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Accessory Roundup Cyber Tuesday edition - These are a few of my favorite things

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Nov 2010 11:13 am EST

Contest: Win a $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry! Details Below.

Accessory Roundup

Save with Cyber Tuesday: We extended our Cyber Monday sale until Midnight PST tonight. Use coupon code CB1129 at checkout to save 10% on ALL BlackBerry Accessories! Start Shopping Now!

When it comes to BlackBerry accessories there are a few for me that are tried and true. Well, over the years I've actually accumulated a ton of favorites, but for the sake of this post I've narrowed it down to a few of my must-haves. I bounce between devices quite often, but I always have at least some of these on hand for every new device. If you're in the market for some great gifts for your BlackBerry loving friends and family, give these a look (and pick up a few for yourself too!). Leave a comment on this post to enter to win a $100 ShopCrackBerry.com coupon code! And if you don't want to try your luck, be sure to take advantage of our Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale.

A few of my all time Favorite BlackBerry Accessories

BlackBerry Charging Pod

BlackBerry Charging Pod

My top accessory by far, this pod keeps your device charged and at the ready when you need it. I have one on my nightstand so I can use my device as an alarm clock, and one on my desk in my office to keep me charged all day long.

BlackBerry Leather Holsters

BlackBerry Leather Holster

Who says holsters are out? I'm a big fan of having my device ready to roll, but I hate hate hate having to put it in my pocket. When it's not in my hand I have it in one of these holsters so it's never out of reach.

BlackBerry Skin Cases

BlackBerry iSkin Vibe

Sometimes I want to "style up" my device a bit and give it a different look. For that I turn to a sweet skin case. My favorite is the iSkin Vibes case since there are sooooo many colors to pick from. 

Bluetooth Speakerphone

BlackBerry Visor

I'm on the road running errands and such lots of times during the day, but like any BlackBerry addict I can't stay off my device. A sweet Bluetooth car kit like the BlackBerry VM-605 visor mount speakerphone comes in handy and will keep you from getting a ticket on the road. Better safe than sorry!

Extended Battery

BlackBerry Extended Battery

I save the best for last. We all know that most BlackBerry batteries aren't the greatest, so having a little extra juice goes a long way. I love to have one of these bad boys in my device and using the standard battery as a spare. Once you try out an extended battery your life will never be the same!


To enter to win a $100 ShopCrackBerry.com gift certificate simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us what accessories you would buy for you BlackBerry. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories

Until Next Time...

That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.


That would be awesome to win!


Well I just bought a Seidio holster so I guess that's out, but I still have my eye on one of those car mount kits that plugs into the cigarette lighter and has a bendy neck. I think that would look pretty cool and be really handy.

I'm still on the fence about the bluetooth speakerphone thing but that would be worth a shot. And finally I'd pick up one of those charging pods. They sure do look pretty.


This shopping spree would be well used as I'm just in the process of switching out my old BB for the 9800 Torch. Which would need a cover & new tabletop desk charger....


we have a better chance of being obducted by aliens


There is so many things that i could use


The charging dock, a car charger, and a few cool skins for my new Blackberry would be AWESOME!!!!!!!


Crackberry has the best giveaways! I simply love this community. Gl everyone.


That’s the reason why I would get extended battery for by BBB 9780 always on crackberry forums.
Oh and I would get new pouch and definable one of those excellent iskins they do look very nice on the phones.
And probably at the end I would buy everything what is available form my BB. By the way today was the first day we got snow in London loved the panic... Christmas is coming ^^


Would love to win! This is awesome, thanks Cb!!!


I want to win any of these!


You guys really know how to treat your subscribers. as well as your fans. Thank you for helping to fuel my addiction to my blackberry.

Thanks crackberry.


pick me, I need a charging pod


I will buy a new case and charging dock for my 9700 if ever I would be the chosen ONE! Thanks CB! :)


I would love to do my Christmas shopping at Crackberry.com.


Another great contest and just before the holidays! Great stuff CB!!!


pick me, I need 2 charging pods


$100 coupon code would make a very "Berry" Christmas!


I would buy my crackberry a bluetooth headset.


- charging dock so I can be ready as soon as it's fully charged, a leather holster to keep my Bold looking stylish and safe, and maybe a skin for those days when I have limited pocket room and want a slim profile for my phone.

Hook me up CB!


Would greatly appreciate the coupon. Good luck to all...


