberry 100% protected
and four a Leather Holsters people say they are bored nobody like it, its annoying but i don't think so, i like them to much to use it with my blackberry, with it i feel more protected!
But the best to buy here, is that all works, no crashed, no battery fail , NO NOTHING! ALL WORKS PERFECT!

Thats are my favorites ones, what all of you guys would like to have?

Thanks yous crackberry!
Best regards,



Win, win win..............


sooo many things i want if not need!! pleaasee!


$100 in Crackberry merchandise! I would love this. An extended battery, a new case or 3 and handsfree set for my car. That would be so amazing!


i would buy a holster and bluetooth!


Thanks for this contest!!! I would love, love, love to win this one. The items I'm targeting are the extended battery, holster and charging pod. I just got my new style and there are plenty of things to get. =)


I would get a battery for my self, I'm always on the raod and one battery isn't always enuff for a day on the 9700, a charging pod for my brother, and a case for my gf.


I would buy a charging pod (well, two of them!), a skin, and a extended battery... Ohh.. or one of those charging mats!


Common Crackberry Pick me i could use some much needed accessories because i dont have any!


I could really use the $100 bucks for a new case since I just broke mine today... And a few other goodies :)


Ya i am in!!! I need bluetooth headset in the worst way


I'm saving up for a charging pod or a bluetooth spreaker phone for the car. If I win, it would be my Christmas present to myself.

Thank you.

Obi Wannabe

I would be very happy to win this contest.


I could do with a charging pod, an Otterbox and an extended battery.


Please please please pick me i love blackberry's so much i am a free marketing campaign .....!!!!


So as of me posting this there was 484 posts I wonder how many are duplicates.


I hope Santa thinks I've been good this year because I would love this present!


hubba hubba hook a me up like jam mixed with peanut butta....oh dear.


I would get a pretty iSkins case. I love these contests. Just the hope of maybe winning is kind of a gift. Because hope always feels good.


This would be pretty sweet. So much stuff to buy...


Oh! I would love to spend $100 in the Crackberry store! I would get an extended battery so I can surf more during the day... I'd get a couple of cases so I could easily tell my phone from my wife's phone... I get a couple charge pods, too!

Aloha Joe

Would have to say...iSkins. After my CrackBerry Idol "filming" experience, I would say iSkin would be the priority;)


I'd love to win this contest then I'd be able to buy these things to go with my Bold 9700

Seidio Innocell 1750mAh OEM Size Extended Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9700 $49.95
BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9700 $24.95
Motorola Micro-USB High Performance Car Charger for BlackBerry Bold 9700 $14.95

And I'd have some left over to get one or two apps or themes as well.


would love to have an iskin or charging dock


CRACKBERRY is the first site I go to when i turn on my computer . The information thats provided by Crackberry is the best that you can get about anything concerning the BLACKBERRY world. OUTSTANDING job. Thank-You for a job well done on a day to day basis. Maybe one of these days I can win one of your contest, but if not thats ok too, I feel as though I've already WON with vast knowledge in which CRACKBERRY PROVIDES. THANKS AGAIN.


can i actually win something :)


Would love to be the lucky winner. Would love to get a charging pod.