I just purchased a screen cover and a charging dock for my fiance's Blackberry Bold 9650. I purchsed both for mine and love having the dock, charging seems quicker with it than when it's plugged in with the cord, and the screen cover is a must. If I were to buy another accessory, it would be a dash mount for my car (already got bluetooth with the '09 Malibu). Thanks guys, hope you pick me!


Thank you, CB for having so many awesome contests. That being said, I would love to give my Torch some new gear for the holidays! :D


i would have to say if i win i would go for the desktop charger as i have been envious of my wifes since she got hers... pick me crackberry!


Just broke my bluetooth speaker phone (fell out of the car and stepped on it), need a new one for my 45 mintue comute to and from work! Please pick me!!!!


I'd love to do some shopping in the CrackBerry store! Maybe get a Bluetooth headset for my husband and daughter. :-)


I've always wanted a charging pod. Thanks for the contest.


ooh I would like to win! could use the dock for my 9700!


I would get the extended life battery for my 9650, a bedstand charging pod, and the Skins! Help me out CB!


Hmmm cyber Tuesday what will they think of next


this would be absolutely amazing for my 9700 :D


Smartphone experts top case and a headset would be my picks.--Thanks Crackberry for the chance to win .


Wow thanks for this contest Crackberry! I sure could use some accessories for my 9700 :)


OH SANTA, BE KIND AND TELL CRACKBERRY TO GIVE ME THIS FOR CHRISTMAS! Please. I resently converted my wife and sister-in-law to blackberry addicts. I could buy them some accessories for Christmas. I personally would really like a charging pod.


just in time for xmas. brilliant!


Yet I can't ever seem to convince myself to get them... Hopefully I win so that I can start on my accessory collection to go with my app+theme ones!


I would like to win sometime!


What a sweet give a way. I would love to spend your $100 at your store!!


Crackberry is another one of those stores that my girlfriend has to commandeer my wallet before i'm allowed to browse. Some of the others are Bestbuy, Guitar Center, & ...uh, any stripclub south of the river ;-)


I love CB and would love to win this for some holiday gear. I think i will gift things for other bb lovers if i win


i would like to buy all of these but especially the pod charger! i want to win!


Wow, I'd love to win so I could get the Seidio Innocase Surface in blue and the Innocase Holster combo for my Torch. I'd also get a new bluetooth headset. Thank you!!!!


I would rock a couple of vibe skins. $100 CrackBerry shopping coupon? Yes please!


I could definitely use an extended battery...


what are my % of winning>>>>>>>>>>>>lol


to be honest, are less now that I've replied :D

PS: please consider this post into the competition too.. :P


Pick me! This would be a nice early Christmas Gift. Hope I win?


Shopping on crackberry would be great!


oh let it be me (fingers crossed ) I'd definitely get the bluetooth headset so i can pair it with my ps3 as well ;)


I would buy the pod, a skin, and a battery for myself as an early Christmas present. My family kind of quit Christmas a few years ago, so no presents and no tree :S I'll just be sitting on the couch with my spiffy charged up colorful blackberry this year.


Could realy use a new case and charger stand.


Ooooo accessorize...pick me please :)


I could use the $ to buy some accessories for my aging Storm 1. :)


I could use this to buy a case for my torch


Hopefully I win so I don't have to go buy the charging pod - seems like a must have.


I could use some accessories. Thanks CrackBerry.


Can use a spare battery and dock for my Torch,


II would like to win too!


Happy Holidays and thanks for the contest.


Why, I could certainly use some dough to outfit my Bold 9700 with some sweet new gear.


This is pretty awesome
I want a oem charging pod
A new case and let's see what else...


Would love to get some goodies for my new Torch!!!


I would buy a desk charger, bluetooth, and a new case and skin for my blackberry 8900!!!


If I won I'd buy the extended battery, the bluetooth speaker, and the charging dock.


I'd buy myself and my wife some new skins for our nekked Blackberrys. Then I'd want to buy some bluetooth headsets for our safe driving.


Great review. I need to win at least one contest.


For me, it'd be pretty simple:
Bluetooth speakerphone for my wife to stay safe while driving
Charging pod for my bold
And the fun part would be a purple iskin to liven up my bb black pinstripes!!


I'm in it to win a Bluetooth speakerphone for my car!!!...that and a seidio innocase and holster combo!!!


I'd get the charging cradle and the battery!!!


I've been eyeing those charging pods for a while now. this would get me the pod and my wife a new headset.


I would buy an extended battery, another charging pod for my desk at work and another bluetooth since I accidentally trashed my last one cleaning my car out :/


me heart crackberry! can i haz $100?
i by kevin a present if i win! me also buy dock! and blueteeth headset! om nom nom! and battari!


YESSSS!!!!!! Free stuff! I want to win so I can get my wifey a cradle for her new 9780!!!


Nice! I would get a charger pod and extended battery. I need both desperately :p


More free stuff... I certainly wouldn't mind any of those mentioned being a new BB user and all. The better battery would be a good choice though.



I want a holster, protective skin, a new batter cover, Bluetooth stereo headphones, car mount, and an extended battery.



Nice! I would get a charger pod and extended battery. I need both desperately :p


Outstanding Prizes, be great to win!


Nice! I would get a charger pod and extended battery. I need both desperately :p


Only $100 I could go nuts in the cb store .lol
I'm in.. I'd love to win its almost christmas and my birthdays coming up to wink wink lol


I been wanting to buy that leather pouch for my 9700 but I can't seem to checkout to ship to Singapore! =(

I was contemplating on using services to ship for me but after some calculation it seems too expensive. darn.

I guess I would buy some extra batteries too...

oh well :(


Need a headset, you know, it's the law here. Plus, the speaker phone only gets so loud, can't hear my wife over my Metallica!


Oh yes I would love this so much hope i win!


It would be a Festivus Miracle if I won.


Nice! I would get a charger pod and extended battery. I need both desperately :p


I would love to have one of those leather holster. With my BB safely tucked inside the holster, safe from unintentional key press and battery drain and while conveniently available, leaving my two hands free all the time.

Having the BB in the hand all the time is always a hazard if you know what I mean... ;-)


I would get a charging dock for my Torch....and a case to protect it. :)


I would love to get an extended battery - among so many other things - so would love to win this. Thanks for holding contest!


I could use the charge pod and a new case for starters.


Nice! I would get a charger pod and extended battery. I need both desperately :p


Cool this would be a nice way to stocking stuff


Winter is coming and my BB is in need of a new coat! :)


Wow, great timing to win. Just before the Holidays!! Thanks Crackberry You're the bestt!!!!!!!

I would love a new leather sleeve and an extended battery. I'm sure I could find some other goodies too!


sounds good to me!!!


i would go for either a skin or bluetooth accessory. Would love to win this with the dock as well. If only there was a UK crackberry.


I would buy the Charging Pod. It is a great way to charge my device and see the screen in a flash.


I've got a family full of blackberry users and a girlfriend who's family is full of blackberry users so winning this would be a great way to get some Christmas presents checked off the list. They all need good cases, my mom wants a car mounting kit, my girlfriend's dad wants a Bluetooth headset, and my girlfriend wants one of those cradle stands for her blackberry curve... and there would be no harm in getting myself an accessory or two. right?


Let it be meeee! I could totally use some new accessories for my torch!


Charging pod for the win!


I would get a charger pod and extended battery. I need both desperately :p


I would get a charger pod and extended battery. I need both desperately :p


I would like the charging pod and case. I hope I'm lucky!!!!


This would be good. I could buy myself....er....my wife something for Christmas.

Kevin, help a guy out whose roots come from Winterpeg.


my torch is getting beat up pretty bad so I would defintely go for a new case for it. Possibly the charging stand as well.


Great Contest! I'd get a charger and bluetooth headset...maybe a new case!!


My Torch is looking a little naked. It needs some friends to hang out with, possibly a nice warm holster and a charging dock to sit in at night.

Please pick me!


A new extended battery, or even a bluetooth headset, would be a great xmas shopping gift.

the brother

i don't ask for much. all i want for christmas is a torch cradle! please? holla!


Merry Christmas to me???


this would be so awsome if i won 100 bucks from your store pls hook me up GREAT contest CB rocks best bb site ever


I'd buy a charging pod and a speaker


Extended battery, charging dock, bluetooth.


As always, free stuff is good stuff


I just got a 9780 so I could do with this to kit it out with accessories :)

Pilot Prop

I would buy an extra or extended battery for my Torch and a holster. This would be amazing to win! *crosses fingers*


If I win I'd get a case and a car mount


Loved the charging pod for my bold, need a new one for my Torch


I would love to win! I want an extended battery and some new skins for my bb.


I would buy a charging dock, iskin, bluetooth and some decent headphones. PleaaaaAase pick me


I'd love to get me a new, big battery and maybe a new hard case.


Would love the charging pod and a extended battery for my addiction. Probably a bluetooth headset too.


I have the intention of buying a charging pod for my torch as well as a second battery... hope I win !


I would get one of the Blackberry visor mount bluetooth thingies - the ear-mounted ones are a bit of a nuisance and being able to stream my tunes to the radio would be stellar! Then I would order one of those charging cradles for my Torch.


since i have the storm, extended battery would def. be the choice i should go with, but i for sure need a new bluetooth headset. hours of bb use and ps3 use has drained my old one to where it stays charged for only 15 min. :( decisions, decisions!


Merry Holiday to all... and if only to be picked... what a merry time it would be!


I would love to win this and I would buy a bold 2 charging dock and a spare battery (:


I would get a car mount kit. I've wanted one forever.


pick me pick me! i totally need an extended battery and dock for my torch!


The charging pod is perfect for me!


Me can haz berriez aceessoriez


Crackberry contests rule


I would probably buy a bluetooth headset. Cant begin to count how many tickets ive gotten from talking and driving :s .... Also a charging dock, I run outof baterry way too often cause I forget to charge overnight.


Quick Santa shopping with this. This would be excellent start to the holiday shopping season!!!


I might actually spend it on my wife if I won, ... maybe.


BlackBerry Torch pod charger, bluetooth headset, and probably some kind of skin or case!


I need a pouch for my torch, they are not available in México yet


i want the extended battery...

thanks crackBerry ;)


This is all I want for Christmas!


this would be a tight christmas gift


I'd certainly get an extended battery. I'd also get another charging pod for work.


I would buy a lot of stuff....

Machine gunport

ohhh. A gift would be nice!


What a nice PRESENT for Cristmas ! ! !

thank you Crackberry for this Beautifull opportunity ! ! !

:- )))


I would buy a charging pad, a 16GB MicroSD, and maybe some screen protectors.


Three out of 5 are my favorites too. Trouble is, I jsut got a new Style 9670, and my FAVORITE of favorites isn't available yet... a charging pod!


Gonna be needing me some PlayBook accessories shortly. This would help immensely.


That charging station does look sweet. And a fresh new battery would ensure I make it through the day. So many choices!


I can always use $100 worth of accessories :)


BB Storm owner

I would love to win this.


I would love to have a few of my favorite things.....even though i think Oprah's favorite things giveaway is a little better


This would be so awesome!! Please please please me! :-)


I would love to have an extended battery!


Crackberry Rocks!!!!


Here's to crackberry and my chance to win!


Pick me, pick me! I would love a bluetooth speaker phone!!!


crackberry its amazing i need win for buy skin


I would get the iSkin Vibes - Blue case for sure! Maybe even one in every color :) I had a black one but I lost it and I LOVED that case its solid and gives great protection... PLUS it will also fit the Bold 9780 when I get that upgrade soon :-) please please please pick me


If I win I will buy: Charging Pod and Leather Holster for my Torch :)


sweeeett i love crackberry you guys do it all. reviews, news on the latest and greatest RIM products and you guys have all these awesome contests!!


What BB owner in their right mind wouldn't want to win this?


For christmas I would like $100 to spend on accesories for my blackberry!!


Just got a 9780 and I sure would love some accessories to go with it!


Stuff for my torch... Got the charging pod, a must buy IMHO. Stil need the holster and probably the otterbox or inocase hard case. Thanks for another great opportunity to get free stuff...


Contest Entry:
I would definitely look into the charging pod as well as the leather holster and the extended battery. Hope I win. Thanks for another great giveaway!


I would love some new accessories since i just got a new blackberry would love to get some goodies for it.

i would love to get a Cradle and nice case for it. and maybe a new Bluetooth headset.


Clean cut looking bold baby.


This would be great. I could get so many awesome things for my torch!


Ooo this would be awesome. I just got a 9650 a few weeks ago, this would be great for me since I'm in the market for new accessories!


I want to win any of these!


ohh la la hahahaha another great contest! i'll definitely pick an igrip charging dock, i use the phone's GPS quite often, and it will definitely be very useful to hv my phone on a dock while i drive, and i'll definitely pick a bluetooth as well, i'm just not good at driving, talking and using GPS!!! Pick meeee, for my driving and multitasking safety :D happy holidays crackberry!!!!!


im rockin a bold 9700 with no back door and the battery ghetto rigged with tin foil and tape. its disrespectful to blackberry!! please help! we need a win here crackberry :(


I'll definitely be getting an extended battery if I win!!!!!


Not sure what I would buy. Could always use more skins and a screen protector. Need a new black belt case. And there is always something new I would like to try.


I would grab:
BlackBerry Music Gateway (the BlueTooth thing)
"Pretty" holster for the wife
Seidio Rugged Case for my 9700 (to swap out the OtterBox once in a while)
BlueTooth Speaker Phone for the car.

If you carried the Jawbone JAMBOX.... I would use this to cover half the cost of that :)

Thanks Crackberry.


This would be amazing.


I would purchase the dock and the igrip for the Torch! Pick me please! :D


I would like to win!


I'd buy a car blue tooth interface if I won the $100!


I would buy some bluetooth headphone and a extended battery!


This will be so kool to have Jabra Cruiser II Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone an the motorola s9 hd headphones that will go sick with my 9700 bold...hope you'll pick me.....yeahhhhhh


This is really generous!
Wish I can win a holster, a charging pod and may be extended battery.


Like an Armani suit without a matching belt and some cufflinks, my BB Torch badly needs some accessories.


How cool am I as I get ready to leave for the day lifting my iSkinned Blackberry up from the Charging Pod and placing it into the Leather Holster. Don't have to about running out of juice or missing any emails because I have the Extended Battery inside! As I get in the car I can drive easy and not take my eyes off the road as I take my calls through the Bluetooth Speakerphone and know that my blackberry will perform all my tasks I need!

That's the way it would be for me if I won!


I never knew about the extended batteries so i would definitely have to grab one of those. also, i recently connected an old bluetooth to my torch and wow, it is a much easier and safer way to talk in the car so i would want a new headset as well

social exchanges

Love to win this and get a new case or bluetooth for my Tour. Needs some sprucing up for the holidays!


Ugh. extended battery please.


I would love to win! Count me in, please!


A new battery for my Torch would come in handy, same as a leather pouch would be nice. Good Luck to all!


I love Crackberry shopping!!


I like accessories. I would get one of those iSkin or some sort of protective cover for my BB8530. Something not bulky though cos I like how thin my phone is.


I would LOVE to be able to afford a charging pod and an extended battery for my new BlackBerry Storm 2 so I don't have to have it plugged in all the time!!


I would most definitely get me a charging dock it would help out so much! Not to mention the other goodies could come in handy (battery)


Sure! I'll give it a whirl!


If I won, I would buy the blackberry charging pod.


Definitely the charging pod. I'm not sure other than that. Maybe bluetooth headset, maybe extended battery.


waterproof case is next on my list - it's not just for summertime...shoveling snow soon...


I would love to win - a docking cradle, battery and new case would be great! Crackberry is awesome.


You guys are amazing for always having these contests! Id probably get the extended battery, the charging pad , and another micro-usb travel charger for the storm 9530. Good luck peoples!


$100 shopping spree eh?

Stuff for me:
- torch cradle

for my wife:
- 9700 iskin case

if there's money left, then i'd get a torch skin for myself :)


I'm a Curve user on AT&T and can hardly wait till Dec. 23 when my contract is up, so I can become a Bold 9650 user on Verizon and actually get coverage at my house!

My 9650 shopping list is:
- A charging pod for bedside use
- A car charger and blade charger for travelling
- Maybe a skin or two

If I have some money left over, I'll keep it on account and use it to get something cool for my PLAYBOOK in the future!!!


would definitely like this nice equipment.


I need a new battery, bad. This is great chance, hope I win!


I need a cool skin for my bold 9700


getting the bluetooth speakerphone.
my current is broken


I would get the charging pod, iskins, Bluetooth and extended battery for my Bold 9650 because I love my blackberry so much that it;'s like one of my kids. It has to have everything it need to stay amazing and looking great! I would love to win this package. I definitely need some luck with all the bad I've had =) C'mon Crackberry! Choose me!

And good luck to everyone else =D


I would love to win this, I am in need of everything right now for my new 9330.


i would love to buy one of those charging tablets... i would get a cradle but that would require me to remove my skin everynight!!


well you forgot to get me a gift last year.......so you better give me one this year...lol

big bb

I would probably get a bluetooth headset, or a charging pod with a case


When I win this prize, I will be buying a charing pod and an extended battery !


I would spice up my life with extended battery, iskins and bluetooth :)

That woud be nice!


I'd love to win a charging pod for my Torch! :)


Good luck to me. Good luck to everyone.


I would get a Bluetooth Speakerphone